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After Time
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Scorched Earth

Joined: 14 Sep 2008
Location: California, USA

PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2008 4:20 am    Post subject:  After Time
Subject description: I have nohing else to do
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Hey, I'm new here, though I've visited before and I found this site very useful.

Some of you may know me from TibWeb, and if you simply read "Scorch" you'll know who I am. (I make it too obvious.)

Some of you may know that I broke up with my girl friend this morning, and if you want to know more about it simply go to TibWeb. I just don't really care 'bout that.

I got carried away. Now I'm going to copy and paste part one of my new writing.



Jake stood in front of one of the many large slave pens in the camp. Men and women, young and old alike, begged for food, water, and everything else to satisfy their needs. He ignored them. Having spent more than a year with the unmen, he had grown used to it. He hated it, but what choice did he have?
"Human!" came a voice from behind him.
Jake turned, and saw a large unman aproaching him, who was previously known as Charly. The large hairless sulking beast stood before Jake.
"How goes your shift?"
"Same. These worthless pigs just don't shut up!" he shouted as he kicked one of the slaves.
"Ahh. Gressin has announced that there will be a hunt later tonight! A small group of soldiers has been spotted north of the Raven river."
Jake considered this for a moment before making his decision. "No thanks, I've got work to do tonight. A foraging party brought back an artillery piece, and I have to see if it's even close to working condition. We don't even have any shells for our guns anymore, can you believe it!"
"Yes, so I've heard. Street kids are taking everything usefull to us and hiding it or spoiling it." Charly said as he shook his fist. Large blue veins stuck out of his grey skin.
Jake wiped his head to rid himself of the droplets of sweat dripping down his face. "Sorry, but it's always something preventing me from joining, eh?"
Charly grinned. "What, can't hunt your own kind?"
Exactly the reason. Jake thought. He turned and shouted at the slaves. "Hey! Do you want to eat?"
The moaning, shrieking and shouting grew louder. "Then shut the hell up!" Of course, it did nothing. For the third day in a row, the slaves in this particular pen would go without food, but Jake had to do it. He had no choice untill his mission was complete.
"I'll be seeing you Charly, I've got to move along now."
Charly tapped Jake's head with the palm of his massive hand. "'Kay then. You got time off tomorrow?"
"Yeah, sure do!" Jake replied as he walked in the direction of his "office."

More will be explained later, such as the time period and location as well as mankinds current situation. I'm not racsist, and the slaves in the story are in no way related to the slaves of our REAL past.

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Defense Minister

Joined: 22 Dec 2004
Location: Tiberium Research Center N27

PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2008 5:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hah! Good to see you coming here. Related to which universe?

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Alcohol Fueled

Joined: 10 Sep 2006
Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2008 7:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You definitely need to share some of your other reads here too. Some of the things I read from you on TiberiumWeb where really good.

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Scorched Earth

Joined: 14 Sep 2008
Location: California, USA

PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2008 2:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Aah thanks! I was never really that good, but practice makes perfect, and I think I've been doing better.

This story is related to a book I read called Armegeddons Children, but it takes place before the time in the book and it veers off from the main plot. You'll find out a LOT more in part two, promise.
Okay, my signature was starting to annoy even me.

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Scorched Earth

Joined: 14 Sep 2008
Location: California, USA

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Part Two

Stepping into the trailer which was his office in the camp, he quickly approached a child who hid in the dark corner of the room. Most of the room was dark anyway, no one but those who lived in compounds have had power in years. The child in the corner hissed, and swiped at Jake. It disgusted him. The child really wasn't a child anymore, maybe once when it had been born, but no more. The demon who went by the name of Gressin had required Jake to house one his experiments with him, and it was this child who had walked in.
"Oh stop that, I'm not in the mood." Jake said as he turned away for a moment as he grabbed a water bottle. Over thirty years of nuclear war, plague, chemical warfare and mutations had rendered very few things useful, one being a water bottle, though it was usually safer to try and filter the water out anyways.
The child in the corner stood. Before it could speak, Jake interrupted it. "What's your name?"
It stared for a moment, almost dumbfounded. "Ye want to know me name?"
"It's what I asked for."
It grinned, or what could have been considered a grin. "Namesss Werden."
"Werden?" Jake asked. "I've never heard that name before.
Werden slouched over. "It comess from what remains of Europe. You say the W like V."
Jake took a sip of water and wiped his mouth in his sleeve. "Aah, my mistake." he said as he peeked out the window next to the door. Night was setting in, replacing the brown sky with a dark grey. It was a time one would try and avoid if possible for the things that lurk about, but tonight Jake had no choice but to leave.
"Master knowss of ye." came the childs voice from behind him.
"Knows of what?" asked Jake, raising one eyebrow.
Werden lurched at him, his "hands" which were really claws outreached, shrieking and accusing. "Spy! Assassin! Murderer!"
Jake grabbed its wrists and kicked it down. "I will beat you, hear me? You lie, selfish piece of shit!" he shouted as he kicked it once in the side.
The door burst open, bringing in a trio of unmen, all armed.
"Human! Down on the floor if you value your life!" their leader spoke.
Jake jumped to the floor, dropping the bottle. "Awe, what a waste."
One of the unmen picked him up by his hair. "You will die tonight." it spoke as its rancid breath wafted in Jakes face.
"We know of you. We've always known of you, who you are, and who you will cease to be!" he grinned as he wrapped his long fingers around his neck, squeezing harder with every breath Jake took.
His face went white. "H-how'd you know...?"
Werden stood, or tried to at least. "Ye don't exactly shut up even when ye asleep. I tellsss master of you!"
Jake struggled to get free, but the unman was too strong for him. "I will kill you! I will gut you and watch you bleed!"
Werden luaghed. "Ne, I will watch you bleed, Human."
There was thunder in the distance, as if this were a horror movie Jake saw once before he was exiled from his compound.
The unman in the rear spoke as he looked outside. "Rain? Can't be, hasn't rained in months!" it moved a tuft of grey hair from its face. "Not a cloud outside! he continued as he left the trailer.
Jake knew the consequences of being caught. Usually, one would simply be shot on sight, but he wasn't dead yet, so he guessed that they had something in mind for him. Usually a prisoner would be made a slave, but he knew too much. They could turn him into an unman with time, a demon if they truly broke him and spent years schooling him, or they could simply test their weapons, diseases, medicines and chemicals on him.
Jake didn't understand one thing though. Since when had he started speaking in his sleep? The unman squeezed his neck harder, and he grew dizzy. The air was whistling now.
The unman who had stepped outside burst in. "Guns! Run, they're gonna' blow the hell oput of this place!"
The unman dropped him, and Jake made a grab for his throat which would probably bruise or swell up. As the room became still, explosions rang out through the air. The trailer shook. Finally, everything went black.

Jake woke, or at least he thought he did. He could not see, but he could move around. He could smell smoke, burning bodies, and he could hear the sounds of battle. A loud commanding voice shouted out beside him. Jake couldn't stand, couldn't run. It was Gressin, the demon who stood there.
"Humans! They're attacking! Defend this camp with your lives!"
Jake fumbled around in the dirt to find anything he could use as a weapon. Wood, a nail, maybe even a pistol if he was even lucky enough to find one with ammo. He found something metallic. It brought him pain as he touched it. A knife. Picking it up, he followed the demons voice. After a moment, he jumped up and jabbed. There was a crunching noise, and a warm liquid, most likely blood, ran down around his fingers.
"Did you hope to kill me with that, Jake?"
Jake stood there, staring in the direction of the voice.
"Aah, cannot see? You were hit in the head harder than I thought!" Gressin spoke with a probably smile on his face.
"How...?" Jake muttered.
"You forget, I'm undefeatable!" Gressin said with a harsher tone. "I thought you knew that?"
A shot rang out. From inside the camp. There was a splashing noise from Gressin, followed momentarily by a thud.
Jake didn't know what had just happened. Was Gressin shot? Had he run off?
Jake could hear someone running closer, and he sounding big. Jake fell flat on his ass and put his hands to his face, as if it would help him hide.
"No, I didn't know that you were undefeatable. A mistake on your half?"
Jake knew that voice. He was stupified. "Carlos?"
Carlos picked Jake up. "So the traitor speaks? How'd you know my name?"
Jake grinned. "It's me, Jake! Remember, a year ago?"
"Jake, is that really you?" Jake knew that there was a shocked expression on his face.
"Truly me. What, thought I'd leave you all to die?"
"We thought you were dead! Everyone believed that you would be finished doing your mission nearly eight months ago!" Carlos said as he shook Jake. "Shit, we've got to move. I don't think this is the best place to have a conversation."
Carlos let go of Jake and began towards the area he had come from.
Jake stood for a moment. "Carlos? Wait, I can't see!"
Carlos stopped. "What? No, no. You've got the best vision of the entire Company!"
"Hit my head pretty bad I guess. C'mon, get me out of here and I'll pay for a drink next time we go to Seattle for supplies."
Carlos held Jake up as they walked. It was suddenly quiet, despite the sounds of battle in the near distance.
"Seattle... Is no more. The armies of the unmen took the city out last week. I'm sorry, but your family was not among any of the survivors."

I think the story is actually coming together quite well.
Okay, my signature was starting to annoy even me.

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Scorched Earth

Joined: 14 Sep 2008
Location: California, USA

PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 8:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Part Three

He sat in the rear of the truck, which really smelled like the "rear" of something else. He fought back the tears, trying to prevent himself from balling his eyes out. He had been gone for only a little under a year, and so much happened while he was away. He had found out that New York had been bombed into nothing, Dallas was a pile of ashes since just last week, and Seattle, where his family lived, was ruined by the unmen. It hit him hard when Carlos had told him that they didn't know what had happened to them, his family, only that they were not among the survivors. There was always the possibility that they had escaped, but it was a slim chance. The truck drove over a hole in the road, and Jake bounced in his seat. He thought of other things then to take his mind off the subject. He was being taken to a hospital, or what was considered one these days, where they would check out his eyes to determine if he was to remain blind for the rest of his time, or if it was just temporary. His head throbbed, like someone had just whacked him in the back of the head with a baseball bat. It wasn't that that worried him though, excluding the fate of his family. It was what they would do to him if his eyes were really bad. Before he was exiled from his people, they would execute those that could not offer any services for "the greater good." They would throw them off the compound walls, or leave them in the cities to die. It was normally better to have been thrown off the walls than to have been abandoned in a world where every living creature was a potential threat. You never knew what you would find. Jake had once seen a roach a little less than half the size of a tank, which had probably crawled out of the sewers after years of mutations. He was scared, but maybe they had grown the decency to place the "worthless" in a seperate facility where they would be taken care of. Fat chance. Jake thought.
"Smoke?" asked a voice from beside him.
"Wha? Oh no, haven't in years, but thanks." Jake replied.
"I'll take one." a soldier responded from the opposite side.
Jake could hear an exchange of movements, and it was the last thing he heard before he dozed off to sleep. It was really the most exciting thing that happened during the entire trip back to their base of operations.

Okay, my signature was starting to annoy even me.

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Scorched Earth

Joined: 14 Sep 2008
Location: California, USA

PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 8:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Part Four


Anthony Mathews stood at the rear of the building where he listened to the speaker on the stage. He was a blind veteran who had lost everything.
"You have come here from all over the world because society has no further use for you."
The crowd that stood before him remained silent.
"This place will now be your home untill your death."
It must have been an odd feeling saying such things to a crowd of people who were just like him.
"Allow me to introduce myself, but before I do I'd like to tell you a story. I was born into a world of peace, where nations respected each other and did not wage war on the weak. When I was only ten did things start to happen. Nuclear war. Disease. Invasion. Everythig happened, and it seemed that all was lost. My father died after riots broke out in a small town that I once lived in. A pack of thugs took him from me. When he passed away, my family and I packed up and left. We moved into a small compound in Seattle. It seemed safe enough to live in for a few years, but we ended up living there for quite a long time. We survived in constant fear as we heard stories from all across the globe of how nations fell, armies rose, and of how quickly false hopes and lies were spreading, poisoning the minds of millions. When I was seventeen I committed a crime that I would prefer not to speak of. I faced death, but the peope ruled that I should be made into soldier, so that I could at least die defending them. It was done. Many years later, I had an accident during an attack on a slave camp. A tiny sliver of metal had been blasted into my brain, and now I stand before you blinded untill the day I die. It is because I am blind that I am here. I am the same as you."
The man remained silent for a moment.
"My name is Jake Mathews, and I have fought for your protection. I continue to fight for your protection. I am the director of this place, and I only wish for you to live happily without the fears of daily life in this world. Here, you will be happy."
Anthony was amused. It isn't likely that this very man who stands before me is my father. My father died long ago...

Okay, my signature was starting to annoy even me.

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