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Balance & Fixes
Moderators: blubb
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Joined: 31 Jul 2005

PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2013 3:28 pm    Post subject:  Balance & Fixes Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

Changes in addition to UMP so far (not complete):

Starting credits have been reduced from 20000 to 10000.

Cyborg Reapers & Juggernauts have been removed from the game temporarily due to balance reasons. They might be re-introduced with a new concept of mechanics.

Cyborgs can throw webs at infantry units with the size of 1 cell which makes them effective in stopping early infantry, or general infantry ambushes.

Medics gained an armor boost.

Titan has a New model.
Tick Tank has a New model.
Infantry have a more Neutral color sheme.

Devils Tongue and Subtransport are considered support and Require only Radar instead of Tech centres.

Hunter Seeker Doesn't entirely destroy anything it hits, Important Buildings like the ConYard survive barely as it's a psychological harrass ability now.

MultiMissile spread missiles have a new image.

Mobile Stealth gen temporarily are removed from the game.

Wolverine armor has been icreased slightly.*

Orca bomber speed has been reduced slightly and armor reduced to 190.

Orca Bomber cost has been increased to 1400.

Orca Bombers have a Build limit of 4.

Banshees have a Build limit of 6.

Helipad cost in general has been increased to 1200 per pad.

Factory bonus for more factory types has been activated.

Mobile War Factories have been removed from the game.

MCV's are avaiable at the Radar with the increased cost of 2500 to encourage expansions.

Obelisk Armor type is now concrete and ROF has been increased slightly for it's power drain and cost of 1300.

Units gain veteran status a lot faster and Boost weapon damage with designated new weapon slightly.

Crates offer no negative pickups anymore, radar reveal, shroud,stealth and tiberium has been removed from crates aswell.

The only unit you can find in crates are mammoth tanks at every tech level.

Crate appearances have been reduced.

Civilian Hospitals Heal any unit that is near it almost instantly needs micro to make aware of damaged units when more than 1 unit arrives.

Civilian Armories give Elite status for infantry when captured , making them powerful and worth the micro that goes into promoting.

Mobile EMP is now avaiable from Radar.

Tech Buildings have slightly increased cost and can't be sold
(Radar/Tech centre/temple) for example.

Limpet Mine has been changed to "Scarab Mines" wich can be built for 700 credits and Work similar to Widow Mines in SC 2, once deployed it's not undeployable anymore and drains -30 power.
It launches a deadly Missile at the target, crippling heavy Vehicles, Destroying light ones, and capable of killing 4-5 bunched up infantry.

Scarabs are Nod only.
Scarab Mine prerequisite is Radar.

Orca Fighter damage has been slightly increased.

Harvester speed is reduced to 6.

Carryall Armor has been reduced drastically to 100, it can't flight straight into an enemy base it will get almost 1 shot'ed. It needs a safe landing place near it or distracting flying units, no more easy disruptor drops.

Jumpjet Armor raised to 180.

Jumpjet airspeed increased to 20.

JumpJet ground speed has been reduced to 5

Buggy's Raider Cannon ROF has been increased to make it more viable in the early game against infantry and to guard Bikes from infantry aswell.

Refineries only hold 30 Storage.
This makes Silos a need.

Silos have a Storage of 60 (1800 credits +/-) per silo.
Silo Armor increased to 260.
Silo cost increased to 300.

Base Crawling is not an option anymore, a Build Radius is only generated by your contruction yard, additional Build space requires either, moving your MCV, or constructing new ones.
MCV's currently have a Build Radius of 13.

Subterranean Unit speed is reduced from 1 to 0.5

GDI Power Plants only require 1 upgrade now, outfitting the Structure with 3 Turbines at once.

Component Towers gained comfort through better accessability of turret systems.

MSA Speed reduced to 4
Sensor Array range reduced from 25 to 22

Multiplay Maps are from small to large in order now

Technicians don't fire with pistols anymore

Laser Turret FLH is tweaked

So, these are the most important changes and are still being tested an might need some tweaking here and there of course, feedback is welcome.

Currently planned with the old "reworked standart maps" i have atleast 3-4 Tournament style maps i want to have in this mod so players have no disadvantages or advantages over the other.

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Joined: 26 Mar 2013

PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2013 5:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

Is there an ETA of when it will be out?

Can't wait!

It is save to also assume that AI won't be able to take full advantage of the changes to the rules...?

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