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EpicMod 1.2 Final is out.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 11:45 pm    Post subject:  EpicMod 1.2 Final is out. Reply with quote

Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/148415962/EpicMod1.2Final.rar

This is the last update version of this EpicMod, this time with some Kane's Wrath capabilities. Enjoy this mod while it lasts, because if there is a MOD SDK 6 and C&C3 patch 1.10, this mod will be updated for the last time again and if not, this is the last version before EpicMod 2.0 for KW. EpicMod version 1.2 covers mostly the final balance changes that would have been part of C&C3 patch 1.10. The purpose of this mod is to get a clean feeling of what the game is supposed to be played as, the righteous content of gameplay. Despite a lot of nerfs without a mod to C&C3, this mod reduces those nerfs applied to the C&C3 game. Now with Kane's Wrath capabilites, it brings this mod to a new level of gameplay and style. Only two Kane's Wrath units are in this add-on such as the Shatterer and Confessor Cabal.

There might be a chance that this mod could be official in Filefront soon if only few modifications are needed.

Version 1.2 Changes

- All selected and modified SP campaign mission maps are in this final version of the mod but no skirmish maps here.
- Confessor Squad is renamed as Confessor Cabal and now has correct taunt voices.
- Other than Construction Yards (build radius at 500), Surveyors, Emissaries and Explorers (build radius at 360), only War Factories, Airfields, Tech Centers and Superweapons have a build radius at 100. Cranes/Foundries and Refineries have a build radius at 200. Others are have a build radius at 0. Walls have a build radius of 100 despite the small wall span length.
- Any advanced structure sold or destroyed will get you only a basic infantry unit.
- When selecting a group of units or selecting all units on the map, all types of engineers, rigs, surveyors, emissaries and explorers are no longer selectable in this way.
- The mod.str for modified upgrades/support powers/structures/units has been re- modified.
- Divine Intervention song is replaced by Hell March 2. Reason: Use that song as the main menu theme for EpicMod 3.0 instead.
- Added and replaced Devil March, Bog 2004 remix, Traction, Trenches and Fogger. Just do it up, Industrial, Trouble, Act of Invasion and Modern Design titled songs are no longer here.

General Balance Changes:
- Refineries and Harvesters go back to original costs at 2000/20 and 1400/14 respectively. Power usage for refineries increased to -10 from -6. Tiberium Spike gains 30 credits per second instead of 50. Big Tiberium Silo when captured gains 6000 credits instead of 8000. Big Tiberium Silo and Reinforcement Bay no longer have a build radius.
- GDI Power Plants now cost 700, Nod Power Plants now cost 500, and Scrin Reactor now cost 600. Power usage is balanced and so does the power upgrades at cost of 300.
- Predators, Scorpions, APCs, Pitbulls, Seekers, Gun Walkers, Flame Tanks, Devastator Warships and PACs are now at their original costs. Mammoth Tank cost increased to 2200 from 2000. GDI Shatterer increased its cost to 1500. Avatar cost increased to 2500 from 2200.

Faction(s) Balance Changes:
- GDI Airborne and Bloodhounds no longer have elite veterancy when on the battlefield. Back to normal veteran status.
- GDI Composite Armor upgrade increase its cost to 2000 from 1000.
- GDI Juggernauts decrease their speed to 50 from 60. Forgot to realize they move faster than mammoth tanks!
- GDI Orca Strike support power increase its cost to 1000 from 500.
- GDI Railgun Upgrade increase its cost to 4000 from 3000 despite the usage of Guardian Cannon.
- Plasma Disc Launcher Upgrade and Zone Trooper Auto Injectors Upgrade increase their cost to 2000 from 1000.
- Both the Plasma Disc Launcher and Blink Pack upgrades are now moved to the Stasis Chamber.
- Shock Swarm support power increase its cost to 3500 from 2500 since it holds 4 Shock Trooper squads.
- Nod Tiberium Infusion upgrade increase cost to 1000 from 500.
- Nod Dozer Blades upgrade is now moved to the Operations Center.
- Nod Signature Generator upgrade fix is now working from the Nod AirTower. Signature Generator upgrade increase cost to 500 from 200.
- Nod Cloaking Field support power cost increased to 2000 from 1500. Cooldown increases to 150 seconds from 120 seconds.
- GDI Airborne Support Power increase its cost to 1500 from 1000.
- Zone Trooper Auto Injectors and Scanner Pack upgrades fixes are now working from the GDI Armory.
- Tiberium Field for GDI decreased its cost to 3000/20. Starting value for green tiberium is 5000.
- Some weapon attack damages for some units have been slightly nerfed. Attack Bike's missiles gets a small atk boost. Flame weapon attack damage reduced by 20% to all flame units.
- GDI and Nod Commando health increased by 40%. Nod Commando now provides stealth while moving.
- GDI and Nod Rocket Squads health reduced by 40%. Armor values against CANNON and ROCKET damage increased to compensate (can take same amount of damage from cannons/rockets as in 1.09). Rocket projectile speed increased by 50%. Rocket's attack power vs infantry reduced by 50%.
- Time delays reduced significantly for GDI Zonetrooper/Commando jumpjets, Shocktrooper blinkpacks, Shadow team gliders to make them more micro-friendly. Zone Trooper Jumpjets range increased slightly.
- Shock Troopers and Zone Troopers deal +15% penalty damage to GDI/Nod rocket soldiers to overcome their high resistance to cannon/rocket weapons.
- Avatar health reduced from 13000 to 11000. Attack reduced by 10% and can fire while moving. Avatar upgrades improved:
Flame upgrade range increased by 100%, Beam cannon upgrade attack power increased by 66%, pre-attack delay reduced from 0.5 to 0.1 sec, Bike upgrade detection range increased by 25% and Stealth upgrade provides stealth while moving.
- Beam-Venom Reflector Ability range doubled than hat of regular beam attack. Beam cannon moved to Tier 2.
- Nod Radar Jam missile jams enemy radar for 20 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
- Catalyst missile damage radius decreased from 250 to 100. Catalyst chain reaction radius increased from 50 to 100.
- Flame Tank Attack range increased by 50%. Armor from CANNON penalty reduced 100%.
- All flame units now don't inflict damage on friendly allied units.
- Damage radius for Vertigo Bomber (bombs) increased by 50%.
- Composite Armor upgrade makes infantry (riflemen squad, missile squads and grenadiers) immune to tiberium.
- Mammoth Tank crush deceleration reduced from 40% to 20%. Speed increased from 40 to 45.
- Juggernaut bombard ability shells deal 50% more damage.
- Zone Trooper health increased by 35%. Jumpjetting speed increased by 30%. Scanner Packs provide 15% attack range boost instead of 10% (brings range on par with that of missile squads).
- Disintegrators attack range increased by 50%. Atk damage reduced by 30%. Firing duration and reload time is now 0.5 second. Cost increased to 500 from 300.
- Corrupter speed increased slightly. Attack range increased by 50%. Heal rate to friendly units reduced by 50%. Heal rate does not longer apply to Scrin aircraft and Drone Platform anymore.
- Planetary Assault Carrier fighters respawn 12 sec after being killed, instead of 30 seconds.
- Firehawk missile splash damage increased from '10' to '30' to deal better with multiple enemy air units. Firehawk missiles do not inflict damage on friendly firehawks. Firehawk bomb splash damage increased from '25' to '40' for better effectiveness vs large infantry squads. All firehawks now have ammo of 2 instead of 3.
- Grenadier grenade speed increased by 80%, attack range increased from 240 to 260. Composite armor to grenadiers gain 25% increased resistance to SNIPER weapons.

Done and possible but now canceled:
- New unit: The Titan (from Kane's Wrath) -- too late for that; besides GDI is already powerful enough without it
- New support power: Power Signature Scan. (from Kane's Wrath) -- resulting in a fail to work operation.
- New Faction: The Forgotten. -- rather put a new faction in a KW mod instead.
- Capture building delay is 3 seconds only on an enemy structure. Unfortunately, I will allow that only in KW, not here.
- Some small changes to Skirmish AI. Note that in skirmish AI xmls that: optimal = balanced, offensive = rusher, defensive = turtle, guerrilla = guerrilla, and overlord = steamroller. Changing any of this will conflict the program itself.
- The bottom left corner including the top right buttons of the Tactical Huds are removed meaning that you should know some of the useful hotkeys by now. Challenging the hotkeys on your keyboard is the quickest thing to do during a war game.

Not possible:
- Changing the Shatterer type of attack to the one in KW is certainly impossible and the current type of attack now is still too OP. Perhaps it's a different type of weapon model that could be hard to extract and re- use it.
- Unused objects such as GDI Component Tower with upgrades, GDI Pillbox, Repair Pad, GDI Mechanic, and Supply Demo Truck will not be on this mod. They are possible to use and build but not until EpicMod 2.0 for KW and above.
- New Kane's Wrath unit models from there to here would have worked if dds files are converted to tga files. Very long steps though and probably won't work at all.

For older versions of 1.1 and 1.0, see the readme.txt for details.

Right now, there are no links to older versions of EpicMod.

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