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GDI Fiction 1
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 9:27 am    Post subject:  GDI Fiction 1 Reply with quote

It was dark but at least it was quieter now, the whine of artillery had ceased, and only the distant din of a far off battle could be heard. Captain Adrian Mills sat quietly in foxhole, his M-24 Pulse Rifle clenched in his aching hands. He had been gripping it to tightly again and his fingers were white and raw. He flexed them for a second, and watched as the blood flowed slowly into his knuckles.

It had been a long day.

The 705th Advance Guard had only arrived in this Godforsaken battleground four days ago; it seemed like almost lifetime now. Their objectives were supposed to be simple; set up a perimeter around a small town occupied by Nod and wait for the heavies to come up, and pound said town to rubble.

The latter had never eventuated.

It wasn’t the first time that scanners had failed to detect Nod’s stealth tanks and almost an entire infantry platoon had walked right on by them. It wasn’t until the Centaur Artillery Walkers were being brought up, that the invisible monsters revealed themselves. They had appeared with a shimmer and an electronic wail right in the middle of the artillery group, loosing a ferocious barrage of rockets at point blank range. The surrounding infantry had quickly swamped the Stealth Tanks, climbing up onto the hulls and throwing grenades into the hatches but the damage had been done. Within a few minutes the eight out of the twelve Centaur Walkers had been destroyed and two had been disabled. The escorting armour units had fared no better, with but a single Railgun Tank escaping intact.

From there things went from bad to worse. Field Commander Hackett’s Orca had been destroyed as it touched down at the forward command post, a hidden Nod rocketeer popping up suddenly from the surrounding undergrowth and firing a lucky shot against the cockpit. Orcas were tough, but they weren’t built to take a stinger missile right in the face. As the battle dragged on, more and more of the higher ranking officers were killed, till eventually Captain Mills was he most senior soldier in the field.
Despite the losses, Command demanded that Mills and his men to dig in and hold their position. The GDI Carrier Broadsword and its attendant fleet were supposedly moving up the coast to support them. They just had to hang tight and wait. The hours ticked into days and Nod breakout attempts became relentless. Wave after wave of Nod soldiers had rushed their position again and again. It was amazing how many men the Brotherhood has holed up in that town but what was even more amazing was the stupid yet courageous manner that the Brotherhood soldiers conducted
themselves. They showed no fear, they showed no pain, they came out of the mist screaming like the damned and fighting like savage animals.

By nightfall only about half of GDI’s numbers remained the rest were either dead or wounded. The Medics had their hands full of casualties and they were quickly running out of everything. Not far behind him, Mills could hear the moans of the wounded. Desperate GDI field doctors were conducting crude surgeries without morphine or sedatives in often vain attempts to save as many lives. The Brotherhood had thrown everything they had against them, suicide bombers, flame throwers and more than once Mills had seen the daunting figures of Nod’s Inquisitors, their brutally accurate grenade launchers unleashing salvos of deadly gas bombs into the GDI fox holes.

Mills had watched in horror, as the victims of Nod’s most horrifying weapon, dragged themselves screaming out the ground. It was something out of a nightmare, soldiers trying desperately to pull themselves out of the gas clouds as their skin boiled and their bodies melted. Gas masks were almost completely ineffective as the corrosive Tiberium based agent melted through the plastic and rubber, quickly dissolving the soldier beneath. The worst part was when the puddles of flayed flesh began to morph into the living tumours that were Viceroids. Masses of organs, liquefied flesh and bone began to heave themselves together, as the gas’s mutagenic agents began driving the bloodied mess to a more sinister purpose. The men were quick to put the Viceroids down, splattering the abominations to the four winds with grenades and explosives, or tearing them apart with concentrated fire.

It had been a Hell of a week so far.

“Captain Mills?”

Mills turned suddenly, startling the young soldier who had crept up behind him. Mills relaxed slightly, recognizing young face of Private Francis Talbert, a recruit fresh from Blue Zone training camps. This was Talbert’s first mission, but his eyes already betrayed the signs of “war fatigue”. He had only been in combat for a few days, and he already had the same stony look that veterans of ten years had.

“Permission to speak sir?”

Mills opened his visor nodded, his neck guard clicking against his helmet.
“Sir, how much longer do we have to wait for reinforcements to arrive? Weren’t they supposed to be here yesterday? Do you think something’s happened?”

“I couldn’t rightly private.” Breathed Mills with a sigh “We just have to wait and see, Command assured me this morning that the Broadsword is coming, we have no choice but to wait”

“But Sir” Trembled Talbert “I don’t know how much more we can take.”

His voice shook as he swallowed a sob.

“Everyone I trained with back in Spinnaker is dead now Sir. Every last one of them, I saw Private Waite killed today; she was burned clean in half by a plasma blast. It was like she was nothing. Private Watts and Private Urban yesterday, they both bleed to death after a suicide bomber caught them. Privates Mansfield, Austin and Lancaster were all killed the day before that, torn apart trying to bring down one of the damned Inquisitors. He just ripped them into chunks with his web launcher…”

Talbert paused, shaking his head tears cutting crooked a path through the soot that blanketed his face.

“I’m, I’m not ready to die Sir. I’m not ready.”

Mill’s put his hand heavily on the young man’s shoulder.

“Why are you here Son?”

Talbert seemed confused for a second.

“To fight Sir”

“Why are you fighting Son?”

“Come again Sir?”

“Why are you fighting Son?” Mill’s repeated. “There has to be a reason why you are here, you aren’t a conscript otherwise you wouldn’t have been assigned to 705th”

“I don’t know sir… I just joined, that’s what everyone my age does nowadays. It’s either the army or the factories right? At least in the army we get fed better.”

“That isn’t the reason you joined Son. You didn’t volunteer for one of the toughest divisions in the whole Goddamned Initiative for the grub. You are here for a reason.”

Talbert paused for a second.

“Well Sir do you remember back in 2037 when those Mutants seized control of the Embassy in New Scotia? My Brother worked at that Embassy. He was an intern and he was working towards becoming an ambassador to the Forgotten and the Yellow Zone states, he was real bleeding heart idealist,”

A ghost of a smile drifted across Talbert’s face.

“He always used to get into these impassioned rants. ‘They’re still people!’ He would say. ‘They have been abused by the Brotherhood and forgotten by the civilized world. In order to fight Kane’s oppression, we must first help those who are unable help themselves. Cut off the Brotherhood’s recruitment and Nod will fall apart’. It was naive but his heart was in the right place.”

“What happened?”

Talbert’s face darkened.

“Well my brother and about forty other people were being held at the Embassy. Things were going fine initially; I mean Mutants weren’t looking for bloodshed, they just wanted medical supplies for their clans and the negotiators were talking them down. For once it looked like things would actually end peacefully. But the Brotherhood wouldn’t have that way. Nod agitators hiding in the crowd suddenly fired at the kidnappers on the roof. The Mutants panicked and before anyone could figure out what was happening, they blew the whole building up. No survivors”

His voice trailed off for a second.

“I knew right then Sir. My brother was wrong. We will never stop the Brotherhood through passive means. The only thing a Nod Zealot responds too is a piece of lead at two hundred metres a second.”
Mills nodded slowly. He knew this story; he had heard it a thousand times. Sure the setting was different but the ending was the same. They were young soldiers out looking for revenge, never realising what circle of Hell they were entering into.

“Son, it is for that reason that you have to survive.”

“To avenge my brother?”

“No Son, to show others that revenge isn’t the way.”

“Pardon Sir?”

“Talbert, you are here looking for revenge for your brother’s death. You aren’t going to find that here. I know the telecasts make war look glamorous and the be all and end all, but it ain’t.”

“I don’t understand Sir”

“Son, do you think that Tiberium could have gotten such a hold on the planet if humanity co-operated just a little bit better? War is Hell; it isn’t the answer to anything. It will never bring you peace; it will never bring mankind peace. We are on the brink of the annihilation and what are we doing? We are still fighting each other. About three hundred metres over there some desperate bastard is pointing a rifle at one of our desperate bastards. Where did it all go so wrong? It won’t be the Tiberium that kills us Son; it will be our constant fighting with one another.”

Talbert looked up at Mills, confusion writ upon his face.

“But what can I do?”

“Son, you need to survive, you need to go home and live. You more than others, your brother was right. We will never defeat the Brotherhood with guns, or walkers or space based orbital lasers. We need peacemakers, the world needs peacemakers. They are too far and too few nowadays.”

Before wither man had time to reflect on what had just been said, there was a chatter of fire. Tracers ripped through the night air and silence was blown apart as the heavy guns kicked up yet again.


Mills and Talbert looked up; the whine of an artillery shell ripping their gazes skyward. Talbert was killed before his mind could even comprehend what had happened; Mills was thrown high into the sky. He landed heavily lapsing in and out of consciousness. Everything seemed to move in slow motion, all around him Nod Zealots were overrunning his men. He tried to call for a medic but he found he couldn’t draw breath. He briefly lost consciousness again, but he was brought forcefully back into reality by an unimaginable pain on his chest.

Gingerly he looked up at the Nod Rifleman smiling sickly down upon him. Mills looked deep into the man’s eyes, not being able to recognize even a shred of humanity behind them. One last thought ran through Captain Adrian Mill’s head before he died that night. He realised he was wrong, war wouldn’t bring about the end of mankind…

…because Mankind had already burned itself out long ago.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 11:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

No posts or views?
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 11:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

of course I saw it yesterday
maybe i can do some screenshot in game about this story XD

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Death Cultist wrote:
No posts or views?

In the modern internet age people's attention spans are short. The post might be bit too long for quick reading while browsing.

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