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Prison Escape
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PostPosted: Fri May 08, 2009 12:12 am    Post subject:  Prison Escape
Subject description: A mission of a Black Hand operative and his escape from a GDI prison
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Prison Escape
December 14, 2082
Black Hand Barracks on the outskirts of the town named Trion.
"Ahh," I said. "This town is the best town EVER!"
"Tony, you're just drunk." my Brother, Kevin said.
"And you!" I said drunkenly. "You are my favoritest brother ever!"
Kevin rolled his eyes.
"Tony, you can't drink whatever the civilians give you, or you will be discharged from the Black Hand," my Brother Hunter warned.
"and you're our best special operations agent in the Black Hand." finished Kevin.
"Whatever," I said. "you guys are just jealous, of me, that's right, me, and when you are done being jealous you can find me and apologize to me in my room."
I left the room and lay down on my bed in my quarters. I looked around at the Brotherhood of Nod recruitment posters, then I went out like a light.
"Tony," a voice called in my sleep.
"Tony, it's time to get up." the voice said again.
"I'll handle this," another voice said.
I heard footsteps walking away, then coming back. A few seconds later I felt a burst of cold water knocking me out of my dream and into reality.
"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!?!?!" I yelled.
"That was for getting drunk on-duty," Hunter replied.
"and this is for making us clean up your vomit." Hunter finished.
Another splash hit my face.
"Now get dressed and get your butt out of bed." Hunter ordered.
At that, Hunter and Kevin left, leaving me in my damp bedroom.
I got dressed and went into the kitchen where Hunter was making scrambled eggs and bacon, while Kevin was making French toast. I stole some bacon from Hunter and a slice of French toast from Kevin, then left the kitchen limping.
"Have we gotten any new orders?" I questioned.
"Just an optional one at 3:47 a.m. this morning, but I know how much you don't like missions." Kevin teased.
"Just tell me the mission." I commanded.
"We would be required to eliminate a small GDI base southeast of the town of Samoha," Kevin replied.
"and gather any intel that we can." he finished.
"How big is the base?" I asked.
"Four gates guarded with two Vulcan towers each, a con yard, a barely used barracks, just one Tiberium refinery, with three silos on both left and right sides for a total of six silos, a service depot, and three power plants twelve yards from the con yard." replied Kevin.
"Any patrols in the area?" I asked.
"No." he replied.
"Let's go then." I ordered.
"Okay, but first I will tell Slavik we are taking the mission. We leave ASAP." answered Kevin.
"Good. Hunter and I will be at the armory. Meet us there."
Hunter and I left the barracks and walked toward the armory without a word. I took out my security clearance card when we reached the door and swiped on the scanner. I opened the door to the armory and went into the weapons room where Jerry, the weapons caretaker, let us into the room where the weapons were being held.
"Same weapons?" Jerry asked.
"Of course." I replied.
The armory's weapons are very diversified and plentiful. I already knew which weapon I wanted, but Hunter usually takes a while to choose. I use the same gun for every mission, and because of that I am known as 'Stinger' in both Nod and GDI ranks after the weapon I use, the 'Scorpion' sniper rifle. Now GDI has a price of about $3,000,000 on my head last time I checked. It has a range of two miles, has a weight of eight pounds, and the best part - it is a pyrosniper rifle. Besides the pyrosniper rifle, I also grabbed my usual bulletproof Kevlar vest and a laser rifle for close combat. Hunter was looking at the heavy weapons because he is the heavy weapons specialist in our group. He had already grabbed his usual Kevlar vest and a flamethrower for close combat. In the end Hunter ended up grabbing an anti-tank laser. Just as Hunter was taking the anti-tank laser off the shelf, Kevin came in to give us our briefing and choose his weapon. It was a pretty generic briefing: take the local train to the town of Samoha and walk twelve miles to our destination. Plus the stuff about how large the base was which we already knew. Kevin is the group's engineer and has every schematic of every Brotherhood of Nod and GDI structure ever built. He got ten rounds of explosives and a Kevlar vest, as well as a silenced pistol for close combat.
"Everybody ready?" Hunter asked.
"Yes." Kevin and I replied.
"Good," he said. "then let's move out."
Despite Hunter giving that order none of us are actually the group leader. Whoever has the best idea commands the group until the idea is done. We sort of command each other. We took the local train to the town of Samoha where we started walking southeast to the small GDI base. The way there was heavily forested with evergreen trees despite being near a Tiberium-mutated desert. When the base came into view we dropped down and crawled on our stomachs. It was slow progress but we slowly got closer and closer.
"I need a vantage point," I said. "I will get to the highest point I can while you two go to the Tiberium field used by the Harvester to the north and eliminate the Harvester when it arrives."
"Okay." they agreed.
"When the Harvester arrives, Hunter, you cover Kevin in case he gets noticed by any guards in the Vulcan towers." I commanded.
"Agreed." they replied.
I spotted a rather tall hill and started towards it. When I reached the crest of the hill I looked upon the entire GDI base. I saw some techinicians going into the power plants, probably too check its working
efficiency. I knew that this would be my vantage point. I saw the figures of my Brothers heading towards the Tiberium field through the trees. I looked through my scope into the Vulcan tower's lookout. I saw two people relaxing in chairs in the tower. That would change soon. I aimed for a headshot and tightened my grip on the trigger.
The bullet zipped into the guard's cranial cavity and exited through the other side. He fell off his chair and took the chair with him. The other guard started to react but I cut him off.
The Harvester just exploded and toxic Tiberium debris was flying off in all directions. I picked off the guards in the other Vulcan towers.
I managed to get them all before any alarms were sounded but that didn't mean no one saw the dead guards. Kevin blew the north gate in with C4 and hunter started working on the infantry with his flamethrower. I picked them off from where I was and started down the hill. I went all the way around and came in behind Kevin.
"Where were you, Brother?" Hunter asked.
"Just busy saving your asses." I replied.
"I will clear out the building until you can destroy them, Brother." I said.
"We will wait here." Kevin replied.
I was the best at clearing out buildings because I also use physchological warfare as well as physical warfare. I learned in my elite training to say things to discourage hiding GDI troops so they would become weakened by the mental pressure to give up and die. I knocked into the con yard with my laser rifle in hand. I shot a GDI soldier near the doorway. That was it huh? I thought to myself. Now the rest I had to scare out.
"Hello, 'Stinger' here," I said.
I heard a small gasp.
"Give up now, I can hear you breathing."
I actually couldn't but this is my psychological warfare.
"The Brotherhood always finds his man."
Suddenly a technician jumped out and begged to live.
"Sorry, no prisoners." I said.
With that I shot him straight in the face and saw the laser burn his skin.
"Anyone else want to come out, I might make your death faster."
"I know I am not alone."
Two technicians came out of hiding an tryed running away down the hallway, but I shot their backs and they went down.
I went up to the second floor of the con yard and started my psychological warfare again.
"I am not alone, I know you are hiding, just come out to die."
"Make this easy for yourself, or I will make your death longer and worse."
An engineer and a GDI soldier jumped out.
"RUN!" the soldier ordered to the engineer.
"No I think I will stay and waste you." I said.
He got off six rounds from his automatic pulse rifle until I shot him in the stomach. I ran after the engineer to the top floor of the con yard. It was a trap. About thirty GDI soldier started firing at me. I jumped behind a few storage boxes kept in there and returned fire until the boxes burst. I went through a series of evading moves and picked them off until just the engineer was left. I held his throat until he suffocated. Then I left the con yard to check in with Hunter and Kevin.
"What happened?" Kevin asked. "You've been shot three times."
"I have, where?" I asked.
"Twice in your left leg and once in your stomach." Hunter replied.
"Wow. It is a good the my stomach was protected with the vest." I said.
"Yeah, but your leg is bleeding like crazy, take it easy and Hunter and I will clear out the other buildings and destroy them." Kevin said.
"Okay, but do you have a bandage or anything?" I asked.
"I'm not a medic," Kevin replied. "I'm an engineer."
"Oh, well. I'll rest here while you get all the action." I said sadly.
"If you insist." Hunter replied.
Kevin proceeded into the con yard while Hunter went into the power plants. I fell asleep and woke up in an interrogation room. A bright light shined into my face and a dark figure splasehed cold water on my face.
"Hunter?" I asked weakly.
"No, Liutenent Friha." he replied.
"Where am I?" I asked.
"That is classified," he replied. "all you need to know is that you are in an interrogation room and I will be asking the questions from now on."
"Damnit." I cursed.
"What is you name and rank?" Lt. Friha questioned.
"I am Tony Gilderas, but you might know me as 'Stinger'" I replied.
"'Stinger'?" he asked, shocked.
"Yes." I replied.
"Perfect." he said.
Then came in two men that dragged me into a cell.
"Well, 'Stinger' you will spend a few weeks in here until you are to pay your death sentence." Friha said.
"Is that actually you, Tony?" my cellmate asked.
"Who's asking?" I asked.
"Gerald Rodina." he replied.
"Gerald, how are you, and how did you get in here?" I asked.
"I raided a civilian town under GDI and they caught me, the lucky bastards." Gerald replied.
"I don't know how I got in here, though."
"You were found asleep in the ruins of a small GDI base when a convoy arrived and found you. Your Brothers tried to fight them but they got away with you before they could get a chance to recapture you, and I see your wounds healed." he replied.
"How do you know this?" I asked.
"The warden supplies us with GDI newspapers, so we know who is winning the war, and of course we know if any major Brotherhood operatives are captured, AKA, you." he replied.
"Okay, but I need to get out of here." I said.
"Hmm. I think I know how to get us out." he said.
"Tell me." I ordered.
"Okay, the guard with the key to the cells walks past this cell every half hour. I can take the alarm clock off my nightstand and throw it at him. He should fall close enough for us to grab the keys seeing as how narrow this hallway is, then you will grab his gun because you can probably use it to a better extent than I can, which is why I never attempted this plan. Then we run to freedom, hopefully getting me a gun on the way and freeing other Brotherhood agents. I know where all our Brothers are in this prison that can help us."
"Okay, I am willing to try it." I said.
We waited for twenty-five minutes that seemed like an hour. The guard came by and got the surprise of a lifetime - knocked out by an alarm clock. He slumped in just the right way as for me to grab the keys and unlock the door. I grabbed the unconscious guard's gun and kicked him really hard until he died.
"Why did you do that?" Gerald asked.
"We don't want any squealers, now help me drag him into our cell." I ordered.
"Okay." he replied.
We dragged him in then started to walk through the hall, freeing my Brothers along the way.
"When do we get guns?" A freed brother asked.
"When a guard willingly gives you one or when a guard is killed and you take his gun, but I suggest you wait for me to kill the guard because I doubt they will give away their guns." I replied.
He just walked quietly from then on. I turned the corner and shot the guard sitting in a chair there. I took his chaingun and gave Gerald my pulse rifle. I went through the prison cafeteria to the door leading outside into the countryside of Geneva, eighteen miles from the Black Hand's barracks in Trion, killing guards along the way while Gerald directed me. Now half of my freed Brothers were armed but we needed to keep the rest out of combat, which was pretty hard since the prison has a lot of GDI personnel coming and going.
"Anybody have any heavy weapons?" I asked.
"I probably have the best weapon meant for anti-vehicle." a voice said.
"Front and center," I said. "What's your name?"
"Samson Drinder, sir." Samson replied.
"What is your weapon?" I asked
"Tiberian Auto Rifle, sir," he replied. "and two timed charges."
"That will do for this operation," I answered back. "Now let's send the GDI bastards to hell!"
With that I kicked out the door with my gun blazing fire and lead into the trees, GDI soldiers, and GDI light vehicles.
"Samson, knock out that Wolverine, NOW! Before it gets a shot out!" I commanded.
The Tiberian Auto Rifle shot 120 shots per minute. Add that to its toxic Tiberium shells and good range, and you have a pretty good weapon -- if you know how to use it - which apparently Samason did know how to. The Wolverine couldn't see its targets with all the Tiberium gas released from the shells clouding its vision and heat sensors, which allow it to detect stealthed units. My unarmed Brothers ran away to freedom in the forest and got away safely while we covered them. I took out at least three officers. It was a convoy of newly recruited, weaponless GDI grunts we were firing upon, which made it much easier, brought here to see our confiscated weapons, so they knew the Brotherhood's arsenal.
"Samson, Gerald, come with me, the rest of you, get to Trion and tell Hunter I am coming once I take care of some busienss, they should be in the Black Hand barracks," I commanded. "My team will take out this prison so it can never hold another Brother in its clutches."
"Good luck." replied a Brother.
My makeshift team raced back into the prison to its main boiler room. I kicked in the door to boiler room, and killed its occupants which hadn't heard the firefight above because of all the noise the boiler made.
"Samson, put a charge on the boiler and set it for 10:00 so we can also have time to place a charge on the prison's power generator and blow this place to hell."
"What should I do?" Gerald asked.
"Cover our right flank." I replied.
Samson set the charge and we started up to the power genrator per Gerald's instructions as he knows this structure as well as Kevin would.
We went into the power generator room, which was empty -- for now. The generator was emitting a low humming noise.
I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and Gerald and I readied our weapons.
"Can you hurry with that charge?" I questioned.
"I'm going as fast as I possibly can, sir." Samson replied.
The first wave arrived to meet a spray of lead into their faces. Samson finished setting the charge for 5:00 now and we began to leave the prison, firing down onto the heads of GDI's armed grunts and officers. I smelled the fresh air when Gerald was shot in the right leg and went down for a few seconds.
"Brother!" I yelled.
"Leave me!" he yelled back. "I will die fighting for the Brotherhood!"
Samson and I left with him yelling "For Kane!" and shooting into the horde of GDI personnel. We jumped out into the fresh air where the stink of decaying, dead bodies had not yet began to take place. Samson and I had made it into the forest where I continued to Trion to reunite with my Brothers.
"Where are you going to, Samson?" I asked.
"I need to reunite with the Elite Strike Force in Trinis for the upcoming raid against GDI stronghold of Deridia." he replied.
"Call my Brothers of the Black Hand if you need us, I will put in a good word for you."
Boom! The explosives just went off. A vital GDI prison was lost.
Samson smiled and started running east. I continued to Trion until the familiar sights and sounds of the Black Hand's base camp at Trion came to my eyes and ears. I saw some of the Brothers I freed. They told me that Hunter and Kevin were in the barracks and they were waiting for me. I ran as fast as I could and opened the door to our barracks.
"Kevin!" I shouted. "Hunter!"
"Tony!" they yelled back.
"Slavick was worried sick about you, what happened, I mean we saw you taken away and we were just about to make a rescue effort until one of our Brothers told us you were coming." Kevin said.
I sat down and enjoyed some food while I told them the story of my escape.
"Oh, yes I need a medal awarded to Samson Drinder of the Elite Strike Force for extreme bravery in battle, and another medal of the same achievement for Gerald Rodina who died bravely fighting with his last breath for the Brotherhood."
"I'll see what I can do." replied Kevin.
I then left them and fell asleep peacefully in my room. Until my next mission.

P.S.- It took me a while to finish this story because I had writier's block for a while.
Don't throw me into the briar patch.
You and your silly little words.

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PostPosted: Mon May 11, 2009 11:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

FYI: my next story will be through GDI's eyes
Don't throw me into the briar patch.
You and your silly little words.

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