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Post Your Not Westwood Collections
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Joined: 24 Jul 2010

PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:23 am    Post subject:  Post Your Not Westwood Collections Reply with quote

There's plenty of collections out there and we'd have threads for days, but it's best consolidated. #Tongue

I've expanded my SimCity and Sim-games collection as well. Not just a C&C guy, y'know. #Tongue

SimCity releases from 1989. Commodore on the left and the big multi-platform release on the right. Both complete too. Sadly, just the tornado cover and not the monster one. Maybe I'll get that soon. Very Happy

SimCity 2000 CD Collection. Pretty good shape too. Got everything in it, even those registration cards. #Tongue

Ah yes, the SimCity 2000 Network Edition. Hard to find as a jewel case and even harder in the box. And I have two! Both complete. Bought from Australia of all places. And yes, they are the NA release. Very Happy

Now this is an unusual find. It's a Teacher's Guide for the original SimCity on Mac. Didn't even know they used SimCity as a teaching tool, but it's neat that they did. Too bad I never got anything this cool in my classes.

SimCity 2015 in cases. And yes, with discs no less. Also picked up a Target preorder bonus in the lot. Very Happy

Picked up a copy of SimCity 2000 for the Sega Saturn. In Japanese. Very Happy

SimCity 2000 for the Nintendo 64. Clearly Japanese. Kinda bummed the US never got SimCity 2000 for the Nintendo 64.

Japanese copy of the SimCity Creator Wii release.

SimCity 4 Deluxe PC Japanese. This was a lucky find.

SimAnt and SimEarth original releases. No re-releases here. Very Happy

SimTower and SimFarm. A couple more games from the extensive Maxis Sim collection of games.

Moving away from games most of you like and into ones that only I seem to enjoy around here. #Tongue

Modern Warfare 2 Cliffhanger level demo. Picked it up for cheap. Love me some Call of Duty so I had to get it. #Tongue

Finally got a Call of Duty 2 Collector's Edition without a bunch of bullshit stickers plastered all over it. Some neat little extras in here.

Ghosts Hardened Edition for the Xbox 360. Found it brand new on clearance at Walmart a while back. $30. They go for more than that on eBay.

I love the Black Ops story and this cel art was too cool to pass up. Pretty neat if you ask me.
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Joined: 20 Feb 2005
Location: Michigan

PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 1:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Shimu Shiti, lol. Not exactly words well suited to the Japanese language.
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Vehicle Drone

Joined: 09 Oct 2015

PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 4:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I never thought there are such thing like Sim ant :O

Try AI Myth mod and You'll stunned with the Myth! Very Happy

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Joined: 16 May 2005

PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 3:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cool stuff man Very Happy
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Joined: 24 Jul 2010

PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2018 3:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is gonna be a long post. Cause... I got a shitload of new stuff in this category. #Tongue

I'll kick it off with the Sim series stuff.

Original SimCity release for Windows.

Same as Windows, but for the old school Mac.

Supreme. That makes it cooler, right? #Tongue Actually, just a special release for color Macs instead of the previous black and white.

The very first SimCity release ever. This had to get pulled due to the monster having too much of a likeness to Godzilla. Toho didn't much care for that. #Tongue

Original SimCity UK release with the first expansion pack.

The expansions for the original SimCity. Little boxes... kinda strange.

SimCity and Populous double pack.

SimCity and Lemmings double pack.

Enhanced media release. In the box. #Tongue

Maybe not a special release since it's a re-release but I thought the box looked interesting if nothing else.

SimCity 2000 Great Disasters 1. There never was a two though...

The Urban Renewal Kit. Not commonly found, much less in the box.

An expansion, spinoff of sorts. Race around your own SimCity 2000 cities. Actually a neat concept and the game itself isn't that bad. And it's got a kick ass soundtrack. #Tongue

SimCity 2000 for Mac in full Japanese. Oh yes, this bad boy is actually sealed. Very Happy

Oh yeah. Complete edition of SimCity 2000 for Super NES from the US. Box is well worn but it has everything that it came with.

SimCity 2000 for GBA and in Japanese for the PS1.

SimCity and SimCity 2000 for the Super NES from Japan. Surprisingly... really cheap buys.

SimCity 3000 for the Mac. Not the best box ever...

SimCity 4 Deluxe in the long box. Finally found one for a reasonable price and it's in immaculate condition. Very Happy

SimCity 2015 in Japanese. Nothing fancy here. #Tongue

SimIsle wasn't a popular title. Didn't last too long.

SimLife. Another mediocre title in the Sim line of games. You can, however, beat someone to death with the manual though. #Tongue

SimEarth and SimAnt for the Super Famicom. Not fancy but they are at least complete.

SimEarth for the Sega Mega CD and PC Engine CD. SimEarth had a lot of releases...

A blast from my childhood. These are cards you'd find, specifically in Toys R Us, that detailed the game. Back when you never saw a single box on store shelves.

Moving on from Sim series games. Now we're walking into Blizzard territory. Knew I'd get here at some point.

Starcraft in the big box. These are surprisingly hard to find.

Brood War in the box. Even more hard to find in the box than the base game.

Shareware. Back when shareware was a thing that was in stores.

The original Warcraft in the box. Aw yeah. DOS games, baby.

Warcraft has plenty to it. The initial release for Windows.

Like the above, but for Mac instead of Windows. #Tongue

Boxed shareware. Oh, how things have changed. May have to unseal this one to do some box repair...

Starcraft Remastered promo. It's a vinyl record of the soundtrack. Sealed! Very Happy And no, I am not unsealing it. #Tongue

I got more shareware releases.

Like this. A random Doom floppy shareware release.

Descent shareware. Not a giant box but it's more than just floppies.

Original Quake shareware. Not sure if these came in a box or not.

Now for the games that get more random. The RTS genre has some interesting releases... but first, some well-known classics.

Like Total Annihilation. I really ought to play this one...

TA Kingdoms. What do you call this? A prequel? A spinoff? Either way, a classic. Played the demo back in the day.

No game from the 90s was complete without an expansion. #Tongue

No one ever seems to talk about Dark Reign, yet its excellence can't be stated enough.

Probably the most unusual of the bunch. It's a non-serious, C&C-style RTS about men and women in a war. The premise alone is work a look.

And no, that's not all. I am a big fan of soundtrack CDs.

Mario Galaxy music fully orchestrated. Fun listen. And a history of Mario special DVD.

Soundtracks for the US Zelda games for the Nintendo 64.

Arranged and orchestrated Zelda music. Zelda always has such great music...

And still more Zelda soundtracks. Breath of the Wild and Twilight Princess HD this time.

Smash 4 has the best soundtrack of all Smash games. Super worth a listen.

Borderlands has a decent soundtrack but the sequel's is better. I need one of those...

And last, but not least, a Heart of the Swarm soundtrack. I will unseal this one eventually but I got it sealed.
Discord: The Astronomer#1314

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