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Floating Fort Higher Elevations /Ramps + Angled Construction
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 7:54 pm    Post subject:  Floating Fort Higher Elevations /Ramps + Angled Construction
Subject description: Difficulty level:****
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Ok so this Tutorial is for people who are confident
that they can make Basic Shaped Floating Island Fortresses,

If you aren't Sure that You fully understand any part of basic Floating Island Construction then You can read Through this

                          How to Construct Floating Fortresses Part 2:  
                                Higher Elevation And Ramps

So your looking at making a full Done Fortress, but your Fortresses looking a little Flat, along With Limited Water Access and you want to Complete the full lot, to an EA-ish Standard.

Tis Simple Enough,

Ok so You've got a Shape With the Lower Set of Fortress Cliffs,

What we need to do is help this out with a Ramp From 1st Fort Level to Sea, so we can Have abit more of an Intresting Game Play with different Methods of access.

Ramps are very Very Simple,
First Find the ramp of your choice, and align it to your Outlined Design.
You will find the Ramp in the same place as your Edge Pieces,
For 1st level To sea Level we Need FI_Ramp01, others Maybe Only For 1st level to 2nd level, although we will go through that. Its the ramp Idea I need to explain.

You should of started with a Height of about 200 Default if you followed my Other Tutorial,

but just incase Check your default Map Height then add 145 to it and use that for your Level Tool which Will Lift the ramp and Outline.

Once its at that height you can now look at The Ramp Tool,
To use it click and drag the distance of the ramp you want and then click the "Place ramp" button, the terrain will then be Ajusted, For Floating Island Ramps your going to need a Width of about 134.

To be Extra
Accurate Press Ctr-f* to go into birds eye view, then click just in front of the object Spot.*to exit this mode Just repress Ctr-f*

Now Drag the ramp to Just over the Ramp mesh
(Using the Angle Arrow Lock is Ideal to get a accurate Ramp),
This is mainly due to Tanks as if they Drive onto a ramp they Will smoothly Glide like a normal Tank Onto the Ramp, However this is more important For ramps on deck.

Once you've done that you can pat yourself on the back,
Because all you need to do now is cut the terrain View From around the Edge Pieces and the ramp.

2nd Elevation
So you got a Nice Floating Fort with water access and Some Great Array Of props.But you wish there would be some Form of Depth to the map and not just using structures to define the Terrain elevation.

This is easy than You may Think,
look for the following edge pieces:

Edge Piece03   - Is a Corner Piece But Opposite to 12
Edge Piece04   - Is a Straight Line Piece
Edge Piece05   - Is a Non Conecting Straight piece
Edge Piece07* - Is same as 05 but with Large Bulk Detail
Edge Piece09* - Is same as 04 but with Supports
Edge Piece10* - Is same as 04 But with Piping and Wiring
Edge Piece11* - Is same as 05 but with Support instead of Ajustable Beam
Edge Piece12   - Is Corner Piece But Opposite to 03

*Are optional But define the sides of your Fort

Make the Edge,up elevation area and then place a ramp.

Best Ramp for this case is IF_Ramp04, 02 and 03 Have roads on them
, 04 can be used in any case, Once you changed the elevation you'll notice
that the ramp will poke Up so add -70 to afterwards, this will accurately Reduct it to same height as Ramp01's default.

You'll get Something like this:

You'll notice that there is still alittle lack of height when you level the 2nd elevation. Fill this in without Disturbing the current Height of the edge pieces, That is the hardest part, If you used My 200 default Height then use Level Tool to 415, if not add 215 to your current Default Height and use the Total To use for Level Tool.

To Check Map Height, Simply Click file/resize then look at the Current Default Map Height

Use the ramp tool and Cut out any unwanted map texture, and add water, detail to sea and fort and you should be well on your way to creating a Full Floating Fortress Map.

Most EA maps are Now at angles,
To tackle this issue, create your Fortress Outline and once.
You have made it so it looks straight, Select the whole Outline and Change the Angle To 45, this will Place the Outline of Your mesh at a Simular Angle with The Building Grid

*Please Note it is harder to Make a leveled shape With angles, but the effort Will be noticed*.

If you want to Rotate From there Onwards Just change angle By 90 or 180 as the angle Is now fixed at 45/135 degrees to set a Angled object back to orignal Straight Objects, use angle 45 to rotate it back to a Straighter Angle.

Hope This has Helped you,
This guide is for one thing only, and thats to Help Mappers get to grips With Cliffs and Help them Understand The Way of New Construction.
It is also To see Great New maps For Online, So Let us Get Mapping!!

All the best ~ The Forgotten/Tiberian Fiend

Key Words: #Tutorials #TiberiumWars #KanesWrath #RedAlert3 #RedAlert3Uprising #TiberianTwilight #WorldBuilder 


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