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EpicMod1.1 (C&C3)
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PostPosted: Wed May 21, 2008 4:37 pm    Post subject:  EpicMod1.1 (C&C3) Reply with quote

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This is my third mod, EpicMod. This mod is designed for C&C3 patch 1.09 and above only due to economic nerfs in the game. However, there isn't a guarantee that this mod will balance the game due to minor bugs and glitches. The GDI Shatterer was first created by another user from a different CNC forum but I decided to use this unit into the mod just for an experiment to see how it plays out. The Confessor Squad was borrowed from KW. This mod is very much different from most other mods since this is one of the fewest mods with decreased upgrade and support power costs and most features tweaked and re-modified.


Version 1.1 Changes

- The upgrade timing bug has been fixed obviously due to KW installation and playing the program.
- GDI Shatterer now has both correct portrait icon and voice command tones from KW. (that took me several hours to get it done and it was either too tough or too complex to work on) Cost remains at 1400 apiece though fire duration is decreased slightly and pre-attack delay is increased slightly.
- Foxholes are now repairable after dug up by the rifleman squad.
- all harvesters will have their health increase significantly making them harder to destroy.
- all Seekers and Gun Walkers for the Scrin will have their Forcefield Generators when upgraded though this upgrade cost will be increased to 4000 in 45 seconds since it will equip 5 types of units with shields. The Scrin Harvester equipped with a shield is somehow on top of the shield instead of inside the shield was because of the model sizing error so that unit will not have a forcefield generator upgrade.
- Ion Storm support power decreases attack damage significantly because the damage was way too OP. Its firing duration also changed too.
- all Pitbulls will have their atk damage and fire rate equalized with the same atk damage and fire rate done by Attack Bikes and Seekers.
- Militant Squad for the Nod faction will no longer be available to build. They are replaced by the Confessor Squad, now cost 300 and requires the Nod Barracks.
- all power upgrade cores now requires Command/Operation/Nerve Center instead of Tech Center.
- all cranes and foundries can no longer make superweapons and surveyors/emissaries/explorers.
- all Fanatics increase their atk damage by 25% and speed by 10%.
- Stealth Tanks now cost 1400 instead of 1000 because they are now strong.
- Suppression reduced slightly for both Gdi & Nod Commando.
- Growth Accelerators will gain 15 credits every 4 seconds after it was built.
- Devourer Tank will now require War Factory as Tier 1 unit instead of Nerve Center as Tier 2 unit.
- Scrin Mothership increased its health slightly but speed decreased by 15%.
- the GDI Pitbull crate for the generic spawn object has been fixed.
- All selected C&C3 Skirmish Maps are no longer in this mod.
- Main Menu theme music has been re-modified. Score screen music has been fixed and changed to Act of Instinct 3 Score. Load Screen music changed to Explore Unknown from KW. Credits screen music changed to Harvester. New list of music track changes:
Blue Zone: Allied Crush, Hell March, Rollout, Terminate (all from RA)
Yellow/Red Zone: NodCrush (Tsun), Pharotek (Tsun), Mechanical Man, Mechanical Man 2 (from RA)
Building: Scouting (Tsun), Flurry (Tsun), Heroism (Tsun), Bounce (from Blade Runner), Drill, Ironfist, Industrial
Explore other: Act of Instinct 3 (from KW), Just do it up, Divine Intervention (from UAW), Modern Design (UAW), Technical Data (UAW), Composite (UAW), Airstrike, Trouble, Journey (from RA), and Slight Delay.

Version 1.0 Changes

- new unit: Shatterer (GDI): Cost is 1300 from 2500 and requires GDI Tech Center. It is a mobile sonic emitter that hovers over surface though it cannot hover on water. Armor is weak whereas attack power and range are the same as the sonic emitter. This unit is made by MasterChief (thanks for making the first KW unit) though this unit is based in Kane's Wrath.

- new unit: Confessor Squad (Nod): Cost is 600 in a group of four and requires Secret Shrine and Tech Center. They are immune to tiberium and still can gain a confessor by upgrading. Its weapon and splash damage are increased dramatically. Their rifles are 3 times better than the ones for Militant Squads. Their halluncinogenic grenades can confuse enemy units to turn on attacking each other for a short time. This unit is based in Kane's Wrath.

- new faction: Trio Alliance - GDI/NOD/Scrin allied together and will start with an MCV for each faction together. This is very well used as a last resort if you are stuck in some skirmish coop missions or some other skirmish mission.

- new support powers:
* EMP cannon (GDI) - cost nothing and cooldown is same as EMP control center, requires Space Command Uplink. This is more like of a minor superweapon since it needs time to charge. You cannot use it at once when the Space Command Uplink is built.
* Shock Swarm (Scrin) - cost 2500 with 3 Shock Trooper Squads, requires Tech Assembler, cooldown is 200 seconds. This support power replaces the Buzzer Swarm (which is no longer in this mod only) since 5 buzzers are way too weak in a battle except to attack infantry and garrison structures.
* Ion Storm (Scrin) - cost 5000, requires Signal Transmitter, cooldown 6 minutes. This is very much similar to the Allied Weather Control Device superweapon back at RA2. It spreads 9 clouds emitting ion shocks to an area excellent against everything. This is possibly the strongest superweapon as a support power you will be counting for.

- Minor bug solved: Fixed some stealth detection to most vehicles/infantry on mines and aircraft in which that EA never got that fixed to most units. All enemy vehicles and infantry cannot detect mines and aircraft except allied units and only units that detect stealth such as Pitbulls, Orcas, Attack Bikes, Venoms, and Seekers. Structures that detect stealth remain unchanged but damage to structures from mines has yet to be fixed which is a buggy glitch in patch 1.09.

- Most of the music themes in menus have changed. The main menu music is changed to RAIntro. The skirmish screen and options menu music are changed to TsunMenu. The credits music is changed to Reload. Load screen music (RA2Load aka Jank) and score screen music (TsunScore) is changed for all factions.

- all 25 ingame music tracks for blue/yellow/red/unknown zones have been changed to C&C form even though EA's limit is 25. The problem is that most music will not go according to order when playing skirmish and multiplayer modes especially the single player campaigns. Action music tracks have been getting rid of. All music tracks shuffle according to any map. Here's the track list:
Blue Zone: NoMercy Remix (from SS), In the Line of Fire, March to Doom, Prepare for Battle
Yellow/Red Zone: NodCrush (Tsun), Pharotek (Tsun), Mechanical Man, Mechanical Man 2 (from RA)
Building: Scouting (Tsun), Flurry (Tsun), Heroism (Tsun), Bounce (from Blade Runner), Drill, Ironfist, Industrial
Explore other: Act of Instinct 3 (from KW), Just do it up, Divine Intervention (from UAW), Airstrike, Act of Invasion (UAW), Mechanical Brain (UAW), Modern Design (UAW), Prepare for Oblivion (UAW), Technical Data (UAW), Composite (UAW)

- Mod comes with 8 good and selected skirmish maps. (You'll be surprised when you play them...)
- The first 8 SP campaign missions for GDI and the first 6 for Nod have been re-modified for enhanced difficulty. Gdi mission Berne and Nod mission Kane's Tower have been re-modified.
- the EA logo movie at the start of C&C3 program has been removed but other optional ones remain.
- All skirmish/multiplayer modes will have black shroud for all maps plus 17 colors to select from for a faction before playing the skirmish/multiplayer game.
- All Surveyors/Emissaries/Foundaries have their unpack time reduced to 15 seconds from 30 seconds and their health increased by 15% for each. Speed remains unchanged despite they have to move slow.
- new crate spawn surprises: APC/Pitbull/Predator for GDI, Scorpion/Flame/Stealth Tank for Nod, and Devourer/Seeker/GunWalker for the Scrin.
- new textures for Predator and Pitbull. Though there's not much effect in their appearances.
- All neutral structures increase their armor by 30% excluding civilian structures.
- Nod Black Hand Squads and Confessors are now immune to all sorts of tiberium.
- Blue Tiberium growth rate is 50 seconds. Green Tiberium growth rate is 25 seconds.
- Any made single player mission map that didn't have a starting credit line will only have a starting credit line with 5000 credits instead of the default 1500. This does not affect original single player campaigns.
- Both the GDI and Nod commando can place booby traps at a cost of 300 each but only on neutral structures that are capturable or repairable, husks and bridges. Nod Saboteur still has the ability to plant booby traps.
- GDI Firehawk and Orca increase their armor by 15%. Orca cost decreased to 1000. Ammo clip size increased by 1 for each and reload time is 8 seconds for each clip. Nod Vertigo Bomber now has two bomb clips to equip instead of one and reload time is 8 seconds for each clip.
- GDI Guardian Turrets now have railguns when upgraded along with Mammoth and Predator Tanks.
- GDI support power Shockwave Artillery increased its target radius by 50% though inaccurate at some points of any map.
- Nod Disruption Tower is now cloaked in the battlefield when it is built.
- Nod Secret Shrine can now heal infantry squads in 3 seconds as well as the GDI Armory.
- Nod Avatar increased its speed and health by 10% whereas its cost remained unchanged.
- Nod Attack Bike and Raider Buggy increased its speed and health by 15% each.
- All various Nod infantry increased its armor and speed slightly much.
- Scrin Mutant Marauders increased its speed and health by 15%. Mothership increased its speed by another further 10%.
- All harvesters increase their armor by 25% and speed by 10% and are equalized.
- Zone Troopers increase attack damage by 15% and speed by 10%.
- All engineers' shroud and vision clearing range increase by 10% and are equalized.
- Only the support powers GDI Bloodhounds and Airborne Paratroopers will start at elite status rather than veteran.
- Attack range radius of Guardian Turrets increased by 10%.
- Attack damage by the support powers Airborne airstrike and Shockwave Artillery has been doubled. The target radius of Shockwave artillery is also doubled.
- Building radius of Construction Yards increased by a further 30%. All Surveyors/Emissaries/Foundaries increase speed and armor by 10%.
- the Nod Countermeasures upgrade is now available for use in both Nod Tech Center and Temple of Nod at a cost of 500 credits per 30 second cooldown. Only use this when EMP coils are used on Raider Buggys and if units are hit with an EMP blast.
- Avatar and Annilhator Tripod have equalized their speed and armor. Juggernaut has its armor increased by 15%.
- All Command/Operation Centers including Nerve Centre only have radar shown on the map instead of Construction Yards.
- Some upgrades from tech centers have been moved to airfields/airtowers.
- Some tweaks in building repairing, gamedata and armor changes.
- Wall length on wall span is now shortened despite a long time fixing this and option numbers remain unchanged.
- All factions will start with a MCV, 2 tanks and 2 infantry squads at the beginning of skirmish mode. Yes, the computer AI knows on deploying its own MCV during skirmish mode but cannot deploy its MCV if it's a custom faction.

Review of other changes

- All factions have walls in this mod. The cost is 100 for each faction and wall sections cost and sell nothing as opposed to 100 and 50 respectively on a wall section piece. All wall span lengths are shortened.
- All cranes and foundries can now build defensive structures. Cranes and Foundaries increase their cost to 2000 each and build time is now 10 seconds each because MCVs are getting to be expensive and they have to be too. The Surveyor, Emissary and Explorer costs remain. Cranes can now build other cranes and their power usage reduced to -5 instead of -10 for each.
- All refineries and extractors cost reduced to 1600 whereas Harvesters cost reduced to 1000 from 1400. Selling a refinery still gets you back 300 credits. Even better, all refineries no longer need Tiberium Silos just like the Scrin Extractor and the Ore Refineries from RA2. All harvesters increase their speed by 20% and are equalized. They unload tiberium into the refinery for 1 second instead of 9 seconds.

- GDI can now make V-Ox Transports and Nod can now make Carryalls. Cost is 600 credits each at a permanent state until it is destroyed so it won't go away in the map. However, those air transports can only carry one vehicle or engineer at a time (even robots) and therefore cannot transport infantry units except enginners.
- All tech centers and technology assemblers cost reduced to 3000 instead of 4000. Before then, every tech center in RA and Tsun is 1500 whereas in RA2 and Generals it costs 2000.
- GDI Armory, Nod Secret Shrine and Scrin Stasis Chamber are equalized at a cost of 1000 each.
- All MCVs and Drone Platforms have a cost of 4000 credits each; so when capturing it with an engineer, selling it gains 2000 credits. In C&C1, each MCV building cost a ouchy 5000 credits and a selling cost of 2500.
- The cost of Calling for Transport is reduced to 100 credits instead of 500.
- All superweapons are charged at 7 minutes for each faction.
- All missile and rocket squads and even engineers increased their speed by 15% and are equalized.
- All commandoes and masterminds increased their speed and armor by 15% and are equalized. Masterminds can now be built more than one. Though spawning too many Yuris won't work well in a battle.
- All Zone Troopers, Shock Troopers and Black Hand Infantry have equalized health but decreased by 10% for each due to heavy armor since they are difficult to destroy.
- The APC and Pitbull veteran units in GDI's support power Bloodhounds have been fixed.
- All power plants and barracks extend base radius by 150%.
- Attack damage increases for units and support powers (recap of all units from Version 0.5 to now)
*Venoms - 50% (guns) & 50%(laser), Scorpion Tank - 15%(cannon) & 15%(laser), Flame Tank - 10%, Stealth Tank - 10%
*APC - 25%, Pitbull - 25%, Seeker - 30%, Gun Walker - 15%, Mutant Marauders - 50%, Nod Commando - 25%

- All upgrades and support power for all factions have been reduced to the costs as in C&C3 patch 1.04 except the following:
* Railguns, Laser Capacitators and Forcefield Generators upgrades are equalized at 3000 credits each and the time to build those upgrades for each has been reduced by half.
* GDI Bloodhounds cost 2500 and Shockwave Artillery cost 3000.
* The power plant and reactor upgrades are equalized at 300 credits. (rather than 300, 500 and 400 respectively)
* Zone Trooper armor and Plasma Disc Launcher upgrades are reduced to 1000 credits each instead of 2000.
* The Stratofighter upgrade is reduced to 1000 credits from 2000.
* The cost of Signature Generator upgrade is increased to 300 because that type of upgrade is getting useless.
* The Scrin support power Lightning Spike (as a defensive structure) now only has a 60 sec. cooldown.
* The support power Seed Tiberium now has a 120 second cooldown and the target radius has changed meaning more green tiberium will be put in that radius.
* Support powers Tiberium Liquid Bomb, Catalyst Missile, Shockwave Artillery, GDI Airstrike, Ion Storm and Lightning Spike increase their attack damage significantly for each.

- For the GDI only:
* Guardian Turrets will have railguns when upgraded and attack damage remains the same as the attack damage of predator tank.
* Mammoth Tank's cost is reduced to 2000 from 2500.
* APC, Pitbull, Predator Tank and Zone Trooper Squad cost reduced by 100 credits each.
* GDI Rig cost reduces to 1700 from 2000 and its armor increases by 33%.
* The APC now has three infantry slots to be garrisoned in. Although there's still a bug in which only one out of three infantry squads in the APC will evacuate only leaving the other two stuck in there until they are destroyed.
* The Sonic Emitter cost is reduced to 1500 from 2000. Guardian Cannon's cost reduced to 800 from 1200 and power usage is -8 instead of -12 whereas the Watchtower has its power usage reduced to -6 instead of -8.
* Command Post's cost is reduced to 1200 and its power usage reduced to -5 instead of -9.
* Mammoth Tank and Juggernaut increase their speed and health by 15%. Mammoth Tank, Shatterer and Pitbull increase their rate of fire by 20% for each.
* Zone Troopers can now garrison foxholes especially neutral bunkers. GDI foxholes can now be garrisoned for 3 infantry slots instead of two.
* Tiberium Fields (with green tiberium) is now only buildable for the GDI with a built limit of two and cost 4000 credits in 20 seconds.

- For the Nod only:
* Nod now has their own bunker to build with. Cost 500 credits with no prerequisite and power required.
* Stealth Tank cost is reduced to 1400 from 1500, armor is increased significantly and its attack damage is increased by 20%.
* Flame Tank cost is reduced to 1000 from 1200 and its armor is increased by 10%.
* Scorpion Tank cost is reduced to 700 from 800.
* Beam Cannon increased its cost to 1200 from 1000 and speed increased by 10%.
* Venom cost is reduced to 700 from 900 and Vertigo Bomber cost is reduced to 1500 from 1800.
* Shredder Turret power usage is now -6 whereas Laser Turret cost is reduced to 800 and its power usage is -8.
* Operation Center's cost is reduced to 1200 and its power usage reduced to -5 instead of -9.
* Obelisk of Light cost reduced to 1500 from 1800.
* Black Hand Infantry decreased its cost by 100.
* Nod Disruption Tower cost increased to 1500 from 1000 due to lack of usefulness. Its stealth radius increased by 10%.
* Nod Shredder Turret, Laser Turret and SAM Turret now each have 4 hubs and increased build radius by 10%.
* Militant Squad cost increased to 300 from 200 and their armor and attack damage increased by 15%.

- For the Scrin only:
* Scrin now has its Lightning Spike as a buildable defensive structure with a cost of 1000 credits and a power usage of -1.
* Annilhator Tripod cost reduced to 2500 from 3000. Devourer Tank cost reduced to 1100 from 1400.
* Mastermind cost reduced to 2000 from 2500 and can be built up to a limit of 10.
* Mutant Marauders can now be built from the Portal exclusively to the Scrin faction due to the lack of anti-air defense infantry. This will be the only mod to hold this unit in the battlefield no matter what map you're in.
* Nerve Centre cost is reduced to 1200 and power usage is reduced to -5.
* Buzzer Hive power usage is reduced to -6 whereas Photon Cannon cost is reduced to 800 and its power usage is reduced to -8 instead of -12. Storm Column cost reduced to 2000 credits from 3000.
* The Scrin Forcefield Generator upgrade applied to Annihilator Tripods and aircraft except stormriders have shield recharge rests at 90 sec. instead of 120 sec. after their shields are destroyed.
* Devastator Warship and Planetary Assault Carrier cost decreased by 200 each. The Scrin Devastator Warship increases its health by 10% and shield by 20%. The Scrin Planetary Assault Carrier no longer requires a Signal Transmitter but requires a Technology Assembler. Its speed and shield are increased by 20%.
* The Scrin StormRider cost reduced to 1200 and its health increased by 15%.
* Mothership speed and armor increased by 10%. Still a bug that has not been fixed on this unit since patch 1.05.
* Disintegrators and Buzzers increased their attack damage by 20%. Storm Column armor increased by 15%.
* The Scrin Seeker and Gun Walker cost decreased by 100 each.
* Range of ion storms such as Planetary Assault Carrier and Storm Column increase by 10%.

- For the neutral and misc only:
* Each yellow crate will gain 2000 credits when picked up but not all at the same time.
* Viseroids increased their health, speed and attack damage by 15%.
* The Tiberium Spike gains 50 credits per second instead of 25; capturing it will get you 1000 credits. Neutral Tiberium Silos when captured gains 8000 credits instead of 5000.

Coming Soon for EpicMod 1.1:
- this will be updated for future C&C3 patch 1.10 and possibly MOD SDK 6.
- The upgrade timing bug has been fixed obviously due to KW installation and playing the program.
- all harvesters will have their health doubled plus armor increase significantly.
- all Pitbulls will have their atk damage and fire rate increased to equalize the same atk damage and fire rate done by Attack Bikes and Seekers.
- all Fanatics increase their atk damage by 25%.
- Devourer Tank will now require War Factory as Tier 1 unit instead of Nerve Center as Tier 2 unit.
- foxholes are now repairable but they are still not buildable and are dug up by the rifleman squad.
- all power upgrade cores now requires Command/Operation/Nerve Center instead of Tech Center.
- suppression reduced slightly for both Gdi & Nod Commando.
- Confessor Squad and Mutant Marauders will be immune to suppression.
- the GDI Pitbull spawn crate error will be fixed.
- GDI Shatterer will have correct portrait icon and old command tones from RA1. (hard to accomplish since KW has no MOD SDK and its sources as of now.)

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