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Fallen Heroes [with pics, but short]
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Mr. Moosey

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 7:30 am    Post subject:  Fallen Heroes [with pics, but short]
Subject description: Based on an actual Homeworld 2 skirmish
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[color="green"]This is based off of an actual match against my brother in Homeworld II, in which I lost. The odds were against me 3 to 1, but I fought valiantly. The actual ending ingame is I retired the last capitol ship (My Battlecruiser) and then scuttled my mothership. [/color]

Command Ship Valkyrie
7th United Fleet
Kalnii System

"Hyperspace jump complete, Admiral Makiin. The Fleet will arrive shortly." said Lieutenant Commander Aieda to me. I sat down in my command chair, wondering how this would play out. Much of my faith lie in my commanders' superior skill and wisdom.

"Multiple hyperspace signatures!" said the Lieutenant. "Standby...." there was a pause. "They're ours."

"Good," I said, "The shipyard?"

"It's there. They're reporting minimal interference with construction." She said. "All systems are operational and normal. They're beginning hyperspace recovery operations."

"Very well." I said, then picked up the radio and turned it on. "All capitol ships to their designated locations. Battle groups one through nine assist your designated flagship." I said. I thought back to the last time I said that just before the Tanis shipyard was attacked by Vaygr forces. Our ships were called in, but by the time we arrived there was nothing but wreckage and Vaygr forces everywhere. We had surprised them. They weren't ready for another battle. We lost only two ships to their thirty. Vaygr reinforcements arrived soon after, and we were forced to abandon our search for survivors and flee the area.

"The shipyard has completed Hyperspace recovery operations and may now begin normal operations." said Aieda. This shipyard, the Valkhaaler, was all we had left in the system. We were to defend it at all costs.

"Alright." I said, standing up. "Let's hope that the Vaygr-"

"Multiple Unidentified Hyperspace Signatures!" Yelled another sensors officer.

"Who is it?!" I inquired, now worried.

"Standby.... It's the Vaygre sir!" Cried Aieda.

"All Ship, Condition one! This is not a drill. Vaygr forces inbound Bearing Three-Zero-Seven by Zero-One-Five! Capital Phlanx Positions!" I said into the radio, then turned to our navigations officer. "Put us between the Vaygr and the shipyard. Tell the shipyard to begin powering up it's Hyperspace Module."

The ships of the 7th United Fleet began to fall into formation between the Vaygr Forces and the shipyard. We could not let the Vaygr capture the shipyard. The final ship was moving into formation when Aieda yelled "They'll be in weapons range in less than a minute"

The ships of the 7th United fall into formation.

"Status on the shipyard's hyperspace module?" I asked.

"Negative," said Aieda. "They're having malfunctions. The Vaygr must have a gravity well generator that's interfering with their coordinates computation systems."

"Damnit! Ready all weapons! Let's give them a chance to get out of here..." I said, looking dismayed as i glanced at the sensor screen. Their force nearly doubled the size of ours.

"They're in weapons range!" Said Aieda, waiting for me to give the order. I picked up my headset and put it on, sitting in my command chair.

"All ships fire at will! Fire at will! Concentrate your attacks on the larger ships. Our interceptors will pick off the smaller ones." I said in a calm voice.

I could feel the vibrations of the main cannons firing, as well as the hum of the Ion Beam generators on the hull of the ship. Outside it was a light show. If there was sound in space, it would have been earsplitting. All cannons were firing, the Capitol ships were firing their Ion cannons, and all ships were launching missiles against our attackers.

All of our ships firing their ordnance against the oncoming Vaygr force.

There were several crashes against our hull. Missiles were slamming against us. Through looked through the bay windows to the sides as missiles shot past us. There was a bright red flash that hurtled past us. The Vaygr had brought their Battlecruisers and were firing their heavy forward kinetic weapons. I was afraid of that. Those weapons could shred through even the thickest armour. I activated the radio. "All ships concentrate your fire on the Battlecruisers. They'll tear us apart!" There was a massive explosion off to our side as the Vaygr Heavy Kinetic weapons ripped through our sister ship, the Odyssey.

The Vaygr forces closed in on us fast. Several of their forward frigates were already within our fleet perimeters, duking it out with our frigates. "Bank left! Stay out of the firing cone of those Heavy Kinetic weapons!" I said to the Navigations officer. I watched through the windshield as several missiles and two Ion beams struck a green "Elite" Vaygr destroyer, tearing it apart.

Our forces manage to take down an Elite Destoyer.

We came up on a Vaygr Battlecruiser. We were flanking it, and fast. Those guns are gonna hurt I thought to myself. I clicked on the ship intercom. "All hands, prepare to broadside! Brace for multiple impacts!"

The navigations officer cleverly swung the ship around and down to where our topside Ion cannon could strike the belly of the Battlecruiser. Outside the windows I could see the lights of explosions and the occasional bright white flashes of ships exploding. The Battlecruiser was right on top of us. We fired our ion cannon. Another Vaygr cruiser closed in from the opposite direction. Our ships were mixed in with each other. It was hell outside. We were doing all we can to survive.

We fire our Ion cannon on the belly of a Battlecruiser as another closes in.

Then, I get the worst news yet.

"Sir, A Vaygr battlecruiser has broken though our defensive line. They're firing on our Platform defenses!" Aieda cried.

"Damnit! Have all ships in the vicinity concentrate all fire on that battlecruiser!" I yelled.

"I'm working on it, Admiral, but they're jamming our communications!" She said frantically.

"Get it done, Lieutenant!" I said sharply.

"Yes sir!" She said, again trying to contact other ships.

"Turn us around," I said to the navigation officer, "We've got to defend that shipyard!" We began to slowly rotate back. I could see the Ion Platforms and Gun Platforms firing. I looked down at our sensors and began issuing binary commands to other ships, the only non-jammable signal.

"Sir....." whimpered Aieda.

I looked up to see her eyes locked outside the windshield. I looked over just in time to see three Heavy Kinetic weapons strike the shipyard, tearing it apart. Explosions ripped from the inside. The exact thing we were fighting... dying to prevent had just happened.

Several Heavy Kinetic Weapons rip through the shipyard.

I looked down at the sensors again. It seemed different. There was too much red, and not enough green. I got up and walked over to a small viewport jutting off from the main bridge that allowed me to see behind the ship. I looked back to see several Higaran ships in flames, adrift, helpless. Wreckage was everywhere. We were one of the only ships left.

"Spin up the Hyperspace module and tell the others to do the same. Let's get out of here while we can," I said, shocked. I sighed, returning to and sitting down in the command chair, "It's not worth the cost in lives anymo-"

I was interrupted by a massive explosion on our port side. Then another, and another. A collision alarm sounded somewhere within the ship, and I could feel the entire ship shudder as the whole bow section groaned then an explosion ripped it away. We had inadvertently flown right into the firing cone of a Battlecruiser's forward Heavy Kinetic weapons. I looked down at the sensor display. There was no green left. We were the only ones left.

Everyone was silent. The lights flickered off. More explosions flared on the ship, lighting up the inside from the windows.

"It's been an honor. Thank you, for being such a valiant and loyal crew. You will be remembered." I said. Those were my last words.

The ship was then bombarded with hundreds of missiles and several dozen Heavy Kinetic weapons. Our ship was torn to pieces. The last of the 7th United Fleet, the Valkyrie, was no more. We were defeated.

The last of the 7th United Fleet falls to the onslaught of Vaygr weapons

"Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't want to live there." -Adam Young
Founder - Savage Media Group

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