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FS bug fix-Several tutorials on certain Actions (*)
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Lin Kuei Ominae

Joined: 16 Aug 2006
Location: Germany

PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 8:20 am    Post subject:  FS bug fix-Several tutorials on certain Actions (*)
Subject description: lists of sounds and movies with correct index
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TitanMarkII wrote:

Author: Me!

Okay, I was working on a campaign map and I got tired of the stupid bugs in FinalSun. The bugs I always encountered were:

-Text action didn't work
-Multiple sound actions didn't work (3 in total)
-Speech action was broken

Of course, these could all be edited and fixed in notepad, simply by deleting the parameter before the action number. However, as most of you know, opening up FinalSun and a map in Wordpad at the same time can cause major confusion and loss of data, because once you open a map in Wordpad and open up the same map in Finalsun, edit stuff in both editors, save in both editors, only the edits made in the last Editing application are saved, simply because they both have a version of the map opened up without any of the edits. If you save, the app will write the edits over this version. This makes map editing more tedious than needed and I often lost small amounts of data that annoyed me greatly, if I wasn't paying attention. I saw Yoshi's fixes and findings on the Wagnerma forums and simply continued.

I also have several tutorials that explain the workings of triggers that most people never seem to use.

Okay, on to the actual fix. Attachments - as usual - are placed at the bottom of a post, so simply scroll down for the archive including the required files. Again, It's nothing special or fancy and you don't need 1337 programming skills to do it.


Sounds are nastly little things when used in actions. I never knew what to insert until I found out by using numbers from the sound(01).ini file.

However, it didn't work properly, because all I heard was the firestorm sound. When I found out about the fix in wordpad, I got different sounds. Really weird. Then I saw Yoshi's post about the sound system. Basically, all sound numbers can be found in the sound ini, but you have to make some slight edits for the numbers to work. Take a number from the sound ini and apply:

1-84 needs to be subtracted by 1
86-107 needs to be subtracted by 2
110-119 needs to be subtracted by 5
122-123 needs to be subtracted by 6
125-174 needs to be subtracted by 7
176-178 needs to be subtracted by 8
180-199 needs to be subtracted by 9
200-355 needs to be subtracted by 13

Of course, this isn't just some rubbish WW made up for fun, there is a reason behind his all. WW never really fixed bugs so that modders would be able to do things at will, like usual, there had to be years of mysteries and trial and error.

Take a look at these parts of the sound01.ini, and notice the gaps.

1=FIRSTRM1;Firestorm defense burning
3=ION1;Ion cannon strike


And so on. Computers start counting at 0, so the reason for subtracting 1 is that the sound numbers are supposed to be 1 number lower. 1 is actually 0. That's why you always the Firestorm sound in an unfixed trigger; It's the first sound in the list.

Now, on to the 85-gap. Here we have a nice gap. Yup. Empty filename, nothing wrong... However, TS seems to look for filenames and an empty filename is ignored, but it'll still count on! This means that it thinks that 86 is 85, because 85 doesn't exist for TS. Of course we need to subtract 2, because the numbers still start at 0 (meaning the number we want is 84) . This pretty much continues like this, where gaps enlarge the gap between the Actual sound number in the ini and the number used to identify the sound in TS. Mods should fix this by organising the sounds so that there are no gaps left. I suppose that that is how to eliminate the bug in a mod.

Anyhow, normal TS/FS users still have to apply the subtractions etc. .

-Part of the credit goes to Yoshi


Speeches are a different story. I experienced several tiny mistakes when using the numbers provided by DeeZire (see below):

DeeZire wrote:

This is the list I compiled a couple years back, no idea how accurate it is

This is a list of the available speech effects which can be used in the game, which comprises mainly of the CABAL (SPEECH02.MIX in Tiberian Sun and E01VOX02.MIX for Firestorm) and EVA (SPEECH01.MIX for Tiberian Sun and E01VOX01.MIX for Firestorm) voices you hear to inform you of various game effects. Note that all of these sounds are in Westwoods AUD format. Note that numbers 314 - 581 are available in Firestorm only (ie they come from E01VOX01.MIX and E01VOX02.MIX). To make use of the Firestorm additions, you must also have RequiredAddOn=1 set in your maps [Basic] section.

TIP: all of the ingame voices for EVA/CABAL are 'remappable' - this means that the voice you hear depends upon the side you are playing as. In other words, if you are calling a voice whose filename begins with '00' (ie EVA) then you will hear CABAL if you are playing as Nod - the game 'remaps' the sound by changing the start of the filename to '01' instead. This is possible because EVAs speech is stored in SPEECH01.MIX & E01VOX01.MIX and CABALs in SPEECH02.MIX & E01VOX02.MIX, and this is the technique used by the game to switch between the two. It's the same idea used by the game to switch between temperate and snow versions of images, when it changes the start of the filename from 'GT' to 'GA'. For example, you have 2 players on the map, 1 GDI and 1 Nod. You have an action that plays the speech effect 'Establishing Battlefield Control, Standby' so you decide to call #39 which is 00-I200. The GDI player will hear this as normal, but the Nod player will hear 01-I200 - the CABAL version. The opposite is true also, and this is handy for multiplayer maps. The exception is when there is no equivalent filename in the opposite sides' MIX file, in which case that player hears nothing. Also, there is one bug due to the incomplete logic for the Threat Rating Node which was made obsolete - the filenames in RED cannot be remapped in this way, as they have been placed in the wrong (or rather the opposite) speech MIX files by Westwood - I suppose we're lucky to have them at all, as they were meant to be deleted. Where the speech is listed as belonging to Nod or GDI, this means it represents a human voice rather than EVA/CABAL thus cannot be remapped in this way as they come specifically from that sides speech MIX file.

TRIVIA FACT: In speech #206, the reference to post TK421 is a throw-back to the original Star Wars movie. TK421 was the ID of the Stormtrooper guarding the Millenium Falcon in the Death Star, who was promptly shot by Han Solo and Luke Skywalker so they could use the uniform as a disguise. The original line from the movie was 'TK421 why aren't you at your post? TK421 do you copy?'

0=00-I026 EVA Mission Accomplished
1=00-I028 EVA Mission Failed
2=00-I064 EVA Unable To Comply, Building In Progress
3=00-I018 EVA Construction Complete
4=00-I076 EVA Unit Ready
5=00-I032 EVA New Construction Options
6=00-I016 EVA Cannot Deploy Here
7=00-I008 EVA GDI Structure Destroyed UNUSED
8=00-I022 EVA Insufficient Funds
9=00-I012 EVA Battle Control Offline
10=00-I038 EVA Reinforcements Have Arrived
11=00-I220 EVA Cancelled
12=00-I216 EVA Building
13=00-I024 EVA Low Power
14=00-I082 EVA Base Under Attack
15=00-I034 EVA Primary Building Set
16=00-I074 EVA Unit Lost
17=00-I042 EVA Select Target
18=00-I044 EVA Silo's Needed
19=00-I218 EVA On Hold
20=00-I040 EVA Repairing
21=00-I062 EVA Training
22=00-I068 EVA Unit Armor Upgraded
23=00-I070 EVA Unit Firepower Upgraded
24=00-I080 EVA Unit Speed Upgraded
25=00-I078 EVA Unit Repaired
26=00-I228 EVA Structure Sold
27=00-I090 EVA Harvester Under Attack
28=00-I172 EVA Cloaked Unit Detected
29=00-I174 EVA Subterranean Unit Detected
30=00-I122 EVA Twenty Minutes Remaining
31=00-I124 EVA Ten Minutes Remaining
32=00-I126 EVA Five Minutes Remaining
33=00-I128 EVA Four Minutes Remaining
34=00-I130 EVA Three Minutes Remaining
35=00-I132 EVA Two Minutes Remaining
36=00-I134 EVA One Minute Remaining
37=00-I226 EVA Unit Sold
38=00-I056 EVA Building Captured
39=00-I200 EVA Establishing Battlefield Control, Standby
40=00-I176 EVA Ion Storm Approaching
41=00-I178 EVA Meteor Storm Approaching
42=00-I198 EVA New Terrain Discovered
43=00-I150 EVA Missile Launch Detected
44=00-I152 EVA Chemical Missile Ready
45=00-I154 EVA Cluster Missile Ready
46=00-I156 EVA Ion Cannon Ready
47=00-I158 EVA EM Pulse Cannon Ready
48=00-I162 EVA Firestorm Defense Ready
49=00-I170 EVA Firestorm Defense Offline UNUSED
50=00-I100 EVA Primary Objective Achieved
51=00-I102 EVA Secondary Objective Achieved
52=00-I104 EVA Tertiary Objective Achieved
53=00-I106 EVA Quaternary Objective Achieved UNUSED
54=00-I194 EVA Critical Unit Lost UNUSED
55=00-I196 EVA Critical Structure Lost UNUSED
56=00-I208 EVA Mutant Supplies Found
57=00-I210 EVA Commandos En Route UNUSED
58=00-I014 EVA Building Infiltrated UNUSED
59=00-I058 EVA Timer Started
60=00-I060 EVA Timer Stopped
61=00-I118 EVA Bridge Repaired
62=00-I180 EVA Base Defenses Offline UNUSED
63=00-I230 EVA Building Offline
64=00-I232 EVA Building Online
65=00-I252 EVA Player Has Resigned UNUSED
66=00-I268 EVA Player Was Defeated
67=00-I284 EVA You Are Victorious UNUSED
68=00-I286 EVA You Have Lost
69=00-I288 EVA You Have Resigned UNUSED
70=00-I290 EVA Mutant Commandos Available UNUSED
71=00-I304 EVA Alliance Formed
72=00-I306 EVA Alliance Broken
73=00-I308 EVA Our Ally Is Under Attack
74=00-I310 EVA Build More Power Plants To Restore Full Power
75=00-I312 EVA Build Barracks To Train Aditional Troops
76=00-I314 EVA Build Hand Of Nod To Train Additional Troops UNUSED
77=00-I316 EVA Build A Tiberium Refinery To Harvest Tiberium
78=00-I318 EVA Build Silo's To Store Excess Tiberium
79=00-I344 EVA Inferior Tactics Detected UNUSED
80=00-I346 EVA Retreat Is Your Only Logical Option UNUSED
81=00-I348 EVA Surrender Is Your Only Logical Option UNUSED
82=00-I352 EVA Your Defeat Is At Hand UNUSED
83=00-I356 EVA You Have Been Marked For Termination UNUSED
84=00-I360 EVA Time To Erase The Human Factor From This Equation UNUSED
85=00-I370 EVA Your Probability Of Success Is Insignificant And Dropping UNUSED
86=00-I372 EVA Surrender Is Acceptable And Preferable Against The Odds That You Are Facing UNUSED
87=00-I374 EVA Data Received Indicates That You Are A Threat - Prepare For Sterilization UNUSED
88=00-I376 EVA Defeat Of Enemy Predicated In T-Minus 3...2...1... UNUSED
89=01-I342 CABAL Inferior Tactics Detected UNUSED
90=01-I350 CABAL Observe Superior Tactics While You Still Have Human Eyes UNUSED
91=01-I352 CABAL Your Defeat Is At Hand UNUSED
92=01-I356 CABAL You Have Been Marked For Termination UNUSED
93=01-I360 CABAL Time To Erase The Human Factor From This Equation UNUSED
94=01-I362 CABAL Prepare For Decimation - You Are Not Worthy Of Assimilation UNUSED
95=01-I364 CABAL You Make This Easy, Fleshbag UNUSED
96=01-I366 CABAL We Tire Of Your Insignificant Defiance UNUSED
97=01-I368 CABAL The Sacrifice Of The Many Is But Pleasure For The Few UNUSED
98=01-I378 CABAL Terminator Protocols Initiated, Proceeding With Final Sweep UNUSED
99=33-N000 GDI Where The Hell Are Those Reinforcements
100=33-N002 GDI It's Nod Sir, They came Out Of Nowhere
101=33-N004 GDI Looks Like They Tore This Place Apart Already
102=33-N008 GDI Here They Come
103=33-N010 GDI Is There Any Tech Left At The Nod Base
104=33-N012 GDI These Critters Don't Look Too Friendly
105=33-N014 GDI The Cavalry Has Arrived
106=33-N020 GDI I Believe There Is An Old GDI Base Near Here - Could Be Worth Looking Into
107=33-N022 GDI Here Comes Kane's Welcoming Committee
108=33-N024 GDI Whats The ETA On That MCV
109=35-N000 GDI Get Tratos Over Here ASAP
110=35-N002 GDI With All Due Respect, Move Your Ass
111=35-N004 GDI ETA For Airstrike Is 5 Minutes
112=35-N008 GDI Pickup Service
113=35-N010 GDI Negative, I Can Make It
114=35-N012 GDI I Said, I Can Make It
115=35-N014 GDI I Can Aarrggghhhhhhh
116=40-N000 BOTH We Have Been Touched By The Spirit Hand Of Kane... UNUSED
117=00-N000 EVA Build A Refinery To Harvest Tiberium
118=00-N002 EVA The Harvester Will Automatically Begin Harvesting
119=00-N004 EVA Build A Barracks To Train Infantry
120=00-N006 EVA Destroy All Nod Forces In The Area
121=00-N018 EVA Civilian Killed
122=00-N020 EVA Nod SAM Sites Destroyed
123=00-N022 EVA GDI Transports En Route
124=00-N024 EVA Civilians Evacuated, Objective Complete
125=00-N032 EVA Site Secure, Objective Complete
126=00-N034 EVA Technology Center Captured, Objective Complete
127=00-N040 EVA Base Destroyed, Objective Complete
128=00-N042 EVA It Would Be Advantageous To Destroy Any Bridges In This Area
129=00-N044 EVA Bridges Destroyed, Objective Complete
130=00-N052 EVA UFO Under Attack
131=00-N054 EVA UFO Destroyed, Mission Failed
132=00-N055 EVA Array Destroyed, Mission Complete
133=00-N056 EVA Incoming Transmission
134=00-N058 EVA Tratos Evacuated, Primary Objectove Complete
135=00-N059 EVA Transport Destroyed, Mission Failed
136=00-N320 CABAL Intruders Detected
137=01-N322 CABAL Probabale Objective Is Rescue Of Mutant Prisoners
138=01-N324 CABAL Kill All Prisoners
139=01-N326 CABAL All Forces Converge
140=00-N068 EVA Ion Storm Approaching, ETA 5 Minutes
141=00-N070 EVA Ion Storm Abating
142=00-N072 EVA Air Power Will Be Ineffective During Ion Storms
144=00-N074 EVA Dam Destroyed, Mission Complete
145=00-N075 EVA Dam Sighted, Target Confirmed
146=01-N900 CABAL Warning, Regulators Offline
147=01-N901 CABAL Dam Integrity Failing
148=00-N084 EVA Enemy SAM Sites Detected
149=00-N086 EVA All SAM Sites Must Be Destroyed Before Dropships Can Be Deployed
150=00-N088 EVA SAM Sites Destroyed, Mission Complete
151=00-N090 UNUSED
152=00-N092 UNUSED
154=00-N094 UNUSED
155=00-N096 EVA Command Center Destroyed, Mission Complete
156=00-N098 EVA Warning, Inbound Tactical Nuclear Missile Detected
157=01-N328 CABAL Main Power Offline
158=01-N330 CABAL Main Power Restored
159=00-N112 EVA Permiter Deactivated
160=00-N114 EVA Reinforcements Inbound
161=00-N128 EVA Bridge Repaired
162=00-N130 EVA Train Returning To Nod Base
163=00-N132 EVA Reinforcements En Route
164=00-N134 EVA Capture Nod Tech Center To Recover The Crystals
165=00-N136 EVA Train Disabled, Carryall Inbound
166=00-N138 EVA Crystals Destroyed, Mission Failed
167=00-N140 EVA Ion Storm Forming Over This Sector, Return To Base Pilot
168=00-N142 EVA Pilot Return To Base
169=00-N156 EVA Force Detected, Enemy Units En Route
170=00-N158 EVA Mutants Lost, Mission Failed
171=00-N160 EVA Airstrike Ready
172=00-N162 EVA Transports Inbound
173=00-N166 EVA Supply Base Destroyed, Mission Complete
174=00-N168 EVA Mutants En Route To Power Grid
175=00-N180 EVA C4 Planted, Mission Complete
176=00-N182 EVA Ghost Stalker Terminated, Mission Failed
177=00-N188 EVA Missile Complex destroyed, Mission Complete
178=00-N190 EVA Tiberium Missile Inbound
179=00-N192 EVA Ion Storm Will Disable Fighters
180=00-N206 EVA Mutants Detected, Enemy Forces En Route
181=00-N208 EVA Fighter Production Facility Located, Dropship En Route
182=00-N210 EVA Fighter Production Facility Destroyed, Mission Complete
183=00-N224 UNUSED
184=00-N226 UNUSED
185=00-N228 UNUSED
186=00-N236 EVA Kodiak Under Attack
187=00-N238 EVA Storm Abating, Commence Attack On Nod Forces
188=00-N240 EVA Kodiak Destroyed, Mission Failed
189=00-N239 EVA Kodiak In Critical Condition
190=00-N241 EVA Eye Of The Storm Has Been Entered, Equipment At Maximum Efficiency
191=00-N243 EVA Tiberium Lifeform Detected
192=00-N245 EVA Re=Entering Ion Storm, Caution Is Advised
193=00-N247 EVA Clear The Zone For MCV Dropship Deployment
194=00-N248 EVA Philadeplhia In Range, ICBM Launch Detected
195=00-N249 EVA Tiberium Lifeform Detected
196=00-N250 EVA Tiberium Missile Launched, Mission failed
197=00-N251 EVA ICBMs Destroyed, Philadelphia Is Out Of Danger
198=00-N252 EVA Nod Has Installed Several ICBMs To Take Out The Philadelphia
199=00-N254 EVA To Stop Them, Take Out The Other Three Launchers
200=00-N255 EVA Civilian City Is Under Attack
201=38-N000 NOD Get Back To The Base
202=38-N002 NOD Tiberium Is Lethal To Unprotected Infantry
203=38-N006 NOD Laser Turrets, Run For It
204=41-N000 NOD Stand And Identify Yourself In The Name of Kane
205=41-N002 NOD Sound The Alarm - Slaviks Forces Are Here
206=41-N004 NOD Base Command This Is Post TK421, We Have Got Nod Forces Closing On Our Position
207=41-N006 NOD We Just Got Word From General Hassan, Hes Moving Up North To Cairo
208=43-N000 NOD I Have The Codes
209=01-N000 CABAL Harvest The Tiberium To The North
210=01-N002 CABAL Destroy Hassans Elite Guard
211=01-N004 CABAL To Get Production Online, Build A Tiberium Refinery
212=01-N006 CABAL Establishing Battle Controls, Please Standby
213=01-N008 CABAL Battle Controls Established
214=01-N010 CABAL Power Levels Are Low, Construct More Power Plants
215=01-N005 CABAL Base Permiter Has Been Breached
216=01-N007 CABAL To Build Or Train, Left Click On The Units Icon In The Sidebar
217=01-N009 CABAL Tiberium Is Hazardous To Unprotected Infantry, Caution Is Advised
218=01-N011 CABAL To Repair A Structure, Left Click The Repair Icon In The Sidebar, Then Left Click The Structure
219=01-N020 CABAL Capture The TV Station To The East
220=01-N024 CABAL Destroy Hassans Elite Guard
221=01-N026 CABAL To Capture A Building, Select An Engineer, Move The Cursor Over The Building And Left Click
222=01-N027 CABAL To Deploy A Vehicle, Select It, And Left Again Click To Deploy
223=01-N032 CABAL Move To An Open Area And Build Your Base
224=01-N034 CABAL Destroy Hassans Pyramid
225=01-N036 CABAL When Hassan Flees Like A Dog, Capture Him
226=01-N038 CABAL Capturing The Local Radar Towers...
227=01-N040 CABAL MCV Has Arrived To The South East
228=01-N054 CABAL It Seems That Certain Structures Attract Lighting, Creating A Kind Of Safety Zone
229=01-N055 CABAL Use Them To Your Advantage
230=01-N064 CABAL GDI Base Operational
231=01-N066 CABAL Tacitus Has Been Acquired
232=01-N068 CABAL Tiberium Lifeform Detected
233=01-N070 CABAL Mutant Vermin Detected
234=01-N072 CABAL GDI Dropship Detected
235=01-N074 CABAL Bullet Train Departing
236=01-N076 CABAL Prevent That Train From Leaving
237=01-N086 CABAL Protect Your Engineers
238=01-N088 CABAL Congratulations On Your Success
239=01-N090 CABAL I Will Send An APC Now To The GDI Base
240=01-N100 CABAL Your Forces Have Been Detected
241=01-N102 CABAL Prevent GDIs Evacuation At All Costs
242=01-N114 CABAL Incoming Transport Detected
243=01-N116 CABAL Mutant Lifeform Detected Onboard
244=01-N128 CABAL Mutants Located
245=01-N130 CABAL MCV En Route
246=01-N132 CABAL Research Facility Located
247=01-N134 CABAL Research Facility Destroyed
248=01-N136 CABAL Biotoxin Convoy Approaching
249=01-N144 CABAL Biotoxin Tankers Located
250=01-N156 CABAL GDI Bullet Train Ariving At Outpost
251=01-N158 CABAL GDI Bulet Train Arriving At Prison
252=01-N160 CABAL Transport Has Arrived
253=01-N162 CABAL Transport Lost
254=01-N164 CABAL Transport Has Been Detected
255=01-N174 CABAL The Creature Is The Tiberium Substance We Seek - Use It
256=01-N176 CABAL Tiberium Missile Ready
257=01-N178 CABAL Do Not Allow The Construction Yard To Be Destroyed
258=01-N180 CABAL You Must Build A Tiberium Waste Facility...
259=01-N192 CABAL Convoy Truck Lost
260=01-N196 CABAL Convoy Inbound
261=01-N194 CABAL Tiberium Missile Ready
262=01-N208 CABAL Stealth Is Key
263=01-N210 CABAL Spy Lost, Mission Failed
264=01-N212 CABAL Com Center Infiltrated, Location Detected
265=01-N228 CABAL Convoy Sighted
266=01-N230 CABAL McNeal Killed, Mission Failed
267=01-N232 CABAL McNeal Captured, Mission Complete
268=01-N233 CABAL Production Facility Destroyed
269=01-N227 CABAL If He Detects The Trap, Capture Him Before He Can Flee
270=01-N229 CABAL Do Not Let McNeal Escape
271=01-N231 CABAL All Toxin Soldiers Killed, Mission Failed
272=01-N234 CABAL McNeal Escaped, Mission Failed
273=01-N256 CABAL Orbit 1 Complete
274=01-N258 CABAL Orbit 2 Complete
275=01-N260 CABAL Orbit 3 Complete, Mission Failed
276=01-N262 CABAL Permiter Deactivated, Commence Attack
277=01-N264 CABAL ICBM Launcher Lost, Mission Failed
278=01-N266 CABAL ICBM Launcher Under Attack
279=01-N268 CABAL Ion Cannon Firing, Reseding Control Codes
280=01-N270 CABAL The Ion Cannon Is Ours
281=01-N284 CABAL Spy Killed, Mission Failed
282=01-N286 CABAL Proceed To Evac Location, Transport En Route
283=10-N032 GDI The Medical Facility Is Located To The East
284=10-N034 GDI The Medical Facility Is Located To The West
285=10-N036 GDI We Must Get Tratos Out Of That Facility
286=10-N038 GDI So Much For Subtlety
287=10-N040 GDI Tratos, no
288=10-N042 GDI We Must Get Tratos To The Transport
289=10-N044 GDI Our Work Here Is Done, Were Out Of Here
290=10-N046 GDI Theyve Seen Us, Fall Back
291=44-N000 GDI We Are Here & Waiting For Your Arrival
292=36-N000 GDI That Train Goes To The Power Grid
293=36-N002 GDI Thanks, Well Enjoy This
294=36-N004 GDI Somethings Wrong, We Should Have Been There By Now
295=36-N008 GDI We Have Been Betrayed, GDI Kidnapped Tratos
296=37-N000 GDI Thanks For Your Help
297=37-N002 GDI They May Be On To us
298=38-N004 NOD We Need More Men, Train Them
299=38-N008 NOD The Traitors Are Coming, Blow The Bridge
300=38-N010 NOD Hassan Is Escaping
301=38-N012 NOD Hassan Has Been Captured
302=38-N014 NOD We Got An Old Stock Pile Here Sire
303=38-N016 NOD The Mutants Have Turned On Us
304=38-N018 NOD Theyre Everywhere
305=38-N020 NOD Lets Get Him To The Convoy Point
306=38-N022 NOD Take Point, Soldier
307=38-N024 NOD Glad To See Youre Free Sir
308=38-N026 NOD Being Held In An Outpost To The East
309=38-N028 NOD The Ice Wont Support The Weight Of Multiple Vehicles Crossing
310=39-N000 NOD I Am Free, Now Its Payback Time Hassan
311=47-N000 NOD Dont Shoot, I Can Tell You GDIs Evac Location
312=00-I020 CABAL Incoming Transmission
313=00-I500 EVA Objective Complete
314=00-I502 EVA Final Objective Complete
315=00-I504 EVA Unable To Comply, Fist Of Nod Deployed UNUSED
316=00-N400 EVA Kodiak Located
317=00-N402 EVA Tacitus Acquired, Proceed To Beacon For Extraction
318=00-N404 EVA Tacitus Lost
319=00-N406 EVA Tacitus Found
320=00-N408 EVA Nod Has Captured The Tacitus, Recover It At All Costs
321=00-N410 EVA Find & Evacuate Any Civilians In The Area
322=00-N412 EVA Maintain All Factoties Until Reinforcements Arrive
323=00-N414 EVA Escort The Civilians To The Orca Transport
324=00-N416 EVA Human Leader Neutralized
325=00-N418 EVA Mutant Leader Neutralized
326=00-N420 EVA Food Center Under Attack
327=00-N422 EVA Food Center Destroyed
328=00-N424 EVA Water Purifiers Under Attack
329=00-N426 EVA Water Purifiers Destroyed
330=00-N428 EVA The Riots Were Incited By 2 Members Of Each Side
331=00-N430 EVA Neutralize The Leaders To End Hostilities
331=00-N432 EVA Riot Leader Neutralized
332=00-N434 EVA First Riot Leader Neutralized
333=00-N436 EVA Second Riot Leader Neutralized
334=00-N438 EVA Third Riot Leader Neutralized
335=00-N440 EVA Fourth Riot Leader Neutralized
336=00-N442 EVA All Riot Leaders Have Been Neutralized
337=00-N444 EVA Enemy Reinforcements Have Arrived
338=00-N446 EVA Destroy The Two Bridges In The Area
339=00-N448 EVA Disable CABALs Defenses
340=00-N450 EVA Use An Engineer To Capture CABALs Core
341=00-N452 EVA Outpost Located
342=00-N454 EVA Destroy All CABAL Forces
343=00-N456 EVA Return To The Outpost & Evacuate Doctor Boudreau
344=00-N458 EVA GDI Base Is Located Due East Of Your Position
345=00-N460 EVA Proceed With Caution
346=00-N462 EVA Inform The Villages
347=00-N464 EVA Village Successfully Warned
348=00-N466 EVA All Villages Successfully Warned
349=00-N468 EVA We Have Lost Contact With The GDI Base In This Sector
350=00-N470 EVA We Have Lost Contact With The GDI Base In This Region
351=00-N472 EVA GDI Base In This Sector Under Seige
352=00-N474 EVA 3 Small Civilian Enclaves In This Area Must Be Warned
353=00-N478 EVA Two More Outposts To Warn
354=00-N479 EVA One Final Village Must Be Warned
355=00-N480 EVA The City Of Tronheim Must be Warned
356=00-N482 EVA Destroy CABALs Base And Forces
357=00-N484 EVA Infected Cyborg Introduced Into Factory
358=00-N486 EVA Deliver The Infected Cyborg Into The Communications Network
359=00-N488 EVA Destroy The Cyborg Production Plant
360=00-N490 EVA Deliver The Infected Cyborh Into CABALs base
361=00-N492 EVA There Is Another Communications Array In CABALs Main Base
362=00-N494 EVA Deliver A Second Cyborg To The New Array
363=00-N496 EVA Multiple Missile Launches Detected
364=00-N498 EVA Destroy CABALs Harvesters
365=00-N500 EVA Control Station Captured
366=00-N502 EVA There Are 3 Control Stations In This Area
367=00-N504 EVA Capture These Stations And Retrieve The Codes
368=00-N506 EVA Destroy The Bridges
369=00-N508 EVA Locating The Civilians Might Help In Disbaling The Laser Fencing
370=00-N510 EVA Probable Location Within Civilian Outpost To The North
371=01-N400 CABAL CABAL... Online
372=01-N402 CABAL Perhaps You Should Attempt To Kill Their Leader
373=01-N404 CABAL Ghost Stalker Killed
374=01-N406 CABAL Juggernaught Destroyed
375=01-N408 CABAL Find The Temple And Recover The Tacitus
376=01-N410 CABAL Cyborg Replication Error, Reset System
377=01-N412 CABAL System Reset, Normal Parameters Restored
378=01-N414 CABAL GDI Patrol Near
379=01-N416 CABAL Tiberium Lifeform Detected
389=01-N418 CABAL GDI Has Detected You
390=01-N420 CABAL Remain Hidden From The GDI Forces
391=01-N422 CABAL Destroy All Civilian Structures Without Being Detected
392=01-N424 CABAL Eliminate All GDI And Civilians
393=01-N426 CABAL Use The Toxin Soldiers To Capture Civilians
394=01-N428 CABAL Bait The Tiberium Lifeforms By using Teh Drugged Civilians
395=01-N430 CABAL Lead The Tiberium Lifeforms To The GDI And Civilian Areas
396=01-N432 CABAL Once The Tiberium Lifeform Has Devoured The Civilians...
397=01-N434 CABAL Use This Location As A Staging Point For Your Operation
398=01-N436 CABAL GDI Cannot Reach You Here
399=01-N438 CABAL Outpost Located
400=01-N440 CABAL Tascitus Found
401=01-N442 CABAL The Tascitus Is Safely In Our Hands
402=01-N444 CABAL Exterminate The Mutant Vermin
403=01-N446 CABAL Locate The Mutant Outpost
404=01-N448 CABAL Find The Truck Containing The Tascitus And Return It To Teh Beacon
405=01-N450 CABAL Eliminate All Mutant Forces
406=01-N452 CABAL Run Humans
407=99-N454 CABAL You Dare To Attack Me
408=99-N456 CABAL Cybernetic Intelligence Will Always Be Superior
409=99-N458 CABAL By The Way, Missile Launch Detected
410=99-N460 CABAL Evil Laugh
411=01-N462 CABAL Activating Defence Protocol, Firestorm, Now
412=99-N464 CABAL Activating Defence Protocol, Defender, Now
413=99-N466 CABAL Miscalculation In Enemy Ability, Compensation Initiated
414=01-N468 CABAL You Amuse Me
415=01-N470 CABAL SAM Sites Destroyed, Air Power Incoming
416=01-N472 CABAL You Have Been Detected, Tratos Is Escaping by Air Transport
417=01-N474 CABAL You Have Failed, Tratos Has Escaped
418=01-N476 CABAL The Arrays Have Been Destroyed, Sensors Are Now Down
419=01-N478 CABAL Capturing 6 Power Plants Will Shut Down The Firestorm Generator
420=19-N100 GDI Looks Like The Kodiak Is A Loss
421=19-N102 NOD I've Got The EVA Unit, Lets Get Out Of Here
422=38-N100 GDI Something Crashed Near Here, Spread Out And Report
423=38-N102 GDI Sir, We've Found Something, I Think It Is The Tascitus
424=38-N104 GDI We'll Fall Back To The Old Airfield And Wait Out The Storm
425=38-N106 NOD We Have Recovered Another Piece Of The Core
426=38-N108 NOD I Think We Have Been Spotted
427=38-N110 NOD GDI Forces Are Nearby
428=38-N112 NOD We Have Recovered Another Piece Of The Core
429=38-N114 NOD Third Piece Recovered, Lets Get Out Of Here
430=38-N116 NOD Recon Reports A Heavy Concentration Of Tiberium Poisoning
431=38-N118 NOD We Have To Find That Airfield Or We're Finished
432=38-N120 NOD Message Terminated, Montauk Is En Route
433=38-N122 NOD This Is The Montauk, We Are Standing By For Your Evac
434=38-N124 NOD We Need To Create A Distraction To Clear The GDI Base
435=38-N126 NOD I Bet If We Attack These Civilians, GDI Will Come To The Rescue
436=38-N128 NOD GDI Planes Are Away From The Base, Now's Our Chance
437=38-N130 NOD The Core Is Undefended
438=38-N132 NOD The Core Isn't Here, We Have Been Tricked
439=38-N134 NOD Looks Like This Was Just A Remotely Operated Substation
440=38-N136 NOD Reinforcements Can Be Brought In If We Repair The Bridge
441=38-N138 GDI GDI Has Requested That We Help The Civilians First
442=38-N140 GDI Once They're Safe, We Can Concentrate On CABALs Harvesters
443=38-N142 GDI GDI Is Sending Us Additional Funding For Aiding The Civilians
444=38-N144 GDI Forget The Civilians, They're Dead
445=38-N146 GDI This Should Be Easy Enough
446=38-N148 GDI Lets Get Those Civilians
447=38-N150 GDI GDI Is Uploading The Final Pieces Of The Code Now, Standby
448=38-N152 GDI Firestorm Coming Down
449=38-N154 GDI Firestorm Is Offline
450=38-N156 GDI Code Fragment Retrieved
451=52-N000 GDI Welcome Stranger
452=52-N002 GDI Can I Offer You A Cool Beverage
453=52-N004 GDI What Do You Think You Are Doing
454=54-N000 GDI No Tascitus Piece In Here
455=54-N002 GDI Nothing In This One Either, You Sure We're In The Right Place
456=54-N004 GDI Got It, Lets Get Out Of Here
457=54-N006 GDI Nothing In Here
458=54-N008 GDI The Heiroglyphics On This Temple Read
459=54-N010 GDI Temple Of Time
460=54-N012 GDI Temple Of Thunder
461=54-N014 GDI Temple Of The Tascitus
462=54-N016 GDI I Got The Tascitus
463=54-N018 GDI The Blue Tiberium Is Highly Explosive, Maybe
464=54-N020 GDI Maybe We Can Blast A Path Through There
465=55-N000 GDI Help
466=55-N002 GDI Save Us
467=55-N004 GDI It's Coming Right At Us
468=55-N006 GDI Get Us Out, Please
469=55-N008 GDI It's After Us
470=55-N010 GDI Look Out
471=55-N012 GDI What Is GDI Doing, Nothing
472=55-N014 GDI Why Are We In This Godforsaken Place
473=55-N016 GDI Are We Going To Let Those Shiners Take Our Food And Water
474=55-N018 GDI Can't We All Just Get Along
475=55-N020 GDI Riot Troops, Run
476=55-N022 GDI Thanks For The Warning, Here Is A Reward For Your Help
477=55-N024 GDI Here Commander, Take These 2 Disruptors
478=55-N026 GDI Please Take This MCV
479=55-N028 NOD I'll Never Turn
480=55-N030 NOD Peace Through Power
481=55-N032 NOD For The Technology Of Peace
482=55-N034 NOD We Got One
483=55-N036 NOD Fish Is On The Hook
484=55-N038 NOD Here Creature Creature
485=55-N040 GDI We Are Under Siege
486=55-N042 GDI Thanks For The Help
487=55-N044 NOD We Can Shut Down That Fencing For You
488=56-N000 GDI Lets Show GDI We're Not Going To Take This
489=56-N002 GDI Kill The Shiners
490=56-N004 GDI Down With GDI
491=56-N006 GDI Thanks For The Warning, Take These Units
492=56-N008 GDI Take This For Your Troubles
493=56-N010 GDI Help Us
494=56-N012 GDI Save Us
495=56-N014 GDI There Coming
496=56-N016 GDI Get Us Out
497=56-N018 GDI Don't Leave Us
498=56-N020 GDI Wait
499=57-N100 GDI You Picked The Wrong Place To Surface Nod Scum
500=57-N102 GDI GDI Promised Us Peace And Now Tratos Is Dead
501=57-N104 GDI GDI Lied To Us
502=57-N106 GDI Destroy Them
503=57-N108 GDI Show Them This Is Our Land
504=57-N110 GDI Make Them Remember Us
505=57-N112 GDI They Poisoned Our Food And Water
506=57-N114 GDI They're Trying To Kill Us
507=57-N116 GDI Take This Harvester For Your troubles
508=57-N118 NOD Release The Hounds
509=57-N120 NOD Halt And Prepare For Vehicle Inspection
510=57-N122 NOD OK, Looks Good, Head On In
511=57-N124 NOD It's Bugged, Destroy It Now
512=58-N100 GDI No Civilian Or Mutant Casualties
513=58-N102 GDI The Riot Should End Quickly, But Stay Vigilant
514=58-N104 GDI Copy That Valdes, Transport Is Dusting Off Now
515=58-N106 GDI You Get The Juggernaught
516=58-N108 GDI Get Your People To The Evac Point
517=58-N110 GDI Get Your People To The Transport
518=58-N112 GDI Valdez, We Recommend You Take Out Their Leader
519=58-N114 GDI Protect Doctor Boudreau With Your Life, Commander
520=58-N116 GDI Our Base Is Under Attack
521=58-N118 GDI What In The World
522=58-N120 GDI I Should Go Warn The Civilians In This Area
523=58-N122 GDI CABAL Is One Sick Bastard
524=58-N124 GDI CABAL Is Taking Prisoners, This Can't Be Good
525=58-N126 GDI CABAL Is Conscripting Humans
526=58-N128 GDI CABAL Intends To Turn You All Into Cyborgs
527=58-N130 GDI CABAL Is Harvesting Biological Components
528=58-N132 GDI You Must Evacuate The City Immediately
529=58-N134 GDI Civilians To Arms, Defend Your Town
530=58-N136 GDI This Must Be Their Base
531=58-N138 GDI What The
532=58-N140 GDI I Must Warn The Citizens Of Trondheim
533=58-N142 GDI People Of Trondheim, Get Out Now
534=59-N100 GDI We Can Ill Afford To Lose More Civilians To CABAL
535=59-N102 GDI Get In There And Protect Those Civilians
536=61-N000 GDI Dare You Defile Sacred Ground
537=61-N002 GDI Kill The Mutant
538=61-N004 GDI Stop Theif
539=61-N006 GDI Kill The Heretics
540=61-N008 GDI Do Not Let Them Escape
541=61-N010 GDI What, They Killed The Leader
542=61-N012 GDI We Join You In The Hereafter
543=22-N100 GDI Terminate All Biological Lifeforms
544=22-N102 GDI The Will Of CABAL Must Be Enforced
545=22-N104 GDI Error
546=22-N106 GDI System Failure
547=22-N108 GDI Malfunction
548=22-N110 GDI Hit Him
549=22-N112 GDI Intruder Alert
550=22-N114 GDI You Are Not One Of Us
551=22-N116 GDI Fire In The Hole
552=22-N118 GDI Proceeding To Target
553=22-N120 GDI Sequence Engaged
554=71-N000 GDI Open Fire, Open Fire
555=71-N100 GDI What, The Civilians Are Shooting At Us
556=71-N102 GDI So Are The Shiners, Retreat To The Factory
557=71-N104 GDI Command Station Has Been Captured, Defences Offline
558=71-N106 GDI We Need Reinforcements Now
559=71-N108 NOD What Was that
560=71-N110 NOD Lets Check That Out
561=71-N112 NOD Did You Hear Something
562=71-N114 NOD She Aint Going Anywhere
563=71-N116 NOD I'll Head Back To Base And Get Help
564=71-N118 NOD Shoot It
565=71-N120 NOD Lets Get These Civilians Out Of Here Now
566=71-N122 NOD We're Under Attack
567=71-N124 NOD What The Hell Are Those Things
568=71-N126 NOD Where Are Those Things Coming From
569=71-N128 GDI Nod Is Uploading The Final Pieces Of The Code Now, Stand By
570=71-N130 GDI Code Received, Firestorm Wall Coming Down
571=71-N132 GDI Firestorm Is Offline
572=71-N134 GDI Code Fragement Received
573=71-N136 NOD These Laser Posts Are Stronger Than Normal
574=00-I506 EVA Drop Pods Available
575=62-N000 GDI Welcome Traveller
576=62-N002 GDI Join Us
577=62-N004 GDI Join Me
578=62-N006 GDI Existence Is Futile
579=62-N008 GDI I'm Coming To Join You
580=62-N010 GDI I Am A Messenger
581=62-N012 GDI Come To Me

Geez, what a huge list...  #Tongue  Anyhow, I'm sure there are some tiny mistakes in this list, but you should be able to fix them simply by changing the numbers. For example, I used #201 (Move it, Move it, Get back to the base!) and got #203 (Laser turrets, run for it!). There is a difference of 2 here, so I entered 199 and all was fine (Read: I got the #201-'Get back to the base' sound (199+2=201  Rolling Eyes   Wink ))


On to music. The music trigger works with the fix, so you can now select your favourite songs!  Smile  You can select any song, even Map selection songs, the Nod music only available in the campaign and the Ion Storm ambient sound  Laughing You simply have to take the numbers from Theme(01).ini and subtract 1, because... You guessed it, the list starts at 1 and computers start counting at 0. This is a compilation of both Theme.ini and theme01.ini to give you a list of the numbers to use (Wheeee, big deal  Neutral   Laughing )

0=INTRO                       = Main Menu Theme - 3.27
1=VALVES1B                 =Valves - 3.27
2=DUSKHOUR               = Dusk Hour - 4.11
3=FLURRY                     = Flurry - 4.11
4=MUTANTS                  = Mutants - 4.11
5=APPROACH                =Approach - 4.42
6=GLOOM                      = Gloom - 3.37
7=INFRARED                  = Infrared - 4.26
8=MADRAP                     = Mad Rap - 4.29
9=REDSKY                     = Red Sky - 2.22
10=STORM                     = Ion Storm (Music) - 4.14
11=TIMEBOMB                = Time Bomb - 2.04
12=WHATLURK               = What Lurks - 5.13
13=DEFENSE                  = Defense - 4.03
14=HEROISM                  = Heroism - 4.06
15=LONETROP                = Lone Troop - 4.39
16=NODCRUSH              = Nod crush - 3.45
17=PHAROTEK               = Pharotek - 4.38
18=SCOUT                     = Scout - 4.14
19=SCORE                     = Score - 1.49
20=MAPS                       = Map Selection - 1.06
21=IONSTORM               = Ion Storm (Ambient) - 0.34
-----Firestorm starts here----
22=FSMAP                     = Map Selection (Firestorm) - 0.48
23=ELUSIVE                  = Elusive - 4.27
24=HACKER                  = Hacker - 4.02
25=INFILTRA                 = Infiltration - 4.20
26=LINKUP                    = Link Up - 3.17
27=KMACHINE               = Killing Machine - 3.27
28=RAINNITE                = rain in the Night - 3.59
29=SLAVESYS               = Slave to the System - 2.36
30=FSMENU                  = Main Menu theme (Firestorm) - 1.14
31=DMACHINE              = Deploy Machines - 3.42

Anyhow, the fix I compiled isn't just a fix, it also adds new tips and a few better action and event descriptions (some explaining the kind of parameter requested).

I'm probably still working on this as you read this, I'm currently testing animations and I've come a whole end. Credits go to the authors of the topics I referred to in the tips, Yoshi and Deezire. And of course Matze and Olaf for FinalSun. No tutorial is complete without a credits section... Unless there are no credits to be given... It's just for the prettyness, in case people start crying about it.


This tutorial is sponsored by tibweb.

Key Words: #Tutorials #Mapping #TiberianSun #Firestorm #FinalSun #Sound.INI #Theme.INI 

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