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About Star Strike
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 01, 2008 12:14 pm    Post subject:  About Star Strike
Subject description: Kind of a FAQ/generic readme type of post.
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2/19/2017: Moshi moshi, Star Strike-desu!

This thread aims to provide a little information on Star Strike and its history, hopefully without straying into the nauseously detailed style that most of my old mod posts were known for.

What is Star Strike?
Star Strike is a Yuri's Revenge total-conversion mod based within the Red Alert universe, set about 35 years after the events of RA2. There are some alterations, like YR never happening.

Keeping it short...
In the mid 22nd century, a war rages between two factions over the fate of humanity. In desperation, one faction turns to the ancient power of the Chronosphere network to simply remove their enemy from existence; their bid fails, and both factions end up in the early 21st century instead.

War returns to the world when these two factions arrive, forcing the hasty creation of an international coalition to fight both.

Okay, so what about the strange factions?
These two factions are the SSIA, or Star Strike Interplanetary Army and the Invaders.

In the future, the SSIA is the major military arm of the unified World Government, while the Invaders are a powerful trans-human movement that exploited Earth's technological stagnancy to gain a decisive military edge.

The Earth Defense Force, or EDF, is created in response to these two factions suddenly appearing in the modern era; a mishmash of Allied and Soviet power, if you will.

That's great and all, but what about gameplay?
Star Strike's goal is to move away from some of the tropes present in YR mods. Gameplay is moderately paced; there is a higher level of emphasis on infantry, naval units and maintaining a strong economy.

Link pls?
Of course. The mod's site has a download of the last public version of the mod (0.6x), which is both old and rather terrible. Kinda like the site itself, sadly. But that's for another day.

Old and terrible?
Star Strike in its original form never reached completion. The mod started in 2005; the last public build was 0.6x in 2008. This was followed by 0.7x, which never made it out of testing, in 2010.

For s**ts and giggles, the codebase was started from scratch later that year, resulting in a version 0.20, incorporating Ares features finally. This version was also never released, even if it was more feature-rich than 0.6x.

Somewhere along the line, I became conscious that putting out a 60% finished product as opposed to a 50% finished product is still pretty bad.

So that means...
"Old SS" more or less ceased development in 2012. As it turned out, when you can't recruit/network with the necessary talent to get critical assets like GUI/structures/terrain finished, a TC starts looking pretty lame. Especially if you lack the talent to do those parts yourself. Okay fine fine, real life interfered too, but we all have that excuse as hobbyists.

...that this entire post was meaningless?

I mean, it is about "Old SS", after all.

By the way, who worked on this?
A truncated list from memory includes:
Myself, lead project developer, main voxel and cameo artist
Yurisarmy, asst project developer, voxel artist
Damned Machine, voxel artist
Inzane Krazy, concept artist
CCHyper, main mod logo

The superheroes that beared with me and tested it include:
Volgin/Carnotaurus, m666, WrathOfLust, Anderwin, all the staff above and many others not listed.
ORA/YR modder/artist, DOOM mapper, aka evanb90
Project Lead Developer, New-Star Strike (2014-), RA Tweaked (2015-)
Former Project Lead Developer Star Strike (2005-2012), Z-Mod (2006-2007), RA1.5 (2008-2013), The Cold War (2006-2007)

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