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GDI Arsenal
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:31 am    Post subject:  GDI Arsenal Reply with quote


-GDI Peacekeeper $120 (Basic Light Infantry Replacement)
-GDI Disc Thrower $260 (Basic anti-armour unit)
-GDI Engineer $500 (Engineer Unit)
-GDI Medic $600 (Now has an elite heal)
-GDI Marksman $750 (Able to eliminate enemy infantry from extreme ranges)
-GDI Jump-jet Trooper $600 (Now is slightly faster)
-GDI Marine $N/A (Similar to Navy Seal from RA2 without C4, comes with drop pods and a Tiberium Proof Suit)
-GDI Commando $2000 (Replaces Ghost Stalker, has an anti-tank rifle an anti-infantry rifle and C4 charges. Wears a Tiberium Proof suit)
-GDI Zone Trooper $1600 (Has a Railgun, high armour and a Tiberium proof suit. Build Limit 10)

-GDI Wolverine Mk. II $600 (Now slightly faster and uses a new model)
-GDI Titan Mk. II $850 (Better armour, better weapon, slower, new model)
-GDI Centaur $1000 (Replaces Juggernaught, a quadruped walker that does not need to deploy to fire, but has decreased range )
-GDI Kratos $800 (Anti-Air Tank, armed with SAM missiles and can only engage air units)
-GDI Hover MLRS $900 (Fires only against land targets now, with slight range and payload increase. New Voxel)
-GDI Disruptor Platform $1400 (No changes except for a new Voxel)
-GDI Humvee (Campaign Unit)
-GDI Amphibious APC $800 (Now armed with a small Anti-Personal gun)
-GDI Mammoth Tank MK I. $1700 (Simple, heavy GDI armour, no changes from Vanilla TS unit)
-GDI Mobile Sensor Array $900 (Has sensors when un deployed)
-GDI Mammoth Walker $3500 (Now has a new voxel and a better AA weapon and armour)
-GDI Railgun Tank $1550 (Has a medium railgun bit light armour and is slow)
-Tiberium Harvester $1400

Air Units
-Orca Fighter $1000 (Now fires it's payload faster, can move into fog, has new voxel)
-Orca Bomber $1550 (Slightly faster, slightly cheaper, weaker payload, new voxel
-Orca Transport $1200 (Uses Carry-all work-around and can paradrop troops with force fire)
-Orca Sabre $1800 (Extremely quick jet aircraft, excellent for destroying buildings, not as effective against moving targets )
-Orca Carry-all $700 (No change)

(The following are new buildings)
-Dropship Bay $3000 (Access to the Armour and Supply Drop Super Weapons)
-Sonic Emitter $1250 (Static Sonic defensive tower)
-Spy Satellite Uplink $1200 (Access to the GPS Superweapon)
-Sentry Tower $800 (Has a minor detection radius and alarm)

Super Weapons:
-Ion Cannon MK II. (Ion cannon with a blast radius effect)
-Spy Satellite (Reveals the map when launched)
-Armour Drop (Drops A Mammoth Tank Periodically)
-Supply Drop (Grants 3000 Credits Periodically)
-Drop Pods (Periodically drops Marines to the battlefield)
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