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PPM :: Chainstory
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2002 3:53 am    Post subject:  PPM :: Chainstory Reply with quote

PPM Chainstory Rules:

1. Don't kill another character who writes in the story.
2. Don't make it utterly rediculous
3. Don't ignore things that happened in previous chapters (if you can help it)

Note: Chapters not following the rules will be 'Squelched' (Made into size 1 font and ignored)

Prologue; It Begins

Banshee searched through the phpBB admin panel, squinting slightly at the tiny letters on the screen.
"Perhaps I need stronger glasses," Banshee muttered as he wiped his current ones on his shirt to see clearer. He clicked the "Add Forum" button, and set its viewers to the "PPM Members" group only. He was about to click "Create" when he noticed something he'd never seen before:

Forum Status: Real

Curious, banshee ticked the box next to it to activate it. He created it and opened an MSN window to tell Kane and CC about it.

Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation.
Banshee diz:
Kane diz:
CC diz:
Banshee diz:
I found this new thing in the forum create thing... you guys seen it before?
CC diz:
? what is it?
Banshee diz:
"Forum status: Real"
Kane diz:
CC diz:
nope, never seen it. What's it do?
Banshee diz:
No idea... posting test message now
Kane diz:
Mmmm.. Peach Juice...
CC diz:

Banshee went ahead and started typing a message about which work system to use. He finished his message and clicked "Submit".


Greyfox halted midway in checking his email as a bright green light suddenly shined around him, along with a deafening drum in his ears. A sudden bright flash, and everything went black.


Kane splurted peach juice out his nose as a drumming noise in his ears halted him from playing his H-game. "What the F..." Kane never finished his sentence as a sudden flash rendered him senseless.


CC looked up from his book as the letters started glowing green. So did the whole room, in fact. Accompanied by a droning hum in his ears, followed by a bright flash, he had time to utter "Not AGAIN" before falling into blackness.


Banshee sighed as he saw the green light start to envelop him for the second time in his life. "Those pirahna`s are going to kill me..." he said before falling unconscious.


Reply with YOUR chapter, from YOUR perspective! YOU decide what happens! You are in charge of YOUR destiny! Will you help the others, or worry about yourself? You decide!

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2002 5:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

OpX ChainStory

Chapter 1 :: The story begins to unfold...

Kane rubbed the side of his head as he stood up. "Errrgggghhhhh... How many times does that have to happen?" He looked around, and realized he was still in his house. "Oookkkaaaayyyyy..." He looked around and realized his game of Divi-dead had crahsed. "DAMNIT! Now I gotta fight that damn fool cultist guy again!" He smashed his hand to the desk. "CURSES, WESTWOOD! YE HATH FOILED ME AGAIN!!!! Oh well, Peach Juice heals all wounds." He walked out to the kitchen and opened his refrigerator. "Let's see... Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds... bread... cookies... Wait a minute; BREAD?" He slammed the door shut and stepped back, and found himself looking at a wooden cupboard. "Dear... Sweet... God..." He looked around the room, and saw all the things he'd expect to see in a game of Dungeons and Dragons... Or Neverwinter Nights... He raced back to his room, tripping over a pile of dirty clothes, game CD cases and boxes, and cans of pepsi, Jolt Cola, and peach juice. He sat down and opened up MSN.


Black Mage Kane says: OMG

CC says: What?

Black Mage Kane says: Did you see that green flash of light?

CC says: yea, but I ignored it. didn't seem to do anything.

Banshee says: Errr...

Black Mage Kane says: Guys, I got sucked into NWN!

CC says: What?? I thought it only worked for C&C! Why didn't anything happen to me or Banshee?

Banshee says: Errr... Why is there a helipad outside my house? And why is there a UFO on it?


CC got up and did a cursory examination of his house, finding nothing out of order, however, when he got back to his room, he found a small Murloc Tiderunner rooting through his desk.

"What the hell?" he said as the Tiderunner turned and charged at him, raising its sword. He stumbled backward and waved his hands at it, and was astounded as a ball of electricity flew out of his hands and smashed into the Murloc, sending him flying backward into the desk, and leaving a smear of brown blood along the floor. CC looked at his hands for a moment, then said "0wn!" and ran back to the computer.

The window was already open, and Kane was voicing his opinions on what might be going on.

Black Mage Kane says: Okay, so, what if it just changes us, but we stay in our environment? I can still see the Royal Bank building, and the rest of the area around me seems normal. You know, cars driving around and stuff... But I'm casting spells on innocent civvies, and there's no more fridge. Oh my god! The PEACH JUICE! :O

Banshee says: This Banshee could come in handy.. I wonder if I know how to fly it?

Kane snapped out of his Peach Juice induced depression when he heard that. "Yea," he typed, "somehow, I know how to cast spells. I never really could think of how Wizards manipulated that magical energy, and now I'm making a fireall in my own room. Holy hell! Flamable things! Eek!" he waved his hand and the fireball flew out the window, smashing into a building for rent across the street and setting it on fire. "Well, maybe I don't have the hang of this, entirely... But anyway, whatever happened must have messed with our heads. How'd that happen?"

CC typed in, "Guys! I'm a Orc Shaman! D00000M!" He pressed enter, then typed, "hmm, maybe we should be focusing on trying to find out how to get out of this mess, or rather, how we got in it. Did you fiddle with RA2 code again, Banshee?"

"Of course not!" Banshee replied, "why do you always thing I make the mistakes?"

"You did last time," CC said as a window popped up on Kane's screen.

"Uhh, Kane?" Sk8erkid typed. "Remember before, when we got pulled into C&C?"

Kane looked around the room for something to drink, finally settling on a can of Pepsi. "Uhh, I better invite you into the other convo," he said as a window from Yoshi came up on the screen. He invited Yoshi and Sk8erkid into the convo as CC invited Greyfox and Doug in. "Okay, people, I take it everyone's seen that green flash of light... So far, I'm a NWN Wizard, CC's an Orc Shaman, and Banshee's got a Banshee parked outside his house, and probably more, knowing what's been going on. How about you? I'm sure Yoshi's a Yoshi."

Yoshi was spamming the window with random words like "ZIG," but he stopped and said "I am! Its sweet! ive even got a gauss rifle!"

Kane thought for a moment. "Anyone got an MCV?"

Banshee replied, "I've got a whole Nod base!! Around my house!" Kane quickly cast a spell, and found himself standing in the middle of a giant, sprawling, Nod base.

"Wow..." He ran over to the Weapons Factory, stepped up to a control panel in the center, and hit the "MCV" button.

"Kane?" CC was looking out his window and watching a couple Dire Wolves run past. "Kane, I don't think it effected just us. There's wolves outside my window. Big ones, blue... Like from Warcraft..."

Kane was too busy looking around the weapons factory. He heard a Construction Complete sound and the MCV rolled outside. He ran up to it, touched it with his hand, and cast teleport again, finding himself outside his house. He parked the MCV nearby and jogged back to his room.

"KANE?" CC said as he spammed Kane's computer, causing a cavalcade of "User has logged in" noises. Kane finally returned and checked the conversations he missed.

"Hmmm, shame I didn't get sucked into Divi-dead... I was playing it, after all... 'course, being stabbed in the head with a rusty knife isn't something I want to experiance."

"You might have bigger problems," CC said with a grin. "You're in NWN. Can we say 'Giant Spider'?" Kane cringed at the very words.

"Okay, people," Banshee said, assuming control of the conversation, "listen up. Last time, there was a way to beat this. All we had to do was have one of our objectives be completed. We destroyed Kane's base and plans, and thusly we all got out of this. Maybe we can set everything back to normal again by doing something. Everyone look for some clue as to what that "something" might be...
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2002 5:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

OpX ChainStory

Chapter 2 :: The objective is survivance...

"And whats the objective?" ask CC.

"I have no idea. usually C&C games have a briefing button that explains that, but this time I can't see this briefing thing!". replies Banshee

Kane laughs and replies "Your joking, right? Ive already seen bazilions of C&C stuff here, but a breifing button?"

A huge army of light infantry and disk throwers invades the Nod base where Banshee is settled and havoc begins. "brb, GDI is at home! I'll return if I survive!" says Banshee.

"We can't leave Banshee alone, CC. Otherwise it will be even harder to leave this hell!" says Kane. Kane casts a spell to return to the Nod base and casts another spell to bring CC.

Wolfs and orc units invade CC's home, devastate everything there and destroys his computer. However, they didn`t found what they wanted: CC.

Wizards and sourceres make an alliance and together gets into Kane's house, destroying everything specially his computer and his T3 conection.

Orca Bombers devastate Banshee's home and pc. Due to the attacks, Kane, Banshee and CC meets inside the Construction Yard. Banshee trains 60 light infantry which are sufficient to stop the GDI attack and when the situation calms down, they start talking:

- WTF happened?!?!? -- says Banshee

- This based was attacked, your home was destroyed, the computer was destroyed and without computer we can't get back home. My peach juice, Im missing it so much! -- says Kane

- At least we've got our home, Kane. Do you have any spell to see what is happening? -- says CC

Kane casts a spell which reveals the world map.

- It is infested!!! -- says Banshee

- My home!!! My peach juice!! My penguim mints!!! All gone!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- says Kane

- shutup, Kane. Otherwise we'll need some spells also to destroy these wolfs comming to our base right... -- before CC completes his sentence, Banshee screams:

- FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These Orca Bombers will destroy us, we have to prepare the air defense urgently!

- These sam sites are almost useless against them! -- says CC

- Train some rocket infantry! -- says Kane

- No, look, PPM units are available! I've coded 0.4b and the Laser Trooper is much better. -- says Banshee

- The laser troopers are very expensive, Banshee! One costs $800! We do not have enough time to build all them! -- says CC

- Does someone have a rules.ini? -- says Banshee

Kane and CC laughs and explains that there are no computers to edit ini files at the moment. Banshee assumes the control of the conversation and says:

- We have our first objective: Get inside a computer again. That's the only way to save our ass at the moment.

The Orca Bombers aproaches the base. The stealth laser troopers are able to destroy 3 of them, the rocket infantry destroys 2 and the sam sites destroys other 4. The last one falls on Banshee's legs breaking them.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2002 7:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 3 :: Run like hell!

Kane cringed at the sound of snapping bones and looked at banshee as his screams of pain filled the air. Kane waved his hands and banshee stopped screaming, his pain obviously gone.

"Thanks" Banshee said as he tried to stand up, but immediately collapsed. "WTF?"
"The spell only stops your pain, it doesn't fix your legs" Kane said.

The door of the construction yard started shaking as bloodthirsty wolves on the other side clawed at it.

"We have to move" CC said. "Look, over there!"
"Of course!" Kane said, jogging over. "The banshee!"
"I`m the only one who can fly it!" said banshee from the floor. "Carry me over!"

Kane simply shook his head and teleported banshee into the drivers seat.
"That was cool" said Banshee, as he put on his helmet and pressed some buttons.

Suddenly the door burst open and Dire Wolves rushed in for the kill. The banshee's lights went on, startlingly bright, stunning the wolves momentarily.
"GET IN!" yelled banshee, before he realised there was only space for one person. CC noticed this and jumped ontop of it, a small crevice providing a relatively safe place to cling on to. Kane looked around and found nowhere to cling onto.

One of the wolves recovered, and leaped onto Kane.
"Aaaaiieee!" cried Kane, raising his hands, fire erupting on the wolf. The wolf ran around in circles, on fire, but other wolves were closing in as Kane tried the spell again, but out of nowhere, a little voice uttered;

"Not enough mana!"

"Damn!" said Kane as the banshee behind him started to rise. CC had time to cast bloodlust on Kane and throw him a mana potion before the banshee flew off, CC barely holding on.

Kane chugged the potion and cast Blizzard. Waves of ice shards shattered ontop of the startled wolves, with extra damage thanks to the effects of the Bloodlust spell on him.

Kane sucked in a breath of relief and sat down, panting. He reached out to turn the Construction Yard light switch on, and felt something solid, even though there was nothing there.


Kane felt again, and noticed the thing was breathing softly. Kane gulped and realised he was surrounded by the new Nod Stealth Laser Troopers. He pulled out a small, poisoned dagger and threw it at where he thought the Trooper's neck was. He was rewarded with a gasp of pain and a splatter of dark blood before the others in the room revealed themselves and started firing.


Banshee flew the Banshee with expert precision over the woods. "I don't remember any woods close to my house..." said banshee. CC yelled from the top of the banshee, but banshee couldn't hear him over the wind and the soundproof driver capsule.
"BANSHEE! YOUR ABOUT TO FLY OVER AN ANTI AIRCRAFT AREA!" CC screamed, but to no effect. Banshee kept on flying, and only when a SAM missile streaked right in front of the drivers window did Banshee notice. He pressed a button and a stream if plasma streaked down, blowing up the SAM launcher.

"We're not out of woods yet..." CC muttered, enjoying his own pun as they flew over the woods. Several more SAM's fired at the banshee, but somehow Banshee managed to dodge them all and keep a straight course.

Suddenly the banshee exploded. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" screamed CC as he got flown high into the sky. He couldn't even see Banshee as he got covered by flames.


CC woke up, in a cell with arms handcuffed. He looked up to see a bald head grinning.

"I found some peach juice" was all kane said before he kicked CC in the face.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2002 4:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 4 :: Evil as always

"Hmmhmmhmmhmmhmm," Kane laughed as he walked down a short hallway. It hadn't been difficult to polymorph himself as a Fey and fly out of the swarm of Laser Troops. For all their big weapons and cloaking devices, they can't hit something smaller than a fingernail. It also hadn't been difficult to pick them off from afar with his Magic Missiles and crossbow. Now he had his MCV deployed slightly outside his house in Canada, and his vehicles and soldiers were being produced fairly quickly. Wouldn't take long before he'd have taken over Nova Scotia, then Canada, then the United States. From there, he didn't know what he'd do. I probably only need North America, anyway... He thought as he watched a harvester begin gathering Tiberium from a nearby field he'd planted. Fast growing, 'tis... "You there! Guard!" he said as a Nod troop with a shotgun came trundling down the hallway. "There's a prisoner in the cell block. Watch him, make sure he doesn't escape."

"Sure thing," the guard said and he turned around and headed back to the cells.

"Hmmm.." Kane mumbled as he looked outside. "Well, I'll head back to the Barracks and find my crossbow." He walked outside the prison and headed for the Barracks. Once inside, he walked into a smaller room in the main area which contained all of his NWN things: A blue robe, Light Crossbow +2, some spell scrolls, and a couple potions. He picked some scrolls up and began to scribe them into his spellbook. "I'll be leaving this 'Polymorph Self: Giant Spider' spell here... Hmm, wonder what my animal familiar is," he said, then raised his hands and chanted "Alorea, aluya, valcait!" A bright flash of light came from the corner of the room and a large Panther appeared. He immediately went nito detect mode since he was a rogue, and, when he didn't find any traps or hidden animals, ran to Kane's side.

"Yes master?" The panther said. (Note to readers: Ironically, when I was typing this, WinAMP started playing "Pink Panther: Techno Remix")

"Eexxcceelleenntt..." Kane entoned.

<p align="center">* * * *</p>

"Urggg..." CC rubbed his head where Kane's Size 11 Shoes of Asskicking had made an easily detectable imprint. "Damnit..." He looked around the cell and found that there was nothing but a bed and a couple stacks of concrete, obviously part of the original building plans, but left out by the nanites in charge of building it. The guard outside his cell turned and aimed his C-14 Impaler at CC, the menacing spikelauncher causing him to rethink his plans at killing the one inept guard. He looked past the guard and saw a key on a desk, and a door clearly marked Armoury in red letters. He could here a humming in there that might denote a control panel for the base, or it could be a running hoverbike, or both. "Hmmm..."

<p align="center">* * * *</p>

In Ottawa, a large, green, humanoid dinosaur watched as a large Nod MCV, escorted by a number of Buggys and some aircraft flying overhead, rumbled down a street, smashing cars, squishing a few idiots who didn't get out of the way, and generally causing untold levels of havoc. It rolled over a fence and planted itself firmly in the middle of the street as some Banshees, Orcas, and Strikers flied overhead, the new Striker aircraft letting loose volleys of 20 slow-moving rockets that easily leveled single targets. All the buildings and anything that got int he way in the surrounding area got smashed to bits, and the MCV deployed, building two power plants, a Fusion reactor, a barracks, war factory, radar, and defensive structures, all on pavement that quickly started covering the rubble created by the burning demolished buildings. A small flag with the maniacally grinning face of a bald guy was placed in the center of the base.

"Kane..." Yoshi rumbled as he grabbed a Gauss Rifle and sword off the nearby table and jumped out the window, running at the base.

<p align="center">* * * *</p>

Kane walked through the dense jungle in Brazil, looking for the downed Banshee aircraft. Can't have any loose ends... He looked up and saw some smoke in the air coming from a nearby patch of jungle.

"Muwahahaha," he laughed as he raised his Crossbow to his shoulder and continued walking closer...
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2002 7:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 5 :: Escape, again!

The lunchbell rang.

CC looked up, hopeful for even the hard, stale, ebola soaked bread that Kane preferred feeding to his prisoners. He could always Purge the disease from his system afterwards with a wellplaced magic spell. The anti magic prison kane had constructed only affected the walls and bars.

The new guard opened a slot and shoved the bread through. The old guard had contracted the ebola virus from handling the bread too much, and yet another replacement was likely due with the poor sap in front of CC now. Shrugging, CC chewed the bread thoughtfully, and thought on a way of escape. The shiny key still lay in clear view on the guards desk, yet any spells attempted resulted in extreme pain.

CC looked up into the small mirror, realising he almost looked identical the Orc shaman in Warcraft III, even down to the giant claw strapped onto his wrist. Note: See avatar

Suddenly the guard started to clutch his stomach, gasping. Smiling slightly, CC realised the effects of his handling the ebola bread were taking it's toll sooner than expected. The guard emitted a low moan of pain, which slowly grew in tempo and volume as the virus began nibbling at his internal organs.

"Pain... intense... organs... consuming..." the guard gasped for air. "H..Help...pain...!!" the guard fell over, his leg kicking over his chair, which fell onto his desk. A pile of parchments and documents flew all around the small room, and a small clang was all CC needed to grab at the source of the noise and get a hold of a small silver key.

The guard saw what was happening and feebly raised a small handgun, the larger C14 Impaler being too heavy for his current state. But CC was already gone, the effects of the Purge spell on him rendered him so senseless he didn't realise it until his own entrails were tasted in his mouth. Madly coughing up blood, the guard glanced in quick contempt at the poster of a grinning bald man and fell dead onto the floor.


The room looked near empty, containing only a handful of carefully sealed scrolls. From the prickly energy in the room, CC guessed that the scrolls had magical properties. Stuffing a few into his convenient Shaman's pouch, he moved along the hallway, stocking up on leftover mana and health potions leftover by someone in a hurry. From the strong odour of peach juice, it wasn't difficult to tell who.


A guard looked up, startled by a noise.

"Hello??" Called the guard, glancing around suspiciously. After more careful inspection into the distance, a small figure clothed in white was slowly growing bigger. Drawing his H&K Match handgun, he quickly loaded it and had it aime at the approaching figure. It was now close enough to recognize finer details; some sort of canine mask was in place, along with a giant razor sharp claw strapped onto one wrist. Suddenly the figure was gone.

The guard blinked. The second his eyes opened again, he felt blinding pain as something extremely sharp slashed him across the face. Blinking blood from his eyes and spitting out a tooth, he fired the gun three times in front of him. Utter silence followed, with no sign of the figure who had a moment before just raked half the man's face off.

Seeing that something was seriously wrong, the man clutched his face in agony and turned to run. After running 3 steps he felt himself run into the point of something sharp.

CC let the man slide off his bloodied claws. Impaling the hapless man had been fun, but he was in a hurry. He rushed outside into the sunlight, and pulled out one of Kane's scrolls. He quickly incanted from it and with a flash of bright colours, disapeared from view.


Banshee awoke in the jungle. From his aches and bruises, he deduced he had been thrown quite far from the crash site, and from his burns, was obviously engulfed in the flames briefly. He must have been lying there for some time, since there were ants all over him and no small amount of bird poop. Spitting out dirt, banshee got up and hastily brushed away the majority of the flesheating ants, but unfortunately soiled his hands with wet bird poo. He heard a shout of frustation ahead, from the direction of the downed Banshee. Banshee recognised the shout as kane's.

About to call out, Banshee remembered that last time Kane's online personality had come into play, with him being a megolamaniacal fiend out to kill everything and take over the world. Climbing a tree, banshee hung onto a high overhead branch as a black haired figure walked into view, about 5'10'' tall and average weight.

"Yep, it's Kane" said banshee from his overhead perch. He didn't notice the odd discolouring of Kane's skin, faintly glowing, as the telltale signs of a Mirror Image. For the real Kane was already aiming an ebola tipped crossbow at banshee's spinal cord. Tightening his finger on the release, Kane frowned as fey energies suddenly gleamed around him. Materialising so suddenly, kane was so alarmed he dropped the crossbow and it went off, hitting the Mirror Image in the neck. The Mirror puffed away in a cloud of smoke, and banshee realised his mistake and spotted the real kane hiding in a bush, with CC beside him, obviously the cause of the giant scratch marks on kane's face.

Before CC could finish the blow designed to remove his head from his shoulders, Kane raised his arms and used the same spell he had used on the wolves previously. Shards of razor sharp, icy cold ice slammed into banshee from his perch, stunning him and knocking him to the ground in a crumpled heap. Seeing that CC was obviously unaffected by this particular spell, Kane tried a different approach and raised his boot to kick CC in the 'nards. Knowing kane too well, CC dodged and shot a ball of electricity down kanes shirt.

"Aaaaaaaiiiiiiiieee!" shrieked kane with his skin buzzing from the energies.

CC plucked a random scroll from his pouch and quickly read from it. An energy swept through the air, heading straight for the crumpled banshee, and slamming into him. Gurgling, banshee shimmered with a green glow and begin to mutate and grow to immense proportions.

Kane paled at the sight and begin to splutter in a helpless panic. Glancing at banshee CC also paled.

The Giant Spider eyed them both with hunger in its clustered arachnoid eyes, and leaped in for the kill.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2002 8:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 6 :: Damn eight-legged monstrosities!

Kane stared with dread at the spider moving toward him. Come on, Kane, it's just a giant spider. Not even worth the crossbow bolts. A couple fireballs, maybe a Melf's Acid Arrow or two and it's dead... C'mon, just kill it... But, unfortunately, he couldn't move. He was paraly8zed with fear. He tried casting a spell, but couldn't finish it. Damnit, it's not like it's a Dire Spider, man! The spider was getting closer every second. He couldn't just stand there.

"ARRRGGGHHHHH," he yelled as he turned and ran, flying between the trees with incredible speed. He turned around to see the spider gaining on him, and almost ran into a tree that got in his path. He quickly cast Haste on himself, then all the trees around him became a solid blur of movement. He summoned a Dire Wolf to keep it company as he ran toward a tree. The wolf looked quizzically at its summoner zooming past, then realization dawned on him as he saw the giant spider rumbling through the forest. He turned and growled at the oncoming menace, then dove at it with incredible force, taking a huge chunk out of its shoulder.

Kane kept running until he saw a tree up ahead. He jumped up and caught a low hanging branch, then pulled himself up, climbing until he got as high as he dared without being in too much danger of falling. He scanned the forest, looking for the spider and his wolf. A growl came from behind him and he spun, seeing the wolf locked in battle with the giant spider, trying to rip its legs off, but getting caught in a huge magical webt the spider had cast. Kane cast Magic Missile twice, and watched with glee as the 12 small bursts of magical power went flying toward the spider, weaving between the trees. The spider was concealed by the forest, but he could make out his Dire Wolf. The wolf stopped attacking as the missiles hit, then waited a moment and jogged toward the tree. Kane climbed slowly down the tree, and when he got to the bottom, looked at the wolf, who was grinning slightly as if to say, "What a wimp. You gotta hide in a tree?" Kane unsummoned the wolf and walked back to where he had last seen CC, but the small clearing was empty.

"Damnit... Hmm, hey Panth! I need some help!" Kane muttered. The sleek black panther suddenly appeared right next to Kane, who was always amazed at his ability to become almsot invisible.

"Yes, master?" Panth asked, looking up at Kane, who smiled at him and patted his head, givnig him a piece of food.

"I need you to scout around this area, try to find where CC went. I'll set up a camp here for the moment. When you're done, come back and we can get some rest." Panth nodded and trundled off into the forest, his rogue's skills causing him to quickly dissappear from sight and sound. The sky was already getting dark. Kane opened up his spellbook and memorized Ultravision, since he knew he'd need it, then pitched a tent and set up some sticks in a circle, clearing the leaves and underbrush from the ground. Then, he hit it with a fireball and watched as it ignited. "I could get used to this," he said with a smile as he sat down by the fire and pulled out a copy of the book "Warcraft: Day of the Dragon."
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 01, 2002 11:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 7:: The Truth

DeathRay2K went to his computer. He logged onto the PPM website, and immediately went to the forums. He said "Cool. A new forum." Upon opening it, he saw a black screen with just the words 'Forum status: Real' His computer froze, so he had to restart. When it had got past the Windows 98 Loading screen, there was a green flash of light. He was thrown backwards across the room. Once he had got up, he looked at his computer screen. It read "Forum Full". It blinked a few times, then the message dissapeared. His screen turned green. At first he thought it was some kind of wierd virus, but then he noticed something on the green. He quickly took a screenshot, and opened mspaint. He pasted the screenshot, and coloured over the green with red. He discovered that the green screen was covered with binary code, except at the bottom right hand corner. There, there was a butten reading 'Translate'. He went back to the green screen and clicked on the bottom right hand corner. the background green became wight, and the text green became black. Slowly, way too slowly, the text was translated to plain english. It read:

"This is the virtual reality beta program. We have develloped a way to send out electronic signals from the monitor. They enter the human brain and make them believe that an image from their mind is real. It is completely real, because the electronic signals sent to the brain simulate touch, hearing, smell, taste, and sight. Unfortunately the virtual reality complete simulation(VRCS) is not completely safe, and is not to be used on humans. The signals to the brain are too strong, and may destroy the creature that they have been sent to, within a week. Our scientists are develloping a lotion that absorbs some electrical signals, namely the VRCS' signals."

DeathRay2K wondered what this had to do withthe PPM forum. He decided to ask Banshee, so he opened up MSN Messenger. He found Banshee's name, but it was blinking. He opened it up and wrote 'Hey!'

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Chapter 8: Oibles.

CC gasped when he felt something slimy wrapping itself around his foot. Blinking, he looked up from his uncomfortable sleeping mat he had erected after running from a Giant, HUGGGEEEEEEEE spider which was apparently banshee. Damn, my life is weird, he thought, as he pondered the crazed events of the past few hours.

Squinting at his foot, he noticed he was sleeping at the head of a large pond. And a slippery blue ringed tentacle was delicately wrapping itself around CC's leg. His eyes widened.


Panth sniffed around the clearing, uncertain as to which way his prey had run off to. But as he was about to give up and return to his novel reading master, his ears pricked. He didn't need acute senses to hear what came next; loud screams of horror, from the direction of the pond he had seen earlier. Running toward the sound, he stumbled over a branch and fell onto something huge and sticky. Panicking, he tried to wrestle his way out of the silky trap, but it only made his prison all the more binding.

Banshee's clustered eyes sparkled dimly in what might have been amusement. He had never felt this hungry before, but ever since becoming a giant spider he had felt some odd urges... and right now, he was craving the succulent juices inside the panther so conveniently caught in his giant web. Binding the panther in delicately woven but firm silk threads, Banshee then jabbed Panth with a poisoned Mandible. Panth squirmed at first, then fell still as the paralysing effects of the toxin kicked in. He frowned when something came from behind him, disturbing his hard earned snack from being eaten. And he couldn't believe his arachnoid eyes when he turned around.

A giant squid grabbed Banshee with one giant blue ringed tentacle and lifted him up as easily as a rag doll, while another tentacle viciously slapped him to stun him momentarily. But what truly confused poor Banshee was not the fact that the Giant Squid was walking on land on it's tentacles, but the fact that CC was riding on top of it, with apparent ease.

"Sorry bout the slap banshee, but you were acting like you were gonna eat that defenseless animal!" said CC, from his perch.
Panth frowned at this, but aggravated as he was at being called defenseless, he didn't want to be sucked clean by an eight legged abomination. CC noted the KI medallion on a necklace on Panth's neck, and understood.
"Ah, another of Kane's minions!" said CC, jumping off the squid and tieing the wrapped Panth to the end of a stick, and putting the stick on his shoulder. "Well then, off to find Kane! Oh, this is Squiddy, by the way. I met him back there in a pond. He can walk on land! woo!" He took one of Squiddy's many tentacles and shook in a hand/tentacle shake, then moved through the shrubs toward the sound of turning pages.

"OIBLES!" Screeched kane, the book flying out of his hands. Scrambling for his possesions, he all but fell over a rock and landed on a thorn. Kane sighed and pulled a Peach Flask from his belt and took a long swig. Looking up, he spluttered,
"Err.. uhh... Hi CC, found any clues as to how we are gonna get out of here?"
CC dumped panth at kane's feet, saying,
"Here's your minion back for you. Gift Wrapped, too. And why are you trying to sound innocent? Everyone knows your evil."
"Well errr, that is to say, well..." Kane mumbled, then suddenly threw a grenade, grabbed panth and his book, and disapeared in a flash of green light.

Banshee mumbled some barely legible words.
"Why aren't we running, did you say?" Asked CC, bending over and picking up the grenade. "He forgot to pull the pin!"


Sk8erkid screamed as Kane, a wrapped up Panther, and a book fell directly on top of his head.


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Chapter 9: Mmm.. Pizza...

Kane trundled out of the teleport, stumbling a bit. He hadn't really expected CC to find some creature willing to help him, and he hadn't expected anything to happen to Panth, with his amazing Hide and Spot skills.
"You okay, buddy?" Kane asked Panth.
"I'm hungry," Panth's voice rumbled in his head. Kane smiled.
"Yea, same here. I know! Let's go to Pizza Delight! I've got a hankerin' for a Pizza." He looked around to see where his hasty teleport spell had placed him. He was standing on the pier near his house. "Guess those spells return you to the last place you spawned." He looked out at the harbour and shuddered sarcastically. Note, noone who doesn't live in Halifax or Dartmouth will understand this #Tongue. He summoned up another teleport spell and hopped in, Panth jumping in after, and reappeared outside Pizza Delight. He stepped inside and stopped as he saw what looked like a NWN Dwarf sitting at a table just inside the door. The dwarf was holding an old-fasioned mug of ale. Kane squinted at him a moment.
The Dwarf looked up at him suddenly. "Aye! Kane!" He said, taking another swig from his mug.
"Delphi?" Kane asked, recognizing the voice. "What the hell are you doing here?" He sat down at the table and looked at the hugeass pizza that was sitting on it. He grabbed a piece, then Panth jumped up and ate half of it.
"Same thing I was doing last time you pathetic fools got yourselves in trouble," he said, smiling.
"Hmmm," Kane mumbled between bites of pizza, "so, you're here to give me my journal?"
"Actually, I'm here to tell you that you already have it," he said, pulling the side of Kane's Cloak (A Mage's Guild cloak which provides exceptional protection vs. fire and poison, as well as creating a blue light around him), and pulled a small, tattered, book out from one of the many pockets in it. "Been looking for this?"
Kane hastily shoved a piece of pizza and some garlic fingers into his mouth, rubbed his greasy hands on his robe, and took the book. "Hey, I didn't know this was here! Thanks, man." Delphi was too busy eating another pizza which he just ordered to respond. Kane flipped through the journal, seeing that the entries in it matched up to what he'd done in NWN, though the completed quests section was missing so he didn't know if he'd bothered to do some of the sidequests. He smiled a moment and flipped through the book to the end, where a blank section for notes was kept.

To Do list:
1. Buy Peach Juice
2. Eat Penguin Mints
3. Save World
4. Take Over World

He laughed. His note was even there. Pretty thorough. He flipped to the last page of quests, and skimmed through it.
"So, I'm pretty much the bad guy again?"
"Aye," Delphi responded.
"Good, it's fun. So, what about CC and the gang?"
"Well, they all have their notes on their person. Except for Banshee who I hear ISN'T a person..."
"Oh, that, well, he should be now. Let's take a look." Kane cast a Scrying spell and a little window appeared beside him, showing Banshee the Giant Spider. Banshee trundled over a tree branch, then twitched a bit, then turned over and started demorphing back into a human again. The minute he returned to his human form, he stumbled off the tree branch and went plummeting to the ground, uttering an "Aiiiieeee!" as he went. Kane giggled a bit and disabled the spell, turning his attention to Panth, who had falled asleep on the ground, a bunch of empty pizza pans.
"My, but this is gonna be one hell of a bill," Kane said, fumbling in his pocket for his 12000 gold pieces.
"Don't worry about it," Delphi said, getting up and brushing the pizza crumbs off his rediculously long beard. Kane stood up too, and wiped the remaining pizza sauce and grease on his robe and pants, then chugged a glass of pepsi and followed Delphi out the door, unsummoning Panth on the way.
"So, were we even intended to fall into this," Kane said, waving his hands around at the expansive city around him, "this masterpiece? Was it another test, or just an accident in our finding one of your tests?"
"Not just our tests," Delphi said, "this is the product of a number of people and their games. How do you think we got all your NWN stuff," he pointed to Kane's robe and +3 Light Crossbow of Accuracy, "or, for that matter, the War3 stuff, into this VR sim? Actually, this wasn't a test. The group hasn't even gotten this software to the beta stage yet, so consider yourselves Alpha testers. Good thing you stumbled upon it, though, we were wondering where we were going to get some good testers to run this through the paces." He looked around. "But, it is a damn fine bit of work, I must say. Anyway, I gotta be off. Good luck!" He stepped over to the parking lot and hopped into a Gyrocopter, flew up into the air, then zoomed off into the distance, leaving puffs of black smoke in the air, and accidentally dropping a bomb on an AOL server farm building. Kane opened a teleport up and stepped in, vanishing in a flash of peach coloured light.

* * * *

"SHIT!" The Kane Industries soldier dove behind the wall of the Construction Yard as a volley of spikes slammed into it, sending plaster and cement flying everywhere, some of the shrapnel colliding the the assailent, but most of it hitting and confusing the defenders, who were quickly cut down. The guard hiding behind the wall flipped open a compact radio and shouted for backup, then saw the barrel of the C-14 Gauss Rifle pointed at his eye, and tried to dive, but it was too late. The wall was splattered with blood, bone, and brain matter as the 4 spikes flew into the soldier's brain, killing him instantly. 4 guards in full assault armour charged down the hallway at the green invader, one of them catching a spike in the forehead and flipping backward. The rest sought cover and opened fire with their heavy assault rifles. The bullets smashed into the wall near Yoshi, then a couple hit him in his shooting arm. He grunted in pain as he spinned around from the force of the blasts and dropped his gun, then collapsed on the floor. The three guards moved cautiously forward, putting their weapons to Yoshi's head.
"Time to see the commander, scumbag," one of them said as they pulled him up from the floor and dragged him along. Yoshi reached slowly behind him and unclasped the sword strapped to his leg, then waited until they got the door to the commander's room opened. He swung free of their grasp and ducked, watching as one of the guards hit his friend in the chest by accident, then cut the other two down with his sword. He charged into the room and saw the commander standing with a railgun aimed at the door. Yoshi dove to the side as the uranium bolt flew past his head, burning his scalp a bit. He pulled out a pistol and shot the commander as he dove through the air, then rolled as he landed and came up on one knee, panting slightly.
"Hmm..." He walked over to the Commander, who was clutching his chest where the bullet hit his lung. He stepped over the writhing form and walked up to the computer, checking some information on the other invasion points, then walked out. "Why doesn't he just retire! He's 200000 years OLD for gods sake," Yoshi said, irritated, then hopped into a convienently placed Orca Fighter and zoomed off to the next base Kane set up.


CC Edit: Wha? You get storms in snowland? Too much for you eh?

Kane Edit: LMAO!

Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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Chapter 10: The New Warriors

Time passes and while CC and Kane are solving peach juice problems, Banshee gets lost a forest, he cant barely walk, due to his broken leg (kane's magic didnt cured Banshee). "I just need to get back to my home", thinks banshee, "but with this broken leg, it's just impossible". Banshee keeps draging himself into the forest, feeling all the pain of the unclear ground... his stomach alarm starts to pain... "damn,I'm really hungry... i urgently need somethin to eat..."... Luckly, an apple falls on his head...

- Ouch!!!, screams Banshee "Damn apple... erm.. wait... apple = food, but gravity laws were already found out... I'm not Newton".

Banshee eats the apple and hear some weird noise of a presence of someone strange... He looks his right and scream "Damn! A rifleman!!!". A light infantry starts chasing him, and he rolls to move out... few seconds later, an snipe shoot...

Banshee looks at his hand, open and close it constantly and thinks "My god, I'm still alive!". Then, he listen a body falling...looks and notices that the light infantry was the victim.

- Save that guy! We need PPM running! -- screams someone not recognized by Banshee
- Oh, damn it! It's Banshee! MEDIC! -- screams a familiar voice that Banshee finds out later that was TS.

Banshee wakes up half an hour later... He feel his legs again, no more pain and, with him, TS, Sk8erkid and some new crew...

- Who are them? Where am I? What's happening? -- asks, the confused Banshee.
- Sweet! You're alive -- says TS -- They are some new PPM members chased by the real mode of the forum: Sapp726, Eternal2u, Big Jah, One Of A Kind, Cole003g, Maxim, DeathRay2k and obviously, the well known Sk8erkid!
- Sk8erkid, nice to see you again... -- says Banshee -- thanks everyone for the help, I really dont know what to say.

The new members started talking to Banshee, Sk8erkid, DeathRay and TS and they started to know each other better. They were all armed. Eternal2u had an AK47, One Of a Kind had an Snipe, Maxim a bazooka, Big Jah, some grenades... all ready for war.

- We are here searching for a missing TDL base. If Cole, our engineer, gets inside this base and analyse all buildings, we can have a fully working TDL base in PPM, however, these GDI troops we find here just make things worse. They've already killed GravityBind, Overlord, Greyfox and Mavrick. -- says TS -- What were you doing here?
- Searching my home, it has a Nod base in it...
- Why? -- ask Sk8er
- Because... I need to see the objectives to leave this "real world". If you guys are here, it's all my fault. -- Banshee replies
- Banshee, if you really wanna help us leave here, let us leave with a TDL base and join u... --TS is interrupted by Banshee
- Damn! Look! We can go further, a GDI Missile Defence tower!!! We're screwed up now. Any plans?
- What about an Sk8ting bomb? -- Big Jah says...
- Sk8ting bomb? I fear it has something to do with me... -- says Sk8erkid.
- Yeah, I put a grenade in your sk8 and you, with your outstanding sk8ting abilities "throw it" in the tower. -- replies Big jah
- Please, sk8er... sacrifice it for our lives -- says Banshee

Even hating the idea, Sk8er do it...

- My sk8... I really need another one now -- says S8er

The skate flies in a perfect angle and explodes in the tower. The group listen to external screams

- The path is clear!!! Let's go, guys! This base is ours!

A group of revolutionary soldiers start eliminating all GDI soldiers in the area and taking the base... Banshee's group aproaches them and talk to their leader.

- Hey! Who are you? -- ask Banshee
- Thanks a lot for the skating bomb, my name is Tratos and this is the Red Generals army.


Now, feel free to write the continuation of this meeting or what happens to CC and Kane... Dont let this story dies...

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Chapter 11: Controlled chaos

"Kick ass!" sk8erkid blurted out while the rest of the new companions stared in aw at the new regiment of soldiers and modern weapons.

"Your really making progress Tratos." Banshee said in jealousy compared to his slooooooooowly moving mod in development. (well they didnt have to come up with there own storyline or unitlist did they bansh? Wink )

"what in the ztype is that!?" Maxim screamed as a rabid group of dogs with explosices strapped to there backs came running towards the base.

"Uh oh.." sk8erkid said in fear.. "I think there is soemthing i need to tell you guys. but before he could continue Tratos signaled the snipers and the dogs left a deafening explosion at the same time a group of modified Cyborgs attacked from the rear and the chaos had begun.

"..." (< i never really got what that meant but it seperates the scenes so heh #Tongue)


Meanwhile Kane and yoshi were in a massive arguement, but kane's sudden skitzofrennic moodswings were confusing the hell out of poor ol' Yoshi and he managed to escape while the insane bald 'leader' was moving his mcv to the outer of his base and building defence in the middle... it seems all hope is lost for our shiny headed companion..

..or is it?


Back at the gdi base they had managed to emp the cyborgs and deactivate them. there seemed to be 4 'rocket' cyborgs in th front and a couple jetpack troopers backing them up.

Sk8erkid went over to investigate these creations... "Just as i feared," he said pointing to the identification plate, "Cybornetic 747 rocket launching trooper," he read aloud..."its LC.."

"shit!" banshee, TS and a select few said in unison.. but the overwhelming "WHO..?! what?!" drowned them out.

sk8erkid walked over to radio kane.. he was well aware of his maniac schemes for world domination at times like these, but his hatred for the Lethargic Crowd was much greater"

Im the midst of the chaos kane is recieving a message on his GPS/Radio/walkman/mp3/all around big shiny electric thing.. he listens carfeully to the crackled voice on the other end..

"Cain!..it. sk-erkd.. re ou ther'???"
"WTF do you wont?!" He yelled back.
"Trato- her with us.. eve 'en attackd"
"what? who?" kane replied barley able to understand.

kane went silent and a glow of fury burned in his eyes... 'enough childs play' he thought.. lets get it on, and he chugged a whole canteen of peach juice and chucked it at a nearby soldier slacking off.

"Alright! its time we get dirty... muahahahahaha..." his manical laugh sent chills down the spines of the nearby toops.
Sk8erkid - [PPM]

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(looks like the chainstory gets another chapter Smile)
(Note, the first time I typed this, I accidentally the Backspace button while I wasn't in the textbox, and lost 20 minutes of typing >: S)

Chapter 12 :: Mmmmm... Fireballs....

Kane examined the footprint on the ground. "Definately Banshee," he said as he took a sip of peach juice. He had been following Banshee's tracks since he teleported away from the meeting with Delphi. Once he took care of Banshee, he'd deal with the Plans for World Domination. From what he knew, the Nod expansion was going well in Canada, except for some interferance from Yoshi, but he'd planned for that. Let the scaly green punk worry himself with a couple Nod bases. Kane would deal with the greater threat of an allied PPM here. He was startled by sounds of gunfire up ahead, and screaming. He jogged quickly towards the sound, joined by Panth who seemed to appear out of nowhere. The sounds got louder until he appeared in a clearing. Through breaks in the trees at the other side of the clearing, he saw a skateboard with a grenade attached to it fly into a GDI installation and explode, then he saw two groups of soldiers walking up to one another. He saw that one was Banshee and a number of members of PPM, and the other was the Red Generals crew, led by Tratos.
"Interesting," he said, grinning evilly as he walked foreward and thought of a good area of effect spell that would take all of his opponents out in one fell swoop. "You know, this clearing would make a great place for a battle between groups of wizards," he said to himself. "Lots of space, flammable objects..."
Suddenly, there was a flash of light at the other end of the clearing and a voice which Kane barely recognized as belonging to Zeus boomed "AND NOW, DEUS EX MACHINA!!!!" and CC appeared alone, carrying a staff in his non-clawed hand. "You shall not pass," he entoned.
"You and what army?" Kane said, grinning as he summoned the most powerful safe summon he could think of: A giant fire elemental.
CC snapped his fingers and around Kane an orcish hoarde uncloaked, the base and orcs had been hidden by a number of powerful Human Archmages.
"You and what additional armies?" Kane said, with a megalomaniacal laugh.

The Orcs ran for him.

"Oh, but this is going to be a good fight," Kane said, then, as he loosed 20 Magic Missiles in quick succession, "COME GET SOME!!!!"

"34,875,123,978,516,634, 34,875,123,978,516,635, 34,875,123,978,516,636, 34,875,123,978,516,637." Yoshi counted off his kills as he went through one of Kane's Toronto bases. He'd already blown up all the Nod presense in Quebec, and now he was moving on to Ontario. Ahead of him stood a group of 400 KI minions. "Catch!" he yelled as he threw a stone at them. It hit the first one in the head, who fell backward into the one behind him, who fell backward into the one behind him, who fell backward into the one behind him, and so on. In a matter of moments, all 400 were dead. "34,875,123,978,517,037." he ran quickly to the base's main computer and tapped some buttons. "So Kane's in Brazil, eh?" he said as he removed his Bastard Sword from its scabbard.

Kane's Greater Sphere of Inulnerability was weakening considerably. He'd cast it as the second spell he could, just before most of the Orcish hoarde got close, then he'd targetted himself with a constant meteor storm. He'd held it going for 45 seconds, and there was a pile of corpses around him, but the Orcish Hoarde kept coming, slashing away at the magical barrier between them and their quarry. Panth and the Fire Elemental were keeping the orcs at bay, but Kane'd needed to re-summon the fire elemental once already. CC wasn't making matters any easier: he and the Archmages were launching a coordinated magical barrage at him. Unfortunately, they were Bloodlusted, so some of their spells were getting through the crude barrier and hitting him. He already had a burn on his cheek where one fireball had hit. He stopped the Meteor Shower barrage to spin and face the nearby Orc Great Hall, which was surrounded by the base's 10 Barracks.
"Balak Acient Falal!" he shouted as he waved his arms in the air, waving the motions for the Incindiary Cloud spell. A small red orb flew from his hands and collided with the Orc Great Hall, then exploded into a red cloud filled with burning embers held suspended in the air. Everything within the cloud suddenly burst into flame, and since most of the base was within the Area of Effect, it was quickly consumed. A couple unlucky Orcs were inside when the cloud exploded past them, and their cries of pain as they burst into flame was music to Kane's ears. He spun to face the orcs around him and cast Chain Lightning, then bolts of electricity arcing through most of the remaining orcs as his Globe of Invulnerability flickered, then gave way. Immediately 12 Orcs rushed him, and he suddenly pulled out an Elven Court Longbow, and started shooting arrows. He had great skill with Longbows, including Rapid Shot and Point Blank Shot, so in 6 seconds he'd killed every Orc. He turned to face CC and the archmages, then started casting Mordenkainen's Disjunction, a powerful spell that would instantly strip every magical effect from them; including Bloodlust. He was interrupted, however, when one of the archmages raised his staff and flung a ball of fire at Kane. It hit his hat. Kane stopped casting the spell and turned to look at his hat.
"You... You..."
"Uh oh," CC said, glancing at the archmage, who looked back puzzled.
"You burned my HAT!!!!" Kane roared at him, then cast Wierd, a spell he was hoping to save for later, but in his rage cast as a Quickened spell, meaning it's cast immediately with nothing but pure power.
before the mage, a black smoke appeared, and though noone else could see it, he was suddenly confronted with the most horrific thing his mind could fathom. He stared openmouthed for a moment as he struggled with his willpower to ignore the image, knowing it wasn't real, but then he screamed and turned and ran, leaving his horse behind. He only got a couple steps before he stopped, clutched his heart, and collapsed.
Kane glared at the remaining wizards as he started casting a spell. CC quickly cast a counterspell, negating Kane's attack. Kane tried again, and was again negated by CC. He glared, then shot an arrow at CC and cast a spell immedately after, the arrow being enough to distract him so Kane could get the spell in. They all dove to the side as a giant fireball zoomed past, singeing them and killing one of the Archmage's horses. They responded swiftly: Kane was pounded with blizzards, lightning, fire, and earthquakes. He fell to the ground and lost his concentration, stopping the casting of his current spell. He groaned as he got up, knowing that his opponents would have another volley prepared in an instant. Quickly he cast Polymorph Self, and in a green flash of light he turned into an Iron Golem.

CC saw Kane transform, but kept casting anyway, forgetting that constructs were generally immune to magic. His powerful spell glanced harmlessly off, and only one of the Archmages was smart enough to use his simple ranged staff attack, a small fireball, which didn't do much damage but would go right through the magical defenses of the construct before them. Then, it started to rumble foreward.
"GET BACK!" CC shouted, but the archmages were too slow. The golem rumbled up to one of them and in one swing sent him flying through the air, landing 50 feet away, his corpse crumpled. The horse whinnied and run, galloping through the forest. The Mages all split up, going different directions, and KaneGolem went immediately for CC, running towards him, the ground shaking with his steps. CC ducked between two close builds, and the golem just ran right through them, barely slowing down. It shrugged off a barrage of fireballs from the archmages which, although they did burn, didn't sway it from its task. KaneGolem jumped foreward, and when it landed the ground shook so much that CC tumbled down, rolling down a hill and hitting a tree stump. The golem ran up, but the spell was running out quickly. By the time he was there, Kane was in his normal form. CC closed his eyes and waited for Kane to check and see if he was dead. Sure enough, Kane bent over CC's body, checking for signs of life.
"HAH!" CC said as he jumped up and slashed with his claw, barely missing. He swung again and again, the third time drawing blood from Kane's chest. "You're a capable mage, but lets see how you do in melee!"
Kane jumped back 4 steps and went into a ready stance. A long staff appeared in his hands from a holder over his shoulder. CC couldn't tell if it was magical or just a normal Ranger's quarterstaff, but it could definately do some damage of he landed a blow. CC squared off against him, raising his claw, blood dripping. "Bring it on, old man!"

"HOW MUCH LONGER?" Yoshi had to yell over the blades of the chopper. The Nod chopper he stole was noisy, but its pilot was capable, and they seemed to be making good time.
"One minute! Maybe two!" The pilot spoke into the headset. Yoshi could make out Banshee's base in the distance. They passed over a clearing where a number of fireballs and other signs of a magical battle were apparent.
"Can you set down there?" Yoshi yelled to the pilot.
"No! We'll have to land a kilometer away!" He pointed. Yoshi nodded and started checking his weapons.

Kane was good with the Quarterstaff, CC had to admit. Kane hadn't scored any hits yet, but he blocked all but one of CC's attacks. CC swung at him again, and Kane pivoted on one foot, spinning to the side to avoid it, then, he kept moving and ducked, swinging the quarterstaff out to trip CC, but CC was too fast. Kane kept going and pulled the quarterstaff back, smashing CC in the side and causing him to lost his balance for but a moment. Kane was about to hit him in the face with the staff when a bunch of fireballs flew past him, volleys from the Archmages. He pulled out a throwing axe and hurled it toward them, using the opening he'd made by hitting CC. It collided with face of one of the Archmages.
"You're losing guards, CC," Kane taunted. "Only three left!"
CC glared menacingly, then swung, slashing at Kane, who dodged the blow, then used the staff to block CC's follow through, but he couldnt dodge the third hit, which sliced a bunch of flesh off his face. He grunted and staggered backward, getting hit by three fireballs from the archmages. He stumbled some more. CC saw a change to finish him off and went for it, but Kane still had a trick up his sleeve. He held the staff out diagonally in front of him as CC charged, and suddenly CC hit a massive barrier, then a wave of sonic energy flowed out from the staff, causing him to cover his ears and fall to the ground.
"ARRGGHHHHH!" he said as he got an insane headache.
Kane spun around and ran, dodging some fireballs, then cast the second last spell he had prepared. Power Word Stun was useful in the right circumstances, and it was this time. The archmages glanced at Kane for a moment, then collapsed, unconscious. He turned to face CC. He only had one spell left, and he didn't want to use it.
"Take this, ass!" CC yelled as a bolt of electricity zipped past Kane.
"You leave me no choice," Kane said as he started casting his last resort spell: Gate.

Gate is an interesting spell. It's a summoning spell, but unlike most others, the creature it summons is not necessarily allied with the caster. Gate summons a Balor Lord, a lord of fire, and it's powerful enough that a caster needs to be protected by a number of powerful charms and spells in order to ensure the creature will be loyal. When cast on-the-fly like this, it's impossible to tell if the Balor will just run off on its own, ally with the caster... Or kill the caster.

A giant flame drove up from the ground and a roar filled the ears of everything within a kilometer radius. The ground shook and the skies turned black as the Balor Lord emerged from the flame and shook itself. "Who has summoned me??" it asked.
"It was I," Kane said.
"Hmm," the Balor said as CC started to get up from the ground behind it. "I sense great evil in you, which I like. But, I also smell the stench of weakness. Why should I obey with you?" The Balor Lord was obviously enjoying insulting Kane.
"Weakness? I just killed an Orcish Hoarde a bunch of archmages, and would be killing this Shaman if you'd do your damn job," Kane said. The Balor chuckled at the pathetic man before him, then stopped and turned as he felt himself getting hit by bolts of lightning. He turned slowly and glared at CC, who stood before him, defiantly throwing orbs of electrical energy at him. He laughed at the pathetic attempt and reached down to crush CC when suddenly a hail of Gauss spikes smashed into its back. It roared in anger and turned to face its new opponent, only to get a hail of the spikes in its head. The spikes kept coming until it took a step toward their source, a scaled lizardman in the corner of the clearing, and then collapsed on the ground next to Kane. Kane turned to face Yoshi, who had gained enough ground on him that the Gauss Rifle was pointed at his throat.
"Don't move, evildoer," he said as he pushed the rifle against Kane's throat. CC walked up to him and ran a hand over a gaping wound on his chest that he'd recieved in the battle.
"Hey hey, take it easy. I know when I'm beaten." Kane waved his hands as though he was asking to stop, but CC sensed magic, and started to knock Kane's hands down, but he was too late. "Sorry, though, guys. I gots ta go!" He vanished in a bright flash of light.
"ztype!" Yoshi cursed as the PPM and Red Generals teams walked into the clearing, surveying the destruction. The archmages Kane had stunned started to stir and stand up, groaning.
"You won this time Kane! But mark my words! YOU WILL FALL!" CC yelled into the sky.
"Noooo I wooonnnttt," came a reply back, carried by the wind.
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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Note: At the beginning of this story I was still CC, but since I've changed my name, I will be referring to myself as Tapek.

Chapter 13:: Revenge

"Damn!" screamed Yoshi as he seemed about to explode in pure fury, veins throbbing on his forehead dangerously.
"Whoa, calm down!" said Tapek, backing up a bit in case he did spontaneously combust from rage.
"I'm going to warn the PPM Alliance." said Yoshi.
"Ok..." said Tapek, as he knelt down and started tracing arcane symbols into the sand. "I'm going to track down our megalomaniacal friend."

Kane was plotting his next evil plan, secure in his Secret Doom Fortress, surrounded on all sides by lava, when suddenly he froze. He stopped blinking, his eyes stopped focusing, he stopped breathing, even his heart stopped beating. He went unnaturally still. Panth noticed and looked at his master quizzically.

"CC, I swear I'm going to kill you." said Kane menacingly from within the bottle.
"Just because I captured your soul and trapped it in a bottle, you can still remember that I changed my name. It's Tapek, you brainless nitwit!"
Kane flew around his small glass prison, opening and closing his mouth in anger, but actually looked quite comical from anyone on the outside.

Tapek placed the bottle in a giant steel box.
"See ya kane!" he said, as he slammed the lid down. He then wrapped thick diamond plated chains all around the box, and then placed that box in another metal box, and that box in another box, and that in another, and then welded it shut and put some more chains on it. He then teleported the box to the bottom of the sea.

"That takes care of that!" said Tapek as he walked to the rest of the PPM crew.


Meanwhile, in the REAL WORLD...

CARLx4200 signs up at the PPM Forums. He posts a message:


The next day, he returns. Nobody has responded. He replies to his own message;


The next day he returns again. This time he's pissed.


In his rage, he clicks the "Administration Panel". Surprisingly, it works. The admin screen is flashing oddly. Carlx4200 wants to make everyone pay for not responding to his messages, so he deletes the forum.

Warning! Clicking continue will delete these forums forever!

He clicks continue. Another screen comes up!

WARNING! People trapped in Forum World. Pressing continue will trap them for all eternity! Are you SURE you want to continue?

Carlx4200 says "OMG LOL NOOBZ!" and clicks his mouse on Continue...


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I'm not gonna disconsider Sk8erkid's chapter 11, neither Kane's, since it's made in a different POV where Kane receives the "its LC" message in Tapek's bottle #Tongue. But, first of all, lets solve a little problem.. I believe people dont wanna be trapped forever in it #Tongue...

Chapter 14: The TDL Mission

Carlx4200 waits the browser to receive a response... waits.... waits... wait, but PPM gets offline...without response he only sees napalm being dropped in his home...

- WTF!!!!!

He listen to a loud reply. "No one shall access internet in this dimension!"

- WTF!!! What is happening... since I came to these forums my life became so weird!!! First a damn green light... green light??? -- screams to himself with the hope that someone else's listen while the napalm bomber was already far away from there, his house burning and his computer burning... "OMG, how will I leave now?", he desesperately thinks...

He can't escape home and die burned with all his dwelling...


- Kane became mad!!! -- screamed Tapek
- Didnt you know he was just trying to take over the world? -- Banshee replied
- Yes, but not that fast! -- Tapek replied
- Fuckz Kanes.. Hide da bottle somwere, cos dere is sumthing worse dan it rit now. I just wanna surviv n live this fuken world, bak 2 da real one. -- says Eternal2u
- Yea, lets start digging now -- says TS

Few minutes later, they put Kane's bottle in the new hole and burrow him there...

- Tapek, the worse problem is LC. -- says Sk8erkid
- LC??? Oh shit!!! Isnt him already tired of us or something like that?
- Hell no! He is sending GDI forces, warcraft beasts and even NWN beasts at us. -- says Banshee -- Here, we've got the support of the Red Generals team leadered by Tratos, but also has hellfire with a fireball launcher, tecnofreak with his "black lotus"(hacking) abilities, clazzy with his RPG and Weeraby2k, the demolition man of the team.
- Nice to meet you all -- says Tapek
- But we need to find out the lost TDL base first! -- says TS
- Yea, TDL first.-- reiterates Cole
- Ok, TDL first, let's move, crew! -- says Tratos

After deciding, one of them look up and...

- Oh, shit!!! Orca Bombers!!! Run for your lives!!!

Everyone hides and all the GDI base they've conquered is destroyed.

- Crap, all my work is gone. -- says Tecnofreak
- I could have accessed my precious (PPM forums) in that advanced tech center. -- says Maxim
- Does the advanced tech center have internet access? -- asks Banshee
- Yes, didnt you know that? -- replies Maxim and Tec
- So, I dont need to get him to put it in order, I just need to get into one of these advanced tech center.

The PPM Alliance moves guided by Cole. In the first 30 minutes, nothing wrong with the forest, then, One of a Kind notices something ahead:

- Hey, hide yourselves, there is a GDI convoy passing here in few seconds, if they notice us here, they might send orca bombers on us.

Everyone hides in the trees...

- Shhhhhhh... silence, everyone.... -- says Tapek discreetly

The convoy starts passing when Maxim falls from the tree, but isn't seen by the convoy, only the noise was heard, since he hides fast again.

- Atention! Here is from the GDI Convoy. There is strange moviments in this area, send a recon team to averiguate it.

Most of members of PPM Alliance comes with words like "Scud Launcher", "Carpet Bombing and Tomahawk Missile" ops... wrong text

Most of members of PPM Alliance comes with words like "Shit", "Crap", "Fu.ck" or "Damn" in their minds, however, they are unable to speak because the convoy stays there watching and searching for them.

Tapek speaks very discreetly:

- Hey guys, it's just a convoy. Let's kick its butt.
- No, Tapek. If this convoy find us out here, the whole GDI finds and we'll be in a big trouble... now STFU. -- says banshee also discreetly

But Tapek was right, as things only got worse when a group of drop pods arrived with some GDI soldiers, the so called recon group.

- Let's see if these trees are clear! -- one of them screamed

They started to fire grenades in the nearby trees hitting some PPM Alliance members which started to fall from the trees like a rain.

- It's raining enemy! Kill them all!!! -- the GDI recon leader screamed again.

The fight of the sirvivance started and the PPM alliance won it very fast and killed them all, specially the convoy.

- MEDIC!!! -- screams TS again

The medic appears and starts to heal all the members, however, it was already late, since the convoy had already warned the GDI defenses in this sector. Some members starts to see some disruptors, Mammoth Mk2, Titans and Wolverines moving.

- Look everyone, if we wanna survive, we need to prepare an ambush! All anti vehicles behind the anti infantry! Hide all medics, and prepare a set of bombs in the middle of the way. -- screams Banshee for the group.
- Sir, yes, sir. -- some of them replied

The first disruptors are destroyed by the bombs. The group of anti vehicles destroys the Mk2 quicker than it turns and it's destroyed before it fires. The Titans and Wolverines are destroyed, however, some members were damaged during the war, but no one dies. The enemy infantry appears and easily falls to PPM Alliance, specially because everyone was Bloodlusted by Tapek.

- OK, MEDICS!!! -- screams TS
- Hell no! Look at the Orca Hunters there! Run for your lives!!! -- screams sk8erkid.
- Run is a coward word, we have enough troop to beat them. -- says Clazzy confident in the victory.

Clazzy, Eternal2u, Maxim started attacking the Orca Hunter which was destroyed after few shoots from Maxim's bazooka.

One Of A Kind uses the zoom feature of his snipe to study the GDI base when he sees something weird.

- There is a green base inside that GDI base, guys! It's probably a TDL base!
- Sweet! Does it have an Advanced Tech Center, so I can hack the forums and take us all out of here? -- asks Banshee
- Sir, yes, sir. -- replies One Of a Kind.
- So, let's get into this base! -- says TS
- Not so fast, people... there is a small problem there... something known as Missile Defense Tower... -- says OOAK
- Oh no. Again no! -- says Sk8erkid -- I dont have an skate this time.
- We have to make one. -- says Banshee
- How? -- asks Sk8erkid
- Look at that tree! We have the base... and look at that disruptor's wheel....
- But they are so big, Banshee!
- Yea, Sk8er, you always need new challenges to improve your skills..
- But this is crazy, Banshee -- says Sk8erkid.

They've cut the tree, added the wheels from the disruptor making an extremely huge skate, bigger than Sk8erkid, designed by Cole.

- I can't move this giant thing. -- says Sk8erkid.
- Erm... that's correct... to big.. maybe we just need to add the bombs and grenades on it and push it into the GDI base. -- says Banshee -- Everyone, when I say "now", push it with all energy you have into the enemy base!
- 3
- 2
- 1
- NOW!!!!!!

The big skate has gone directly into the enemy base's direction, however, it passed near the original target...

- Shit, we missed the target. -- says Sk8erkid.
- No problem, it gonna hit another tower of the same type. -- says OOAK.

And just like he said, it hit the other tower. Surprisingly, the explosion was so strong that it also destroyed the original target and all units near it.

- YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! HERE WE GO!!!!!! -- Screams TS

The PPM Alliance invaded the enemy base killing all soldiers and getting all buildings and destroying the towers.

- Guys, the enemy base is over there, keep all buildings and towers intact, because I need the design from all of them. Does anyone has flash bang grenades? -- asks Cole
- I have. -- says Tratos.
- Good, so use it to unocupy all towers. -- says Cole
- Yes, sir. -- Tratos replies.
- But, people, TDL is supposed to have Advanced Guard Towers whichj are very efficient at infantry and has a high range. -- says Banshee
- No sk8bombing on these ones. -- says TS -- All buildings must be intact!
- Nevermind so, I would only suggest sk8bang. -- says Banshee
- There... a nice idea... -- says TS
- Agreed. -- says OOAK
- Oh no, my God, why do you hate sk8s so much in order to make bombs from then, Banshee? -- asked sk8erkid.
- I dont hate sk8s. -- says Banshee.
- But, Houston, we have a problem -- says Sapp -- we have no material to make Sk8s.
- Damn, yea, build some Juggernaughts and change their bullets into flash bangs. -- says Tapek
- Nice idea!

Using "Juggernaughtbangs", the PPM Alliance had easily dominated all buildings from the TDL base.


Please, continue this campaign with the PPM Alliance and their way to find out LCs base or, Kane, ressurecting like Phoenix? Hmmm...

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Chapter 15 :: lolomgz all bottled and stuff!

Kane paced back and forth in the bottle, drinking his peach juice thoughtfully.
"Damn, why does my soul always end up getting trapped in a bottle when I fight CC?" He stopped pacing and looked out the side of the bottle at the sea surrounding him. "It wouldn't be so bad if the pressure wasn't so great a single tap against the bottle would shatter it and send my air filled body flying up to the surface of the bottle where the sudden change in pressure would pop me like a balloon." He finished off the last bottle of his peach juice and sat down. "C'mon, Kane, think..." He played with the sticks and pieces of metal that were laying around the bottom of the bottle. "I know! I'll build a rediculous and impossible submarine out of bits and pieces of debris that are laying at the bottom of the bottle! Brilliant!"

The PPM Alliance went quickly through the TDL base, scavanging resources and getting base plans from the computers.
"We still need to get back to my house," Banshee said, glancing around at the corpses. "That's the only place we could get the objectives and get out of here."
"Kane won't be a problem. I trapped him in a bottle," CC said, grinning mischieveously. "And then I put it at the bottom of the sea. There's no way he's getting out of there without a submarine." CC laughed at the impossibility of it.

"Sweet!" Kane looked at his submarine in pride and put down the paint bucket he was holding. "It's exactly like the one in that old Mario Land gameboy game! Better load a torpedo and blast my way out of here." Kane hopped into the submarine which, for some reason, was much bigger than the bottle it was built in, and shot a hole in the side of the bottle. The water rushed in, and Kane drove the sub out of the bottle and into the ocean. "Hey, I wonder if there's any Aucturus' down here. I always wanted to see a giant 50 meter long squid. Hey why is the Jaws music playing, and what's that huge tentacle monster doing coming toward me..."

The PPM Alliance followed the forest path back towards the Abode of Banshee, stopping only occasionally so CC could lay down sentry wards. Panth was following them at a distance, his rogue skills enabling him to hide and avoid magical or physical detection with relative ease. He watched as Banshee and CC hurried foreward, CC casting a spell to warn him if anything hostile comes into the clearing. Panth kept carefully away from the magical warning system and watched them all go into the Construction Yard.

Banshee immediately went to the console built into the side wall of the ConYard. He activated it and saw a standard C&C commander's interface. He clicked options, then Briefing.
"Primary objectives," he read, "are to defeat Kane's army--"
"I already did most of that," Yoshi interrupted. "He has a stronghold in Nova Scotia somewhere, and a couple bases left in Ottawa, but the rest is smoking rubble."
"--and to defeat Kane," Banshee finished.
"Kane's defeated. I trapped him in a bottle," CC said.
"It still says Incomplete," Banshee said. "Does that mean he escaped?"

"Maybe I should have stayed in the bottle," Kane grunted as his hastily built submarine chugged quickly away from the Giant Squid behind it, the squid's 40 meter long tentacles waving in the water, pushing it foreward. "Why couldn't I be attacked by Cuttlefish? THEY can be killed," he whined as he launched another torpedo at the squid, the started filling the ballast tanks so he could rise to the surface. The squid kept chasing him, squirting ink. "Maybe a nice cute fiddler crab," Kane was saying as the squid suddenly stopped and saw a big ship on the surface of the water. It quickly abandoned the smaller meal and went for the ship.

"Hi ho Hi ho!" The pirate sang as he took a swig of beer. "Arrrr!!! THE OPEN SEAS IS ALL I WANT, MATEYS! FULL A-BROADSIDE! LET'S LOOT US A SHIP!"
"Squack!" said his parrot. The pirate captain adjusted his eye patch and examined the water behing the ship. It was churning much more than it should. The parrot suddenly squacked, "ABANDON SHIP! ABANDON SHIP! POLLY WANNA SURVIVE!" as a huge, 40 meter long tentacle reached for the ship.
"ARR! MATES, IT BE ME OLD ARCH NEMESIS, THE GIANT SQUID! TO THE CANNONS! ARRRRRRRRRRR!" the captain yelled as he unsheathed his sword and charged at the squid in a vengeful rage.

Kane laughed as the captain jumped off the end of the ship and started chopping at the tentacle, ignoring the way the tentacle spun and swung in the air, trying to throw him off. The captain clibed quickly down the tentacle and started stabbing the body of the squid.
"I need to retreat to my FORTRESS OF DOOM in Ottawa," he said as he turned the submarine around and headed for Canada. "Damn, I need some peach juice."

CC looked around the base. "So, we could build some aircraft and fly to one of Kane's bases, but where is he likely to go?"
"My best guess," Yoshi said, "is that he'd go to the biggest base, which is his FORTRESS OF DOOOOOOM in Ottawa."
"Okay," Banshee replied, heading toward the War Factory, "I'll build some Dropships and some Banshees."
"I'll sharpen my sword," Yoshi said.
"I'll build some TDL vehicles," Tratos said.
"I'll go check on the real Kane which I have tied up in a crate outside the building, so that he doesn't interfere with the evil Kane I set loose on the world," CC said.
Everyone stopped moving and looked at him.
"Oh for god's sake, I'm KIDDING!"
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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Chapter 16 : An important decision

The PPM alliance were making good progress towards Kane's 'FORTRESS OF DOOOOOOM'. Banshee and OOAK were both in flying units. Banshee was flying a Banshee due to his undeniable skill he had developed, OOAK was flying a specially customised Comanche helicoptor provided by Tratos and his Red General's crew. OOAK was proving to be the main link between the two teams as he worked on both mods but the general level of respect and friendship between the alliance members was good and high as they both regularly contributed to each other's development. The rest of the alliance was moving along slightly further back in ground units of various types with Cole bringing up the rear in an MCV for building up a base once the alliance reached Kane's stronghold.

However, OOAK was feeling uneasy about the trip so far. It had been easy..... much too easy and while he wasn't complaining he still thought it was going to be bad when this easy streak ran out.

"Banshee, I'm going for a recon flight. I just can't shake the feeling there's something out there." OOAK radioed to Banshee.

"Roger that. Just be careful and get back soon." said Banshee as he was beginning to feel the same unease that was troubling OOAK. "If you see anything at all get back here, don't do anything stupid that's an order!"

"Yes sir." OOAK signed off and accelerated his Comanche off over the upcoming hill to see what was up ahead. After a few miles he began to think about turning back. 'It looks like our luck might hold for a while yet he thought as he flew over a fairly large lake *Note - Goldeneye fans might guess what's coming up next...* it doesn't look like there's anything coming for us just yet.'

As he swung the Comanche around and prepared to rejoin the alliance, a SAM missile shot up out of the lake and flew straight into the back end of his comanche! "WTF!" Shouted OOAK "Banshee come in! I've been hit, there's something under the................ about........... up from your....................... I think............. re defender!..............."

The rest was cut off by static.... "Dammit!" Banshee said out loud. "We don't even know where he is and what is this something under the something? Guys!" He radioed down, "Hold up a minute, we've got to decide what we're going to do."

"What do you mean?" asked Tratos as Banshee lept out the Banshee (god that is gonna get confusing Confused ). "Where's OOAK?"

"He's been shot down" said Banshee urgently, "but I don't know where or by what." We've got to decide what we're going to do.

"We're going to rescue OOAK aren't we?" asked Hellfire.

"I'm not even sure if he made it through the crash!" shouted Banshee "and it'd be stupid to risk our necks if he's already gone!" he added.

"But this thing that took him down is in our way" noted Maxim "and it's not like we've got any alternative routes planned out is it?"

"You're right Maxim" agreed Banshee, "alright load up, we carry on but we're going to move faster. If OOAK's still alive then he won't be for much longer so we better move!"

"Hey, aren't we putting a bit too much emphasis on one team member here?" asked TS "I've got nothing against OOAK but even so I advise caution rather than speed. I do agree that we're going to need all the help we can get against Kane and LC from the look of things but we don't get careless ok?"

And with those words of warning the convoy moved off again but they had no idea what they were going to come up against and they might have reconsidered if they did.........

*Note - Im kinda going for a come back when no-one expects it and saves the day scenario but if anyone considers that too self-centred (and I don't really blame you) just bring me back whenever...*

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Chapter 17: The Penguim Battle - Part 1

Kane has finally arrived to his FORTRESS OF DOOM in Ottawa, when he did a check up with his assistent.

- Let's set up this hell right now! Guards into your position, reinforce the entrance, archers and mages for towers, prepare our cannons, and swet red alert to all external troops.
- It's already in red alert sir, an enemy commanche appeared and everyone was alerted already, we've took it down.
- Nice to know that. I wanna a recon group of thunderbirds to take them out.
- Yes, sir!

Thunderbirds are huge aircrafts, latest technology from the Brotherhood of Nod, which fire powerfull lasers in the enemy.

******************* // *************** // ****************

PPM Alliance was aproaching the enemy fortress when Cole finally made a decision:

- This is a good place to settle our base. I'm deplying the MCV
- Agreed. -- says Banshee and TS

"New Construction Options"

- Oh, shit! The TDL Power Plant is in grey! I cant order it to build! :S -- complains Cole
- Damn it, we need to hack the rules.ini. It's quite simple, set owner of the power plant and all other buildings to civilians too and undeploy the MCV now. -- says Banshee
- Done. -- says Cole as the Construction Yard undeploys

Banshee gets a computer he stole from the GDI Advanced Tech Center they've conquered recently and messed up with the rules.ini.

- Ok, it's fixed. Deploy it again.
- Dont you need to restart the game? -- asks Cole, curious
- Just deploy. -- says Banshee pissed off with this new detail

"New Construction Options"

- Yea, now I can build it. Thanks! -- says Cole

"Construction Completed"
"New Construction Options"

- Ahhh! My power plant kicks ass!!! Did someone made a damaged animation for that? -- asks Cole
- No, I'm still working in the TS's Cyborg Warfactory. Sorry. -- says Sk8erkid.

Eternal2u looks up and...

- Guys! L00k out!! Sum huge flyen units r commin 2 our direction!
- Oh, shit! Prepare the anti-air crew! -- says Clazzy
- No way! It's too much Thunderbirds for our anti-air! Run for your lives!!! -- says Banshee
- F.uck their quantity, F.uck their quality. We are better, we gonna kick their butt! Come on, guys, let the chicken runs, but we fight. -- says Clazzy
- We run, but we live! Be warned that these things have unlimited ammo! -- says Banshee

The majority of the team runs while Clazzy, Maxim and Eternal2u starts attacking the thunderbirds. Banshee counted 15 thunder birds. 3 were eliminated, but the other 12 eliminated Clazzy, Maxim and Eternal2u.

- Our anti-air crew is gone. What do we do now? We're screwed up! -- says Banshee
- I have a plan, but dont follow me. -- says Tapek

Tapek went to the middle of the battlefield and invoked level 3 chain lightnings in the enemy. Banshee inside his Banshee completmented the attack by firing plasma in the thunderbirds which were still alive. In the end, Tapek invoked Ressurrection and the 3 fallen heroes returned to be alive.

- Cole, get back into that base. Let's make our settlement here and no one will kick our butt again! -- says TS
- YEAH!!! - The whole group screams

******************* // *************** // ****************

One Of a Kind wakes up, thinks "hmmm... what? where am I?" and get up... but is unable to stand up for a long and falls again. He was almost uncouncious just trying to get back and get over his crashed plane. He havent noticed he was inside the enemy base.

He has finally waken up when a group of mariners pointed a gun on him.

- Who are you? -- asked one of them
- Huh? One of a Kind.
- I know you are a person. So am I. But what's your name or nick name?
- One Of a Kind
- God Damn it! Reply seriously!!! -- complains the irritated marine
- What an weird nickname.... never heard of you. How have you come here?
- I was posting to join PPM in a new forum they've made... then, a green light flashed in my computer and I started to see enemy commanches attacking my house and left it desesperately. I've runned like a mad, none of their shoots hit me and I was saved by a group, PPM, the Alliance.
- So, you are in our side. However, they consider us enemy in the moment. Listen to me.
- Go.
- My name is Kane. I'm known there as Umm Err Kane. However, some evil version of me is moccking them and trying an weird plan to dominate the world. He has even allied with LC! So, I'm not an enemy and only you can proove that to the PPM Alliance. Help me to get inside that fortress and take the place of that fake Kane and get that fortress into doom. We are well disguised now, take this mariner uniform, so they will not know that you are their enemy.
- Ok, I'm gonna help you. I just hope you are telling the truth.


Now, you are free to write about the evil Kane and his fortress of doom, about PPM Alliance survivance and One Of a Kind's invasion with Kane and the defeat of Fortress of Doom. Go go go, write, write, write!

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Chapter 18 : The Fellowship and the mystery

"Ok!" cole yelled to the group, "some of us should go and scout for OOAK and the rest stay here and work on the base."

There was an odd silence before the little half-ling maxim steps out and says "Ill do it! ill take the ring to mount do-- err the squad to find OOAK!"

"You have my sword," said Yoshi.
"And my grenades," - Clazzy
"And you have my magic," says CC (Tapek).

"Alright, that settles it" says sk8erkid with the sudden resemblence to an elf.
(^^ just incase there is any dipshits out there thats just like Lord of the rings)

And off they go to middle earth..


Meanwhile, OOAK is being breifed by kane on what has been going on.
"Wait let me get this straight.." one of a kind says confused, " you guys have gotten into this "PPM vortex" before?

"..yes" kane said sadly. Sensing there was more to this stroy OOAK waits. "Well the first time this happened.. i never escaped, it was the other kane that had returned to PPM, thus explaining my lack of work in the past"

"oooooo.." said OOAK not knowing what else to say.


Meanwhile back at the base, Banshee is working hard to try and get back onto the forums to fix this mess but the server is down... "FECK!" He yelled. And wonders over to see what creation sk8erkid is working on.

Over at the war factory it looked like some type of modified hover vehicle, "whatcha doin?" he asked sk8er who looked in great need of a break.
"Oh, hey i didnt see yu there" he rplied, "i figured that since you killed my board with your sk8bomb idea id make a new one.. but since were in this tough terrain and there is water nearby i decided to make a hover board"

"Cool" said banshee.. "wait a minute.. how do you know there is water nearby? we cant get the map display to work here!"

"tsk tsk.." sk8erkid sighed "I live in the middle of the desert banshee, trust me, i know when there is water nearby."

At that remark banshee truddled off to try and fix the radar so he can see if sk8er was right

Sk8erkid - [PPM]

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I'm gonna inovate a bit and put the names before the dialogs, so you know who is talking...

Chapter 19: The T Plan

OOAK, Kane and 3 mariners were walking into the castle when finally Yoshi has found them.

Yoshi: Finally found you!
OOAK: Yoshi, how did you entered here? We are very near the fortress! Didnt the guards seen you?
Yoshi: I've camouflaged myself. They have no idea that I am here.
Kane: Guys, let's go inside the building take that mad Kane out! Yoshi, wear this uniform. We gonna enter in the front door just like them.

The other mariners didnt said nothing during all the time. The entrance of the fortress had two GIs and 2 guardian GIs while the 3 next windows had 1 sniper each.

They've came into the front door just like Kane said and Kane had even said "'Ello!" to the GIs. Yoshi accidentally let the tongue scape...

Kane (discreetly): Shhhhh... Yoshi, control your tongue...
Yoshi (discreetly): Sorry, but I'm hungry.

OOAK was just observing... everything sounded too much suspect, specially because he was the only mariner that had no weapon. Even Yoshi received an AK47.

They walk 1 kilometter until reach the elevator. When the elevator arrives, they get in and Kane press the button for the 38th floor.

10 minutes later, the elevator arrives and they walk another 500 metters until reach the main chamber room. There they see another Kane giving orders to some of his assistents...

Kane (Mariner) screams: SHOOT HIM!!!

The reflex from OOAK gets highly boosted in this moment. He fastly looks for the whole room and find 2 Yuri's hidden in the room. While one of the mariners reload his weapon, OOAK observes a tatoo of a swastika in his arm and see a tail in the other mariner. Now, getting things straight, one of the mariners was LC, while the other was Greyfox, the Kane mariner was an image of the real Kane which was mind controlled by one of the yuris and the other yuri was there to mind control OOAK.

Sensing trap ahead, OOAK jumped into both Yoshi and LC, stealing their weapons shooting at both yuris! Kane's image aimed his rifle in OOAK, but missed the target. The other mariners runned and used teleport to get away from troubles, since their plan failed. Only Kane's image, Kane and OOAK stayed there. Kane's image disappeared and Kane was completely uncouncios.

OOAK: Damn spies.... Kane. Is that you?

No response from Kane...

OOAK: Kane, please, talk!

And again, no response...


Still no response...

OOAK: Damn, they brainwashed Kane... Damn, Kane, ztyping reply...

OOAK started tapping and hitting Kane weakly in order to call attention, but Kane wasnt replying until wakes up laughing like a maniac!!!

OOAK: Finally... what are you laughing at?

After 30 minutes laughing, he replied.

Kane: I dont know. I dont know what I am, what I'm doing here, who are you, nothing! I'm just... oh man, can't even describe... completely brainwashed. Btw, who are you?


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(Note: Sorry, Banshee, but NWN Kane is an elf, and they're immune to mind magic. Clones on the other hand...)

Chapter 20 :: Ninja Threepwood!

Kane groaned and stood up. His vision swam before his eyes and he realized almost immediately that he'd been injected with an anaesthetic. He tried to move his hands, but they'd been broken and tied together.
"Noone likes a mage," he groaned.
"Noone indeed," came a mocking voice from outside his cell."
"Ahh, my archnemesis," Kane said with some difficulty through the anaesthetic fog. "You know, LC, you don't need Morphine to dull the pain of my broken hands... Acetominophin works nicely."
"But it doesn't stop you from using magic! I can't have you zapping yourself out of here at the last minute, now, can I?"
Kane groaned again and sat up, staring LC right in the face. Even drugged LC could tell he was pissed. Abandoning his normal good humour for a moment, Kane glared and said, "You'd better hope I don't get free, because if I do, you'll be BEGGING for an injection of Ebola."
"Yes, well," LC said as he adjusted his sunglasses, showing momentary fear. Kane noticed the solid blue eyes behind the glasses. It took him only a second to make the connection with JC Denton from the Deus Ex games. "I intend to win this, and I don't want YOU meddling in this."
"How do you know which one of us Kanes is the one you're worried about? You could be locking up the evil clone and setting free the goody two-shoes."
LC looked at him for a moment, then, walked quickly out of the room, gesturing at a squadron of MJ12 troopers armed with Assault Rifles with 20mm HE Grenade launchers, and one with a plasma rifle. Plasma rifle walked up to the cage.
"We aren't feeding you," he said, "so don't even try, or we'll feed you to the Karkians."
"Great," Kane said, "Karkians. You know how much trouble I had with those sonsabitches? Nothin' but the Dragon's Tooth sword could kill 'em effectively." The guard just stared. "Not one for small talk, eh? Man, but you evil minions have no respect for tradition..." He sighed and leaned back in the cell.

* * * * *

Something wasn't right. He couldn't put his finger on it, but there was something about this base that didn't feel right. It matched the information that Yoshi got from Kane's base computers, all right, but for some reason, it didn't have the feel of Kane's usual bases. It had no soul... It was cold and functional, with none of the humour Kane put into his evil. Also, most of Kane's bases had a resident AI somewhere, even just a little one to defend the computer systems, and this one had none.
Kane shook his head. "Damn, I never get used to being brainwashed."
"Can you remember anything about where LC might go?" OOAK was trying to get Kane to remember what he'd forgotten. It was no use though, Psionic memory loss lasted 2 to 8 hours, and nothing could speed up the process. Yoshi wandered slowly around the edges of the room. In the other bases, Janice had been around as a monitoring AI, but he hadn't seen her anywhere in the base.
"Janice?" Yoshi said.
"What?" Oak said, turning away from Kane.
"Nothing... Kane, are you sure this is your base?"
"I can remember that much," Kane said. "It has to be. It's exactly as I remember it."
"Hmmm..." Yoshi looked down a hallway as Oak went back to trying to get Kane to remember where LC was. "Oak, take Kane and head back to the rest of the group. Decide what to do there and let me know what you come up with. I'm going to poke around a bit."

OOAK and Kane headed out of the base to meet up with Banshee and the rest of the PPM Alliance just outside the base.
"IT'S KANE!" Banshee yelled and aimed his gun.
"No, wait! This is good Kane. Somehow, Kane was cloned and his evil twin is the one who's doing all the damage. We attacked him and LC in the base, but Good Kane got his memory erased," OOAK said, pointing at Kane.
"Does he know where LC's base is?" Tapek asked.
"No, he can't remember."
"Well, I say we head for the Nova Scotia base," Tapek said. "It'll be where Kane is, and if we find Kane, we find LC."
"I don't know," Banshee said, "I think we should stick around the base and check things out."
"NO!" Tapek said, suddenly adamant. "I mean, we can't waste any time. We gotta get out of here and find Kane as soon as possible!"
Banshee raised an eyebrow. "Well, okay, lets head out. Where's Yoshi?"
"He's still in the base, looking around."
"I'll go get him," Tapek offered. "You guys can go ahead without me. I'll teleport over when I find him."
"Okay then, let's go," Tratos said, hopping into an Orca Transport.
Tapek watched them fly away and then laughed maniacally. "And now to deal with Kane and Yoshi!"

* * * * *

Yoshi continued down the corridor, glancing around carefully, his sword drawn and ready. The entire base was eerily empty. In kane's other bases there had been at least 5 soldiers in every room, even the empty rooms. There was nothing alive in this barren concrete tower, except a few plants which obviously hadn't been watered. Not even a corpse littered the floor. He walked to the end of the main east corridor, which ended in a corner with the south corridor. In the corner was an elevator. He walked to the end and pressed a button. He heard a russling behind him and started to spin, but before he could, a hand clamped over his mouth and pulled him back into the shadows of a recessed doorway.
"Who are ye?" said a rough voice behind him. "Be ye' friend or foe of Kane?"
"Which Kane?" Yoshi replied. The person behind him released him and Yoshi turned to see a grizzled pirate standing behind him in a ninja suit. He had everything, right down to the peg leg, parrot, gold tooth, and eye patch, to signify he was a pirate, but he was carrying a katana and dressed as a ninja. Yoshi laughed.
"Ye shouldn't mock the mighty Guybrush Threepwood!" the pirate exclaimed, waving the sword at Yoshi. "Aye, but I take it ye'r an ally of the true Kane, aye?"
"Yes. Who are you?"
"I be Guybrush Threepwood, famous pirate! As for my motives for freeing Kane, they be my own. Are ye' going to help?"
Yoshi thought for a moment. If Kane was being held hostage, it was by a force somewhere in the building, so he'd probably need some help. If they were just like the minions he'd been fighting previously, Kane'd be free.
"Sure. Where is he?" The elevator door opened with a ping.
"Up. The 42nd floor. Have ye' ever fought Majestic Twelve?" Yoshi shook his scaly head. "Well, I'd be careful if I were ye. They be fearless and well trained. Aye, many a good pirate of mine has been lost to them. Kill the ones with the Plasma Rifles first, aye. Plasma be a wicked weapon to use against a person, and it'll blind ye as it melts ye. Can't fight an enemy you can't see." The doors suddenly opened on the 42nd floor and three MJ12 troops rushed at them, bullets pinging against the wall behind them. Ninja Threepwood dove at the closest one, hitting him in the face with his peg leg as Yoshi chopped the other in half with his sword. He followed through on the swing and hit the other trooper. They rushed ahead to the end of the wall and were confronted by two sentries carrying flamethrowers. Threepwood cut both their heads off with one swing of his Katana and they kept moving. Whenever there was a crossroads, they just took the most heavily armed path, assuming it'd lead to the prisoner. When they finally got to the prison, Yoshi'd taken a hit to the arm and Threepwood had lost his peg leg to a flamethrower.
"Okay, he be in here. Be on your guard, there be a plasma soldier here." Guybrush said, taking a swig of ale, then, suddenly, he dissappeared into the ceiling.
"Hey!" Yoshi yelled. "Where are you going??"
"Just attack ye' landlubber!" Guybrush said as he dissappeared through the vent shaft toward the prison. Yoshi shrugged and pushed open the door, aiming his Gauss rifle towards the soldiers in the room, mistakenly thinking they'd be as easy to kill as the others, but his bullets just pinged off their skin.
"What the--" he started, but then had to dive to the side as a volley of bullets and a blast of plasma went around the corner. "Shit!" He heard the sound of Guybrush falling from the ceiling inside and rushed in in time to stab one of the soldiers in the neck. It was suprisingly tough, but he got his sword in far enough that the guard fell to the ground gurgling, dropping his assault rifle. Guybrush beheaded the other one and they turned to the last guard, who had a plasma rifle aimed at Kane.
"One step and the punk gets it," The guard said. Then he stopped breathing, then his head fell off his shoulders.
"I be too fast for ya'!" Ninja Threepwood said as he wiped the guard's blood off his Katana.

Kane shook his head as he woke up to the sounds of fighting. The morphine had almost worn off, but his hands were still broken and tied, so he couldn't cast any spells. Guybrush and Yoshi made short work of the guards, then opened the cell up.
"Gimme a 'hand' with this rope," he said, smiling at his own pathetic pun.
"Who are these guys?" Yoshi said.
"MJ 12. LC must have gotten them somehow. He's a UNATCO agent, from Deus Ex, which means he'll be a pain in the ass to kill. He'll be immune to either guns or energy weapons, and he'll probably be able to cloak, among other things." Kane looked at his broken hands. "Don't suppose you have a healing potion on you?"
Yoshi handed him the potion. "Then LC cloned you?"
Kane drank the potion and watched his hands quickly heal. "Nope, that's the strange thing. You know who it was? Tapek."
Yoshi stopped wiping his sword on one of the guard's corpses. "What?? Tapek's the bad guy?"
"Yep. Where is he?"
"He's with the PPM Alliance. I sent the other Kane and Oak down to meet the Alliance before I met Pirateboy here."
"Evil Kane is with Tapek?!"
"It's okay, his memory was erased." Yoshi finished cleaning his sword.
"Still it wont last. We need to stop them. Any idea where they're headed?"
"Nope, they might still be outside talking about that."
"Alright, then, we gotta get out there then. Guybrush, is the ship docked here anywhere?"
"Aye, she be docked on the roof," Threepwood responded.
"The roof?"
"It does be a long story," Threepwood replied.
"Doesn't matter, let's go find Evil Kane and Tapek!"
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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Chapter 21 :: The Return of the Shadow

"I mean it Tapek, if you betray me I will take your soul and torment it for all eternity."
"Don't worry, my plan can't fail."
"See that it does not... Shaman! Or else."

Tapek reappeared with a flash of crimson in the middle of the abandoned outpost constructed by the PPM Alliance.
"Damn, communicating with other Realms is tiring work," said Tapek as he drained a Mana Potion. "Aaah, that's better."

"Can we get going? We don't have all day!"
"Aar, me be tryin but me ship be stuck on the roof ye freshwater swab!"
The going was slow, but eventually Captain Threepwood, Yoshi, and Kane managed to get the ship off the roof (Threepwood never said why it was there) and back into the ocean.
"HARD A STARBOARD, MATEYS!" cackled the pirate, and they were off.
Meanwhile, Yoshi and Kane were sitting in the Captains Cabin (Much to Threepwood's annoyance) and chatting.
"I don't really get all this clone business, its not making much sense." said Yoshi.
"It's simple," said Kane, sipping a cool glass of Peach Juice. "I'm the good clone and the other guy's a bad clone."
"But aren't there 3 of you? Because remember Banshee aimed the gun at you and stuff before we went to rescue you..." asked Yoshi, very confused.
"Yea, I think Daniel fucked up his writing a bit there. Better remind him to fix that sometime." said Kane, as he refilled his glass from the Giant Keg of Peach.
"Hey, gimme some of that!" said Yoshi, pulling out a glass.
Kane's eyes glowed red.
"MINE!" he yelled.
"Or... or not..." said Yoshi as he put the glass away.


Tapek sat on a rock and began incanting softly. The sky above was slowly filling with billowy black storm clouds, and the winds were picking up in ferocity. Soon thunder could be seen and heard, and the wind reached a startling strength, picking up trees and other debris, until it grew into a full tornado.
The tornado made its way to the shore and zoomed off into the ocean. Tapek continued incanting, and the waves in the beach suddenly slowed down, and reversed direction. Soon several Tidal Waves were heaving themselves in the opposite direction. Great, crackling thunder boomed down, striking the water making pillars of boiling water splash in all directions.

"Just one glass, common." said Yoshi. "I wanna try it!"
"Grrr..." Kane emitted a growling noise much like a dog or wolf. Thunder boomed in the background, and a loud splashing noise was heard.
"Fine." said Yoshi. "But, WHOOPS!!!" Yoshi stood and up and hurled the keg out the window. "You lost your keg!" he said.
The wind suddenly picked up with titanic fury, and the ship almost flipped over and started rocking violently.
"Holy shit!" said Yoshi. "I didn't know you could get THAT mad!"

"Hey, whats that thing in the water over there?" said Yoshi.
"No... its saying something! Listen!"

"are ye going to help me, ye filthy barnacle blowers, or do ye plan to pilot this ship without the aid of an experienced cap'n like me?"

"It's THREEPWOOD!" gasped Kane, running for the Livesaver ring. He hurled it out to the struggling captain, who grabbed onto it and was hurled back onboard. The thunder boomed again, this time striking the water quite near them.
"By the Great Giant Squid of the North, I've never seen me a storm this big since the Ice Age!" exclaimed Threepwood.
"This is no natural storm..." said Kane under his breath.
"Uuuhh... Kane?" said Yoshi suddenly, grabbing Kane's shoulder.
"Not now, Yoshi! I'm trying to negate this magical storm!" snapped Kane.
"Kane!!" Yoshi flipped Kane around to see.

A giant tornado was coming straight for the ship, as well as several Tidal Waves behind it.



"It is done?"
"There is no way they can survive the storm I just sent at them."
"You have done well, little Shaman. But you do not get your reward until you finish the job... properly. LC must be destroyed as well."
"When are you going to send assistance?"
"As soon as the portal is done. It should not take much longer."
"Very well, Kil'Jaeden. I'll be off now."


Note: Don't know who Kil'Jaeden is? Read up on Warcraft history. I'll give you a hint: Supreme General of the Burning Legion, and also leader of the Burning Legion until Sargeras's return.

First in the ranks of the Eredar, the demonlord Kil’jaeden is as vile as he is powerful. Selected by Sargeras as his champion, Kil'jaeden was responsible for the enslavement of the Nethrezim Dreadlords to the will of the fallen titan, and their leader, Tichondrius, vowed to follow Kil'jaeden's dark agenda of assimilating every race possible into the folds of the Burning Legion. The Legion's malefic swallowed world after world, leaving nothing but fire and destruction in their wake.

However, Kil'jaeden soon found a power of great potential: the Orcish Horde.

Going straight to the Horde' most respected leader, Kil'jaeden promised the elder shaman, Ner'zhul, power and longevity that rivaled the Titans themselves if he vowed the orcs to Kil'jaeden's will. Ner'zhul quickly accepted.

However, soon it became apparent that Ner'zhul lacked the ambition and defiance to successfully carry out these plans, and Ner'zhul, beginning to realize what the pact would do to the Horde, refused Kil'jaeden any assistance, and so Kil'jaeden turned to a budding orc, whose practices in dark sorcery had begun already. The Warlock, Gul'dan.

Gul'dan's indomitable lust for power and his selfish disregard of anything but himself made him the perfect pawn for the demon. Mannoroth's blood was given to the orc chieftains, and they degraded into a bloodlust that destroyed the Draenei.

Kil’jaeden, like the rest of the Warlocks, felt the power of Medivh when he began his astral roaming, but his power was rife with the scent of Tirisfal, and this frightened the demon to no end. But his agendas were fulfilled as the Horde made their way into Azeroth, spreading their dark, demonic energies wherever they went. They heralded the destruction that would wipe out any resistance that could be offered to defend against the Legion. Until they fell in the Second War. As if that wasn’t enough, a young, revolutionary orc named Thrall began to reexamine the shamanistic traditions of his ancestors, making the demonic presence in Azeroth a minimum. The orcs had failed.

Kil’jaeden knew that the time had come to take matters into his own hands. He found Ner’zhul within the Twisting Nether, and, anxious for vengeance against the shaman's defiance, tortured the orc for an impossibly long time, destroying his body piece by piece until finally, nothing remained but the shaman's tortured soul. He transformed that spirit into the Lich King. They were to succeed where the orcs had failed, they would wipe out any potential resistance, and raise the unfortunate spirits as undead legions. The Scourge was just that, and wiped out Quel'Thalas and much of Lordaeron before Archimonde first arrived.

Archimonde and Mannoroth led the invasion, and both were successively destroyed, leaving only Kil'jaeden. But it's unlikely that he's finished with Azeroth yet.

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Chapter 22 : The .....re defender returns...

OOAK was catching a rest on his bunk on the ORCA transport. It had been a long 24 hours and he needed some time to get his head round what had happened, the shooting down, the battle with the fake Kane and the Yuris, not to mention the fact that they were in this dreamworld anyway and now the long haul to yet another major base, it was all getting a little much.

Suddenly he sat bolt upright and banged his head against the roof. "Dammit!" he shouted, "I forgot to tell them!" And with that he ran to the bridge of the transport as fast as he could, the pain in his head forgotten for now.

Banshee and Tratos were up front piloting the transport when OOAK burst in to the cockpit.

"Guys!" OOAK shouted, "I forgot to tell you what shot me down, and its probably still after us!"

"What! What is it?" asked Banshee, all of a sudden getting very worried.

"It was a..........." suddenly a huge laser streaked across the sky right in front of the transport, this was closely followed by a SAM very similar to the one that had caught OOAK earlier.

"Its a Core Defender!!!!" shouted OOAK.

"OMG! We're gonna die!" screamed Tratos but Banshee was strangely calm... "OOAK come with me. Tratos open up the rear hatch."

OOAK and Banshee walked to the rear hold where there was a Banshee's Banshee and OOAK Comanche which had been salvaged and repaired ealier. "You're not serious Banshee?" asked OOAK incredulously as the rear hatch swung open. "Oh wait yes you are. Oh well i guess its a good way to go." The two boarded their respective aircraft and flew out the rear hatch.

For a moment they couldn't see anything then another laser shot served as a beacon and they saw the Defender. "OMG! That thing looks an awful lot bigger than it does in Firestorm!" exclaimed OOAK "whats the plan Banshee?"

"I'll aim for the head," said Banshee, "you use your rocket pods on its legs and try to bring it down." With that Banshee exectued a tight turn and began his attack run so OOAK dropped his Comanche and began a run of his own, launching a lethal barrage of rockets at the left knee of the defender causing it to stagger. It turned its head down towards OOAK's Comanche but this exposed the important circuitry on the back of its neck. "Now Banshee now!" shouted OOAK as he dodged a laser shot while waiting for his Rocket Pods to re-arm "hit it in the neck!"

He watched as the Banshee swung in a graceful arc and filled the Core Defender's neck full of plasma, with that the giant monstrosity looked incapacitated but it was still standing, so OOAK emptied his rocket pods into the other knee of the Defender and was rewarded by seeing the defender topple and fall. "The bigger they are........" muttered OOAK to himself as he set an intercept course for the transport, which was circling the battle site at a safe distance.

"That was very cool guys!" said Tratos as the two joined him in the cockpit.

"It might not be the last," said OOAK, "our enemies could also have tweaked the rules.ini themselves, anythings possible in this world."

"What is it with you and picking out bad things?" asked Banshee.

"Its just what I'm good at, and in this case its what keeps me alive." said OOAK, "by the way I've been thinking. So far we've had Banshee's influence on this universe as C&C, Tapek's as Warcraft and Kane's as both NWN and Deus Ex but I'll let him off because there are two of them, does this mean I can still exert some kind of influence over this world?"

"I guess so, but what did you have in mind?" asked Tratos curiously as OOAK headed to the back.

"Oh I've got a couple of ideas from a game that might help in our cause, but the game could also work against us quite nastily. You'll know soon enough."

A few hours passed but eventually the Alliance members heard some shouting from OOAK's room. "EUREKA! I've done it! OMG this is so awesome!" They ran to his room but OOAK was no-where to be found. "OOAK? Where are you?" Banshee asked.

"I'm right here" he said, making them all jump, they turned to where the voice had come from but still there was no-one there.

"All right what are you playing about at?" asked Tratos who was starting to get a bit annoyed.

"Stealth camoflage," was OOAK's simple answer, "you never played Metal Gear Solid? Yoshi's not the only one with invisibility anymore, I've also come up with a few other useful inventions." and with that he appeared as if from nowhere but he was now dressed in a sneaking suit just as Solid Snake wore in MGS. "Lets see, I've got the stealth, a bandanna that grants me infinite ammo and a nice personal radar system as well as this suit." he said, "I've also got a load of weapons and ammo for those that want them," he said as he went to pick up a SOCOM pistol, a FAMAS assault rifle and a PSG1 Sniper Rifle.

"You said this would also bring some not-good consequences," said Banshee, "any hints as to what these might be?"

"Well not a lot really only the fact that Kane and LC will probably be able to produce about 25 nuclear-equipped walking battle tanks. Hey what's wrong with everybody?" He asked as the crew all fainted simultaneously...

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(Note of Doomositynessing: Deus Ex is LC's game, not mine. That's why I threw it in there. I figured, if LC was in there, the character he'd probably play would be JC Denton, because he used to be a Deus Ex freak #Tongue)
Banshee: LC's game currently is Half-Life Counter Strike

Chapter 23 :: Ninja Threepwood Returns!!

Kane watched wide-eyed as the gigantic tornado came flying for the boat.
"Mooo!" came the sound of a cow from inside the tornado.
"HARD A-STARBOARD!" Threepwood was yelling to the various pirates as they ran around the ship like a bunch of crazed lunatics. At one point one of the climbed up in the crow's nest and dove onto the sail so he could move it manually. Kane quickly ran down belowdecks, followed by Yoshi, and rummaged through his pack.
"What are you doing?" Yoshi said as he looked up out the hatch at the approaching tornado.
"I know when I'm beaten. I'm gonna run like a scared little girl," Kane said as he pulled out a tiny bag with a golden strap on it.
"You're going to run with a purse?"
"Nope, a BOAT." Kane ran up the stairs and then stood at the edge of the boat and opened the bag on the deck. 5 Longswords, a bow, some potions, a Keg-O-Peach, and then the bow of a rowboat. "Thank Mystra for pocket dimensions," he said as he pulled the rowboat out and kicked it over the edge of the ship and into the water, casting an enchantment of stability on it."
"What else do you have in there?" Yoshi asked, looking at the Bag of Holding.
"I DID have an Inn in here, but I can't find it anymore." Yoshi raised an eyebrow. "Uhh, well, you see, it was being attacked by minotaurs so I just put the bag of holding over it and ran away," Kane explained. "HEY! THREEPWOOD!"
"AYE?" Threepwood yelled from the bow of the ship.

Tapek's incanting ceased slowly, and eventually he stopped, content that the tidal waves and tornadoes would be sufficient to destroy the ship. He stood up slowly, then stopped and stared foreward, listening. He heard a faint rustling behind him, and spun quickly, hos outstretched hand knocking Panth to the ground and his claws scratching the side of Panth's face. He cackled maniacally. "Well well well," Tapek said looking at the unconscious Panther on the ground. "Looks like we've got us a hostage..."

* * * * * *

"What do you think?" Zeus asked, looking at Odin beside him.
"Well, the coding's okay, but we need some more testers to make sure this will run smoothly in the real world."
"Hah, the real world, eh, Delphi?"
Odin grinned. "The players do have a bit too much control over the world. I'll make a note of that, and we can change that, but otherwise it seems good."
"We need some more NPCs in this game. Whadda ya' say we throw a couple more in. Make it a bit more interesting?"
Odin laughed. "Ought to be amusing. Let's do that."

* * * * * *

Guybrush Threepwood watched his ship go down, almost crying. "Well," he choked out, "She was a good ship, aye. Saw me through many a mighty battle."
"Ahh, suck it up and drive on," Kane said as he took out his Bag of Holding.
"Now what are you getting," Yoshi said.
"Peach Juice. A situation like this calls for peach juice." Kane pulled a keg of peach juice out of the bag of holding and dipped a mug into it, drinking the life-giving peach juice. "Now, where are we?"
The ship's navigator, a pirate with a silver front tooth, was looking at a map. "I'd say we be about an hour's rowing from shore," he said.
"Okay, well, let's head over there, then," Kane said, slapping Yoshi's hand away from the Keg-O-Peach. "We need to warn the Alliance.

* * * * * *

Banshee looked through his binoculars at the small Nod base on the edge of the Halifax Harbour. He was on the other side of the harbour, in Dartmouth, on top of a large government office building. He walked back to his Banshee and turned on the radio. "Looks like it's heavily defended, but we could snipe the guards and then use a rocket launcher to take out the turrets from here." Suddenly, there was a flash behind him and he turned to see Tapek standing there.
"I found Yoshi.... He's dead," Tapek said sadly.
"Damn!" Banshee said. "Well, okay, hop in. We'll meet with the rest of the Alliance..."
When Banshee turned around, Tapek grinned. All going according to plan...
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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Chapter 24 :: The Plot Thickens

"Intruder Alert!" yelled Minion 2428829. "INTRUDER ALERT!"
"Man the cannons!"
"Arm the Torpedos!"
"Evacuate the Penguins!"
"Equip at the Armory!"

OOAK grinned.
"Noisy lot, aren't they?" he said.
"Let's turn up the music" said Banshee. "Fire the nuke, boys!"
"Er... banshee..." said sk8erkid.
"What?" demanded Banshee impatiently.
"We don't have a nuke..." replied sk8erkid.
Banshee sighed and shot a Nod guard with his sniper rifle. "Then send something in, by god!" he barked.
"Yes sir!" screamed sk8erkid, as he picked up a flamethrower and hopped onto his skateboard, custom fitted with rocket boosters. Sk8erkid flew off, and streaked alongside the enemy soldiers, a flaming trail smoking behind him as he fired the flamethrower at 100km/h.

OOAK charged in with a Rocket Launcher, destroying several cannons, with the rest of the PPM crew picking off soldiers with sniper rifles.

Soon the nod entrance was cleared.
"MOVE OUT!" yelled banshee, as he ran in with the rest of the PPM Alliance behind him.

2 people hadn't moved. Kane, brainwashed and confused, and Tapek, stealthily sneaking up behind him. Tapek raised a blade above Kane's neck.

"What was that?" asked banshee at the sound of a bloodcurdling scream.
"It sounded like kane!" said TS, jogging back to the entrance. Everyone else followed.
"Look, there's Kane in that puddle of blood!" puffed OOAK, jogging up to the body.
"Tapek! What happened?!" demanded Banshee.
"Nod soldier... snuck up behind us... stabbed kane..." gasped Tapek.
TS raised an eyebrow.


They all turned around, and saw a familiar figure.

"Hahahahahahaha!" laughed LC, as he leaped about 2m in the air, did a somersault, and turned invisible as he landed. Footsteps could be heard running off.

"GET HIM!" screamed Banshee, and sk8erkid was off, following the footsteps on his rocketboard.

"Hahahahahahahaha!" mocked LC, and a gunshot was heard. Sk8erkid yelled in pain and fell off the board, groaning. LC was nowhere to be seen.


"Finally reached the shore, mateys! By the Fishgod of the East that was a tough storm! Grargh, Aarr!"
Kane gasped and flopped onto the shore.
"Somebody get that fool some Peach..." said Yoshi, as he got to work setting up a camp for the night.

Suddenly, footsteps were heard coming toward them.
Kane looked up. "Do you hear something?"

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This Chapter has been Squelched.
Kane: Okay, this chapter was just insane. lmao. If you want to read it, click Edit or select the whole text, press control c and then, control v in a note pad window.

Chapter 24 : The Plot.. o forget it this story doesn't even have a plot anymore.. HAHAHA!!

"Sk8erkid!" Banshee screamed, running over to his fallen body.
"Are you alright?"

At that moment what they all thought to be sk8erkid's body vaproized into thin air.
"OMFG!" TS yelled, but his shock quickly turned to anger as he heard the fimiliar laugh of sk8erkid behind the group.. He was holding a high powered horse tranquilizer, well to the untrained eye it would apear as a horse tranq but it was actually a shaman tranq, to Tapeks neck.

OOAK drew his gun, "PUT HIM DOWN, TRATOR!"
"wait, wait wait.. WAIT!" Sk8erkid yelled.. "Just trust me, i dont have time to explain now" ..*boink* the gun was fired and Tapek collapsed body layed in a deep sleep at Sk8er's feet.

"ok, explain yourself sk8er" banshee said, but at that moment LC returned with a group of soldiers... Zombie soldiers to be exact.

"Shit!" TS said, "I never knew he would be able to actually code those!"
And the battle was on.. yet again.. and there was more to this than met the eye..yet again.. and this chapter will just be twisted and squewed by the next writer..yet again...Muahahaha..


Yoshi and Kane both stood still listening.. "two people.. coming from the east" kane whispered.. "lets hide" and so they hid. The two companions saw a strange sight, a giant mouse with a sheild and a sword followed by a staggereing ragidy teenager who looked like he had a ittel too much crack for one lifetime... *I know these people thought kane...* noticeing he patch that said 'Martin' on the mouse' shoulder he remembered.. *Redwall.. GWRedwall, martin the Warrior.. yep its all commin back to me. but what about this other.. um thing?* A sudden flash of the past rushed into kanes brain.. the old BOPPM sites, the EZforums.. the main forum.. a message.. the author.. who was it...* His thoughts were cut short by the battle cry let out by Yoshi as he leapt from his hiding spot tackling the rat.


(note.. i dont really excpect anyone to think hard enough to rememebr who this 'mystery druggy' is bu if you do.. i give ya props.. lol)

Sk8erkid - [PPM]

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Chapter 25 : The traitor revealed (sort of)....

OOAK's pesimistic senses were on overload. Despite the fact that Tapek had said that a Nod soldier had snook up behind kane and stabbed him, followed by the surprise appearance of LC, it just didn't feel right. Then there was the fact that Tapek had been the only one to see Yoshi die, surely with all his magical powers he could have done something to stop it? It just didn't seem right, but Tapek was a trusted member of the PPM team so he couldn't be a villain, could he? Another thing that troubled OOAK was that LC could easily have inflicted more casualties than just Sk8erkid so why did he leave? Nothing was making any sense....

Deciding to go check on Sk8erkid's condition, OOAK headed off to the temporary infirmary that had been set up while the alliance planned their next move. According to his vital signs Sk8erkid would be fine but he'd take a while to recover, as there was nothing he could do here OOAK decided to join the others...

"So we've got two men down and one injured, this is certainly going well isn't it?", Tapek's voice dripped sarcasm and OOAK made up his mind not to trust Tapek from this moment forth. *note - not in real life Tapek Wink *

"Well we can hardly be blamed for Yoshi and Kane, I seem to recall you being the only one close to both people at the time of death," remarked OOAK, "are you sure you're telling us everything?"

"What, you think I'd kill two of my fellow alliance members and so reduce my chances of getting out of this hell hole? How stupid do you think I am OOAK?" Tapek asked, his eyes glowing.

"OK point taken but you've got to see my side of it as well. Anyway, what are we going to do from here? There's nothing we can do about Kane or Yoshi so we have to keep going if we ever want out of here. I can't track LC on my Soliton Radar but I will be able to see him if he shows up." OOAK reaches into his sneaking suit and pulls out some thermal goggles. "But we still need to find him first, any ideas?"

"I think it'd be best if a couple of us when on a search party," Tratos suggested, "the rest of use need to build up a large army as I don't think that LC was using this base for anything important, and we haven't come across any of these.... what did you say they were again OOAK?" he asked.......

"Metal Gear Rays", answered OOAK, "huge bipedal robots capable of launching a nuclear warhead that is impossible to track with current radar systems and can do so from any terrain imaginable."

"So I don't think this is the main base and I'm guessing that LC is heading to his main base so we need some people to track him before he gets too far gone while the rest of us stay here and prepare the assault force. Who's up for the tracking team?"

"I'll go," said OOAK, "I've never been one for base building much anyway."

"I'll go too," said Tapek, "you could use my magic skills in tracking this madman down."

"Fair enough," said OOAK, "we only need the two of us I think, the rest of you can concentrate on building up the attack force. We'll be back." With that he turned and headed to the armoury to stock up on stinger missiles and PSG1 bullets."

'Perfect, just perfect!' thought Tapek to himself as he prepared for the trip ahead. 'I'll get to take out both LC and OOAK in one fell swoop and my plan will be yet closer to fruition.'

The two left the base early next morning and headed out in the direction they though LC had most likely gone. The journey was uneventful for several hours but then OOAK stopped Tapek and motioned for quiet. "I've got something coming on radar," he whispered, "three people, with five close behind, coming this was fast. Can't tell whether they're friend or foe, what do we do?"

"Take no chances," breathed Tapek, "we'll take them out hard and fast. They could be anything for all we know, take cover and wait, we'll jump them when they get close."

They both climbed up different trees and waited, about five minutes later OOAK signalled to Tapek, 'they're coming'. Tapek readied himself but then had a thought, 'three people, couldn't that be........?', he shook his head 'no, the storm took care of them, there's nothing amiss here.'

Suddenly they heard heavy footsteps, moving quickly towards there position. Then they heard a shout....

"Oibles! They're still coming Yoshi! Any ideas?"

Tapek looked across OOAK, a sudden feeling of dread consuming him. The look from OOAK said it all as he said "so Yoshi died huh?" and he jumped down from the tree, right in front of Kane, Yoshi and some random pirate guy he didn't recognise. "Well this is an unexpected pleasure! I didn't expect to see you two alive again!" said OOAK with a big smile on his face.

"Well it was a close call," said Yoshi, "we had to forcefeed Kane peach juice to keep him going. By the way OOAK the Kane that was with you was the brainwashed bad version. This one's the good one."

"Right. Well it kinda makes sense now...." said OOAK but Kane interrupted him.

"If you don't mind can we tell you on the way back? We're being chased and I'd rather we keep moving thank you."

"Fair enough, you can fill us in on the way back. Hey Tapek?" OOAK shouted into the trees but Tapek was no-where to be seen. "Well isn't that marvellous, we've gained three but lost one. Whatever, come on lets get back. LC can wait for the time being." They took off back the way OOAK and Tapek had come as Tapek watched, invisible, from his perch in the trees.

'Well I've gotta give Kane credit, I didn't think he'd survive the storm. But.....' he thought looking down as the chasers ran by, not far behind their prey 'it doesn't look like they'll make it back in one piece and I've still got a job to do, Kane will have to wait, LCs more important.' And with that he vanished into thin air....

*Note - I've left it open for Kane to fill in who it was that was coming because I couldn't think of anything special or interesting to put in, unlike Sk8terkid it would seem Wink

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(Note to Writers: Sk8erkid's chapter gave me an idea... After this is over, you guys wanna do a completely nonsensical chainstory where we have stuff like that?)

Chapter 26 :: Confusion Cloned!

"What were you and CC doing out here?" Kane asked. He was reaching into the bag of holding, his whole arm inside it.
OOAK looked at him strangely, which makes sense seeing as he had his whole arm in something no bigger than his hand. "We were trying to track LC," he said.
"Hey, I found the Inn," Kane said quietly, then, "Well, I can probably tell you where he is. I told Panth to follow him just before I was captured. Let me call him." Kane held his hands out in the air, a small burst of magic appearing between them, but then suddenly it vanished. He tried again. "This isn't good," he said.

* * * * * *

Panth growled at Tapek.
"Oh, shut up you stupid animal," Tapek said as he paced around his house, waiting for word to come back from his Orc scouts.
"You're calling ME stupid?" Panth asked, sarcastically. "Kane will kill you. Slowly. If he finds out you've kidnapped me, you'll never be able to stop him."
"Oh, right, you're a Wizard Familiar. Well, you're slightly less stupid than I thought, but if you think Kane is ANY match for me, you're an idiot." Suddenly a blue blanket of magical energy appeared above Panth and was immediately dispelled by the magic-resistant ropes he was tied in.
"He's trying to summon me now. When it doesn't work, he'll know it's you."
"Let him come," Tapek growled back.

* * * * * *

Yoshi watched Kane try in vain to summon Panth. "What are you doing?"
"I'm trying to summon my familiar, but he wont summon. CC must have gotten him somehow. There's no other way he wouldn't respond."
"Maybe he's busy?"
"No, he's bound to me magically. If he isn't somewhere that blocks magic, he will automatically appear here. No, CC's kidnapped him." Kane pulled a sword out of his Bag of Holding. "We need to tell the rest of PPM what happened. Where are they?"
OOAK pointed east. "That way, along the path."

Banshee was going over some maps of the second Nod base with Tratos when Kane, Yoshi, OOAK, and Threepwood arrived at the base.
Banshee looked at Good Kane, then looked at the dead Evil Kane, then looked back at Good Kane again. "What the ztype?"
"This is good Kane," OOAK said. "That one's evil Kane."
"I'm confused," Tratos said. "I thought he was good Kane," he pointed at the dead Kane. "And aren't you supposed to be dead, Yoshi? And who are they?" He said, gesturing at Threepwood and his pirates.
"I'M the good Kane," Kane said. "The dead one was the evil Kane. Yoshi never died. This is Guybrush Threepwood, pirate captain, and the guys behind him are his crew. Tapek is the evil one, and he created the clone of me. He tried to kill us, and thought he succeeded, and that's why he said Yoshi was dead," Kane summarized.
"How do we know what Kane you are?" Banshee asked.
"Look at the ears," Kane said, pointing to the clone. "He's human, I'm an elf. NWN Kane is an elf."
"Ookkkaaayyyy," Banshee said.
"Look, here's the deal. CC is evil, and he's trying to do something. I'm not sure what exactly. I don't know where LC fits into all this... He might be working with or for CC, or he might not. He might even be an NPC, like, Threepwood here. I'm not sure."
"Then what do you know?" Tratos asked.
"LC's base is probably in the UK, in Leeds. I don't know about CC. He might not even have a base, but if he has one, it's probably in Australia."
"Before you attack LC, you should know he's a UNATCO agent, which means he'll have a number of augmentations. We'll need to hack into the base computers here and see if there's any information on them."
"Okay then, let's get to it," Banshee said.

* * * * * *

"Sir!" The orc said as it ran up to CC.
"Finally! What took you FOOLS so long?" CC said.
"We found LC's base," The scout said.
"Well?? Where is it??"
"It's in Buckingham Palace, sir! In the UK!"
"I know where Buckingham Palace is, you idiot!" CC said, pushing the orc out of his way and preparing to teleport a group of Orc Peons to the U.K. "Now get ready to move! We have work to do!"


Note: I'll list the Deus Ex augmentations here for whoever decides which ones LC has. There are two augs for each slot, so you can only have one of them. Ie., if you take Cloaking, you can't take Radar Transparancy. If you take combat strength, you can't have Microfibral Muscle.

Combat Strength / Microfibral Muscle
Combat Strength makes you do more damage when using things like knives, your bare hands, swords, etc. Microfibrial Muscle makes you able to lift and carry really heavy things (Fully upgraded, someone with Microfibral Muscle can run while carrying a tank)

Ballistic Protection / EMP Shield
Ballistic Protection makes you almost totally immune to bullets and things. EMP protects you from EMP blasts (If a UNATCO agent gets hit with an EMP grenade, it drains ALL of his electical energy, which shuts all his augs off.)EMP shield also protects against plasma, fire, laser, etc.

Cloak / Radar Transparency
Cloak is what it says, Radar Transparency makes you invisible to electronics (Radar, robots, laser tripwires, cameras, etc.)

Targeting / Vision Enhancement
Targeting lets you see exact health and weapon information of a target, at any distance, and increases accuracy. Vision Enhancement is nightvision, radar imaging, lets you see through walls, and lets you zoom your vision.

Aggressive Defense System / Spy Drone
ADS stops missiles before they hit you (Detonates them in mid-flight), Spy Drone basically CREATES a robot drone that flies around and can be used to scout ahead. It has an EMP bomb in it, so it can detonate and disable any electronic device (Ie. radar and such)

Regeneration / Energy Shield
Regeneration lets you regenerate any damage (Even lost limbs), energy shield protects you from Flame, Plasma, and Electrical/Laser/EMP damage (Energy weapons)

Aqualung / Environmental Resistance
Aqualung makes you able to breath underwater until you run out of power. Environmental Resistance lets you resist poison, radiation, etc.

Run Silent / Speed Enhancement
What they imply. Run Silent makes movement silent, Speed Enhancement makes you run and jump farther. Speed Enhancement also lets you fall from a higher distance than normal.
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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Chapter 27: The Palace Excursion

"Common get in the dropship..." barked Banshee, as PPM members ran in. Banshee leaped into the Cargo Doors the second before they snapped shut.

After several minutes, Banshee demanded why they weren't gone yet.
"Why aren't we gone yet!?" demanded Banshee.
"The ship won't move, Banshee!" mumbled OOAK.
"Yah it won't frickin get off the ground." said TS.
"Why the hell not?" snapped Banshee.
"It's magic!" said Kane suddenly. "It'll take me about 30mins to negate..."
"No, we don't have time..." said OOAK.
"WE COULD A'WEES TAKE ME SHIP TO LEEDS, ME HEARTIES!" boomed Threepwood from the back.
"I thought your ship was destroyed in a storm!" said Banshee.
"Arrr but ye ol Kane be a spare in his bag, matey!" cackled Threepwood.
Kane blinked. "I do?"
"Aaar, you do."
Kane shrugged and rummaged around a bit. "Oh yea your right!"

Everyone agreed and hurried out of the dropship. As they were getting on board Threep's Spare Ship, the dropship suddenly exploded.
"Shit! Good thing we got out of there!" yelled OOAK.
"Won't Tapek be dissapointed now..." muttered Yoshi.
"He sure will be! An eye for an eye is what I always say!" said Kane.
"What do you mean?" asked TS.


"Sir, the Montauk won't move!" squealed the Goblin Pilot.
"DAMN YOU KANE!" screamed Tapek.


"Aaahhh... don't worry..." said Kane.

"Yoshi!" boomed Threepwood.
"What!?" asked Yoshi.
"Yoshi, your at the tiller. Turn the ship portwise." explained Kane.
"Which way is port?!" exclaimed Yoshi.

The going was slow, but eventually the ship made it into the high seas.


"Into the Juggernaught, MOVE MOVE MOVE!"

A steam of orcs, goblins and trolls made their way into the towering juggernaught.
The juggernaught, after the cannons had been resupplied with fresh ammo, was suddenly off, the Human Slaves underneath paddling their hardest to make the ship move.

After several hours, the Troll in the crow's nest yelled out;
"Ship to starboard spotted, mon!"

"Excellent! It's the PPM crew! Engage offensive manoevres!"

A hatch in the side of the Juggernaught opened, and hundreds of wyverns flew out and attacked the enemy ship, as the cannons exploded their sticky napalm onto the sails of the PPM ship.
Very soon the ship was in flames with its crew flopping about in the water.

"Well, that was easy!" said Tapek.

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Chapter 28: Water War

TS: Shit! Anyone knows how to swin! Our ship is burning, what the ztype happened!?!?!?
OOAK: The good Kane was correct, Tapek is evil here.
Sapp726: Does anyoine has any plans for counterstike?
Banshee: No idea, I just hate swiming. I won''t survive for long in these conditions...
Sk8erkid: Hehehe... Times says I have to test my new creation, Hover WarSkate V3!
Banshee: WTF is it?
Sk8erkid: My newest skate which hovers and is equipped with stinger missiles and an 2 M1 Carbine.

While most of PPM crew "fights" to stay in the surface, Sk8erkid uses his HWSV3.

Sk8erkid: Anyone wanna a lift?

Instantaneously, most of the group said yes, but for strategical reasons, he only got Banshee and One Of a Kind who still had his snipe in hand.

Sk8erkid: Ok, let's rock and roll!

Sk8erkid and the skate crew starts firing stinger missiles and riflyng Tapek, after One Of A Kind hits a snipe shoot at Tapek's head, Tapek still reacts with some chain lightning that throws OOAK back into water. Banshee and Sk8erkid keeps attacking him and Tapek suddenly sinks...

Sk8erkid: That was easy!
Lots of members from PPM Alliance: FFS, help me!!! I wanna get back into land!!!
Banshee: Not that easy, Sk8er, look at his Orc friends!!!

Sk8erkid is suddenly hit by several wyverns and loose control of his skate heading him and Banshee back into water.

Banshee: Oh shit!!!!
Sk8erkid: Yea, shit, but...
Banshee: Look out!!!

A Troll suddenly appears in front of Sk8erkid ready to shoot him when a snipe hits the Troll's head.

Sk8erkid: Phew...

He barely have time to rest when the wyverns return. Sk8erkid dives in order to escape from them.... after they pass, he gets back into the surface and fires the stinger from HWSV3 in them killing most and the cycle of diving to escape and shooting stinger in their back repeated until all were killed, while OOAK and Banshee killed all trolls.

Most of PPM swimmed for far away in an island. 1 hour later, Sk8erkid, Banshee and OOAK joined them.

Eternal2u: Gud. We'v kickd dem all s, Tapek's s, trolls 'n' wyverns n we r now lost. Where in da f.u.c.k we r?
Sk8erkid: Yea, we've killed them, but I dont have any idea on where...
Banshee: Tapek escaped... He used scroll of town, but he forgot to bring his friends back.
Kane: F.u.c.k! How could he...
Banshee: I saw a huge light in the see when Sk8erkid turned the back of the hover skate into him. I looked back.
TS: Damn it!
Cole: Right now, we are at... erm... bad news... dont you guys feel cold here?
All but Cole: Yea
Cole: We are on Iceland according to my GPS clock.
Sapp: GPS clock? How in the f.u.c.k you got that?.
Cole: Certain GDI bases Wink... they have everything you imagine and doesnt imagine. Near here, we have UK. We can strike LC's main base, but first we need a ship or Sk8erkid's new toy working back.
Sk8erkid: Can't you order any captured base to build us an MCV and a carryall or something like that?
Cole: No. I lost contact with all structures we captured. They were sabotaged. Mostly destroyed by enemy orca bombers.
Tratos: I have some screenshots from Generals. Maybe you can work in a GLA base for us...
Cole: Hummm... nice idea.

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Chapter 29 :: Exclamation Mark!

Kane walked around the frozen island, looking for some sign of life, but there wasn't anything. He returned to find the rest of the PPM crew building a campfire.
"I have some tents in my bag of holding, but I don't have a boat. I forgot to pack the rowboat me, Yoshi, and Threepwood's Crew used before.
"'Tis a bad day, Cap'n," one of the pirates said, his silver teeth shining in the sunlight. "We lost two fine ships and now we be stranded on an arctic island!"
"Aye," Threepwood said. "If only there was some way to contact the mainland! My boys could be here in a jiffy to rescue us!"
"Waiiitt," Kane said. "Maybe there is!" He concentrated hard on creating a telepathic link with Panth.

* * * * * *

CC had managed to use his Scroll of Town Portal to teleport himself and all the people near him to his new base in the U.K., and Panth had been nearby when he used it. He'd put Panth in an out of the way room in the Great Hall with one Orc guard. Panth glanced up at the guard, then went back to gnawing on the ropes that tied him to a barrel in the corner of the room. He'd been working on them since they left, the guard not paying any attention to him because he was "just an animal." Panth reached his head around and gnawed a bit more on the rope, and with one final bite, it snapped off him, freeing his claws to slice the rest of the rope off. Panth purred as he was released and stretched his limbs, retracting and detracting his claws and cracking his neck He looked foreward at the Orc guard, sitting at the desk reading a book, and dove foreward, claws out. The only escape that of the chair falling and a light gurgle from the guard's sliced neck.

The Great Hall was huge, and had a lot of corridors, but they were simple enough to understand. Panth took a left at the end of one and walked quietly down to the end, quickly hiding in an alcove as two goblin guards walked past, chatting in irritiating high-pitched voices. He stepped out, then moved quickly, silently, to the end of the hallway and into a side room. He listened as an Orc Grunt in the room snored loudly, drool coming out of his mouth and pooling on the floor. Panth moved through into an adjoining room and leaped up through a small window in the ceiling, a good 20 meters above him. He hopped through the open vent shaft, landing silently on the roof and surveying his surroundings. The base was huge, and built in an easily defensible location with cliffs and rivers blocking all but two entrances to the base, which were heavily defended with wall and towers. He looked over to the left and saw the roof of a barracks, and jumped to it, then onto an Orc Burrow. About a meter away was a sheer cliff that fell a few meters into a deep lake. Panth judged the fall as being safe and jumped off, landing in a dive and swimming back up and onto the shore, shaking the water off himself. Suddenly, he heard a voice seeming to come from nowhere.
Panth? Panth, can you hear me?
Kane? Panth thought.
Yea. Are you okay? He heard.
I am uninjured.
Okay, listen carefully...

* * * * * *

"Brrr," OOAK said, shivering.
"Ahhh, suck it up and drive on," Kane said, looking out at the ocean.
"Easy for you to say," Banshee said. "You live in snowland!"
"Meh." The fire had gone out almost an hour ago, and they hadn't been able to find enough wood within the immediate area to burn. A couple of the pirates had gone out with their cutlasses and Yoshi with his hugeass paladin sword to find some, but they hadn't gotten back yet. The tents Kane found in his pack weren't too insulating, so they ended up just staying outside anyway, in the hopes of the pirates coming back with wood soon. Kane had been staring out at the ocean for a while now, waiting for something.
"What are you looking at?" Banshee asked.
"I'm waiting for... Them!" Kane exclaimed as he pointed excitedly out in the direction of a ship which was slowly appearing on the horizon. "Sk8erkid, skate out and get Yoshi and the Pirates and get them back here quickly!"
"Aye! I tol' ye' landlubbers me mates would'na let us down!" Threepwood said, waving his sword in the air. "It be time to get off this 'ere frozen rock!"

The ship had to land a kilometer away from where they were, because of the rough shores, but when they got to it, Panth was waiting for them on the deck. It wasn't the pirate ship they'd expected, but instead and Battleship with three Cruisers, a frigate, and an Aircraft Carrier, as well as a transport ship, as guards.
"Nice work, Panth!" Kane said, playfully bopping him on the head. The captain of the ship came down from the bridge.
"Ahoy there, Captain Threepwood!" He said. Unlike Threepwood's pirates, he had a crisp naval uniform on, though the country of origin couldn't be discerned. "Welcome aboard the H.S.S. Nexus! Where do you need to go?"


Just in case anyone wants to know, or wants to use this info in subsequent chapters, all those ships are from Empire Earth. If you want to make the transport ship have a bunch of civvies that build a base in the U.K., then I should let you know that the ships work like this:
Frigate: Attacks other ships and submarines (Depth charges and a 105mm cannon)
Cruiser: Attacks aircraft (SAM missiles or AA guns)
Battleship: Obliterates other ships
Carrier: Carries 15 F-14 fighter/bombers
I don't expect anyone to do that, but hey, anything's possible Smile
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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Chapter 30: The Palace Excursion, continued!

"There be da gates, mastah!" said a Troll Witch Doctor.
"Excellent. Bring forth the prisoner!" boomed Tugluk, the orc Commander. A worn looking man was brought forward, wearing rags and snivelling.
"How do we open these gates, little man?!" demanded Tugluk. "Everything we've tried has not worked."
"You will never enter Buckingham Palace, orc! It's gates are elementally guarded by Ice Magicks." said the Prisoner defiantly.
"Your petty magicks will not stop me any more than these gates, little human!" scoffed Tugluk. "Slaughter him!!!" he screamed, and a Troll Headhunter casually poked his spear through the prisoners stomach, impaling him.
"Bring forth the Sappers! We'll make our own entrance."

A team of goblin sappers sprinted in, screaming "For all my homies!!!" before exploding onto the gate, ripping a huge chunk of gate out. After all, fire naturally negated ice.
"Attack!" bellowed Tugluk, before drawing his blade and charing in with a legion of grunts behind him.

Unfortunately though, axes and spears are not very effective VS guns and stealth and genetically enchanced super soldiers.
To counter this, behind the grunts and headhunters came a pair of Spirit Walkers, calmly restoring order to the fray. A giant shield was erected around the grunts, and several lightning bolts were hurled at the enemy soldiers, frying them to a sizzling crisp where they crackled and popped a bit before finally lying still.
Suddenly the roof of the palace ripped off and tons of electricity rained down into LC's HQ, frying everyone in the upper palace. Tapek teleported in after casting his Electrify spell and looked around.
"Tugluk!" he called.
After about a minute, the battered looking Commander appeared and made his way to Tapek.
"Yes, master!!" puffed Tugluk.
"Any sign of LC?" enquired Tapek.
"No Sir! We cannot find anything!" said Tugluk.
Something wasn't right. Tapek walked over to a burning chest of drawers and ripped open a shelf. A single note was inside. Tapek read it. Tricked you! - LC. A small clicking noise was heard, and Tapek realised his mistake, but it was too late.

The palace exploded.


"Damn these intruders! They must not interfere with the masters plan! Flee, and continue with the operation!"

Several dark robed cultists scattered when the Paladin approached the village.
"By Uther the Lightbringer this looks like trouble! For the light I shall seek the source of this trouble! Justice shall be done!" the Holy Paladin jogged after a Cultist discreetly, and hid behind some bushes when he came across a giant Demon Gate, with three Dreadlords and a Lich standing around it. The Paladin gasped in shock.

"Is it time, Nazgalore?" snapped a Dreadlord with very long claws. "Lord Kil'Jaeden will have all our heads if we do not keep control of the situation! Is everything proceeding as planned?"
"Yes... the Demon Lord's agent has been performing well... almost too well. I begin to wonder if this... Shaman has been carrying out his assassinations properly."
"You two overgrown bats chatter too much," rasped the Lich. "Why don't you both shutup and wait until the Summoning can begin?"
"Watch your tongue with me, little lich!" growled Nazgalore the Dreadlord. "I would hate to have to rip it out."
"I don't have a tongue!" said the Lich.
"Shutup!" screamed Nazgalore, and a nearby Cultist jumped at the sudden noise.

The Paladin backed away. "My brothers must be informed of this outrage!" he said to himself as he started running for help. As he reached the Chapel, he entered and kicked his sleeping brother Paladin awake. "huh?" moaned the other Paladin. "What time is it?"

"Time to die." said a voice from the other side of the hall. The door of the chapel was broken down and Nazgalore the Dreadlord entered.


Tapek opened his eyes slowly and wished he hadn't. Every bit of his body ached like crazy. But despite the pain his eyes opened even wider at what he saw.
"Thought you could kill me eh?"
"You... it's impossible!"
The maniacal laughter chilled Tapek to the bone as he recieved a vicious kick to the head, and he lapsed back into unconsciousness.


"The summoning... it begins!" whispered the Cultist.
"Finally... prepare the Demon Gate. The hour of doom approaches!"

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Chapter 31: The New Threat

While the situation was quite turbulent for Tapek in the moment, the PPM crew was in Cruisers, Battleships, Frigates and Aircraft Carriers.

Transport Captain: We gonna head to Kirkland and from there, you prepare your forces to kick LC's ass.
Cole: Ok, but we gonna need some support from you after we land, so I can build this GLA base that I'm architeting safer.
Transport Captain: Yes, sir.
OOAK: Banshee, you drive this bomber while I drive that F-14.
Banshee: Sure! Twisted Evil Ahh... a bomber... even more effective than my precious Banshee... I just feel myself at home...

Both Banshee and OOAK get inside their aircrafts when the radar picked up a strange aircraft.

Banshee radioed: OOAK, your time! Go go go!
OOAK radioed: Roger that, time to test this new toy Smile,

OOAK take off and flies in the direction of the enemy aircraft.

OOAK radioed: It's just a spy plane.

OOAK started approaching when the spy plane used loud speaker to send a recorded message:

"You are entering in restricted area of the Armaggedon forces! Get back now or suffer the consequences!"

Maxim: Oh shit! Who in the hell is armaggedon forces?
Kane: It's some bastards that protect LC.
Sk8erkid: Yea, forces commanded by Vladmir...
Tratos: Vladmir? Who is him?
Sapp: A bastard. The king of the lies and piracy... king of the ghetto lands!
Cole: I'm not having good feelings about this. I know Vladmir, I know how he is a bastard.
TS: Vladmir already betrayed us once, beware guys. Dont trust him.
Yoshi: I dont have anything against him, since I wasnt betrayed. He is currently helping me and my friend Greg. I will not fight against him.
Trepwood: You won't? I will... I like any sign of war, but this one gonna be fun.
Kane: Damn you, Yoshi! You are supposed to help us!
Yoshi: Help you and betray him? No. I'm neutral now. I will not interfere for any of the sides.
Tratos: So, leave us alone when we land. Get out of our sight.

While most of the crew were talking, Banshee was radioing OOAK constantly.

Banshee radioed: We gonna suffer the consequences, won't we? Otherwise we don't kick LC's ass. So, kill this bastard!
OOAK: Roger that.

After few seconds...

OOAK: Target locked. Shooting...

The enemy is hit and explodes, then it just falls in the water.

OOAK: Mission acomplished.

OOAK lands back in the aircraft carrier.

Few minutes later, they land in Kirkland (Scotland's North Town)

Cole: Ok, guys. Look out for any enemy. Leave me with the maximum protection, so I can build and design the new PPM base in Kirkland.
Banshee: We can also buy some weapons in the Stu Store. It's somewhere near it.
Tratos: I've heard of it, I think it's for our southeast. But, I've heard that he helps the enemy as well... And Yoshi, get out of our sight now!
Yoshi: "Sigh"

Yoshi leaves alone while the PPM Alliance starts to build a base there.

Final Notes:

- Vladmir and Armaggedon Forces are not members/site of the community respectively. You guys probably know or have heard of Vlad06 and Armaggedon Entertainment, but just to leave it clear, they should not be in this story and we should not make this story low enough to insult them. Now, Vladmir and Armaggedon Forces are another thing and you are free to post whatever you think of them, since they are completely ficticious characters and army (respectively) of the chain story.

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(Woo baby, this topic is getting huge. What's the limit of posts in a topic? Anyway, I think I will use the EE stuff. Just to throw another game into the mix Smile)

Chapter 32 :: I am the Chapter Name.

While the PPM Alliance set to work building a GLA base, Kane walked around the Aircraft Carrier.
I wonder who brought the Empire Earth stuff in? He thought to himself.
Suddenly, he got an idea and walked over to the transport ship, noticing that it was the Atomic Age -- Modern version, and looked in, seeing a number of civilians milling around in the cargo hold, along with supplies of Gold, Stone, Iron Ore, Wood, and Food. Hmmmmm....
He walked back over to the 'Carrier and hopped in the F-14 Fighter/Bomber and took off, leaving a trail of steam behind him as he lifted off. He started off in a holding pattern over the immediate area, looking at the ground, then started scouting out more. He flew low to the ground and started looking for an Iron Mine, a sure sign that the civilians in the ship were meant to be used. Suddenly, he passed over a small Orc outpost, which was no more than a few towers and a barracks. He frowned, thinking it odd that there weren't in any other buildings, and pulled up in a loop to gain altitude and survey the area. Once he was at 5000 feet, he looked out the cockpit and saw that the base was in fact guarding a number of Empire Earth mines. He grinned and pulled the aircraft into an attack position and targeted the towers, then launched full salvo of missiles at them. All 24 missiles hit their targets, but then a dragon rose up from the nearby trees and Kane had to dodge a burst of fire. He turned the plane again so he was behind the dragon, and just before the dragon turned to attack again, Kane fired a couple rockets at it and watched it explode into flame.
"Me likey!" Kane said, glancing at the smouldering Orc encampment below him. He launched a couple missiles at the remaining Barracks and then launched missiles at the remaining Orcs that had escaped the barracks in time, watching with glee as they splattered. He checked his fuel and saw he needed to return to the 'Carrier, so he set the F-14 into autopilot and waited as it returned to the aircraft carrier.
"Time to go get those civvies," Kane thought.

* * * * * *

Evil Kane walked through his base, shooting random minions as they crossed his path.
"Sire!" one of the minions said. "The PPM Alliance has landed in Kirkland! They're building a base!"
"Thank you for informing me," Kane said, then he shot the minion in the kneecap. "Hmmm, so they're going to attack LC... Excelleenntt... Two birds with one stone. MwaahahahahahahahahahahahahahAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" his maniacal laughter continued for a good 12 minutes before he finally broke down in a fit of maniacal caughing.

* * * * * *

"This is easy," Kane said as the civilians he brought from the transport ship started constructing an Atomic Age -- Modern base where the Orc encampment once was. "Too easy..." He watched a Capitol go up, then a Barracks, Tank Factory, Airfield, Hospital, Siege Workshop, Dock, Naval Yard, and then walls and towers. Then the civilians went to work immediately, transporting the supplies from the transport to the Capitol and mining from the resources near the base. Kane started a set of 50 Marines, 30 Bazooka Soldiers, a few Mortar Teams, and then some medics training, and a few main battle tanks, as well as a set of F15 fighters and B-2 bombers. But, he still couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. CC should be out here trying to kill the PPM Alliance, unless he was still tied up with trying to kill LC. The ground started shaking and he looked out the gate to his base and saw a Nod army standing a kilometer away. At the front of the army was Evil Kane, carrying a Railgun and laughing maniacally.
"Heh, bring it on," Kane said as he hopped into an Apache attack chopper and took off from the airfield.

Cole looked proudly at his GLA base, then walked around, making sure he hadn't forgotten anything. While he was walking through the Command Center, he heard a beeping sound and turned to a nearby monitor. On the map there was a small icon blinking where Kane had built his base.
"Evil Kane's alive! He's attacking! Send any assistance you can!" came Kane's voice over the radio.

* * * * * *

Kane's Apache had taken a hit from a rocket soldier, but it was still flying fine. He pulled back a bit, out of their range, and started firing the vulcan cannon at them, a few stray rounds htiting some light infantry. Behind him, the gate to his base opened and his 50 Marines poured out of the base, charging madly at Evil Kane's army while Bazooka missiles went streaking past them and hit parts of the army, scattering it. Then, suddenly, a bunch of Banshees came flying toward the base. Kane hadn't anticipated aircraft, and only had a couple stinger soldiers and a few AA guns, and there were way too many Banshees to take them all out. The plasma attack took out almost half of Kane's Marines and most of the Bazooka soldiers. The tanks Kane had made were also destroyed by the Banshees, then they made another run and took out all of Kane's AA defense. Next, a number of Harpies came rushing in to finish the infantry off. Kane aimed a Hellfire missile at one of the harpies and fired, watching it fall to the ground and explode on some Nod soldiers' heads, but there were too many for just him to take on. He was about to head back to base and get in one of the F-15s, which were much better at AA, when suddenly a squadron of Raptor aircraft came flying in and destroyed the attacking Harpies.
"Need a hand?" OOAK said as he took down another Harpy.

* * * * * *

"You can't defeat me!" Evil Kane said, laughing maniacally. During the battle, he had strayed to far from his protectors and been captured by one of the PPM Alliance in a Hummvee, and they'd brought him back to Kane's base for questioning.
"You'll talk," Good Kane said, "or you'll die." He held a hypodermic needle filled with a truth serum up to a light and pushed the air bubbles out of it.
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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Chapter 33 : Enter Arsenal Gear

*Note - But first here's some background info for those of you that haven't played Metal Gear Solid 2 : Sons Of Liberty....

The Metal Gear as its known is a series of nuclear equipped bipedal robots that have gone through various models throughout the Metal Gear game series. The most recent incarnation as of MGS2 is Metal Gear Ray, a model designed to eradicate all the other MG derivitives throughout the world (long story) but instead used for the defense of Arsenal Gear, the next step up if you like. Arsenal is a virtually inpenetrable fortress armed with a payload of about 2000 missiles, including nuclear warheads, and defended by 25 of those Metal Gear Rays previously mentioned. One of Arsenal's subsystems is a system for managing the flow of digital information, to 'shape the truth' for its owner's own ends and its this that i'm adapting to fit it into the story but I won't spoil any more for you......*

OOAK was embarking on another patrol flight to check on the EE mines that Kane had captured earlier, he needed something to do as the interrogation taking place was so damn boring that he just couldn't sit around to watch. He and his Raptor squadron took off and kicked in the afterburners, they shot off towards the mines....

They arrived just in time to see a barrage of cruise missiles lay waste to a large percentage of the mines, killing off most of the civilians at the same time....

"Holy Shit!" yelled OOAK, "where'd those missiles come from?"

"It looks like the came from the coast sir." replied his second-in-command.

"From the coast?" repeated OOAK, "oh my god it can't be! We have to get back now guys so lets move!" The afterburners kicked in again as OOAk and his team left the remaining civilians to handle the cleanup.

En route back to base OOAK radioed ahead, "Banshee, I think we've got a problem. Assemble the alliance and prepare them for an infiltration mission, I'll be back ASAP." Then he had another thought.......

"Guys, carry on back to base and get your fighters re-armed, I'll be joining you shortly...." He shot away from the rest of the group and shot off towards the coast, hoping that he was wrong and that he wasn't about to find something to top the 25 Rays that he thought were the initial cause of the problem.

As he hit the coast line he saw it, a few miles off but not all that far considering...... Arsenal Gear! The damn thing was HUGE, and it meant that this infiltration mission had just got a hell of a lot harder. He banked in a tight turn and flew back to base.

He walked in to the GLA Command Centre where the rest of the alliance was waiting for his report, they stared at him as he said "I think we might have an even bigger problem....."

"What do you mean?" asked Banshee, "you mean there's something worse than those 25 whatever you called them's?" OOAK nodded.

"Unfortunately yes, and there's no way we can launch a full frontal assault, we'd be massacred before we got close. We'll have to do it the same way that it was done in MGS, with stealth......"

"We get airdropped fairly close to where Arsenal Gear is located and then swim right in as the radar systems won't pick us up, there should be plenty of access vents for us. Then we've got to find out who's in control and take them out before Arsenal gets within missile range, just in case though we need a few people to stay here and build up some anti-air defense to intercept any missiles should they be launched."

"I propose that me, Banshee, Tratos, Maxim and Sk8terkid attempt the infiltration as anymore will be too large a group. The rest need to stay here as its likely that there'll be a ground assault as well as Arsenal's missile barrage and we still don't know what happened to Tapek. Are we all agreed?" he looked around to see everyone nodding "Good, I'll draw up some blueprints of Arsenal's main areas as I can still remember them fairly well, load up with whatever you need at the armoury but I'd suggest rocket launchers or other heavy weaponry. I've got a bad feeling that we're going to have to take out those Rays as well as take down Arsenal so we need to be prepared, we'll meet back here in two hours...."

Two hours later OOAK rejoined the infiltration group, Banshee was going over some last minute specifics..

"So according to these blueprints we need to come up through this hangar here into the....... Hey OOAK, is this for real? It says the main area we've gotta get to is called the 'rectum', are you serious?"

"Yep, don't ask me why that's just what they called it. We basically need to trace our way through Arsenal's 'digestive system', the rectum is where we'll most likely find whoever's behind this."

"So I guess we'd better get started then...." said Maxim.

They went to the helipad, where there was already a chinook waiting for them. They took off and headed towards Arsenal's location, now showing up on long range scanners. As they neared the drop-zone OOAK looked out the hatch window and saw the very menacing shape, now even more so as it was growing dark. 'This isn't going to be easy,' he thought as he adjusted his sneaking suit and checked his assault rifle for about the hundredth time, 'but it appears anything's possible in this world so why not? It'll just be interesting to see who's managed to get a hold of this thing......'

"Alright people we're here!" Tratos called out, emerging from the cabin. "Let's get this damn thing over with."

They all picked up their special jet proppelled water boards that Sk8erkid had provided them with and prepared to jump into the icy water. Banshee gave the signal and they all jumped as one, falling the few feet and hitting the water with barely a splash. Then they mounted their water boards and took off towards the menacing fortress that was Arsenal Gear....

They pulled up along side and OOAK quickly found an access hatch, according to his radar system this would drop them off just outside the 'stomach' of Arsenal and they could work their way from there. They all scrambled up and crawled though the long vent until eventually they reached they dropped and came out in a small red room. OOAK checked around and saw what he was looking for, there was an access node in the corner and so he went to it and downloaded the exact map data they needed to progress. He turned to the group, "we're about to enter a big hanger, called the 'Jejunum' (Note - I don't have a clue what that means by the way). The hangar has two stories and both will be heavily guarded so watch yourself, we don't want to set off the alarm or we'll be swamped by guards. Lets go...."

They went through a door to the north and entered the 'Jejunum', it was just as OOAK said, a huge hangar lined with what looked like....

"Hey OOAK are those.....?"

"Yep, you're looking at the reason this hangar is so damn big, the storage bay for 25 Metal Gear Rays......" he trailed off. The Rays looked all inactive which was a big plus, things might just be easier than he thought.

"They look like dinosaurs." commented Sk8erkid, OOAK nodded.

"Yeah, I don't know whether that was intentional in the game's design process but that's how they came out, designed to be sleak and amphibious. Anyway, look at the upper level, see those guards?"

They saw about four or five guards patrolling the upper level, two more on the lower. "Sk8er, Maxim, take out those two, Tratos and Banshee come with me." He turned and climbed up a nearby piece of machinery, "they'll have the stairs covered" he said to his companions "better to go this way." He swung himself up and landed silently behind a metal crate, Banshee and Tratos quickly followed. OOAK poked his head out and glanced around, he whispered to Banshee "I think we might need a change of plans, they're all covering each other's backs. We'll have to make it quick and decisive rather than slow and quiet, ready? Go!" He whipped round and fired his assault rifle, at this signal Banshee and Tratos took aim and both planted sniper slugs in guard's heads. The shooting lasted about five seconds......

The group moved on into a narrow passage, OOAK checked his map data. "This is the 'Ascending Colon'" he said, we've got to go through........" he looked around, "........ that door" he said, pointing east. It should let out into another hangar, we're nearly there.

They moved out into the next hangar, Banshee saw the camera a second too late, as he planted a bullet in the lens an alarm rang out. "Shit!" yelled Banshee "sorry guys! Now what?"

"We've got company!" Tratos shouted, looking down to the end of the corridor.

"Split up!" yelled OOAK, "we're gonna have a lot of guards to deal with! Try and make your way to the other end of the hangar!" He pulled out his FAMAS assault rifle and ran towards the guards, Banshee and Tratos climbed onto some crates and took aim with their sniper rifles, Maxim and Sk8erkid pulled out assault rifles. OOAK stormed into the mass of guards, firing like a madman 'so much for the stealth' he though has he fired a three round burst into an enemy's head. He turned and was about to be shot by another enemy when he was thrown against the wall thanks to a salvo from Maxim's assault rifle, "Thanks!" OOAK shouted, Maxim gave him a thumbs up before blowing another guard's head off. Banshee and Tratos were picking off snipers on the upper levels, suddenly a guard dropped behind them..... right into Sk8erkid's line of fire, he was rewarded for this with OOAK taking out a guard about to knife Sk8er in the back.

Eventually the team won through, the floor was now covered with bodies, thankfully none from alliance members although there had been a few close calls.

They exited the hangar and entered a circular room with a huge ladder at the other end. OOAK turned to the rest of the group.

"Well the good news is that we're almost there, the bad news is that we've got to climb that ladder. Nothing we can't handle right guys?" He was rewarded with glares all around. They proceeded to climb the ladder and after about twenty minutes of climbing they reached the 'Rectum' of Arsenal Gear. They stood and stared in astonishment, the room (if you could call it that) appeared to have no ceiling but wasn't showing the sky either and the huge platform they now stood on appeared to be surrounded by water although they were supposed to be at the top of Arsenal and so there should be no water around where they were stood.

"Erm guys? Where'd the ladder go?" They turned and looked but the ladder was nowhere to be found, it had seemingly vanished into the floor.

"So you're finally here!" A booming voice went up around them. "I thought you'd come and you proved me right.... well done all!" LC appeared suddenly, walking slowly towards them from the other side of the platform. "You like my new toy? I don't know where the plans came from for it but I must say it's surpassed my expectations, especially the system that will allow me to gain control of this world!!!!"

"What did you say?" asked Banshee, but OOAK answered for him.

"Arsenal Gear has a subsystem for managing the flow of digital information, it allows the user to shape the 'truth' for their own ends. I didn't think it would be taken this far but I guess now we've got another reason to want to stop it........." LC let out a booming laugh.

"Stop it? Are you mad? Do you have any idea of the power of this weapon? Well I'll demonstrate for you, much as I'd like to kill you all myself I think I'll prove a point at the same time. I'll let you handle Arsenal's security detachment as a way of showing just how invincible I now am. Enjoy!" and he vanished.....

"Get those rocket launchers ready." said OOAK, his face set. A huge metallic roar came from behind them and they turned. All twenty five Metal Gear Rays were crossing the water and heading towards them, and their weapons were all armed. OOAK turned to the group and spoke urgently, "OK here's the plan, Ray has one weak spot and one way to exploit it. First aim at the knee, if you do hit it right Ray will turn its head towards you and open its mouth, aim for the mouth when it does this. You'll have to do it a couple of times to damage it enough, the good news is that all of the rays will stay around the perimeter........." They heard a huge crash and saw a huge Metal Gear Ray standing over them "....... except one! Scatter!" shouted OOAK.

They began to run around the huge platform, OOAK concentrated on the central Ray while the others took out the ones around the side. OOAK deliberately preserved the central Ray for a while so as to prevent any others from taking its place. Tratos shouted over to him.....

"I'm running out of ammo!"

"Here use this!" OOAK tossed him his own launcher and turned back towards the Ray unit. He pulled out his FAMAS and ran at it. 'This had better work!' he thought to himself and he jumped, much higher than he was supposed to, and landed on the Ray's head. He aimed the FAMAS at the unit's eye socket and emptied an entire clip into its enternal circuitry, he jumped clear as it collapsed to the floor...... destroyed.

He looked round and saw that the rest of the team had taken out all but two of the Rays, but were running out of ammo. 'Here we go again.' he thought to himself as he ran at the two Rays........

Finding the self-destruct for Arsenal proved to be something of an anti-climax after the tremendous fight with the Rays, but it was found and triggered, followed by a mad dash by all concerned until they all made it a safe distance and were picked up by chinook. They saw the explosion as they were being taken back to base and needless to say it made all the effort seem worthwhile.

"Well LC has twenty six less major weapons in his arsenal, I'd say we did good!" said Tratos as he proceeded to fall unconcious from exhaustion. OOAK looked out of the hatch at the rising sun, content with what they had accomplished when suddenly they were rocked by an explosion. "We're taking SAM fire! We're going down!" Shouted Banshee...........

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Chapter 34: Can't anyone die these days?

"Tremble mortals, and despair. Doom has come to this world!"
The skies above burned red, as flaming green meteorites slammed into the earth.
"Onward, my minions! Destroy, kill, pillage! Yesssss!
We are the ultimate evil on earth! Go forth and spread our foul blight!" shrieked a Lich maniacally.
The demon army poured through the gate, and the earth trembled under their burning footsteps.
"March forth, forces of evil! Make all those who oppose us know the true meaning of pain! WE ARE THE TRUE EVIL INCARNATE! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Meanwhile, the local Paladins have assembled a defense for the nearby village. Peasants have been armed and made into a small militia force. Of course they are no match for the demon army.

"March forth, brave lads, and strike down these unholy minions of evil!!" An elderly senior Paladin called out, cloak billowing in the breeze as he raised his hammer in defiance to the upcoming burning legion.
"Dole out swift and unforgiving retribution to those mindless sacks of rotten meat! Dole it out, I say! DOLE IT OUT!"
With that the Paladins and Milita charged the demons, and the battle was on.


"You said that Kane and Yoshi were dead. And I also have heard LC lives, too. You will be made to pay, little Shaman!" growled Kil'jaeden.
"Do not push me, Demonlord!" snarled Tapek. "I told you before. It's not my fault. Nobody is allowed to die in this story. They just come back to bloody life again. Read the chainstory rules!"
"Very well," said Kil'Jaeden. "Soon, I will order the invasion to begin. But first, I will make an example of these 'invincible' PPM members of yours. By crushing them into the ashes of history."

Tapek was teleported back into Kane's prison. "Gee, thanks for FREEING ME!" yelled Tapek angrily, as he paced the anti magic prison.


Kane prepared to inject ANOTHER needle into Evilkane's neck. The previous needles had done nothing, but this one contained an extra strong dosage. But suddenly Evilkanes legs kicked out, taking Kane by surprise, and he fell over smacking his head on the ground.
"MwahahahhahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" shrieked evilkane in maniacal delight. His arms and legs and back were tied to the chair, so his head rolled around in circles insanely with pure madness shining in his eyes. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

The crazy laughter brought Yoshi down into the interrogation room, snarling angrily.
"Somethin funny, baldboy?!" boomed Yoshi, as he smacked Evilkane in the face. Evilkane quietened down a bit. Yoshi helped kane up off the ground, and then had to hold Kane from lashing out at Evilkane.
"Damn it kane!" said Yoshi. "Don't lash out at yourself!"
"But he's not me!" protested kane. "He's evil!"
"I have shown you my true nature, brother," said Evilkane suddenly, looking up. "Our true nature." He grinned.

Kane looked uncomfortable.
"What's the matter? Afraid of what you are?" mocked Evilkane. "Cmon untie me and I'll show you my evil Fortress of DOOOOMMM. We can shoot random minions together!"
"Yeah right kane" said yoshi, rolling his eyes. This kane is good, he doesn't want to hang out with a loser like you." Yoshi started up the stairs. "Coming, kane?"
But kane turned around and looked at yoshi, with an insane light dancing in his eyes. He raised his gun at yoshi, grinned, and shot him in the chest.

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(Note of Ultimate Evilositynesserlyed[insert randumb suffix here]: Exaggerated? Nah, UNDEREXAGGERATED. An attack in a EE Random map involves over 200 units, plus additional reinforcements being trained CONSTANTLY)

Chapter 35 :: The Crowding! 'Tis the immense!

"You know," Slightly Less Evil Kane said as he hopped into the parked Avenger Fighter/Bomber, the upgraded version of the F-14 Fighter/Bomber that had been available before he advanced to the Nano Age, "this chainstory could use with a bunch of more confusing and complicated additions, much like EE was!" He took off in the VTOL assault craft, which was armed with missiles that could hit any target, air or ground, with equal ease, and which flew silently and off radar when not firing, then headed out to EvilKane's Lair of Doooooooom!

Meanwhile, in the dense jungle below him, an ominous portal opened, and an ominous godly voice from far above intoned, "AND NOW, THIS PORTAL OF ULTIMATE DOOM AND BAD THINGS SHALL BRING FORTH A WARRIOR OF LIGHT!!!" The ground shook, windows smashed, llamas bleated, and trees uprooted themselves and ran from the booming voice. "COME FORTH MY FRIEND, AND HELP US WITH OUR HEROIC STRUGGLE!" Suddenly, a figured wrapped in a dark cloak jumped out of the portal in a midair roll and landed, rolling to the side and coming to a kneeling position waving two wicked looking longswords. They had unremarkable handles and jagged edges, obviously created by a crafty blacksmith, intending to have the jagged edges inflict larger amounts of damage on their foe, but this was not what made them remarkable to behold. On command, they could suddenly burst into flame, the cold steel of the blade transformed into a sharp, fiery edge of pure burning DOOM. The cloaked figure rested casually in a crouched position, scanning the surroundings and glacing at the small woodland creatures that, strangely, seemed to welcome his threatening presence into their lands. When he determined it was safe, he sheathed the longswords, both going into a seperate sheath on either side of his body. The elven ranger pulled back the hood of his cloak to reveal a young--by elven standards--face, with one small scar going up the side of his face. He whistled and a large bear jumped casually out of the portal, followed by an elven cleric in full metal plate armour, carrying a light crossbow.
"Anadiel Arkan'et," The Cleric said, glancing around. "Where are we?"
"I don't know, Linu," he said as he, too, further inspected the surroundings. He saw a Hawk fly overhead and focused on it, watched the hawk look down at him, then dive down to land on his outstretched arm. He wispered something to the hawk and let it fly away. "I shall send as many scouts as I can find in this world to discover why we have been brought here. Belanor," he said as he looked at the bear, "go and hunt. I will call you if I need you." The bear seemed to nod its head and sped off into the trees toward a gurgling brook.

* * * * *

"Welcome to the lair!" Evil Kane laughed maniacally once again and Slightly Less Evil Kane wondered if perhaps his alignment was Chaotic Evil. "Of DOOOOOOOOM!" Chaotic EvilKane added with yet more laughter. Slightly Less Evil Kane knew he would eventually tire of ChaoticEvilKane's relentless laughter and stab him to death, but for now, Chaotic EvilKane was of more use to him alive than dead. As yet, noone knew that Slightly Less Evil Kane really WAS evil, and would assume that EvilKane had simply escaped and shot Yoshi, and it would take a while for Yoshi's gods to revive him. SLEKane had built a new EE base near EvilKane's fortress--of DOOOOOOM SLEKane added--and his minions were already chopping down trees. It had been a long time since SLEKane had gotten a chance to shoot a minion so he walked down a random hallway of the Fortress (Of DOOOOOM), shooting every minion he saw, as well as EvilKane a couple times. Ahh, how he'd missed his evil ways...

* * * * *

There was no doubt that these humans were on the side of good, but Anadiel didn't think he should approach them yet. He still hadn't observed the other faction his Falcon and Hawk scouts had informed him off. He and Linu La'neral ran swiftly towards the base he had heard referred to as the Lair of DOOOOOOM, the armoured cleric behind him almost able to keep up, despite wearing heavy armour. He had to stop occasionally to let her catch up, but not often, and they had soon made the journey to the DOOOOOOMLair. Anadiel crouched and jumped 8 feet straight up, agily landing on the branch of a tree, and climbed to the top to investigate the base. He was able to hide perfectly among the surroundings, and only a magically or technologically heightened eye would be able to see him. He watched as a bald maniac exited the Lair of DOOOOOOOM, laughing maniacally, followed by a clearly irritated perfect replica of him. One of the chromedomes drank a mug of peach juice from a keg of peach juice that had magically appeared in front of him, while the other one mercilessly shot some minions, and a few innocent wild animals. Anadiel glared angrily at the slaughter of a beautiful, full grown wolf, and started to notch an arrow in his longbow, but his good senses stopped him. From here, alone, he could not hope to survive. He would have to wait before he could attack. He slipped quietly down the branches and stole off into the bush.
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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Chapter 36: NPC's n' stuff

Kane's Guard snored loudly as he slouched on his stool. Dribble dripped down his open mouth and pooled on the floor. Tapek stared at the guard angrily, and started banging on the bars. The Guard woke up, eventually, mumbling furiously.

"About time, you dung!" snapped Tapek. "Do I really have to put up with your inane snoring?"
The guard looked at Tapek and then rummaged through his sack, and pulled out an injection.
"Hey!" gasped Tapek. "No need to get overexcited!"
But the guard was cranky at being woken up. He reached a hand through the bars and grabbed Tapek's arm. Tapek twisted out of his grip, grabbed the guard's arm, and broke it.
The guard bellowed in rage, and rammed a caddle prod at Tapek, and with a loud zap, the Shaman fell to the ground, stunned. The guard then injected him with the bright green liquid, and turned out the lights before he left.

The guard slammed the door on the small prison in the middle of the Sahara desert. He pressed a button, and the prison slowly lowered itself underground, until nothing but sand remained.
"Should have done that earlier," chuckled Kane's minion. "Oh crap, how do I get out of here?"
The guard decided to call his master on the Payphone sitting there. He just had enough coins to make one call. "Damn kane and his lousy pay," grumbled the guard as he he inserted all his life savings into the phone.


The chinook crashed into an unknown forest.
"Damn!" yelled Banshee, as he leaped out of the burning craft. "Everyone out! Hurry!"
They all cleared the chinook just as the flaming aircraft exploded.
"OMG where are we?!" panicked OOAK.
"No ztyping idea!" boomed Banshee.
"How do we get out?"
"No ztyping clue!"
"What do we do now?"
"I don't ztyping know!"
"SHUT THE ztype UP" Tratos yelled suddenly, and everyone was quiet.
"We don't know where to go, what to do, where we are, and we're basically fucked!" moaned Maxim.
Suddenly someone walked into the clearing.

"Greetings, my name is Anadiel Arkan'et." a voice said.


The minion moaned helplessly.
"See, brother," chuckled Chaotic Evilkane. "I love it when they moan. But I prefer it when they scream. I love the sounds of pain!" with that Chaotic Evilkane shot off the minions 'nards with a shotgun, as the minions shrieks of torment filled the air, only making Chaotic Evilkane laugh all the more insanely.
"Yeah, its fun and all, but shouldn't we be doing something?" asked Slightly Less Evilkane.
"I suppose so," said Chaotic Evilkane.

Suddenly, on a little island in the center of a pool of molten lava, the DoomPhone rang.
"OMG ITS TEH l337DOOMF0N3!!!11" cackled Chaotic Evilkane.
A minion rushed to answer it, but didn't make the leap to the little island, and he splashed into the burning lava, screaming. Another minion jumped and made it, and threw the phone to SLEvil Kane.

"Hello?" inquired SLEvilKane.


"What the ztype is that!?" demanded TS, as the sky around the PPM base turned red and green meteors fell down everywhere.
"Oh ztype... it's the burning legion!" yelled Yoshi. "Run the ztype away!"
"It's coming!"


Tapek opened his eyes, the drug stopping him from moving. It was pitch black. And there didn't seem to be much air left.
"Kane's gonna die..." he vowed to himself, as the air around him slowly ran out. "Damnit... can't even cast a spell... stupid anti magic prison..."
And there, in the underground desert prison of Kane's, Tapek died his first death.

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Chapter 37: Enter the Carrier
(This is gonna be a small chapter to bring in some well needed heavy transport.)

Hellfire - "Thats it I'm tired of getting blown up by unknow things, and I'm tired with getting small parts in this story."
Hellfire drops to the ground and points his fvlame thrower up into the air and the turns things here and there and fire's. Out of the nozzle comes a large stream of light which destroys a meteor thats about to hit him and continues on.
Hellfire - "Hope they get the message!" and then runs off after the rest.
Tratos - "What the hell was that?"
hellfire - "A message to some old friends if they get it we'll get a ship that not much is gonna be able to take down."
Tratos - " I hope your right!"

* * * * * *

Artanis - "Look it's a signal from Hellfire's beacon, look's like he needs some help send a carrier at once."
Zealot - "Yes sir"

* * * * * *

Hellfire - "Look the meteor's there being destroyed."
Banshee - "What the hell who's doing that it doesn't look like magic or any wepons I've seen through out this story."
Hellfire - "No thos are interceptors from a Protoss carrier, everyone else had stuff from their game's I wanted to add a bit from me. I called in a carrier to take us to where ever we may be going."
Tratos - "Welcome help I'd say."
Zealot - "Call your grouptogether we have an arbiter waiting to transport us and it'll take us to the carrier."
Hellfire - "Quit staring, and get moving hecan't wait forever."

All hail me

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(Note: Some people (CC) got confused about my last chapter. To clarify: I added the following NPC's:
Anadiel Arkan'et -- Elven Ranger, carries two longswords that are on fire
Linu La'neral -- Elven Cleric, Anadiel's ally. (Cleric=healer. Also has some offensive spells though)
Belanor -- Anadiel's Animal Companion, a brown bear.
Also note, in this chapter, the character at the end is supposed to be good now, but hey, if you want to make him evil, that's your business. That's the great part of the chain story, isn't it? Smile Just seems to be better if he isn't evil. 'twill help the FINAL SIEGE OF DOOOOOOM)

Chapter 38 -- The final siege.

Anadiel sat by a stream in the forest and sharpened his longswords. When he had introduced himself to the PPM Alliance, there'd been an agreement that they'd help each other out of something went wrong, but nothing beyond that. He got the feeling that they were gearing up to attack the bald ones, and that made sense. They seemed unpredictable and should probably be stopped as soon as possible. Linu was asleep at the other end of the camp and Belanor was fishing from the stream, slapping his claws in to try and catch a fish. Anadiel ran his hand along the blade, not even feeling the flames coming off it, and, satisfied it was sharp, moved on to the other one. A sudden noise made him stand up and pull out both his blades. His sudden move startled Belanor, who was chewing on a fish, and he turned around and growled in the direction Anadiel was looking. A number of strange aliens were trundling past the camp carrying a PPM Flag. One of them glanced slowly toward Anadiel and tried to probe his mind psychically, but since Elves are immune to mind-affecting magic, he felt nothing, and just turned back, shrugging. Behind them a number of Terran Marines and some firebats were also marching toward the camp, as well as some GDI, GLA, and Chinese forces. Banshee and Tratos stepped out of the army and walked over to Anadiel.
"Mounting an assault on baldy, eh," Anadiel stated. Banshee nodded. "Don't suppose you'll need any help?"
"No, I think we'll do fine," Banshee said, glancing around.
"You want to know if I'm going to bother you while you're attacking? No, don't worry. I'm neutral." Banshee looked relieved, then quietly left the camp with Tratos.
"You sure about this?" Linu asked him. She had woken up when the army started marching past. "I mean, we might be able to help them... And this Kane person doesn't look very reputable..."
"Hey, until Kane attacks me, personally, I'm not getting into it."
"Good choice," came a voice from behind him. "Mind if I join you?" Anadiel motioned an affirmative and Yoshi sat down, his armour clinking heavily while the army continued to walk past. "Ahhhh," he sighed.
"Who're you?" Anadiel asked.
"Name's Yoshi, and I'm also neutral. PPM has good intentions, but I'm not going to betray someone else in order to help them."
"Could you tell us what's going on around here?" Linue asked.
"Yea, we could do with some background." Anadiel put his swords away, finally. Belanor had caught a few fish and was now feasting on them hungrily.
"Sure," Yoshi said, "as long as you gimme something to eat. I haven't gotten anything since I left PPM." As Anadiel tossed him some of their rations, he started to relate the story of Kane and the Alliance.

* * * * * *

"How's this attack going to work?" Banshee asked. "We've got a lot of different kinds of soldiers here."
"Well, the Zealots and Firebats are extreme close range units, so them and the Marines should go in first. Once they engage, send in the rest of the forces all at once. That big an attack should overwhelm Kane's forces fast, and we can break in and defeat them before they get away," Tratos reasoned.
"But we don't have any magic support anymore," Sk8erkid said. "Kane can just teleport away."
"Airstrikes," OOAK said. "Airstrikes will distract him enough that he won't be able to cast spells before we get to him. He's not invincible. If this is his last stand, and we distract him enough from casting spells, he wont be able to get away. Besides, where does he have to go?"
"Okay, that sounds good. Let's send a few spy planes in to scout, then we attack at sunrise."

* * * * * *

"Aren't you worried about them, sir?" One of the minions asked SLEKane. Kane was sitting in a throne watching a scrying spell. He shot the minion and immediately one appeared to take his place.
"Nonsense, these PPM fools can't muster enough might to attack me. Not without magic," Kane replied.
"But sir--" the minion was shot and another took its place, continuing, "what about Tapek?"
"No problem there," Kane said as he shot the minion. "Tapek won't be able to regain strength fast enough, and PPM will never trust him. They aren't neutral enough. They're all goody-two-shoes."
"And the Ranger?" the next minion asked.
"We'll deal with him sometime in the night. Meantime--" Suddenly, a choir of maniacal laughter sounded from the echoing halls outside the room. SLEKane sighed.
"MWAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHHAHAH!" ChaoticEvilKane laughed as he entered the room. "These fools think they can touch us! MWAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!"
"I tire of your foolishness!" SLEKane said, pointing his AMT Hardballer pistol at ChaosKane. "Prepare the armies! Call our allies! We crush them like a bug!" Kane looked frightened for only a split second, then broke out in laughter again, running from the room to contact Vlad and LC's forces.

* * * * * *

"Sounds like this LC fellow is pretty evil," Anadiel said, taking a sip of his ale. "Why do you not fight him?" Darkness had fallen quickly, leaving the camp lit only by the bright fire in the center. Anadiel threw a bit more ale on the fire, watching it flare up into the night.
"He hasn't done anything to me. I hear of all the bad things he did to other people, but he hasn't done them to me. Same with Vladmir." Yoshi shrugged. "If they did somethind to me, maybe I'd consider retaliating, but..." Anadiel sat silent, contemplating.
"Okay," he said at last. "I don't understand the deal with this Kane person. Persons... Whatever."
"Right. Kane's evil, but he's not totally evil. Tapek made a clone of Kane. An eviler clone. And captured the other Kane. The Evil Clone bothered us for a long time, until finally the real Kane broke free and revealed the truth. We had thought him to be a good guy, but it turned out he was still evil, just not the insane, maniacal evil his clone was. Without the clone... Kane might have never turned evil again."
"So now he's allied with LC and Vlad and trying to...?"
"Take over the world, I assume. He really lies doing that." A nearby Owl hooted and Anadiel stood up instantly. Yoshi stood up to, slowly. Belanor and Linu were on their feet as soon as Anadiel moved, and they too looked around.
"What is--" Yoshi started, but he was stopped by a stern "SHH!" from Anadiel. The Owl hooted again, then flew through the camp and landed on Anadiel's ear, issuing a few quiet hoots, then flying off again.
"A large force advances from the south," Anadiel said, and Linu and Belanor immediately took up defensive positions, Linu loading her crossbow and Belanor going into the forest so he could flank the enemy from behind. "Can you fight?" he asked.
"Can I fight!" Yoshi said. "Hell yea!" He raised his sword.
"Get ready then," he said. "It's gonna be big."

The attack came suddenly. First there was silence, then a hoarde of soldiers burst from the trees, waving swords and brandishing spears. Anadiel jumped into the fray straight off, his parrying swords a blur of motion. He deflected the attacks of a dozen opponents effortlessly, sometimes even getting a sword out to scorch and slice an enemy. Linu's crossbow bolts were unerringly precise, each slow and carefully aimed shot hitting an opponent in the eye or forehead, killing them instantly. At one point, an opponent got to close and she pulled a wicked looking mace out and smashed the swordsman in the head, his skull caving in and splattering brain matter everywhere.
Yoshi, on the other hand, just swung his sword in arcs, chopping down soldiers like trees. They'd stab him and hit his armour, and he'd chop them in half. If a group of five enemies charged at them, he swung his sword in an arc and cut them all down. At one point a long swordsman hit him in the stomach, the sword biting past his thick scales, and he roared and chopped the man's arms off, then pulled the sword out and stabbed him with it. Suddenly, the opponents got the upper hand. One of the enemies sliced a cut along Anadiel's off-arm, making him drop one of his longswords, leaving him with only one weapon. He got stabbed a couple times and was only saved from a decapitation by Linu's quick and accurate shooting. Then, Belanor jumped out of the trees, roaring so loudly the fighting slowed for a moment and a couple people went scurrying away in fear. His two claws raked the side of someone's face, then he dove into the battle, along with a couple wolves he'd recruited in the forest. The wolves would get their jaws around a solder's neck and rip, spraying blood everywhere. Finally, the tides had turned enough that the rest of the soldiers went scurrying off, save one that Belanor was on top of.
Panting, Anadiel walked over to him. "Who sent you??" he demanded.
"I won't.... talk..." He said. Belanor's claws dug deeper into his back and he screamed in pain. "Okay okay! It was LC and Kane!"
Anadiel nodded to Belanor, who released him. The soldier limped away into the forest. Anadiel sat down on the log by the fire and nursed the wound on his arm. "Damn," he said as he pulled out a few healing potions and passed them to Linu and Yoshi. Yoshi realized he had a dagger sticking out of his shoulder and casually pulled it out, tossing it aside.
"Looks like that's your reason to fight LC," Anadiel said as he downed the healing potion and watched his arm start to slowly heal. He grabbed his fallen sword and sheathed it, along with the other one.

Meanwhile, near the clearing, a soldier tripped over a body. Thinking it one of his friends, he just pulled himself up and ran again. The body groaned and sat up slowly, shaking its head.
"Uggh... Where am I?" it said as it shakily stood and flexed its fingers, the hand having a claw strapped to it. "Who am I?" it said, and, as if on cue, the memories started to return. "Great god," he said as he remembered what he did. He shook his head, as if to clear the evil from his mind. Shakily, the body rose up and started to walk forward, to the closest source of light it could see, and then, the reborn Tapek walked into Anadiel's camp.
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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Note: Slipped up in previous chapter. Yoshi was not with PPM Crew at that time, so just ignore it #Tongue

Chapter 39: The Beginning of the End

The Doom Lair was preparing its defense. Although the hills were serene and birds flew lazily above, this area would soon become a battleground for the most titanic battle in the history of all mankind.
Shouts of authority and gunshots could be heard from deep within the Lair. Thousands upon thousands of minions could be seen in perfect formation, each one armed with a shotgun. And, on a floating, revolving pedestal sat SLEKane on an elaborate throne as he yelled orders and saw to the mustering of his armies. SLEKane kept a stock of worker minions to the side for his personal shooting, as it would be too disruptive to his war effort to shoot soldier minions.
SLEKane’s pedestal floated gently to the ground as the sounds of maniacal laughter could be heard approaching from the hallway.
“Mwaha, haha, hahAHA, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” cackled ChaosKane as he approached SLEKane. “Our allies armies are coming to help our defense! Aha ha haHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”
“Excellent! We will make good use of them!” voiced SLEKane with a note of triumph in his voice. “Now…” SLEKane lowered his voice. “How is the magical defense going?”
“Why must you bother with that tedium, brother?” barked ChaosKane, clearly annoyed. “Our minion stated Tapek was trapped in the Desert Prison, underground,” said ChaosKane with a wink as he laughed.
SLEKane blinked. “Why was I not informed?” he said coldy, clearly angry.
“MwahahHAHAHAHAHA!” boomed ChaosKane. “Why, I shot him, of course! He was just a minion, after all! ahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”
“Yes.” Snapped SLEKane, as he shot ChaosKane’s foot. “And your just an annoying laughing fool who is of no use to me anymore.” He ordered three worker minions over, and addressed two of them. “Take this fool to the Ebola Room.” The minions hastened to obey, grabbing ChaosKane and dragging him off into the darkness.
“And me, sir?” asked the third minion, as SLEKane shot him in the stomach. “Oh,” gurgled the minion as his blood pooled around him.
“LC and Vladmir have arrived, master!” squealed a nervous Minion from his lookout post. SLEKane shot the minion absent mindedly as his Pedestal floated over to greet them.


Memories returned slowly, but soon the ragged looking figure knew his name was Tapek, and that he had to kill someone. He approached a camp, with a giant bipedal dinosaur cleaning gore off its giant blade, a sleeping bear of monstrous proportions, a robed guy who appeared to be meditating, and a fellow with two flaming swords, who was on lookout.

“Halt, stranger! What business do you have here?” came the suspicious voice of the lookout man.
“My name is Tapek, and my business is my own,” mumbled the worn looking figure.
The dinosaurs head came up at the sound of the voice. “Hey,” it snarled suddenly, as it drew its half cleaned blade menacingly and walked over. “Get ready guys, this guy is insane!”
“You know him?” asked the lookout man as the monstrous bear woke up and roared, and the robed man started casting defensive shields and auras on everybody.
“I know you not,” said Tapek. “But I mean you no harm.”
“He’s lying!” boomed the dinosaur. “Kill him now! He’s trying to trick us!”
But the lookout man looked at the dinosaur. “This person has done me no harm and does not appear evil. I am neutral on the matter,” he said as he sheathed his flaming blades.
The lizard/dino man reddened in embarrassment as his own quote was used against him.


Banshee stood, his clothes and hair billowing dramatically in the wind, as he scouted the entrance to the Lair with a pair of high tech binoculars. He zoomed in with the binoculars, and observed LC and Vladmir seemingly in negotiation with an angry looking Kane. A few minutes later thousands and thousands of soldier minions wearing a plain KI uniform assembled themselves outside, as they setup bunkers, trenches, and mounted cannons. Then a platoon of soldiers wearing Armageddon uniforms moved in to defend the rear of the lair.
“Those must be Vladmir’s troops” said Banshee, as he watched. “But LC’s troops are nowhere to be seen!”
PPM Alliance soldiers in the meantime were taking up positions around the lair to prepare the assault.
“I don’t like the look of the sky…” mumbled banshee, as it had been red for days and occasionally flaming meteors would rain down. “And where the hell is sk8erkid!?”

Nazgalore the Dreadlord* grabbed sk8erkid by the throat. “You will talk, little human!” he said menacingly. “Or I will feast on your soul!”
“Demon wretch! Get your hands off me!” said sk8erkid defiantly. He looked around frantically, knowing his rocket board was lying around somewhere.
“Call over the banshee^,” demanded Nazgalore as an acolyte hurried to obey. A few minutes later a ghostly looking woman approached. “You called for me?” rasped the woman.
“Yes,” said Nazgalore. “This little human won’t talk. You know what to do.”
The banshee nodded, and suddenly began glowing with dark energy.
Sk8erkid knew something terrible was about to happen as he squirmed and kicked and even bit, but he could not wrestle out of the Dreadlords iron grip.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed sk8erkid as the Banshee possessed him.

* See chapter 30
^ Not Banshee, but an actual mythical Banshee.

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Chapter 40: The 5 Scud Launchers

Sk8erkid: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly, the warcraft 3 banshee body falls and he hears a snipe sound.

DreadLord: Huh?

A snipe rifle "snaps" the dreadlords head.

OOAK: Hey, it's me, One of a Kind! Did you thought I would let you possess him? Now, take that snipe shoot, bastard!

OOAK shooted 5 bullets in the enemy Dreadlord that dies and disappears.

OOAK: Come on, Sk8erkid. Our mission here is over. Let's return to our base right now. Cole has 5 scud launchers ready to fire with anthrax beta. We'd better hurry or we'll become like them.

OOAK and Sk8erkid had fastly left the lair and saw Banshee in the way.

Banshee: Hurry up guys or we gonna become food for antrax... Vladmir and LC are there. This can be our final strike!

After one minute and one kilometter away, Banshee radioed Cole:

- Fire it now, cole. It's safe... we're gonna kick Vladmir's and LC's ass and every evil Kane...

Cole releases the missiles...


In a formal meeting inside the Lair Of Doom, Vladmir, LC, Delphi, Chaos Kane and SLE Kane.

LC: So, I'm gonna send some zombies and Vlad send some of his elite forces and PPM will become history.
Vladmir: I agree. Now, let's leave. Chaotic and SLE Kane, you have our support, get rid of them now.

Both teleport back to their bases with scroll of town portal.

SLEKane: Look, Chaotic. What are that missiles? They are coming to our direction!
ChaoticKane: Oh shit!!! Do you have a scroll of town portal with you? We must leasve urgently?
SLEKane: No... and if I had, I wouldnt take you with me.
Delphi: Uh oh, this program will end in the alpha version...
Chaotic Kane: What the fu...

Before he finishes saying the swear word, the scud missiles rains over the lair. spreading anthrax all over the lair... all soldiers and all Kane clones are gone... the lair was completely demolished.


At the same time, Tapek's body falls suddenly. He fainted and started dreaming....

"Tapek...... Tapek..... Tapek.....Are you alive?........ You should be confused by now....

Tapek: Who are you??? What do you want of me? What's happening?

Who's me?..... One day you will know.... but for now I wanna tell you something that may clear your mind...................The Virtual Reality is the ultimate's creation from Delphi. It's an aditional feature in PHPBB forums that makes your world becomes the world of your games. Since the game type of PPM is Command & Conquer, you will see more Command & Conquer units than ever....... To give some challenge to this world and reason to people live, Delphi acts in order to create disruption and battles using his agents..... The first to reach the VR is his main agent and the first to see the green light flashing was knew as Kane.......So, Delphi decided to clone him by intercepting Kane's teleport and transform his favourite drink in poison that makes him acts more evil. The drink also had made him forgot how he was cloned and due to the drink effects, he thought you had cloned him until he dies. So, thanks to the Peach Juice, the Kane and his clone become evil. The clone is known as Chaotic Kane and the real Kane was starting to be known as Slightly Less Evil Kane and both wants to conquer the world themselves.... PPM Alliance and the Armaggedon Forces showed to be very strong and, Delphi used one of his banshees to possess you to sabotage both sides and aid the Kanes.... Becuse the world can't be defined only by a yes or no or by a PPM Alliance or Armaggedon Forces. The world needs a third side to sabotage the other strong forces...... By the way, what's the last thing you remember, Tapek?.....

Tapek: I am in a forest... in Brazil, I think... Kane is saving Banshee's spider body, isn't it?

Hahahahahahahahahahah..... as I guessed...Your mind was dormant by the powers of Delphi since the banshee unit possessed you..... Since them, you don't remember anything.... but I'm gonna remind you.... every step..... Firstly, YOU were used by Delphi, since the moment you described to locate the PPM Alliance and he was able to use Orca Bombers to destroy any of their buildings..... YOU were used by Delphi to sink Chaotic Kane's ship several times and sabotage his base defenses because he disobeyed one of the basic Delphi rules: do not attack friends! And he attacked you in chapter 12.... YOU were used by Delphi to revive Chaotic Kane and to save him from the hands of the PPM Alliance as well as YOU were used by Delphi to weaken LC's and Vladmir's forces, but you've failed. Kil'jaeden probably noticed that he couldn't dominate your mind, because someone else already possessed it.

- Oh man, How could I do all that?

Delphi was strong.... but... that Cole is even stronger! He managed to fire five scud launchers over Delphi, Chaotic Evil Kane and SLE Kane and you are now free, Tapek. Your mind is free... I am teleporting you near to Sheffield, England. You have some orc peons and 2 grunts:

Main Quest: Destroy the nearby Armaggedon Base.

Optional Quest 1: Build 5 orc burrows, 1 barracks and one great hall.

Optional Quest 2: There is a devastated orc town near you. Use it and you might gain strength.

Now go, Tapek... you don't have much time to waste. If you complete these missions now, I'm gonna give you more missions until Vladmir's capitol is gone............."


Banshee, Sk8erkid and OOAK arrives in PPM Alliance base.

Banshee: Yeah! It's all gone!!!
TS: W00t!!!
Cole: The next scuds can be used in four minutes and...
OOAK: What are that mass of soldiers over there?

Kirkland goes in panic, the civilians are scared with the Armaggedon's Elite Forces...

Unknown Civilian 1: The Armaggedon's Elite Forces arrived!!!
Unknown Civilian 2: Kirkland gonna be dizimated!!!!
Unknown Civilian 3: My last wish is that someone destroy the armaggedon empire, but for now, run for your lives!!!

OOAK: Oh shit... the Armaggedon Elite Forces that threathened us when we arrived... the are inumerous.... milllions of them..... millions of heavly armoured guards using elite weapons....
Banshee: Man, how will we survive in it?
Cole: I have a plan and you guys have no option but follow it. The Global Liberation Army has a high variety of mass destruction weapons. I will command the base and control these weapons while you fight and convoke the population to fight with you. You will have the population's support while they doesnt enter in the city. My scuds will be ready in four minutes like I said and I will not fire them in my own base. So, do not allow them to enter in our base in these 4 minutes, ok?
Sk8erkid: Yea, I agree.
Eternal2u: Letz kik dey s!

Banshee and Maxim get a loud speaker to convoke the population:

Banshee: Fight with us for the freedom of Kirkland. If you wanna this city to survive, the only way is to fight in our side. We are enemies of this armaggedon forces and we can defend Kirkland if we get your support. Join our forces if you want this city to survive!
Maxim: All for one, one for all!!!

Some citizens get near Maxim who distributes AK47 and grenades for the civilians.

The PPM Alliance forces get prepared in strategic areas of the town with the exception of Tecnofreak that runs towards the enemy with a bag in his back.

Tratos: WTF is he doing?
Hellfire: Omg, I've seen these things in Israel, but I would never guess a friend of mine would do it....

All elite forces aim for tec who explodes in the middle of the way!

Tecnofreak: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tecnofreak flies with his bag and dies.

OOAK: God damn it, guys. Don't do what he did. If we wanna fight, fight with intelligence. Prepare your weapons now....

Everyone reloads their weapons while the enemy forces aproaches...and OOAK suddenly thinks...

<i>"There are millions of them... this gonna be a blood bath... is Cole sure that scuds will take care of it?</i>

The war starts and PPM Alliance starts better killing more than the enemy that manages to kill some of the civils...

Cole: 3 minutes to go! Keep up the good job!

Cole order his 8 quad cannons to attack the enemy. It kills 10 soldiers of the enemies, but the enemies manages to get rid of them in seconds...

The war continues normally until the armaggedon forces destroys the building where Eternal2u, Sapp and Threpwood were located.

Eternal2u: Xeet! Im goen down!!!
Sapp: F.u.c.k! How could them...
Threpwood: Bout time... I'm tired of this child gun war, let's get into my knife.

Sapp manages to escape alive of the building while Eternal2u dies and Threpwood starts his heroic action by jumping from the window over the armaggedon forces that initially doesnt reacted, due to the surprise of the action. When Threpwood reachs the floor, his knife already killed 5 enemies. He jumps again and rotates with the knife, killing another 8 enemies. However, one of them, irritated with the situation, aim his gun at Threp and shoot him until his bullets are over.... he accidentally kill 2 of his friends.

Banshee get furious with the situation and he gets a huge grenade launcher and all ammo from it in several troops killing 3000 soldiers.

So far, 4530 enemy soldiers have died against 780 civilians and PPM Alliance members as well.

Cole: 2 minutes to go, hold them urgently!!!!!

Cole send his team of 6 demo trucks. The enemy forces sees some civilian cars moving and dont care much... The cars aproaches and each one kills about 20 enemy soldiers.

OOAK continues scared with the situation thinking...

"We had nearly 1000 soldiers while they have millions. More than 800 of us are dead while they only lost about 5000. The only problem is that they still have millions of soldiers. Is Cole believing we will hold them?"

Suddenly, Big Jah is shooted 5 times in the head! TS and Sk8erkid were near him in the moment.

Big Jah: A... - he is unable to continue to speak
TS: Medic!!!
Sk8erkid: Bad news, GLA has no medics.
TS: Damn it!!! He is dead.
Sk8erkid: They shall have my revenge with Terrorists Skates. I have 5 here.

Sk8erkid releases his skates over several troops. Each skate was covered with tons of TNT and each one managed to kill about 300 the enemy soldiers.

TS: Nice job, Sk8er!

So far, up to 8378 enemy soldiers died against 923 civilians and PPM Alliance members together.

Cole: Only 1 minute to go! Hold them at all costs!!!

Cole sends a group of 20 tecnics that manages to kill 5 enemy soldiers before all get killed.

Cole: Damn... but I have my way to defend I'm briging more reinforcements to the town!

Few people were listening to Cole in the moment, specially because all civilians who fought for PPM Alliance were dead in the moment.

One AEF soldier: Come on, my fellows! Let's eliminate this city! Everyone follow me and this city shall fall to doom!

The Armaggedon Elite Forces invaded the city even with some PPM Alliance members alive in the fronteir. Desesperate, Cole sends his legion of 200 rebels that dominates strategical buildings and kills thousands of enemy soldiers before all buildings falls and all rebels dies.

Cole: 10 seconds to launch! Hold them at all costs!

OOAK thinks:<i>"We gonna fail!"</i>
Banshee thinks:<i>"Shit! It's too late, they are all in the city!"</i>
TS thinks: <i>"OMG... the scuds gonna be released here! We gonna die!"</i>

In this moment, Anadiel Arkan'et, Linu La'neral and Belanor appear to fight against the armmagedon, they kill 56 enemies, but all of them die shooted.

Cole: Scud Launcher CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!! We are safe!!!!!!

OOAK thinks:<i>"OMG!"</i>
Banshee thinks:<i>"Shit! I'll be a target! Anthrax! No!!!"</i>
and TS prays...

The scud kills the big majority of the forces that were outside the town, but the 500 soldiers that are in the town survived.

OOAK thinks:<i>"I am.... alive!"</i>
Banshee thinks:<i>"OMG... thanks, thanks, thanks!!! If you exist or doesnt exist... thanks anyway!!!"</i>
TS thinks: <i>"God saved us!"</i>

AEF Trooper: God damn scud launchers!!! We must destroy these things immediatelly!!! Come on, my fellows! Join me in this quest! We gonna win!

In the same moment, the survivours of the PPM Alliance abandon their buildings to fight. The armaggedon forces splits in 2 groups, one against the PPM Alliance warriors and another against the scud launchers.

The bang bang starts at the middle of the town, but not exactly like westside movies because there are not horses. One of a Kind with his snipe rifle gains an extreme advantage and alone, kills 100 of them. while the others kill 75 together until...

Sapp: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Banshee: WTF happened... Oh shit! Sapp and Clazzy were hit! Keep shooting guys, IS THERE ANY HOSPITAL HERE??????

Banshee was ignored while the others kept shooting at the enemies and the whole enemy group was killed.

TS: We won!!!
Tratos: Yeah!!!!! We are alive!!!!
OOAK: Yeah!!! My snipe abilities are great Very Happy.
Maxim: And Cole, guys?

The second group of armaggedon forces rushed to the PPM Alliance base. In the entrance, they saw tunnels and several mines that exploded killing 100 of them.

AEF Trooper: Dont give up my fellows, ignore these defenses and lets run directly to the scuds!!!

And so they did, they reached the scuds and destroyed them all while cole made 2 demo trucks. Cole send the demo trucks into them and killed 40 of them as well. One of the enemy soldiers, however, has seen Cole.

AEF Trooper: That guy is responsible for this base as well as for the scuds! Kill him!!!

Cole ran to the nearest tunnel he saw and left in the other one, in the other side of the base.

AEF Trooper: God damn it!!! Where is he?
Another AEF Trooper: Look over there, in the other side!!!

During the time they were near the tunnel, 5 of them died.

When they arrived in the other side, Cole entered in the nearest tunnel and left in the other side of the base.

AEF Trooper: He is joking with us! Destroy this damn tunnel!

The Armaggedon Elite Forces destroyed the tunnel, but lost another 10 soldiers.

AEF Trooper: Hunt all f.u.c.k.i.n.g tunnels! He will not escape!

AEF destroys other 2 tunnels in the base and the only tunnel remaining was the one where Cole was. However, they've lost other 19 soldiers in this operation.

Ten PPM Alliance rebels and 2 quad cannons arrived to fight the AEF and they were destroyed, but they killed other 26 enemy soldiers.

AEF Soldier: Enough! Destroy these barracks and arm dealers now!

And as the soldier ordered, both were destroyed. Then, the remainind PPM warriors arrived and entered in Cole's tunnel. One Of A Kind, used his long range snipe rifle to attract the enemies that came after loosing 5 troopers. The reinforced tunnel eliminated all other 45 soldiers. The Armaggedon Elite Forces were erradicated for good, however, Vladmir still has a strong army.

Final Notes: In one of the next chapters, please remember, the LC's zombie troops are comming and PPM must be prepared to fight them and also work in Tapek's mission in Sheffield.

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(Note: This is the last chapter of the chainstory, so, to tie of all the loose ends, it's gonna be hella long. Bear with me Smile. Also: everyone forgot Ninja Threepwood's crew! He had about a bazillion pirates!)

Chapter 41 :: The massive chainstory comes to an end!

Tapek got up, groaning. The last few days had been extremely confusing, but now memories of things that had happened while he was mind-controlled started flooding back into his mind. He didn't move for a moment, just remembering everything that had happened. In fact, he stood still for so long, the orcs started to get restless, but then he came back to reality and shook his head, clearing his mind.
"Okay, time to get to work," he said as he started ordering the Peons around.

* * * * * *

"Quickly!" Cole yelled as he pointed to the end of the tunnel. "Down there is an abandoned base! We can use that to prepare for a counterattack!" The survivors of the attack were few: Banshee, Sk8erkid, Cole, OOAK, Tratos, Ninja Threepwood, and Hellfire. They quickly exited the tunnel and found themselves in a massive base, with combined USA, GLA, and Chinese buildings. Cole went immediately to the command center and started ordering dozers to begin building defensive buildings while Tratos and Banshee went to the Barracks' and War Factories/Arms Dealers to start training and building units to help with the defense. Sk8erkid started building some new sk8boards while Ninja Threepwood and a group of his Pirates went to look for a good sniping position.

Cole was the first person to finish, queuing up a number of buildings to be constructed: the Chinese buildings were mainly Bunkers and Gattling Cannons, the USA ones were a Particle Cannon and Patriot Missiles, and the GLA had a number of Stinger Sites. He quickly stepped out of the command center and watched as the Dozers set about their work.

Banshee walked through the war factory and started construction of a massive swarm of Battlemaster tanks, Inferno Cannons, Hummvees, Crusaders, Paladins, Rocket Buggies, Technicals, and a Maurader. Meanwhile, Tratos was building Red Guard, Rebels, Rangers, RPG Troopers, Missile Defenders, and, of course, an army of hackers.

While all this was happening, sk8erkid had set up a fairly large defense of sk8boards. In locations where they would do damage when launched, Sk8bombs were placed, rocket sk8boards were placed in locations that the Alliance could escape through, and a few sk8boards had been left lying around in the paths an army might take (so they would trip on the skateboards and fall down). Also, Sk8erkid had created a Super Mega Sk8board of DOOM, which was basically a rocket powered hovering skateboard with sniper rifles, rocket launchers, laser rifles, and assault rifles mounted on it.

Ninja Threepwood and his crew were setting up their guns on the nearby buildings. All of Threepwood's pirates carried a custom modified Walther W2000 sniper rifle with a computerized scope, laser sights, as well as an increased clip and built in suppressor. Almost all the nearby buildings had a camoflauged Pirate sitting in or on it, with his sniper rifle in hand and a Stinger Missile Launcher sitting beside them. However, Threepwood wasn't set up like his pirates. He was holed up in a nearby building, on the 42nd floor, in a darkened room lit only by the glow of his laptop. He had a few cases of Jolt nearby and fully intended on hacking into a few banks to get cash for the war effort, and maybe even shut down the entire enemy army if he got a chance. He wasn't unarmed though: two AMT Hardballer handguns sat on the desk beside his laptop, as well as a customized R93 Sniper Rifle and a Raptor .50 Assault Rifle. On the other side was a silenced Beretta 92fs, just in case. Threepwood adjusted the nightvision goggles on his forehead and started typing.

Meanwhile, with an unreasonable number of groans and moans, and a horrible smell, LC's army of zombies marched ever closer toward the PPM Alliance, which was oblivious to the threat ahead.

* * * * * *

Also oblivious to the coming Danger, Vlad and his Armaggeddon Forces stood inside their base, massing for another attack on PPM. Half the army was out of the base, heading for the new PPM base, but the rest were holed up inside, defending it from attack.

Up on the hill, however, CC's Orcish Hoarde stood ready. Watching the Armageddon Base, waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack. The moment came after an hour of waiting: The remainder of the Armageddon Forces left the base, heading east, toward the PPM Base. The Orcish Hoarde immediately crested the hill with Tapek at the front, sending blasts of magical force down on the unsuspecting Armageddon base. The army leaving the gates noticed the orcs immediately and charged, shooting at them, but the Orcs were on them in seconds, chopping away with swords and axes, and, of course, magic.
"ONWARD!" Tapek shouted as he pointed to the Armageddon base, and the orcs began fighting with a renewed vigor.

* * * * * *

"Holy shit, they're ZOMBIES." Was the first thing Threepwood thought as he saw the army of Zombies rumble past their window. Then, "They die like anything else!" He jumped up and grabbed his Raptor Assault Rifle and ran over the window, waiting until the Zombie Hoarde was past his window and shambling towards the PPM base, then dove out the window, smashing it and throwing a grappling hook to a nearby building as he fell. He swung forward and landed on the side of the next building, and watched as the zombies shambled around to turn and look.
"HEY! LOOK OVER HERE YOU PATHETIC UNDEAD!" he yelled as he aimed the rifle downward and started firing into the crowd of zombies. He killed almost 30 zombies befor ehe had to switch clips, then, realizing they couldn't reach him, they shambled off towards the PPM base again, but Threepwood had done what he intended: He'd slowed them down long enough to let the Alliance prepare.

"Zombies!!!!" yelled sk8erkid as he kicked a Sk8bomb into the zombies. The explosion occured in the center of the hoarde and he saw a number of zombies blown 12 meters in the air outward from the blast. "A WHOLE HELLUVA LOT OF ZOMBIES!" Immediately an army of PPM infantry dove otu of the base and started firing on the Zombies, but whenever one fell, it was just reanimated again.
"Hold them off!" Threepwood yelled from behind. He pulled out his dual Hardballers and hopped onto the street, heading backward, looking for the wizards that were reanimating the Zombies, and, ultimately, LC. Meanwhile, on the rooftops, the Pirate Snipers were taking down hundreds of zombies just as they reanimated, and launching an occasional stinger missile into the crowd, decimating them. Banshee had also ordered his tanks into the far, and they were running around crushing the zombies and firing into the group, but the hoarde was destroying the tanks as quickly as they were being driven in. The sheer numbers were almost too much to handle: at least 4000 zombies were crowding the roads and forcing the PPM Alliance ever further into their base. If someone didn't destroy the mages keeping the zombies alive, they'd soon overrun everyone.

* * * * * *

The Orcs weren't having such a problem. They'd slaughtered half the Armageddon forces and were dealing with the other half when half of the forces out attacking the PPM Alliance showed up to help. The orcs roared dangerously at this new threat, but the more forces Armageddon threw at them, the more Orcs crested the hill and dove into the fray. There were orcish and human corpses everywhere, but they kept coming, and Tapek kept launching magic attacks at them from afar, casting bloodlust on soldiers just as they entered the fray, and generally making it a pain in the ass for Armageddon soldiers. The fighting went back and forth for about a half-hour, neither side gaining the upper hand, when suddenly, a trio of dragons appeared over the rise of the hill. The Armageddon forces stopped fighting for a minuten and turned to face the new menace, but then the dragons were on them, burning and eating and ripping, and spurring the Orcs on to destroy even more. CC shouted a cry of victory and dove into the battle, slashing and stabbing everyone in his path as he ran to the Armageddon base, which was already being attacked by one of the dragons. he ran through the gate as the dragon burned it down and headed directly for the construction yard. Vlad was standing there waving a gun at him and shouting slang and insults. Suddenly, he aimed his gun to fire and CC dove towards him and sliced his arm off. Vlad fell to the ground, howling in pain, and CC kneed him in the groin, then stabbed him in the stomach with the claws on his hand.
"VICTORY!" he shouted over the cry of the orcs fighting behind him, Without Vlad in the base sending support, they were demoralized and quickly crushed by the orcish forces. Tapek walked over to the comms building and examined the base computers, finding quickly where the PPM Alliance was holed up. "Everyone! The the east, 13 kilometers! MOVE!" he shouted at his orcish hoarde.

* * * * * *

"MORE ZOMBIES!" LC shouted maniacally at the wizards standing around him. "MORE! MooOOORE!!!" His eyes were wide with insanity as he cackled and urged the wizards on. Suddenly, though, the overzealous grin dissappeared from his face as a blip appeared on his augmentations. It quickly disappeared, then appeared a meter to the left, moving almost instantly. "INTRUDER!" he yelled as he cloaked and pulled out his assault rifle.

Threepwood pulled the NVGs over his eyes. They were actually computerized, and used sound and light distortion to make an accurate picture through darkness and cloaking devices, and pretty much any other method of concealment. He readied his pistols and dove around the corner to see a dozen mages chanting spells of necromancy. They stopped chanting, startled, as he appeared and he used the moment to his advantage. The first shots from his dual Hardballers sent two wizards flying back as though hit with an extremely powerful shotgun at close range, the heavy .45 calibre bullets exerting a lot of force on impact. The other 10 wizened up quickly and started radying swords, but Threepwood's unerringly precise shots took out half of the survivors in seconds, leaving 5 huddled in a scared circle. Suddenly, Threepwood heard a sound behind him and dove out of the way just in time to avoid the falling body of LC.
"You cAN't defEAT mE!" LC shouted, maniacally as he dodged one of Threepwood's bullets. Guybrush's guns clicked empty and he darted around a corner to reload them. LC chased after him, but met with a bullet to the chest. However, LC's Ballistic Protection augmentation stopped the bullet in its tracks. Threepwood realized he'd have to dodge LC's attacks until his Augmentations ran out of power. He tossed his grappling hook to a nearby building.

The zombies stopped rising from the dead. It took the Alliance a few seconds to realize the zombie corpses were STAYING dead. In fact, they didn't realize it until 3000 corpses were lying, rotting, on the ground, and Banshee needed to use flame tanks to clear a path through them. They didn't know how long it'd last, but they intended to make the most of it. They immediately slaughtered the rest of the zombies, then moved everything back inside the base to heal and repair. Byt this time, though, the battle between Threepwood and LC had left the area where the Wizards were encanting, and they'd gotten back to work, raising the Zombies (Albiet more slowly with more than half their number removed).
"Not again," OOAK sighed as he reloaded his rifle.

Threepwood figured he'd run through the building for another couple seconds, then turn back and try to find LC. He reasoned that, with his augs activated, LC's power supply couldn't last long. He counted until the end of 5 minutes of running, then stopped abruptly and spun around, Hardballers outstretched, the tops of the pointed towards each other as they were held sideways. LC stopped in his tracks as he faced the barrels of Threepwood's pistols, then started backpeddeling. Threepwood's first shot bounced off his Ballistic Protection, but the second drew blood, and sent LC falling backward into the wall. He scurried into an empty room to escape, and pulled out his assault rifle. When he popped out from the doorway, though, Threepwood was gone. He looked around, scared, and feeling vulnerable without his augmentations. He backpedeled and bumped into something. He quickly spun and punched forward, but suceeded only in hitting a wall.
"Damn!" he yelled as he kept moving, looking back over his shoulder for Threepwood. He was heading for the entrance where he could leave the building and head back to his Zombie Army when a silenced bullet hit the wall in front of his face. He opened his mouth to scream, but ended up simply running backwards, heading to the end of the hallway and then down a maintenance stairwell. When he got to the bottom he saw a small AMT Hardballer handgun laying on the ground, as if to mock him. He stopped for a moment and looked around the darkened maintenance hallway, then ran forward, having nowhere else to go.

LC rounded another corner and came face to face with Threepwood. He blinked, though, and suddenly Threepwood was gone. As if he wasn't even there in the first place. A hearty laugh reverberated through the hallway as LC continued on, running scared, and running fast. He was pushing open the emergency exit door when Threepwood ended the chase. The Hardballer bullet hit the door above LC's head, then it went lower, splattering brain matter all over the door. Threepwood got up from his crouch and blew the smoke from the barrel of his pistol, then walked past LC's corpse, laughing, as he went to kill the Wizards. But, when he left the building, he wasn't where he expected to be. In fact, he couldn't see anything but a long expanse of white, then everything went black.

* * * * * *

Banshee was firing the last bullet in his backup pistol when the green light washed over him. He watched in suprise as his surroundings melted away quickly into a solid green glow.

Tapek was leading his orcish army onward when they ran into a portal of green. Tapek was surprised at first, but then shrugged and let it wash over him.

OOAK and Sk8erkid were sniping at Zombies when the ground dissappeared beneath their feet and they were enveloped in green.

"We win!" Tratos said as he was covered in green.

* * * * * *

Tapek found himself back in his chair at home, looking at the same thing he was seeing before he got turned into a shaman. He looked down at his hands and saw they were human again.
"There you are!" Kane said over MSN. The rest of the PPM team was in the convo, chatting about the game, along with Delphi.
"Well, I gotta thank you guys for beta testing the software for us," Delphi was saying. "But I gotta go. There's still some bugs to be cleaned up."
"Damn, I miss that infinite supply of peach juice," Kane said. "But, good game, Delphi!"
Delphi has left the conversation.
Kane of the Chrome Qwerty,

"Kane is a powerhouse!" -- Tapek

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Rest in Peace, Chainstory. Rest in Peace...

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