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Game rants?
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Joined: 09 Feb 2015

PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 3:21 am    Post subject:  Game rants?
Subject description: (things you've played and found major flaws)
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Let's have fun exploring what's worst in games we liked or wanted to like!

SimCity 4: The first version that decided to start removing elements added in prior versions, I guess in an attempt to reduce micromanagement with all the new stuff added, had an economy failing. I played at least a dozen games going slowly, managing debt, growing the best way possible for the resources I had, and each time I was caught in a trap of some needed items or expansion, without any credit or cashflow. As a test, I decided a new approach made sense, I borrowed a gazillion upfront, and laid out a city with the important stuff it needed, roads, zones, power etc. This pre-planned city was obviously empty and earning nothing, but that wasn't the point, I had created a city 4-6x larger (than I did running out of money) on day 1. Then it was all a matter of setting speed to cheetah, and spending the next hours bulldozing while my city built itself. Doing this meant my income grew and grew without stopping, while my exhausted credit would eventually get paid off, thus eliminating the hardest factor of the game: finance.

GTA 4: Vice City was probably my favourite such game at the time, having played 2 & 3, I wanted to like it. Graphics were good, ran well, still had good mechanics, at least better than a lot of similar games with racing in them, and controls were simple. Then you start realizing stamina and rejuvination are now a big part of the game, and you just want to break things. Pretty soon you realize you have to swim every few hours to exercise, you have to stop for food and washroom breaks a lot, and you can't maintain any relationships with fickle brides-to-be because they get bored without you checking in while you're out killing people. Damn that game started to eat away at my insides until I hated it.

Total Annihilation Core Contingency: A good looking rts that somehow ruined the formula. I just couldn't make heads or tails of the balance. I made a base, start cranking out units, fend off a few scouts, and suddenly I'm dead. That's how it felt nearly every game. Some naval unit would zip over from who knows where and cause massive damage while your mechs are marching towards the enemy. Of all the strategy games I've played, it was the most deceiving and unfair feeling, unlike StarCraft which was frenetic and mathematical in its precision. Part of my gripe is that you never had a sense of flow, there would be dead calm periods even well into the game, it never had the feeling of progression or increasing difficulty, but then a trap would spring just as you finish rebuilding. It was all the more frustrating because it had the editor and a ton of maps, it wasn't some lame extortion pack selling you a new dinosaur or new skins for you units, it was fully fleshed out.

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AA Infantry

Joined: 29 Aug 2015

PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 4:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lawbreakers: Wanted it to be like a sequel to unreal tournament but with cool exotic characters to play as with interesting abilities. Turned out to be a novelty full of gimmicks that got boring and frustrating after a few matches. The game modes felt broken.

Command & Conquer Rivals: Has a lot of things from old school C&C games before it became 3D. Rivals has quick fast paced matches with some cool unit ideas. It's Like Tiberian Twilight but this time actually works. Gets boring after a few days because of the over simplification pathfinding where units perform more like chess pieces on a grid than real combat.  Lots of strange gameplay mechanics to try to make it work like unit production slowing down for whatever reasons they see fit. Not much depth in the game outside of unit countering system and platform stealing.

EVE Online: I used to want to like EVE since its so serious and cool Sci-Fi looking. It is a pointless grind fest that i could never get myself to play for more than a few days.

Phantasy Star Online: My second most played game of all time besides Tiberian Sun and then a distant third Unreal Tournament. Phantasy Star Online has me addicted to it for a good decade. A while ago i got digustingly sick of the randomized levels. There's only like 2 or 3 random level designs per level. Nothing worse than going into a level and playing the same exact layout with the monster spawning in the same exact spots. Different versions of it for different consoles and PC seem to have different layouts tho so that's cool. That and the fact you cant cheat to get all the items in the game instantly made me lose interest in it and can't believe I played it as long as I did.

Tiberian Sun: My most played game of all time. I am baffled I still find myself playing it since 1999 almost daily. I get so sick of the small player base. Knowing it'll never grow. I honestly hate playing it on the same handful of levels with the same handful of people it lost all meaning. I feel dead inside when I play it. I want to stop playing C&C games that currently exist.

League of Legends: I never understood the appeal of LoL for at least a few years I kept trying to play it and see why it was so popular. Eventually one day it clicked and I got addicted to it. Recently I realized you can hack just about anything in the game such as character stats and skins. You can play your character way stronger than other people and never lose and they rarely ban these people. I still like it though if there's no blatant cheating but since its a 5 vs 5 game and characters arent balanced and there is cheaters its hard to get the motivation to play it since it's all random. You have no idea how good you're going to do because of all the imbalances.

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Joined: 14 Jul 2005
Location: Fineland

PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 7:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I don't usually hate games, even if I grow bored with them. But there is at least one exception.

Dead Space 3: Being a fan of the first two, I wanted to give 3 a chance despite the negative reviews at the time. Well, turns out they were justified. The game gets so boring, I didn't even bother playing the final three chapters. Unlike the first two, it's not a horror survival game. It's just walk & gun.

The first two games were brilliant in how they put you in a very disadvantaged position against even the basic monster, meaning you genuinely felt scared of them and tried to run away most of the time. The monsters could slash you apart in one or two hits, and all you had was a make-shift weapon that had to be carefully aimed at their limbs each time. In the second game, you even play the first levels with no weapon at all, not even melee (you're strapped in a straitjacket). Only as you progressed, you slowly managed to acquire better weapons, at the same time facing stronger enemies.

None of this is true in DS3 anymore. You can craft your own weapons by combining existing weapons and supplies, and even though I played at the hardest difficulty (I play all games at hardest difficulty), it didn't take me long to craft a weapon that could easily kill almost any enemy. The monsters are not scary, they no longer appear organic and disturbing like in the first two games. They don't even try to ambush you, they just hang from the ceiling in some sort of cocoons, fluttering so you can easily tell them apart and shoot them from a safe distance.

The setting makes no sense either: In the first two games, you have this single, massive government and military controlling all human colonies. Then, a few years later in DS3, it's all gone. The military is reduced to few surviving members, and now Unitologists - religious extremists that want to kill everyone (no I'm not kidding, that's how they think they get to heaven or something) - are the greatest power in the solar system. I always felt their religion wasn't very feasible, only the mentally insane want to join a cult where you know you end up ritual-killing yourself. But having the general public turn to their side? That's where you lose all credibility.

Tl;dr: Dead Space 3 was a huge disappointment.

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Joined: 28 Feb 2019

PostPosted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 6:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

this is a double rant, I guess. I bought Warband because of all the positive hype it is getting within the community, and I was absolutely appalled by the game when I first started. The graphics are sh*t, the story progression is non-existent and all that stuff.

Then I played for a while and it is now one of my favorite games, I even wrote a blog about it if you're interested: https://www.eneba.com/blog/true-legends-never-die-mount-blade-warband/

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