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Monsterism. [mini-Mod]
Moderators: Delirium Staff, Ickus
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2007 2:18 am    Post subject:  Monsterism. [mini-Mod]
Subject description: Another Random Idea. Straight from Delirium.
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is mod idea for TS maybe but seems RA2:YR would be better to cram all the ideas I thought for this.

. No base building really. kinda like sole survivor. only you play as giant monster, battling humans, cults and other monsters...maybe aliens. #Tongue

Story wrote:
The story goes the Dark Lords arose from the Pits as their Cults has summoned them for global conquest . Deus the god of the sun and humans has called the elder deities to aid him in a battle against the demon brothers. Fearing the return of the Red Dragon.

As the chaos ensues, the humans defend their civilization in desperation, a secret organization has surfaced, wielding unknown advanced technology powerful enough to subdue a monster. Some say that aliens have come to take over the earth. Other see their keen interest lies in taking down the monsters.

Upon hearing this call, the cults of each deity summoned theirs to protect and defend their civilization. Other groups caught wind of this and summoned their own creature in a vie for power.

While a few remain weary of either group, Some remained allied to Deus and his cause to protect humanity, others chose to side with the Demons.

[Planned Features.] Stuff is subject to change.

-Two-Sided Campaign.-
Cause havok or try to prevent it.

-Multiplay Game types
-Monster Brawl. Free for all Destruct'O fest.
-Save the Shrine. Save your shrine from being captured or destroyed.
-Good Versus Evil. Work as a team to destroy the other team.

-Extra. Features.;

-Monster Alliance.
- Monsters can ally in skirmish.

-Devotion-Monster Cults send in reinforcements.

-Benefactor.-Cities will ally themselves to the monster who protects it and attacks the invading monster.

-Growth Logic- Monster's grow based on "Veteran" logic.?


-Dark Lords.


Imprisoned deep in a mountain like his kind by Deus and his angels.
Baelorg vows revenge for those who trapped him and his kind in the Earth. Infused with the thousand hatreds towards humanity. He vows to burn as many souls as he can.

Image=Giant demon,
Secondary=Fire and Brimstone.

Once a proud dragon who hoarded treasures of the Earth. he was slain by greedy King and banished to the Pits. His killers stole his treasure and plundered it in the name of humanity. He vowed to find it once again and hoard the souls of humanity.

Image=Flying demon
Secondary=Brimstone Rayn

Deity who was banished to the Pit for prolonging the wicked souls who summoned him and using them for food. Death was not pleased and used him to do his bidding, by sucking the souls of those who served their Darkness.

Image=Grim Spider.

-Gods of the Wyld.

Deity of the Jungle. He favors mischief and mayhem,but usually spends his time lounging around and eating. He protects the jungle from other gods and dislikes having to see his jungle subject to Tyranis, but he knows it is necessary.

Image=Great Ape

Deity of Savagery. An ancient god who hungers and eats those too weak to live. Enforcing the law of the jungle.. Even eating his own kind into extinction. Often finding himself disliked by those who nurture life. However he has been secretly awaiting the doom of humanity. citing them to be very tasty.


Hydrid- Goddess of the Swamp. She is the daughter of Echinda. taking after her mother protecting the slimy creatures of the Deep.

Secondary=Corrosive acid.

-Other/Special Case.

God of the Sun after destroying the Red Dragon.
He vowed to protect humanity.

Primary=Divine burn
Secondary=Holy Fire

Is an eternal vampiric creature who grow large. He needs human blood to survive and is often served by vampires as their god. He disavows either group as the demons will kill off humanity, but the Deus is a solar deity who favors light and humanity.

Image=Shadowy Figure

Canker- Canker was created in a laboratory. He is a product of science gone wrong. Escaping his creators he lives underground as a myth. Only showing himself and protecting to those who were outcast by society and consider themselves freaks of nature see Canker as their protector from the cruel god Tyranis who be eager to consume them.


Another human created monster. however made from robotic parts and pieces. using electric, energy based weapons and powers. He is known as the Machine god. It is said his heart is that of monster. but is subject to follow the orders of man. He sometimes surfs the internets playing flashgames and watches mythbusters.

Red Dragon
The Ancient god of Flame and fire. It was said he gave it to humans before their time as ploy to side with him, promising them godhood. He was destroyed by a young Deus his remains banished in the Pits. Taking his place as god of the light and vowing to protect humanity from external influences. Rumors have it that Red Dragon is still alive working in the dark places. awaiting his revenge.


Most of the fighting takes place near civilization. The human resistance has 3 levels of difficulty. but there are some special case factions that could be present at anytime. The object of the monster is to kill another monster, its cult or destroy the city.

The city will respond to the threat by sending these class of units.

[Local Militia]-
Armed Civilians,State Troopers, Technicals.

[State Guard]-

Attack helicopters,Soldiers. Hummers. IFV.

Heavy Artillery, bombers, Tanks, MRLS

Special Case.

Monster Cult
-Cults who worship a particular deity. using its power against invaders. The invading deity must destroy the shrine to cull their power. The humans might build the image of the conquering deity or rebuild it.

-Servants of Deus. Divine beings who wield powerful weapons "holy" weapons. They protect key humans or cities.

-Minor Demons who serve the Dark Lords, protecting the evil shrines and following the evil wills of their masters.

-Secret Technology.


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Team Black
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2007 2:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

This could make a pretty cool Universe at War mod #infinity

The Fall of Hammerfest - Epic Tiberian chain story

Tiberian Odyssey mapping department. Discord
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Joined: 25 Nov 2002
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2007 2:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

maybe #Tongue

It started out with an idea about Core Defenders that duking out in a city map.

then my memories playing Rampage and Primal Rage got poured into it.


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