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Boot Camp Day 2 [RA2]
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 10:47 am    Post subject:  Boot Camp Day 2 [RA2]
Subject description: Uses PillBox20's Rules
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About a month ago I came up with the idea of improving the Red Alert 2 campaign. This is how it should look, in my opinion.

Spoiler (click here to read it):
PillBox20's Red Alert 2 Rules. V. 0.1
This mod is not considered balanced for skirmish or online battles.



This is minimod seeks to improve the original Red Alert 2 campaign.
If you detect a bug or errors on some of the maps write to me on www.ppmsite.com
or contact me on Skype bv1993. All custom work (voxels, shp, sound files) are made
in my free time, it is only right to credit the author, if you use them in your public mod.

This mod is not considered balanced for skirmish or online battles.
People who I am thankful and owe credit are: Agent Z (testing),
AtomicNoodles (GI, Chrono Legionaire, Tesla Trooper), ArgCmdr (Medic),
4StarGeneral (Mayan Pyramids), DonutArnold (Explosions).


-All Elite weapons are disabled.

-All infantry using warhead [SA] will do less damage to vehicles and buildings.

-The German Tank Destroyer has more range and deals small amounts of damage to buildings and infantry. Price is lifted.

-Most vehicles have reduced speed.

-Conscripts have +1 speed and fire their weapon with 3 bursts fallowed by long cooldown.

-Nighthawk's weapon fires faster and the rottor animation plays at all times.

-Most vehicles are crewed, meaning that they will eject basic infantry or technitians.

-Tanya can selfheal and her weapons do not kill infantry in one shot. Can use C4 on vehicles.

-SEALs don't kill infantry in one shot. Have reduced price. Can use C4 on vehicles.

-All projectiles that use the [DRAGON] or [MEDUSA] SHPs have smoke trailer.

-Terror Drones and Attack Dogs are promotable.



Armored Personal carrier armed with a machinegun and 5 seats.

Old short-range artillery. Good versus infantry and base defences.

Unarmed support infantry. Can heal friendly infantry.


Unarmed infantry. Can hijack vehicles. Ejected from destroyed vehicles.


You start with a single G.I. Your task is to fallow the instructions of the Drill Sergant.
On your way out  one of the base powerplants encounters a fatal error. An engineer is dispached to repair it.
At the entrance near two army tents you encounter two G.I.s and two civillians. With this little squad you
continue to a broken bridge. An engineer is delivered via Nighthawk helicopter to repair the bridge.
Alligators are guarding the bridge repair hub. You might be fallowed by a friendly G.I. and a husky. Ignore them.
You reach a chaeck point. Destroy the three targets to continue. A veteran G.I. exits the nearby barracks.
Continue north and destroy the derelict Grizzly tank.

You start with a Mobile Construction Vehicle. Find an open ground and deploy it. Build your base and prepare for a defence.
Up the ramp in your base has a money crate. Grab it. After you build your barracks you will be given command of an old
howitzer and a full M113. At the end of the bridge you will find two pillboxes. By that time the enemy should be getting it's
first paratroopers. Make your way to the enemy's Construction Yard and destroy it fast or the Red Commander will continue to
rebuild his base. At the back of the Red base is a small beach party, don't ruin it. Destroy all Red buildings to finish your training.

Soviet Dreadnoughts are attacking the Statue of Liberty acompanied by two squads of conscripts. Destroy the
dreadnoughts and save as many of the Statue's defenders as you can. Continue to Fort Bradlay. On your way you
encounter friendly forces about to be rushed by soviet forces. In the same time allied paratroopers come not
far from your possition. Continue to Fort Bradley and protect it from incomming paratroopers, V3s and Kirov.
Destroy the Soviet supply base to finish the mission.

You encounter a soviet patrol shooting at a derelict Grizzly tank. Save the tank and repair it with an engineer.
Allied Rocketeers come into your aid. The map is crawing with reds. it is out of the question for you to take the
fight to their base. Make your way to the Air Force Accademy and secure the base. If you delay long enough, the
Red base will send forces after your team. Once you destroy the flak cannons you will get paradroped engineers and
two technitians. Capture the howitzers and protect the base until you are strong enough to destroy the Red base.
The soviets will call in armour for support. After 15 minutes two groups of veteran Rhino tanks will attack your
base fron the south-east. To prevent this destroy their radar in time and the tanks will not come in time to save
their comrades. Clean the map from the reds.

I am new to map editing and making, so if you have a suggestion (especialy on the lighting) share them here or on my Skype.

Link To the other maps:
Boot Camp Day 1 - https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=554337#554337 (Rules are here!)
Allied Mission 1 "Lone Guardian"  - https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=43170
Allied Mission 2 "Eagle Dawn" - https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=43171


 Filename:  trn02t.map
 Filesize:  59.46 KB
 Downloaded:  32 Time(s)

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PillBox20's Red Alert 2 Mod: http://www.moddb.com/mods/pillbox20s-red-alert-2/downloads/pillbox20s-red-alert-2-version-02

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