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Dune II The Maker DEMO 4 Released
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 4:44 pm    Post subject:  Dune II The Maker DEMO 4 Released Reply with quote

A new version of Dune II The Maker, a Dune II recreation, has been released. The new version features skirmish mode and a random map generator. See the full list of changes below.

Download Dune II The Maker DEMO 4:


List of changes:


- Ornithopter rockets do more damage
- Rockets from Troopers do a bit less damage
- Rocket Turrets do a bit more damage to infantry & vehicles
- Normal Turrets do a bit more damage to infantry & vehicles
- Combat Tank does a bit more damage to infantry

- AI able to build multiple units from the same building at the same time (oops, cheating!)
- Workaround for harvesters doing nothing.
- Building troopers/etc for human player.
- Bug where "order" button would be misplaced (too low)
- Bug where you could select computer units via 'team' key's (ie, by pressing 1-5)
- Able to 'repair' units when no repair facility is built.
- Fixed bug Repair Facility. (Units always repair as if they were totally damaged)
- Memory bug in loading INI file. (causing byte shifts, which *could* eventually screw things up)
- Able to select enemy units when pressing group number

- "Devided" -> "Divided"
- Unit drawing , more accurate on cells.
- Unit drawing , health bar and spice bar is different.
- Unit drawing , selection box is changed
- Unit variables a bit more efficient.
- When buttons are unavailable, they are darkened instead of greyed out.
- AI will now not walk over spice blooms, but shoot them.
- Upgraded Allegro from version 4.0.3 to 4.2.0
- Upgraded Alfont from 1.19 to 2.10
- Source is now compiled under MSVC 7.0
- Dune 2 missions, briefings, etc is now centered in one "campaign" folder

- More scenes added.
- Very smooth fading for Windtraps now (instead of using 256 color palette Blue values, it uses 16 bit values)
- Using some FBLEND routines for drawing transparant graphics and so on.
- "easy on cpu" auto-code. Will try to give cpu some slack if fps is above "ideal fps" (can be set). Especially useful on
- Skirmish mode, AI is primitive, but tough.
- with totally new random map generator built in
- able to create your own skirmish missions via INI files (up to 99 missions)
- 4 players maximum (1 human, 3 CPU)
- CPU can be Sardaukar
* Able to see random created map by hovering mouse on the question mark. Default = invisible, so you can
be really suprised to play (hit 'random map' and then 'play').
- Completely new written structures code (same functionaly as in demo 3 though): using true OOP.
*NOTE: Bug detected, starport does not function 100% yet.
* - Skirmish mode - maps are named as "map##.ini" , up to 99 maps supported.
- RakNet library is compiled in project and will assist in network code in future releases.
- MCV can be deployed with D now (select and press D).
- Carry-Alls blow sand/spice when picking up unit on sandy/spicy terrain.
- Structures graphics updates
- Real shadow blending done
- Structures show ground underneath, so if no fundament is built the building
appears on rock, etc.
- When infantry or troopers get 30% health; a single soldier/trooper appears
with 100% health. The other 2 died (leaving bodies on the ground).
- When not enough money, icons are a bit greyed out + a red cross is drawn over them.
- Tanks are able to squish infantry (leaves big blood splatter for infantry and tiny for soldier, etc)
- Shortkey B added to build last built icon on list (also applies for units)
- Shortkey P added to place built structure
- Shortkey U added to quick-upgrade
- Units can gain experience:
- no stars = no experience
- yellow stars (max 3)
- orange stars (max 3)
- red stars (max 3) -> max experience: twice damage done
(*) Stars are gained by kills; infantry kills give units 2.5/10th star experience.
bigger units 4.5/10th star.
Units with more experience will deliver bigger hits on enemy units.
- Tech Tree changes:
- Repair Facility & High Tech is available from level 5 now.
- Ordos WOR available at level 5.
- Force attack : Hold left control and click on cell to attack.
- Units & Structures blink when targetted, etc.
- Rally points can be assigned to buildings. Select structure , hold left control and click on map.
NOTE: Do not give an invalid location or the paths will fail to that. When units are unable to
deploy from starport, they are brought via Carry-All to the rallypoint.
- Force move (ALT)
- Force attack (CTRL)

- 32/16 bit adjustment in windowed mode. (speed increasement was minimal)
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 4:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Anyway, good to see that work continues.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 5:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Awesome. Looks great.

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