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Feedback on story/lore
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 3:06 am    Post subject:  Feedback on story/lore Reply with quote

So now I've covered the gameplay-related feedback (I've edited it into my last post in case you've missed any) in my other thread, I figured anything related to storytelling ought to go in its own topic. Anyway.

I'll try and list these in order of importance. First a few general issues:

- I wish there was a bit more storytelling to tie the missions together. This is usually where the FMV cutscenes would fill in, but guess we've got to make do #Tongue If possible it would be great if there was some sort of debriefing after completing a mission. My modding knowledge is limited so I don't know if this is hardcoded, but if it is, perhaps a bit of "debriefing" can be added to the briefing of the next mission.
Spoiler (click here to read it):
I mean, I babysat General Sheppard for 2 missions in a row only to have him sniped by a jet and didn't even get a footnote about it. Well? Is that it? Is he definitely 100% dead? Did they recover his body? Did he mysteriously disappear like Kane? I'll admit I'm kinda a fan of Kucan's Kane/Sheppard personal theory so I was hoping to see more of Sheppard, especially since we even get an ingame transmission from him Laughing

- IMO missions should keep repeating the briefing to a minimum at the beginning, or at least let the player have control. There are quite a few missions that disable controls and go over all the same information that was in the briefing I just read, except slower. If they do that it should be for information that hasn't already been listed, so e.g.
Briefing: Use the infector commando to destroy Globotech's city.
Mission: Here's how to use your infector.
Briefing: Disable Nod's radar array.
Mission: This is the exact location of Nod's radar array so you know where it is.
Briefing: We must defend this location from Tiberium lifeforms until help arrives.
Mission: *exploding base and Tiberium fiends eating all your soldiers* Hello commander, do you have a minute to talk about how this base is very important and you shouldn't allow the Tiberium lifeforms to destroy it?

- It would be nice if missions had at least a one-sentence description in the menu instead of all having "mission provided upon launch", makes replaying easier if you're looking for a specific mission

Now a few nitpicks for the hell of it #Tongue

- The conflict between Globotech and GDI could do with a bit of fleshing out. Right now it's just: one false flag op during a war with an enemy known for being subversive and suddenly it's all out war. At first I thought this was because GT command had also been infiltrated by Nod, hence their sudden use of Nod units in later missions, but turns out that's a bug lol

Anyway, I think there should be a bit more lead up to that. E.g. after GDI Mission 5 mention that GT was really miffed that GDI let that base fall, thus frictions begin. Then during the Nod false flag don't make it just a rando GT outpost getting destroyed, instead make it so that a transport full of GT top brass or something had to make an emergency landing there during the storm. Nod kills them all, partially decapitating GT, GT is thrown into disarray and in their panic they order GDI to disarm pending investigation, GDI refuses so GT attacks, etc. etc. something in that general area.

- Those elite GDI Rangers in GDI Mission 15 shouldn't be such pansies #Tongue I mean c'mon, they're elite, they go on a dangerous mission with just 3 guys, face down horrible Tiberium lifeforms, then wimp out after one threat from some punk with a flamethrower pfffffft. IMO would be funnier if they revealed GDI's plans by taking the defiant approach: "We got a Mammoth walker on the way and it'll kill all you Nod scum-- Er, wait. Hang on. Can you forget I said that? It's classified."

I think that's all I've got for the nonce, hope you find it useful. Keep up the good work with this game!

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