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(**) Light Towers (GASPOT) explained
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Lin Kuei Ominae

Joined: 16 Aug 2006
Location: Germany

PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:21 am    Post subject:  (**) Light Towers (GASPOT) explained Reply with quote

Python wrote:

Originally posted by EnsignRed:


I searched for this myself and didn't quite find what I was looking for, so I hammered it out for myself.

To add a spotlight to a Light Tower (GASPOT), you double click on the tower, and a dialog box will open containing the options for the struture.
In colomn 2, box 2, Set it for: 1 - Rules.Ini setting
Then, change the numerical value for direction in colomn 1, box 2.
If you think of a clock face, these values will give you 1/4 sweeps in the following directions:

Value / Clock Position Sweep
0 / 12-3
32 / 2-4
64 / 3-6
96 / 4-8
128 / 6-9
160 / 8-10
192 / 9-12
224 / 10-2

Or, set it for 2 - Circle / Direction (back in colomn 2, box 2) to get a full circle sweep, like a lighthouse. The Directional value then becomes the starting position value:

Value / Clock Position Start
0 / 12
32 / 2
64 / 3
96 / 4
128 / 6
160 / 8
192 / 9
224 / 10

With four towers placed in a square, you can adjust the starting positions accordingly to have them all converge when facing inward. Nice ambiance for a Orca Transport landing zone.


These values can also be changed by editing the code in the .mpr or .map file manually after setting it for 1 - Rules.Ini setting:


0 = Structure number. Starts with "0" and accends accordingly. (*1)
Neutral, = Who owns the structure
GASPOT, = The .ini name for the structure
256, = Structure strength
52,45, = Map Coordinates (*2)
0, = Directional value. By playing with these numbers, it IS possible to get a sweep direction outside the preset defaults.
0, = This position toggles between a standard sweep (value 1) or a "reverse" sweep. (value 0) This allows you to have two spotlights sweep opposite each other and overlap, like at a gate or allong a perimiter. (This has no effect with full circle spots, they always move clockwise.) It isn't possible to change this in FinalSun, it must be changed manually.
1, = Master setting value:
0 = No spot
1 = Rules.Ini setting
2 = 2 - Circle / Direction

*1 The best I can tell this number is assigned in the order you place the buildings on the map. If you plan to frequently go back and edit the code manualy, it helps to place like structures at the same time or to place structures in an area at the same time. This will make it a bit easier to edit, as they will be grouped together in the code as well.  
*2 While I was experimenting with this, I accidenally set this outside my test map and it gave the program siezures. (Although, it may have been that I set the map at 25x25. Don't do that either.)

Note: If I haven't highlighted a piece of the code above yet, that's because I haven't yet figured out what it does or as this project progresses, it doesn't apply to Light Towers. As I mention below, research for this tut. is ongoing.

Now, I think there may be a different way to add a siren/klaxon to a tower. Out of curiosity I looked at the code for TS GDI Mission #12, Rescue the prisoners. That mission has a lot of Light towers. Here's an excerpt of what I found:


0A00ABF0=Nod,<none>,Alarm 1,0,1,1,1,0
08544550=Nod,<none>,Alarm 2,0,1,1,1,0
08541230=Nod,<none>,Alarm 3,0,1,1,1,0
08540310=Nod,<none>,Alarm 4,0,1,1,1,0
0854ED10=Nod,<none>,Prison Alarm,0,1,1,1,0

0A00A410=2,Alarm 1,0A00ABF0
08541D50=2,Alarm 2,08544550
08540410=2,Alarm 3,08541230
0854FF90=2,Alarm 4,08540310
0854AEC0=2,Prison Alarm,0854ED10

Looks like the first "none" is a place for a tag that sets off a trigger. Then again I am new to this, so I might be talking out my butt.

This is an ongoing research project, I will post updates as I discover them, and I invite others to add their findings as well.

This tutorial is sponsored by tibweb.

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