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PPM :: Chainstory 2
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 16, 2003 5:34 am    Post subject:  PPM :: Chainstory 2 Reply with quote



Human\Crazed Super Ninja Cyborg of Doom
Initially works for GDI but comes to serve Dr. Abelifester, and works as his minion. Nearly unstoppable psychopathic fiend.

Tiberium Fiend
Insane. Drives a Skool Bus from Hell, loves to kill lots of things. Nobody knows his true motives, though he appears to work for good.

Cyborg Commando
Works for nod and controls the CCSI Spy Network.

Chameleon Spy
Works for nod, has cloaking device and hanguns. Can also drive a recon bike. Controls Kane Industries (KI)

MMK2 Pilot
Drives a Mammoth Mark 2. Works for GDI.

KI Servant
Works for KI, head of the Horrifying Human Wave department. In charge of mustering undead hordes. Secretly hates his master, Kane.

CCSI Spy Master
In charge of overseeing and controlling the spies in CCSI employ. Spends most of his time in the field, in one disguise or another. Completely inept with all weaponry except knives, which he has a knack for.

Guybrush Threepwood
Pirate, Chainstory mascot
Captain of a band of merry pirates. Works for GDI, and seems to be unkillable and deadly fast. Also the Chainstory mascot.

Donald "D" Don Donn
Don Don Donn of Cyborg Mafia
Picture a cigar in his mouth. Now picture him looking more like a cyborg. And that's Don.


Prologue: Warped Reality

"Man, I'm bored!" exclaimed Kane. "What can I do... hmmm..."
After a while he decided to play a game of Tiberian Sun. "Haven't played this thing for ages," chuckled Kane as he connected to Westwood Online. But a screen came up;

Patch required to play. Do you want to download it now?

Kane, being paranoid, clicked "No" and decided to download it straight off the Westwood FTP. He opened IE and went to westwood.com, and tried to find the TS patch he needed. "Damn it! Where is the damn thing?" demanded Kane. "Oh screw it, I'll find it the old fashioned way." Kane loaded up an FTP program and hacked the Westwood FTP. He opened the Tiberian Sun folder and quickly found the file he wanted. However, upon closer examination, it said there were 12 files at the bottom, when Kane only counted 11 in the folder. He set hidden files to be able to be viewed, and a mysterious file popped up, called "Test.exe"

Curiosity piqued, Kane downloaded the file, and was quite shocked to see it was over 1GB in size. Of course, his DSL x 2 connection downloaded it in 1 minute.
He double clicked the Test.exe and the normal patching screen came up. When the patching was done, Kane went to "View Changes"

Test Patch Prototype 1.00

- Mammoth MKII bug fixed
- Titan armor change
- Wolverine 50 credits cheaper
- Anyone who joins GDI is an asshat
- Cyborg movement speed increased
- Warp Reality Mode added

"THE WOLVERINE IS 50 CREDITS CHEAPER?!" gasped Kane, outraged at this sudden bounty for GDI. "That's not fair!" Kane scratched his chin. "Oh yes, and WTF is that Warp Reality Mode?"
Kane loaded up Tiberian Sun to test it. A new option was on the menu screen, entitled "Warp Reality"
Kane's eyebrows rose. "This looks suspiciously like another of Delphi's mad prototype technology. I'd best not click it at all." But Kane couldn't resist. "Oh, what the hell!" he said, as he clicked it, and an option screen came up.

Select your affiliation.

Kane clicked the Nod logo, and a class selection screen came up. It was currently showing a completely 3D nod light infantry revolving slowly. He scrolled through them all, and he selected the class of his choice.
Then Tiberian Sun minimised and MSN Messenger maximised. Some words popped up on Kane's screen;

Select Players

Kane double clicked Banshee's name, and said hi.

Kane says:
Banshee says:
Kane says:
Banshee says:
It says I have to play! I can't click No!
Kane says:
WHAT? Restart comp
Banshee says:
Kane says:
Turn power off at wall then
Banshee says:
I DID!! It won't turn off!

Kane gasped. Surely banshee was just joking. He decided to tell the others about it.

Banshee says:
No, don't pull everyone else into --

-- Maxim has been added to the conversation --
-- Sk8erkid has been added to the conversation --
-- One Of A Kind has been added to the conversation --
-- Tapek has been added to the conversation --
-- Deathray2k has been added to the conversation --
-- Hellfire has been added to the conversation --

Banshee says:
-- this!!
Banshee says:
One Of A Kind says:
Deathray2k says:
Hey! I was busy being a lazy ass and doing nothing!
Tapek says:
hey, it just exited my Wc3, wtf? Come to think of it, was I even signed into msn?
Maxim says:
I didn't even know I was connected to the internet!!
Hellfire says:
Play? Play what? What's this message? It won't go away
Kane says:
Ohhhhhhh shit. I KNEW I shouldn't have clicked that thing! Guys, just click Yes and see what happens
One Of A Kind says:
Sk8erkid says:
"Select your affiliation"? huh? Ok, I'll choose...
Maxim says:
Now it says select class...
Tapek says:
Awesome! I can be a Cyborg Commando!
Banshee says:
Oh, FFS... that damn green light is starting to cover me again...
Hellfire says:
Whoa... me too! It's... so bright!
Kane says:
BRB, gotta grab as many reserves of peach as I can before I get teleported!
Tapek says:
Here we go aga--

But before anyone could continue, everything went bright green.

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One Of A Kind
Gauss Rifle Trooper

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2003 12:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 1: Here we go again.....

*note - while I know Tapek's allegiance I don't know anyone elses so I'm going to leave this open as I'm not going to pick people's allegiance or classes for them....

"Choose your affilation? Alright then, GDI it is." OOAK was then presented with the class selection screen, "Hmm, well I''m gonna be different and choose a Jumpjet I think." He clicked on the relevant icon and clicked ok, suddenly everything went a very bright, glowing green. "Oh my god you HAVE to be kidding me! Kane you are so dead!"

As the light cleared he appeared in what looked like a GDI base from Tib Sun, although not very advanced in terms of technology. There were no Firestorm walls, no Mammoth MK 2 and no Tech Centre with which to research these things. 'Soon fix that!' OOAK thought as he marched off towards the Construction Yard but then had a thought. So far he was the only one of the PPM or RedGen crew to show up in this base, he figured there were three possible reasons for this, he was the only one to pick GDI so far and more of the crew would be joining him shortly, the other members had wound up at completely different bases to this one or, an alternative he didn't want to consider, everyone had already picked Nod and things were going to be very awkward from now on..... He shut down that train of thought straight away, 'No point getting paranoid...' he thought to himself, 'I might as well set about sorting this base out, if this turns out to be anything like the last time I'm gonna be here a while.

He emerged from the construction yard quite satisfied, the base was now protected by a complete Firestorm wall and he had doubled the number of RPG, Vulcan and SAM component towers. Soldiers, Wolverines (which he noticed were 50 credits cheaper than normal) and Titans patrolled the perimeter and Juggernauts were set up on the surrounding hills as Artillery support. A squadron of Orca Fighters was despatched on recon while two squadrons of Orca Bombers were lined up for production, as was a Mammoth Mk 2. OOAK decided to head off to the Radar Centre to see if he could figure what exactly the objectives were for this 'game' when he heard the dreaded words....

"Missile Launch Detected!"

"Oh things just get better don't they......." he groaned.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2003 1:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 2: Shiny Buttons!

One moment he was sitting in his computer chair, the next he was in a grassy field in a heavy rain.
"Oh, great," said Tapek, as he looked down and saw he was standing directly in a tiberium field. "Which idiot put a spawn point in the middle of a tiberium field?" he demanded while a nearby Reparius Tree sprayed out some deadly green gas.
Fortunately, his sleek new Cybernetic body could handle the toxic substance without harm. On the contrary, it actually felt kind of good.

Tapek walked over to a nearby Nod construction center and saw a control panel with a big red shiny button. Unable to resist Tapek pressed the button, and immediately a missile in the background was launched.
"Ooops!" said Tapek. "Better not touch any more stuff."
He went over the main computer screen and read the message left there by Westwood staff:

If you can read this, you have successfully entered Warp Reality mode! The objective of this little mode is quite simple, either nod or gdi must triumph over the other. There is no other way out. We suggest using teamwork and strategy, and of course, sheer strength to overcome your opponents. You each have your own base to control, use them wisely and mine your tiberium!!!"

Tapek blinked and saw a set of controls for the War Factory. He pressed the "Harvester" button, and the War Factory nearby opened and a Tiberium Harvester rolled out and started driving toward the tiberium field.
"Cool!" he said, as he started building an army.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2003 10:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 3: Fun Fun Fun

Seeing that this look's like a load of fun Hellfire quickly clicks on the GDi symbol, and selects the Mammoth MK 2 and the green light envelopes him. Next he know's he's in the cockpit of a mighty vehicle and walk's it out into the base.

Hellfire - "Hey OoAk I think I could grow to like this game alot more than before."

Hellfire walk's the out side of the base in search of something to test the rail guns on.

All hail me

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2003 1:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just to refresh your memory, the words from chapter 1

OOAK decided to head off to the Radar Centre to see if he could figure what exactly the objectives were for this 'game' when he heard the dreaded words....

"Missile Launch Detected!"

Chapter 4: Banshee, In The Battlefield

OOAK got frightened with the words he listened. "And now? What gonna I do? Where do I go? Crap... Fair enough."

OOAK got freezed with the situation. A missile appeared on sky and falled in the GDI Refinery destroying it completely.

OOAK: Shit! Our economy is gone!
Hellfire: Ops..... damn it.

While in the Nod base....

Tapek: Banshee! Kane! Our objective is to destroy the GDI!
Kane: Sweet! Let's decimate their dwelling and conquer the world.
Banshee: A good base starts with a good economy. We have two harvesters and one refinery working only. I've aimed their refinery and it's destroyed. So far, their side has only 2 commanders. Without cash, they can't build enough troops. So, we have time to expand our economy.. peace time coming...

Banshee moves to the war factory and builds 4 harvesters and he also goes to Contruction Yard and makes it build 2 refineries... this operation took about 10 minutes, enough time to GDI recompose.

In the GDI base...

OOAK: Ok, we sold our communications center and 2 power plants. We've built 2 refineries and 2 harvesters. What about building tro...

When he was finishing to say the word troops, he listened EVA.

"Missile Launch Detected"

OOAK: Oh shit!
Hellfire: Dang... we need something to eliminate this missile silo. What about an air strike?
OOAK: We need something to reveal their terrain.
Hellfire: How come they have our terrain revealed?
OOAK: Yea... nice question... they are using map revealers! Bastard cheaters!!!
Hellfire: And what's that dead rocket infantry body over there, near that refinery?

When Hellfire said refinery, a new multimissile falled over the refinery destroying it completely.

OOAK: Bastards... But... they really scouted us! Luckly, our RPG tower took him off... Build a disk thrower now and send him to the other side of the map immediatelly!
Hellfire: Agreed.

Hellfire builds a disk thrower while the refinery is being re-built.

Hellfire: Hey mate, go to the other side of the map and tell us what you see there.
Disk Thrower: Yes, sir.

Hellfire thinks: <i>" What a dumb guy... he is gonna suicide majorly to tell us info about the enemy base... a nice soldier Wink"</i>

Hellfire: OOAK, if we are going to destroy that missile silo, we need to send our current Titans, Wolverines and Juggernaughts to the enemy base and lets build them all again!
OOAK: Agreed, but the Mk2 stays in our defense in the moment.
Hellfire: Ok

Back into the Nod base.

Banshee: Someone send a harpy to stop that idiot spy!

An harpy takes off and move in the direction of the disk thrower and kill him quite fast.

Tapek: They are moving a huge force against us. We need more troops!
Banshee: What kind of forces?
Tapek: I see lots of Titans, Wolverines and Juggernaught.
Banshee: They are blind. Didn't they ever heard of being attacked by air? How many Banshees do we have?
Tapek: You and another 5.
Banshee: Only that? Damn it.
Tapek: We have to defend ourselves with tick tanks and artylleries and send some banshees as well.
Banshee: Ok, I take care of banshees and you take care of the artillery defense.
Tapek: Take out any Juggernughts possible.
Banshee: Ok, Juggernauight is my priority.


Kane was a bit far away from Tapek and Banshee in the moment having another plans...

Kane thinks: <i>"This bike shall reveal the tiberium terrain near that dead refinery. If I find that discreetly, I can send my attack cycle group to sabotage them all and the process of conquering the world will be just a matter of time."</i>


Chapter Resume: One Of A Kind and Hellfire were trying to keep the tiberium production from the GDI base that was being sabotaged by multi-missiles there were being launched because a rocket infantry scouted the terrain and reached their main refinery. They find out that to have an stable economy, they need to destroy the Nod's missile silo. So, they move a group of Titans, Wolverines and Juggernaughts to where they suppose a Nod base is located in order to destroy the missile silo. Banshee and Tapek notices the move and Banshee prepares his Banshees to take the artillery out while Tapek will prepare ground forces. Kane had other things in his mind to sabotage the current harvestors from GDI. He would send bikes to a tiberium patch near it to destroy all harvesters there.


Final Notes: For the next chapters, think about the GDI invasion, Banshee's action and Tapek's defensive action as well as Kane's sabotage mission.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2003 2:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 5: Fun with the rail gun

Hellfire - "Hey Ooak look at what I can do."
hellfire jumps into the cockpit of the MK2 and points the guns at a cloud and fire's then target's nearly 90 degrees and fire's.

Hellfire - "I think I might be able to target the missiles we aren't completely condemned to only aa weapons targeting the air."
Ooak - "Sweet maybe we can keep a refinery for longer than 10 minute's"
Hellfire - "Ya I just wish that more PPM members joined us."
OoAK - "Ok well stay near the MK2 and be ready to shoot those damned missle's."
Hellfire - "I wonder if the ini's are still accessible from in here like that last thin we got sucked into."

Hellfire wonder's off pondering this, and decide's he'll try with the comp in the MK2.

All hail me

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2003 5:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 6: The first skirmish

Commander OOAK reviewed his army of Titans, wolverines, and Juggernaughts from a nearby hill.
"Curse this weather!" snapped OOAK as he shivered from the freezing rain. Lightning flashed in the distance.
"Move out!" called OOAK suddenly, and the GDI forces rolled forward into the muddy terrain to engage the enemy.


"You, you, and you! Get over there!!" Tapek snapped at the wet and freezing Nod light infantry as they struggled to get into formation.
"Artilleries, get to the back, your the most vulnerable," said Tapek as three Artillery's drove into the backlines.
"TICK TANKS, GET OVER HERE!" Tapek screamed as several Tick Tanks drove in.
"Now, move to point A, that being the tiberium field," explained Tapek. "Wait for me and hold your position in that area. If I don't get there for some reason, I'll send you a signal."
The tick tanks sputtered exhaust and zoomed off with a cloud of smoke, leaving a handful of hapless light infantry coughing and cursing as they prepared for a long march through the stinking mud.
Tapek turned around and gave a thumbs up as Banshee got into his Banshee aircraft and flew forward, with 5 other banshees in perfect formation behind him.
Just then Kane rolled into view, his recon bike spraying mud everywhere as he slid to a halt beside Tapek.
"Want a ride?" said Kane.


"Missile Launch Detected!!!" screamed EVA again.
"Get ready, Hellfire!" yelled OOAK through the radio.
"I'm on it!" said Hellfire confidently as he aimed the massive railguns upward. There the missile was, streaking along the sky toward the Refinery again. The air around one of the MMK2's railguns suddenly heated up and it fired a shot of blue energy at the missile, which missed it by inches.
Hellfire fired again, but missed again.
"Damn it!" said Hellfire as he remembered the MMK2's secondary AA missiles. He fired five of them, and the heatseaking AA missiles sought their target and detonated it before it could reach the refinery.
"Yes!" said hellfire triumphantly, then gasped as he saw 6 banshees heading right for him.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2003 12:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 7: Banshee Boom Boom

Seeing the Banshees flying toward his base he decides he will deal with them as payment for those damned multimissle's. He targets the lead banshee and fire's his Rail gun and his missle's. The rail gun streaks throw the air but hit's the 2 behind the lead. The missle's take a third one after ward's.

Hellfire - "We have sam's don't we Ooak."
Ooak - "Ya why?"
Hellfire - "Three banshee's on intercept with the base!"
OoAK - "Only three? Isn't that a kinda small for an attack for?"
Hellfire - "Ya but I guess six was good enough and I already downed 3, but my railgun need's to recharge, and my missle rack need's to reload."
Ooak - "I'll take em then."

OoAk target's all the banshee's and wait's until their with in range then fire's he manage's to down 2 more but the lead banshee was only damaged, and he turned and flew out of range.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Banshee under his breathe - "Damned Mk2 and this new logic they put in for it."
Tapek - "What the hell happened to all the banshee's Banshee."
Banshee - "That damned MK2 shot em down, with help fom the many sam's in there base."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hellfire - "Good maybe we can increase or tech tree now."

All hail me

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2003 12:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 8 : Things can only get better

"Alright Hellfire, now get out there and support our forces. I'll be joining you shortly." The Mammoth stomped off as OOAK headed towards the Construction Yard to bring some of GDI's superweapons into the fray.

Hellfire and his Mammoth had reached the front lines of the force about to begin the first battle of this skirmish, he heard OOAK on the radio.

"All units. The Banshee squadron is history, we can breathe for the time being but now its your time to shine! Hellfire I need you to take out any Artilleries they have, we haven't got much in the way of fast units. Juggernauts target any Tick Tanks, Wolverines worry about the infantry, Titans can fire at anything that moves. Get ready!"

OOAK swooped down over his troops and was well pleased, 'we won't have enough to march on the base after this but we should still have enough to beat this battle.' he thought. He looked over the large Tiberium field and saw the approaching Nod army, thunder boomed overhead as though heralding the enemy's arrival. Their force was well balanced, a line of three artillery units covering a force of Tick Tanks and Buggies, OOAK saw a single Recon Bike speeding along the front line and grinned, he knew who's side Kane was on then although he wasn't really surprised. He turned his attention back to his own troops and he knew it was time....

"Alright everybody! CCCCCCHHHHHHHAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" He bellowed and his forces obeyed, 'this might even turn out to be fun' he thought with a grin.

Tapek was the first to spot the advancing GDI and he motioned for Kane to look as well, Banshee was back at base building a new, larger squadron of Banshees to target either the GDI power supplies or the Firestorm Generator, they hadn't decided yet.

"Well, let the games begin!" Kane shouted. "Everybody, engage the enemy! The peach juice demands this victory!" Tapek gave him a funny look. "What? It does!"

Despite the fact that Hellfire was pilotting possibly the largest vehicle in the game, he seemed to be approaching the Artillery unhinded. 'Maybe it was something to do with that funny looking box i ran over earlier.' He thought has he skirted the edge of the soon-to-be warzone, then he heard the first explosion and so he looked out over the field.

The Titans met the Tick Tanks right in the middle of the Tiberium, the Tick Tanks deployed into their stronger turret form and began to pound the advancing line of mechs.

"Juggernauts, fire at will!" Shouted OOAK, flying high above the battlefield. He noticed the Nod Artillery deploying and preparing to fire, but he couldn't see Hellfire anywhere. "Hellfire where are you?" He asked over the radio, "I need those Artillery taking out yesterday!"

"Watch." Hellfire responded as he targetted the first Artillery, realising exactly what that crate had done.

As OOAK watched, two Artillery units exploded, pierced by a railgun from a materialising Mammoth Mk 2. The crate had cloaked Hellfire's beast and allowed him to sneak right up on the Long Range units, Hellfire rapidly despatched the third and then disappeared again as he moved off to join the Titans.

The Tick Tanks has take out about a third of the Titans before they got into range but with the Artillery destroyed and the Juggernauts beginning to bombard the area the tables were turning swiftly. "We must retreat!" Shouted the officer in charge of the Tick Tank squad as they were shaken by another load of Titan fire, but even as they undeployed in order to retreat Hellfire reached them with his Mammoth, only two of the Tick Tanks managed to make it away from the field in one piece.

"Godammit! What is it with them and heavy armour!" Yelled Tapek as he watched his Infantry being slaughtered be Wolverines, then a thought struck him. "Kane! Tell all remaining forces to try and hold the GDI on the Tiberium field! Banshee use your squadron to start a Tiberium chain reaction, its the only way we can take something from this battle!" With that Kane's recon bike turned away from the battle and sped back to base.

OOAK was very impressed with the way his forces had handled themselves, only a few more of the Nod forces to take out, they could even consider marching on the Nod base after the way they had dominated the fight. Suddenly he saw another squad of Banshees approaching the field and realised that he hadn't brought any Hover MLRS with him, what happened next was something he didn't expect.

The Banshees came in fast and low, firing in a loose area at their end of the Tiberium field. It was then OOAK realised that they were fighting on Blue Tiberium, and that the Banshees were going to destroy everything on the field.

"Pull back!" He yelled, knowing already that it was useless, his forces were right in the middle of the field and the approaching chain reaction was coming too quickly. Suddenly Hellfire appeared once again and let loose a volley of missiles at the incoming Banshees, one was hit and began to crash but it appeared Hellfire had miscalculated, the incoming Banshee crashed straight through one of the front legs of the Mammoth, effectively neutralising it. "Hellfire get the hell out of there!"

The chain reaction swept across the field, destroying everything. The first skirmish of this war had ended in a draw, but OOAK was determined to make sure it didn't happen again. "Next time boys. Next time......."

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2003 1:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[ Unstickied By Tapek ]

RIP: Chainstory 2003. The world wasn't ready for your greatness. -- Kane Chronicles (18:24)

Edit by The Mighty Kane, a Master at the English Language: LOLZ OMGZ WRITTIN CHAPTOR IN CHAINSTRY! LOLZOMGZKTHX UNUNSTUCKYIGN!!!111@!

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2003 3:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 9: NPCs, Snow, and other such nonsense

"Curses upon thee!" Kane cried as the Nod forces were decimated by GDI and their cloaked mammoth, and ordered his squadron of Attack Cycles and Nod Buggies to join the battle, but by the time he got there the Tib Field was exploding and taking the GDI out. He grinned evilly as everyone blew up in their faces, literally. "What now?" he asked Banshee and Tapek, who were back at the base by now, building.
"We need to rebuild our army fast, so if GDI sends anything after us, you and your squad will have to protect us." Tapek replied as he ordered a group of Light Infantry, Cyborgs, and Rocket Soldiers built.
"If I'd had DooMod installed, we could be mass-producing Minions for the defense!" Kane said, but he ordered his group up to the front lines to defend anyway. As he drove toward the center fot he map, just between the two bases, he realized the freezing rain was turning to snow. "What??" he said, incredulous. "There's been snow back home for 2 MONTHS. Can't I get a break here??"

* * * * * *

Back at the GDI base, they were also rebuilding their forces. This time, though, they weren't going to neglect air defense. They were building a number of Orca Fighters and MLRS', as well as the customary Wolverines (Which are 50 credits cheaper!!) and Titans. They were also making infantry: light infs and disc throwers.
"We need to get a stable economy!" Oak said as he heard EVA wailing that yet ANOTHER missile was launched. They keep launching missiles at us!"
"What we need to do," Hellfire said as he repaired his nearly destroyed Mammoth, "is find some way to hide from them. Wait, that's it!" He cried in sudden revelation as the missile exploded outside, destroying their Radar and all their Refineries, sending shrapnel flying into the nearby soldiers.
"What is?"
"An MCV! We can build a base somewhere else on the map! Then, we pretend to keep using this base, but we let Nod attack and partially destroy our defenses, then by the time they realize this isn't our real base, their forces will be here while ours march from our hidden base to destroy them!" They chattered excitedly, thinking up plans and ways to bait Nod into thinking they were week, when suddenly the door to the Con Yard burst open, and in came Guybrush Threepwood, the Most Honoured Chainstory Mascott and 5-time winner of the Sea-farin'-est Pirate award.
"ARRRR YE LANDLUBBERS!" he said, raising his Ghostalker Railgun in the air.
"Ahh! Threepwood! You're Kane's friend!" Oak said, aiming his gun at him.
"Aye, I do be an ally of Kane, but not in Tiberian Sun! In Tiberian Sun I always be GDI!" he thundered, firing a railgun slug through the roof of the Con Yard.
"Well, this is turning out better than I thought," Oak said, grinning widely.
"Construction complete!" EVA proclaimed as the MCV rolled out of the War Factory and quickly moved off into the shroud to find a new place to build a base.

* * * * * *

Kane's Recon Bike rolled to a stop behind the GDI base. He'd purposely taken a roundabout route and tried to come in behind, so he could sabotage their refineries, but when the multimissile had destroyed everything, he'd decided to just try to take down their Firestorm defense. However, now he was rethinking that.
"Get that MCV moving!" yelled Oak, and an indistinguishable reply came from the MCV, probably the NPC driver, and it moved off toward the other corner of the map. He quickly hopped out of the recon bike and left it there, leaning it against a tree, hidden from the view of the GDI base, and glanced at his Nod armour. Kane hadn't been out of the Bike since he'd gotten it from the base, and though pretty much everyone thought he was a Recon Bike Driver, he wasn't. He activated the cloaking device on his armour, then pulled out his two weapons: a long, curved, jagged knife, and a silenced pistol. Perfect weapons for a Chameleon Spy. He jogged around the corner of the base, watching the MCV drive off over a hill and around a cliff, then ran to follow, and watched as it drove into an open clearing and deployed, setting down a pre-built Refinery. A small harvester popped out of the refinery, and by the time it had returned with a load of tiberium, there were two powerplants and probably half of a second refinery built. As soon as the radar facility was set down, Kane jogged over to it, still cloaked, and walked in the front door, passing a couple GDI guards. They didn't even know he was there until he spun around, de-cloaked, and shot both of them in the forehead with his silenced pistol. He dragged the corpses away and stuffed them in a closet where noone would see them, then switched clothes with one of them and grabbed one of their rifles.
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

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Kane: Stop unsquelching this, Banshee! This chapter goes DIRECTLY against the rules.
RULE #4: No killing off someone else's characters! Unnamed grunts are okay, but not other players' characters.

Banshee: Your official character is Kane. Kane can't be killed. If you wanna Threpwood to stay, then kill Kane.

Kane: Also, Threepwood cannot die in real life, because he's an NPC. He'd just respawn in his base. Also, it's unlikely he'd leave the Hidden GDI Base of Doom and Stuff, seeing as he's the only player there to defend it.

Banshee: Whatever a NPC is, they used rituals of dark magic to assure the success of the operation.

Kane: Re-squelched. NO MORE EDITING!

Banshee: Unsqueltched, unless you have a real reason to squeltch. FFS, kick Threepwood from this story.

Kane: Urge to declare AdminWar... rising... I have a real reason to do this. I goes against the rules. A character has been removed against the will of the owner. Check the rules. I'm not going to bother re-squelching this, because you'll just undo it. So, people should ignore this post.

Banshee: Hey! You play unfair by editing one of my replies. If you wanna Threepwood to be your official character, then Kane can be killed. Because the rules says that you can't kill a story writter. That was the rule #2. The rule #4 doesnt exist was never posted or aproved.

Kane: My mistake, I thought it was #4. Rule #2 should count of all of an author's characters, so I'm making a poll to change that.

Banshee: Actually, it's the rule #1 that says that characters WHO writes the story can't be killed. If any character created by ppl be not able to be killed, then no one will die and the battle will stay steady. Also, if the problem is that you had plans for a final battle between Kane and Threepwood and I frustated that, I'm sorry but you frustated a lot of plans I had for the first chain story and CC frustated my banshee defensive attack recently. It's something we have to deal with. At least I followed the story.

Kane: NO NO NO! You're TOTALLY missing the point! You maliciously killed Threepwood for NO REASON other than your own personal vendetta. You don't like the Threepwood character, so you killed him off! That's so incredibly stupid, it's not funny! You did it without thought for the story, without thought for what others might think, you just maliciously and hatefully eliminated something you didn't like simply because it amused you. That goes against basic social etiquette, which is a bit more important than simple rules. Also, when I say characters created by people can't be killed, I mean named characters, like Threepwood. Or, if someone wanted to put Yoshi in the story, like with the first Chainstory, they wouldn't be able to kill him without the author permission! I didn't have plans for a final battle between Kane and Threepwood. That would be cool, I must admit, but I didn't PLAN for it. Anything can happen with Threepwood. I don't care what people do with him, and if he participates in a raid on a Nod base later in the story and gets killed in the process, thats fine... AS LONG AS IT FITS WITH THE STORY. You're going totally away from the story and using the Chainstory as a way to take out your aggression and anger about one little mistake I made in the first chainstory, which is trivial anyway!!!

Banshee: Ok, you said that he can die as long as it fits the story. So, I'm modifying it and he will die rushing Nod.

Chapter 10: The Chemical Trouble

After passing the guards, Kane looked over the GDI base again. "Meh... it's heavly defended. They have loads of infantry and vehicles there. I'd better go back. I can't fight alone in the moment."

In the Nod base, Banshee has produced a Nod Chemical Waste Facility and 4 weed eaters, which was enough to have a chemical weapon soon. When the chemical weapon was ready, he didn't thought twice "what about a visceroid revolution? Hmm... Twisted Evil"

The radar detected an interesting group of disk throwers and one Ghost Stalker. Banshee aimed the chemical missile in them

"Chemical Missile Launch Detected!"

and the chemical transformed them all in visceroids (except the Ghost Stalker Threepwood).

OOAK: Oh shit! Damn chemical missile they killed our soldiers!
Hellfire: Dang... Threep, help me killing them!
Threepwood: Ok, sir.
OOAK: Whatever it is, we need to kill it, it's destroying our only refinery.
Hellfire: Ok, I'll do it. You air strike the waste facility..
OOAK: Agreed.

Hellfire with his Mk2 destroyed all visceroids with Threepwood, but Threepwood was bited twice by the visceroids.

Threepwood: Damn I need some medics...
Hellfire: God damn it, it's quite expensive... we need some more tiberium. You're a Ghost Stalker, can't you heal in tiberium?

In the same time, OOAK organized an air strike with 6 orca bombers. They've aproached the Nod base and the initial SAMs destroyed 3 of them. The 3 Orca bombers alive followed directly into the chemical waste facility, however, the sams destroyed another one. Luckly the 2 alive attacked the chemical building, but the sams prevented them from returning to their bases. The chemical building wasn't completely destroyed.

OOAK: Omg, I've failed. If we don't destroy it in few minutes, the next chemical missile can die.
Threepwood (on the tiberium): Yea, but wait for me.
OOAK: Don't go. You gonna die, it''s too dangerous.
Threepwood: Coward words. I live to fight. I risk my live to fight. If I die, I will die with honor as a great soldier do.

Threepwood waited until he was fully healed and said:

Threepwood: Give me a mass and I'll do my job.
OOAK: I only have 5 Titans and 3 Wolverines. It's pratically suicide.
Threepwood: Enough for my Operation Freedom.
OOAK: Hehehe... we have a saddam to kill, a Saddam Banshee :twiseted:
Threepwood: But with courage and determination, I'll kick their ass!

Threepwood and his five Titans and 3 Wolverines headed to the Nod base. A small group of banshees launched an attack at the ghost stalker. He tried to scape, but the Banshee power damaged him, but not killed him. "Luckly, there is a tiberium near the enemy base"

Threepwood and its gang arrived in the tiberium, blue one and waited for Threepwood to be healed when a huge mass of infantry came at them.

Threepwood radioed: We are under attack. Send reinforcements!
OOAK radioed back: I dont have. I told you to not come, it was useless
Threepwood radioed: We've killed about 15 soldiers here, but they are moving tanks.
OOAK radioed back: The only chance to acomplish the mission is to use your troops to distract them while you set your C4 in the building.
Threepwood: Nice idea.

"Nice idea, but... the base is covered by lasers and obelisks. It's not thay nice."

Threepwood radioed again: Send something to disable their power urgently, so I can do it. The tanks are arriving and their base is surrounded by obelisks and lasers!
Hellfire radioed back: I'm sending everything I have.

In the moment, an orca transport group appeared with 4 disruptors and Hellfire in the Mk2.

Hellfire: Time to rock'n'roll!
Threepwood: Yeah, you arrived in the right time, my Titans and Wolverines are gone.
Hellfire: I take care of them, you just go!

Two disruptors destroyed the two obelisk of lights while other 2 disruptors destroyed to two lasers. They took some damage, but were still alive.

Hellfire: Your way is opened. Go and I'll take care of these vehicles

Threepwood runned in the direction of the chemical missile which was wrongly positioned by Banshee near the limits of the base, however, banshee had made 2 emergency lasers to defend it against land. The Tick Tanks overruned the disruptors and Hellfire was left alone. The lasers started to attack Threepwood as he aproached the facility. He has set the C4 and destroyed the tiberium waste facility, but the lasers kept hurting him while Hellfire abandoned his Mk2 to escape to an amphibious apc sent to bring him and Threepwood back. The abandoned Mk2 was easily destroyed by Nod vehicles while Threepwood runned, runned, runned with his life bar on red and received a shoot from one tick tank. His blood started to leave his body in an intensive quantity and he falled in the ground, one metter from the apc.

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I just realized I call OOAK "Oak" a lot @.@. You don't mind, do you, man? Also, Banshee said the ending of his chapter could be interpreted as Threepwood living or dieing, so I'm going with living and we'll see how the mighty Banshee vs. Kane wars end up Wink. Hmmm, Deja Vu, anyone?
Also, I described the general area a bit, since it hasn't been described until now.

Chapter 11: Strategy!

"Holy shit!" A Medic said as he saw Threepwood collapse in front of the APC. He quickly grabbed him by the arm and pulled him inside, then ordered the driver to head back to the Secret GDI Base of Sneakiness. Threepwood groaned and coughed up some blood.
"Damnedable landlubbers couldn't aim a laser to save their lives!" he proclaimed, proudly, then went into a fit of coughing. The APC drove past a sign saying, in large block letters, SECRET GDI BASE OF SNEAKINESS--DO NOT ENTER, then drove up to the barracks of the Secret GDI Base and the medic hauled Threepwood inside and to the medical station.
"Don't worry," The medic said, injecting a hypo into Threepwood's arm, "These nanites'll have you good as new in no time!"

* * * * * *

Tapek watched with glee as the remaining GDI units retreated back to their base, then motioned over to Banshee.
"Hey, now that they're crippled, let's attack their base!" He said, motioning to the rather large force Nod had built up. "We can probably take out most of their defense. Another missile launch and they'll be crippled. This battle'll be over before they know it!" Banshee agreed, so they went about building some new units, then sent the bulk of their army toward the GDI base. There came a hissing sound and a crackle of static as Tapek was about to jog out and join the army. He walked over to the radio that was making noise, and picked up.
"Yea?" he asked in his horribly distorted robot voice.
"Guys, build defense. Like, walls, and lasers. Anything you can get. Wall off the entrances and exits to the area, too," came the reply. "And get some soldiers built, but hide them. We don't want them to know we're building up our defense."
"What are you talking about? What do you know?" Tapek demanded in the monotonous robot voice.
"If I tell you, I'll give myself away," he said. "Walls! Gates! Defense! Quickly, too, I don't know how long until-- What's that?" There was the sound of a scuffle, and then the radio was turned off.
"What the--" Tapek said as he glanced at the radio oddly, then put it back on the wall. He walked over to a large map of the area. It looked vaguely like Tiberium Garden Redux, though obviously modified a bit for the Warp Reality mode. Each base (There were 5) was on either a plateu, or a lowered valley, with three entrances to the main base area. One main entrance which led to a central tiberium patch, and two others which led out on either far side. A good place for an ambush. The GDI base was in the far left corner, the Nod base in the far right. Tapek glanced around at the map a bit, then began drawing walls on, blocking off the three entrances to the base, then double guarding them with a second set of walls and gates, then building in some lasers and other defense. He also sent some artillery to the edges of the cliffs where they could fire up and over, and hit the incoming GDI forces before they got close. Satisfied, though a bit confused about Kane's crpytic message, he jogged outside and ran towards the leaving convoy of Nod forces.

* * * * * *

Oak and Hellfire were standing around a large table similar to the one Tapek just used, glancing at the map. Their view of the terrain was more revealed, though, due to the GDI base sitting in the top of the map. It had gotten quite big now, and had an upgrade center, walls and component towers, gates, tech centers, and lots of refineries and power plants. There was also a small mining colony built near the central tiberium patch, to better mine the resources there.
"Okay, so, Nod's starting to attack. Hit the firestorm defense." Oak said, glancing again at the map. "When do we attack from the Secret GDI Base of Sneakiness and Roguishness?"
"Rogueishness? I didn't know that was there?" Hellfire answered, hitting a nearby button that proclaimed "Firestorm Defense: Break glass in case of massive Nod retaliation!"
"It never said that. I just added it. It makes it sound cooler," Oak replied
"Well, I say we wait until Nod attacks again." He pointed to the incoming Nod forces as a Nod aircraft smashed against the firestorm wall, spiraling down into the radar facility. "They'll get far enough to maybe take down the firestorm generator. This base will be destroyed. When they retreat back to their base to regroup and attack with new forces, we take as many soldiers as we can, and sneak them out to the Secret GDI Base of Sneakiness."
"Riiight!" Oak said. "Then we attack from the Secret GDI Base of Sneakiness and hit them before they think to recall their troops! They wont have any defense!"
"Arr!" Threepwood said over the radio, startling them. "'Tis a good plan! I'll lead the forces in and we'll crush them like a bug!"
"What?" Oak said. "No no no, you need to stay at the Secret GDI Base of Sneakiness and protect it, in case they find us out. You with that railgun and some light infantry should be able to hold Nod off long enough for us to crush them utterly... Assuming they're even smart enough to find us," he chuckled.
"Curses!" Threepwood cried, not wanting to miss out on the action, but he saw the logic in the plan. "Aye, I could do more good down here than at the front lines, in truth... Just get yer asses up here quickly! I nearly got the army built already!"

* * * * * *

And that he did. It was an impressive army indeed. Hellfire's Mammoth was parked near the front gates, and behind it sat a line of titans. Some wolverines ran around the legs of the Titans, and Juggernaughts sat sombrely in the background, waiting for the order to move out. There were also 4 Disrupters and 8 MLRS', as well as a couple Mobile Sensor Arrays. There was also a pretty big army, too. Light Infantry, Engineers, Disk Throwers, Medics, and some more Light Infantry piled into APCs while JumpJets flew overhead. There was also a large group of Orca Fighters, to take on the aircraft, and bombers to attack the base defenses before the attack force got there. Also parked on helipads were a few carryalls for the slower vehicles. He'd even gotten a couple Dropship Bays and Dropships which he was loading up with vehicles and infantry. Threepwood surveryed his forces, then went inside and started building some more. He was getting plenty of cash from the quick-growing tiberium near his base, so he had more than enough to spend.


Note to CC: Couldn't resist the voice thing. Remember the first Chainstory, back in T-PPM Forums?
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

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Chapter 12: Tactical Espionage Action!

The guard leaped ontop of Kane and wrestled him to the ground. The radio fell and smashed open, batteries rolling across the room.
"Where's your identification?" breathed the GDI Guard down Kane's face.
Kane's nose wrinkled at the smell. He squirmed and managed to produce an ID card from the soldier he had stolen his clothes from.
"'Dennis Walter, certified Systems Engineer'?" read the guard from the card held out before him.
"Alright, I'll have to let you go..." mumbled the guard grumpily as he heaved himself off a crushed Kane.

Kane got up and tried to locate the fallen batteries, when EVA suddenly whined about something. Kane thought it was another missile launch, but bolted upright in shock instead.
"Warning. Nod spy detected, going by alias of Dennis Walter, certified Systems Engineer! All Personel seek him out!"
"Oh, no!" moaned Kane, fumbling for the batteries, and he at last found them and crammed them into his pocket. The radio was still busted, but it could probably be fixed later.

"There he is!" called the guard that had wrestled kane earlier. Kane pulled out his handgun and capped the guard in the head, as he twirled around and started sprinting down the opposite corridor from the persuing GDI commando.

"Exit... somewhere... around... here...!!!" puffed Kane, as he frantically searched for an exit. He ran through the Research Facility, and frightened scientists cowered before him and got in his way. Kane tripped on a sci and cursed.
"I've got you now!" gloated the commando as he rushed in to subdue Kane. Kane suddenly remembered his cloaking device and activated it, vanishing in a flash.


"Missile Launch Detected!" wailed EVA, yet again.
"Is there a way to shut that damn thing off?" demanded Oak. "It's really, REALLY starting to vex me."


Kane ran into an old Storage Hut, but unfortunately made a noticeable bang and scuffling noise, and the GDI guards knew exactly where he was.

"We got him, boys. He may be cloaked, but there's only one way out of that building!" boomed a GDI commander as he locked and bolted the door of the storage room Kane had just run into.
"Post guards at this door! I don't want him to escape. I'll inform the commanders now!"

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Chapter 13: A Clash Of Egos

OOAK was discussing an attack strategy with his commanders when another walked in with a big grin on his face.

"Sir!" the commander saluted as he walked in, "we've captured a nod spy attempting to infiltrate our base of sneakishness and roguishness! He was equipped with a cloaking device but we've deployed a sensor array near the capture point to nullify that particular advantage!"

"Well done commander! I'll interrogate this one myself, let Hellfire and Guybrush know I'm on my way over there right now!" OOAK ran of to the helipad to board his personal Orca Fighter (the better for safe flights), and took of before swinging in a loose arc and flying off over the hills towards their new base. Whilst on the way he had a thought and radioed through to his commanders back in the original base to begin production of another MCV.

He landed at their new top-secret base about five minutes later to find Hellfire and Guybrush waiting for him on the landing pad.

"You'll never guess who our spy is OOAK!" Hellfire grinned.

"There's only really one person it could be so I'm guessing it was Kane?" OOAK was pleased by Hellfire's shocked reaction. "Where have we got him? Its time to go get some answers about this whole mess."

OOAK, Hellfire and Guybrush walked over to the storage building where Kane was still being held, so far Kane had apparently tried to escape twice but the Sensor Array had foiled both attempts. They walked into the shed to see Kane sat on a paint can in the corner, apparently asleep.

Guybrush walked over and kicked Kane square in the nads, causing Kane to wake up but conversely to be in a large amount of pain upon his awakening. He groggily opened his eyes to see Guybrush looming over him.

"Dammit Guybrush! What is it with you and always being such a good guy?" The evil genius sat up, wincing at the pain caused by his former ally's rather large boots.

"So Kane, what have you gotten us into this time?" asked OOAK, "I'm guessing its similar to what happened to us a while back right?"

"You could say that yes, its called ‘Warp Reality’ mode and in case you hadn’t guessed we’re in the middle of a Tiberian Sun Skirmish, as far as I know the objective is for one side or the other to win and so the whole thing will be resolved.” Replied Kane.

“So why don’t whoever is on your team just lay down and let us win so we can get this over with?” asked Hellfire

“Why don’t YOU lay down and let US walk over you?” asked Kane, “why should the bad guys always lose?”

“So it looks like this is going to go all the way then,” remarked OOAK, “but then I guess it wouldn’t be any fun otherwise. Neither side is going to give that easily from the looks of things, so we’ll have to do it the old fashioned way and we’ll start……” suddenly OOAK pulled a pistol from under his jacket and shot Kane twice in the chest, the pistol shots booming in the small shed, “…… by taking out one of their leaders.” OOAK said as he, Hellfire and Guybrush left the shed, OOAK motioning for the guards to fall into step behind them.

Tapek looked up suddenly as he felt a surge of mystical energy surge through him, he knew what it meant. ‘Something’s changed,’ he thought to himself, ‘something important just happened,’ he strode off to find Banshee.

Kane sat up, dazed and more than a little confused, he saw OOAK shoot him at point blank range, hell he FELT OOAK shoot him at point blank range. So why wasn’t he dead? He checked over where he thought the wounds were…..and dug out two rubber bullets, they hadn’t even broke the skin. Feeling more confused than ever, Kane cautiously engaged his cloaking device and looked out the door, the guards and sensor array had all gone leaving him free to leave the base which he did, quickly.

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Chapter 14: NPC's to the rescue

Kane hurried out of the GDI base, amazed he was still alive. As he wondered what had happened, a GDI Technician approached him, but he held out a Nod ID card.
"Greetings, bald one." said the Technician delicately. With almost unnatural ease, he smoothly slid the ID card back into his pocket, and shed his GDI jacket to reveal a Nod uniform.
"Who're you?" asked Kane, scratching his bald head. "You almost look like the Spy unit CC added to the DooMod. But that's impossible."
"Or is it?" grinned the spy. "Didn't you feel that energy before? Something changed. Something, somewhere. What was it?"
"I don't know!" snapped Kane, irritated. "If you know, just tell me!"
"Very well." The spy licked his teeth. "Banshee discovered a way to upload a rules.INI to the game. He accidentally added the DooMod, however."
Suddenly, another wave of mystic energy was felt, and a tiberium fiend scurried past.
"Aaah, looks like he's uploaded PPM rules.INI now!" said the spy. "Incredible, how all 3 rules.ini can coincide like this. Absolutely incredible... Anyway, allow me to introduce myself; I am Arakasi, and I serve the CCSI as Spy Master."
"Spy master? But CC never added a spy master unit!" spluttered Kane.
"Not any unit YOU know of," grinned Arakasi. "Anyway, I have here all of Commander Oak and Hellfire's war plans. These will tell us when and where they will strike." he held out a sheaf of documents.
Kane's eyes widened. "How did you get that? I guess that's the second time* I gotta thank the CCSI!" exclaimed Kane. "Good work."
"It was easy," said Arakasi. "Now, I must investigate the TDL base that just popped up over there."

Arakasi tore off his jacket and threw it in the mud. He then artfully smudged some dirt on his face, making it appear like he had a shorter chin. He then thrust his lower lip out, and squinted his eyes. He hunched over slightly, and Kane was shocked to see the Spy Master looked like a completely different person. Kane blinked again, and Arakasi was gone.
"Gods, but that man's mother was a damned shadow," grumbled Kane, as he called the base with his fixed radio for evacuation.


"Missile Launch Dete--" EVA finally stopped, and Hellfire stood up triumphantly, putting down the screwdriver.
"Take THAT, you old nag!" gloated Hellfire. "Hey Oak! Oak! I shut EVA up!"
"You did? Great!" laughed Oak, as a missile in the background decimated their Refinery.
"YOU DID?!?!?! Aarrrggh yee scurvy weakling landlubber! How we supposed to get announcements now?!" roared Threepwood, as he stomped into the Command Room furiously. "I'll have to put it back together, arrr! Now this aint no boat, but sure as I've sailed the seven seas, I can be fixing it! Ahoy there! That should do it, mateys!" Threepwood finished tinkering with it and stood up. "Arrr... it ... still doesn't work, mateys. Ye miserable barnacle covered dog, hellfire!"


"Banshee, what did you do?" asked Tapek.
"I uploaded PPM to the Warp Reality mode. I accidentally uploaded part of DooMod, but pressed cancel halfway. I think some of the stuff came through, but not all of it. Then I uploaded PPM!" Banshee said, as he picked up a Toxic Sniper Rifle from the shelf.
"Wanna bust some caps in some GDI dogs?"
"Sure, but, wheres kane?"

Just then, the radio beeped.


Tapek walked over to the radio and flicked a button.
"Kane here!" said the radio.
"hi, Kane." said Tapek. "Where are you?"
"I'm hiding in front of the GDI Base of Sneakishness and Stealthiness!" barked Kane into the radio. "The stealthiness bit I added myself, to honor my stealth suit. Damn, but I'm a clever bastard."
"Umm... Errr" Tapek stammered. "I'll send over a subterranean APC."
"Good. I also have here the GDI Commanders secret plans. Arakasi gave them to me." said Kane.
"Damn that guy is good!" exclaimed Tapek. "Those will be really helpful!"
"Oh yeah, PPM and a part of DooMod has been added," said Kane. "So, as a cyborg, you should be with the cyborgs."
"No! I don't want to serve Abelifester!" grumbled Tapek. "I'll just stay with Nod."
"Okay, but hurry up and send that APC. There's a tiberium fiend over there thats eyeing me hungrily."
"It'll be right there," announced Tapek, as he flicked off the radio.


* See "When Yoshi Goes Bad" RP -- Doom Chronicles (42:46)

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Chapter 15: The Plot Thickens

OOAK returned to the original GDI baseand went to his office in the Radar Facility, where he contacted one of his commanders. Hellfire and Guybrush had stayed behind to finish preparations on their sneak attack force, OOAK wondered just how long it would be until Kane got the information to whoever else was on Nod, he really should have asked Kane who else was in the game right now. 'Maybe I'll go back and edit the chapter' he thought to himself.

"Has that MCV been prepared yet?" He asked the commander once the call had gone through,

"Affirmative sir, its fuelled and ready." the commander replied.

"Good, prepare a Carryall for me, and don't tell Hellfire or Guybrush, this stays on a need-to-know basis for the time being, and they don't need-to-know right now." OOAK cut the call and went off to the helipad.

Kane arrived at the Nod command centre where Banshee and Tapek were waiting for him. He walked in and layed the plans down on the table grinning as only an evil genius could. Tapek was the first to speak....

"So GDI have another base then," he commented, "this could prove problematic, good thing you gave us some advanced warning." 'Cryptic as it was' he thought to himself.

"So what about the other two sides?" asked Kane, "are they going to be under AI control for the duration?"

"I'd guess so," Banshee responded, "although I wouldn't have thought they'd prove much of a problem, the AI can't handle more than GDI or Nod remember? In fact I'm surprised this whole thing hasn't performed an illegal operation yet!"

Tapek and Banshee began to talk amongst themselves, Kane walked over to a viewport and looked out over the massing forces they were preparing. He was troubled by the fact that OOAK had saved his life, either wittingly or unwittingly, if it was wittingly then he must have had a good reason and that meant trouble he was sure of it. Suddenly, there was a huge flash of blue light as they're Missile Silo was wiped out by the GDI Ion Cannon.

"Suckers!" Hellfire shouted, that ought to put off the Missile strikes for a while. They had used the lull in Nod attacks to build up an upgrade centre, it wouldn't be long before the Philadelphia came into range and they got access to some Droppod reinforcements as well.

OOAK brought the Carryall down in a clearing a fair distance away from both clearings, he was convinced that no-one knew about what he was doing. Kane was too busy saving his own skin, Hellfire and Guybrush were miles away as were the Nod Generals, whoever they might be. He uncoupled the MCV from the Carryall and deployed it towards the far side of the clearing, then set about building up a small outpost to begin with. Once he had a War Factory up and running he decided to check out the terrain, he ignited his jetpack and took off above the trees before coming to a hovering stop in a good observation position.

There were only a couple of ways to this clearing, perfect choke points, and enough Tiberium to last him for a while, satisfied he returned to his outpost. He wondered again if Kane had any idea why his life had been spared, he needed Kane alive so that the GDI's plan of secret assault wouldn't be much of a success, with any luck it'd turn out to be a stalemate with both sides weakened enough that he and his master would roll right through and win the day. Banshee had made a mistake when he added PPM into this whole mix. He smiled, with the GDI technology he'd just stolen he'd cause enough confusion to make that victory complete and total, Doctor Abelifester would be so proud....

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Chapter 16: Plot unfurled

Hellfire - "Guybrush do you think you could make EVA only warn us of missles targeting our refinery's or MCV.
Guybrush - "Arrr why would ye want that."
Hellfire - "It's cause shes got an annoying voice which I do not so much lke."
Guybrush - "Fine I'll set 'er up that way after I finished figuring out how you broke her to begin with."
Hellfire - "You may need this." Hellfire tosses a small computer chip to Guybrush. "You need to wiwre that into the main comm board."
Guybrush - "Ahh thats what these 4 screws are for."
Guybrush walks off towards the main comm panel.
Hellfire - "Have you seen OOAK lately.
Guybrush - "No after he went to the first base to pick up a few things."
Hellfire - "Ok I'll try to radio him."

Hellfire walked of to work out some new equipment for his MK2 to make sure it isn't dieing any time soon.

Hellfire - "Hey you technichian, are my multi directional lasers and rail guns operational yet."
Technician - "Sir, no they still need some work on the targeting before they will work."
Hellfire - "Well what about the attachment of a the carryall, cna my MK2 fly yet."
Technician - "Yes sir it is full operational for flight."
Hellfire - "Good, oh and after this is all ready come see me I wanna work on the designs for some other vehicles that disapointed me."
Technician - "Yes sir."

Hellfire then went to the radar to try and get in contact with OOAK.

Hellfire - "Someone try and contact OOAK for me."
Comm person - "Yes sir. Secret base to OOAK." After a few minutes of no response the comm person say "Sir he's not responding."
Hellfire - "Damn he must be in trouble start up his packs GPS."
Comm person - "Yes sir" The gps showed that OOAK was far away from bothe the GDI and nod but periously close to the AI's.
Hellfire - "Well isn't that great, send a drop ship to his area and see if he can be found. And someone get me my laptop I need to E-mail someone."

All hail me

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Chapter 17: Mmm... Plot Soup!

The dropship landed with a puff of smoke.
"What is the meaning of this?" demanded Oak, as he loosened the strap on a ninjastar at the back of his belt.
The pilot walked out from the dropship ramp onto the dirt.
"Commander Hellfire demands to know what you are doing here, sir!" bellowed the pilot.
Oak grinned.
"Are you sure you want to know?" he cackled, as Oak's soldiers began to dismantle the Dropship in the background.
"Uhhh... errr... sir, what are you doing to my ride?" stammered the pilot nervously.
"Oh, you won't be needing it," said Oak, as he slowly approached the pilot.
The pilot backed away. "S...S...sir?"
Oak picked up the ninjastar and threw it at the pilot. It caught him in the neck, and his blood splattered the dusty ground.
"Don't," said Oak, as some workers rushed forward to remove the body. "Leave the carcass there to be eaten by carrion." Oak turned around and contacted Hellfire by radio.

"Hell, I'm stranded between 2 bases. Don't try to send any more help, or they will just be shot down." he said.
"What? How did you get there?" asked hellfire.
"You talk too much," snapped Oak. "Just back off and let me find my own way out."
"You okay man? You sound a little snappish today."
"Whatever. I have work to do," grumbled Oak as he shut off his radio.


"According to these secret plans, the sneaky GDI assault should begin in 2 hours." said Banshee.
"Prepare the defenses!" said Tapek. "And get to work rebuilding that Missile Silo."
"Wait, theres more!" said Kane. "Look! GDI is planning on making a new settlement near a tiberium patch to the north, to bolster their economy. They have barely ANY defenses! We must strike it!"
"Perfect!" said Banshee. "This will cripple the GDI scum greatly.
"Alright," said Tapek. "Prepare a small strike force to defend our base. Banshee, you oversee the defenses. Kane and I, and the rest of the forces come will go to annhilate the GDI outpost."

"NO!" came a voice, as someone burst into the room. Banshee had his gun out and aimed and Kane had a dagger ready to stab before Tapek held out his hand.
"Calm down! It's Arakasi!" said Tapek. "What is your objection to my plan, Arakasi?"
"I have just infiltrated the new TDL base," said Arakasi. "And you'll never believe who is in charge; LC!"
"LC?! Damn it! He's always liked TDL!" gasped Banshee.
"LC knows of this GDI outpost as well! He also knows it is commanded by Oak, and he is sending all his forces to destroy him!" whispered Arakasi. "His forces far outmatch your own. If you march to destroy this outpost, you will find only your own doom!"

"Very well," said Tapek. "We will focus our energies on defending this base. Arakasi, try to locate the Cyborg base. I don't want any surprises this time around."


"This will certainly catch them by surprise!" cackled Dr. Abelifester. He glanced at the new Cyborg suit he had constructed for his loyal minion. "It is perfect, Oak will be unstoppable in this suit! Especially after I alter his DNA to make him stronger!" Abelifester laughed for long minutes.
"Tomorrow, my plan will begin. Ready the armies!"

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Chapter 18: A Test Of Effectiveness

OOAK emerged from the operating room better than new, he walked over to a nearby window and examined his new 'outfit'. The Cyborg Armour was more advanced than anything that had previously developed by GDI, Nod, TDL or even the Cyborgs, it could easily overpower a Cyborg Commando in hand-to-hand combat and then there was the arsenal of weaponry that came with the suit as standard....

"Personal AA Lasers, dual Railguns and a flamethrower to boot...." OOAK remarked to no-one in particular, his master had kept his human voice intact for communication's sake, a human voice could be so much more threatening than an emotionless cyborg voice if used the correct way. He had retained the jetpack from his original Jumpjet suit and he decided to test it out be running a recon flight around his now fully established pseudo-GDI outpost, his master had insisted that no Cyborg technology be used as yet, 'I do not wish to give the game away just yet.' Dr Abelifester had told him, 'The attack will begin in earnest tomorrow, for now I would worry about the nearby TDL base. It may be useful to add their technological and biological distinctiveness to our own as well but I leave that to you my loyal servant, now I must depart and ready my main assault group!'

OOAK ignited his boosters and took off for his recon flight, as he was hovering above the nearby forest he wondered what would happen once the Cyborgs were triumphant, what would happen to those on the losing sides? For a moment his humanity returned as he wondered whether they would make it out of this game alive, then he became objective again 'Rather them than me.' he thought.

Hellfire was more than a little confused by the strange behaviour of OOAK, but he decided to let it go for the time being, they had work to do after all. He and Guybrush decided to move their attack plan forward an hour or two just in case though.

As OOAK cruised over the second of the two gulleys leading to his base, he noticed an approaching TDL attack force and grinned, the Juggernauts that had been set up to guard the two entrances had been 'customised' with Cyborg technology and this would prove a good test of their effectiveness.

The Juggernauts let loose their first salvo at the incoming TDL attack force, the rounds hit the wave of infantry at the front of the group. On impact, the shells released a cloud of black gas that was in fact a large cloud of nanomachines which swarmed the infantry. OOAK paused the Juggernauts, intent on watching what would happen next as the nanomachine technology was something only recently developed by his master.

The nanomachines began to fly down the throats, or bury into the skin of the advancing infantry, once inside the machines began a self-replication procedure and began to increase in numbers. Once a certain amount had amassed in each body, the machines (using tiny nanolathe construction tools) began to construct cerebral implants that would instantly place the unit under the control of the Cyborgs, once constructed the nanomachines drifted to different parts of the body to began construction of exoskeleton implants to improve motor functions and improve the units overall effectiveness. As OOAK watched, the wave of infantry rapidly transformed into Cyborg units under OOAK's command and they promptly turned and began to fire their weapons at their former allies. This process of 'assimilation' had been suggested by OOAK himself after watching one-to-many episodes of Star Trek and Dr Abelifester had turned it into a fully working battlefield solution.

He watched as the Juggernauts began to fire on the rest of the TDL force, Tanks and other vehicles were soon coming under OOAK's command as the nanomachines filtered in an began to affect the crew. The attack laster less than five minutes, yet not a single TDL unit was lost, a resounding success. OOAK ordered the former TDL units back to his base for 'enhancement' for use in the coming assault on the TDL base, he'd love to see the look on Kane's face when he realised just why he had kept him alive.....

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Chapter 19: Intervention

Yoshi plopped down at his computer

"Argh. thank god I dont have to go top co-op on mondays...."

He pauses a moment, lifting one of his feet which had been summerged in the Lego that makes up his room's floor. He leaned over and pressed the button, activating his computer. He canceled through all the scans and paswords because, as usual he didnt shut his computer off properly last night because it froze from popup ads.

"hmm.... you know what? I think I'll install TS..."

After waiting through the loadup, and beating himself up from the nostalgia of the acient game, Yoshi opened TS up."

"Whats this? Play Warped Reality Mode?" Yoshi said as he searched for the No button. "I just wanna make a fricken mod and do some funky shit like the good ol days!" Seeing he had no other option, Yoshi clicked yes. Launching the game mode.

The mode's menu came up. Just as he was about to see what was what, a notice appeared

"Game Patch available. Download required."

"ztype. I always have to download crap, then my computer blows up then I have to reinstall everything.....ITS BECAUSE I'M /GREEN/ ISNT IT???" Yoshi sort of laughed, wishing somone was there to laugh with him, saddend that practiaclly all of his real life freinds wouldnt understand the joke. He let out a sigh as the patch installed itself.

"Alright....Now..alligeance eh? I can dig that...yo."

Just when he clicked "GDI" A message popped up with an annoying tone.
"Max players. Cannot join game"

Infuriated with the bullshit of having to play this in the first place, now being rejected, Yoshi saw that it was mod compatible. He opened up an INI file and whipped through it, typing madly. His copy/paste button never before saw so much action. He reopened the game and selected his INI which added one more side: the good ol Forgotten. He also made a custom unit for himself to choose, unfortunatly his didnt have a spiffy 3d image; but a giant metal plate - YAY!

Yoshi entered the game. The snow fell around him. He stood in a bombed out Civilian city, he looked down at his hands. He was holding a minigun. A minigun. His flesh was black and spiked with strands of fur, and random splotches of Tiberium cystals. He rushed over to a destroyed pickup truck and looked in the mirror. Sure enough, Yoshi was somthing only he would think of; an anthromorphic Tiberium Feind with a minigun, a kevlar vest, shoulder pads and torn camoflauged cargo pants. He grinned madly.


Tapek drummed his metalic fingers from his left arm on the holographic table. "It takes longer to build a screwy missle silo than it does to make a MISSLE whats the hold up??"
Kane was giggling santanically over the documents they had secured from the GDI station. Tapek turned to kane "Shut up, your giving me goose bumps. We've got to deal with LC and his TDL wankers."
Tick tanks rolled out of the two factories that Tapek had ordered up. They lined the base, reinforcing the base.


Yoshi realized that he would fight this war alone, and by himself. He marched through the town, examing the minigun, and observing that he also carried on his back an RPG launcher and 3 extra rounds. Astonished that he was capable of carrying all this, he remembered that he was a freak, and thusly can do just about anything.

Yoshi climbed the hills, minigun in tow. He pulled out a pair of high tech binoculars - and spotted the nod base. He knew what he had to do. Cause some ruckus. Recalling a wrecked Titan and beat up school bus, Yoshi remembered that one mission in TS, and got an idea just how to stir things up if he had any chance of leaving this alive...

Threepwood was sticking his finger into the barrel of his railgun, then he continued to toss a urainium slug to himself out of bordom. The rest of his forces patrolled the base protectivley.

Yoshi sat in the abandoned waystation, tinkering with items. He had set his unit to "VehicleThief=yes" and was fluent in the usage of scrap and hotwireing of vehicles.

It was about 3 hours later when he was finished, even then he was working overtime. all armies had not moved as of yet, still planning and strategizing, it was during this time that Yoshi would make his move. The massive Titan cannon was loaded onto the school bus, aimed through the right front window, the seats removed and room for the titan's autoloader made. Yoshi had managed to speed up the firerate by making a jury rigged coolant system by taping 50 ice packs from the bombed out local store to the cannon. He just finished attaching the spikes and grate from some scrap onto the front of the bus, nailing armor plates onto the bus, and spray painting the words "SKOOL BUS FROM HELL" onto the sides in red. It was time.

He had made it as far as to not be spotted by the nod base. He shifted into 5th gear, his face twisted into a snarl. The tires squealed as the gray school bus from hell lurched forward and raced towards the base. None of the noddies knew what the hell was going on until the bus released its explosives. Yoshi never let his hand off the trigger,The shells crashed into the tick tanks amassing near one of the factories, obliterating 6 of them, Yoshi only had 18 rounds, then it would all be over. but until then, hell would come to this town. Yoshi's sweat poured down his fur as he crashed through the gate, the bus shook madly and yoshi was wrenched forward, but it kept going, yoshi hit the gas harder, and the Infantry that fired at him only hit the busses sides, some unfortunate saps got impaled on the spikes, splattering the bus's cracked winsheild with crimson. Yoshi ran out of ammo. "CMON FUCKERS! LETS PLAY!!!!!" Yoshi roared as he spun the large vehicle around, crashing into things and killing infantry. It was now that the remaining Tick tanks returned fire - a shell blasted the frail bus open, yoshi leaped out just as another shell impacted and tore it to shreds. Yoshi draped his RPG over his shoulder, and released it at one of the tanks, blasting its top off in a plume of smoke. yoshi dropped the RPG, and turned and clubbed an approaching light infantry over the head with an RPG round. Yoshi grabbed his minigun and dashed into the conyard, infantry rushed out from the dorways, Yoshi's lips pulled back and he let loose all the hell and fury that is his anger. Churning out 400 rounds a minute, Yoshi stood there - screaming - drowning infantry after infantry with bullets. The shots rang out like a buzz, smashing the insides of the walls to dusty bits. finally after 5 minutes of shooting, it stopped, the gun spun but nothing came out. He simply dropped the gun and grabbed one of the light infantry's assualt rifles. Yoshi dashed into the halls of the con yard, shooting anything in his path, even the engies who tried to cap him in the head with their pistols. Yoshi made it to the command room, the MTC was in sight he took out the only plastiques he had and ran for it. suddenly, somthing struck him with a white flash. The butt of a rifle maybe, he was knocked onto his back, saw the metalic boots and robotic legs, then passed out.....
Green FTW omglol

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Chapter 20: Teh Doom!

Kane paced outside the fiend-creature's cell. He looked in, saw the fiend-creature wasn't awake, and threw a chestnut at it. The fiend-creature groggily awakened, stretching and yawning.
"Well well well," Kane said, stroking his chin. "What do we have here."
The creature snarled.
"No, I don't think we have a snarl," Kane replied. He glanced around at the damage that the horrendous orgy of death and destruction had wrought. "Let's see... Horribly twisted school bus, with a Titan cannon, and the words 'Skool bus from hell' written on it. Minigun with a seemingly endless supply of bullets. Destructive rage. Enough stupidity to think you could just walk up to the MCT... All the warning signs of Yoshi."
"Bite me, chromedome," Yoshi replied.
"Every time... EVERY TIME... I try to plot the demise of some goodoers, you come in with your holiness and slaughtering. Well, no more. This time I'm taking extra precautions. YOU THERE," he shouted to a nearby guard. "INEPT GUARD #017!"
Inept Guard #017 turned to face Kane. "YES SIR!" he said and tripped and fell, his rifle skittering away from his grasp and breaking.
"Get the other inept guards! All 6 of them, and tell them to guard this creature!" Kane watched the guard stumble up the stairs, then left, walking into the middle of the Nod base. Construction had begone on some Kane Industries buildings from Doomod, and existing Nod structures were being upgraded. He glanced over toward the new Lasers being constructed. They looked pretty similar to the old Nod lasers, only they were smaller and the turrets turned faster. They were special KI lasers which sacrificed a bit damage for a drastically increased firing rate that made them practically a solid beam of laser fire. They did a lot more damage, but ate up a lot of power. To cope with that, they were building one of KI's high techlevel buildings, an Experimental Fusion Generator. Expensive, and if it's destroyed it explodes into a violent fireball that destroys everything nearby, but it puts out massive amounts of power. Nearby, away from the main Nod base, Kane's Temple (Which looks like the old TD temple), a Mechlab, and an Operations HQ were being built.
"Excellent," Kane said for, probably, the thousandth time since the beginning of this game.

* * * * * *

The GDI force was moving. They'd pushed the attack up a couple hours, which would let them attack early and have to worry about less defense. Nod still had the bulk of their attack force at the decoy base, so Oak figured it was safe enough. Threepwood was at the forward resource base, which was in a position where any Nod forces attacking the Secret GDI Base of Sneakiness and Landlubberness (Threepwood had added the last part to better display his distaste at missing the battle) would have to go past it first. he sighed and looked through his binoculars at the Nod base far in the distance. The GDI forces were moving fairly slowly, so it'd be a while before they got to the Nod base... Maybe an hour or two, or three, but it was still close enough for Threepwood's binoculars. He glanced out once again at the Nod base and noticed some strange buildings. He shrugged it off and went back to reading his book, "The Piratical Tales of Lemery O'Reilly," famous pirate of the thirteen seas.

* * * * * *

"It's been a long time since I played Doomod," CC said. "Refresh my memory on those KI buildings you have going up over there."
"Sure," Kane replied, pointing to the Mech Lab on the map. "That's an advanced KI tech building, and it doubles as a construction facilty for most KI vehicles. KI doesn't have a lot of vehicles, but the Bike MkII--The hoverbike with the massive dual machineguns--and the Assault Buggy (Like the original buggy only more powerful, stronger and slower) need that to be built. It also allows the Light Tank to be built, and the Black Helicopter (Which is invisible to radar and, thus, SAMs and Stinger missiles), and the Repair Vehicle.
"The Ops Building is for KI infantry. All advanced infantry are trained there. You got your standard Rifle Soldier, and the TD-style Rocket Soldier, as well as the Combat Engineer--which I call the Technician--Civvie Hijacker, Man in Black and Thief. The Man in Black (MiB) is one of my favourite units. It has a kind of Plasma Gun which shoots bolts of plasma, similar to yours, but less powerful and with a higher firing rate. They also have no blast radius. The MiB Bodyguard, which we get two of to guard me, also has a Stinger Launcher and grenades. Those guys are trained in the barracks: they're standard infantry. There's also a Special Operations team, and they're trained at the Ops building. There's 2 Snipers, 4 Main Assault (Which use assault rifles and grenades), 2 Support (Which use M249s which fire constantly without ever needing to stop. So, burst of -1, ammo -1), 1 Demoman (Uses a C4 explosive against vehicles and builtings), and 2 Scouts.
"And, I've got some aircraft as well. A stealth Orca, a Banshee fighter equipped with dual Lasers, and the Orca Striker with fires a barrage of 10 missiles all at once, then returns to base, and should destroy pretty much anything in one or two hits."
"Anything else?" Tapek asked after hearing this massive spiel.
"Well, the Radar should now produce a small cloaking field, and have an advanced sensor array similar to the Moblie Sensor Array's, only more powerful."
"All right, sounds good. I'll build the SpecOps team, some MiBs, your bodyguards, a few of those Banshees, and some Bikes and Light Tanks."
"Throw in a couple Strikers. If that damn Mammoth attacks again, the striker attack will give it something to think about," Kane said, grinning evilly. "Oh, and, we need more of the Laser MkIIs. There's not enough to fully defend the base. We need about 6 at every gate."
"Okay, and I'll build my CCSI units while I'm at it. Hey, we should go attack that resource base before GDI attacks from their Secret Base of Sneakiness and Stealthiness!" They immediately ran outside of the ConYard and got their forces together for the attack.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * STAR STAR STAR * * * * * * STAR * * * lolomgzkthx

CCSI arsenal, since it wasn't mentioned in the story:
Conyard - Duh
Comms Uplink - Radar
Training Facility - Barracks
CCSI Power Plant - Power Plant
Plasma Power Plant - Power plant, gives off a lot of power
Weap Factory -
Research Lab - Tech Center
Helipad - Makes cakes
Cloak Generator -
Ion Strike Facility -
Obelisk of Doom -

Destroyer -
Stealth Artillery - Cloaked artillery
Mammoth Tank -
AA Tank -
Snipe Bot - A little hovering drone thing with a massive sniper rifle
Nuke Bot - Like a hunter-seeker
Repair Bot -
Recon Buggy - Weak, with no weapon, but fast
CCSI Limo - Moves CC and the Cyborg Mafia around the map
Hover Harvester - A harvester. WHICH HOVERS.
Mobile Refinery - Mmm.. Resource outposts...

Shotgun Trooper - Replaces Light Infantry
CCSI Technician - Engineer
Bazooka Trooper -
; Electro/circuit Fryer (What a name! I am on a ROLL! *writes it down*) - That's right from the INI. EMP Soldier. Can disable one unit at a time, but takes forever to recharge
Chem Trooper -
CCSI Medic -
Jumpjet Laser Trooper - Jumpjet. Laser. Trooper.

Dark Sweeper - Slaughters infantry with massive chainguns and shotguns
CCSI Fighter - Orca Fighter
Stealth Carrier - Infantry carrier
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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Chapter 21: Secrets

The sun rose, and the little village started bustling with activity. Civilians went about their daily affairs as usual, and nothing was unusual. Nobody noticed that the gardener raking the soil near the town center was really no gardener at all. The gardener's eyes were dangerously alert and took in every passing detail, while keeping up his guise as a gardener flawlessly.

One thing Arakasi had noticed on his mission to locate the Cyborg base. The villagers in this area could only be called uneasy. Something frightened them, and nobody seemed willing to talk to the Spy Master. Another thing he took in, people in this area went missing. There were lots of hushed rumours about people being snatched from their homes and nights, and seen months later as some half robotic nightmare machine. Arakasi had heard these rumours and so far had traced them down to a Potter who sold his crockery in this area.
Arakasi waited until the affairs of the village had well and truly begun before picking up his rake and heading toward the Crockery store.

"Yes, can I help you?" inquired the Potter, looking up from his newspaper. "I have some particularly fine pots that might be of interest to you, and at an extraordinary price, too. Let me -"
"I'm not interested in your pots," cut in Arakasi. "I want to know more about the people in this town who vanish into thin air."
The blood drained from the Potter's face.
"Uuhhh... I don't know what your talking about," lied the Potter. "Please leave now," he gestured at the door.

Arakasi picked up a vase, as if admiring its smooth finish. Then he suddenly threw it on the ground, and it smashed into a thousand pieces. He then grabbed the Potter by the throat, and threw him against a shelf. Cutlery rained down on the Potters head, and he cursed loudly.
"I said, I want to know more about the people in this town who have vanished," said the Spy Master again, in his deceptively gentle tone of voice.
The potter spat on Arakasi's feet.
"I won't tell you anything," he spluttered in contempt.
Arakasi sighed and drew one of his knives.


Tapek examined the gore splattered cell. If there were once six guards guarding Yoshi, they were now no more than barely recognizable twisted lumps on the floor.
"Why does Kane always do this?" cursed Tapek. "He never guards a cell properly! Now Yoshi will be miles away!" Or, thought Tapek with grim humor, he was killing everyone in the entire nod base.

He sighed. The attack had gone smoothly, the GDI forces had been smashed with barely any losses. The combined might of KI and CCSI under the flag of Nod was an unstoppable force. It was fairly ironic then, thought Tapek, that the two sides were always warring.


Oak, now a towering figure of authority within the Cyborg ranks, inspired fear and terror in even the hardest cyborgs in the army. They all trembled and sweated in fear as he strode past them, his sleek new cyborg suit armed to the teeth with deadly weapons.
One of the cyborgs, behind Oaks back, signalled to some other cyborgs. He nodded, and suddenly about 8 cyborgs started firing upon their own troops, and Oak's minions fell.
Oak whirled around, his eyes burning red. The cyborg mafia opened fire on him, and Oak roared in pain as he fell back from the onslaught and hid behind a rock. Oak powered his dual railguns and did a somersault in the air, firing the railguns like some crazed cybotic ninja of death. Two Cyborg Mafia exploded into flames, and one caught on fire from the blasts.

"WE MUST EVACUATE!" called a cyborg in his robotic voice. Another cyborg nodded and a limo rolled into view, driven by another cyborg mafia with shades on.
"Get in!" called the driver, and the mafia almost flew into the limo as it spun around and sped off.
Oak screamed in fury and started sprinting after the limo much like the Terminator from Terminator 2. 2 Cyborg mafia stuck their heads out the window and fired at Oak. The bullets smacked into Oak and he was jerked back every time they hit him, but not damaged.
Oak fired his railguns, and the back of the car erupted into flames and the limo spun in a full circle, before coming to a halt. Oak became a blur of speed as he dived into the wreckage and killed every last mafia in there.

Oak cursed as he saw the limo numberplate.
"CCSI," he spat. "I should have known! Abelifester must be warned of this threat!"
Oak turned and sped back the way he came, to marshal his remaining captured TDL forces.


The potter moaned. He was strung up by his hands against the wall, and his face was white and twitching with pain. An open sore on his chest bled freely, while Arakasi cleaned his knife.
"I warn you," said Arakasi conversationally. "The pain hasn't even begun yet. I will start on your nerves next."
"Wait!" gasped the potter. "I'll tell you!"
"That's more like it," grinned the Spy Master.
"Abelifester has his base north of here, near a forest. This village is his testing grounds for his Cyborg experiments. He promised me my life in exchange for being his agent here!"
Arakasi reached forward and swiftly cut the Potters throat. The potter thrashed violently and finally fell still.
"And your life is forfeit for doing just that," said Arakasi silently, as he rushed from the village in search of transportation.


A figure could be seen coming up the hill in front of the GDI base. Flashes of lightning allowed a glimpse at the blood drenched individual, as Yoshi made is way toward the GDI entrance.

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Chapter 22: On the Road Again

Yoshi panted madly. His entire body shot up from the skirmish of escpaing the Nod base. He tended to a laser wound on his right arm, a clean wide cut. He whimpered like a canine and aproached the GDI Gate.

The medic drove his tools inward and the soldier screamed in pain. His mayjor artery had be shot and it had to be tended to. (Black Hawk Down all over again) He just finished up when a voice cracked on the radio of the med center in the Barracks.

"Med. Team, we got some kind of ...tiberium...Fiend .....thing coming your way, we tranqed him, he looks pretty banged up. Dont know if hes bad or not, but from the looks of those teeth, we cant take our chances"

The medic blinked, looking back at Jhonson on the bed "...Aright, bring it in"

Yoshi opened his eyes. It was all a dream. The whole Tiberian Sun game was a dream. His eyes blurred but he soon regained his sight.

The medic loomed over him "Its awake!"

Yoshi's heart skipped two beats.

"Ah good. maybe we can get somthing out of it. take the muzzle off" A voice replied.

Yoshi felt that was strapped down to the bed, his mouth was in a tight muzzle, which was now being removed.

The medics waited intently for Yoshi to say somthing.
"......Hi" Said Yoshi in his canine demon voice from hell.
The medics jumped back instantly.

"Are you working for Nod??" questioned a Medic.
"dont ask him that right away, hes almost DEAD, we gotta help him." The first medic said. He examined the laser wound on Yoshi's arm "Lasers.. He must have escaped from a nod camp. PLus what he was wearing didnt have anything resembling Nod. Nod AWLAYS has some kind of symbol or somthing on its stuff."

Tapek was quite pleased to see that a CCSI agent had placed a homing beacon on Yoshi while he was in his cell, and they now had the exact location of the Secret GDI base of Sneakyness and AAAAAH HELP HELP!! ITS EATING MY LEG GET IT OFF!!! and could prepare a full assualt. (Author's note: couldn't resist. Also, I eat ham *thumbs up*)
Green FTW omglol

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Chapter 23: The threat is revealed....

OOAK returned from a heated discussion with his master. Kane had undoubtedly introduced aspects of the Doomod into this war, including the CCSI. OOAK would see to it that Kane was punished severely for that mistake, but first it was time to overun the TDL and assimilate their technology.

The cybernetically enhanced TDL units under OOAK's command rolled onto a hill overlooking the TDL base (although they were a backup primarily), OOAK surveyed the scene and grinned to himself. LC was proving to be as arrogant as ever, the TDL base had little or no defensive capabilities and even less of an attack force, 'he must be trying to strike out at someone else,' OOAK thought to himself. He raised an arm and the Juggernauts he had brought with him deployed and targetted various critical buildings within the TDL base, it was time to see if buildings could be as easily assimilated as vehicles and infantry could be.

The Juggernauts began to bombard the TDL base with nano-bombs as OOAK had come to call them, the black cloud grew so large that it almost covered the entire base. He could see TDL infantry running around clawing at their skin or throats, trying in vain to prevent the invaders from taking them under cyborg control. OOAK turned away, now bored of the situation, and saw a small civilian car driving very quickly away from the nearby village from which his master had been gathering 'materials' for his cybernetic experimentation. As he watched, the car turned at a nearby fork and sped off in the direction of the Nod base, he ignited his Jetpack suddenly determined to catch the would-be spy.

Hellfire was getting very angry with Yoshi as he tried to question him, it was just very suspicious that some random Tiberium Fiend walks up to a base, passes out, and then starts babbling about Nod. "Give me one reason we shouldn't just shoot you and be done with it?" Hellfire yelled at Yoshi.

"I may be your only chance at survival!" Yoshi yelled back, "Nod is planning a major assault very soon and you need my help to stop it!" he lapsed back into unconciousness as Hellfire marched out, considering the implications of this intelligence and wondering where the hell OOAK was......

Arakasi looked in the car's rear view mirror and saw something that shook him, despite all his years as a master spy. From the files he'd seen, he could just about tell that it was OOAK that was chasing him, but the sight of this cyborg was possibly the most frightening thing he had seen in his life, and he'd seen a few.

OOAK locked his railguns onto the moving vehicle and fired, the dual beams hit the back of the car and it exploded a few seconds later. OOAK saw a blur dive from the car a second before the railguns hit and was impressed, maybe this was the fabled master-spy he'd heard rumours of. He landed with a thud next to the burning wreck of the car and looked around him, he had landed in a narrow wooded pass, the perfect place for a spy to hide....

Arakasi dived from a tree, rugby-tackling OOAK to the ground, but OOAK simply picked Arakasi up one-handed and threw him into a nearby tree. Arakasi (OOAK was impressed with how quickly he shook off the mighty blow) dodged to the side as OOAK let off a burst with his flame-thrower and pulled out something small and square, OOAK wasn't sure what it was until hit hit the ground next to him, he looked up at Arakasi and grinned as the EMP grenade went off and disabled his exoskeleton. "I'd run while you can master-spy!" OOAK shouted as Arakasi ran off, dodging effortlessly into the trees, "my suit's adaptive circuitry will kick in soon and then I WILL kill you!"

Meanwhile GDI and Nod forces were clashing outside the GDI Base of Sneakiness and Rogueishness, Yoshi had been right and the GDI forces had barely had time to prepare (they hadn't been expecting to go into battle for another couple of hours) before the were descended upon. Kane, Tapek and Banshee had planned the assault perfectly and it would have been a resounding success if not for Yoshi's intervention.

"I swear, the next time I get my hands on that Yoshi, he'll feel the wrath of 'Not-so-inept' guards!" yelled Kane as he watched Yoshi cut down a squad of Nod Light Infantry with his minigun. Kane turned his Recon Bike around and sped to the back of the Nod assault force, where Tapek and Banshee were directing the Nod war effort.

As he walked in to the Mobile Command Centre he saw looks of concern on the faces of his two comrades.

"We have a problem," Tapek said as Kane took off his helmet and sat down.

"You mean more than Yoshi and the GDI carving up our assault force?" Kane asked, "that's gotta go some."

"Yes," Banshee said, "Arakasi just radioed in and said he was under pursuit, but he was cut off before he said who by."

"I'm guessing it was cyborgs," said Tapek, "but what I didn't like was how worried Arakasi sounded, he never gets flustered, not by anything."

"Well we'll find out soon," Kane said looking at the radar, "we've got two incoming radar signatures. One's Arakasi's gps beacon and I can't tell what the other one is, but its gaining on him fast! Tapek! You and me better go take a look, Banshee keep this thing going, we can't lose this!" They all nodded, then Kane and Tapek left the room.

Arakasi was tiring and OOAK knew it, he was tracking him via the infra-red signature that the spy was leaving as he ran, and from the look of things he was beginning to stagger. OOAK turned off his afterburners, deciding it would be better to conserve them in case of emergency and he was getting close to the GDI base where he knew Nod and GDI forces were clashing.

He flew over a river and then spotted Arakasi, collapsed on the ground, however OOAK was going to take no chances and he armed the railguns. Suddenly he was hit by a missile and fell to the ground, cursing as he fell. Kane pulled the bike up next to Arakasi and Tapek pulled him aboard.

"Go! Go!" Tapek yelled as Kane put the bike back into gear and fishtailed in the muddy ground before moving off back the way they had come, Kane turned to Arakasi.

"Was that who I thought that was?" he asked the master-spy, Arakasi nodded.

"Yes, it appears your comrade OOAK has become one of Dr Abelifester's minions." Arakasi wheezed as he passed out from the exertion of his chase. Suddenly the bike rocked as a railgun just missed them. "Dammit! He's after us!" yelled Tapek as OOAK loosed a cluster of missiles in their direction and hit the ground just in front of the bike, flipping it over.

Tapek and Kane crawled out, dragging Arakasi with them when OOAK landed in front of them.

"Well well well....." OOAK left the sentence unfinished as he began to laugh mercilessly and aimed his flamethrower......

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Chapter 24: Wreckin ball

Hellfire returns to the base of sneakiness to check on the progress og his MK2.
Hellfire - "Whats the status on my MK2"
Tech guy - "99% sir"
Hellfire - "Gaaaahhhh what the hell is left."
Tech guy - "Flight transformation."
Hellfire - "Gahhh thats it who cares I'm taken it now."
Tech guy - "But you can't fly well yet"
Hellfire - "It don't matter if I can get to the fight I'm good."
Techguy - "Fine we'll get it preped to leave."
Hellfire - "Get some one not needed fo that to fill me in on major specs on my MK2"
Tech guy - "Yes, sir. You over there fill the commander in on what has been done."
Tech guy2 - "Yes sir."
Tech guy2 runs over.
Hellfire - "Make sure my laptop is in there. Now you what has been done."
Tech guy2 - "Ok sir. We have put in multi target lasers, rail guns, and AA rockets. You can take out 10 targets per weapon. You can fly with the carryall engines we added, and you can also fire while in air."
Hellfire - "Good. Is that all."
Tech guy2 - "Yes we couldn't add a cloak, because we haven't retreived that tech from the nod."
Hellfire - "Fine I'll take care of it."
Tech guy2 - "Sir?"
Hellfire - "Oh ya nothin go start work on the other vehicle modifications and save the design for my MK2 to and encrypted build file."
Tech guy2 - "Yes sir."

Hellfire walks to his new shiny MK2 and climbs in.

Hellfire - "Time to have some fun."

Hellfir takes off in his MK2 and sets coordinates to the battle then opens up his laptop, and starts workin. Hellfire innputs the code for a cloak and a button shows up in front of him.

Hellfire - "Ok that was seriously cool."

Helfire then adds the Decloak to fire=no code to his AA rockets.

Hellfire - "Ok time to start workin on our base." Calls Threepwood. "He threepwood make sure we hav a firestorm generator and a wall completely encircling our base."
Threepwood - "What have ye' in mind matey."
Hellfire - "You'll see just make sure its ready within the hour."
Threepwood - "Ok it'll be done."
Hellfire - "If time permits surround all the bases we have with the walls."
Threepod - "Aye"

Hellfire then engages his cloak and flies towards the base.

All hail me

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Noteinator: Uhh, no offense dude, but, a flying cloaked MMII? Are you on crack? Wink I mean, seriously, if it was up to me, even a carryall could move those damn things. The fact that a carryall in TS can carry a thousand ton mech is scary... Anyway, just my thirteen cents (They're Canadian cents though, so they're only worth two)

Chapter 25: Doom in a Can

Kane glared at OOAK.
"You're just gonna kill me?" He asked.
"Of course," Oak replied.
"Where's the honour in that?? You're supposed to lock me up in a cell or something." Oak just laughed maniacally and aimed his flamethrower. He hadn't noticed Kane press a button on his wristpad when he got out of the burning bike.

* * * * * *

The soldier motioned in military sign language for the two scouts to go ahead. He watched them race off over the hill, crouched low to the ground to the point of almost crawling, but still moving immensely fast. He pointed to the other nearby sniper to get his attention, then pointed to his eyes and pointed to the moving scouts. The sniper nodded and moved to a good position atop a nearby hill, lowering himself to the ground and pulling some camoflauge over himself, then he pulled his sniper rifle, a modified PSG-1, out and lowered it into a good position. The lead sniper nodded when his comrade turned toward him, then he himself moved to a position in a copse of trees. He simply crouched on one knee and pulled a cigarette calmly out of the breast pocket of his Black Op suit. He lit the smoke and put it to his mouth, taking a long draw and signing contentedly. He lowered his Colt Custom M4A1 rifle to his eyes and watched through the scope as the scouts signed to him.
3, including the target, assaulted by one unknown opponent. A cyborg. He nodded and motioned for them to fall back, and they immediately sped behind the snipers, one near either of them. The scouts also served as spotters for snipers when necessary, and when dealing with Cyborgs, there was usually more than one. The lead sniper motioned to four other soldiers who were calmly crouched nearby, ready to run toward their opponent. They nodded to him and ran, raising M16A2s to their eyes and putting their thumbs on the M203 launchers.
They quickly were in position. They saw the Cyborg moving to flame Kane and quickly motioned to the chainsmoking sniper. He aimed and fired 5 sniper rounds in quick succession, the silenced bullets making loud noise as they clanked into the cyborg's body armour. It turned to face them, angrily, and found 4 M203 grenades flying at its face.

* * * * * *

Kane dove backwards when he saw the SpecOps. He didn't need to be told there'd be explosives soon. He grabbed Tapek and Arakasi by the shoulders, cloaked, then ran away from the bike. Already another remote controlled Hoverbike was gliding silently over the hill toward them.
"Over there!" he shouted, pointing at some trees. He jumped into the bike.
"Who were those--" Arakasi started, but Kane's emphatic "NOW!" stopped him. They quickly clambered over to the trees and Kane spun the bike around silently and zoomed off toward Oak, firing madly. The AP/AP rounds in the Recon Bike MkII punched cleanly through Oak's armour and bit into his flesh. He howled in pain and turned toward this new menace, allowing the SpecOps to stop dodging his attacks and start firing. Their rifles were loaded with Standard ammunition, but it hurt like hell when it was coming from all directions. Oak howeld in pain, then activated his jetpack and flew off into the sky.
"I'LL GET YOU, KANE!" he howled. "AND YOUR LITTLE DOG, TOO!" Then, he flew off toward the cyborg base. The scouts and snipers arrived beside the 4 man assault team as Arakasi and CC showed up.
"Nice work, guys," Kane was saying. He'd gotten out of the hoverbike and now it was hovering nearby, purring contentedly at being able to kill some baddies. "Guys," he said to CC and the venerable Spymaster, "meet Section 8, my Special Operations team."
"Is that..." CC said glancing at the chainsmoking sniper.
"Yea," Kane said. "It's Karreman. The SpecOps team was named after PPM members, so they show up as them. Look, you're on the assault team." He pointed to one of the Assault soldiers, who raised his weapon in greeting. He looked exactly like Tapek. "Anyway, we need to make up for some time. These guys were on a mission to assault GDI. I'm gonna call some bikes and go with them. You guys want to join me?"

* * * * * *

Meanwhile, in the Nod base, Banshee was handed a plaque by a Cyborg Mafia agent. He examined the plaque which read "Purple Polka Dotted with Red Stripes on an Orange Background" in large block letters, raised an eyebrow, then went back to planning the attack on the new GDI base.


Note of Doom: Yes, Kane is going to die soon. In a couple chapters, Kane and the SpecOps will assault the GDI base on a covert mission, Kane will be confronted by Threepwood, and they'll fight to the death. Threepwood with his piratical battle prowess will win, and Kane dies. The fight, and the fate of the SpecOps, is up to whoever ends up writing the chapter (Unless I get to, which is more likely)
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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Chapter 26

Gravel crunched under Tapek's metallic feet as he approached the Nod base. A nod soldier on guard duty looked up and nodded greeting as he swept past. Two Cyborg Mafia came up to Tapek, their sunglasses flashing dangerously, and their suits impeccably clean.
"Sir. We have new information." said one Agent grimly.
"Wait till we get inside, okay? I need to see to a few matters," said Tapek matter-of-factly.
"We think you should hear this, sir," garbled the other Agent, as he looked over his shoulder as if someone was listening in. "It concerns Oak and the TDL forces."

"I already know."
Startled, Tapek whirled around to see the nod soldier he saw earlier was really Arakasi.
"I was meaning to tell you before, but never got the chance. Abelifester is using Oak to create an army for him. He's already assimilated the TDL base. I..." Arakasi looked shamed. "I was nearly captured, myself."
"The GDI outpost was attacked by LC and captured by Oak," added in one of the Cyborg Mafia.
"You two, I am assigning you to guard that village near Abelifesters base. I don't want that village to be taken."
The cyborgs nodded and one of them pulled out a small mobile phone and spoke into it. Seconds later, a CCSI limo rolled by, and the two cyborgs brushed their suits, adjusted their ties, and hopped in as the limo drove off.

"Arakasi. You have done extremely well. The CCSI has prospered under your guidance." said Tapek, turning around to face the Spy master.
Arakasi bowed his head at the compliment.
"But I've known you long enough to know that you have more to say," accused Tapek. "Tell me."
Arakasi nodded.
"Abelifester is an insane man. He fears for his safety, and trusts nobody but himself. He is planning to destroy Oak in the future, but only after he has been used to complete many more missions for him." Arakasi swallowed. "He fears he has made Oak too powerful. So he installed a detonation device in him. It has the force of a nuclear bomb!" he hissed. Tapek nodded. He knew what he must do, and he hoped fervently that he wasnt sending his Spy Master off to die.

"Arakasi, I need you to be the bait. I want you the lure Oak far, far away from here." Tapek gazed skyward and sighed. "Leave the continent, if you wish. For after you have lured Oak away, I need you to destroy him." he looked at Arakasi. "You will have all the resources you need, and, naturally, you may use the CCSI network as you will. Additionally I am giving you authorisation to command any CCSI troops on the spot. You are going to need help on the way, even one so talented as yourself." said Tapek. The cyborg mafia would not like the arrangement, he knew, but it was necessary.
Tapek looked up again, and saw the spy master was already gone.


The SpecOps rushed in, silently and swiftly killing any GDI troops that tried to raise an alarm. Kane raised his arm above his head, and lowered it in a chopping motion. The demolitions man rushed forward, and tossed a light grenade inside. It exploded, filling the room with piercing white light, and the team flew in, killing everyone in sight.
The demo man wiped his brow and determinedly stuck some plastic explosives on the MCT of the building. As he was molding it into place, there was a blurring motion, that passed right through the Demo Man's stomach.
Suddenly there was a burst of blood and the Demo Man's 2 halves smacked to the ground, guts and gore splashing around the place.

Threepwood walked in and retrieved his sword.
"Ahoy, mateys! Ye miserable landlubbers! I once knew a flyin fish with more brains than ye lot! Now, obey the cutlass!" So saying, guybrush leaped into the air and sliced down another of Kane's squad. As his brains splashed the wall, Kane yelled for his team to open fire, but guybrush avoided all the bullets and bounced from soldier to soldier, dispensing swift death among Kane's squad.
Threepwood skid slightly as he landed from his jump, the floor made slippery with blood.

"At last, I can fight ye, bald one!"
"Guybrush. I always wanted the pleasure!" grinned Kane, as he got into his fighting stance.
Kane laughed maniacally and Threepwood roared as they both ran at each other.


The crickets chirped.

LC sweated and looked over his shoulder. Was he being followed? Of course not, he told himself, as he rounded another corner. He was just being paranoid.
Arakasi peered cautiously around the corner. He had been following LC for several hours now, and he was now heading to the docks by all appearances, presumably to leave the continent after his base had been taken over.
Arakasi snapped his fingers and five cyborg mafia suddenly sprang out from some bushes and wrestled a protesting LC to the ground. Arakasi stepped out from behind the corner and told the mafia to dump LC in a KI controlled warehouse in the village. The mafia nodded silently and carried the limp LC off.

The spy master rubbed his hands together in anticipation. As LC had covered his tracks, Arakasi had deliberately left his in hope that Oak would follow to track LC. And he had, too. He had lost several valuable agents to learn this, but at least he knew he was coming. Arakasi reached the docks and spied some old barrels. He hid behind one, and waited.

A few minutes later, Arakasi spied some red eyes glowing in the dark. Oak was here! Oak knelt at the spot that LC had been captured, and sniffed three times. Oak then looked directly at the location Arakasi was hiding in.
"Oh, SHIT!" panicked Arakasi from his hiding place, as he stood up suddenly, overturning several barrels.

Oak shot a railgun at him, and Arakasi leaped out the way just as the barrels exploded. Thankfully the fire left a small barricade that Oak had to pass through, which bought the Spy master valuable time. He hopped into a small boat, and slashed at the ropes holding it. A crash above indicated Oak had passed the barrier and was hot for blood. Arakasi frantically pushed off, paddling like crazy. Oak sourly watched the boat paddle away. He could not go in the water. It would scramble his circuits. Oak leaped into another boat and made his way after the fleeing Spy master.

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Chapter 27: The Assault and The Death of Kane

Silence. You think about it on a battlefield as coming after a fight is over, but in this case, it was a harbringer of asskicking. The Nod forces were making a pre-emptive strike. A combination of CCSI, Nod, and KI units were moving quickly toward the Secret GDI Base of Sneakiness and Doomedness, they numbrs massive, but still probably only just matching those of GDI. The front of the ranks was a number of weaker units: Recon Bikes, Buggies, CCSI Destroyers, and some Snipe bots. Behind those were the stronger units: a squad of 12 hoverbikes, some Light Tanks and Tick Tanks, and a number of APCs loaded with infantry. Behind those were the artillery. Overhead aircraft flew quickly, scouting or holding in defensive positions. At the head of the forces in his limo, Tapek leaned out the window, holding his gun arm out as he looked. He watched the GDI base get bigger in his vision, looming large and imposing. He grinned. Nothing could stop Nod. He knew also that the Cyborg Mafia was taking a break from beating people with baseball bats and laundering money. They'd soon be here in large numbers, and Kane's minion hoarde was coming as well. Battleplans had been set, and defense had been organized for the Nod base, because almost all of their attack forces were heading to the Secret GDI Base of Sneakiness and Doomedness--including the ones that were busy destroying the old GDI Base. He watched as a strange spy plae flew overhead, then passed it off as one of Kane's. He didn't want to ruin the fun of today's attack worrying about spy planes.

* * * * * *

Kane was holding his dual AMT Hardballer pistols, which he thought were appropriate since he was a Cham Spy, and the infamous Hitman 47 uses the Hardballers. He watched out of the corner of his eye as Threepwood walked slowly around him, laughing and mocking him.
"Ye' scurvey dog! Attack! Coward!" came the cries. Kane new that his first shot would miss, though, so he was waiting for a good time to shoot. Suddenly, Threepwood came in blindingly fast. Kane dodged to the side, but took a slash to his arm. He brough his hands around and fired twice, 4 bullets narrowly missing Threepwood's head as he rolled left, then jumped up and dodged back right to throw his parrot at Kane.
"SQUAK! POLLY WANT A PINT OF BLOOOOOOOOOD!" the parrot yekked, flying for his neck. He dove to the side and fired at Threepwood to keep him company, then used the gun in his left hand to shoot polly out of the air. "SQUAK!" came the disbelieving squack as it spiraled toward the floor and landed next to Karreman's body. Kane saw the cigarette in Mr.K's mouth flare and a bit of smoke come out of his nose. He grinned. Kane dove to the side, baiting Threepwood toward Karreman.
Threepwood's mouth dropped open at the sight of polly getting blasted, then he set his face. "Ye' bald landlubber! Ye' die this day!"
"Come get some!" Kane cried as he holstered the pistols and pulled out a Light Infantry rifle, firing madly at Threepwood.

* * * * * *

Arakasi was now on the back of a whale, one of the many CCSI agents scattered throughout the land. He looked back wildly as Oak rowed like a ship full of vikings, gaining speed fast.
"Come on you tub of lard!" Arakasi yelled to the whale. "Can't you move any faster?"
"Hey," The whale bubbled. "Y'want speed, y'get a dolphin. Hey! Fish! The whale suddenly dove underwater, dragging Arakasi down under with him as he went under an iceberg and into a hidden area underneath it. He surfaced in a small room, obviously built for secretive CCSI meetings. "Y'want craftiness, y'get a whale," The whale finished, grinning in a way only a whale could.
"Excellent!" Arakasi cried as he pulled out his cell phone and quickly called nearby CCSI submarines to rescue him. "This is perfec--" He stopped. Was that sound what he thought it was?

Oak grinned as he stood on the iceberg, blasting it with flames from his flamethrower. He'd get to Arakasi eventually, if he had to evaporate the whole sea to do it...

* * * * * *

Kane was running out of ammo. By shooting at Threepwood, he could hold him off until his ammo ran out. He just needed to get him into position for Karreman. He rolled to the side and came up on one knee, firing at Threepwood, who rolled right in front of Karreman. Karreman suddenly raised his Colt Custom M4 and fired 5 shots at Threepwood, two of them hitting him in the shoulder, and one in the side. He groaned and fell back into the wall, using his sword to deflect the rest opf the bullets.
"Get out of here!" Kane yelled to Karreman, who jumped up and ran for the door, but Threepwood threw his dagger at him.
It hit him in the back.
"Damn!" Kane said as he strafed the rifle to the side, expending the clip, then threw it at Guybrush and drew his Hardballers, firing insanely. One bullet that was deflected by Guybrush's spinning cutlass flew back at Kane and almost hit him, and Threepwood used the temporary lack of balance to execute a flurry of attacks with his sword, forcing Kane to drop one pistol and draw his curved assassin dagger to parry the attacks.
He'd lost the upper hand.

* * * * * *

The Nod forces stopped.
Tapek immediately jumped out of the Limo and dashed to the front of the line, glaring a the lead Buggy driver. "What's the hold up?" he demanded. "I've got me some stabbin' to do!"
"Sorry, sir, but there's some creature blocking the path!" The soldier pointed at the GDI base, where some sort of fiend creature sat on its haunches, a large minigun resting causally across its shoulders. It was almost a half a kilometer away, but still looked threatening.
"Yoshi... That scaley green fool!" Tapek said. "PREPARE THE HORRIFYING HUMAN WAVE ATTACK!" Immediately a war cry came up from behind the troops and a thousand and change Kane's Minions cam scurrying in front of the Nod forces. The lead one, a diminutive wretch that resembled Igor from the old Frankenstein movies, scurried immediately to Tapek.
"Yes, master?" it asked, drumming its fingertips together, grinning.
"You DARE drum your fingertips at me?" Tapek demanded, glaring at the grinning minion. The minion immediately stopped, all his finger touching except his middle fingers, which held shaking in the air. His grin was gone. "I want you to attack that fiend-creature by the GDI base! Destroy it and bring the head to me!" he shouted. Another battle cry went up and, in the fastest scurry that could be imagined, the scurrying minions scurried toward Yoshi. Yoshi waited until they were about a hundred meters away, then opened fire, the massive not-so-minigun sending tons of flaming shrapnel and bullets screaming a the minions, who started dropping like flies. But, they just kept coming. By the time he'd dropped 200 of them, the rest were clambering over the bodies of the fallen toward him. He quickly pulled out his rocket launcher and crouched, sending two rockets into the ranks. The first one passed right through and hit a Buggy while the second hit the minion in the middle of a massive group, causing an explosion that send dozens of minions flying every which way, and still others simple gibbed or decimated in the blast.
"Fragtastic!" he cried as he again hoisted the minigun and cut the minions down.

"ATTAAAAAAAAACK!" Tapek yelled with ferocity, and the Nod vehicles zoomed past him, firing preliminary shots at the well-defended GDI base. Banshee, in one of Kane's new Banshees, saluted to Tapek as he flew past, flying low so he could knock out the walls and gates more easily for the attack force. Tapek immediately went to his limo and pulled out his cell phone, contacting the Don of the Cyborg Mafia, Donald "Donny" D. Donn.
"Yea?" the Don Don Donn rasped into the phone, before rasping into a fit of raspingly electronic coughing.
"How many Mafia members can I expect? And when?"
"Fifty. Seventy-five if the Intel family joins. A hundred if we can get some from the Sydney families." The Don rasped.
"Good. Have them here. YESTERDAY," Tapek said emphatically.
"Okay," The Don replied, then hung up. Tapek got out of his Limo and ran into someone in an Armani suit with an impressive set of sunglasses on.
"I have been waiting for 24 hours," the man said, in a cyborg-like voice, slightly different from the other Cyborgs.
"Who are you?" Tapek asked.
"I am one of Kane's MiBs. Me and my crew have been waiting a day, with the 75 cyborgs." The MiB replied metallically. True enough, there were now 75 Cyborgs sitting around tiredly.
"Efficient," Tapek said. "Okay, the attack's already begun. Get moving!"
"Move out!" the MiB said immediately to the army behind him. He adjusted his tie, brushed some dust off his shoulder, straightened some wrinkles out of his suit, kicked the sand off his shoes, and adjusted his sunglasses, then held up a plasma rifle and ran toward the GDI base.

* * * * * *

Arakasi's new method of transportation was via an Acturus Giant Squid. He was glad Threepwood couldn't hear about him escaping with the aid of the Pirate's worst nemesis, the 80 foot long monster of the deep. His second ride, a Nautilus submarine, was sitting at the bottom of the sea, as much due to the fact that it was Canadian Forces property as the fact that it'd been hit with a railgun slug. The Giant Squid bubbled in alarm as a Humpback whale suddenly reared up in front, challenging it. On its back was Oak.
"Curses!" Arakasi said as the squid dove at its only natural enemy.

* * * * * *

He was already tiring, but he'd drank a full batch of peach juice before the attack so he knew he could last at least another hour. Since he'd had to drop his last pistol for lack of bullets, a number of pirates had come to watch Threepwood battle with Kane, oblivious to the battle raging outside.
"Ye' can never win," Threepwood bellowed, executing a number of cunning attacks with his cutlass. A number of cheers came up from the crowd, which quickly turned to boos as Kane parried the attacks expertly with his dagger.
"I damn well will win!" Kane replied, adding an, "ASSHAT!" for good measure. He saw that Karreman was exactly behind him, so before Threepwood could force him to turn around, he went on the offensive, pushing Guybrush back then, just as Threepwood was about to retaliate, he dove backwards, rolling, and, as he did, grabbing Threepwood's dagger out of Karreman's back. Karreman groaned when it came out, and bled all over the place, but Kane was already gone, on the other side of the room, fighting again with Threepwood. He could now afford to attack more often, and could dodge more attacks (He'd already been hit three times), and was slowly gaining the upper hand.
"'e's too stubborn t'die!" Threepwood exclaimed sarcastically and the pirates around him whooped with laughter.
"No, just too... SMART!" Kane attacked five times in quick succession, then parried Threepwood's response with his left dagger while his right dagger slipped through and tried to stab Threepwood in the throat, but he dodged too quick. Kane responded by kicking Threepwood in the 'nards, but the sea captain had had his archnemesis, the Giant Squid, do that do him a lot, and he easily dodged, his furious retaliation pushing Kane back two meters until he was pressed almost to the back wall. Kane growled angrily and wished he could cast fireballs.

* * * * * *

Five volleys of artillery rounds rained on the base, and Yoshi was knocked from his feet. He rolled down a hill near the base and landed with a thud at the bottom, looking up to see the horrifying human wave cresting the top of the hill and racing after him. He opened fire, cutting down 50 of them, then launched a rocket at the top of the hill which stopped their attack long enough for him to regain his senses and get to his feet.
"Eight hundred, thirty-seven!" he proclaimed, raising his fist in the air. He raced up the hill, firing the gun as he went, then threw it at a hoarde of minions when he reached the top. He stumbled a moment as a shell raced past his face and slammed into the walls of the base. Another volley of shells started hitting the internal defenses. If someone didn't raise the firewall now, the base would fall. Yoshi growled, then dove into the ranks of the minions, shredding them with his bare hands. When he finished killing the whole hoarde, he was drenched in minion blood. He felt a couple bullets hit him, then dove at the offending light infantry as they attacked. "TO ANUBIS WITH YOU!" he cried as he ripped twelve soldiers' heads off in one swish of his hand.

Tapek watched happily as the attacks weakened the walls and started destroying the defenses. They must not have a Firestorm wall. A bunch of plasma bolts from the MiBs slammed into an EMP cannon just after it fired a pulse right into the middle of the Nod army. It'd stop them for now, but they were still in the game. The cyborg mafia was frozen, but the two MiBs continued their attack on the base.
"Meh, they'll fall. They always fall," Tapek said confidently to noone in particular as a Light Tank cannon exploded beside him.

* * * * * *

Clang, clang, clang, clang, clang, CLANG! The sound of the swordfight reverberated through the base and directed the young GDI lieutenant toward his commander.
"Threepwood!" he exclaimed. "Nod is attacking! We need to activate the firestorm wall!"
"Can't ye' see I'm a bit busy?!" Threepwood yelled, recieving hits from both of Kane's daggers while he slashed his cutlass across Kane's chest.
"But, sir! I can't activate it! It needs your access co--"
Kane used the opportunity to jump at Threepwood and grasp a pipe behind his head. He swung over Threepwood's head, hitting him in the back with his feet as he went past, then he switched direction and spun back, both feet hitting squarely in Threepwood's back. He spun head over heals into one of the pirates, then lay still. Kane grinned and raised his dagger to throw. Suddenly, before Kane could react, Threepwood jumped up and threw--THREW his cutlass at Kane. It spun through the air, the curved blade making no sound until it hit Kane in the chest.
Kane gurgled, then fell to his knees, dropping his daggers. They clattered to the ground. Too loud, Kane thought as he fell on one hand. He hazily recognized Threepwood pull the cutlass out and wipe the blood on Kane's hair, then the cutlass was pointing at his chest, where his heart was.
"Ye're just not better than me!" Threepwood exclaimed. "How many times do I have ta' tell ye'?" He stabbed the cutlass in, and all Kane saw was the blinding green light.

* * * * * *

Tapek watched as the final assault force, himself in his Limo and a bunch of Hoverbikes, drove toward the GDI base. One bike cleared the walls, then another almost did. Almost, because the second it got to them, it exploded as a hidden firestorm defense went up. The other bikes skidded to a stop and banged into the wall, and the limo crashed into it (The airbags took 13 seconds to deploy). On the other side, the bike was dead meat with all the defenses firing on it at once.
"RETREAT!" Tapek yelled as a hidden GDI army started bombarding them from all sides. He saw Banshee's Banshee go down out of the corner of his eye as it hit the firestorm barrier, and wondered if it'd crash near the Nod base where they could salvage it. They left the infantry and Artillery behind in their speedy escape, and those Nod soldiers and units left were slaughtered mercilessly.
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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Chapter 28 : The Chase Continues…

They had reached dry land, Arakasi wasn’t sure which land mass they had reached but he knew one thing, this mission was going to utilise every single skill he had ever learnt in his illustrious career if he wanted to come out alive. He felt the heat from OOAK’s flamethrower and ran faster….

OOAK didn’t know why he was chasing Arakasi, when really he should be leading his master’s forces, but what he did know was that he really REALLY had to kill this spy so that made it all right.

The fight between the squid and the humpback had been intense, in the end both OOAK and Arakasi had had to bail as the other arch-enemies took their fight far below the sea, Arakasi hadn’t had chance to reach his submarine before OOAK had flown at him, so he had had to swim for it, his original plan shot to hell.

They had reached a small coastal inlet shortly afterwards, and Arakasi had crawled onto shore gasping. He had managed to shake OOAK momentarily be swimming a mile or so underwater, but it wouldn’t take the super-cyborg long to track him, he pulled himself to his feet and took off for a nearby wooded area.

OOAK touched down on the same beach just five minutes later, he was impressed that Arakasi had stayed ahead of him for this long, but it was expected considering the guy’s reputation. He scanned the area quickly and saw residual heat signatures, footprints, leading off to a small wooded area not too far from the beach. OOAK checked his napalm levels, then stomped off towards the forest.

Arakasi had raided the CCSI secret arms cache (they were all over the world, in ever so convenient spots) and had set up a few surprises for OOAK as he continued to move through the forest, his stealth paying dividends as the former-human came crashing noisily through the forest. Arakasi wondered if there was anyway to convince OOAK of Abelifester’s treachery, it may be useful to have such a powerful ally, his thoughts were interrupted as a railgun slug punched its way through the trees narrowly missing him.

OOAK was enjoying the hunt immensely as he pursued the spy through the forest, so much so he began to grow careless, not noticing the tripwire until he caught it with his foot. The attached mine went off, the explosion tearing chunks out of the exposed tissue on his leg, he stumbled and fell cursing at his carelessness. He lay on the ground waiting for his cybernetic implants to heal the flesh and he vowed that next-time Arakasi would not be so lucky.

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Chapter 29: Declination Commences

Donald "Donny" D. Donn snapped his fingers. Five burly looking cyborg mafia cracked their knuckles and flexed muscles threateningly at the beaten down figure before them.
Donald sucked on his cigar as the chosen five began to pummel LC into a twitching pulp, his yells going unheard by the bribed village police. Besides, nobody went into the KI controlled warehouse at the edge of town. Nobody. Not if they wanted to spare themselves a horrifying death.
After a few minutes, Donald signalled with his hand, and the mafia backed off a few paces, leaving a gasping, bruised LC coughing up blood on the floor.
LC spat out a tooth and glared agrily at the Don.
"What do you want from me?" demanded LC.
"I think you know," wheezed the Don, rolling the cigar around in his mouth satisfactorily. "You have information we need. Cooperate, and we'll make your death rather painless.
"First, the location of the other TDL bases," Donald rasped, as he snapped his fingers again at LC's look of defiance.

After several more minutes of thwacking noises and curses from LC, the Don signalled again.
"Ready to talk?" he asked, as he made several electronic coughing noises.
"There's... a... map... in... my... shoes...." gasped LC, unable to take more torment.
The mafia immediately relieved LC of his shoes, and liberated a small rolled up scroll. It showed the location of all the TDL bases on the map.
"Thankyou for your... cooperation." began the Don. "But we still need to tell us what you were doing in Warp Reality mode in the first place, and how to get out,"
"Out?" LC spluttered. "I don't know the way out!"
Many more thumps and whacks and yells were heard from the KI Warehouse that night. But nobody in the village questioned what went on in that place. The people who lived long in that village, after all, were the ones that minded their own business.


Tapek paced the study.
"WHY?" be burst out, whirling around to face a patient looking Banshee, sitting on a black leather chair with a Nod symbol on the back. Banshee groaned inwardly. The lack of success versus the Global Defense Initiative was vexing Tapek, he could see, and he wasn't too happy about it either.
"Every time," began Tapek. "Every time, our attacks are foiled by something stupid, something trivial, something we could have prevented, just when we are close to victory!"
"Threepwood was an annoying interference," agreed Banshee. "As is Yoshi. The GDI is rediculously powerful in its heroes, if not its army. I mean, what next?"

An explosion was heard, and suddenly there were soldiers running everywhere.
A second explosion was head, this time closer, and this time Tapek and Banshee could see flames.
"OUT!" they both yelled simultanously as they leaped out of the command hut just as it exploded. Tapek rolled, facing upward, and did not believe his eyes.

"Hahahahaha!" laughed Hellfire, delighted with his flying, cloaked MMK2. He had decimated half the Nod base, hidden, and from in the air. He saw Tapek and Banshee looking at the flying MK2 and conferring. Tapek suddenly nodded and a stream of plasma was shot at hellfire.

"Got it!" declared Tapek, as he aimed his plasma gun again. Hellfire fired a plasma beam down, and one of Tapek's arms flew off.
"Damn!" swore Tapek, as he fired again, this time igniting the flying monstrosity, and it spiralled leaving a smoke trail and exploded between 2 mountains.
"After him, that has to be Hellfire!" commanded Banshee, as he started climbing the mountain with 5 light infantry behind him.
"SEW MY DAMN ARM BACK ON!" boomed Tapek, as medics rushed in to comply.


Hellfire groaned. The charred, burning MMK2 lay precariously poised between two mountains of dizzying height. He struggled to unbuckle his seatbelt, but it was jammed tight. Trying not to panick as the MMK2 rocked slightly, he fumbled for his knife and grabbed it. Slipping, he suddenly dropped the knife and it fell the long, long, distance to the rocks below and a distant snap could be heard.

Banshee pricked up at the noise.
"Up there," he said to his squad, as they rushed up the mountain.
"Sir, I see it!" said one of the soldiers. And there it was, a wrecked MMK2, partly on fire, twisted on its side. The back was facing Banshee and the soldiers, meaning the cockpit was on the other side.
"Hellfire must be trapped there," gloated Banshee. "Shutup, all of you, approach him by surprise!"
The squard snuck in and slowly surrounded the trapped Mammoth.


Igor grinned toothily, drumming his fingers together nervously. KI minions trudged into the graveyard, dragging behind them a pulsing machine which seemed to glow with evil.
Igor nodded, and a minion flicked the machine on, while the others scrambled and ran for cover. A humming noise filled the air as the evil contraption sent tremors through the soil. A few minutes later, the ground started shifting as the dead began to animate. A zombie moaned and slowly pulled itself up, rasping for brains as it awaited its orders.

Igor pointed behind him, where an army of over 2000 zombie minions camped. The operation was proceeding smoothly, and this made Igor drum his fingers together in pleasure. (Even though he drummed his fingers at pretty much everything)
Igor wondered where the master was. Probably taking over the world, he thought. He did that a lot. Or at least tried to, grinned Igor.
The insane, grinning little man enjoyed Kane's absenses, as he was frequently beaten and abused by him when he was around.

Igor pulled his hood over his face and thought. The little village near the cyborg base was next, much more civilians were needed to feed the ravenous zombie horde. Never mind that the CCSI was protecting it. KI was not obligated to follow CCSI orders, afterall, and the KI army needed to grow.

Igor raised his arms above his head and screeched in a high pitched voice. The zombie horde rushed forward, moaning for brains, to the little village under the Cyborg Base.

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Chapter 30: Escape venture.

Hellfire - "Gaahhh why the hell does this always happen to me, you'd think with these weapons those damned techs could put some decent armour on this thing to. Baahhh who care's I'll take care of those tech's Kane style when I get back." A light flickers and hears a warning buzz. "Hmmm five light infantry and.... oh it's Banshee. Hmmm lets see. Yes just as I thought I still have control over one laser cannon. Lets fry me some infantry."

Hellfire aims the laser staethily at the lead infantry and fires.

Hellfire - "That was so cool his head like melted off."

He then aimed the laser to the side and fired then arced it chopping all the remaining infantrie's legs off. He then pulls a 9mm baretta and hangs out the window and shoots Banshee's kneecaps out.

Hellfire - "Well let em suffer they dont deserve to die quickly."

Hellfire looks around tests some systems and realizes that his escape pod is still workin. We fires the pod just in time to see the body fall backwards and land inches from banshee but crush the infantry.

Hellfire - "Damn I wante those idiots to live, Gaahhh who cares."
Banshee - "OMG MY FRICKIN KNEES YOU SHOT MY KNEES." Banshee then feels a bullet pierce his right hand. "GOD DAMNIT YOU WILL DIE AT MY HAND"S HELLFIRE MARK MY WORDS."
Hellfire - "Your lucky for that damned chainstory rules or I would have killed you where you...well I'm not sure what your doin but you would have died."

Hellfire engages his cloak on the escape pod and flie's back to the GDI based of sneakiness and capping.

* * * * * * * * * *

When Hellfire returns there is a huge mess infront of the base, and alot of activity including medics running downed soldiers into the infirmery, and techs that were scavenging Nod tech. (What was left of it.)

Hellfire - "Ha theres the little fecker who forgot my multi phasic sheilds." Hellfire swoops around and lands on top of him and disengages the cloak.
"Feck head. Someone take whats left of my MK2 its got a cloaking generator you can salvage." With that said hundreds of techs swarm the machine and when they leave theres nothin left. "Threepwood, Yoshi, where the hell are you. Oh and MEDIC I smashed my head when I crashed get the feck over hear and fix it.

All hail me

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Chapter 31: The Master-Spy begins a Master Plan

It was night. Nothing but the chirping of crickets to keep Arakasi company as he stared down OOAK, his excellent night-vision allowing him to see his opponent as clearly as if it was day (although whether this was a good thing was debatable given OOAK's appearance). Suddenly OOAK let out a roar and charged at Arakasi, intent on making the spy pay for the embarrasment in the woods.

Arakasi had established by now that they were somewhere in Europe, albeit a fictional one by his leaders' standards, and that they were gradually approaching the German border. He let the thought go as he nimbly side-stepped OOAK's somewhat clumsy tackle, but the Cyborg swung with him and Arakasi was taken off his feet by the power of the punch he received.

He landed back on them though, wondering whether or not Dr Abelifester had yet been taken care of. He could not really attempt to recruit OOAK until the Cyborg master lost control of the explosive device planted within the super-cyborg. He took off on a dead run, past a burnt out barn, hoping to buy himself some time to formulate something of a plan. He must not kill the Cyborg, despite his orders, Tapek would reward him more than the dreams of man if Arakasi managed to convert the Cyborg to the Nod cause as their victory would be assured.

Two railgun slugs punched through the one remaining wall of the barn and Arakasi had to move again, he had to get in touch with Tapek and tell him to dispose of Abelifester as this would break the madman's hold on OOAK and make it possible for him to be converted, either that or somehow convince OOAK that Abelifester was an enemy....

He had it! He would need to disguise himself as OOAK's master, but it would mean sacrificing his life for the cause as OOAK would surely kill him once his plan had been complete. Then again, maybe it wouldn't.... He grinned, now he needed to give himself some time to put this plan into action.

As OOAK rounded the corner, impatient for the death of the spy, Arakasi jumped him. They rolled on the floor but before OOAK had chance to use his strength to his advantage, Arakasi pulled out another EMP Grenade and shoved it into the Cyborg's mouth. It wouldn't kill him, OOAK was too powerful for that, but it would stop him for a while, long enough for Arakasi to arrange a suitable deception and once it was done.

OOAK was bringing his fist up, about to send it through the master-spy's face, when the grenade went off. For a minute Arakasi thought it had actually killed him but then OOAK opened his eye's and looked at him, the expression filled with more fury and rage than Arakasi had ever thought possible.

"You can't win." OOAK said simply, his mouth suddenly changed to a grin, but it was not a grin of happiness, it was a merciless grin worn by those who know they will win soon. Arakasi hoped this would not be the case as he took off, leaving OOAK there for now....

Back at Dr Abelifester's main base, the madman looked out over his forces, more than enough to comfortably wipe out GDI, Nod, TDL and anyone else who might get in his way. He was somewhat dissapointed about the disappearance of his master-cyborg but was relieved at the same time, it meant he wouldn't have to destroy him yet. He opened a channel to his mighty armies, a combination of TDL, GDI and Cyborg Technology, no assimilation was to be used here he thought, only the complete and utter annihilation of the humans was appropriate and acceptable. "Begin attack protocol Alpha 1!" He ordered and his armies moved off rather like the Nod armies, with one vision and most certainly one purpose, to destroy the world of men...

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Chapter 32: Fighting dirty!

Hellfire - "Ok Threepwood we need every single weapon in the base to have emp added. Can you edit ini code's."
Threepwood - "Arrr ini code's?"
Hellfire - "Thats right your an NPC. Ok Yoshi you add EMP to everyweapon we have. It will stop a cyborg dead deal damage and kill infantry."
Yoshi - "Ok I can do that."
Hellfire - "Ok, and I'll get someone to rebuild your bus."
Yoshi - "Great! I need a comp."
Hellfire - "Here use my laptop."

Yoshi walks off to begin adding EMP to weapons."

Threepwood - "Now why do we need all this EMP. Like what do ye know."
Hellfire - "OOAK may have been converted to a cyborg but his GDI tracker is still active, and he has acted like a spy to us, and on our radar there is a huge load of cyborgs headin our way."
Threepwood - "By my beard how long do we got."
Hellfire - "Oh about 3 hours. I have already made a couple of fun things like EMP mines to slow em down, plus cyborgs are really really slow."
Threepwood - "Ok what do you want me to do."
Hellfire - "Well start construction on anothe MK2 for me then post about 10 component towers on each side of our base, and put the new EMP components on them."
Threepwood - "Arr, will do."

Hellfire leaves Threepwood to the base defences then go's to the warfactory where is MK2 is being made.

Hellfire - "Who's in charge here."
Tech guy1 - "I am after your escape pod landed on the original tech guy1, I took over."
Hellfire - "I want EMP mortars on that I want to be able to take out latge numbers of cyborgs in a single shot."
Tech guy1 - "Ok we can do that."
Hellfire - "Boost the speed, and range of the rail guns to."
Tech guy1 - "Ok is there anything else."
Hellfire - "Yes put some damned armor on that damned thing, or you will turn out like the last tech guy1."
Tech guy1 - "Y..y..yes s..s..sir"
Hellfire - "Also I need you to take a bus put a foot of armopr on all sides. Take the seets out, put a titan cannon in it, and add a minigun to the top. When your done that find yoshi and ask him what he wants painted on it."
Tech guy2 - "Yes sir"
Hellfire - "What the hell, where that other loser."
Tech guy2 - "He wet him self and didnt want you to see so I took his place."
Hellfire - "Do you know what I want on my MK2"
Tech guy2 - "Yes sir."
Hellfire - "Good your Tech guy1 now. Where did that loser go?"
New Tech guy1 - "Over there Very Happy "

Hellfire walks over to the old Tech guy1 and shoots him in the fore head.

All hail me

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Hellfire - "OOAK may have been converted to a cyborg but his GDI tracker is still active, and he has acted like a spy to us, and on our radar there is a huge load of cyborgs headin our way."

Er, Oak's on another continent @.@


Chapter 33: Battles and stuff

"Braaaainnnssssss!" moaned the zombies, clawing on the warehouse walls and doors. The scratching noises were unnverving to the Cyborg Mafia who had barricaded themselves inside.
"Where's Fin?" breathed the Don under his breath. He had earlier sent him to scout the village and bring back a report.
At that moment there came a frenzied knocking at the door, as well as the sounds of multiple zombies being shot at.
"FOR THE LOVE OF GOD OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!" shrieked Fin from outside, his usually emotionless cyborg voice unusually laced with panic.
The Don nodded, and a Mafia cyborg rolled back two large steel bars, unlocked five locks, disarmed two tripmines, and rolled open the warehouse doors.

Fin dived in with three zombies clinging to his back, while the other mafia members offered support fire with their shotguns, mowing down the zombie horde trying to enter the warehouse. It took three cyborgs to finally roll the door back shut and apply all the security again.
"Brrrrraaaaaiiiinnnsssssss!" moaned the horde again, from outside, sounding dissapointed.
"Sir," gasped Fin, "The entire village has been devoured by the KI zombie horde!"
"Damn," rumbled the Don, clearly angry. "Okay, that means that Igor is commanding them. The ruthless little bastard will know the last CCSI protection is taking refuge in this warehouse. He'--"

A rock smashed through a window from above, cutting off the Don's speech. Attached to it was a note;

Remember, the KI follow no orders except those from Kane itself. Let your painful deaths be a reminder to you; the KI will always be superior to CCSI. Have a nice day. - Igor

The scratching at the walls and door grew stronger.
"Gods, gods, the entire zombie horde is moving toward the warehouse," moaned Fin from the window. "The walls won't hold," he added unnecessarily.
A snap was heard suddenly, and a crossbow bolt smashed through the window, puncturing Fin's chest. Fin screamed, terrified. The bolt, attached to a rope, retracted the way it came, and Fin was pulled from his post out the window and dropped in the middle of a pack of ravenous zombies. His screams chilled those inside the warehouse to the bone.

Igor reloaded his crossbow with another bolt. But, seeing no more targets, he sat and waited while the zombies threw their weight against the warehouse walls.
It won't hold long, thought Igor. Watching them be devoured alive would soothe his nerves. The master still hadn't showed up, which meant something had happened to him. And when something happened to the master, Igor was usually held responsible, and subsequently beaten.
"Forward, zombie minions!" screeched Igor. "Forward, devour the CCSI dogs!"
"Bbbrraaaaiiinnnsssss!!!!" called back a zombie, while a few others laughed, even though it wasn't funny. Zombies weren't renowned for being overly intelligent, anyway.

Don loaded his shotgun and slipped on his shades. Nobody messed with the CCSI Cyborg Mafia and lived to tell the tale. He nodded his head, and instantly the other 10 mafia opened guitar cases, brief cases, and other such mafia type cases and pulled out some assorted weaponry. It was time to kick some zombie asses, and the Don loved a good fight.

The left wall broke down and crushed one of the mafia guys. He fell without a sound, and was trampled underneath as a horde of zombies rushed forward, arms outstretched.
The zombies met flaming death, a cluster of them went flying on fire, to fall, spinning, several meters away as one of the mafia shot a bazooka into them. The Don blasted the head off one, and another agent was torching several with a flamethrower. The village may be lost, but damn, thought Don, the Mafia weren't!

Don raised his shotgun to shoot a zombie, and felt someone smack him from behind. Being a cyborg, the blow didn't hurt him in the least, but he dropped his shotgun and was knocked him forward into the waiting arms of the zombie. The zombie bit into Don's neck, and blood splattered the floor.
LC grinned and picked up the Don's fallen shotgun. He placed the end against the Don's head and squeezed the trigger. He was rewarded with a dull clicking sound, and he cursed as he realised the gun needed reloading. He dropped the gun and made his way in the opposite direction, melding with the shadows.


Abelifester's nanoclouds were out of stock at the moment, so he could not simply assimilate them all. The fact bothered him, but he raised his arms and gave the signal to attack anyway. He would annhilate the GDI scum with sheer force of numbers, he decided.

Threepwood spat.
"Don't know why anyone w'uld choose t'drink such piss!" he exclaimed, as he took another swig of Yoshi Rum. Yoshi drily commented that didn't seem to stop him from drinking half his stock.
"Hah!" boomed Threepwood. "It reminds me of that whisky I found at the bottom of the sea, that time, arrr. 'Twas a fine brew indeed!"
"Indeeddd!" squawked Threepwood's parrot, agreeing.
"Sir!" a GDI soldier ran into the room, panting. "Abelifester's army is coming!"
"What?" demanded Threepwood, standing up swiftly. "I thought we'd get some relief after I killed Kane! Wait, I'll call me crew!"
Yoshi pulled out his minigun and jogged to the War Factory. He punched in some custom INI lines and the doors rolled open, admitting a custom made Titan fitted with a minigun and LRM rack as well as its cannon. He climbed into the massive mech and stomped off to the front of the base, where a horrifying sight greeted him.
Abelifester's assimilated TDL army was charging at the base, with a horde of cyborgs and siege vehicles rolling in from behind. At the very back, yoshi could see while zooming in, he could see the insane doctor himself, his lab coat billowing in the wind as he surveyed his forces and shouted orders.

There was an explosion, and Hellfire started yelling angrily. His new mammoth had too many new parts and had exploded subsequently.
"Aaargh, quit your belly aching and get in a normal mammoth!" boomed Threepwood angrily. "None of this flying contraption! Why, any more complaints from ye, and you'll be FISHBAIT!"
"Fishbaaiittt!" agreed Threepwood's parrot.
Hellfire grumbled and climbed in a normal mammoth.

As the first RPG tower began to lob its grenade, and the first screams of pain were heard in the air, the battle had begun.


The Don slammed the door of the limo, and it immediately accelerated, slamming into several zombies. Don hurriedly slid the tinted windows up as zombies began to stick their faces against them, drooling. The escape went badly, and all the mafia had fallen except for Don, who sported a bad neck wound.
"KI must be made to pay," vowed the Don, as the limo sped away from the doomed little village.

And in the background a shadowy figure could be seen escaping as well.

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Note: The Don (Donald Donny Don Donn) is life! Fear the Don! The Don of Doom? Donny Don Donn!

Note #2: Damn, these american english forums are a pain in the ass. COLOR?? COLOR?? IT'S COLOUR YOU MORONS! OIBLES! Ahem. On with the chapter.

One More Note: I have never watched The Godfather, so to those Godfather Purists among us, I apologize for my grievous misinterpretation of it Wink. I really only know, like, two quotes from it. So suck it.

Chapter 34: To the mattresses!

As the limo flew out of the village, the massive undead hoarde behind it started to shamble after it, but soon gave up and turned their attentions toward another nearby village that contained, among other things, a school, a church, an orphanage, and an old folks' home. Don "Donny" Don Donn rounded a corner and scorched down a hidden dirt road.
"I gotta go talk to tha' Godfatha'," he said, glaring beneath his shades. He pulled the Limo into the driveway of a massive mansion, and was escorted by some Cyborg Mafia guards to the Godfather's office. The door opened slowly, creaking abnormally loudly as he stepped in. He bowed, and began informing the Godfather of everything that'd transpired.

* * * * * *

Threepwood had abandoned his wicked cutlass in exchange for his Ghostalker railgun, and was now on the top of the GDI Refinery sending dozens of slugs of uranium into the Cyborg ranks. He didn't even need a scope, because the sheer numbers of Cyborgs meant that every shot was probably going to kill 5 or 6 of them. He fired 5 more rounds, then aimed for a couple Cyborg Artillery units that were attacking the base defenses, putting slugs through both of them.

Down below, Hellfire was stomping through cyborgs in his Mammoth MkII. He grumbled about not having his super-mammy, then walked over 4 dozen cyborgs and fired his railguns into a large group of enemies. He grumbled some more.

Yoshi was, of course, going nuts. The Titan was smashing and crushing and kicking and, at one point, Yoshi even bent the Titan over so he could bash its head into the head of a particularly annoying cyborg. The LRM and SRM racks, as well as the Titan cannon, were wreaking havok in the Cyborg ranks as he smashed through them, cutting a wide swath of wanton destruction as the Orca Fighters screamed overhead to attack Ablifester and his personal guard

* * * * * *

The Godfather had babbled on for twenty minutes, his raspy, wheezing voice never seming to tire while his tirade continued. Finally, he summarized his rant with the phrase, "I think it's time to take them to the mattresses." He motioned for a Cyborg Mafia guard to take Donny to the armoury, and then he pulled out a cigar and lit it, puffing contentedly.

"Excellent," Donny said as he examined the armoury. Lined up in rows of 25 where Cyborg Mafia, still in Cryogenic Freezing. There were at least 500 of them. He grinned and rolled his cigar around in his mouth, then pulled the switch to activate all of them, then went to get some crates of Tommyguns to arm them.
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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Note: Why was Yoshi givin a freakin Titan I built him a bus. and where the hell is my EMP.

Chapter 35: Fighting back.

Hellfire - "Why doe's GDI research all this cool new crap if their damned techies can't actually use it."
Threepwood - "Arrr, if ye gonna complain could ye at least turn yer radio off."
Hellfire - "No, if I'm gonna complain some one better here it." *The MK2 squashes another 5 dozen cyborgs* "Hmmm, this gives me and idea." *Hellfire clicks his radio off and starts typing in the ini*
Threepwood - "Damned Landlubber cuttin me off like that. I was about to say somethin."
Yoshi - "Go fig one of u stops complainin then the other starts."
Threepwood - "Bahh just blow up thos damned Cyborgs."

Out of the war factory roles three fully charged mobile emp's.

Threepwood - "Ummm, Hellfire what the hell are you doin. You fire those off in our base and we be screwed."
Hellfire - "I know thats why I shielded a couple of major things from EMP. Like myself and Yoshi. Also I have short ranged EMP attached to my mammy here."
Threepwood - "Arrr didn't your last Mammy blow up cause of that."
Hellfire - "Yes but that was because of those damned tech guy's. Whom I may decide to shot and just make engineers do the work."
Threepwood - "What ever just make sure you don't over do things again."
Hellfire - "Yes what ever."

Hellfire starts his MK2 forward at a faster pace, and stops about halfway out. He stop's the MK2 some where in the middle of the battle field and lets lose an EMP charge then orders 500 light infantry to line up at the out side of the base with a couple hundres disc throwers and fires off the three mobile EMP's.

Hellfire - "CHARGE!!!!!"

The infantry start shooting at the Cyborgs which start fallin in great numbers the disc throwers knock over many of the cyborgs with explosions. The cyborgs are pushed back half the distance to Hellfire.

Hellfire - "I think that was a good plan."
Threepwood - "It have have been. If ye had remembered to have more mobile EMP's ready to fire again."
Hellfire - "What do you mean."
Threepwood - "The cyborgs are wakin up now and no way to stop em all again and our infantry is getting slaughtered."
Hellfire - "Crap your right."
Threepwood - "Of course I'm right."
Hellfire - "Fall back and cover some of our infantry. All infantry regroup towards the base. Threepwood cover them."

Hellfire looks around over half of his infantry has been destroyed and the base defences are being overwhelmed.

Hellfire - "I want all the Orca bombers to target the front line."
Orca pilot - "Sir that will kill some of our own men."
Hellfire - "I know just do it if we have any hope of winning you must do this."
Orca pilot - "Yes sir."

Hellfire try's to make as much room between the cyborgs and the infantry as possible to minamize his own caualties but still at least fifty men died when the bombers struck.

Hellfire - "I want you reloaded and I want everything we got that flies to target their leader."
Orca pilot - "Yes sir."

Hellfire blow's off another EMP and crushes another 4 dozen cyborgs and blasts away another 3 dozen with his Rail gun.

All hail me

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Chapter 36: The Turn Of The Tide

His Cyborg minions were being slaughtered by the hundreds, yet Dr Abelifester was not worried. He had hundreds more units and more were being pumped out of his factories and were already heading this way, he would win the war even if he had to use every single Cyborg unit on this planet.

The GDI forces had been pushed back into their base by the shear mass of the cyborg assault, the RPG towers were keeping them at bay for now but the cyborg artillery was already starting to pound their precious base defence. Hellfire and Threepwood were planning a counter-attack in the control room.

“It’s hopeless, we just haven’t got the kind of man power we need to hold off this assault!” moaned Hellfire as he watched a suicide cyborg run straight for an RPG tower, distracting its fire as other cyborgs blew it sky high. “Dammit!” he yelled, as Artillery units took out another Vulcan tower, “Where are our Juggernauts?” he asked Threepwood.

“Arrr, they be taken out when the scurvy cyborgs began this cowardly assault.” Threepwood replied, “I say we be needing another MCV and a Carryall arrr, we need to get out and set up another base as this one be all but lost.” Hellfire thought about it for a minute, then nodded, he radioed down to the war factory to stop Titan production momentarily and construct an MCV. The response was cut off part way though as assimilated Juggernauts destroyed their final War Factory.

“We’re doomed!” both Hellfire and Threepwood yelled in unison.

Tapek stood on a hill overlooking the battle and wondered just how long it would take for the GDI to be annihilated by the masses of Cyborgs. He was worried that Hellfire might not make it out the game, much as he wanted to see GDI burn he could not leave his fellow human colleague to die like this. He raised a hand, about to order his own forces to begin an assault on the cyborgs, when Arakasi appeared behind him.

“Arakasi!” Tapek exclaimed as he embraced the master-spy, today will have some good news at least!”

“Better than you had expected sir.” Replied Arakasi, “watch…..” and he turned to watch the battle below, Tapek turned as well, wondering just what the master-spy had accomplished this time.

The Cyborgs had cleared out the GDI base defence and only a small group of defensive units stood between them and the complete annihilation of the GDI. Suddenly, the front of the Cyborg grouped was doused in flame, as OOAK landed just in front of the group. He then proceeded to fire his Rail guns, virtually non-stop, into the mass of incoming units, ripping them to shreds.

Hellfire and Threepwood were watching from their command post, and they could not believe the miracle that they had just received. Hellfire ordered all remaining units to support their former leader as he slowly pushed the Cyborg forces back outside the GDI base. Just then, another War Factory sprang up to replace the destroyed one and Hellfire instantly ordered creation of another Mammoth Mk II, he looked around for Threepwood and saw him running out to join Yoshi as they both ran out to help the super-cyborg. Hellfire was then notified that what remained of his air-force was ready for their mission, he ordered them to do whatever it took to take out Abelifester, even if it meant their lives.

The combined power of OOAK, Threepwood and Yoshi was just too much for the Cyborg armies and they were falling by the hundreds. What had looked like a huge, unbeatable army before now looked on the brink of defeat, and the three good-guys were still pushing forward towards Abelifester’s command post.

The mad doctor was not surprised at OOAK’s turning, he had made the Cyborg powerful enough to choose whatever path he so wished, and he was more than able to deal with the consequences. However, he looked at the small transmitter he held in his hand, it was unfortunate that OOAK would not die an honourable death, but he would serve one last purpose for his master. Suddenly the outpost was rocked by ORCA fire and the transmitter fell out his hand, as he reached for it something suddenly punched its way through the wall. He looked up to see his former servant looming over him, and knew he was about to die.

OOAK picked the doctor up with one hand and broke his neck, without another word he then proceeded to throw the body on the floor, pick up the transmitter and smash it. He walked outside to where Threepwood and Yoshi were cleaning up the remaining Cyborg units, they turned as he approached.

“Sorry to disappoint you two, but this was only a temporary alliance.” He said, then grinned as he saw them raise their weapons, “relax, I’m not going to kill you this time, but be warned next time there will be no quarter taken or given.” He ignited his jetpack and took off for the Nod base, he needed to talk to Tapek about some design changes.

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Chapter 37: Shifting the Balances

The Nod war host marched back in silence. Although they had not suffered a defeat, it bothered them to have made any sort of truce with the GDI. The GDI, who had constantly ground Nod into the dust, was finally about to be defeated when they were rescued by their own arch nemesis, The Brotherhood.
But it looked like they would still be fighting, afterall. As they descended the hill overlooking their Nod base, they saw three Limosuines and a dozen grim looking Cyborg mafia murmuring amongst themselves. Upon seeing the return of their master, one of them approached Tapek.

"The village was overrun," hissed the Cyborg.
"Cyborgs?" asked Tapek.
"No. Kane."
"KANE? Damn it! As if we can afford a civil war now!"
"There's more than that. LC."
"What about him?!" demanded Tapek.
"He escaped," the Mafia said grimly.
"DAMN IT!" cursed Tapek.

At that moment Oak touched down next to the Nod Hospital, where a bandaged, limping Banshee on crutches was just hobbling out.
"Have you seen Kane?" asked Banshee. Then he noticed Oak. "WHAT THE!!! OAK!" he screamed. "Raise the alarm!"
"It's okay banshee, Oak no longer serves Abelifester." said Tapek.
"And no, I haven't seen Kane. Probably because he's just waged war on the CCSI and is hiding in his own base somewhere."

"The last we saw of the bald one was when he was leading that squad into the GDI base," said Arakasi. "Can we assume he get out of there alive?"
"You think kane died?" boomed Oak, unbelieving. "No way."
"But it's possible!" insisted Arakasi. "My agents would have noticed him if he was hiding somewhere, anyway."
"But they can't tell if he died?" grumbled Banshee, rolling his eyes. "A fat lot of good they are, then"
"As a matter of fact I've lost contact with my agent in the GDI base." said Arakasi, sounding hurt. "I can only presume he's dead. Installing a replacement will be difficult."

"The village was taken simply to feed KI's army of zombies." said the Mafia.
"Arakasi, go to the village and gather as much intelligence on them as you can. Find out where kane is, if indeed he is not leading that zombie horde!"
But the mafia held out his hand, stopping Arakasi. "Sir, we of the Cyborg Mafia request your permission to handle this threat by ourselves." The cyborg smoothly slid on some shades, and brushed some dirt off his suit. "The matter is... personal."
Banshee raised his eyebrow.
"Very well, dispose of them in your own way." said Tapek, as the mafia limo's sped off. "Oak, come with me."

Tapek and Oak entered the Nod Hospital.
"What are they doing?" asked Banshee, mystified.
"Probably getting new parts for their cyborg suits," presumed Arakasi.


Thunder flashed, and heavy raindrops pelted the blood soaked earth, and the air was filled with the moans of the undead. Igor stood atop a platform and raised his arms above his head, screeching a warcry. The zombie horde moaned and some just blinked stupidly, but they were all rallying and beginning their march. Their destination: The Nod base.

As the horde began their march, the stench seemed not to bother Igor as he cackled with glee. His master was surely dead, and perhaps the wily little grinning man could take over KI for himself. The CCSI that had always plagued his master was already proving no obstacle to him, and Igor, arrogant in the extreme, had no idea that he and the horde were being surrounded at this moment by silent figures in suits.

Donald Donny Don Donn crouched in the dirt, ignoring the heavy rain. As the last limo began to empty of its occupants, and five more mafia joined the fray, he gave the signal to attack by shooting his gun at the little man who directed the horde.

Igor whirled around as a bullet zipped by his head, missing him by inches. He screeched in fury as zombies everywhere began to fall. The mafia were silent and dangerously efficient in their work, and the dull witted zombies were butchered where they stood, unable to comprehend what was occuring.
Igor cursed silently and hurried away, hoping to make his escape while the attackers were busy disposing of his zombie horde.

After several minutes of slaughter, the Don signalled a stop. A smoky haze lifted from the battlefield, and hundreds of twitching, maoning zombies writhed on the ground like worms. While a couple Cyborgs started splashing petrol in a ring around the area, the rest followed the Don to destroy the fleeing little cloaked man.

Igor reached the destroyed village, puffing as he almost slipped on the blood slick ground. He glanced over his shoulder and saw his persuers still followed. Cursing again, he hurried into the first house he saw.

"He's in there. We've got him!" rasped the Don, as he sucked on his cigar triumphantly. "There's only one way out of this building and its the way he went in! Set fire to the building and kill him if he comes out!"

Igor sweated as the fire grew. He had two choices; stay inside and be cooked alive, or go outside and be shot by two dozen waiting mafia.
"Oh curses!" wailed Igor, as tried in vain to put the fire out.
"I'm doomed."

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Chapter 38: A Warrior Reborn

OOAK emerged from the Nod Hospital revitalized and with a very changed appearance. He now sported a very sleek exoskeleton, which was more like a second skin, allowing him to keep his super-human strength and speed but at a cost, that being his weaponry. However, he had found something better…

He withdrew the high-frequency blade from the sheath on his back and swung it round a few times, accidentally chopping a nearby orderly in half. The blade was a remarkable piece of technology, it had two settings, ‘blunt’ and ‘sharp’. The ‘blunt’ setting meant that no matter how hard you hit someone with the blade, the blade would never break the skin, it would render the opponent unconscious but it would never do any mortal damage. The ‘sharp’ setting was the exact opposite, it would slice through just about anything he swung it at. He was now a cyborg-ninja in every way, he had unfortunately lost his jump-jet abilities but that was more than made up for with the cloaking unit that had been put into the exoskeleton, unfortunately though it could not be used constantly as it jammed easily (stealth technology this portable was still well in the experimental stage).

He went to a nearby forest near the nod R&R center and decided he’d test the blade here instead. After about half an hour and three dozen trees later he was quite satisfied, he decided to check out of the R&R center and head for the main Nod command center to meet up with Tapek and decide on what they were going to do about GDI, Kane Industries and the remnants of TDL and Cyborg forces.

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Chapter 39: Accidentally Deleted Chapter MkII

I accidentally deleted this chapter, so here's a summary of what happened. Igor was rescued from the burning building by a couple of KI Assassins, who slaughtered the Cyborg Mafia, leaving only the Don and a couple soldiers to escape. They returned to the CCSI base in a destroyed limo, and CC declared war on KI, dropping all ties with Nod, to devote all his resources to killing KI. Igor returned to the KI base and was threatened by their new rules, a mysterious woman, to destroy CCSI or be turned into a zombie.
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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Chapter 40: Dead in the Water

Kane walked around the battlefield, watching as the CCSI soldiers rushed off toward another KI base. The war had been progressing steadily for about 4 days, with neither side winning any fights. It was like a neverending battle.
"Damnit, this is a pain in the ass," he said as he glanced over at General Solomon, sitting in a massive chair in the middle of the battlefield with his feet crossed and up on a rediculously large desk, looking positively absurd. As the soldiers ran towards him, they simply passed through. Kane had gotten used to people running through his ethereal body a while ago, but it still looked wierd to see someone running through a seemingly solid desk.
"Ahh, stop your wining and enjoy the show," Solomon said.
"Easy for you to say, Delphi. You can leave."
Delphi grinned. "Speaking of which, I better change that error," he said, pointing to a large hole in the map, where a solid black void could be seen. He froze for a moment, not even breathing for a full 70 seconds, then suddenly went back to normal and a massive block of map flew out of the sky and filled the hole. "Excellent," Delphi said.
"Why isn't this battle going anywhere? I'd think one of them would win something."
"Well, none of the authors are posting chapters," Delphi/Solomon said. "Why don't you do something to get them to pay attention to the Fanfic forum?"
Kane snapped his fingers. "That's it! I'll write a chapter!" he immediately moved to one part of the absurdly oversized desk and dropped his Targus briefcase, opening it and pulling out a laptop. He opened it up and plugged it into a port in the desk, about 5 meters toward the middle. The screen flashed through a series of warning messages, then opened onto a screen that said "Kane Industries OS X." He pressed enter and was displayed with a login screen, then typed in DEisener as his login and 23293003838954200023089004220364611887 as his password, then waited as it processed it. A bunch of strange characters quickly scrolled down the screen, lines of them being eliminated, until a 12 character line was left. The program went through a number of screens, then finally came to a prompt labelled "IP." Kane entered kaneindustries.no-ip.com:1337357. A screen appeared indicating a file download was in progress, then when it finished it extracted a number of files and ran a quick test. The program was finally finished, and exited. The computer loaded into Windows KI and Kane opened up notepad and started writing. Delphi looked at him strangely.
"Uhh," Kane said, "The laptop doesn't have a hard drive, so it connects to the server and uses the OS directly from there."
"Isn't that kinda long for something you need to do to turn your computer on?" Delphi asked.
"Yea, but it's damn cool," Kane said, grinning, then went back to work. About 20 minutes later, he finished the chapter and uploaded it to the fanfic forum.

"SONSABITCHES!!" Kane exclaimed. "SONS... OF.... BITCHES!!!!" he reiterated angrily. He swore for a couple more minutes, then explained his fury. "They still haven't posted a chapter! Punks!"
Delphi chuckled. "Looks like you're going to be stuck in here forever."
"The hell I will!" Kane said, charging over to a conveinently placed astral armoury and grabbing some equipment. "It's time to kick me some ASS!"

* * * * * *

One of a Kind looked around his room, then walked over to his computer.
"Should I write a chapter for the chainstory?" he said to himself as he looked at the PPM forums. "Naaaahhh..." He was about to close the forums when a faint sound of helicopter rotors could be heard outside. He went over to the window and looked out, then suddenly there was a loud crash and a bald megalomaniac came flying through his roof and landed on the floor with a thud. Kane grabbed Oak by the shoulders and slammed him up against the wall.
"WRITE A CHAPTER!!" Kane yelled into Oak's surprised face. Oak stuttered a bit, then opened his eyes wide. "NOOOOWWWWW!!!" Kane yelled, then his watch beeped and he hopped out the nearby window and jumped into the waiting helicopter, and it took off, heading for the U.S.
"@.@," said Oak.

"Knock knock," said the door.
"What the..."
"Knock knock," the door repeated emphatically. The person near the door raised an eyebrow. "Is the door... talking?" He thought, then suddenly he remembered what happened when someone's fist impacted with a wooden door at high velocity. He walked over to the door and opened it to be confronted with two FBI agents in dark sunglasses. Between them was G-Man Kane, brushing some dust off his shoulders and adjusting his tie. Kane brushed some more dust off his shoulder. Then he adjusted his tie again. Then he noticed some more dust on his shoulders. Finally, he adjusted his suit, switched his Black Mesa briefcase to his other hand, and looked up.
"Logan, I take it?" one of the FBI agents said.
"For some reason, in real life I call myself Sk8erkid," the person said. "Probably because the author is too lazy to find out what my full name is."
"Sk8erkid, we represent The Law(tm)," the other agent said, as ominous music came out of nowhere. "We're here to arrest you for skateboarding in a public prison. The sentance is 1200 years, with no chance of parole, and no trial. Straight to the slammer," he said.
"WHAT?" sk8erkid asked, incredulous.
"BUT, you can get out of it if you write a chainstory chapter!" Kane said, grinning widely. "For now, we'll take your skateboard. You can get it back if you decide to write a chapter. If you don't write, we'll ship you off to Alcatraz."
"I... you... the..." Sk8erkid stuttered. Kane's eatch beeped. Kane and the agent dissappeared in a bright flash of green light.

Banshee looked up from his massive mountains of books he was using to study for his neverending series of tests. "What's that sound?" he said to himself as a series of arcane chants came from his door. He walked over to it slowly, then was blown against the wall of his room when a giant fireball hit the door and exploded it inward. Kane charge into the room, massive waves of magical energy flowing off him and sending papers and large objects flying out of the way. "WRITE A CHAINSTORY CHAPTER!" he boomed as he grew redicuously large and loomed over Banshee. "WRITE ONE! NOW!!!!!" he thundered.
"I don't even write in the chainstory anymore!" Banshee protested.
"Screw that! If you don't write the chapter, you will be slaughtered mercilessly by an army of badgers!" To punctuate Kane's statement, 5 badgers scurried into the room and hopped up and down, eyeing Banshee hungrily.
"But Badgers are herbivores!" Banshee said.
"Well I've been starving these ones. They're hungry. For HUMAN FLE--" Suddenly, Kane's magical timer went off and exploding clocks appeared all around him, the immense noise sending soundwaves careening through the city, smashing windows and deafening small children. "Time to go!" Kane said as he cast Teleport and vanished.

Tapek yelled out in surprise as his dog came careening through his room, knocking things over and making a mess. She started barking loudly, then suddenly ran away.
"What the hell was that all about?" he said as he took a sip from his glass of V. Immediately after he brought the cup to his mouth, a massive boot kicked his door down and a fully armed and armoured Kane came charging into the room waving a twelve gauge shotgun around. He blasted the cup out of Tapek's hand and shoved the smoking barrel of the shotgun into Tapek's face.
"WHO YO' DADDY?????????" he screamed.
"@.@" Tapek said.
"WTF?" his desk said.
"STOP GIVING VOICES TO INANIMATE OBJECTS!" Tapek said angrily. Kane pushed the shotgun farther into his face.
"Write a chainstory chapter!"
"But I--"
"NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kane yelled. Suddenly his watch beeped and startled a spider standing on the ceiling. It fell and landed on Kane. Kane looked at the spider, then at Tapek, then at the spider, then he ran from the room, screaming like a little girl.
"Rrrrrrriiiiiigggggghhhhhhttttttt," said Tapek's sandwich.

Kane sat in a small booth in a Tim Hortons' restaurant, eating a doughnut. He munched on it a bit, then glanced out the window as a massive lightning bolt flew out of the sky and burned the roof off a nearby residential home.
"WRITE A CHAINSTORY CHAPTER!" came a booming, drunken voice from the sky. The sound of Hellfire's wimpering wafted up to the Tim Hortons as Zeus send a couple smaller bolts flying into Hellfire to torture him.
"WRITE ONE! NOW! OR I WILL SEND YOU TO MY BROTHER'S HOUSE!" Zeus paused. "I refer to hades, of course," he explained. Kane walked over to the window of the Tim Hortons and opened it up, then looked up at the sky.
"Thanks for covering for me, man!" he shouted. A massive hand came down from the sky and gave a thumbs up.
"Hey, you gave me Yoshi Beer... It's all good," Zeus said, then went back to electrocuting Hellfire.

Kane landed his Anubis Fighter on the ground, shutting down his shields and activating his cloaking device. The 4 Deaths Hand Lasers and 1 Deaths Hand turret on the craft, used exclusively by the mysterious organization, The Order, lowered and started to cool. Kane teleported out and into the house. he walked up to a bedroom door, upon which was affixed a sign. "DEADRAY AT WORK, DO NOT DISTURB." Kane pushed the door open and say Deathray lying on the ground in a coma. He poked Deathray, then hit him with a bed, then shot him with his Laser Pistol. Deathray just sat there. Kane shrugged and headed back to his ship, taking off and flying away.

"ENGARDE!" Kane yelled as he charged into Yoshi's room, waving a large trout. Yoshi stopped what he was doing (stacking another Mountain Dew can onto his can mountain) and grabbed a nearby cod. The started battling, shouting medievel obsceneties at each other, until Kane won the battle and kicked Yoshi to the floor. He pointed the Trout at Yoshi's neck.
"WRITE A CHAPTER!" he shouted. "WRITE ONE OR I CUT YOUR THROAT!" A massive ! appeared above Yoshi's head as Kane's watch timer beeped. "Damn!" he said. "Ahll be back!" He trotted out of the room and hopped on a horse, then rode off into the moonset.

* * * * * *

Kane appeared back at Solomon's desk, which seemed to have grown about 12 meters since his absense. He walked over to a chair and sat down.
"So?" Delphi said as he glanced at Kane's ghost.
"I think we should have some chapters soon," Kane said, leaning back and eating a few Timbits.
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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PostPosted: Fri May 02, 2003 8:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Doom Timer started.
If no chapters are written within the next two days, the chainstory will choke to death on a fishbone and die twitching horribly on the ground.

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PostPosted: Fri May 02, 2003 1:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 41: Let the EndGame commence!

It was going to be harder to win this than OOAK thought, with few people writing chapters anymore and KI and the CCSI having seperated to fight their own battle again it was going to be difficult to almost single-handedly win this game for Nod. Banshee was out on a diplomatic mission trying to smooth things out between CCSI and KI but the chancs of that happening were as good as none, the good thing was it allowed the cyborg ninja complete control over Nod's armament in this region and so he decided he was going to end this once and for all....

He ordered the base into full production mode, he was going to produce such an army as to completely and totally annihilate the GDI even if it mean the loss of half his troops or more. They would fall this time, and if they didn't well....... OOAK shut down that train of thought right away, it wasn't done to think pessimisticly (sp?) on the eve of your greatest triumph was it?

Back at the GDI base Hellfire, Guybrush and Yoshi were working on their own strategies to take out Nod. "It's hopeless!" Hellfire put forward constructively, "we lost too much of our forces in that battle with the cyborgs! We're so far behind Nod in terms of production capability that they'll walk all over us, I've already got the base constructing more war factories but by time they're produced Nod will undoubtedly have a huge army. How can we compete?" He sat back down having finished his rant.

Yoshi stood up, "We just have to produce as we can, we'll undoubtedly have the advantage of defending our base as Nod aren't going to sit around and wait for us to come to them. Also I hear romours that there's been a split between CCSI and KI, and that they've both left Nod to fight their own battles so that's another thing in our favour. They'll break upon this base like water on rock, then when they've lost their forces we'll counter-attack and wipe them out!" He looked round for agreement and, recieving it, he left to issue orders to the troops. Guybrush turned to Hellfire, "Arrr, I have an idea as to where we could be getting some reinforcements to help against those scurvy Noddies. He got up and began to move towards the helipad, then he turned back to Hellfire and said, "Arrrr, look to me be coming on the fifth day of the battle. At dawn look to the east, arrrrr." With that he strode off to the helipad while Hellfire sat there scratching his head trying to work out exactly what Guybrish had just been on about.

OOAK walked through the halls of the Nod temple, looking in on the various 'divination' experiments as he went. When he reached the command centre, he looked out at his growing army and was well pleased. The army was already over a thousand strong with a good mix of units, he wouldn't want to be accused of tank rushing he though with a smirk. Just then he recieved a comunique from Banshee asking whether he should try and continue with the peace talks that were failing miserably, OOAK sent a reply back saying to continue as their contribution was vital to the survival of Nod, he grinned again at that one, Nod would win this battle and then turn their attention to those damned Doomod sides if the time allowed, but for now it was time to gather some recon on the GDI base. He activated his stealth camoflage and was gone.

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PostPosted: Tue May 06, 2003 8:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not enough people writing Sad

I am aware it is my turn to write, yet it's pretty much just me, Oak, and Kane who are writing.

But Chainstory 2 was successful; it had quite a few chapters!

And, like the Pheonix, it will be reborn and be known as the glorious Chainstory 3k in a brand new scenario!!!!

Rest in Peace, CS2! Don't disturb CS1 on the way!

Unsticked, and locked. All comments can go in the comments thread.

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