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Command & Conquer: Continuum [ARES]
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Disk Thrower

Joined: 23 Nov 2013

PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Millennium wrote:
I don't think the mod will ever be finished, sorry. Wink I'll probably die or lose interest before that happens. However, stand-alone parts of the game will be released successively.

As for the Grazer Turret radiation: it's not actual radiation. It's just ambient lighting and an AE which deals area-of-effect radiation-type damage. However, in more recent versions of Ares, it might be possible to use the animation-weapon feature to create an AE that also generates radiation.

Possible Eastasia Update

Overlord Tank

New version by Conman

Old version

We are working hard on the introduction of the unit termed "Siege Tank". Right now, this is probably going to be an implementation of the Generals Overlord Tank (although, for technical reasons, it will probably lack the upgrades this unit has in G/ZH). The old artwork has now been replaced with this voxel by Conman, which fits better with the artwork of the other Chinese units, not to mention the scale of our other artwork. A possible contender to fill in as the "Siege Tank" could also be our own take on the "Qilin Tank", which would be a sort of Mammoth Tank, rather than the Rhino/MBT that goes by this name in Mental Omega.

When mod will be downloadable?

New version of tank is crap. Old version is good.

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Joined: 28 Jun 2015
Location: It was Damascus.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

RIAKTOR wrote:
New version of tank is crap. Old version is good.

You need an eye-doctor. Desperately.
Altho, he kinda does have a point: the new one has too much detail/dekal that just looks off when the tank's bounds are as small as you set them for the pic.
Either enlarge the tank a bit, or less texture and detail.

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Disk Thrower

Joined: 23 Nov 2013

PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

TAK02 wrote:
RIAKTOR wrote:
New version of tank is crap. Old version is good.

You need an eye-doctor. Desperately.
Altho, he kinda does have a point: the new one has too much detail/dekal that just looks off when the tank's bounds are as small as you set them for the pic.
Either enlarge the tank a bit, or less texture and detail.
This is strategy game, not first person shooter. Models not need so many details, but need to looks good from far and when small.
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Joined: 28 Jun 2015
Location: It was Damascus.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

RIAKTOR wrote:
TAK02 wrote:
RIAKTOR wrote:
New version of tank is crap. Old version is good.

You need an eye-doctor. Desperately.
Altho, he kinda does have a point: the new one has too much detail/dekal that just looks off when the tank's bounds are as small as you set them for the pic.
Either enlarge the tank a bit, or less texture and detail.
This is strategy game, not first person shooter. Models not need so many details, but need to looks good from far and when small.

Yes, that is true, but even so, the old one was improperly sized compared to the new one.

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Disk Thrower

Joined: 23 Nov 2013

PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

TAK02 wrote:
RIAKTOR wrote:
TAK02 wrote:
RIAKTOR wrote:
New version of tank is crap. Old version is good.

You need an eye-doctor. Desperately.
Altho, he kinda does have a point: the new one has too much detail/dekal that just looks off when the tank's bounds are as small as you set them for the pic.
Either enlarge the tank a bit, or less texture and detail.
This is strategy game, not first person shooter. Models not need so many details, but need to looks good from far and when small.

Yes, that is true, but even so, the old one was improperly sized compared to the new one.
Old looks more in RA2 style, when new is ugly as mental omega models.
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Joined: 28 Jun 2015
Location: It was Damascus.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 3:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

RIAKTOR wrote:
new is ugly as mental omega models.

For once, we agree.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 15, 2019 2:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

We have started the implementation of unique weapon system of the Eastasian "Yukikaze":

Mao Zedong wrote:

Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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Location: Osaka (JP)/Hong Kong/Germany

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 5:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

M60 Patton

Canonically, this is the "Medium Tank" of Red Alert. Commanders can receive it as a possible Time Machine reward. It is also found as a rare museal piece on some maps and belongs to the random looted units that ScrapTech/Brotherhood sides sometimes have access to. M60 Patton is inferior to modern tanks, such as Abrams Tank, but can still substantially threaten lighter vehicles.

Centurion Siege Walker

A Soviet epic unit present before the 2012/Dec version revision, part of the Chinese mission-specific arsenal in some original build. It has been reimplemented. It is a gargantuan automaton, the basic version mounting a single, large gun-howitzer with a given caliber of 220mm in a rotating turret atop its tripodal rig, effective against most types of targets, designed to obliterate fortifications and bombard enemy installations across vast impassable defenses and lacks a bit of efficiency against infantry. Upon promotion, the Centurion's main gun is upgraded with atomic shells, free of charge.

While the cannon can be used against insignificant, small and mobile targets, even, conceivably, against individual soldiers, the weapon's scattering is not wholly compensated for by the blast radius of its shells – but the high damage output ensures it makes short work of them as well, not to speak of the wholly disproportionate use of resources, making this an ill-advised tactic.  

It is, however, unable to engage air targets, and though the mech's phenomenal hit points and armor make it pretty resistant to most occasional fire, prolongued air engagement is a possible way to bring it down. Also, due to its slow rate of turn and low rate of fire, the unit will encounter difficulties when engaging larger groups of enemy infantry and vehicles.
Though air defense is certainly not this mech's strong point, the +1 upgraded Centurion Siege Crawler carries a small, roof-mounted, non-rotating anti-aircraft gun firing AP shells at aerial targets. The weapon can only fire upon air targets, requires the whole gun turret to turn towards the target to be fired, has a somewhat limited range compared to stationary anti-aircraft systems (7 compared to 12 of the Flak weapon and Patriot missile, 10 of the Flak elite weapon used by the Sea Scorpion when elite and of the Flak Track's anti-aircraft gun, and 8 even of the man-portably flak cannon of the Flak Trooper) and has a much lower rate of fire than other anti-aircraft systems, making the weapon useless except for defense against helicopters and in situations where prolongued attacks by thesame craft allows the Centurion to engage its target often enough to destroy it, but defense against fly-by aerial attacks is almost impossible with this weapon.
The Atomic Centurion carries a cannon firing a tactical nuclear shell. However, the weapon's calibre is considerably smaller than that of the basic Centurion. Several aspects of its weapon may make the Nuclear Centurion look less effective than the basic Centurion: The nuclear weapon does less damage for a rookie Atomic Centurion than that of a basic Centurion, and the weapon is less effective than the basic 220mm cannon against what a siege unit should excell most: concrete fortifications. It's still effective enough, though: 100% compared to 200% of the CenturionCannonWH, and the efficiency is the same against any other type of building armor. However, this and the reduced damage lessen the net damage done to concrete from 300 by 175. To make up for this, the nuke cannon and the mech carrying it come with several special traits. For one, the nuclear cannon is much more effective against infantry. Though the 220mm cannon should pack more than enough punch to take out most infantry, the nuclear cannon is sure to do it. The weapon is also 10% more effective against light and medium vehicles, and it leaves radiation, additionally damaging infantry and light vehicles in the area. The nuke cannon also comes with an extended range (and, though minimally, extended MinRange). Finally, the Nuclear Centurion's internal ammunition stockpiles will explode violently when the Crawler is destroyed, creating a small nuclear explosion similar to the one caused by an exploding Focus Tank, and lay down high-level radiation in the area. Due to the reduced damage and lower ROF, the weapon is less effective than a basic Centurion cannon as such that an Atomic Centurion would lose in a one-on-one battle with a basic Centurion, however, this leads to a paradox situation where an elite Atomic Centurion would defeat an elite Centurion.
The final model, dubbed "Black Edition", is armed with a long-range railgun powerful enough to break even the hardest defenses with ease and destroy almost any target with a single shot, especially in the hard-to-reach (due to the unit's cost) elite status. The relativistic speeds the projectile moves at make the damage even more than that of the tacitcal nuclear devices fired by the Atomic crawler. However, the Black Edition's railgun lacks the nuclear cannon's efficiency against infantry and lighter vehicles, and will not put down radiation. The damage type is completely reverted to the 220mm scheme. The crawler will also not explode when destroyed. The range is again increased from 18 to 22, and there is no minimum range, allowing the Crawler to engage its target even at the closest range and presumably being the reason erradicating some targeting difficulties of the previous versions.

The Centurion ponderously lumbers about the battlefield on three gargantuan legs. With its size and tripedal construction, the Centurion can ford shallow rivers with ease and is relatively unimpeded by many other terrain obstacles, such as ditches and dikes, trench and fence, tree or slope, while minimizing the unit's footprint and hence traction and terrain damage, for whatever the giant "feet" do trample upon is likely to sustain gravest damage - an aspect that is not always wholly unwelcome, for it allows the Centurion to trample through units and structures. Infantry units and light and medium vehicles are instantly destroyed, as are some buildings.

Additionally, three human-sized units can be carried by the Centurion and lead fire outside with their personal weapons. The cargo hold can be upgraded to load units up to size 3, totalling size 8.

Soviet Commanders gain access to the Centurion when they control a Soviet Factory, a Research Facility and a Citadel. Any commander may only control a single Centurion at any given time.

[*] ZSU 57-2: The Centurion has no less than three ''sparka'' 57mm anti-aircraft turrets distributed over its collossal shell, capable of rapidly saturating the airspace above and around with a flurry of hardened-core shells. While in theory more cost-effective against infantry and light vehicles than the 220mm main gun, the placement of the autocannon turrets prohibits their use against ground targets - an oversight by the design bureau which only became apparent after the Centurion first strode onto the battlefield. Upon promotion, the Centurion's anti-aircraft guns are upgraded with incendiary shells, free of charge.

Being wholly mechanical in nature, the Centurion is immune to mind control, psychic damage, poison and radiation. It is also tall enough to have the ground clearance necessary to protect its crew from irradiated ground.

Despite being intended primarily as a siege and LRFS unit, its imposing size, firepower and sheer HP volume allows it to function in many situations as a compact, self-contained assault army, especially if paired with the right crew (infantry with missiles and automatic firearms work great, in variable ratios). However, it has significant shortcomings that have to be avoided when deploying this unit, or exploited when countering it. For one, it moves at a ponderous pace, presumably the slowest unit to be seen on any battlefield, and its gun, while possessing excessive range, takes an equal time to aim. Shoot-and-scoot artillery units, such as the [[Katyusha]], can be used to attack the Centurion from well outside the range of the crew's weapons, deal damage, then evacuate before the main gun can be trained upon it. Whole platoons of Katyushas can be used in this fashion to make short work of the Centurion.
Another strategy exploiting the Centurin's speed is to position distributed infantry across a defensive zone, ideally armed with anti-tank weapons. Entrenching them - for the purpose of dealing with the Centurion alone - is a futile investment, but camouflage is a great asset. The Centurion is now forced to rotate its turret tho and fro, firing its excessively slow-turning and slow-firing gun at single infantrymen for single kills - if the shells hit at all. Often, the gun's inaccuracy against small targets will require two, three or more shots to kill an infantryman. If positioned right, perhaps behind terrain obstacles, the Centurion may even be forced to move a great deal. While the damage done by this tactic alone is usually negligible, it is quite feasible for some factions (such as the [[Brotherhood]], who can further supplement this tactic with traps, or even rely on traps alone) and army compositions, and, at the very least, should buy some time to perhaps mount a more serious defense. Keep in mind that such a defense is easily countered with the right crew composition, however, and, depending on the potential damage output of the defenders in such an area, it may be possible to simply march the Centurion right through it at the enemy base, ignoring the defense altogether.

If accompanied by a support force of more mobile units, destroying the Centurion often becomes exorbitantly complicated and costly, as one first has to use the appropriate tactics to "peel" away the escort force. The Centurion is best paired with [[Shilka]]s, which are reasonably fast and can deal with light vehicles and distributed infantry, and battle tanks, which can quickly detach to dismantle enemy artillery or deal out additional close-range firepower in case of a tank rush. An added bonus to the escort force is the cover of aerial nigh-invulnerability afforded by the Centurion's canopy of anti-air firepower, meaning additional anti-aircraft defense (although already implicit in the inclusion of the Shilkas) is not a priority in the composition of the escort force or their action in battle. Both long-range and close-range units offer very little when paired with the Centurion - surely artillery units aid its primary function and add further firepower to engaging targets at long range, but they do not generally compensate for any of the innate weaknesses of the Centurion, leaving the same flanks uncovered as before and adding a further liable investment. Short-range units add even less, as they are generally effective against infantry (the [[flame tank]] and [[chem tank]]), a role the Centurion is already capable of handling on its own with the right crew composition and the infantry formations which would require further firepower would have to be vast indeed. A possible exception is the [[Tesla tank]], as it provides close-range - and highly effective - anti-tank firepower, something which helps greatly in warding off tank rushes - an ability the Centurion is dangerously lacking.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

    * The Centurion is a recurring unit in modifications for ''Red Alert 2'' and ''Yuri's Revenge'', having appeared in ''Mental Omega'' and ''Robot Storm''. It is based on ''Red Alert 2'' concept art which was never implemented into the game. There exists a publicly available voxel for this unit (which we used), created by MadHQ, although apparently there exists another version (with black and white variants) as well, used by ''Mental Omega'', for which the author may or may not have been MadHQ, and which is exclusive to ''Mental Omega''.
    * ''Centurion'' is this unit's NATO reporting name. Its original Russian nickname is ''[[Gulyay-Gorod]]'' ('wandering castle'), its 'real' designation and Chinese name are unknown. It is likely this unit's real name is Chinese, given its origins.
    * Despite its sidebar icon showing two Centurions, the player can only own one Centurion at any given time.
    * The Centurion was removed from ''[[Red Alert 2: New World Order]]'' in version 0.3.1 (together with other units such as the Luyang and Inferno) with the introduction of the [[Eastasia]] faction, making an automaton unit an ill fit for the Soviets. It is still present in some test branches, however.
    * It was a Chinese unit in "Build 2010", aka "New World Order".
    * This unit is of course an implementation of Centurion Siege Crawler concept.

Dragon Junk
The Dragon Junk is basically nothing more than a heavily armed oil tanker with the outside appearance of an extremly oversized chinese junk for optical appeal. Due to its function to perform merchant shipping, it might be more accurately described as a merchant cruiser or merchant battleship. Oil tankers are generally the largest ships on the ocean and one prepared for battle is certainly an hard match for many other dedicated battleships. The Dragon Junk uses its many tons of fuel as a weapon, spilling it out and igniting it via long-ranged "Dragonfire" flamethrowers. While less effective against enemy ships, the Dragon Junk is also armed with several missile bays with Dragon Missiles against enemy ships and installations, making the ship a Rocket Vessel. The Dragon Junk required Shipyard and Palace to be constructed.

Playable subfactions have been radically expanded.

The Allies now include

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Argentina
  • Israel
  • European Union
    Is in turn the shared tech of:

    • France
    • Germany
    • Spain
    • Italy
    • Greece
    • Netherlands
    • Sweden

  • Britain
    Uncertain if it is a member of Europe.
  • Turkey
    Uncertain if it is a member of Europe.
  • Asian Alliance

    • Japan
    • Korea

Veteran infantry: Panzerfaust
Specific unit: Tank Destroyer
Country bonus: Building construction time 80%

Veteran infantry: Assault Armor
Specific unit: BattleMech
Country bonus: Infantry armor 110%

Veteran infantry: Bio Warrior
Specific unit: Chem Tank
Country bonus: Aircraft firepower 110%

Veteran infantry: Werwolf
Specific unit: Howling Tank
Country bonus: Vehicle speed 110%


  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Yugoslavia

Latin Confederation

  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Venezuela
  • Cuba

Middle East

  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Iran

It is uncertain whether these will be subfactions of anything, and of what. While it's somewhat reasonable that they share some tech, they cannot be political subfactions of a larger faction. The Brotherhood is a non-state insurgency.


  • Burma
  • Laos
  • Mongolia
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • North Korea
  • Thailand
  • Philippines

African Warlords:

  • Angola
  • Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • Lybia
  • Morocco
  • Mozambique
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Lybia

It has to be pointed out that these subfactions do not necessarily imply allegiance, but only a (largely) shared tech tree and UI artwork. The different subfactions may be more opposed to each other than to the other factions, and different subfactions are in allegiance to different other factions, which is represented in the units available to them.

Black Guard

Black Guard has been worked on; some Black Guard units will be integrated into regular Russian/Post-Soviet faction, while there will be a Black Guard subfaction with access to specific Black Guard versions of Soviet units, and other, unique units: Black Guard subfaction will have other units, especially such in logistical and fire supprt roles, which are operated by regular military.

  • Black Guard: Replaces Conscript for Black Guard.
  • Black Fist: Black Guard only; A "Stalin's Fist" that is closer to the Apocalypse of RA2/YR.
  • Confessor: Also available to generic Russian/post-Soviet faction. Takes the role of the Commissar; has a gauss gun for long-range anti-armor sniping and can give an attack bonus to troops.
  • Black Rhino: Black Guard version of T-80 "Rhino". Possibly only a cosmetic difference, though it may also be produced at Elite veterancy.

Red Guard
The Red Guard might be a subfaction as well; for now, only Red Guard units as members of regular military of Russian/post-Soviet faction have been designed. These are:

  • Red Guard: A more powerful conscript.
  • RPG Red Guard: A more powerful RPG conscript.

Mao Zedong wrote:

Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 27, 2019 4:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not quite punctual as a Christmas gift, there is a first "release". It does not make particularly noticeable changes, but, if functional, adds a single unit, the Grenadier, for Cuba. This unit has a terrible sprite and is not part of the actual Continuum unit roster. This release is intended only as a tech demonstration to provide proof of concept. Making the release playable is to some extent just as installing a mod, and to an equal extent it is making a mod.

Put all files provided below into your game folder. The rulesmd.ini file provided below has been "specially prepared" to work with the release format here described. Put that file into your YR game folder as well. In "plugins.ini", under the header, list the names of all the INI files provided below, except "plugins.ini".

Until Ares introduces an #include feature for artmd.ini, artmd.ini entries have to be pasted into artmd.ini manually. No special preparations are needed for artmd.ini, so I have not provided a copy. Paste the following entry from into an artmd.ini, which is abundantly available on the web, or can be extracted:


; Converted from a model for Half-Life by Gamemate.
; Original author unknown.
Cameo            = Grenadier_Icon_Rookie
AltCameo         = Grenadier_Icon_Veteran
Sequence         = GrenadierSequence
Crawls            = no
Remapable         = no
FireUp            = 2
PrimaryFireFLH         = 100,-25,135

Ready            = 0,1,1
Guard            = 0,1,1
Prone            = 0,1,1
Walk            = 8,6,6
FireUp            = 56,6,6
Down            = 0,1,1
Crawl            = 8,6,6
Up            = 0,1,1
FireProne         = 56,4,4
Idle1            = 116,6,0
Idle2            = 116,6,0
Die1            = 104,6,0
Die2            = 104,6,0
Die3            = 111,6,0
Die4            = 111,6,0
Die5            = 111,6,0
Cheer            = 122,6,0
Paradrop         = 4,1,0

It is planned that future releases contain their relevant files, except for the artmd.ini entry, until an #include feature for artmd.ini is introduced, in a MIX, but for this demonstration, the procedure has been kept transparent.

Certainly, this is a shabby release as far as gameplay is concerned, but I hope it will demonstrate the m.o.

Grenadier Art.txt
This is the unit art. Because we do not (yet) have an #include feature for artmd.ini, the content of this file has to be pasted manually into artmd.

 Filename:  Grenadier Art.txt
 Filesize:  802 Bytes
 Downloaded:  1 Time(s)

This is the unit data.

 Filename:  Grenadier.ini
 Filesize:  1.69 KB
 Downloaded:  1 Time(s)

This is the Grenadier's weapon. Weapons (and other objects) have their own INIs. There is a special reason for it.

 Filename:  ThrowGrenade.ini
 Filesize:  712 Bytes
 Downloaded:  1 Time(s)

Converted from a model for Half-Life by Gamemate. The original author was not mentioned by Gamemate. Insert this file into your game folder.

 Filename:  grenadier.shp
 Filesize:  101.88 KB
 Downloaded:  4 Time(s)

Insert this into your game folder. List the other INI files in it.

 Filename:  plugins.ini
 Filesize:  91 Bytes
 Downloaded:  1 Time(s)

A "specially prepared" rulesmd. This "preparation" really amounts simply to an #include that contains "plugins.ini".

 Filename:  rulesmd.ini
 Filesize:  725.57 KB
 Downloaded:  1 Time(s)

Mao Zedong wrote:

Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 6:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tiger Tank
A tank scheduled for the "Third Power" faction. This unit is not the real-world Tiger and Tiger II (King Tiger), which would be anachronous in Continuum (a problem that permeates the entire faction and might eventually be its undoing), but an updated version, the "Tiger V". The unit should pick up the designs of several "Tiger Tank" units appearing in other mods.

Possibly models currently considered:

Allied Tank Destroyer - this voxel, made by Cannis and formerly available on Pixelops, was mentioned on the CannisRules website to have been used for the King Tiger in CannisRules.  

Allied Heavy Tank - this voxel, made by Cannis and formerly available on Pixelops, was mentioned on the CannisRules website to have been used as an early version voxel for the King Tiger in CannisRules (and very similar to the model used in the release version of CannisRules). Also, in Beowulf's Rules, this model is used for the Panther Tank, the German special unit. The Panther Tank in Beowulf's Rules fires two kinds of shells, one of which is effective against vehicles, and one of which is effective against structures. The King Tiger Tank in CannisRules fires a "combined shell", which is effective against vehicles and (more effective than regular AP tank shells, presumably) against buildings, while also being equipped with a secondary railgun CIWS. Both units are thus suited for the same special range of tasks - combatting vehicles and buildings with privileged effectiveness, but the King Tiger, includes even greater functionality - just like in real life, one could call the King Tiger an improved development over the Panther.

In the MO 2.0 Scrapbook, a "Tiger Tank" is featured, using the same model, although its weapon, seemingly firing an energy ball exploding in "KTSTLEXP", contradicts the weapon the description of the King Tiger of CannisRules. (The relevant image is not currently displayed because of the decision of Photobucket to make images largely inaccessible.)

Just like with the contradictory concepts of the Abrams tank, our idea to use all these concepts is an upgrade system for the tank.

A prospective upgrading scheme for the Tiger, some of which might be shared with other vehicles, would that it starts with heavy armor, which can be upgraded to "polarized armor", which would give it great resistance to energy weapons. Its engine could be upgraded to some sort of esoteric power source, possibly a fusion engine, and its main cannon would upgrade to a "Polaron Cannon", firing electric shells. It could also possibly be upgraded with a railgun CIWS, though a more unique version of an anti-infantry secondary, rather than just using a different weapon type than the Abrams' machine guns and the Pike's rocket pods, would be to have "Polarized Armor" have the effect of projecting a short-range damage-dealing electric field.

Finally, the Tiger V inherited its name "Tiger V" from a unit in the TS mod Covert Ops II, by Commander Squall.
Mao Zedong wrote:

Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Salamander Flame Tank
Implementing the Flame Tank is nearing its completion. The model used will be based on the one appearing in G/ZH, but which of the available models to be used is not yet decided. Which one looks better?

Version 1 by Daz

Version 2 by WeeRaby2K

However, because of the possible implication of "dragon" denoting an entity that is not only capable of spitting fire, but also of flight, it will instead be named "Salamander", which unambiguously refers to a terrestrial entity, but retains the association with fire.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

Simply called "Flame Tank", appeared as a Soviet unit in build "Cyberian Dawn" and a Chinese unit in "Build 2010", aka "New World Order".

Spoiler (click here to read it):

Inferno Flame Tank
Appeared as a Chinese unit in "Build 2010", aka "New World Order". Somehow an upgrade of the Flame Tank.

In Continuum, the "GDI" is an international body that is mostly the front of US interests.

Argentina is entering the country roster of Continuum, although whether as a socialist member of the "Latin Confederation", or an ally of the US, is not determined yet. Possibly, during the US invasion of Middle America and under a US-conjured license from the GDI/UN, Argentina in turn invades Paraguay and Uruguay to root out "underground movements" from other countries in the region active in these two countries.

Airborne Insertion/???
Besides the "Drone Drop", Asian Alliance did not have any aerial forces deployment since Drop Pods were removed from the faction years ago. Simply using ordinary ParaDrop did not seem specific and did not add up to Eastasia's capability of using infantry in flight-capable power armor. This has now been solved, and Eastasia will deploy Dragoons from aircraft, instead of using regular paradrops. Drone Drop will be retained instead of aerial bombardment, rather than instead of paradrop.

Possible low-tech Soviet units:

This is a type of mobile artillery, armed with the same 155mm howitzer as the Paladin. It fires an explosive shell over a range of 12, but it is very weakly armored and not very fast. It can propably take out extensive amounts of infantry, if they come in waves, but will easily succumb to enemy tank formations.
Mao Zedong wrote:

Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 17, 2020 12:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Voxel originally created by WeeRaby2k, modified by me (simply giving it a new paintjob and messing with the Normals).

The Apache has been implemented as a MIX-based extensions, giving an example of the principle. Simply copy the MIX file into the game folder (or a sub-folder), and add "extension_apache.ini" (including its directory, if included in a sub-folder) to #include. This extension includes the unit itself, its artwork, and the weapons "HarpyTalon" and "HellfireRocketPods". This extension requires the "BulletCollision", "GenAlHelicopter" and "Rocket_HeatSeeker" extensions (all to be made available shortly). Prerequisite extension INIs need to be listed in #include before "extension_apache.ini"!

In addition, it is necessary to enter the code into artmd.ini:

; AH-64D Apache Longbow
; Originally created by WeeRaby2k.
Voxel         = yes
Remapable      = yes
PrimaryFireFLH      = 100,0,0
SecondaryFireFLH   = 65,100,-25
Cameo         = Apache_Icon_Rookie
AltCameo         = Apache_Icon_Veteran

MIX file including coding and artwork for the Apache. Insert this file into the game folder or a sub-folder.

 Filename:  ecache_apache.mix
 Filesize:  328.46 KB
 Downloaded:  3 Time(s)

Mao Zedong wrote:

Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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Asian Alliance loadscreens
...have been created:

Korean Country Special?

Experimenting with possible country specials for Korea; this is the Cataphract, obviously inspired by the "Iron Dragon". There's no real idea for the country special for Korea; since Japan is scheduled to receive the "Yukikaze" fighter, keeping the "Black Eagle" would mean two aerial country specials. "Cataphract" becomes increasingly resistant to damage when not attacking, but when firing its energy offensively, its damage resistance will reduce with every shot. Once it stops firing, damage resistance will slowly recharge.

Prior to the Sino-American War, Chinese Hackers obtained from the US the plans for the new plasma-based weaponry for the Paladin self-propelled howitzers. Still intent of not getting drawn into the developing full-out war, the Chinese made this technology part of  their military supply deliveries to North Korea prior to the UN invasion, intent on turning North Korea into a stronghold to withstand the impending onslaught. The replication of the relevant US technology, however, was not 100% accurate: the Iron Dragon's weapon would harness Iron Curtain energy rather than Plasma as the Paladin did. The Iron Dragon's weapon is thus identical and equal to the Paladin's cannon in every respect, except that it is deadly efficient against infantry and vehicles, but less so against buildings, which is exactly where the Paladin excels.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

In "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", Iron Dragon was the country special of North Korea.


Additional Time Machine unit "Zergling" has entered the game. The haphazard nature of time-travel allows commanders to explore a far-flung region of space in distant future, possibly an alternate timeline, infested with an alien species. Only the smallest specimen could be brought back through the time-warp.

(Zerglings are not controlled by whoever builds them - their loyalty is with the Overmind, who is lightyears away, although they can be controlled by powerful psychic forces.)

Change in balancing mechanics and game stats
Another thing I have introduced, which has no immediate role in gameplay, but rather is a balancing tool for myself, is the introduction of unit "levels", so far only for infantry. The levels determine things like HP and - very broadly - the damage range of the weapon used.
The rough function of HP(Lv) is Lv²+2Lv, which corresponds pretty well to the HP of in-game units in the vanilla game, with some minor alterations here and there.

So, for example, a basic infantry unit would be Lv 10, which gives it 10x10+2x10 HP, 120, which is the HP of the basic GI, Conscript, etc.
A hypothetical unit with Lv. 99 would max out at 9,999 HP, but no unit will conceivably be Lv. 99 in-game.
Advanced infantry like the Ranger is about Lv 12, which gives it 168.
Command infantry, like the, well, Commando and the Spetsnaz, gets 200 HP at Lv 13. Hero infantry like Tanya and Volkov (before cyborg upgrades) is Lv 16, which gives them 300 HP, following the same rules. The "legendary" heroes might exceed that limit even further.
Civilians generally have a lower physical level as the military infantry units, about Lv. 9 or so (100 HP), with children at Lv. 5 (35 HP).

Naturally, these are only very broad outlines, from which different units may deviate to higher or lower values for a variety of reasons, such as mutation (biiig HP buff - Brutes are incredibly dumb, less proficient even than children, but have a load of HP) or specialization (Einstein, a level... idunno... 30? physicist, will not have the HP of a lv 30 soldier, but rather the lower HP of a civilian).

Barracuda Gunboat

Body created by AprilWar. Turret has been cut from a voxel named "Superbattleship", whose author I don't know.
Mao Zedong wrote:

Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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Soviet Nuclear Artillery

This monstrous, mobile artillery fortunately saw little
combat in the second great war and spent the majority of it's time in defensive positions on the West side of the USSR.

As a reference to Mental Omega, the name should be related to "Nüwa"; for this reason, naming it after some non-Chinese, European or Slavic serpent-woman has been considered. A possible name would be "Echidna", after the dragon-woman who gave birth to many monsters in Greek mythology, just as radiation would result in mutant monstrosities being created. However, the name is currently more associated with the rather non-threatening ant-eaters, so it may be discarded and another Greek dragoness picked. Alternatively, we might go for naming it "Bela", slavic root for "bright, white", referencing the German WW2 "Big Bertha", "Bertha" being derived from Germanic root also meaning "bright, white".

PS: The Allied designation is "Giraffe".

Spoiler (click here to read it):

In "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", it was a Chinese unit and used different graphic.

Mao Zedong wrote:

Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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Soviet MCV + Howitzer = this monster.

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Voxel created by WeeRaby2k.
Created by scavengers in the Brotherhood and Central Asia from a looted Soviet tank and no less than six 120mm cannons looted from Eastasian "Jin Ren" mecha and mounted into a rack, the Porcupine proved to be an excellent anti-tank weapon, as well as being capable of dealing with densely packed infantry. However, reloading all six guns accounts for a low rate of fire, and shots are necessarily scattered, as not all guns can be aimed at a small target, which prohibits it from bring to bear its firepower superiority when dealing with small, scattered targets. Being a direct-fire weapon weapon without barrel elevation or depression, it is also easy to avoid by taking the high or low ground, such as in trenches. To make most use of the high-velocity cannons, Porcupines are dedicated anti-tank hardware, and come with only AP shells. On account of the shortage and expense of these shells, which are only produced by the industrial countries, this type of tank does not see much use, although the base vehicle can be obtained in large quantities on the battlefields of the Warzone. Some Porcupines come equipped with additional gattlings, according to the tastes of their pilot, or the machinists who cobbled them together.

(Previously, this unit was called "Peacock", but this was changed to a name more evocative of a "wasteland-y" theme.)
(The status of this unit is somewhat uncertain; this unit is visibly based upon a Rhino Tank chassis, but there never have been Rhino Tanks in Continuum anymore.)
Mao Zedong wrote:

Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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F-16 Falcon

Work has begun on implementation of the F-16 Falcon as basic Allied strike fighter. Right now, the implementation is sort of uncertain simply because we do not have any basis for calculating the stats. Return to the Harrier is possible.

Blackbird Recon

Voxel by unknown author, cameo by ArgCmdr.
The Allied spyplane is called in by the Blackbird Recon superweapon and flies at an altitude out of the reach of most anti-anticraft weapons and at a speed outracing many anti-aircraft missiles. It is additionally protected by its cloaking feature. It is still vulnerable to some high-tier anti-aircraft weapons, as well as ECM.
The Blackbird's model is still being decided upon. Its cameo has already been updated.

Old versions:
Spoiler (click here to read it):

Old icon (by WeeRaby2k):

v. 1:

v. 1 (overhauled normals):


Voxel by Haydn.
Cameo by Sydro.
Multi-role aircraft of the Asian Alliance to complement the air-superiority "Berkut" in an anti-ground role.
Mao Zedong wrote:

Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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Lynx Tank

The Lynx light tank is the heaviest general-purpose combat "vehicle" in the conventional sense that is in service with the Eastasian military. It is in no way special - slightly faster than the tanks of the other factions, its armor and 75mm gun are horribly outclassed by almost any other AFV fielded. Lynxes have a crew of two (commander/gunner and driver), a remote-controlled turret, nano-fibre armor and tricycle gear. Because the tank's gun is at a height that comfortably allows aiming at infantry and both turret and vehicle are highly agile, the cannon has less damage penalty against infantry than other tank guns. Large groups of these tanks can pose a threat to smaller groups of mediums, and their speed allows for harassment of supply lines and mining operations, but in a one-on-one field battle or siege, they are scrap metal.

    * Elite upgrade is a PCD (personal combat drone) for the tank, which assists its master vehicle in fighting infantry with a light chaingun, and marking vehicles with a laserpointer for increased damage. If destroyed, the drone is not replenished.
    * The name is an obvious reference to the tank of the Asian Alliance in Eagle Red
    * Not sure if Light Tank or Tankette, but tending towards light tank, with Hover Tank as tankette. e heaviest general-purpose combat vehicle fielded by the Hegemony.

For awhile, the mod's progress stalled on the question of whether Asian Alliance should use the "Lynx Tank" of venerable Eagle Red pedigree, or an expy of RA3's Tsunami Tank, i.e. an amphibious light tank. Those two weren't really compatible, as the Lynx Tank's stats did not suggest a light tank and it wasn't amphibious, neither did its name fit an amphibious unit, so a large overhaul would have been needed at least to amphibious capability and name. For now, we have settled on having both the Lynx Tank (which will instead subsume the T-55/BattleMaster) and an amphibious tank, which will be largely identical to the Tsunami Tank, but will have a different name. The name is not yet determined and the unit is tentatively called simply "Amphibious Tank".

Spoiler (click here to read it):

Lynx Tank v. 2:

Amphibious Tank:

BM-21 Katyusha
Old/alternate versions:
Spoiler (click here to read it):

For awhile, the more modern "BM-27 Uragan" was used in place of the "BM-21 Grad". However, no satisfactory voxel was found.

V-22 Osprey

Right now, it is uncertain how the Hawkeye Recon is differentiated from the Blackbird Recon. They are both spy-planes, however the Hawkeye might be a lower tier, or it might be differentiated by having a sensor function, which the Blackbird, for all its superior speed and altitude, lacks.

Alternate versions:
Spoiler (click here to read it):

F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

The "Hornet" carried by Aircraft Carriers has been overhauled.

Black Ops operates its own variant:

Spoiler (click here to read it):

v. 1

F-22 Raptor

The F-22 program is developing the next-generation air superiority fighter for the Air Force to counter emerging
worldwide threats. It is designed to penetrate enemy airspace and achieve a first-look, first-kill capability against
multiple targets. The F-22 is characterized by a low-observable, highly maneuverable airframe; advanced integrated avionics;
and aerodynamic performance allowing supersonic cruise without afterburner.

Stealth: Greatly increases survivability and lethality by denying the enemy critical information required to
successfully attack the F-22

Integrated Avionics: Allows F-22 pilots unprecedented awareness of enemy forces through the fusion of on- and
off-board information

Supercruise: Enhances weapons effectiveness; allows rapid transit through the battlespace; reduces the enemy’s
time to counter attack

The F-22's engine is expected to be the first to provide the ability to fly faster than the speed of sound for an
extended period of time without the high fuel consumption characteristic of aircraft that use afterburners to achieve
supersonic speeds. It is expected to provide high performance and high fuel efficiency at slower speeds as well.
For its primary air-to-air role, the F-22 will carry six AIM-120C and two AIM-9 missiles. For its air-to-ground role,
the F-22 can internally carry two 1,000 pound-class Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM), two AIM-120C, and two AIM-9
missiles. With the Global Positioning System-guided JDAM, the F-22 will have an adverse weather capability to supplement
the F-117 (and later the Joint Strike Fighter) for air-to-ground missions after achieving air dominance.

(taken from http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ac/f-22.htm with extra information there)

Old/alternate versions:
Spoiler (click here to read it):

Was scheduled as an US unit in "Build 2010", aka "New World Order".

v. 1

v. 1 with redone normals:

v. 2

v. 2 had a separate Soviet version for cases of capturing/reverse-engineering

Was scheduled as an US unit in "Build 2010", aka "New World Order".

Allied AirPad

I'm sure you are aware of the concept. Provides additional docking space for aerial units without the need for the added expense of an additional radar facility.

Black Guards

Black Guard
{{Image|http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/7941/laurasiansoldierssmallxe4.jpg|right|Black Guard|Black Guards}}
{{main|Black Guard}}
'''Elite Cadres''', also referred to as the '''Conscript +3''', are [[Cyborg|cybernetically]] [[Augments|enhanced]] conscripts. Their outfit is generally unremarkable, steel helmets and black [[wikipedia:Greatcoat|greatcoats]], resembling the equipment of the [[Conscript|regular soldier]], save for a metal mask. They wear breastplates and iron helmets. Unlike other types of Black Guard, they have no kind of special external armor, their coats being of use only to protect them from cold, but in a fight they are as useless an armor as ordinary streetwear. Being cyborgs, these soldiers are beyond the level were they would have to rely on physical armor to wear at all times. They are inherently immune or highly resistant to many of the dangers of the modern battlefield - poison gas or contaminated food and water have no effect on them (lest having a corrosive component which attacks their mechanical parts), radiation has limited effect of rendering their organic components inoperable and cause malfunctions of the positronics, but is unlikely to damage these soldiers beyond salvaging. Fire-based weaponry has little effect, as does cold, or the hardships of sleep deprivation, stress or physical exhaustion beyond a baseline human's threshold. They are however, prone to electromagnetic pulse (EMP) interference and hacking and critical programming failures can appear through physical damage, although they do retain largely human brains. Because of their hardened bodies and "internalized armor", Cadres hence have no need for extra protection.

* 24 October 2011: Changed armament from ''Plamya'' to Red Guard's deploy weapon; grenade launchers should only be used by [[Grenadier]]s.
* Conscript +2 would be the Red Guard
* Elite Cadres are ''fearless'' warriors and will not respond to incoming fire by taking prone positions, which of course makes them more susceptible to many weapons in combat.

Black Guard Commander

Black Guards Tank

SCORPION's Fireflies are light-weight aircraft designed for scouting purposes.
Manned by a single pilot and armed with a flamethrower to combat infantry, the Fireflies are little useful against anything that offers more resistance than small groups of soldiers. However, the Firefly can effectively be turned into a homing missile when it dives into its Kamikaze attack. Pilots choosen for the Firefly are either members of SCORPION's suicide bombing squads or trainee Assassins, both troop types utterly careless about their own life. If commanded to dive into an enemy unit, the Dragonfly's pilot will not hesitate to follow the order, exploding in a large and devastating fireball.

Raider Buggy

Brotherhood Raider Buggy
Spoiler (click here to read it):

Already included in build "Cyberian Dawn".

Rocket Buggy

Brotherhood Rocket Buggy
Spoiler (click here to read it):

Already included in build "Cyberian Dawn".

A unit named "Quad" was included since build "Cyberian Dawn".

All of this from Cyberian Dawn:

Brotherhood units mentioned, though, if at all, only described in tagwords, nor, I believe, coded at this stage, were the Partisan, Sniper, Crazy Ali, Cyborg Ali, Ghost Ali, Chemical Ali, Bike, Trike, „Quad Gun“, Technical, Buggy, Rocket Buggy, Bomb Truck, Bio Bomb Truck, Atom Bomb Truck, Bog Hammer and Demo Boat.

Crazy Ali is a transfer of Crazy Ivan to the Brotherhood side. Cyborg Ali was to be obtained when stealing Soviet technology as a Brotherhood player and would be identical to Crazy Ali save for the fact that he is a cyborg, granting him a „second life“, and the addition of a grenade launcher, though it is unsure if it was supposed to deploy Ivan bombs remotely, or in what other way it would have interacted with his bombing kit. Ghost Ali, a version of Ali capable of teleportation and, upon promotion, cloaking, was to be obtained by stealing Allied technology, corresponding to vanilla's Chrono Ivan (save for the cloaking feature). Finally, Chemical Ali, who was conceptualized as a pun on Ali Hassan Al-Majid, was to be obtained when stealing Brotherhood technology. Chemical Ali would place chemical bombs instead of merely explosive ones.

Crazy Ali

Place Bomb

Suicide bomb

Ghost Ali

Chrono Move

Veteran Abilities


Cyborg Ali

The "Ali"-"Cyborg Ali" transition is mainly one of different firepower, not one of fundamentally different abilities. Cyborg Ali has better armor and health than Ali. The only notable difference is that Cyborg Ali uses a grenade launcher against . He also has the "second chance" ability innate to all Cyborgs.

Place Bomb


Chemical Ali

Place Chemical Bomb

Suicide bomb

War Elephant
Introduced in build "Cyberian Dawn"; dogs are forbidden to be kept in Islam. This does not bother the Brotherhood – their war animal of choice dwarfs the Allied and Soviet "best friends" with ease – the War Elephant can not only take the function of the Attack Dog in dealing with infantry, but can also smash lighter vehicles! It is, however, rather slow and less maneuverable compared to the Attack Dog, giving infantry a easy time to kill it.



Quad Cannon
What appears to be an AZP-23 (the same weapon used by the ZSU-23-4 Shilka) , mounted on the back of a half-track truck, making this unit a rather heavier Technical. The Quad Cannon can attack aircraft, making up for its lacking accuracy with sheer volume of fire, but is not particularly effective against hard targets, so its use on the ground should be relegated to combatting infantry and light vehicles.
   • Obviously, this unit is an adaption of the GLA unit of the same name featured in Command & Conquer: Generals.

Bomb Truck

BioBomb Truck

Nuke Truck

Not from Cyberian Dawn after here:

Looted Humvee

Fury Bomber

Soviet AirPad

Old versions:
Spoiler (click here to read it):

The Chinese Palaces are the equivalent to Tech Centers, Research Centers and Labs of the other factions in that they unlock more advanced technology to the commander building one of these buildings. They do, however, serve another purpose, which is to reinforce the powerful Chinese economic system. For one thing, Palaces produce a steady flow of cash for the player. Building multiple Places can upgrade this inflow to a significant amount of money, and an excessive amount of Palaces built can even grant virtual financial immunity, helping to sustain one's economy during prolongued siege. Palaces also have the special ability to do a "Cash Transfer", giving the player an instant bonus of 3000$. This ability has a reload time of 6 min. And is triggered over the sidebar. Building multiple Palaces does not affect the reload time, cash amount or number of instances of Cash Transfer.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

In Build 2010, the Palace was a Chinese structure, allows Battle Master, Black Lotus, Inferno Tank, Overlord Tank, Emperor Tank, HOT Bomber and Nuclear Silo. It granted the Cash Transfer ability.

Some Faction Considerations
We have abandoned the idea of three-part "regional" division of the sides. It was becoming awkward to maintain. Instead, the sides have countries again, and some of these countries are in "groups". Perhaps, faction/subfaction division should be less strict.

Allies have been altered to include all of the Allied countries present in Red Alert.

    Germany, which retains the Tank Destroyer.
    Spain, which was supposed to use the "Conquistador Mech", which was eventually shelved, as mechas are an Asian Alliance thing.
    Turkey, which was supposed to have the "Howling Wolf" sonic tank as special unit, which was eventually shelved.
    United States

In addition, Israel, Netherlands and Argentina have been added. Ireland (with a "Chem Tank" special unit) and Poland (with an "Armored Car" special unit, upgradeable to "Gun Carrier") was considered in The Third Power, but never implemented and rejected after the merger.

Eurasia Subfactions

    Ukraine, which was originally supposed to have the "Kharkov Tank" as their special unit.

"Eurasia" has sub-factions which are not countries, but organizations:

    Black Guard
    Psi Corps

Psi Corps has not featured much in recent fluffing or coding and was pretty much "rediscovered" in older code. Of course, psionics also leads to a much more effective disciplinizing than disciplinary action of the Black Guard. So, perhaps these will be unified by associating psionics (which is part of the Eurasian roster) more strongly with the Black Guard. So far, Black Guard has no particular units associated with psionics, so perhaps this is what will be looked for. The Psi Corps consisted of psionically gifted individuals, and this will possibly not be carried over into the Black Guards, though the Black Guards might employ such individuals as part of their intel and control to keep the population and regular army in check.

  • Possibly, a third, speed-based "Cossack Host" organization can be a subfaction?
  • Or a "RAFA" irregular/guerilla organization. This was recently considered in another context. This might however be identical to the LC, which already exists as a separate faction.


Select a group of infantry under your command. The entire group of infantry will be cybernetically augmented, gaining the immunities and vulnerabilities of cyborgs and increasing their base stats.
* Source: Tech Center
* Range: map-wide
* AoE: 3x3 square
* Target: own infantry
* Cost: 1000$
* Notes: Has no effect on units that are mechanical in nature or already cybernetically enhanced (Cyborg, Cyborg Ninja, Hacker, Paradigm, Volkov, Kusanagi)

The mainstay of the Islamic forces' power is their ability to construct a steady flow of, though weak, still very harassing, units for very little money. This, coupled with their efficient resource gathering system makes them quite dangerous. Another aspect of their power is the fact that an Islamist commander may place most buildings he constructs in any distance from his other buildings, as opposed to the buildings of other nations, which have to be placed close to each other. Also, the Islamic production processes do not need electric power. If an enemy power plant is captured, however, the production speed is increased. Enemy buildings, however, have to be placed adjacent to other structures. Also, all Islamist buildings can construct either buildings or infantry (except for the Arms Dealer and Black Market structures, which are responsible for resource generation and vehicle production), which means an Islamist base is almost impossible to destroy, since there could be buildings hidden anywhere around the map, quickly restoring the base around them.
The main drawback of the Islamist forces is their lack of direct firepower. They use stealth, hit-and-run techniques and sabotage wherever possible, but this strategy forces an Islamist commander to oversee most actions of his units personally, since such operations can easily go haywire if left unattended. Once the stealth strategy has failed, there is little the Islamist forces can put up against American technology or Chinese firepower, as their units are cheap, badly armed and armored and most of the time little more than civilian vehicles mounting an RPG launcher or heavy machine gun. The Islamists also have only two naval units: the Demolition Boat, used to great success against the USS Cole, and the Boghammer, a cheap civilian boat with a mchine gun, capable of attacking infantry ashore or in the water, but incapable of withstanding even the lightest fire from a true warship's guns.
Another downside of the Islamic forces is their utter lack of aerial combat units with normal unit-to-unit firepower. Their airforce consists of Kamikaze aircraft that will be lost upon attacking something, and bio planes, which spray ground units with toxic biochemicals, but are useless against anything but infantry. Plus, all of these units are nothing more but civilian aircraft with some purpose-specific devices added to them. They are slow, low-flying and vulnerable to anti-air fire or enemy fighter aircraft. However, they can be landed at any ground location, allowing to

Simply called "GLA", but in-game "Islamic Foundation", before renamed to "Brotherhood" on 2008-9-11. This was in "Build 2010", aka "New World Order". According to fluff, used the Al-Qaeda flag, although this was never implemented in any game asset.

Bits & Pieces

Alligators can now swim:

"Black Ops" Illuminati symbol:

We've also committed to a major cleanout of old files and versions and have found some weird things:


"Uri", an ill configured palette swap of Yuri that might have been included as an easter egg or in-joke at some point. He attacks vehicles by "bending" them with a powerful psionic attack and attacks infantry by throwing spoons...

Tirhanov Tank

A recreation of the Tirhanov Tank of Beowulf's Rules. As the original voxel (by Daz) was not available, the unit used a recolor of the "Allied Artillery" by T34 Sam:

It's possible that the Tirhanov Tank influenced the design of Stalin's Fist.


A potent gunship, sacrificing anti-armor firepower for more effective counter-insurgency equipment. It was armed with a machine gun (equal to that of the Apache) and arcing WP rockets, which it would fire in dual burst to engage ground targets. Part of playing with aircraft weapons and firing behaviour, both weapons would be fired in stand-off and it would switch the weapon it uses, depending on the target.
The Cobra can also carry a small compliment of infantry, but no vehicles. "Cobra" does not currently appear in Continuum. It might be re-implemented at some point for "low-tech Allies" factions in place of the Apache.

Old versions:
Spoiler (click here to read it):

Back before Continuum was a RA2 mod:

First RA2 voxel:


Before Continuum moved out of TS (and indeed before it was Continuum), this asset, identified as "AU-2" or simply "Jet", was possibly the main combat aircraft of an "Allied-ified" GDI. A "dropping" projectile with ProjectileRange=0, airbursting/splitting into a guided missile weapon would have allowed it to use guided missiles in a strafing run, rather than the helicopter-like standoff behaviour of the ORCA usually enforced by using guided weapons.

Paladin Tank

Unused Paladin Tank by tsgen for the TS version.
This unit is an implementation of the one in Gen/ZH, a tank based upon the real world Paladin SPH. Armed with a howitzer and a laser CIWS against missiles and infantry. It is effective against infantry, vehicles and buildings, but only has medium armor and can't effectively defend against aircraft. It is available to America. It is also present as "Allied tank destroyer" in Generals Mod 2. Armed with an anti-tank cannon and anti-personell laser.

In build "Cyberian Dawn", it was available to America and Britain.


Sergey Molotov

Sergeant Sergey Molotov, aka "The Veteran" was a new Soviet hero originally scheduled to appear in build "Cyberian Dawn", complete with a background story and a unique weapon system, however he was scrapped in favour of returning Red Alert staple Volkov. His name and background story were taken from ''Empire Earth''. Originally a member of Black Guard units, Molotov served during the Soviet invasion of Finland, having recently been promoted to the leadership of a rearguard platoon that was to protect a bridge for Russian convoys retreating from an Allied counterattack. When the bridge was attacked by heavy enemy fire, Molotv and his men fiercly resisted until all of their retreating comrades had crossed the bridge. All of his team members were killed when the bridge collapsed under heavy fire behind the last convoy truck. When the area was later reoccupied by Russian forces, a rescue team found Molotov's body, barely alive. Because of his selfless loyality to his motherland and his duty, Molotov was selected for a newly developed, top-secret cybernetization process, replacing his lost limbs and organs with advanced robotic technology, leaving just his organic brain, encased within and wired to his new robotic body. Though he did retain his personality and free will, his mind is also directly linked to a command interface, meaning that his commanders will always have total remote-control over his robotic body. though it is much more effective when controlled by his brain directly. After months of painful adaption to his new body, Sergeant Molotov as ready to enter the battlefield once more as the Russian's most feared and most famed commando soldier.

Molotov can be called into battle on TechLevel 10 for 2100$ and requires Barracks and Research Facility. There is only one real Sergeant Molotov, so while he is in the field, his commander cannot procure another Sergeant Molotov.

Molotov is extremely effective against infantry. His suit is impervious to fire and small arms are totally useless against him. "Hell Cannon" flame weaponry shoots arcing fireballs that erupt into blasts of flame and easily scorch infantry and he can also deploy to project a wave of fire around himself to great effect that can easily destroy large amounts of enemy infantry, but almost nothing else. But the weapons are just as deadly, though somewhat less damaging, against anything else on the ground, buildings and tanks, leaving artillery and airstrikes as the only options that can threaten Molotov.

Different versions existed for when other faction's technologies were stolen: ''Chronotov'', ''Molotov-1000'', ''Mutantov'' and ''Mechatov''. A version used by ''MassiveSoft''was also scheduled to appear, reprogrammed and augmented with futuristic technology.
The purely biological Molotov was also scheduled to appear in a Soviet mission, which would have shown his heroic fight and "death" as a human being prior to his transformation into a cyborg.

BlackOps Hovercraft

Or "Antigrav Tank"; said to hover with reverse engineered alien tech...

Frosty death

Freezing weapons would turn their victims into this snowman placeholder...

"Build ?" Eurasian Union map and logo:
Spoiler (click here to read it):


Howitzers are available as Crate Goodies and can also be built by some low-tech Allies-affiliated groups.
Spoiler (click here to read it):

The Howitzer existed as a regular Allied unit in build "Cyberian Dawn", requiring TechLevel 6 and the Factory and Radar to be built, which cost 750$ per Howitzer. Elite Howitzers would upgrade to nuclear shells.

Dragonfly Carrier
The Drone Carrier is the closest Eastasia has to heavy artillery. A comparably sluggish and slow vehicle that is essentially an armored and tracked truck, its back consists of a landing pad mounting a Dragonfly. Carriers are themselves unarmed, but as forward support for their Dragonflies project range by launching their drones to conduct airstrikes. Dragonflies can also attack aerial targets and so this vehicle can also be used to create an anti-aircraft screen.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

  • In build "Cyberian Dawn", the "Mobile Helipad" (or "Mobile Air Platform") was an Allied unit, requiring TechLevel 7, and Factory, Radar and Tech Center and costing 750$. Lightly armored, it would launch an "ORCA" aircraft.
  • Updated in 2020 from "Drone Carrier", carrying a swarm of Snakefly (then called Dragonfly) to carrying a single Dragonfly, thereby making it nearly identical to the ORCA Carrier it is based on.

A single-seater attack craft and cross-over of VTOL aircraft helicopter, capable of hovering in place. Standard aircraft carried by Mobile Helipads. Armed with a chaingun and dual missile pods and carries ten guided missiles primarily suited for anti-tank warfare. After unloading its payload on its target, it has to return to its host Mobile Helipad to recharge. This unit can neither be built nor controlled independently and are launched only by Mobile Helipads. The Mobile Helipad which launched it must also be used to rely attack orders to it.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

In build "Cyberian Dawn", this existed as an Allied unit (spawned by the Allied "Mobile Helipad") and was still named "ORCA".

Spoiler (click here to read it):

Supply Truck
The ordinary Supply Truck of the Allies used a different model in build "Cyberian Dawn":

Light Tank

Was a unit of the Allies in build "Cyberian Dawn".

A Soviet unit in build "Cyberian Dawn", matching Allies' Light Tank.

Red Guard

In build "Cyberian Dawn", this model was used.

Missile Boat

Also known as "Corvette", these vessels were available with an Ship Yard for 1000$ in build "Cyberian Dawn". Around half-way between a Destroyer and the AEGIS Cruiser, the Missile Boat offers your fleet protection from light aerial threats while also being a reliable unit against light surface threats and shore installations. While it is armed with surface-to-air missile dual-launcher for anti-air and anti-tank guided missile mono-launcher for anti-ground duty, it is not as effective against aircraft as the AEGIS Cruiser and not as effective against ground targets as the Destroyer. It can also not attack submarines. From v. 0.8 on, the Missile Boat was a Soviet unit.

Repair Boat

Landing Ship

This unit existed in build "Cyberian Dawn".

Or "Nuclear Aircraft Carrier". This unit was un-dummied in build "Cyberian Dawn", requiring TechLevel 10, and Allied Ship Yard, Allied Tech Center and Allied Nuclear Reactor to be built. Heavily armored, it would launch nuclear-armed fighter aircraft (probably Hornets with nuclear and higher-damage versions of the weapon used by vanilla Hornets). The Nimitz had a BuildLimit of 1 and when destroyed, the Carrier will explode in a nuclear explosion, damaging and irradiating large parts of the ocean around it (or the shore, if it is within the blast zone).

It was the "Eagle Airship" in build "Cyberian Dawn", requiring TechLevel 3, and Allied Factory and Allied Tech Center to be built. Heavily armored, it would drop bombs and upgrade to nuclear bombs when Elite.

C-130 Transport Plane
The C-130 replaces the generic paradrop plane for the Allies since build "Cyberian Dawn".

F-117 NightHawk Stealth Fighter
Requiring Airforce Command Center and Allied Tech Center, the NightHawk was available to Allies in build "Cyberian Dawn". It is lightly armored, armed with guided missiles and upgrades to cluster missiles when Elite.

Existed in build "Cyberian Dawn"; both hauler and mauler, the Revolter is capable of lifting vehicles and carries two rocket pods loaded with anti-tank rockets, making it a perfect weapon against enemy armor.

Nuke Rocket
Existed in build "Cyberian Dawn"; unguided rockets akin to the V3, carrying a tactical nuclear warhead, launched by the Juggernaught. Upon colliding with their target, they explode in a ball of atomic fire that will not only seriously damage, often outright obliterate, the target itself and anything in a considerable area around it, but also irradiate the area, with residual lethality to infantry and light-skinned vehicles.

Rocket Tank
Existed in build "Cyberian Dawn".

As did these:

Nuclear Apocalypse Tank

Black Guard Apocalypse Tank

Nuclear Apocalypse Tank
Weapon(s): Dual railguns, Gattling, Missiles
Elite Weapon(s): Dual railguns, Railgun CIWS, Missiles

The Railguns are used against buildings and vehicles. They fire conventional shells when the tank has normal veterancy, and fire nuclear shells when the tank is Elite.

The missiles are used against any aerial targets.

The Gattling is used against any ground infantry units.

Nuclear Dreadnought
Category: Vessel
Requires: Soviet Ship Yard, Soviet Tech Center, Soviet Nuclear Reactor
Built from: Soviet Ship Yard
Cost: $
TechLevel: 10
Weapon(s): Missile launch
Carries: Nuclear missiles
Armor: Heavy

When sinking, the nuclear engines powering the gargantuan vessel will fail – one after the other as section after section of the ship sinks underwater. Each engine failure will result in a small nuclear explosion, damaging and irradiating the area around the ship in a wide radius.

These are armed civilians, roughly equivalent to the Brotherhood's Partisan. They emerge from destroyed Soviet structures and units.

Black Guard
Black Guards are conscripts augmented with cybernetics. They are considered „Conscripts +3“ in analogy to the „Dreadnought +3“ found, disabled, in vanilla RA2's and YR's rules, +1 having  been considered in their creation to correspond to Veteran and +2 to Elite level. The Black Guard stats were calculated from those of the Conscript in analogy to relation deduced to exist between the Dreadnought and the Dreadnought +3.

Black Guards are also assaulters, meaning that they can enter occupied structures and when doing so will kill any enemy occupants of that building. They can also occupy structures themselves, just like a Conscript.

Category: Soldier
Requires: Soviet Barracks
Built from: Soviet Barracks
Cost: 125$
TechLevel: 2
Armor: Flak suit


Grenade Launcher


Black Tanya

Supply Truck

Land Mine
The Allies have revived their defenses from the last war – the Land Mine can be built far away from your base. It will be dropped by a support aircraft and will remain cloaked until an unlucky enemy wanders near it. It then blows up, dealing massive damage in a wide radius. Land Mines have sensors, so they can detect cloaked enemies.


Elite Cadre
Category: Soldier
Built from:
Cost: $

Ghost Cadre

Cyborg Cadre
Category: Soldier
Built from:
Cost: $
Weapon(s): Grenade launcher

Chem Cadre
Category: Soldier
Built from:
Cost: $
Weapon(s): Railgun

The Chem Cadre is armed with a railgun that fires an uranium slug

Black Guard Commander
Category: Soldier
Built from:
Cost: $
Weapon(s): Pistol

In our world, the T-34 was one of the most numerous and most successful tank designs of the World War II period. Of course, in the world of Continuum, World War II did not occur, or did not occur in the same way and same timeframe as it did in our world. Assuming that the events of Red Alert take place in the 1950s, the Soviet main ironclad would have been the medium T-54/55 series, although some T-34 and T-44, both of which served into the 1960s in our world, can be expected to have been included in the invasion forces, especially in th Far East. Without the pressing need of wartime, the T-34 likely would not have reached the production numbers it did in our world and so would have been much less frequent.

Missile Sub

Missile Sub
Category: Vessel
Requires: Soviet Ship Yard, Soviet Tech Center
Built from: Soviet Ship Yard
Cost: $
TechLevel: 10
Weapon(s): Missile launch
Carries: Missiles

The missiles launched by the missile sub are identical to those launched by the Dreadnought. However, the sub launches only a single missile, which reloads slower than those on the Dreadnought. The range is also smaller, but the damage is the same and the sub can approach an enemy base unnoticed and escape the same way after the target has been destroyed, whereas a Dreadnought would be easily spotted and engaged by the enemy navy.

Westwood made an – understandable – mistake in the naming of the Attack Sub; the designation „Typhoon“ was used in the West to refer to the class of ballistic missile submarines that bear the name „?????“ („akula“, meaning „shark“) in the Soviet Union, whereas the designation „Akula“ is applied in the West to refer to the ????-? („shushka“, meaning „pike“) class of attack submarines. Westwood instead erroneously made the ????-? the Typhoon, acting on the knowledge that the submarine with the name of „Akula“ was the one known in the West as „Typhoon“, however failing to differentiate successfully between the submarine with the Soviet designation of „Akula“ and the submarine which already had an identical Western designation, assigning „Typhoon“ to the latter.

In Continuum, this erroneous designation is addressed – the Soviet attack submarine is referred to as Akula, while the missile submarine is referred to as Typhoon.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

Existed in build "Cyberian Dawn".

Armored suit that can vary its weapon - take this for the Advanced Wolverine and other Wolverine variants, depending on its current pilot.

Although the Zeus has no special abilities in EEarth, I'm thinking about mixing this up with the Electro mech from Outlive, and give Zeus an ElectronWave or maybe even further modified EMWave as a Deploy-triggered AreaFire weapon. I maybe further modify the main weapon. In Outlive, the Electro is officially armed with a Gauss gun. In-game, however, the mech fires electric bolts, thus the weapon is definitely to Gauss gun, but would be a Tesla weapon in C&C. I'm thus thinking of removing the EEarth's Zeus' original missile weapons and giving it a Tesla weapon instead. Although a Tesla weapon would perfectly match te mythological Zeus, I'm also thinking about a railgun...


Snakefly Drone
So far, these drones are called from the "Drone Nest", Drone Strike, and various elite units. Formerly, the "Drone Carrier" also carried a swarm of them, but now it's the "Dragonfly Carrier", and it carries something else. It's uncertain if perhaps armament should be different, or vary between drones called by different sources?

Another idea was to have an Asian Alliance equivalent to the Carryall, in the form of a "turbine drone" as an attachable drive/lifter module. It would attach to a unit, making it capable of flight.
Maybe more ground-based drones, too? But what would be their roles? Detector, maybe.


Special Unit: M1A2
Special Infantry: Marine
Special Aircraft: B-52
Special Vessel: Cruiser
Special Building: Particle Gun


United States of America
- Specialization: Superweapons
- General Alexis Alexander
- Unique building: Apollo Program
- GI for Guard
- MLRS for Howitzer
- Patriot Missile Launcher for SAM Launcher
- Airborne
- No Light Tanks
- SEAL for Commando

Europan Union
- Specialization: Aircraft
- General Malcolm Granger
- Infantry cost: 1.25
- Unique buildings: Grand Cannon, Collider
- No Aircraft Carriers
- Medic for Medic
- Wall Tower for Turret and Watch Tower

Wall Tower
The European Allies have advanced their defensive capacities
quite a bit following their initial defensive shortcomings
during GWWII. While the other two allied 'nations' still
use singular Turrets for base defense, the European
Wall Tower puts defence to the next level:
It can be integrated into an existing wall, reinforcing it,
instead of simply being placed behind it as with the
conventional Turret. The Wall Tower also has a more powerful gun
than the Turret, mounting an artillery gun capable of countering
attacks even by enemy artillery.

Asian Alliance
- Specialization: Laser
- General Townes
- Enforcer Prism Trooper for Storm Trooper
- Walker for Grizzly Tank
- No Mobile Air Platforms
- Veteran Gunboats, Destroyers

Satelite Uplink:
- Upgs: Particle Cannon Uplink
Upgs: Ion Cannon Uplink


Russian Federation
- Specialization: Armor
- RPG Trooper for Rocket Soldier
- BMP for Ranger

Chinese Empire
- Specialization: Infantry
- Tank Hunter for Rocket Soldier
- Overlord for Mammoth
- No Rangers
- Great Wall for Soviet Wall
- Bastion Bunker for Soviet Bunker
- Sentry Gattling Gun for Sentry Gun

Bastion Bunker
To go with their increased defensive capacities,
embodied by the Great Wall, the Chinese employ a
more versatile version of the generic soviet Bunker.
Their Bastion Bunker appears weak

Latin Confederation
- Specialization: Nuclear
- DU:
- Dirty Bombs: Uranium Tank
- Tactical Nuke: Nuke Cannon
- Radiation Beams
- Veteran Rangers
- Veteran T-34s
- Apocalypse for Mammoth

A turret is a small tower; in more recent times, the word has come to be used for the rotatable superstructure mounted on structures and land-, sea- or, hypothetically, air-faring vehicles in which a weapon is mounted. It is in this sense that the term will be used in the mod.

Heavy Tanks
Just like the fact that a tank is a „medium“ has only relative information, so, too does the designation as a „heavy“ have information relative to the frame of reference.

In Continuum, heavy tanks have fallen out of favour for pretty much the same reason as they have in our world – weaponry has progressed beyond armor to the point where the amount of armor that would be needed to protect such a vehicle would be entirely prohibitive in terms of mobility. The increase in survivability with additional armor had become a bad investment of resources, and of speed.

There are two types of heavy tank still in operation in Continuum; one is the Soviet IS-10, or Stalin's Plow, the other is the Third Power's Tiger Mk V.

Propaganda in Continuum gives a ROF/Firepower boost, not health regeneration. There is a fixed "propaganda" counter, up to which the effect can stack on a unit - so things like "Frenzy" are in principle stackable onto propaganda, however only up to a limit, so that a unit benefitting from being blared at by several speaker towers at once may not benefit at all from Frenzy.
Mao Zedong wrote:

Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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In "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", China, as "People's Republic of China", is a faction of its own. It was not included in the "Asian Alliance". It had North Korea as a playable ally and its other allies, according to fluff, were Myanmar, Mongolia, Laos and Vietnam. China in Build 2010 is a balanced faction close to the Soviet tech tree. Its main strengths are its cheap infantry and tanks, and that means it can have lots of them, strong walls and the "Dragonfire"- and electronic-based weapons. Generally, China is in a better position against infantry. Its own infantry selection is quite limited, consisting of Conscripts, Dragon Troopers, Hackers, War Hounds, Battle Masters and Black Lotus.

However, the quality of their ground units only matches the price. Much like the French, it also has good defense structures, but they lack any active defense measures, like gun turrets or pillboxes, so the passive defense (walls) still needs to be backed up by mobile units.
China, and particularly its Korean ally, has a quite powerful airforce, matching that of the Koreans, though not matching that of the American faction.
and siege tech, focused less on artillery and more on demolition devices, such as the "Boomer Truck".
Nevertheless, their artillery is quite good, especially the naval artillery makes their ships those with the best direct ship-to-ship and ship-to-coast firepower in the game, as are their explosives-based and demolition units. Their way of making money is rather unusual: Instead of building Refineries and Miners, they use their factories to produce cash. Should they use stolen Mining technology, their income is reduced by 25%, but this is more than made up for by the steady cashflow from their factories and their superweapon "Money Transfer".
The Chinese armed forces rely heavily on flame-, napalm- and oil-based weaponry: Their main battle tank, the Inferno Tank, uses a flamethrower that spills a stream of ignited gasoline into the enemy ranks, doing devastating damage to infantry and buildings. Their main aerial unit is the Fuel Implosion Bomber, or Inferno Bomber, a HOT bomber, which uses a thermobaric weapon which disperses a dense fog of cerosine, which is then ignited, using up all the oxygen in the area in the process, creating a vacuum which then sucks in more air, dealing additional structural damage to the surroundings. Finally, the Chinese deploy the Boomer, or Inferno Truck, a truck with a large tank, pumped with highly pressurized fuel and remote-controlled by Chinese computer specialists in the HQ. The Boomer is driven near enemy forces and if fired upon, explodes violently, causing massive damage both from the initial explosion and the resulting fires. Though their official tank is the Inferno tank, their basic APC is equal to an American Predator tankette and as such can be used as an effective fighting vehicle rather than a support unit to ferry troops. Though 200$ more expensive than the Predator, the APC can carry up to 5 soldiers and comes with the Predator's 75mm main gun (90mm when elite, just like the Pred), though it is not mounted on a rotating turret. The APC is also armed with two machine gun sposons. China is allied to North Korea, which fields the "Iron Dragon" artillery unit as country special. It has a robust economy with armed miners, arguably the strongest in the game, to keep realistic. Chinese navy is mediocre, consisting of two ship types: Junk and Dragon Junk. A big weakness of the Chinese fleet is its vulnerability to submarines and air power. Overall, the Chinese are pretty defensive and can show their offensive power off mostly on the digital plane. Their Great Wall makes defending against ground attacks easy despite little option in defensive structures. Especially infantry attacks will be blunted by Chinese defenders, thanks to Dragon Troopers, Inferno Tanks and other flame-based armory.
They are hungry for resources and can make cash quite easily. When facing a strong military opponent, they use human waves and, more rarely, tank rushes and their digital warfare capabilities. A pretty good nation for beginners, as they don't require much strategic planning. Their complete lack of a dedicated anti-armor soldier is more than made up for by the Dragon Soldier, which is just as effective against tanks that he is against infantry, and the Hackers, which can essentially disable any enemy structure with one hit.

Since 1990's this region has gradually become epicentre of soviet industry and science, replacing Russian Federation. The soviets start the 21st century centered around the industrial bases of southeast China. Chinese have the superior airforce of their Allied asian neighbours. They are also on the forefront of the nascent research of military robot technology, and they have cheaper infantry. China is also the guiding light of socialism for the other asian soviet nations, such as North Korea, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Upsides: strong defense structures, strong airforce, good digital technology, low cost production
Downsides: bad infantry, bad vehicles, bad buildings, lowered income

               • -50% Unit Cost
               • -50% Infantry Cost
               • -50% Building Cost
               • -50% Unit BuildTime
               • -50% Infantry BuildTime
               • -50% Building BuildTime

               • -50% Unit Armor
               • -50% Infantry Armor
               • -50% Building Armor
               • +25% Defense BuildTime
               • -25% Income
               • +50% Aircraft BuildTime
               • -50% Aircraft Speed

Spoiler (click here to read it):

  • There is a scrapped idea that China was to have +5 on all BuildLimits, -30% cost of all resource gatherers, +45% "efficiency" (possibly meaning bail value) on resource gathering and veteran "Red Guards" (i.e. Light Infantry/Footmen)
  • Currently debating whether -20% cost for infantry should apply to all of Asian Alliance (as it does per disabled vanilla RA2/YR code), or China only.

Revisiting old code, we found partial implementation of the Chinese Generals from Command and Conquer: Generals in Eastasian units. This dates to a time when "Eastasia" was still more closely modelled on Gen/ZH China and the discrepancy between this and the current was never really resolved... For awhile, there has been the idea of a Soviet sub-faction, composed of Soviet-aligned Chinese generals, identical to the Chinese generals of Command & Conquer: Generals. Years ago, I read an article about the disparate economic development between eastern and western China creating the risk that the country may split into two, with discontented orthodox Maoist wing of the CCP splitting off from the post-Deng "state capitalism" faction. Now, perhaps as much as twenty years on, if anything, ethnic separatism seems to be a greater separatist force; I do not know about the goals separatists in this area have regarding the economic and governmental system, but the idea that it would be radical Maoism appears laughable. Western China appears to be well under the control of the central government, but although I at the time understood the article to mean an actual split into two states, this may not have been the intention or idea of the author, he may simply have meant that the disparate development would lead to an increasing economic and social disparity between eastern and western China, and this, I think, is real now. In Continuum, such a split would rather be produced by the survival of Communist-aligned domains, supported by the Soviets (and then, Russia). The split would in any case approach the one depicted on the map lefthand supplied, years ago.

Map of the Eastasian-Soviet division of the territories that compose contemporary People's Republic of China in our world:

Map of the Eastasian-Soviet division of the territories that composed Qing dynasty China prior to the treaty of Nerchinsk, which is perhaps closer to the territory controlled by Eastasia in Continuum, due to a partial reversal of the Amur Annexation following the unsuccessful Manchurian Operation in the timeframe, but outside the geographic scope, of Red Alert.

Possible flags:

Possible loadscreen:

This Chinese faction was supposed to have its own tech tree distinct from that of Russia and Eastasia, but incorporating units identical or similar to units from both, and some units that appear as Chinese units in Generals/Zero Hour, although often with alteration. Basic China and all generals (possibly except the Tank General) will have access to the Battlemaster; basic China and all generals except the Tank General will have access to the Warlord, which can be upgraded into Overlord. The Tank General will have access to the Overlord right away, which can be upgraded into the Emperor.

I currently find the plausibility of the survival of such a faction into the millennial timeframe of the mod questionable. The generals are currently still in much of the Asian Alliance's code, without a clear way of how to subsume them. The following idea might work as a solution: the generals could be made consistent with "organization" subfactions as are already established for Eurasia by turning either into the other. The themes of nuclear weapons and tanks of two of the Chinese generals of Gen/ZH don't really work for the Asian Alliance, though would maybe work for Eurasia and would be removed from this faction and moved there. What could be EA generals/organizations?

  • Ninja Clan/Subterfuge General?
  • Hacker Organization/Hack/IT General, something like Bureau 121, Unit 180, Unit 61398, Unit 61486 - except of course only specialized in hacking, but with some other units. Could be called "Cyber General", though that sounds too similar too...:
  • Cyborg General, specialized in cyborg units. Uses augmented infantry and maybe some cybernetic vehicles? He would have access to the "Cybernetic Hacker", which might drift into "Cyber General" speciality...
  • Infantry General, the only of the "original" Chinese generals that could be held over. However, an issue might arise in that both Infantry General and Cyborg General would have infantry as their strength.
  • Mecha General would be specialized in mechs; there would be mechs replacing more units that are wheeled/tracked vehicles for the other factions, and maybe even aircraft. If he uses powered armor, he might be too similar to Infantry and Cyborg general.

Cyborg infantry is generated by the "Augment" SW. Should the same infantry be available to the Cyborg General? And if so, what would Augment do for him? Maybe nothing. It doesn't have to do anything for him. Maybe it's enough that he is able to produce these units by sidestepping the use of Augment. But maybe it would simply augment his units further?

Alternatively, cyborg infantry is unlocked by a "Cybernetics" tech upgrade.

As such a principle would have to be used for other factions as well, what could be other generals/organization subfactions?

  • Armor General
  • Demolition General
  • Intelligence General
  • Flame General
  • Scrap General
  • Mutant General
  • Ballistics General
  • Special Weapons General
  • Chaos General
  • Tesla General
  • Naval General
  • Defense General
  • Plasma General
  • Chrono General
  • Prism General
  • Boss General

Pacific War
Da die Soviets mit den Alliierten im Krieg lagen (wenn auch erst in den 50'), ist es möglich, dass die Soviets mit den Japanern verbündet waren, da die Japaner ja auch gegen die Amerikaner kämpften – während des 2. WK gab es ja auch keine Kämpfe zwischen Japan und der SU, ausser in der Endphase, und ohne die Bedrohung der SU durch Deutschland wäre eine stärkere Allianz möglich, obwohl die Japaner Feinde des Kommunismus waren - allerdings brauche ich dann ein neues Schema, um die Sovietische Eroberung von chinesischem Territorium einzupassen. Die Frage ist, wann Stalin in RA China angreift – ob als Gegenangriff zur Japanischen Besetzung Chinas - logischerweise müsste dann die Sovietische Invasion der Japanisch besetzten Teile Chinas der Auftakt zur sovietischen Besetzung chinesischen Territoriums sein, aber dann waren Japaner und Soviets wohl nicht verbündet – oder ob zusammen mit den Japanern. Ich kenne die Story von RA nicht gut genug, um die Invasion Chinas durch die Soviets richtig einordnen zu können (weder von der Handlung her, noch zeitlich), aber so könnte es gewesen sein (nicht von der RA-Story selbst her, in der das Thema vermutlich gar nicht behandelt wurde, aber die Story bietet vermutlich die Möglichkeit, dass es so gewesen sein könnte, auch wenn es nicht explizit so beschrieben wird).

In Red Alert 2, the presence of the Iwo Jima Memorial in the mission "Red Dawn"and Arizona Memorial in the missions "Deep Sea" and "Sub-Divide" indicate that the Pacific War took place despite the fact that there was no European theater of World War II. It is possible that those memorials commemorate instead the Pacific theater of the Red Alert version of World War II against the Soviet Union. However, from Red Alert 3, we know that the Pacific War occured and, in the timeline of Red Alert and Red Alert 2, Japan was defeated by the USA with nuclear weapons, as in OTL. If there was a Pacific War, it would have preceded World War II by several years, and it is uncertain whether the Soviet Union would have a conflict with Japan at the same time as it did in OTL. During Red Alert, Japanese were fighting the Soviets in China. While it's possible that there was no Pacific War against the US in the same timeframe as in OTL, and the Japanese instead took up the chance of launching an attack against the USA while it is occupied with the war against the Soviet Union in Europe, all the while warding off the Soviet Union in continental China, but this is unlikely.

In Red Alert, China is not part of the Allies, but is a co-belligerent, as it is invaded by the Soviet Union even before the opening of the European theater. In the campaign maps of Red Alert 2, China is colored in blue, implying that it is part of the Allies. It is one of the last territories to be captured by the Soviets in the Soviet campaign, the other being Alaska, and never falls under Soviet control in the Allied campaign. It's not possible to say whether any of this implies anything about Chinese politics. It might be that the Kuomintang won the Chinese Civil War, but as the Soviet defeat in World War 2 happened in the 1950's in RA, there is no reason to think that Soviet support for the CCP would have been diminished compared to OTL, and hence no reason to assume that the Chinese Civil War would have ended in any other way than it did in OTL, except perhaps influences on the Pacific War. If there was a Pacific War between Japan and the USA during RA's World War II, then we might expect that the Soviet Union does not intervene in China, in order not to weaken the Japanese, who would be a co-belligerent against the US, in which case the KMT, with support from the US, might defeat the CCP in the Chinese Civil War. But this is not the case, and we already know that the Soviets intervened in China, fighting the Japanese. Maybe some event in the interim changed the alignment of the country, or the Chinese Communist Party would rather align with the Allies than the Soviets due to a Sino-Soviet Split occuring as it did in OTL (where it happened in 1956; the game takes place in the 70's), or earlier due to the Soviet invasion in the 1950s. It may also be that the blue color on the campaign map does not imply anything but co-belligerent, or simply non-WSA, status. China is not playable. I'm not sure what qualifies those countries which are playable members of the Allies. It might be that formal membership qualifies. It may also be that the relative military and economic weight of a country determines whether it is playable or not, so the absence of China as a playable country would indicate that its economic and military power is low compared to the "Asian Tiger" Korea, which is the playable Allied Asian country. As far as economic power is concerned, this would be consistent with OTL 70's China-Korea comparisons. But probably, the choice about playable countries was made arbitrarily for external game-design reasons.

The Chinese add to the Allies their advanced air force program (Black Eagle fighters) as well as advanced hacking technologies (Infector Tanks (YR), Hackers (YR), Emperor Tanks, Internet Transactions through Palaces (only with Rock Patched RA2YR)) and their most powerful artillery weapon ever created - the Centurion Siege Crawler.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

In build "Cyberian Dawn", China is allied with Cyberia and part of a larger regional alliance that includes North Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Burma, Laos and Cambodia.

Mao Zedong wrote:

Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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Part 2


Warhead: MIGAP
The Maverick missile is the main armament of the chinese Mig fighters.

Nuclear Missile
While the Americans have switched their superweapon arsenal to Particle Guns, the Chinese still maintain a large stockpile of nuclear missiles.

Fire Arrow, Dragon Rocket, Fire Lance, Chain Gun, Fireball Launcher, 120mmx, 120mmxE, Centurion Siege Gun, 2 Inch, Mortar, Maverick, HOT Bomb, Propaganda

Type 64 Carbine
Chinese basic infantry is badly equipped. An autocarbine design in use since the beginning of the 20th century is the regular armament. However, this cuts cost, since the Chinese have many soldiers to equip, and in human wave tactics, it is still effective. Although referred to as automatic carbines, they are submachine guns in our world's terminology – carbines which do not fire rifle-caliber bullets, but rather pistol caliber. They also do not use intermediate cartridge, so they are not assault rifles.

Written "??"; three distinct technologies that combine into forming the most deadliest weapons in the chinese arsenal. A pipe used to spill a flammable goo of unknown composition, which reacts with oxygen upon contact with the atmosphere, either instantly or, by diluting the chemical composition, after a delay. Compounds which react rapidly produce fulminant explosions and fireballs when brought in contact with the air and are called "atmosphere explosives". Compounds which react more slowly are called "atmospheric incendiaries". This allows Eastasian flame-throwing troops to extend the range of their attacks and lay precisely-timed firestorms. Dragonfire is used for explosive or incendiary warheads in some Eastasian weapon systems.
Used for the Inferno Truck, Inferno Tank, Zhuque

Fires a fireball on a ballistic arc, trailing flames. The fireball does damage through kinetic impact and a blast of fire. The spreading fire creates large areas of impassable flames.
The flame trail, while short-lasting, can be used to do ambient damage like a normal flamethrower. This gives the weapon a dual engagement capacity: it can be directed against targets further away with the effect of an artillery gun, while it can also be fired into a group of infantry closer to the weapon. While the projectile may only do narrow damage, the flame stream expelled is in effect the same as that of a flamethrower.

Dragonfire is used by the Dragon Junk. The weapon is almost impossible to use against land-based targets, because the ship would have the approach the target very closely and the local geographical situation would have to allow the ship to approach close enough. It can be used directly against enemy ships, and its effects are devastating, though for ship-to-ship combat, Congreve rockets ensure a greater range.

Hydra Rocket

Silkworm Rocket
Some version of the SY (shàngyóu) or HY (h?iy?ng) series of anti-ship cruise missiles. Used both for their original purpose, and surface-to-surface attacks on the Luyang Destroyer and the Silkworm Missile Post.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

The Luyang Destroyer in Mental Omega mounted an anti-ground weapon whose projectiles followed a ballistic trajectory (Arcing=true) rather than behave like a homing missile.

Red Flag Rocket
Some version of the hóng qí SHORAD missile; used on the Luyang Destroyer and WZ-10 Cormorant.

Luyang Missile
Missile to attack ground targets.

Beam Cannon
Beam Cannons are unique directed energy weapons the Chinese reproduced by technology stolen from the UN military force. Just like the UN, they deploy these weapons on their Ironclads. They have also developed a more powerful version, called Centurion Siege Gun, for their Centurion Siege Crawler units. These cannons give an Ironclad the capability to destroy much larger armored vehicles with ease.

Units & Structures

Miner,Flame Tank, Dragon Flame Tank, Inferno Flame Tank, Nuke Cannon, Inferno Cannon, Mig, Missile Silo, Barracks, Bunker, Gattling Sentry Gun, Overlord Tank, Boomer/Oil/Blast/Inferno Truck, Harke, Secret Sub, Emperor Tank, Iron Dragon, War Factory, Radar Facility, Airfield, Money Transfer, Ion Cannon Hack, EM Pulse, Hacker Attack, Comm. Center, Propaganda Center, Propaganda Post, Chinese Flag, Infector Tank, Hacker Post, Elite Cadre, Oil Tanker, Junk, Dragon Junk, Troop Crawler, Listening Post, Centurion Siege Crawler
APC, Fire Arrow Junk, Zhen He's Dragon Junk, Internet Transaction,

In "Build 2010", China is the only faction to train attack dogs.


Soviet China was supposed to get its own kind of Conscript, which is a model of the Command & Conquer: Generals Red Guard, armed with a "Type 64" "automatic carbine" (the name given to what in our world is called an "assault rifle", due to the absence of a German leadership that would suggest the name "Sturmgewehr" for this kind of weapon for propagandistic purposes) and clad in cloth, without any recognizable body armor. They have slightly less HP (120) than the Russian Conscript (HP 125), and equal the Eastasian Ashigaru.

Ein enormer Vorteil der Chinesen ist die extrem billige Basis-Infanterieeinheit Red Guard ("Rote Garde"), die für lediglich 10$ zu kaufen ist (für China's Verbündeten Nordkorea, China selbst kann Rotgardisten dank einer Kostenreduktion für Infanterie von 20% sogar schon für 8$ kaufen). Entsprechend ist allerdings auch die Bewaffnung dieser Einheit, die im Grunde einem Zivilisten entspricht, und sogar von den Einheiten der Al-Queda in den Schatten gestellt wird. Schaden und Lebensenergie sind minimal, dafür lassen sich Rotarmisten zu Hunderten erstellen, ohne das Budget nennenswert zu belasten, um feindliche Stellungen einfach zu überfluten, wenn man denn den Nerv und die taktischen Fähigkeiten hat, hunderte von Einheiten gleichzeitig zu dirigieren.

Dragon Guard
Or "Dragon Trooper"; in "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", Chinese anti-armor infantry. Although effective against both infantry and vehicles, less effective against armor than Bazooka or RPG, but effective against infantry as well.

Battle Master
An infantry unit, rather than a tank as in Gen/ZH, the unquestioned elite of the Chinese forces. He was supposed to function roughly as the equivalent of the attack dog that the Allies would have fielded. Although not capable of finding spies, this unit would have had the ability to kill any (with the exception of possible heroes) infantry unit with a single sword swipe in close combat, but would have been capable of only dealing minimal damage to vehicles and buildings. He would have been massively more resilient than an attack dog (and, indeed, the strongest non-hero infantry unit), capable of holding out against sustained fire. Of course, this would have come at a price. Battle Master would require the Barracks and Palace.

While their equipment is of lower technological standard than that of the US Commando, Battle masters are not restricted by a Build Limit, and they excel in both speed and hit points. Even with less explosive firepower, this makes them formidable adversaries, and even a medium-sized tank platoon will crawl in the dust before a small team of Battle Masters, not to speak of infantry. A battlemaster can kill most infantry units with a single shot, while being fast enough to dodge tank shells. Battle Masters can demolish tanks by planting explosive charges on them and can even fight larger incoming missiles. They are immune to headshots by snipers (and will only take normal bullet damage from them) and almost immune to small arms fire.
It is uncertain how Battle Masters are created: Wether they undergo genetic manipulation to turn them into the fearsome supersoldiers they are, or if they are just the result of rigorous Chinese military training, perhaps with a touch of martial arts, or a combination of both. A removed scene from the US last mission, "", shows Battle Masters actually praying to the body of Mao inside the revitalizing tube.


Soviet China was supposed to have its own variation of the Hacker (identical except for color and icon)...

Black Lotus
Hero unit; Chinese special agent and computer specialist Black Lotus uses advanced digital tools and toys and is capable of turning buildings over buildings to her side and maybe stunning groups of vehicles at once from a much larger distance than regular Hackers. She required Barracks and Palace to be trained and had BuildLimit of 1. Lacked full implementation.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

Existed in "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", as Russian and Chinese unit (although they might have been different).

Watercannon Truck
Described as "cooling the minds of those who incite rebellion" in a sadly-lost section of the manual, the Fire Truck comes with a watercannon and (unused) foam grenades. The watercannon can be used to stun infantry, the sticky foam can be used to slow down infantry and vehicles. A somewhat-useful utility vehicle, the fire truck is civilian hardware and accordingly vulnerable.

Flamethrower Truck
Another unit where the chinese taste for fuel-based weaponry comes into play. An integral part of many Chinese field missions, the Boomer is a truck with a tank pumped with pressurized gasoline. The Boomer Truck is driven close to enemy units either by personell or by remote control by the advanced Chinese information technology in the Chinese HQ. Once fired upon, the Boomer explodes in a vast pressurized liquid explosion.

From the manual:

This is were the Fire Truck really comes to be related to fire. The Inferno Truck is a more heavy-handed riot control measure, built around the fact that flammable liquids, expelled the same way as a watercannon would expel water, are much more of a riot deterent than water, and can also be of some use in military application, though its armor is based mainly on the need of withstanding baseball bats, stones and the occasional molotov cocktail. When hit by military-grade explosive weapons, the truck's armor will fail. The destruction of the Inferno Truck will result in a very violent explosion of the fuel remaining in the truck's gas tank. This, the incendiary properties of its weapon and the fact that most riots take place in an urban environment make this a viable riot control measure only in places where the entire scenery is of little value and can be burnt to ashes along with its rioting inhabitants. Since this is rarely the case, the Inferno Truck has instead been transfered to the armed forces, where it serves as a countermeasure to ''human wave'' tactics.

The Inferno Truck will target infantry with its flamethrower, and distribute its fire equally onto all targets presented. When targeting a building, the Inferno Truck will use its self-detonation bomb to severely damage the target and incinerate all infantry caught in the blast.

Gattling Tank

An implementation of the Generals Gattling Tank.

Warmaster Tank

The ZTZ-99 replaces or complements the T-55 Battlemaster for the Chinese Tank General. Its statistics are identical to those of the Soviet T-80, but instead of the T-80's "Rhino Horn" ATGM, it has a secondary grenade launcher for use against infantry.
The voxel was created by shin.peter.pan, though I've taken the liberty to separate turret and barrel, in anticipation of Ares adding straight-fire projectiles.

(Values, in case anyone else has the plan of using the voxel in separate parts.)

Land Ironclad
Bewaffnung: 57mm Gun OR 57mm Autocannon
Upgrades: Flamethrower Main Gun, Grenade Launcher Main Gun, Autocannon Main Gun, Machine Gun Main Gun, 75mm Main Gun, RPG Main Gun, 9 Inch Main Gun, Bazooka Main Gun, Panzerfaust Main Gun, HOT Launcher Main Gun
Also known by the – misleading – name "Iron Tank", Land Ironclads are terrestial vehicles of size and mass of ironclads, much like a "Land Battleship" would be a land-based unit of the proportions of a battleship. Land Ironclads are only slightly heavier and larger than main battletanks and classifying them as "heavy tanks" or "cavalry tanks" would propably be more accurate. They are usually much longer than main battle tanks, but only slightly broader, giving them a unique shape resembling an A7V, although flatter, or an oversized PSW. Unlike the A7V, which had the same size and armor, these Land Ironclads had only a single weapon, a 57mm gun or autocannon, which was mounted on a 360° gun turret. Some also used the full array of BMP and Dominator weapons – a 75mm gun, a machine gun, 20mm autocannon or grenade launcher or Panzerfaust, 9 Inch, RPG, Bazooka or HOT launcher. Usually, the Land Ironclad wouldn't feature elaborate composite armor or reactive armor, but rely solely on the name-giving thick plates of steel, much like a naval unit, which through sheere thickness rivaled the armor of most lighter combat vehicles with composite armor. Despite the heavy armor, the Land Ironclad's light weaponry and powerful engines gives it the capability to move a great speeds, making it a useful unit for scouting and round-up of scattered enemy forces. Ironclads used by China and the UN often served as reconaissance vehicles, and it was one of two vehicles that hit record numbers in mass production by the Chinese (the other one being the more famed Inferno Tank – the widely-known Overlord Tank, which became an icon for their firepower and is still respected and feared, was actually produced in much smaller numbers and only deployed on rare full-scale assault occasions).

In "Build 2010", small ships with light cannons, upgrading to the "Fire Arrow Junk" with unguided rockets when Elite. They can be quite clumsy in naval combat, but can prove themselves throughout in attacks on land targets close to shore.

Dragon Junk
A chimera of battleship and supertanker. This unit can collect resources on the open sea (or any other body of water that it can fit in) and dump them at the dock, where they are churned into money. In this way, the ship supports the Chinese economy. But this is just the secondary, if useful, function of the ship. The main function is to be an extremely powerful, if slow, battleship. It fires unguided rockets and additionally has the ability to lay flaming carpets of Dragonfire Oil, which is occasionally very useful. The ship's firepower is however low compared to the cannons of American warships and is disproportionate to the size and armor of the ship.

Armed with the same cannon as the Allied Destroyer, plus an anti-air autocannon.

Luyang Destroyer
Has two kinds of missiles, one kind against ground targets (Silkworm), and one against air targets (Red Flag).


This is a model of the WZ-10. It was inspired by an obscure campaign-only Chinese unit appearing in Mental Omega, the "Pelican", which in turn was copied from Eagle Red. This unit has a very varied development history; originally the unit retained its name from Mental Omega, but was designed for ASW, dropping depth-charges. The unit has since been changed to resemble more closely the weaponry of the Pelican in these other two mods and is now more similar to the Tiger Gunship as it appears in ShockWaves, i.e. as a Chinese unit. It is the only helicopter with dedicated anti-air weaponry, carrying long-range, high-speed guided missiles. Against ground targets, it uses the same unguided rocket pods as the Soviet Hind. The name was modified to fit the ancient Chinese practice of Cormorant fishing, although the unit is now no longer especially suited for ASW. Presumably earliest lineage of what would become the Revolter gunship of subsequent builds, only to then be reduced to the Hind again. Not much is known.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

Appeared as a Chinese unit in "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", still named "Pelican".


The familiar unit, the Mig is a strike fighter that serves as the bread & butter of the airforce. Armed with powerful HEAT missiles, it can take on air and ground targets. Elite Migs gain napalm missiles which have the same effect as in Generals/ZH: if several Migs (or other fire-based weapons) attack the same target in a short time, a firestorm will be created.
* For now, the elite upgrade is napalm missiles. Elite upgrade may depend on subfaction again: frost missiles, napalm missiles or tactical nukes.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

The Mig was a Russian and Chinese unit in "Build 2010", aka "New World Order". Presumably, its weapons were different, but this cannot be backtracked. It was scheduled that the Chinese would use the Mig-19 (or rather, the Chinese version Shenyang J-6 (although erroneously referred to in the the manual as the Nanchang Q-5, a ground attack version derived from the Mig-19, further erroneously identified as "F-9"), which could be upgraded to the Mig-21 and finally Mig-29 through spying on Russians, Americans and Koreans. This upgrade system was part of a larger spy-based unit upgrading system to reflect real world Chinese intelligence activity.


In real life, "Black Eagle" is a speculated cognomen of the Chengdu J-20. The Black Eagle of RA2, with its forward-swept wings, greatly resembles the Su-47 Berkut ("Berkut" meaning "Golden Eagle"), despite being operated by an Allied military. In Continuum, it is attempted to unify these; the Su-47 Berkut is now a regular aircraft available to the Soviet side, while a possible North Korean side operates the advanced "Black Eagle" version of it. The J-20 and Su-47 both being air superiority fighters and the factions to which the Berkut is available also having access to the Mig has prompted a role diversification; instead of the Berkut simply being a more powerful plane than the Mig in any role, the Berkut excels above the Mig in the air-to-air role, but is less effective in the anti-ground role, comparable to the original European Union special unit, the "Mig Eater".

Also called "HOT Bomber", "Hell Bomber", "Fuel Implosion Bomber", "Thermos Bomber" and "Inferno Bomber", identified as "H-6" or "Hong-6";  Earliest ancestry of the J-111 Flamingo/Zhuque of the Eastasians. Chinese main aerial unit is a bomber armed with thermobaric/"fuel-air" bombs that disperse a dense pyrophoric fog upon impact. The fog ignites, exploding in a huge firey blast that that incinerates anything flammable in a large area and uses up all oxygen in the surrounding air, subsequently creating a vacuum. Very useful against crowded infantry and against structures.


Soviet Chinese "Xian" plane was supposed to deliver bombs and paradrops called for by superweapons. The voxel is of course a paintjob of
Longwall's HZP6 bomber voxel.

In "Build 2010", the Chinese equivalent to research/tech centers of the other factions, in that they unlock more advanced technology (Black Lotus, Battle Master, Inferno Tank, Overlord Tank, Emperor Tank, Zhuque, Nuclear Silo). They do, however, serve another purpose, which is to reinforce the powerful Chinese economic system. For one thing, Palaces produce a steady flow of cash for the player. Building multiple Places can upgrade this inflow to a significant amount of money, and an excessive amount of Palaces built can even grant virtual financial immunity, helping to sustain one's economy during prolongued siege. Palaces also have the special ability to do a "Cash Transfer", giving the player an instant bonus of 3000$. This ability has a reload time of 6 min. And is triggered over the sidebar. Building multiple Palaces does not affect the reload time, cash amount or number of instances of Cash Transfer.

Nuke Silo
Requires Palace to be built. A player can only have one Nuke Silo at a time.

The only real superweapon of China is the tried and trusted Nuke, as known from the Soviets.
Mao Zedong wrote:

Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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A minor faction. They are similar to the [[Brotherhood]] and the [[Mutants]] in that they are an irregular force, arising from the local population, and employing modified civilian vehicles. In a way, the Brotherhood is the CDF for the arab-islamic parts of the globe, while the Mutants are a CDF for the mutants. The [[Scavengers]] are perhaps the CDF of Russia. The CDF is a neutral faction with affiliations mostly to western nations and cultures.
Evolved from the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, the CDF is a paramilitary organization in the Command & Conquer universe, established by the civilians to defend themselves against

Besides the Minuteman from its precursor organization, the CDF has formed a large military with various types of units, but its equipment is generally further away from that of the regular armed forces than that of its precursor organization had been, because it does not receive regular backing from the regular military, except for irregular deals and alliances when any of the other sides sees it fit to support regional CDF forces to further its own purpose.

[*] Minuteman
Armed civilian; matches the Mujahid and Partisan.
Spoiler (click here to read it):

In BLNC, this unit was available to Allies and matched the Conscript.
       ? Vehicles
           ? Car
               • A civilian car capable of transporting 2 infantrymen.
                   ? Upgrade: Mounts Assault Cannon
           ? Bus
               • A Bus capable of transporting 10 infantrymen.
                   ? Upgrade: Battle Bus
                       ? Upgrade: Mounts a 120mm cannon
           ? Recreational Vehicle
               • A civilian vehicle capable of transporting 4 infantrymen.
                   ? Upgrade: Mounts HoverMissile
           ? Pickup Truck
               • Upgrade: Technical - Mounts AssaultCannon
           ? Truck
           ? Truck (loaded)
           ? Fire Truck
           ? Police Car
           ? Police Van
           ? SUV
       ? Buildings
           ? Solar Panel
           ? Subterranean Dwelling
           ? Abandoned Factory
           ? Array
           ? Hospital
           ? Armory
           ? Field Generator
           ? Power Transformer

Minutemen Civil Defense Corps

Minutemen can be recruited by Allied players in BALANCE, as the allied counterpart to the Soviet Conscript. Minutemen are armed with nothing else than their private small arms and occasional leftover weapons given to them by the regular armed forces, and fitted with flak suits.
Although the Minutemen are the counterpart to the Conscripts, they are more accurately described as what the Guerillas are to the Soviet side.

Pickup Truck
Produced from:
Upgrades: Technical

Fitted with the Technical upgrade, the Pickup Truck is armed with an Assault Cannon. The cannon is fixed on the back of the truck and cannot be turned. It points over the driver's cabin and is crewed by two gunners, though it can operate with one gunner.

Battle Bus
The front windshield is partially removed. A 120mm gun is placed in the central space between the seats. The barrel points forwards through the windshield.

Subterranean Dwelling
The Subterranean Dwelling is the CDF's site for infantry training. Subterranean Dwellings were built as shelters for the civilian population during the war, and thus are an integral part of what the CDF is about in the first place – protection of civilians.

==Units & Buildings==








'''Minutemen''', named after the revolutionary combatants of the American Revolution, are militiamen who are quickly available to any CDF commander. They are comparable in stats to the [[Soviet]] [[Conscript]] and do not possess any special abilities. Like most basic infantry, Minutemen can occupy civilian structures.

* '''[[M1 Carbine]]''' - Semi-automatic [[carbine]] from [[World War II]] stocks; comparable to the [[Mosin-Nagant]] used by [[Soviet]] [[Partisan]]s, however with a higher rate of fire and a shorter range and penetration power.
** '''[[M1 Carbine]]'''


===Pickup Truck===
The '''Pickup Truck''' is a simple truck that can fill a variety of roles (and does so for the [[Brotherhood]]) - it can transport cargo and passengers.



===Ore Truck===



===Recreational Vehicle===




===Fire Truck===

===Police Car===

===SWAT Truck===

Construction Yard

The '''Outpost''' is the center of every CDF base. It generates a small radius in which additional structures can be constructed. The Outpost also comes with a [[howitzer]] mounted on top, aiding in repelling charges. Because of its high positioning on top of the building, it has considerable range and can be used to block traffic routes or sources of income - unless faced with a determined mechanized assault, that is.

* '''[[Howitzer]]''' - Lobs an explosive shell over considerable distance. The howitzer is inaccurate but inflicts splash damage.
* '''[[Repair]]''' - Repairs vehicles docked to it.
* '''Build Wall''' - Places a section of concrete [[wall]]; like all walls, sections auto-connect with sections placed close to them.
* '''Build Bunker C'''
* '''Build Bunker N'''
* '''Build Bunker W'''
* '''Build Bunker S'''
* '''Build Bunker E'''
* '''Build Gate NE'''
* '''Build Gate SW'''
* '''Build Barricade A'''
* '''Build Barricade B'''
* '''Build Observation Tower''' - Builds a little concrete tower which provides sight radius but is unarmed.
* '''Build Power Plant''' - Builds a [[Power Plant]] which generates power.
* '''Build Oil Derrick''' - Builds an Oil Derrick which generates a slow but steady income.
* '''Build Police Station''' - Builds a police station which produces infantry.
* '''Build Armory''' - Builds an Armory which trains infantry.
* '''Build Hospital''' - Build a Hospital which heals infantry.
* '''Build Factory''' - Builds a Factory which produces vehicles.
* '''Build Array''' - Builds a radar array which provides radar functions and a small detection radius. Also grants the Broadcast SW.
* '''Build Airport''' - Builds an [[Airfield|Airport]] which constructs, repairs and reloads aircraft, but does not grant radar.
* '''Build Lab''' - Builds a lab which adds construction options.
* '''Build Comm Center''' - Builds a Comm Center which allows remote surveillance and grants a small detection radius.


The '''Hospital'''

===Oil Derrick===

===City Hall===
The '''City Hall''' is the center of every CDF base. It serves the same function as the [[Comm Center]] for the Allies and [[Palace]] for the Soviets.

===WS Logging Company===

===Panullo Hacienda===

===Abandoned Factory===
The '''Abandoned Factory''' produces vehicles for the CDF.

===Hunting Lodge===
Hunting lodges serve a dual purpose of being barracks and base defenses at the same time. The recruits will take shots at enemies with [[hunting rifle]]s, which have a somewhat low rate of fire, but are quite deadly against infantry if the shot is well-placed.

===Local Inn & Lodging===


* '''Regenerate''' - All infantry units are bestowed with [[Regeneration]] while their commander is owning a church.
* '''Sacrifice''' - Damages a structure in exchange for funds.
* '''Artifact''' - A technological artifact is found; instantly grants a technology.

===Abandoned Warehouse===
The Scavengers keep all sorts of technological remnants in these warehouses they found and occupied. Constructing or capturing a warehouse will instantly grant a unique technology to its faction.

===Tall's Residence===

===Denzil's Last Chance Motel===

===Miele Manor===

===Kettler's Place===

===Long's Home===

===Local Store===

===Adam's House===

===Gas Station===

===Gas Pumps===

===Gas Station Sign===

===Hunting Post===
The '''Hunting Post''' is a CDF defense structure. It is essentially a light guard tower with a decent amount of concealment but little protection, as it is made of wood. It is crewed by CDF riflemen who take shots at opposing forces with hunting rifles. Quite lethal against infantry, this method of defense does very little to motorized attackers.


A small pile of oil barrels will block the enemy's path and present a tempting target to destroy. Of course, doing so will cause a decently-sized fireball, killing infantry and even seriously damaging vehicles. Hence, barrels are a hindrance to the smart and lethal to the foolish.
Spoiler (click here to read it):

  • Appeared in the TS mod Death Toll.


Right now, working on the mutant faction! I've mentioned, I think, that mutants exist in the world of Continuum.
These are not at all identical to their Tiberian universe iteration (even though clearly inspired/similar to them), instead, they have come about through the use of nuclear weapons and industrial pollution in certain parts of the world (mainly Russia and the Mining Grounds).
Now, this is a 'neutral' faction, meaning it does not have a huge range of units, will not have a campaign and is perhaps not even going to be playable in MP, however, they will appear in certain campaign missions and as neutral opponents in MP maps (think "Night of the Mutants" and other maps in TS).

Most mods that involve factions using scavenged vehicles are for Tiberian Sun, with the scavenger faction being the Forgotten. In Continuum, purely human factions exist that rely on the same kind of craftsmanship to construct their units.

which perhaps would not make much sense in Tiberian Sun, any humans being included in the protective cover of one of the main factions (perhaps because humans die anywhere else and only mutants are able to survive outside, or because the other factions take anyone else into their protective cover, except for the Forgotten, because they are, well, mutants; this is the canonical reason for the exclusion of the Forgotten, at least. Random civilians encountered on maps, then, would perhaps have been under the belief of being protected by the other factions and the circumstance that they could be shot by a random skirmish player would be a pretty recent development, which means that these human civilians would never have reason to proceed in the same way as the Forgotten, though it is also possible that areas in which unmutated humans are alive do simply not have the proper kind of hardware lying around). In any case, I do not know whether I will make a separate faction for such salvager/scavenger groups that are decidedly mutants, involving salvager/scavenger tech in addition to mutant units. It would probably be faithful to the world of Continuum to say that there are numerous groups, all with different admixture of kinds and types of mutants, and then taking into account possible tech-tree-relevant cross-sections with ideological affiliation, mutants also being part of the roster of the major factions. Of course, I will not make separate factions for all these different possible group compositions. Mutants, if they appear, will be part of neutral, pre-placed groups. Some mutants, called "Civils" in the fictional universe of Continuum, have retained their sanity and intellect to a human or semi-human degree and can be part of human communities. Other mutants of human or animal stock have mutated into mindless beasts and though they can also be encountered on maps and some factions may even produce them, as they are the random outcome of mutation processes which can be intentionally induced, but they cannot be controlled.

A key conceptual difference between the "Industrial Corruption" faction and the mutant faction is that the mutant faction's mutants are not "produced", but just "happen to be" because of environmental factors, though their ability would allow them to handle contaminants and contaminated battlefields, which would make it probable that they would weaponize mutagenics, despite their scrappy tech level. Although they are supposed to use mutagens for healing and them weaponizing mutagens is very plausible, it feels wrong: "We will fight you by turning you into what we are." seems not to fit.

Mutant Hound, Drog

Mutant Fighter
Militias with looted armor and weapons, they owe all their increased combat value to their mutation. Thanks to their increased strength, they can lift and fire SMGs akimbo, for twice the firepower.

Clad in "salvaged" powered armor and armed with an equally illegal laser rifle, the Fury is a frontline unit designed to combat tanks and even cut through defensive positions. The laser rifle she uses is not powered by an energy backpack like the Allied Legionary's, but instead fed by the energy given off by her own body (and consequently, it's colored green). When promoted to Elite, she gains a capacitor upgrade that she can charge with her surplus energy when not engaged in combat, granting her a hefty bonus in damage when firing the first shot after a period of rest. After that, the capacitor is empty and her damage will return to its base amount, until she gets to rest again.

The mechanic is a multi-purpose unit that can repair your structures and vehicles and capture the structures and vehicles of the enemy. Essentially, mutant hijacker, mechanic and engineer all rolled into one!
'''Hijacker''' is a Jamaican-born character associated with the [[Mutants|Forgotten]] and a mercenary terrorist. He is a mutant whose mutation has granted him great speed and a natural resistance to neurotoxins as well as the ability to generate psychedelic and tranquilizing gases with his body. He hires his services out as a mercenary to whoever is willing to pay, making no distinction between the various factions ''[[Red Alert 2: New World Order|New World Order]]''.

'''Jack High''' was a criminal youth of Jamaican origin. He discovered that due to his mutation, when smoking ganja, he gained increased speed and stamina, being able to keep up with motorized vehicles on some occasions.
He named himself the "Hijacker" and filled highly concentrated neurotropic substances into grenades he carries with himself all the time, concealed under his trenchcoat. He also uses a variety of other gimmicks, such as timed demolition charges.

Hijacker gained his abilities from his tiberium [[mutation]], which provided him with enhanced speed and stamina, giving him the ability to keep up with motorized vehicles (not all - while he can keep up with tanks, faster vehicles, such as buggies or cars, will leave him behind. However, he accelerates faster and is more maneuverable). In addition, he also has all the other standard abilities granted by tiberium mutation - an association with the mineral, which changes his appearance and grants him immunity to the harmful effects it has on ordinary humans. Instead, he will regenerate in its presence. He is also resistant to poisons and psychedelics and cannot be mind controlled or mutated.
Hijacker's heavy black leather trenchcoat offers very little physical protection, but conceals his various weaponized gimmicks, usually explosive devices that release some form of chemical substance. He is also seen using a salvaged and air-sealed motorcycle helmet, which is filled with his ganja gas and protects those around him from his exhalations.

While he usually appears in battle on foot, Hijacker possesses a jigsaw vehicle constructed from various hijacked and salvaged vehicles of the other factions. This mobile base, moving on spiked threads, has a variety of stolen and modified devices on board and serves as the Hijacker's armory. He usually keeps it outside the battlezone, preferring to fight on foot unti lhe captures an enemy vehicle, as risking his own prized collection instead of employing his special skills to gain an expendable vehicle from the enemy is not his style of fighting.

* '''Fragile Speedster'''
* '''Tranquilizer Grenade''' - These bombs explode into a cloud of gas which knocks out the crews of enemy vehicles. He uses these to deal with the crew of vehicles he hijacks.
** Ostensibly causes [[Sleep]] and [[Amnesia]], however these are never actually used - they simply explain how he deals with the crew of opposing vehicles.
* '''Psychedelic Grenade''' - These bombs explode into a cloud of psychedelic gas which causes hallucinations and confusion in enemy soldiers.

* Like all tiberium mutants, he heals in tiberium. He is also immune to veins, poison, mutation, radiation, mind control and psychic attacks. Animals will not attack him either.
* Use MHIJACK, PTROOP or YURI image? All wear coats.

===See also===
* [[Hijacker]]
* [[wikipedia:Hijacker (comics)]]
* [[Differentiation]]
* [[Umagon]]
* [[Tratos]]
* [[Ghost Stalker]]

This is essentially Yuri's Virus. The Huntress has an airgun firing poison darts. On Rookie level, these darts simply kill infantry with poison, while on Elite, they cause the familiar gas 'pop' effect. Huntresses are also cloaked when not moving or attacking on Rookie level, cloaked when not attacking on Veteran and finally, permanently cloaked on Elite.
A more interesting feature is the Huntress' secondary, which is used against vehicles and buildings: she will toss a mutant 'bait' at the target, which makes it tasty to local mutant fauna. For a limited amount of time, mutant animals will spawn around the target constantly and attack it and any other potential prey in the vicinity. These animals cannot be controlled directly, but will not attack the huntress and her mutant brethren.

Huntresses can occupy structures, but when doing so, counterintuitively, will not use their sniper rifles. Instead, they will bait and herd local wildlife, soon surrounding the building in question with a flock of feral mutant creatures that fall upon any enemy that dares approach.

Fiends are the "Attack Dog" equivalent of the Mutants. Fiends are essentially identical to the ones in Tiberian Sun, except that I never liked the concept of them 'shaking' crystal spines at their victims. So now they don't - instead, the Fiend attacks by mauling victims with its crystalline teeth, which inflict a slight poison effect that will, even if the unfortunate victim survives the initial attack, mutate him or her if it lasts long enough to kill. Unlike any dog (except for Chitzkoi), Fiends are capable of damaging vehicles.
Mao Zedong wrote:

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