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YR: UMP Next Gen v1.0
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:08 pm    Post subject:  YR: UMP Next Gen v1.0
Subject description: YR: UMP Next Gen v1.0 is an Unofficial Mini Patch for Yuri's Revenge, continuing YR: UMP v1.002
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YR: UMP Next Gen is an Unofficial Mini Patch for Yuri's Revenge, continuing YR: UMP made by Marshall and using NPatch Extended (and YR: Noodles Patch). Most of the fixes are graphical things and balance, with some extra additions and new models for vehicle units.

We were planning to use ARES 1.0 that has Load and Save feature for game engine patches, but since it is still on Testing Phase, temporarily we are using NPatch Extended.

Here are the changelog of the 1st release.

Audio/Visual Changes:
-Added Psychic Tower Attack Animation.
-Fixed Snow Version of Nuclear Silo.
-Fixed Damaged Version of Psychic Radar.
-Improved Genetic Mutator animation. (Credits to Atomic_Noodles)
-Improved Grinder animation. (Credits to Atomic_Noodles)
-Improved Psychic Dominator animation. (Credits to Atomic_Noodles)
-Improved Yuri Submarine Pen animation. (Credits to Atomic_Noodles)
-Improved Prism Tower animation. (Credits to xgamer and Atomic_Noodles)
-All animations are now smoother and flickerless.
-All infantry and deathanims use translucent shadow with proper muzzle flash lighting. (Credits to Atomic_Noodles)
-Added explode animations for Power Plant, Tesla Reactor, and Bio Reactor.
-The game is now use smudges properly.
-Patriot Missile is now firing properly.
-Improved Crazy Ivan IFV explode animation.
-Tanya is now have a Snow Version of herself. (Credits to Atomic_Noodles)
-Guardian G.I., Yuri Engineer, Battle Fortress, and Gattling Tank use unused sounds.
-Allied and Soviet Ore Refinery use an unused sound when processing ore.
-Fixed cameos of Guardian G.I., Flak Cannon, Chronosphere, Destroyer, Cosmonaut, Allied Battle Lab, Yuri Battle Lab, and Giant Squid cameo. (Credits to tomsons26lv)
-New Soviet Engineer and Tesla Reactor cameo. (Credits to Westwood and tomsons26lv)

Gameplay Changes:
-Renamed Yuri Hover Transport to Yuri Amphibious Transport.
-Renamed Allied Wall to Concrete Walls
-Renamed Soviet Wall to Fortress Walls
-AI improvements. (Boris AI, vs Yuri AI, etc)
-If you are an Allied, Chrono Legionnaire and Aircraft Carrier are no longer buildable when you have Soviet/Yuri Battle Lab.
-Removed Power Structure requirements for Prism Tower and Tesla Coil.
-Genetic Mutator strength decreased from 1000 to 750.
-Ore Purifier strength increased from 900 to 1000.
-Side Heroes (Tanya, Boris, Yuri Prime) is now Fearless and won't crawl.
-Dolphins and Civilian Animals are no longer mind-controllable. (RIP Cow+IFV Combo)
-Soylent cost decreased to 50%.
-Radiations are no longer damage spawned-missiles.
-Yuri Clone IFV's weapon is now attack slower than previous one.
-Psi-Commando's IFV weapon changed from HMG to Psiwave. (Yuri Clone IFV)
-Snipers and other "anti-infantry/anti-building only" weapons are no longer auto-attack vehicles.
-Mirage Tank is now have an Elite weapon.
-Psychic Tower can gain height bonus.
-Prism Tower can destroy bridges and woods.
-Terrorist are now can swim.
-Guardian G.I.'s primary weapon is now Shotgun.
-AI won't build slower when on Medium and Brutal.
-Crazy Ivan and Chrono Ivan are now can gain veterancy.

Misc Changes:
-The exe is using NPatch Extended, included original exe as a backup.
-Use Narzoul's DDRAW inorder to gain smooth performance ingame.
-You can have Tech Secret Lab in RMG.
-Corrected typos of MaxDebris, DebrisAnims, and JumpJetTurnRate, this may affect graphical and ingame behavior.
-Lots of changes maybe undocumented.

*Combined with latest UMP 1.002 fix by Marshall as you can read the changelogs here at https://www.marshall.strategy-x.com/ump/fixes.php*

You can download the fix here:

Special thanks to Marshall and Atomic_Noodles that inspired me to do this. Also special thanks to RockPatch Team, VK, and NPatchExt Team for NPatch Extended, and Askeladd for AI Editor. Support this mod and if you want to add this to your mod, PM me (@deathreaperz) to know how.

Read the original news here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/yr-ump-next-gen/news/yr-ump-next-gen-v10-release
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You won't mind me using the INIs, SHPs, etc as a base for C&C S, will you?
One and only developer of C&C S. True Supremacy.
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m7 wrote:
I tend to release things I create so that assets are never lost to hard drive problems, accidental deletion, or me having to pretend to care about rippers taking things from my project when it is done. #Tongue
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