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Command & Conquer: Continuum [ARES]
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 1:20 am    Post subject:  Command & Conquer: Continuum [ARES] Reply with quote

Hey guys and potential, but unlikely, girls!
I'd like to present the one and only mod I've so far been working on, and it has been in the making for a *really* long time.
This mod is in the RA2/YR forum because it has been developed with RA2/YR, but it's probably not difficult to adapt it to RA3 or perhaps one of Tiberian series games with a few sacrifices and additions here and there, if RA2/YR aren't popular anymore. This is more of a "world design".

The game takes place over a 15 year period between 2010 and 2025, which each side's campaign lasting five years. Although the American campaign is called "New World Order 3010", it takes place starting in 2030, after a 5-year period of peace following the Chinese campaign, in which a more or less stable geostrategic equilibrium was established between Eurasia and Oceania, which rules the Arab world, and deals with a 20 year period, the first 10 years of which deal with the US invasion of the Eurasian continent, the latter 10 years with the counterstrike of the Eurasian Union against the US.

My mod has no less than five playable main factions - Allies, Soviets, Third Power, Brotherhood, Eastasia - and various other mini-factions (think RA3: Paradox) that are mostly incomplete and experimental - Civilian Defense Force (the guys that are needed to explain the prolific neutral tech buildings #Tongue ), Mutants (more of a form of organized wildlife), Black Guard (an Allied subfaction that appears as opponents in missions), etc. Some of the main factions have further sub-factions, not all of which are well conceptualized yet.
While invariably issues of redundancy and balance will be brought up, this mod has been in the scripts for several years (almost a decade now, considering all precursors, oh my!) and I have put serious effort into making all the factions different from each other in looks, story and gameplay, though I cannot vouch very well for balancing issues yet! The two pre-existing factions of RA2 have been majorly revamped, Yuri has been removed and there have been a variety of small changes.

The first point of divergence in the Command & Conquer universe occurs due to the assassination of Adolf Hitler by Albert Einstein when the latter constructs a time machine, travelling back in time. Continuum diverges from our world by the – as yet unexplained – absence of Hitler.
Subsequently, World War II as we know it is averted (apparently, a series of military dictatorships or at the very least militaristic or perhaps fascist states stretches across Europe instead, but without much internal conflict). From various hints we can assume the [[Pacific War]] did indeed still happen - propably at the same time as it did in our timeline. However, in the 1950's, without a force to counter its westward expansion, the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin begins an invasion of Europe in that timeline's very different iteration of ''World War II'', conquering most of the continent, except the British isles. By canon, this war eventually ends in an Allied victory, Europe is liberated and the allied forces storm Moscow. Stalin perishes in the conflict and the Allies (apparently the U.S. - there are some timeline inconsistencies here) instead enthrone ''Alexander Romanov'' as the nation's leader. However, Romanov is not all the peaceful leader he seems and by the 1970's (?), he leads the Soviet Union to an invasion of the United States (''World War III'') in the events detailed in ''Red Alert 2''. Following ''Red Alert 2'', Yuri attempts to mind-control the world, but his plans are foiled by time-travelling allies defeating him in the past while he was still building up his armies, which turns the allied - soviet ''World War III'' into an allied+soviet - yuri one. Following a combined allied-soviet victory over [[Yuri]] in ''Yuri's Revenge'', the Soviets, not entirely defeated as this war was versus Yuri and not versus the Allies, mobilize to capture a prototype [[Time Machine]] to destroy the allies in the past (these events are called the ''Post-War Crisis'' on ''EVA Database''). ('''Note:''' Without the time line generated in ''Yuri's Revenge'' by the allies travelling back in time, it is propable that Yuri achieves world domination, preventing the ''Post-War Crisis'' and ''Red Alert 3''. Alternatively, in case of an allied victory in ''Red Alert 2'' without any of the events of ''Yuri's Revenge'', allied supremacy over the Soviet Union is complete and the post-war crisis unlikely to happen, but this cannot be said for sure, as the ''[[Scavengers]]'' might have achieved a similar end. In case of a '''Soviet''' victory in ''Red Alert 2'', Yuri's Revenge likely doesn't happen at all, as Yuri is apparently killed by the player in the penultimate mission of the soviet campaign - although the final cutscene casts doubt on this) Even with an allied victory in the ''Post-War Crisis'', the Soviets manage to complete a time machine of their own, which is subsequently used to assassinate Albert Einstein.    
This is where the timeline gets somewhat weird and incoherent:

====Pacific War====
The assassination of Einstein takes place at the '''Solvay International Physics Conference''' in 1927. The presence of Japan as a major world power in ''Red Alert 3'' and the somewhat strong emphasis on the lack of nuclear weapons in the timeline that results from Einstein's assassination of course means that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not happen in that timeline - moreover, it implies that the defeat of Japan in the Pacific War depended on these bombings. Naturally, Einstein's death in 1927 also means he did not actually build his time machine in this timeline and hence, Hitler was not assassinated - for the European theater this would result in nothing else but ''World War II'' as it happened in our timeline. The Pacific theater instead ended in Japanese victory due to the absence of the nuclear weapons instrumental in Japan's defeat in our RL timeline ('''Note:''' The assumption that Japan would have won the war in absence of nuclear weapons is extremely unrealistic). Of course, ''Red Alert 3'' again presents us with incredible technology that is somewhat challenging the suspension of disbelief if we assume the only point of divergence was a Japanese victory in ''World War II'' (as, while ''Red Alert'' might have happened, ''Red Alert 2'' cannot have happened in the same time line as ''Red Alert 3'').

====Connecting ''Red Alert'' to ''Tiberian''====
''Renegade 2'' was intended to connect the ''Red Alert'' universe to the ''Tiberian'' universe, however this was eventually scrapped. Presuming however that it is canon, following an Allied victory in ''Red Alert 2'', the ''[[Scavengers]]'' faction forms in the former Soviet Union. This faction evolves into Nod. It is not quite established ''which'' timeline and ending leads up to the formation of the ''Scavengers'' - even though one can casually speak of ''Allied victory in Red Alert 2'', this actually entails a few other factors:
* The Allied victory in ''Red Alert'' leads to ''Red Alert 2'', so this is not where ''Renegade 2'' hooks in.
* The Allied victory in ''Red Alert 2'' leads to ''Yuri's Revenge'' - while one could picture an allied victory in ''Yuri's Revenge'' to lead to ''Renegade 2'', we now know that an allied victory in ''Yuri's Revenge'' leads to ''Red Alert (iPhone)'' and then to ''Red Alert 3'' - no room for Scavengers either.
* The last option would be an Allied victory in ''Red Alert 2'' _without_ ''Yuri's Revenge''.
* However: ''Red Alert 3'' is the result of another time travel following ''Red Alert (iPhone)''. This opens the possibility that ''Renegade 2'' could follow the timeline of ''Red Alert (iPhone)'' without the split-off created by said time travel.

Though in the storyline for the original Red Alert, World War II as we know it, has never taken place, after [[Wikipedia:Red Alert|Einstein eliminated Hitler using a time machine]], in missions in [[Wikipedia:Red Alert 2|Red Alert 2]] around [[Wikipedia:Pear Harbor|]] the [[Wikipedia:Arizona Memorial|Arizona Memorial]] can be seen and the [[Wikipedia:Iwo Jima Memorial|Iwo Jima Memorial]] is seen in some missions around Washington, DC. Although the European theatre did not take place in the storyline, this obviously does not affect the Pacific theater of World War II (against [[Imperial Japan]]), which explains why the Arizona Memorial and Iwo Jima memorial exist in the game. It is implied that the Second Sino-Japanese War and the resulting Pacific War would still occur.

When the Japanese tried to increase their influence in [[East Asia]] in the early 20th century, they occupied parts of China. In December 1941, the Japanese attacked the US Navy Base in Pear Harbor in a sudden strike, subsequently occupying most of Southeast Asia, leading to the Pacific War mostly as we know it.

* [[Wastelands]] stretch over much of Africa, the Middle East and western Asia.

  • 1919 to 1933: Weimar Republic period in Germany, characterized by violent conflict of conservative and socialist paramilitaries. In response to intensifying insurgency and the election of a socialist government in 1933, a military coup by the Reichswehr dissolves the Republic and turns it into an authoritarian military dictatorship with backing by Britain and the United States, who both prefer a militaristic state to an expansion of communist influence in Europe, but with the understandable apprehension of France.
  • 1931: Japanese invasion of mainland Asia. US is backing Japan in order to contain communist insurgencies in continental Asia (which are in turn backed by the Soviet Union). Some date the start of the Great Asian War to 1937 instead, the year Japan declared war on China.
  • 1936 - 1939 – Spanish Civil War between communists supported by the Soviet Union, and Franco, supported by the European powers (?) and the United States (?)*. The war ends in victory for Franco.

    • Whether Franco could have won the Spanish civil war without foreign support in our world is an important question, because whether the European powers would have supported him if Germany and Italy did not (as they did in our world) is a difficult question to answer. However, for consistency (so that Europe can become a junta of military dictatorships in the 50s, which in turn is necessary for it to appear as an Allied nation in the timeframe of Red Alert), Franco "has" to win this war. How this exactly happens is one of the more vague parts of this timeline. We assume that even if he had no foreign support, he did win, and that is not entirely implausible.

  • 1939 to 1940 – Winter War; Soviet invasion of Finland. Franco-British-German intervention. Soviet invasion eventually halted, but as per the conditions of the armistice, Finland cedes a substantial part of its territory, containing a large portion of its economy, to the Soviet Union.
  • 1941/12/7 - No Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour! Because they are not in an alliance with Germany and against the USA, but rather,
  • 1942: Winter War (Soviet invasion of Finland)
  • late 1940s to early 1950s - Probably no later than 1950, perhaps even in the late 40s, the events of the original Red Alert take place in Continuum. Stalin invades western Europe, with the result that the invasion is eventually beaten back, however the outcome is uncertain, as Stalin dies before the war's conclusion, with the Allies poised to invade Russia proper.
  • Also in 1950 – Outbreak of the "Soviet intervention in Manchuria and the Korean peninsula", the equivalent to our world's Korean War and this is the "Chinese scenario" that is passingly mentioned in Red Alert, mostly fought as a proxy war of Chinese guerillas and communist warlords, with the Soviet Union, engaged in Europe, unwilling to invest a large number of ground forces into a second front. Japan receives large amounts of US lend-lease to contain the advance.
  • 1950 – Soviet invasion of Manchuria (combination of Soviet invasion of Manchuria and Korean War from our timeline). Linking up with the Chinese communists, Soviet forces almost push Japan out of Korea. United States ramp up military support for Japan.
  • 1950's - World War II; Soviet invasion of Europe (events of Red Alert)
  • 1953 – Stalin dies, his successors execute chief of security Lavrenty Beria in the nick of time to prevent him from becoming the next Premier of the SU, then sue for peace with the West. Soviet power is greatly curtailed and several restrictions are placed on the Soviet military and arms production.
  • 1953 - Stalin dies (to natural causes; in Continuum, the Allies never invaded the Soviet Union proper, but were on the verge of doing so); his successors narrowly avoid a takeover by Beriya (as in our world) and surrender to the Allies a few weeks after Stalin's death. Manchurian War ends status quo ante bellum.
  • 1960s (perhaps '64?) - Eastasia is founded after decades of fighting between its constituent states.
  • 1960s, probably '64 - Formation of Eastasia after decades of warfare between the Japanese and various continental warlords of Nationalist or Communist affiliation. Eastasia quickly recovers from the war and becomes an economic and technological powerhouse, however derided for its appropriation of foreign technology and business concepts.
    Japan did not win the Great Asian War and was not the unifying force behind the formation of Eastasia, although the concept originated as a half-serious Japanese strategy paper (the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere). It's currently uncertain how exactly the unification of Eastasia came about and perhaps this does not have to be adressed at all, leaving it open to speculation by the player.
  • 1970s – A Vietnam War equivalent may have happened as a result of increasing tensions between the Western powers and Eastasia, with Indochina the last territory to be incorporated into Eastasia. This is currently uncertain. It is possible that the Japanese Empire avoided the course of action it took in our world – attacking European possessions around the Pacific – if it was aligned with the West against the Soviet Union. This is uncertain. If this had been the case, the relationship with the West may have deteriorated in the 70s, with Eastasia now attempting to incorporate European holdings, in the same way Japan did in our world 30 years earlier, but Continuum's Japan may have avoided.
  • 1990 – Collapse of the Soviet Union by yet unspecified events, either economical or due to a limited nuclear war.
  • 1990 – 2000: "Wild Years" in Russia, with oligarchs and warlords squabbling for power.
  • 1999 – Collapse of the Soviet Union; uncertain how this happens, perhaps as the result of a limited nuclear war.
  • 2000+ - Timeframe of the mod itself. Rise of New Russia.
  • 2000 – 2010 – 'Wild Years' in Russia
  • 2010 – Foundation of Novaya Rossiya
  • 2#alienX - Valentine's Day War
  • 2#alienX - War with Mexico; Occupation of Mexico
    Mexico is an independent nation at the beginning of the story. However, at some point during the events of ''S.P.Q.A.'', order collapses as the state is subverted by drugrunners, smuggling drugs into the US, which results in an US invasion with UN support, ending Within hours, the Minutemen had struck all across the border, creating
    However, Mexican resistance was fierce and the US had the war declared a Civil War by the UN. Japan and Great Britain were obliged to send a "Peacekeeping" force with the main objective of taking out guerilla resistance. The main goal of the operation, the control Columbia to prevent the influx of the drug Soma, and the control of the Venezuelan oil fields, had failed.
  • 2#alienX - "Operation Overlord II" (Second D-Day)
       • American invasion repelled
       • United Kingdom invaded by Russia (did this really happen at this point?, see discussion below)

Connecting ''Tiberian'' to Yuri's Revenge
The other link of the ''Red Alert'' universe to the ''Tiberian'' universe is the cancelled ''Command & Conquer: Incursion'', which revertedly explains the creation of the timeline of ''Red Alert 2'' through ''Tiberian'' - [[Yuri]] is presented as the results of Nod psychic experiments and an acolyte of [[Kane]]. During a battle between GDI and Nod in [[Area 51]], a [[Time Machine|Chronosphere]] contained there is inadvertedly activated, throwing Yuri back in time, initiating ''Red Alert 2''. The rest of the game was to deal with Scrin, the Forgotten and generic Tiberian story stuff and is of no concern for timeline discussions.


  • Assault Rifle
    Because Hitler and his propagandistic naming patterns do not exist in Continuum, the term is not used for intermediate-cartridge automatic firearms like in OTL. The '''Assault Rifle''' is an [[automatic rifle|automatic carbine]] developed by the [[Third Power]]. It is the base.type of the automatic carbine class of weapons. Being a carbine, the assault rifle is not truly a rifle, but rather fires weaker cartridges. but refers specifically to the ''Sturmgewehr'' derivatives fielded by the Third Power, much like ''RPG'' refers to a series of Soviet anti-tank rockets of a specific design and shape, and not to anti-tank rockets in general. What would in our world be called an „assault rifle“ is often called an „automatic carbine“ in the world of ''Continuum'', but even that term is problematic – the [[M16]] is an „assault rifle“, but a carbine version exists of it – the M4, even shorter. Likewise, the term „carbine“ says nothing about the cartridge of a weapon, while „assault rifles“, as the term is used in our world, explicitely fire intermediate cartridges. Would they fire full rifle cartridges, they would be [[automatic rifle]]s, or, in our world, „battle rifles“, and would they fire pistol cartridges, they would be called „submachine guns“ in our world.

    ==See also==
    * [[wikipedia:Assault rifle]]
    * [[Automatic rifle]]
    * [[Avtomat Federova]]
    * [[Kalashnikov|Avtomat Kalashnikova]]
    * [[Machine gun]]
    * [[Machine pistol]]
    * [[Submachine gun]]
  • Automatic carbine
    The consideration has been raised that the term would also be an accurate technical term for what is known as an „assault rifle“ in our world (in fact, Maschinenkarabiner, „machine carbine“, was the official designation of assault rifles in the German Democratic Republic), but this assertion seems to fall short in ignoring that an assault rifle is not simply a shortened version of an equivalent firing the same caliber, but rather, that it is a shortened version (sometimes not even of any particular full-size rifle) firing a cartridge that also has a smaller caliber than that of the full-size rifle).
  • Sniper Gun
    It is a placeholder generic weapon that is in some instances replaced with multiple more specific models. Recurring feature of sniping weapons is a auto-crits with a net damage of 150 against unarmored targets, and thereby the ability to instantly kill any organic target without body armor and immunity to critical hits. The basis hit inflicts 5 damage, critical bonus damage is +120 and damage type bonus is +25 when loaded with HP.
  • Flak
    Flak, the German abbreviation of Flugabwehrkanone, literally „flight-warding cannon“, i.e. anti-aircraft artillery, has entered the English language as a term as encompassing in meaning as it is in German. The original German Flaks of the time in which the term first appears in the German language were high-velocity cannons, firing time-fused high explosive fragmentation shells. This design was the result of the reasoning that a direct hit by the cannon against a target at the distance and speed of a passing aircraft would be highly unlikely, that, however, aircraft were not armored to withstand the fragments expelled by an exploding shell at considerable distance. Thus, if the altitude of the aircraft was known and the shell could hence be detonated at the correct height by calculating the time it would need to reach that altitude, aircraft around the exploding shell would be damaged, even if the shell did not hit the aircraft. This principle was employed in many anti-aircraft guns of the time and still finds use in anti-aircraft missiles today and appears to be the principle behind the Flak-type weapons in Red Alert 2, judging by their damage statistics and explosion animation.

    The use of other kinds of guns was at least not entirely hopeless – machine guns were often used to ward off tactical aircraft and autocannons, for example the Bofors 40mm, which attained great prominence in that role, were highly regarded.

    By the 1950s, missiles had largely replaced guns in anti-aircraft roles. This is the status we see in Red Alert, although the scientific advantage here is clearly with the Soviet Union. In Red Alert 2, the status has inexplicably changed.

    Since Continuum is placed in the 21st century, autocannon anti-aircraft artillery will play a role in tactical air defense, but strategic air defense will be taken over entirely by missiles.
  • Artillery
    The [[Soviet]]s are prominent users of rocket artillery, employing the [[Katyusha|BM-21 Grad]] and the [[Scud Launcher]]. The Asian Alliance employs rocket artillery and railguns. The Brotherhood makes use of improvised rocket mortars, both infantry-ported and vehicle mounted, but neither of these match the firepower of the other sides' artillery. They are however cheaper, available earlier and less vulnerable than other artillery.


Color: Blue (the dark blue of Tiberian Sun, not the comic-y bright blue of RA2)
Playstyle: Balanced, defensive, economy, aerial superiority
Technologies: Advanced infantry training, gattlings, lasers, aircraft

The Allies are the faction we know and love from 'vanilla' Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge, although their unit and building selection has been majorly revamped. The Allies are supposed to be played by players who aim for a faction that is balanced in terms of firepower and defense. It is a good starter faction, as it has few obvious drawbacks and can be played comfortably in a defensive position thanks to a good economy, decent defense structures and the ability to attack with airstrikes, which are usually less impeded than locking horns on the ground. While they do have decent and balanced vehicles, the infantry of the Allies stands out somewhat, as they have various forms of specialized infantry and good commando units the other factions cannot generally match. Also, Chrono Legionnaires are gone. I always found those way too overpowered and way too annoying. Also, GIs do no longer deploy and do not carry machine guns, but don't worry, something else has taken their place.

The aircraft selection of the Allies has fanned out mucho, ranging from the Apache of TD/RA, over the iconic A-10 Warthog for anti-tank work, F-16 to replace the old Harrier, and a variety of call-in aircraft. Aircraft Carriers spawn F-18 Hornets, which look more like proper hornets now than flying go-carts, and the carrier is capable of attacking air targets with them now, which means the Carrier is now not only the primary strike weapon of your fleet, but also provides its anti-air umbrella, replacing the AEGIS Cruiser, which I found awfully specialized and redundant and removed it. These are just examples, and I will fill in other changes and new units later. I'm currently revising whether the Allies should keep Chrono technology, or whether their rapid aerial deployment tactics make that kind of a redundant gameplay element.

The Allied faction consists of three subfactions: the United States of America, Oceania (which is essentially the UK plus its overseas holdings), and the European Union, which is much reduced compared to its RL counterpart, consisting only of western Europe (sans Iberia). Allies also include Canada, Australia (Metal Storm Tank and Crocodile Tank), New Zealand, Argentina and Israel. The United Nations seems to consist of a few western European nations, prominently Britain, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Korea and Taiwan.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

Allies are, of course, a vanilla RA/RA2/YR faction. In the "Cyberian Dawn" build, the side corresponding to the Allies is, according to a note in the unfinished documentation, called „Coalition“, likely a reference to the „Coalition“ engaged in the then-recent Iraq War. The Coalition has three subfactions: America (consisting of the US and Canada in some sort of military or political union), the European Union and the Asian Alliance. NATO is also mentioned, probably involving the American and European parts of the Coalition.
In "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", the "Allies" as such did not exist, however the USA was a playable faction and was allied to Britain (which was also playable), Australia, Thailand and Japan.

* [[S.P.Q.A.]]
* [[The Empire Strikes First]]
* [[Cyberia]]
* [[Wasteland]]
* [[Manifest Destiny]]
* [[Dreams of Empire]]
* [[Cyberian Dawn]]
* [[The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway]]

USA has undergone the American Deformation and become American Empire. The American Empire controls the United Nations, from which most countries Eurasia have withdrawn.

Nicolas Wilson is the current president of the Empire. A career politician of the New American Democratic-Republican Party. He has the brother General Wilson.

The American Empire is continually engaged in warfare into [[Gondwana]], fighting both the [[Latin Confederation]] by means of proxy states with right-wing governments, and the various [[lich]] kingdoms of deeper Gondwana. Especially in terms of the proxy governments they make use of, it can be assumed that the Empire on more than one occasion has been willing to knowingly work with factions affiliated with the [[Third Power]] and the lichs.
In the south, the American Empire is engaged in a continuous struggle with the vampire and lich kingdoms that rule Central America.

The '''American Empire''' is a faction appearing in ''[[Random Kingdom III]]'' and in ''[[Red Alert 2: New World Order]]'' as an [[Allies|allied subfaction]], descended from the [[wikipedia:United States of America|United States of America]] of our time (and timeline). The American Empire maintains the style and form of the United States, such as still being formally led by a president . Likewise, it can be assumed that all other democratic institutions are carefully maintained in form and style, even if devoid of their function.
after their reformation by the [[Illuminati]].
- true power lies with the corporations and military leaders.
The Empire takes pride in its supposed moral and economic superiority over the other factions of the [[Terra|world]]
Through the course of the game, the Empire undergoes its transformation from a democracy to a plutocracy and by the end of the game, is destroyed by a nuclear exchange, however from its ashes rises as the dictatorship envisioned by the Illuminati.
American special is the "Airborne", paradrop of more powerful units.
Spoiler (click here to read it):

Featured in "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", it was a faction of its own.
The Abrams Tank was the country special for awhile.

European Union
This is one possible take on the European Union, combining all the negative stereotypes on the internet (as the setting is Crapsack World, we needed to find some way to frame Europe in a bad way, and it was not easy):
The European Union is the suprastate organization that succeeded the former Allies of World War II. When Soviets were being defeated, the Allied commanders met in Rome in 1957 and signed contract setting foundation for European Union.

European civilization is still concerned with each individual country. The European civilization is still a barbarian warband that is civilized only by the promise that each of the individual nation's interests are valued, much like the ancient greek city-states. Unlike the Islamic civlization, which serves god, or the Chinese civilization, which works towards prosperity and harmonious society for everyone. This makes cooperation rather difficult for Europeans, but through most of recent history, the Europeans have been rather successful, thanks to their significant advances in machinery and science. This makes things even more difficult for Europeans, as they are complacent and arrogant and don't think they need to innovate or learn anything from anyone. They are more and more backwater technologically, with the US and China dominating technological progress. European political systems are democratic and although many leftists think that Europe is neoliberal and coldly capitalist dominated by hybrid economis, in which value is created by the private sector and redistributed by welfare state. Political systems are dominated by postmodernist-relativist 68ers, who have been in power for decades, with the only challenge coming from conservatives. But this challenge is not real - when a new contender arises, political parties, by now all indistinguishable, reshuffle coalitions in a panic to maintain power, so that it is not possible to vote them out of power. After election, it's miraculously the same political parties in power as before. The people are malcontent, but powerless - any political challenge can only be from Nazis, so it's best to keep things as they are, even though they are bad. This sclerotic system may continue for decades, any attempt at fundamental change being bounced off a rubber wall. The central elements of political discourse cannot be changed. Despite urgent redistribution, parties fail to satisfy the demands of the growing quiverfull underclass. Europe has severe demographic problems. Immigrant populations, meanwhile, are growing on and on. They have a clear political vision: Islam. All this has combined the make the political system unstable: large parts of the population are turning away from the political system, as in the beginning of the 20th century, the population is turning to radical parties in response to the viscuous culture of discussion and compromise of the established parties. The left and right limits are growing.

The first significant objects of the people that now make up the European Empire are the huge megalithic structures of the late stone age, the construction methods of which remain unknown to this day. Significant achievment of these people can be found on the british isles. The neolithic Newgrange complex in Ireland predates the egyptian pyramids by more than 500 years, and the famed Stonehenge complex was built only 500 years after the pyramid of Gizeh, though of course not comparable in size. People in northern Europe at that time had a highly-developed understanding of celestial movements, as can be seen on the Nebra sky disc, often arranging their colossal megalithic monuments to various celestial events.
Northern European culture was then overshadowed by the much faster development in the fertile wetlands along the Nile in Egypt, Euphrat and Tigris in modern-day Iraq and Ganges in India. Later, the Greco-Roman civilization around the mediterranean was the center of culture and technology. A significant contribution of northern european peoples to the technology of these days was the invention of chainmail armor by the celts, which was taken up by the Romans. It is not before the Migration Period at the middle of the first millennium AD that the people of northern Europe again set the premises for another rise to the forefront of civilization - albeit by first utterly destroying the mediterranean Roman civilization (though the greek Byzantine Empire survives for another 1000 years before it falls to the Ottoman turks). Then follows a long period of de-civilization - known as the Dark Ages, followed by the conventional middle ages we know, and only during the 16th century do we see a return to a reasonable technological development, starting in Italy, (however in the areas settled mainly by Germanic Lombards, thus it remains hard to tell wether initiated by germanic peoples or Italians) as the Renaissance, which coincides vaguely with the invention of movable type printing in Germany (although known in China for several centuries), then moving through the rest of Europe. Lincoln Cathedral, built in xxxx,

Britain may or may not be a separate country outside the EU, having as specials Crocodile Tank and Aeroblaze.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

Featured in "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", it was a faction of its own.


  • Colt M1911
    Used by security forces, Officers and, of course, also wielded akimbo by Tanya.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 29
    This weapon is not used by any regular unit, but it is equipped by the hero character ?Flint Westwood. When used against infantry, this weapon always deals 9,999 damage, bypassing any form of armor, but it deals the same negligible damage to any vehicle or structure as any handgun. As the weapon is used only by a heroic character, it has no Elite version.
  • BGM-71 TOW
    An anti-tank missile developed in the US and introduced in 1970. Unlike the bynames of the other American missiles introduced in this document, „TOW“ is an acronym, standing for Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided – which already informs us about several central characteristics of the missile. Those variants which have gone into production and for which specifications are known (which exempts two) have all been produced with a ?HEAT warhead, except for the BGM-71F, which uses an ?EFP warhead. In Continuum, only the HEAT-armed variant appears.
  • M47 Dragon
    A man-portable laser-guided anti-tank missile system developed in the US and introduced in . The M47 was phased out in 2001 in favour of the newer FGM-148 Javelin; this development is mirrored in Continuum – we have nonetheless opted to analyse its statistics.

(Exported unit descriptions.)
(Exported "Eurasian Dominion" description.)

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Lol TS infantry and TD cameos

But seriously lol TS infantry and TD cameos

Most of the target audience here are obviously modders so trying to describe changes as new or exciting is rather dull without any images, promo shots or wallpaper.

Also why show the missing cameo.

Finally in regards to your massive block of text - this is the internet - most users will skim reader.

Break down your words into more digestible chunks (i.e. spacing).

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Unfortunately there is not a great deal of infantry SHPs publicly available that match the style of the game very well... as for TD cameos, this is quite intentional. They're not _bad_ artistically, really, and there is no reason to _not_ use them, except for the fact that they're old and done-before.

Third Power
Color: called "olive drab camouflage" on wikipedia!
Playstyle: Elitist, offensive
Technologies: heavy tanks, rayguns, magnetics, railguns, scram cannons, plasma, sonic weapons, chemical weapons, mutation, necromancy, magitek

the Third Power (which he adapted from my mod), which is a sort of fascist European Union military dictatorship that formed in Europe during the Soviet invasion of Red Alert - basically the Axis, but toned down to mild fascism rather than genocidal racism due to the absence of Adolf Hitler. This side consists of Germany, Spain, Italy and Turkey.

The Third Power is, essentially, the clichee version of the German Empire or Nazi Germany. There is no real story yet as to who they are or how they've re-entered the universe of Red Alert (if it's the same universe at all), but here they are. This faction, like its RL counterparts, plays highly offensively, so much that I intend to balance it so that as soon as your offensive breaks, you have essentially lost the match - just as happened in RL - because the units are just so horrendously expensive and defensive structures are nigh-nonexistent that losing the investment you put into a failed invasion force means you have very little to throw against a counter-attack. Technology-wise, the Third Power draws on all the themes of pulp-fiction Nazis and has a "mad scientist" flair - magnetron technoloy and plasma weapons have been moved to the Third Power, for example, but they also have microwave weapons, sonic weapons (a la TibSun's Disruptor), poison gas and some even more unusual and exotic abilities, such as raising the dead (friend or foe) as mindless zombies. Story-wise, much of their technology runs on magitek. Gameplay-wise, you will find this faction to employ alot of very heavy vehicles, which are usually highly specialized - tank destroyers may have railguns that can pierce a row of enemy tanks, but shots pass at arms length over the heads of soldiers. Poison gas may kill entire squadrons of infantry, but it is unable to pass into vehicles at all, etc.
They generally have the best units of any faction in ANY category, but as was mentioned, their units are almost exclusively expensive monstrosities that disable their entire economy when built and are a disastrous loss when destroyed - which combines with their specialization to make for quite a gamble when plotting an attack, as the cost does not allow you to prepare for every threat, and the one you did not prepare for, you will have a hard time stopping.
Some of their units, of course, are also quite ordinary.
The Third Power has such familiar units as the Flak Cannon, the Half-track (the Flak Track with a major revision), the Magnetron, Yuri's Flying Saucer... again, these are examples and I'll provide more detailed unit info.


  • Electromagnetic Linear Accelerator
    Coilguns and railguns and [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_driver]mass drivers[/url]. Unlike railgun-armed units, units armed with coilguns are rarely referred to as such, but more often as Mass Drivers. EMLAs have the unique characteristic of completely piercing enemies, emerging on the other side to hit further enemies, as long as they are within the range of the shot. They also have no penalty when attacking infantry or vehicle armor, however they are notoriously ineffective against buildings, like any kinetic weapon.

    • All types are usually associated with the Third Power, however the Soviet Union developed a coilgun still in use by Eurasia, the Pskov 9000, which is reserved for use with Hero Snipers. Piercing and lack of Dragunov's ineffectiveness against vehicles, combined with the marksmanship ability of the snipers, this allows them to kill the drivers of enemy vehicles.
    • Portable EMLAs are 2handed.
    • EMLAs require two kinds of ammo: slugs (one per shot) and energy. Portable EMLAs are supplied via energy cells (lasts for about 8-10 shots if fully charged) or backpack battery.
    • EMLAs shuts down during ion storms and can be disabled with EMP.
      * Has no damage penalty when attacking vehicles (infact, it will deal damage to vehicles like an AP bullet), however there is no sniping effect on vehicles (after the driver has been killed), meaning it will inflict the same damage as a single shot with an AP bullet from a generic rifle when firing against vehicles.
    • The AP effect is even more noticeable against infantry, as the Coilgun ignores any kind of infantry body armor, which combines with its accuracy and the skill of the wielder to make it the epitome of sniping weapons.
    • Unlike other rifles, there will be a particle trail giving away the position of the sniper.
    • Zeus mech use a coilgun.

  • Self-sustaining Magnetospheres
    Magnotsphere launchers are devices that generate and launch self-sustained magnetic fields, which can be used to encase substances, giving globs of certain substances cohesion while saving the expense of a material projectile. Upon impact, the field collapses, releasing its contents. Magnetospheric launching of plasma and antimatter is used.
  • Plasma Launcher
  • Antimatter Launcher
    Magnetosphere launcher which launches antimatter encased in a magnetic field. When antimatter connects with matter, they will nullify each other in a massive explosion. When antimatter comes into contact with a force-field, or with something that is not conventional matter at all, then this does not result. Instead, merely the kinetic force of the antimatter puts stress on the impact side, provided that the impactum is subject to interaction. The energy resulting from a matter-antimatter reaction may, however, interact with and weaken force-fields and strange matter to a greater degree.

In Europe, Fascist Italy collapsed shortly after the
The German Empire annexed Austria, succesfully occupied Eastern Europe, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and parts of Finland, and decisively defeated the Soviet Union, which was struggling with remainders of the White Army in the Far East. The remaining Soviet Union was reduced to a large, but, though unconquered, powerless landmass. The Germans invaded the British Isles, and occupied Ireland and Scotland, though England itself remains, for unknown reasons, officially a sovereign nation. Nonetheless, the British government goes into exile to Hong Kong, where it is later arrested by the Japanese.

Asia is rapidly conquered by the Japanese. By the mid-60's, the conquest of Asia up to Karachi in our world's Pakistan is completed, and the Japanese continue to form the second-largest nationstate in the world. However, fighting against Commonwealth forces continues in the south of India and in Indochina. Over the course of the next years, Japan controls varying territories

North America is divided into a German, a Japanese, and a Neutral Sector. The Eastern Seabord is partially under direct control by Germany, and partially controlled by the resurrected Confederation. The Western Seabord is placed under Japanese control and gradually splits of from the main empire through a series of events within the imperial familiy to form the nation of Sudeki, in which Asian and American culture uniquely blends into each other.
The Midwest remain what they where before the war: the disputed Midwest, through no longer „Disputed“, but „Independant“, being of no interest to both world powers, and cautiously designed to act as a buffer between the outer east and west of the nation in an intensifying cold war between Germany and Japan. The Soviet Union reportedly supported militia organizations, collectively referred to as „American Freedom Fighters“, in the region, to attack Japanese and German presence, and the Midwestern Territories are mentioned as the place of worst ongoing fightings since the end of the war. At some point in the 80's, the Sudekian capital of San Fransisco is destroyed by a nuclear explosion attributed to the Freedom Fighters, and Tokyo retaliates by nuking the Midwest, turning the area into a deserted wasteland, but feeding the rage of the surviving inhabitants.

In Central and South America, allegiances vary from nation to nation, region to region, and day to day. Some nations, like Mexico, have close ties to to the Axis, but have problems maintaining a position in the increasing cold war. Most of the other nations are subject to civil wars and perpetual revolutions by left-wing militias sponsored by the Soviet Union, and right-wing military juntas sponsored by Germany.

Africa is largely controlled


  • Color: Gold (the "GDI gold" of Tiberian Sun)
  • Emblem: plum, cherry, rose, chrysanthemum, orchid, sun, taijitu/taeguk
  • Playstyle: Spammer, turtling
  • Technologies: rocketry, electronics, AI, automata, walkers, cybernetics, drones, monoblades, hover, amphibious units, naval units, neurolinking, powered armor, cloak, nanoengineering

Eastasia is one of the few elements of my mod that has a decent background story. It's a more realistic take on the Alternate Pacific War that supposedly spawned the Empire of the Rising Sun of RA3. In my version, the Japanese expansion in Asia is never hindered by the US throughout the 30s, 40s and 50s. Although the reality of the Iwo Jima and Arizona memorials in RA2 cannot be denied, and hence the existence of a Japanese-American confrontation during the Pacific War is hard to refute, without the war in Europe, the US might not have used such drastic measures against Japan as they did in our world, nor were they willing to commit the resources to Operation Olympic (planned invasion of Japan in WW2). Instead, perhaps, the US welcomed the growth of Japanese influence in mainland Asia to contain communist influence there. In any case, in the mid-60s, after decades of heavy fighting between various states and warlords, the superstate of Eastasia emerged as a unified power, encompassing China, Japan, Korea, Indochina down to Indonesia, Mongolia and parts of India. Japan may not necessarily even have won that war, but it was integrated into the new superstate. The more I explored the repercussions of this divergence, even being very liberal in the possible events to follow, no amount of justified divergence would get an emperor. The closest possible outcomes would be a victory in China by either the Nationalists or Japan.
Eastasia composed of Singapore, China (including Taiwan, but other areas within the Qing/RoC borders are battlegrounds disputed by Eurasia), Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Korea (undivided; no Abrams Tank, get Black Eagle), Thailand (get Palace for Tech Center), Cambodia, Japan (No Abrams Tank, get Predator Mech for Light Tank), and India, although its status is disputed. It is at least partially controlled by Eastasia, although it does not seem to be a full member country of the Alliance and merely a colony; everything south of a rough line connecting Pune, Hyderabad and Vijayawada seems to be a battlezone.

Important events:

  • 1900s: A POD that maintains monarchy in China without being entirely implausible would have to be no later than this in my estimation, and very likely much earlier. This is not taking into account any PODs that effect the success of Yuan Shikai's attempt of establishing himself as emperor. Any POD to that effect happening within the timeframe of Yuan Shikai's rule would be implausible or out-of-context, but it is possible that a POD may occur at an earlier date that would effect Yuan Shikai's success later on.
  • 1930s: "Just when we learn how to play poker, they change the game to bridge." I think this is the most „interesting“ period of this timeline – there are many subtle differences in the courses of events that would go on to dominate the following decades and decide on the existence and nature of Eastasia. During the 1930s, Japan first began occupying territory on the Asian mainland. Since this happens before our putative POD, the developments can be considered unchanged. In OTL, the United States imposed economic sanctions upon Japan in response to this „barbaric act of colonialism“ (see the header quote), although the more likely, or at least equally likely, rationale was that the Japanese were threatening US and British economic interests in China. From imposing these sanctions, which cut Japanese access to important resources vital to the war in China (such as oil), we arrive in a straight line at the Japanese attacks against the Dutch East Indies and possibly other actions against European colonies. We may also arrive at the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, and so, by this, come to the Pacific War, in which Japan is crushed and China falls to the communists. The absence of a simultaneous European theater would have no effect on the macropolitical outcome of this war.
    (It is possible, but not likely, that it would lead to a quicker Japanese defeat and thus to a stronger KMT and thereby avoid the victory of the communists, but this is unlikely) However, whether the imposition of sanctions would in fact lead to the attack on Pearl Harbour is debatable.
    Without their German ally, Japan may be far more apprehensive to go to war with the USA, but I do not actually believe this to be the case – the US were not at war with Germany prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour and chances were high that, despite US aid to Britain and the Soviet Union, it would have stayed that way, had Japan not attacked (and Germany subsequently committed the blunder of separately declaring war on the US). Indeed, the rationale behind the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour seems not to have relied upon, or even considered, the existence of Japan's European allies. It thus seems likely that this attack would have occured even without the existence of the Axis powers. This leaves Japan rather isolated though, which I feel to be unrealistic. There are, however, several other possible developments during this period which could turn out to avoid a confrontation:
    (Buchanan) Again, without the experience made regarding appeasing Hitler (which Buchanan argues as the main point), America may have been accepting this proposal. This way, Japan keeps Manchuria and a few coastal possessions, the trade embargo is lifted and China will fall to the KMT. The interesting question would be what would motivate this arrangement, and also what would motivate it to converge into a single state – the answer would have to be the Soviet Union, but the Soviet Union does not get to play a role in the Far East until the early 50s! One of the most substantial repercussions of the absence of the Hitlerists in far-away Germany would ironically work in Japan's favour – without the genocidal antijudaism of the 30s and 40s, scientists important to the US atomic bomb program would have perhaps stayed in Europe and the atomic bomb would never have been created, or created much later, perhaps in Europe. This is essentially the RA3 outcome – the US may be apprehensive about invading the Japanese islands, and the Japanese subsequently keep their monarchy, independence and perhaps even their Chinese empire, even if defeated. Although they would likely still lose China in the mid- to long-term if unable to expand into areas that provide access to oil. I think the question that dictates the outcome of these decisions is whether all parties involved perceive the Soviet Union as the dominant threat. In 1937, the Soviet Union signed a non-aggression pact with the Republic of China and it is likely that the Soviets supported the KMT over the CPC during the war against Japan. In fact, the RoC seems to have been the preferred recipient of donations from pretty much all factions in the war – early on, the KMT received German military aid and training, the US supported them as championing an arrangement that would prove no hindrance to US economic interests in China, and the Soviet Union support them as the seemingly best investment in countering the Japanese. If Japan accepts the US peace proposal, China would be two-way split into the Republic of China, in which the remaining communists are persecuted (likely successfully), and a Japanese puppet state in Manchuria and perhaps some Japanese coastal possessions. A possible and entirely unanticipated result (yet one I believe I have seen in some alternative history novel) is that Japan aligns with the Soviet Union! I have committed a detailed analysis of the developments that could bring this situation about, but I believe it to be unlikely, or at least consider the rejection of this outcome plausible.
  • 1940s: Assuming that Japan's conquest of the Chinese mainland goes unchecked, it is likely that by now
  • 1950s
  • 1960s: According to the proposed timeline, 1964 is the year in which Eastasia is founded. This implies that the founding is not the end of a series of conquests by an expanding power, which predates this date and merely declares the extent of its conquests to have met its goal, but rather, it implies the founding of a new organization by other pre-existing factions.
    This can readily be conciled with the previous state of affairs – namely, a divided China.
  • 2000s: Bubblegum Crisis

As with all factions, in the design of the technology roster of the EA, I felt compelled to take into account both the ancient and the modern – to include a consistency and continuity of ancient typicals, but in a way that would not be outdated in a modern setting, by improving it technologically.

In this course, I may have placed upon myself constraints that may yet turn out to have ruined the outcome, and others may approach this matter differently.

Another aspect of Eastasian success is its collectivist culture that resulted from millennia of dense population. Not necessarily the concilliation of a multitude of different interest, like the European civilization, but rather a sense of serving the organizational structure of the state. The high population allows Eastasia to produce infantry at 80% cost.

The Hegemony relies on masses of light infantry, supported by combat automatons in various shapes, from small, tracked devices, over simulacrae in human likeness, to towering walkers. Hegemony vehicles are almost universally light. Hegemony weapons reflect the superstate's advances in chemical technology, artificial intelligence and engineering. Not all of the Hegemony's vast area has access to state-of-the-art military equipment – in many areas, the military is still equipped with out-dated hardware, sometimes dating to the beginning of the Great Asian War.

  • Authoritarianism: Besides its meritocratic principles, Eastasian society is also stratified by seniority.
  • Bureaucracy
  • Conservatism
  • Meritocracy
  • Isolationism: While composed of major exporters, the EA is culturally isolationist.
  • While ethnically largely homogenous compared to America and Russia, Eastasia is home to a variety of faiths, some familiar (Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto, Chinese folk religion), some modern artificial or syncretistic, such as popular "Christao", a combination of Christianity and Daoism. The official state ideology is reported by Western sources as "Death Worship", which may be a slanderous take on the "Obliteration of Self" concept.

The Eastasian state-capitalism is organized into several family-owned business conglomerates (Zaibatsu) closely connected to the state, and characterized by Third Way and neomercantilistic protectionism. Eastasian industry uses the Kaizen principle and heavily uses automatics in production. Yen is in use in Eastasia, although it may not be the only currency. It is mostly a digital currency, which allows companies to calculate with fractions of single currency units. SI prefixes are sometimes used when expressing amounts of currency.  

Spoiler (click here to read it):

The use of SI prefixes when expressing currency is a reference to Dirty Pair. It may be that SI prefixes are used in English only, while in local languages, the similar system is used of expressing large numbers with symbols of their own, rather than as compounds as in the Hindu-Arabic decimal system.  

Although it is far younger than the other superpowers and has only recently begun to modernize and industrialize, its vast population and keen spirit for innovation has allowed the Eastasians, or Asian Alliance, to match the other powers. However, the Eastasians are not an expansionist faction - seeing that outside the boundaries of their civilization, there are only the waters of the Pacific, the frozen tundra of Siberia and the desert steppes of central Asia, they have concluded that it is best to isolate themselves from the world and rely on self-sufficiency, and their playstyle reflects this - with the exception of their naval forces, the Eastasians have horrible mobile forces - for example, their heaviest fighting vehicle is a light tank. Instead, they have fanned out the heaviness scale between infantry and light tank with a variety of powered armor suits and light mechs. On the plus side, their units are incredibly cheap and can be spammed easily, and many advanced units are accompanied by drones that are replaced for free if destroyed, meaning you can swamp your enemy with units - the only way to achieve anything offensively. However, the main playstyle the Alliance is adapted to is playing "Great Wall" - turtling. With the best walls in the game and a variety of defensive buildings, they are more than a match for any attacking force, on the ground, on the sea or in the air. The Eastasians do not have any serious 'base-breaking' superweapons vis-a-vis the Soviet Nuke or Allied S.O.L. to bear down on the enemy from behind their cover though, being relegated mostly to the Hacker-powered harassment abilities of their Comm Center, and so, while playing tower defense may allow you to live, in order to also win, you will eventually be forced to come out of your shell and take the battle to your enemies.

The Eastasians have a rather distinct construction system compared to the other factions (well, a few other factions have different systems now too) to reflect their general stationary nature and being-uninterested in expansion - they have no MCV, neither do they start with one. Instead, they start all skirmish games with a pre-placed Construction Yard, and cannot expand any other way than through the Adjacent feature - although they do get a special structure that they can 'chain' to colonize faraway locations.
* All Eastasian non-defense structures use a special 'paper' armor that makes them nigh-immune to some forms of base-razing weaponry (especially seismic damage), but also means their armor is reduced against light weapons. This ensures that a player has to actually breach their defenses before destroying their base. Bypassing the defenses with superweapons would unbalance this side.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

In build "Cyberian Dawn" and Build 2010, the Asian Alliance was a regional alliance of the Allied portion of Asia, dominated by India and Japan, but including other Asian nations of the Allied side – Thailand, the Philippines, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia and numerous Pacific islands. This subfaction had advanced air force. In some version, only the southern part of Japan was affiliated with the Allies. Originally, it included South Vietnam and Nationalist Chinese forces on the mainland, but these were lost early.

The  of Japanese is a new Allied nation to replace the original "Asian Alliance" nation in RA2, Korea.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

In Build "Cyberian Dawn", Japan was divided between a US-controlled southern part, and a Cyberian-controlled northern part, although the nation is remote from the events of the ''Random Kingdom III'' and information is sketchy on whether the Soviet part actually includes more than the island of Sakhalin, a formerly-Japanese island that came into Soviet control (and is now Russian) in our timeline too. This is a reference to The Place Promised In Our Early Days.

In RA2/YR, the status of Korea is ambiguous. There is a country simply called "Korea", which has the flag and territory of South Korea, which could indicate the absence of North Korea.
There is, however, a soviet mission pretty early in the soviet campaign, called "Defenders of The Homeland", in which soviet forces in syberia deal a painful blow against attacking Korean forces.
In Continuum, there is no Korean division. This probably has something to do with the defeat of the Soviet Union in China during the same timeframe as the Korean War in OTL, and the inability to support a pro-Soviet government. The details of Koreas release from Japanese rule and the absence of Communist Chinese support for a North Korean government are hidden in the mists of the Eastasian Unification Wars. Korea was devastated by the Soviet invasion of the 1950s, but has since recovered and developed a powerful hi-tech industry and important naval yards that produced civilian and military ships for the entire free world, the northern half of the country was soon bankrupt.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

In "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", Korea is divided as in OTL. North Korea is a playable ally of China, while South Korea is associated with America, but not playable. Both are identical to their OTL counterparts.


  • Fletchers
    The SWARM system is an effective missile launch system that fires large numbers of mini-missiles, distributing them over a large area. The missiles are pre-set with a target and the homig function is started with a little delay after the initial launch (comparable to TOW or HOT, this was implemented to avoid damage to the firer by the missiles jetstream since the SWARM was originally designed as an personell-vs-personell weapon.). There are alternate settings like RndTrg (random target) and Sct (Scatter) to control the missile behaviour. SWARMs are extremely effective against aircraft. The indivudual missile is no danger to an armored target, but in great numbers, and due to their flight characteristics (scrambling towards the target from all sides), they can pose a significant threat to almost any combat unit.
    Spoiler (click here to read it):

  • Nanoengineering
    Nano engineering is another matter in which I have attempted to intersect a continuity of tradition with modern technology. Nanonengineering is put to numerous uses. Nanites can extract resources by dissembling their environment on a molecular scale, to produce structures, including reproducing more nanites, are used defensively to repair machinery and even tissue. Nanites can also assemble larger structures out of their own bodies or available material. On this basis was developed „adaptive armor“, armor plates manufactured from nanomaterial that actively adapts to damage, rendering each subsequent hit of the same or a similar weapon less effective against the tank.
    The adaption happens quickly and takes extreme forms, where massive fire from a dedicated anti-tank gun the tank has adapted to will be reduced in effectiveness comparable to small arms fire. Though massive amounts of damage from any weapon will still suffice to overload the resistance and bring the tank down, the best way to destroy adaptive armor is either to use sufficiently high damage as the first measure to bring down the tank before it can adapt, though this method is demanding in the face of the high numbers of units fielded by the Asian Alliance, or, if lacking sufficient firepower to concentrate on the target, use multiple different types of damage against the target.
    Adaptive armor can adapt to

    • small arms fire, becoming resistant to any small caliber weapons relying on kinetic impact in one way or another. It also adapts to some types of autocannon.
    • explosions, becoming resistant to weapons relying on blast damage in one way or another. It also adapts to some types of autocannon.
    • energy
    • nanites This means adaption to one's own adaption, and is a severe drawback of the ARA used as of today: The ARA will recognize adaption as an adverse effect on its structure, and will attempt to adapt to resist changes, after a given period of time. This can either lead to the freezing of the adaption process, locking the armor in the adaption state it last had, or it can kick in a runaway adaption process, in which the armor attempts to adapt to the adaption, and then to adapt to the adaption to the adaption, and so on, leading to an ultimate and fatal breakdown of the armor, leaving it without any adapted resistance and making it easily piercable by even the lightest of weapons.

    When adaptive armor adapts to a certain type of damage, it will cancel its previous adaption and become as vulnerable to all other damage types as it was before. In addition, each type

    They can also be used offensively, even dissembling entire populations in a recursive production, like a biological weapon, except capable of dissembling hardware and being resistant to most measures aimed at microorganisms.

    Spoiler (click here to read it):

    The use of nanites as an artificial biological weapon was inspired by the „Nao-Daishi“ plague of Dirty Pair.
    In Build „2010“, „Adaptive Reactive Armor“ was developed by the United States and first employed on the „M213 Predator“.

    Certain types of Adaption cancel each other out, meaning that causing the armor to adapt to one damage type inadvertably poses a limit on resistance to another damage type. If the armor is subjected to that damage type, it will readapt, limiting its resistance to the first damage type, so that type can be used against it, causing it to readapt once more, making it an easy target for the second type. This can be repeated until the tank is either destroyed or its adaption process deadlocks due to Adapt_W Adaption (see above), causing the armor to freeze in the resistance / wea

Mao Zedong wrote:

Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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wut iz ze Brotherhood?

Also learn how to convert Civ3 infantry from CivFanatics - that can be mixed better with RA2 styled units. And they made a lot of real or sci-fi stuff so I'm pretty certain you could pull out a whole mod out from that. I don't find TD cameos lol, I'll also gonna use some - not to mention, that everyone still runs with the RA1 Medic cameo anyway.

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Mods generally rely on two aspects to stand out, gameplay and art. Art can be visibly shown, therefore is easily displayed on a forum. Gameplay however is more difficult, and can't really be displayed in text regardless of how detailed you make it.

I didn't read much of your post, but from my quick scan it looks like you have put a lot of thought into gameplay. My recommendation would be to get your project to a state where you can communicate it more effectively.

Enjoy, and good luck!
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you wrote mod has been in dev for very long time
but no pics nor important stuff has been shown

and that much text just makes me do "meh lets scroll down"
Ordosherrscher wrote:

though you can add a spawn animation with veins it will give you some weird ... stuff
it spawned veins, but also Rocks, Brigdes ...

Tony wrote:

Bridgehole Monster Laughing

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i assume the shilka's function are based on gameplay, in real life shilka's are used against light armored ground targets too and even as mid-range /artillery by the syrian army, and it works.

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blubb wrote:
i assume the shilka's function are based on gameplay, in real life shilka's are used against light armored ground targets too and even as mid-range /artillery by the syrian army, and it works.

Well infact, the Shilka can actually be used against ground targets #Tongue
It is just *primarily* anti-aircraft in that it has several abilities that are anti-air only. But the main autocannons can be used against both.

Updated OP to include moar pictures (mainly in the Eastasia section).

Allied Units & Buildings

  • Destroyer
    2 Inch Naval Gun
    Depth Charges
    Stinger Missiles
  • Cruiser
    The Cruiser, remade from RA. This time, it's not the heaviest craft around, but it still packs a reasonable punch against any and all ground targets.
    Guided Missiles
  • Battleship
    The Leviathan Battleship was extensively used to support allied landing operations. The "Katamaru 2" was sunk by a SSM missile launched by an unnamed assault vessel in a short conflict with a little destroyer group in the fjords. The ssm was directed at one of the destroyers, but while the missile was aligning to the target, the Katamaru 2 was just turning and got into te line of fire. The missile exploded on deck, and although it was a monsterous warship, it could not take as much fire as it looked like. The ship, which was already damaged by minor hits from the enemy destroyers and friendly fire, wich was easy to catch in the packed, chaotic scenerie of the battle, sunk immedeately. No crew member survived, although many friendly ships where close.
    After said destroyer group has moved further into the fjord, the allied fleet stopped the pursuit in order to keep in time with the planned invasion of the French Greenhouse. After the destroyers had succesfully attacked and destroyed the allied Shipyards, they turned to face the allied transports. The helicopters where ordered on direct route to the Greenhouse continent, when the destroyers were approaching. The remaining assault vessel escort turned to face the destroyers. It fired several missiles at the ships, but since the weaponry was designed for sea-based strikes to land structures, the hits were not pretty effective. Also, in these days, the allied fleet did not use the SSM warhead, which was still being tested and had shown several technical problems, but the old V3 high explosives warhead. Unable to pierce the destroyers armor, the fate of the Vessel was sure to be turned to a lump of rusty metal at the bottom of the arctic seas. But the destroyers ignored the vessel, heading straight towards the transporters, the move that had been feared the most by allied commanders. The transporters hovered onto a small island, where they could wait in safety. The destroyers did a move that was indeed the best option, yet allied commanders had not expected such a thing from the Greenhouse troops: They cut the transporters way from the other side. First, they only moved by, then when the transporters tried to sneak over to the Greenhouse mainland only a few miles ahead, they returned, sinking one of the tranporters, before the Assault Vessel could arrive. The other transport made it safely to the other side, and was only then destroyed by 155mm when already on firm ground. Most or even all personell aboard survived the crash. When they wanted to turn to teach the destroyer a lesson, it turned and instead, fought the Assault Vessel still in the small strait between the Greenhouse mainland and the isle. The vessel was sunk by several destroyers without denching them even a little, for above reasons. But without the support of the long-range Assualt Vessel, the operation was doomed. And it was even more hopeless as expected. As the helicopters were unloaded and the troops - in their majority still present - stepped into the French Greenhouse base perimeters, shells rained down onto them by the Grand Cannon. This weapon would have been no problem for the Vessel's SSMs. But the troops had no change. The helicopters where sent to kill the Cannon, but where shot down by air defense. The forward marching infantry was never stopped, thou facing though enemy fire, as allied command was relying on their sheer number. Indeed, they were quite rapidly crushed for such a big army, and the operation had failed. Allied command soon resigned, leaving the local base and troops to the mercy of the French Greenhouse, Pink Panther and Cloning-dyke Gold.

    In all coming fights, the Allied American States would instead rely on the - now fuly functional - SSM warhead for the Assault Vessel's launcher, and a radically improved battleship design, replacing the old anti-aircraft missile launchers with a series of 15 inch cannon, that were originally intended as primary weapons, now being considered smaller cannons in comparison to the new 30 Inch main cannon, to would make short work of ground naval units, and thus implementing a design that originally intended the use of such secondary weapons - among others - for the use on Imperator Battle Ships, while the main cannon was replaced by said 30 Inch cannon, and was still intended for combating land-based targets from out of their range, but now being more effective in that task, as the 30 Inch had more firepower, and a considerably larger range, nearly like the aircraft carrier used in the region. To support it's sea battle abilities (because that was what it had been created for, after all), the armour was reinforced, reducing the speed of the anyway slow craft considerably. After all, the plating and structure was still held over from the aircraft carrier, which's basic design had been used to create all but the shape of the craft, and the weaponry, and hadn't been changed since the experimental stadium of the craft. The new vessel was to withstand severly more enemy fire and was considered to be the best naval battle craft in the region - lightyears ahead of the usual destroyer class ships, that came at good price and where good alrounders, yet without any anti-air capabilities. The Imperator now had this weakness too, but it employed a more efficient anti-lan and long-range weaponry, that would finish aircraft carriers of at an range nearly equal to that of the launched fighters themselves, so only land-based aircraft would remain a problem, being stripped of the former missile launcher.
    The final step was ar classification of the 15 inch guns as secondary, and the 30 inch anti-land gun as secondary, to reinforce the purpose of the 15-inchers in primary role against other naval craft, and the 30-incher against landbased targets, and the 30 inch warhead was standadized to be V3 HE, not normal HE, to suit it to the anti-structure role (remember V3 high explosives being mostly worthless against ships, although this propably would not matter at said caliber)

    Already, before the first test, engineers vowed they had created a true monster of the seas, a unit worthy of the title Leviathan, and first test showed no else result

    Forget the Cruiser, commander - yes, you did hear correctly - Forget the Cruiser... the Battleship dwarves the Cruiser's firepower by the factor 2. Its 16 inch guns have the same range as the Cruiser's 8 inch guns, and they share the same inaccuracy. The weapons may do tremendous damage, and no-one dare challenge the Allied fleet on the high seas, however, the guns reload slowly and the damage spread is quite narrow, making this unit a tad less effective when dealing with faraway or small and mobile targets. It has also less range than an aircraft carrier or Dreadnought, but at least the shells cannot be shot down. Aircraft Carriers and submarines are the only resonable threats to this leviathan, as it has neither anti-aircraft nor ASW weapons. So, while it may seem a good idea to build a Battleship and send it of to level the enemy base on its own, also be cause of its high cost, a clever commander will not neglect support from AEGS Cruisers and Destroyers to create an all-round effective fleet.
    16 Inch Guns
  • Aircraft Carrier
       • Sniper deploys - The Sniper can now lie down to increase his aim, adding to his range and damage. Elite snipers can deploy sandbag bunkers, from which they can further increase their attack.
       • either Gun Turret & AA Turret OR keep Patriot Launcher and add SSM Launcher (named after a specific missile type, to keep in line with Patriot Launcher, I suggest "TOW Launcher")
       • Mine Layer - Places land mines by deploying. Each Mine Layer carries 5 mines initially, which cannot be reloaded once depleted. The Mine Layer can be sent to the Grinder though, but an empty Mine Layer gives less cash than one which still has mines.
       • Land Mine - A mine layed by the Mine Layer. These mines are optimized for use against the heavy soviet armor, and will only detonate against vehicles, in which case they will deliver a deadly or at least heavily damaging impact to the affected vehicle. The Mines are short-ranged, and will also detonate at the slightest damage they take, but they will remain invisible to the enemy if no special sensor equipment is being used.
       • Air Pad - If you had your share of four Harriers, there's now no need to build further Airforce Command Centers, commander. You can simply build this Air Pad, which, at a price of 500$, comes much cheaper than the Airforce HQ and fulfills the same role of reloading and repairing four additional Harriers. It doesn't give you Radar, though, but considering you already own one Airforce HQ when you built this structure, this isn't really a drawback.
       • Cruise Missile Launcher

  • Kamikaze Drone / Flying Bomb / BQ-7 Aphrodite / Bomb Drone
  • F-4 Phantom II
  • XB-35 Fortress Bomber
  • U-2 Spyplane
  • F-17
  • F-117 / Stealth Fighter - A fighter invisible to enemy radar. The Stealth Fighter flies very high, protecting it from most aa weapons. It carries several missiles, which can attack both ground and air targets. When elite, the missiles are cluster missiles and the plane itself becomes cloaked.
  • B-2 / Stealth Bomber
    Heavy, high-flying bomber of dubious canonicity that is invisible to enemy radar. The Stealth Bomber carries one strafing run worth of high explosive conventional bombs. When elite, the bomber drops cluster bombs and becomes cloaked. This, combined with its high flight level, makes it immune to most aa weapons.

    It is the in-game incarnation of the real-life aircraft of the same name. It is not certain where the aircraft was supposed to be included into the game, but hints in the code and forum commentaries suggest that it was probably intended either as a bomber that replaces the [[B-1 Lancer]] after a technology upgrade, a side-specific replacement for the B-1 Lancer, probably of General Thorn (as it is stealthed) or General Griffon, or as a bomber used by call-in airstrikes, similar to the B-52, where the B-2 would deliver smaller payloads, and the B-52 would deliver heavier weapons, such as (and perhaps exclusively) the nuclear bomb. Because "flying-wing" designs are a feature of [[Third Power]] technology (keeping with Nazi Germany being the origin of such designs in RL's World War II)

    ==See also==
    * [[wikipedia:B-2 Spirit]]
    * [[Bird of Prey]]
    * [[B-1 Lancer]]
    * [[B-52 Stratofortress]]

  • B-52 / Nuke Bomber - heavy, slow bomber carrying a single nuclear bomb. '''B-52 Stratofortresses''' can be built by the [[Allies]]. It is a strategic bomber aircraft, meaning its ammunition has to be refitted after each attack at an [[Airport]]. It is flying at high altitudes and can only be attacked by few anti-aircraft weapons, even though fighters and interceptors can counter it. It is only called onto the battlefield by a few bombing-type superweapons and carries the respective bombs to their destination. This includes nuclear bombs.

    * [[Nuclear bomb]]
    * [[Earthquake bomb]]
       • Sonic Tank - A tank mounting a sonic cannon. The cannon fires a sonic pulse which damages everything in its path.
       • Gun Boat
       • Chrono Prison - The Chrono Prison can capture ANY unit with chrono beam and imprison it inside a space-time pocket inside of it. Each Chrono Prison can however only be used once to capture an enemy unit, and cannot target buildings.
       • Phalanx
       • Saboteur
       • Mobile Outpost / Base Expansion Node
  • MLRS
    ===Cargo Carrier===
    Armored utility vehicle that gathers resources and carries supplies for the troops on the front. It is fitted with gathering equipment for ore. The Carrier is immune to radiation and other environmental hazards. It is armed with a remote-controlled weapon station with a 20mm autocannon.

    ===Troop Carrier===
    The same '''Carrier''', with a troop module instead of the cargo box of the supply variant. It can carry up to 8 infantrymen.
  • M213 Predator Tank
    Light tank, or tankette, operated by a crew of two, although it can be operated by one. The Predator is designed for urban combat and light engagements. Has a 75mm cannon and adaptable armor.
    ===Paladin Tank===
    ===Mobile Satellite Uplink===

       • Academy
       • Patriot Launcher fires two missiles and will fire at Paratroopers
       • Arctic image for Sniper
       • Chrono Legionnaire deploys
       • Militia - A CDF Minuteman armed with a M1 Carbine civilian hunting rifle. Fast to train, cheap, but not only in price. Equals the Soviet Conscript.
       • Fixed amount of money received from Guardian GI being sent into Grinder
       • Guardian GIs now use previously unused sounds
       • Two unused sounds for spy are now used (one for selecting and one for infiltration).
       • Plenty new IFV modes (and previously unused, as well as new, turrets)
       • All IFV mode weapons now have an Elite version
       • The Prism Tank's weapon now causes InfDeath=5, like the Prism Cannon.
       • Battle Fortress can no longer be built in Naval War
       • EMP Tank
       • Railgun Tank - A tank carrying a single railgun. The railgun fires slow, but will destroy or seriously damage anything in its path. It has no splash damage, though.
       • Blue-tint construction clock anim
       • Chrono Tank - The RA Chrono Tank. Teleports and attacks with anti-tank missiles. Good for hit-and-run attacks.
       • Chrono Transport - Carries up to 5 soldiers (or up to 2 Terror Drones and one soldier or up to 2 Brutes and one soldier) and teleports.
       • Nimitz Aircraft Carrier
       • Howitzer (with fixed voxel)
       • French Wall
       • Sandbags
       • Microwave Tank
       • Arctic image for GI
  • Guard
    Guards are sort of 'riot police' deployed by Oceania and Europe as basic infantry. They are not meant to confront full-scale military infantry. They are armed with submachine guns, batons (unused in game) and on elite level can deploy stun grenades. Like all basic infantry, they can occupy structures, but their firepower will be very poor from inside, as their weapons are only effective at short ranges.
    * Only Oceania and the European Union can train Guards, but capturing a neutral-tech "Guard Station" (i.e. police station in our world's terms) allows other factions to train them as well.
  • GI

    Pretty much identical to the 'vanilla' GI, except for a few code snippets. Strongest basic infantry and effective vs infantry one-on-one, but also expensive. The major change to this unit is that he can no longer deploy, and of course the graphical change. On the plus side, he now uses a proper M-16 assault rifle rather than the silly SMG of his vanilla version. This does not make a huge difference in terms of damage output though. GIs now wear combat armor, increasing their armor class to 'flak'.

    • Only the USA can train GIs.
    • Can capture buildings and civilian units.
    • Capturing civilian buildings and units is a one-frame action that transfers ownership.
    • Capturing military structures takes several frames and involves a stance shift by the GI.
    • Military units and defense structures cannot be captured at all.

    Spoiler (click here to read it):

    Existed in "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", available to the USA and Britain.

    Heavy Gunner
    In Continuum, Heavy Gunner is equivalent to the GI of vanilla RA2/YR. Carries a SMG and an M60 MG. He has to deploy to use his machine gun. Costing 200$, the Heavy Gunner is effective against infantry and even light vehicles, but ineffective against heavy vehicles, aircraft and buildings. Can also be used as a SAW to provide suppressive fire in support of a squad of Minutemen militia / guerilla as a cost-effective alternative to all-GI teams when engaging enemy infantry and light-armored vehicles. One GI in such a supportive role included in a squad of eight to fourteen soldiers may yield the best results for the money invested, also because when engaging enemy forces, the deployed GI has a larger range than the Minutemen and can attack enemy units from the rear, while enemy units tend to engage the mass of Minutemen, which do less damage but are in the front, thus taking considerable damage from the GI while wasting time wasting the lighter units, before engaging the GI. Heavy Gunner requires Barracks and Radar.

    Missilier GI

    The Missilier 'replaces' the Guardian GI. 'Replaces' in as much as filling the anti-tank/anti-air role of the GGI, but he does not double in an anti-infantry role, nor does he deploy. Basically the same as the GI, except that he carries a shoulder-launched missile weapon. The Missilier carries two different types of guided missiles, one that is highly maneuverable, but less damaging, intended for anti-aircraft use, and ATGMs, which are less accurate and slower, but deal more damage to armor, allowing him to take out enemy armor with comparative ease. Missiliers are effective against vehicles and aircraft, but ineffective against buildings and infantry and, like regular GIs, vulnerable to small arms fire and thus should always be backed up by regular GIs against enemy footsoldiers. Like GIs, Missiliers can occupy buildings, but are unable to use their anti-aircraft missiles when doing so, as obviously, the roof of the building restricts their firing angle.

    • Missiliers now have the same HP as regular GIs, and cost 50$ less than the Guardian GI (since they are less versatile now).
    • They also share the same 'bullet-proof vest' (i.e. flak) armor of the GI.

    Spoiler (click here to read it):

    In build "Cyberian Dawn", this unit was called simply "Rocket Infantry". It was available to both Allies and Soviets. Since v .8, the Rocket Soldier has been removed for the Soviets in favour of the Tank Hunter for anti-tank purpose. The Rocket Soldier's antiair capability was found to be redundant because of the Flak Trooper. The Rocket Soldier remains buildable to the Allied side, and to both sides in Skirmish games.
    In "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", it was called "Bazooka".

    Rocket Soldier
    Can be built by all sides in multiplayer, but some nations are excluded due to their replacements for this unit.

  • Grenadier GI
  • Rocketeer GI
  • Bombardier GI
  • Marine
  • Ranger
  • Enforcer
  • Rocketeer
    Possibly changed to X3 unit.
  • Engineer (Allies)

    The Allied Engineer was differentiated from his Soviet counterpart (as the default graphic in RA2/YR seems to have been the Soviet engineer). The Allied Engineer is virtually identical to his Soviet and vanilla counterparts, except for the graphical change. However, this graphical change does represent a gameplay element - he is wearing a rather heavy bomb disposal suit (flak armor), which makes him far more resilient to enemy fire than the Soviet engineer. The suit also protects from environmental hazards, meaning the Engineer takes -25% damage from poison gas, biological weapons and radiation, and makes them immune to Tiberium. Of course, this helps very little if either agent is delivered not by environmental effects, but rather with a projectile that pierces the suit! Their suit also protects from psychic effects to a degree, rendering them immune to mind control and reducing psychic damage. They are also immune to berserk, unless it is delivered by gas or projectiles.
    There are some other changes, but these apply to the engineers of all factions:
    * Multiple Engineers are now required to capture structures, with each Engineer reducing the HP of the structure by 1/3rd, and the first Engineer to enter a structure at 1/3rd of its HP capturing that structure. This does not apply to unowned or neutral tech structures, which can be captured by a single engineer regardless of their repair state.
    * Buildings that CANNOT be captured by the engineer (mostly base defense buildings) will instead be demolished with a C4 charge.
    * Engineers can capture unowned vehicles, or vehicles that have lost their crew. Just like structures, this will consume the engineer.
    * It is planned that Engineers can erect sandbag barriers that give nearby infantry cover. This feature is still being tested and might end up being side-specific.


    This unit replaces the Chrono Legionnaire (which I removed, or rather transformed into a much higher-tiered obscure unit, as I found him vastly overpowered). The Hoplite has a portable laser, fed from a battery backpack, dealing continuous baseless damage at short range.

    He is equally effective against any type of armor and also wears a heavy protective suit that deflects laser beams and offers decent protection from many other forms of damage. When killed, he will drop a battery that will briefly increase the speed of vehicles that pick it up.
    * The Legionary is very protected from environmental effects, such as gas, radiation, tiberium, veins and poison. The suit also greatly reduces psionic damage and negates psychic effects. He cannot be crushed or bitten either and sniping hits will do regular bullet damage to him. Fire damages him as if he was a vehicle, and so does frost. He is also immune to the "snowman" death effect from frost weapons, although unlike vehicles, frost can eventually kill him, so this is not that important. Hoplite cannot be affected by gas, radiation, Tiberium or veins. Hoplites of the same side cannot harm each other, which slightly negates the downside that they, unlike regular infantry, are susceptible to EMP.
    * The Hoplite has a secondary portable EMP cannon built into his suit to lock down individual vehicles for a short period. The pulse may affect other vehicles too if parked very close nearby. Double-click the Hoplite to toggle to this firing mode.

    Like vehicles designed for NBC environments, exo suits are resistant to environmental hazards to a great degree - they are fully sealed against gas and radiation, nor can they be sniped.

    Hoplite cost 700$, and requires TechLevel 7, Allied Barracks, Academy and Science Campus.
    * Takes greatly reduced damage from small arms fire and especially from hollow-point bullets. Takes regular attack damage from sniping hits and critical hits, as the sniper can find holes and weak spots in his suit of armor. Since those critical spots rarely coincide with critical spots in the body of the wearer, the critical hit damage just inflicts regular damage. However, there is a second, much lower, chance to inflict critical hit damage if a critical hit has been made.
    * Because of his size, he has a penalty against anti-vehicle weapons - missiles do not have an accuracy penalty against him, and he cannot duck to evade tank shells.

    The Wolverine Exoskeleton is a type of exoskeleton battlesuit used by the
    [[Alliance]]'s shock troops. The Wolverine suit reinforces the wearers movements with powerful electric engines mounted on its joints. It also gives its wearer augmented reality, night- and thermal vision via sensoric equipment and a display inside the helmet. The Wolverine protects its wearer with thick sheets of armor.
    Though the Wolverine can move much faster than a human when it comes to pre-defined movements like running, it lacks maneuverability and speed when it comes to custom moves compared to a human.

    The suits has been designed to clear buildings occupied by enemy personell in an urban scenario. It protects its wearer from small arms fire and also has limited heavy arms protection. Forces using the suit use the [[M16 Assault Rifle]] and the suit itself is equipped with two 40cm blades in each wrist for close-range engagement.
    The design's name is propably based upon the GDI exoskeleton unit of the same name in the Command & Conquer universe, also known as Powered Assault Armor. There is also a exoskeleton similar to the Wolverine of the Alliance called [[Motorknight Powered Assault Armor Suit]] and used by the Leninist Dynasty.

  • Tanya
    Now can be built only once - not merely that only one Tanya can exist at a time, but she may only be constructed once in a game.
    As known from Red Alert, Tanya is the absolute horror for enemy infantry. She can run, she can swim and you can fly her into enemys base by a transport or, if you have NOD-TECHNOLOGIE also, by a paradrop, from which she can jump. Weak against machines, Tanya has two pistols, crushing any enemys infantry.
    Tanya uses her original RA2 sounds, YR sounds and previously unused creation sounds
  • Attack Dog
  • Dozer
    Buildings are no longer created by the Con Yard for the Americans, Europeans and Chinese (though they are buit from the Con Yard for an Islamic Foundation player). Instead, these sides will be able to build Combat Engineering Vehicles carrying the necessary tools and materials to construct specific structures. There is one type of CEV for each building. When having deployed an HQ (former Con Yard), the player first gains access to low-level CEV's – such as a Powerplant CEV, Barracks CEV and Refinery CEV – just like he would have built from his Con Yard before. Gradually, more CEVs become available. Defense structure CEVs can only be built from a War Factory, not from Headquarters.

  • Humvee
    A light and fast attack vehicle. It is armed with a machine gun and especially effective in rounding up enemy infantry. Its armor and weapon is no match for a tank, though, therefore the Hummer should be kept out of engages with heavier enemy vehicles.
  • APC
    Though it is armed, the Allied APC is much less suited for amphibious warfare than its Japanese cousin. The APC can carry up to 5 soldiers over land at high speed. It has also anti-infantry capabilites due to an M60 machine gun mounted on top.
  • IFV
    It is now the M2/M3 Bradley. There are numerous new IFV modes to match new infantry. Its category is now "IFV".
  • Abrams Tank

    The most efficient allrounder MBT to be seen to this day. In terms of armament, it features a turret-mounted 120mm cannon which can fire various shells and will fire APFSDS shells as standard ammunition, and a M60 machine gun to defend the tank against incoming infantry that would be hard to target and expensive to fight using the main gun. The Abrams can be upgraded with an 145mm main gun and an laser-based CIWS that can defend the tank against drones and missiles. Though the European Tiger V tops the Abram's anti-armor efficency, the tank is still unmatched in his allround fighting capacity. The basic Abrams costs 1500$, while an upgraded Abrams costs 2500$.

    Spoiler (click here to read it):

    • This unit existed in build "Cyberian Dawn".
    • In real life, the M1 Abrams tank was armed with a 105mm cannon, upgraded to 120mm in the M1A1. No variant of the Abrams tank was ever armed with a 145mm cannon.
    • In Mental Omega, Cannisrules: Beyond Revenge and Dark Rising, the Abrams Tank appears as American special unit. It appears in multiple other mods as a regular Allied unit.
    • In Mental Omega, it is armed with an 145mm cannon effective against tanks and a prism-based CIWS (firing dual beams) effective against infantry and drones (also effective against aerial units in earlier versions). It requires a War Factory and Battle Lab to be built and costs 1500$.
    • In Cannisrules, the "M1A1 Abrams Tank" is described as being capable of defeating any other tank in an one-on-one battle and also being effective when attacking buildings. The caliber of its cannon is not given, but if consistent with the real life tank of the same name, it would be 120mm.
    • In Cannisrules, it carries a dual machine gun to defend against infantry and does not have anti-air capability.
    • In Cannisrules, it also requires the War Factory and Battle Lab and costs 2500$.
    • In Beowulf's Rules, the Abrams Tank costs 2500$ and is armed with a cannon effective against vehicles and buildings and with "twin MG ports" and "packs machine gunners" to deal with infantry and terror drones. This is one of numerous consistencies between CR and BWR. I do not know enough about these two modders to judge which mod had been there first, and who would have adapted from the other. Perhaps they are the same person.
    • In Dark Rising, it is again described as being able to take down any Soviet tank (thus propably having an anti-tank gun mounted), and described as "letting out a prism blast when hitting enemy units" - this could mean the weapon's projectile has a prism shrapnel weapon. This feature was not included in Continuum.
    • In MooMan's Corner, the Abrams Tank is available to all allied nations, described as being armed with an 120mm cannon and needing help to deal with infantry - thus propably using the normal 120mm cannon of the game.
    • In the description of Generals Mod 2, the Abrams Tank is described as replacing the Grizzly Tank, being armed with a light cannon and AA missiles, having medium armor and being able to take two passengers that can shoot out. None of these was adapted for Continuum.
    • In Empire Earth, the Abrams tank is especially effective against infantry, firing a HE shell.

    Old versions:
    Spoiler (click here to read it):

    Abrams Tank voxel v. 1 by Daz:


    Later, this voxel was used as the v. 1 of the Eastasian Lynx Tank:

  • Perseus Laser Tank
  • Sagittarius Cruise Missile Launcher
  • Apache
    armed with a vulcan cannon in basic status, and Hellfire missiles when Elite
    Old versions:
    Spoiler (click here to read it):

    Back when Continuum was a TS mod...:

  • NightHawk
    Sensor Array, Psychic Sensor
    Chrono Commando, Chrono Spetz
    Chrono Legion, Chrono Guard?
    Spy, Collaborator
    Saboteur, Crazy Ivan
    Chrono Sbtr, Chrono Ivan
    Mirage Tank, Shadow Tank
  • A-10 Warthog
    A ground-attack plane, armed with a nose-mounted GAU-8 Avenger 30mm rotary cannon („gatling“) firing depleted uranium rounds, intended to crack open armor. The Warthog is produced from the Airforce Command Center for $1,000.
    Spoiler (click here to read it):

    In build "Cyberian Dawn", against infantry and light buildings, the Warthog carries drums of napalm.
    It was a US unit in "Build 2010", aka "New World Order".

    The "Black Ops" have their own version of the Warthog...

    Spoiler (click here to read it):

    Build 2010/NWO:
          ? B-2
           ? Spectre
           ? Apache

  • Comanche
    One of the many projects of the US armed forces that had their funding frozen by the ice that was left over when the Cold War was ended, and reactivated when it became clear that the world was heading for another major conflict. Of course, the Cold War-era weapon systems would not do, so the Comanche received the most sophisticated weapon systems the US military research could offer. The Comanche comes with a laser system and photon torpedos.
  • Spy Satellite
  • Orbital Weapons Platform
  • Comm Center
    The Allied '''Iridium Network''' is a satellite network that covers most of the globe. They are used for remote reconnaissance, but also mount weapons. The weapons mounted on these satellites, as well as the weaponized satellite itself, are referred to as '''Athena Cannon'''. Two variants of Athena exist - the first one fires tungsten 'spears', attempting to annihilate its target through kinetic bombardment, much like a meteor storm. The second variant uses an orbital solar-powered particle beam.

    • Orbital Recon
      Scans the target location, removing shroud.
    • Orbital Recon II
      Removes shroud from the entire map.
    • Orbital Bombardment
      Fires a kinetic projectile from space at the target.
    • Orbital Bombardment II
      Fires a laser beam from space at the target.

  • Dropship Bay

    • Incoming Dropship: Delivers a force of pre-determined composition to the Dropship Bay by [[Dropship]] every few minutes. The force can be composed of any units available at the tech level of the match, up to a maximum value of 10% of the starting money, or at least 2,000$. The force is composed at the start of the game and then its delivery is repeated with each use of Dropship Loadout. Fires automatically. The force is delivered via [[Dropship]], which means enemies ''can'' shoot it down, but this is much harder than with paradrop planes and will rarely happen.
    • Outgoing Dropship:
    • Dropship Delivery:

    Spoiler (click here to read it):

    In very early builds, the Dropship Bay was an Eastasian structure and was moved to the Third Power when that faction was included.

  • Dropzone
    An Allied and Third Power structure, although serving different purposes for each side. For the Allies, it designates a target area to which [[Supply Drop]]s are delivered. Furthermore, it works as the American [[Refinery]], working in conjunction with [[Chinook Helicopter|Cargo Chinooks]].
    * '''[[Supply Drop]]''' - Allies only; delivers a money crate to the building via cargo plane.
    * '''[[Dropship Loadout]]''' - Third Power only; delivers a force (pre-determined via Dropship Loadout menu at the start of the mission) to the building via dropship.

    UNCERTAIN (Dropship Bay merge)
    For the Third Power, the '''Dropship Bay''' functions as a destination for the [[Dropship Loadout]] auto ability, periodically delivering a force of heavy fighting vehicles from space to that building via [[Drop Ship]].
  • Pillbox
  • Bunker (Allies)
  • Patriot Emplacement
    Spoiler (click here to read it):

    In Build "ARK", existed "SAM Launcher".

  • Vulcan Emplacement
    Spoiler (click here to read it):

    In Build "ARK", existed "Gattling Gun".

Third Power Units Update
Whether the Third Power will be featured as a separate side, merged into the Europe subfaction, become a neutral map faction with capturable command centers (on Antarctica and Lunar maps, to keep them in-character!) or will maybe be removed entirely is not certain yet.
Anyway, I have gone with the assumption that this faction will find a place in the mod in one way or another and have coded some of their units:

Panther Tank

A German medium tank dating to the 1940s, the Panther was repeatedly upgraded and upgunned to keep up with more recent tank developments. As technological progress in tank design mostly expressed itself in ever-increasing size and weight of armored fighting vehicles, the Panther, although outclassed by later developments in armor and firepower, was never made obsolete, as it remained the most effective design for its battlefield role, out-maneuvering heavy tanks and outgunning light tanks. Originally armed with a 75mm high-velocity gun, later production models included a 90mm gun. This included field conversions of previous models.

The Panther was designed to counter Soviet armored formations operating the T-55 medium tank and although unable to engage heavy tanks and modern MBTs, it is highly effective in engaging these older designs. Fortunately, the majority of the contemporary Russian armor is still composed of the very same T-55.

The Panther's main gun is highly specialized to achieve high muzzle velocity, range and accuracy and the tank's ammunition supply of armor-piercing grenades is fitted to match, which limits the tank almost exclusively to anti-tank combat. Its relatively slow traverse, low rate of fire, low caliber and narrow angle of barrel depression and elevation prohibit the use against smaller and more agile targets, however in this it exceptional among AFVs.
Elite units are regularly equipped with high-explosive shells for fortification demolition, however these are not fragmentation shells and their usefulness in engaging enemy infantry is still limited. Engagements with infantry should be avoided.

* Panthers gain +50% damage when attacking other tanks (and only tanks).
* Cannot receive defense bonuses from SWs or other effects.
* Move and Fire - Panthers can fire on the move.
* If moving towards a target to attack it, the Panther can fire twice in rapid succession right after stopping within weapon range. This only applies if the Panther has to move to fire on the target - firing upon a target already in range will not allow for a second shot.
* +1 Speed compared to other medium tanks
* Elite upgrade is improved armor, speed and firepower. Elite Panther units receive special demolition shells that allow them to be as effective against buildings as they are against tanks, but infantry still poses a problem.
* The Panther's shells are blocked by walls and buildings, making this unit highly vulnerable in urban theaters, especially when combined with its inadequacy against infantry.

Tiger Tank

Starting in 1944, the excellent 10,5-cm-KwK 46, L/68 and most of the previously produced Tigers were converted to the gun between 1944-1946. The Tiger continued to serve throughout World War II, later alongside the lend-lease American M48 Patton, which outclassed it in speed and maneuverability, relegating it to increasingly narrower battlefield roles.

Yes, these units is another anachronism, but depending on where and how it's added, it may still fit - Paradox had WW1 Vickers machine guns and WW2 Tigers next to transforming mechas and raygun-armed spaceships...

Since the first models of the Panther would appear in the 40s, but would not actually see battle until the early 50s (which I think is the timeframe of Red Alert), it's reasonable that the Panther would have seen numerous technological upgrades and so would not necessarily be identical to the Panther that we saw in our world during WW2.

However, Germany had many innovative tank designs on the shelf during the last stages of WW2 (and by far not all of them consisted of slapping an additional 50 tons of armor and a bigger gun on an overworked engine) and I'm not sure which of these designs would have appeared, or have been adopted, had WW2 not happened, or not happened when it did. That an upgraded Panther tank would have been adopted is mostly a blind guess. I have done the same with the Tiger II, of which a - slightly more realistic - upgraded variant will be available to the Third Power, rather than the "Löwe" tank which was in planning stages towards the end of the war.

UN buildings & units:
GI, Missilier GI, Engineer, Hummer, UN Hummer, Avenger, Predator Tankette, Abrams Tank, F-22 Raptor, Joint Strike Fighter, Paladin Howitzer, Patriot Truck, Aeroblaze, Predator Mech, Crocodile Tank, Apache, Tomahawk Cruise Missile Launcher, Battleship, B-52, AWAKS Spyplane, B-2, Ranger, Sniper, Commando, Pillbox, Repair Drone, Sentry Drone, POV Truck, POV Camp, Radar Scan, Particle Cannon, Ion Cannon, Spy Sat Launch, ICBM, Spy, Rocketeer


A game option considered at some point, possibly only to be implemented in certain Game Mode, is "Projects". A "Project" is a group of upgrades, each of which can only be built once, and constitutes a "stage" of the project, which enables certain units or effects. Once all the stages of the Project have been completed, either a huge amount of points is awarded, or the player instantly wins (all other players' objects are instantly destroyed). If [rest of text lost because of post character limit, rest of text restored from memory].

  • Allied Project is "Time Travel".
  • Soviet Project is "Space Race", consisting of "Hull", "Drive", "Cockpit", possibly others.
  • Brotherhood Project is "Subversion", although this was not detailed.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 4:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

After a bit of absence from the forums and much tossing and turning the unit selections and game balance, a definite (but not necessarily final) army list for Eastasia!:

Soviet Units & Buildings
[*] Conscript
These poor fellows have been conscripted from all over the vast Soviet territory. Because they young men screened for health and given proper training and equipment, they have a far higher base health than the Partisan. Conscripts no longer have gas masks, nor steel helmets and breastplates, nor the iconic PPSh-41 submachine gun of vanilla RA2/YR. They come with regular SKS carbines, but it is possible to switch the equipment from SKS to PPSh-41 and vice versa, by toggling an option at the Barracks, should the commander so desire. The SKS has a higher range and per-shot damage, but the PPSh-41 has a higher rate of fire. Other than that, there is not much to say about the Conscript - he still dies a million deaths on all fronts.     • Conscript armor to "none" OR GI armor to "flak" (OR both?)
Spoiler (click here to read it):

In "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", China had Conscripts of its own.

Armed with some nondescript, outdated firearm, a semi-automatic capable at least of burst-fire, the Conscript was the basic infantry and staple of the Chinese forces and rather weak, comparable to the Soviet Conscript. Equivalent, of course, to Generals' Red Guard.

This is the weakest infantry you can get. Conscripts aren’t specialised to any job, so they are equally (in)efficient against any type of target. In return, they are the cheapest thing to get for combat, so you can use them in big squads for multiple operations.
[*] Grenadier Conscript
[*] Grenade Launcher Conscript
[*] RPG Conscript
These guys are regular Conscripts, except they have been equipped with RPG launchers, making them effective against tanks. Unlike the guided missiles used by the Allies, the RPG will simply fly in a straight line and cannot adjust for target movement, which prohibits its use against aircraft. Its warhead is also much larger and there is a great variety of warheads available. As a secondary firing mode, the RPG Conscript can fire an incendiary RPG that is especially effective against infantry and can even burn the occupants of unhardened structures if fired into the interior. Heroic RPG Conscripts are reported to even make sparing use of tactical nukes... Elite RPG Conscript's RPG launcher has a 25% damage increase against armor over the model used by normal RPG Conscript. He also has a marginal ROF improvement.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

Introduced in build "Cyberian Dawn v. 0.8" as the "Tank Hunter", although the unit has undergone numerous intractable changes since then. They did not have the incendiary secondary.
In "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", was called "RPG Soldier". In Build "Changing of the Guard", was changed to "Rocket Conscript" and started being an early version of "Firelancer", came with a rocket launcher and incendiary rockets, making it highly effective against both infantry and structures, and decently so against vehicles. There was no concept of units being set on fire or "marked" yet, so his attack did not confer a debuff.
Apparently armed with AT rockets and a flamethrower according to the manual, but that is not present in the code.

[*] Flamethrower Conscript
Conscript armed with a flamethrower. Clad in a flame-retardant apron. The flamethrower explode violently when he is killed.
[*] Shock Conscript
Conscript armed with portable tesla coil.
[*] Sailor
[*] Paratrooper
[*] Red Guard
Heavy infantry replacement for Conscript for Infantry General. They wear flak jackets and helmets with face plates. Red Guards cost 200$ and require Barracks to be trained. They match the Heavy Gunner GI. Red Guards are armed with AK-47 kalashs and RPK-74 machine guns. Red Guard can deploy and occupy structures. Red Guard are eligible for Horde Bonus.
Spoiler (click here to read it):

  • In ARK, called "Elite Combatant".
  • In BLNC, matched the GI. In Build 2010/NWO, especially useful for China, as their "Mass Conscription 2" cheap infantry speciality, when training one Red Guard, will get one additional Red Guard for free.
  • In build "Cyberian Dawn", Russian replacement for Conscript.
  • Cost was twice that of Conscript, but Conscript cost has since increased from 100 to 120, while Red Guard cost stayed the same.

[*] Tesla Guard
New name for Tesla Trooper; received graphical fix.
[*] Tesla Vanguard
[*] Black Guards
       *   Gagarin
       *   [Chekhov]
       *   Vodka
       *   Molotow
       *   Victoria

  • Black Guard
    The Spec Ops Conscript or "Conscript +3". Black Guard has +25% health, rate of fire, but also cost. He is armed with improved ("+3") AKs and can occupy buildings like basic Conscripts. They have the ability to clear civie structures from occupants. Especially handy to use before occupying the structure yourself...

[*] Engineer (Soviet)
Existed in "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", as a Russian unit.
[*] Spetsnaz

A unit recurring in many mods... the Spetsnaz is the Soviet counterpart to the Allied Commando and pretty much identical in many stats.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, this special unit was passed around the command structure multiple times, ultimately being used as an elite police unit, with anti-terror defense as its principal task.

He comes with his trusty, but expensive, AN-94 "Obokan" assault rifle, which he uses with remarkable precision. The special features of his weapon and the ammunition used allow him to ignore body armor, adding another +25% damage against armored infantry only. His AP ammunition is as ineffective against vehicles as regular bullets though.

In RK 3 ist Vympel ebenfalls die stärkste Spezialeinheit, und ihre
   Aufgaben decken sich mit denen, die das reale Pendant in der Sovietunion hatte. Es ist unklar, ob die Einheit die Größe anderer militärischer Einheiten hat, aber es tauchen nur drei
   Agenten auf, die alle namentlich genannt werden: Vodka, Checkhow und Victoria. Ansonsten tauchen keine Mitglieder der Einheit auf, weder in Dialogen, Szenen oder in Kämpfen, obwohl
   es möglich ist, dass einige andere namentlich genannte Charaktere Mitglieder der Einheit sind.

* HP: 200
* Cost: 1000$
* Requires Barracks, Research Facility
* I was unable to decide on this unit's secondary/elite secondary, changing it constantly for ages. Ideas I had so far have been: underslung "torch", underslung freezer, underslung novichok (nerve gas) launcher, tesla bayonet, Scud strike designator, underslung radiation beam, death-ray, and perhaps others... I'm absolutely open to suggestions. For a time, I also had the idea to make the secondary faction-dependent. We'll see whether that will be implemented.
* This unit is camouflaged on snow maps.
* Can clear garrisons.

Spoiler (click here to read it):

This unit already existed in build "Cyberian Dawn". Their AK107 kalashs to take out infantry are supplemented by timed explosive charges they place against vehicles and buildings. Existed in "Build 2010", aka "New World Order" with the demo charges limited to buildings, was weaker than Commando.

[*] Commissar
[*] Coptmissar
Commissar on a gyrocopter; matches Rocketeer.
Spoiler (click here to read it):

  • In Build ARK, "Paratrooper Captain".

  • Captain
       *   [Atomic Infantry]
  • Commander (General)
  • Supreme Commander (Generalissimo)
           *   Submarine Deluxe Admiral => Bolo Commander
           *   Supreme Commander
               *   [Benjamin McEek]
               *   Martinov
  • Mad Bomber
    Generic Crazy Ivan/saboteur. Throws dynamite when in open-topped vehicles. Can occupy buildings, but will destroy them in a massive explosion when enemies wander near.

    • Crazy Ivan
      Hero Mad Bomber with a BuildLimit of 1.

  • Yuri Prime
    Now has a BuildLimit of 1.
  • Attack Dog

    • Demo Dog - An advanced Attack Dog strapped with a demolition charge. It uses its usual bite attack against infantry, but charges vehicles with a suicidal explosive attack. Replaces Attack Dog when Upg. Kennel has been constructed.
    • Chitzkoi - Cyborg dog that can attack both infantry and vehicles with its metal teeth.

  • Cavalry
  • Cossacks
  • Horsecart
  •    *   Schwer Gepanzerter Igor => Flesh Golem
  • [b][size=13]Fish-Men
  • Crab-Men
  • Truck
  • Katyusha Truck
  • BMP
    Eurasian IFV; in basic mode, uses the ubiquitous Soviet-era Shipunov 2A42.
  • Shilka

    Primarily a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, mounting a quadruple 23mm autocannon setup on an armored chassis. By alternating its fire between all four barrels, this weapon system can achieve a very high rate of fire without overheating any of its individual weapons, rapid-firing AP shells. Unlike SAMs, the Shilka's projectiles are not homing, and unlike Flak shells, they do only punctual damage and will not affect aircraft that they do not hit. Highly effective against aircraft in its range, it is hampered somewhat by its low accuracy and short range. To cover an assault force, mining operation or base perimeter, you will need several of these, spaced apart, to make the most of their limited range. In a pinch, the Shilka can train its autocannons on ground targets - the projectiles will bounce harmlessly off tanks and hardened structures, but are absolutely devastating against infantry and light to medium vehicles. If it detects air targets outside the range of its main guns, but is not ordered by its commander to attack, the Shilka will use its powerful radar system to 'paint' those targets, giving other units a damage bonus against them. The Shilka gets a variety of additional attack modes as it gets promoted. Effective uses of the Shilka are either to keep it around a commander's base to provide neuralgic-point anti-air defense, or used to provide anti-air support for taskforces against tactical bombers.

    Classification: Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun
    Effective VS: Air targets
    Ineffective VS: Ground targets
    Cost: 500$
    Produced by: Factory
    Requires: Factory, Radar Facility
    Armament: ZSU-23 anti-aircraft gun
    Range: Medium
    Armor: Medium
    Speed: Medium

    • The Shilka's range is doubled against air targets.
    • You can use the Shilka's QuadDamage ability to briefly overclock it, increasing its rate of fire, but damaging it.

      Tempest fires from a quadruple gun setup, increasing its rate of fire. In effect, this quadruples the damage within a certain timeframe when compared to the damage done by a single weapon, like when used on an AA turret, though both use the same weapon.
      As for the code: the ZSU-23 has a very low ROF= setting to start with. The ROF is set to 10 in RA, and this is kept in TTP. The AA Turret in RA has two barrels, thus one could judge that a single gun has ROF of 20. The Shilka as a vehicle has four barrels in total, thus effectively halving the ROF compared to the AA Turret (the in-game voxel even has a total of 8 barrels). Thus, the ROF of the ZSU-23 represents the ROF of a two-barreled weapon and a four-barreled vehicle would have a ROF of half of that.
      This means, the unit will have to change WeaponStage every 5 frames, thus allowing a shot to be fired every five frames, completing a cycle between its two weapons every 10 frames.
      This is much faster than the 'true' QuadCannon weapon.

    • On Elite level, the Shilka's autocannon will fire AP-I (armor piercing incendiary) ammunition that will inflict a "burn" effect when they hit, which will gradually reduce the HP of the target for a short while.
    • On Elite level, the Shilka also receives a slow-reloading anti-air missile with considerable range, allowing it to get a first hit on far-away targets. It will always open fire on air targets by firing this missile.
    • Also on Elite, the Shilka can overpower its radar system to instantly kill airborne infantry, such as paratroopers.

  • T-34
  • T-55
    Medium tank armed with a 100mm cannon.
  • Kharkov Tank[/s]
    In X³, a tank combining the KV tanks, T-42 and T-35; guns of various calibers and high-explosive shells.
  • [size=13]"Stalin's Pike" Siege Tank
    This replaces the Apocalypse Tank and is an in-game incarnation of the IS tank series, assuming it had it been pursued farther. The tank earned its name (as well as the nickname "sturgeon") from its pointed, upward-bent prow. Although it is a heavy tank, and the heaviest fighting vehicle of the Soviets, easily on par with the Third's Tiger Tank, it has been scaled down from a super-heavy Apocalypse to 'merely' a heavy tank that is easily dwarfed by the Third's super-heavies. Still, it can more than hold its own in tank battles. The Pike is not armed with the Apocalypse's dual armor-piercing (?) guns, but instead carries a single 130mm gun-howitzer which can fire over large ranges. Although not great at penetrating armor, the sheer explosive force can knock tanks out of commission, not to speak of its effectiveness in operating against fortified positions. Unfortunately, it is somewhat inaccurate. Because of this handicap, and the vulnerability of heavy tanks to faster main battle tanks carrying powerful anti-tank guns, the "sturgeon" should be seen mainly as a self-propelled howitzer with somewhat heavier protection than usually seen in this class of vehicles.
    Although it has lost the Apocalypse's effective anti-aircraft missiles, the Pike carries multiple sub-turrets that offer close-range protection against light attacks, but should not be taken to a tank battle.  
    * The Siege Tank needs to deploy to fire its main gun at full range.
    * Carries various subturrets that it will use when passively defending at short range. I've not totally determined those yet, but autocannons, flamers and missile launchers are options. I would've preferred it to be able to carry soldiers like the Overlord in Generals, but this does not work with the deploy function.
    * Direct hits from the Siege Tank on vehicles have a chance of completely disabling all turret-based weapons of the target, as well as slowing it down substantially for a short time.
    * A Commissar will be among the survivors from this type of tank.
    * Has a propaganda (+firepower, +speed) effect on nearby forces.
       • Sandbags
       • AlternateActicArt for all infantry
       • Apocalypse Tank +1 (Apocalypse Mk. II)
       • Apocalypse Tank +2 (Apocalypse Atomic Assault Tank)
       • Apocalypse Tank +3 (Black Apocalypse)
  • Tesla Vehicle
    A halftrack carrying a tesla coil.
  • Salamander Flame Tank
  • Tesla Tank
  • Flame Tower
       • Airfield
       • Katyusha - A truck mounting a large number of unguided rockets. The rockets are effective against bunched-up infantry, and also against light structures, but will fail against small, mobile or heavily armored targets because of their limited accuracy and explosive power.
  • Hammer Tank
    MAD Tank, or Quake Tank.
       • Missile Tank
       • Nuke Cannon
  • Gun Unit
  • Gun Unit Mk. II
  • Chernobog
           *   Chernobog Demon
       *   „Old Man“ Project
  • Anti-Goddess Unit
  • Bolo
           *   Grand Cannon Light Land => Bolo
  • Centurion Siege Crawler
    Siege Cannon
    Nuclear Shells
    AA Guns
       • Centurion Siege Crawler +1 (AA Gun)
       • Centurion Siege Crawler +2 (Nuke Cannon)
       • Centurion Siege Crawler +3 (Black Centurion)
       • Mobile Outpost / Base Expansion Node
       • Badger Bomber - Heavy bomber restored from RA. Can drop parachuted bombs, or can load up to 5 infantry, which can be dropped as paratroopers.
       • Killer Whale - Mind-controlled aquatic animal. Attacks with biting and ramming attacks.
       • Volkov - Cyborg supersoldier. Armed with a hand cannon effective against anything but air targets. No more needs to be said.
  • Drones

    • Sputnik
    • Sputnik Mk. II
    • Mirage Cell

  • Transport Ship
  • Frigate OR Corvette (or perhaps none of them?)
  • Kirov Missile Cruiser
    This is the Dreadnought. Exists in a +3 variant for Russians.

    • Vladimir's Battlecruiser

  • Grand Cannon Light Marine => Naval Bolo (Gustav X Compensator)
  • Akula Missile Submarine
       • Tesla Tank restored to pre-release graphic
       • Chitzkoi - Cyborg dog that can attack both infantry and vehicles with its metal teeth.
       • Conscript armor to "none" OR GI armor to "flak" (OR both?)
       • Light Tank (fixed) - The unused Light Tank from RA2's code - fixed with new voxel and an Elite weapon, only available to Iraq.
       • Rad Tank - A tank firing uranium shells that can easily pierce enemy armor, but also leave a small patch of radiation behind, making it effective against infantry.
  • Hind
    Uses a new voxel with proper colors and spinning rotor.
  • FROG
    The earliest missile/launcher of the series, the 2K4 Filin (FROG-1) was produced in low numbers in 1957-1958 – well after Stalin's death – and never entered military service. While it can be argued that an ongoing or immediately planned military confrontation would perhaps have warranted the introduction of the FROG-1 in frontline service, it is hard to argue that the development of missiles, and thereby the development of the FROG-1, would have been expedited in the absence of a military confrontation in the 1930s-1940s – more probable, it would have been delayed – or that the date of Stalin's death
    If we assume that the date of Stalin's death in Red Alert is no later than it had been in our world, then
  • Red Star
  • Autocannon Emplacement
    Auto-Gun Turret
  • Cannon Emplacement
    Spoiler (click here to read it):

    • In Build "ARK" existed "Coastal Fortress".

  • Sensor Emplacement
  • Signal Emplacement
  • Psychotronic Array
    Psychic Beacon
  • Psychic Amplifier
    Psychic Amplifier
  • Anti-Personnel Mine

       *   Neo-Mig
       *   Torero Tank => Rocket Tank
       *   Red Tower
       *   Lenin's Brain
       *   <s>PAAS Motorized Armor</s>
       *   <s>Mutant Buster</s>
       *   <s>Aran Suit</s>
       *   Minotaurus Mk. III
       *   Torero
       *   Eltorobot Mk. II
       *   Magneto
       *   C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7-C30? => Use some more RIFTS-y method. However, we can keep the "model numbers".
           *   Consequently, what is "Guard"? To articulate something that has come up before ("Blue Mage Problem", but also in relation the Guards, I think):
               Is "Guards" a creature-type (cybernetic model) or a military unit?
       *   C31 => [She, the Ultimate Weapon]
       *   C32 =>
       *   Newtype ? 4 – Cyborg Gunner
       *   Newtype ? 5 – Cyborg Grenadier
       *   Newtype ? 7 –
       *   Newtype ? 9 – Full conversions with bulky red armor.
       *   Newtype ? 10 –
       *   Finally, there is the Top-Rank. These creatures are no longer human. Indeed, much indicates, that they aren't even humans to start with, but rather, like early cyborgs, are
       created from artificial cell structures bred in tanks, and combined with cybernetic parts. They might even be higher developed than the C31 system.
       *   The "cybernetic upgrades" as matching Materia were removed.
           *   However, cybernetics still matches, or is a subtype of, enhancement in general, which does include the implanted(?) ability to invoke magic that matches that of Materia.
           *   [Augments]
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    PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 12:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Nice. Was hoping you'd toss in some Empire Named Units from the now Cancelled Project Paradox as a nod to the community.

    I'm assuming those Core Buildings are either "MCV" Structures or you can also train them as Vehicles to speed up construction of them.
    ~ Excelsior ~

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    PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 4:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

    No, I'm sorry... there might be some naming overlap with RA3 and even Paradox (Ashigaru), but the faction is really very fundamentally different from the Empire. Granted tho, I miss Paradox too... it looked very promising

    The closest you could get in Paradox terms would be a crossover between Empire and Atomic China. Without all the space... stuff.

    Asian Alliance does not use deployable structures, they use very traditional C&C building mechanics, just no MCV.

    The "Core" buildings are something like Cabal's Core from FireStorm. They're computer centers that coordinate certain aspects of your base better and take micromanagement load off you.

    Drone Core makes all your Drone-type units act on their own (infact, they'll be put into auto-guardmode). Without it, your drones just sit around and do nothing unless you manually order them to.
    Repair Core coordinates your base repair. It will repair damaged buildings and units in your base on its own.
    Defense Core is just the Threat Rating Node, really.

    Also here is the Soviet army list. This one is less final, as I've been tossing ideas around, but have omitted them because they're not implemented yet.

    Also some more unit overviews:

    • Askari

      Or "Ashigaru" (??); the lowly light infantry regulars of the Eastasian army. Raised by the millions from the vast mostly rural population of the far-eastern superstate, they are cheap to train, but also cheaply equipped. Askari operate mainly on foot and has no integrated transport.

      What little equipment these soldiers have is light, and they are trained on the march, making them faster than almost any other infantry unit.
      Like the Conscript, the Askari has no forms of body armor, wearing beige cotton jacket and pants, puttees and perhaps a rice-straw coolie hat, replaced sometimes with a jingasa. Unfortunately, their lack of armor is a substantial disadvantage in direct confrontation with regular infantry and they must rely on their advantage in numbers and maneuverability to fight. Unsupported light infantry can not dare to attack vehicles in the open.
      Ashigaru have the same level (10), but slightly less HP than the regular infantry of the other factions (120 vs 125). As the Eastasian military on land is primarily an infantry force, Askari are trained and equipped for lengthy marches on foot and move 25% faster than other regular infantry.
      They are armed not with rifles, but with flechette guns that have yari bayonets to double as close-combat weapons. Footsoldiers are armed with carbines, spears and swords. At 100$, they are the cheapest infantry.

      • Elite Askari gain self-heal, jungle camouflage and rifle grenades to demolish buildings.
      • The Askari gains +125% damage when fighting in close combat, due to his bayonet.

      Spoiler (click here to read it):

      In "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", People's Republic of China had access to "Red Guard"/"Conscript", weak, but very cheap infantry unit.

    • Firelancer
      Conceptual infantry to complement the Ashigaru; currently it is uncertain if this should be a missilier, a mortarman, equipped with portable rocket mortars, or a flamethrower, if all three of these should be separate units, or if he should be a combination thereof, carrying other kinds of incendiary and explosive devices. No matter what the weapon, while this unit would be more effective against vehicles than the Ashigaru, it would also be more effective in an anti-infantry role than the anti-tank infantry of the other factions, and perhaps even excel in it, unless the flamethrower is a separate unit. In a sense, the Firelancer is a masterpiece of Alliance versatility and sleek design, combining the roles of the anti-tank infantry with that of anti-infantry infantry.

      As Eastasia places emphasis on the infantry, artillery support for the infantry comes from units integrated into infantry formations, rather than from vehicles operating in combined-arms tactics, as in other armies. The Firelancer can go anywhere the infantry can go and is not restricted in its mobility by terrain.

      Firelancers wear the same clothing as the Askari, but additionally all wear metal jingasa to protect from falling rocket debris, and face cloth to protect from sparks. They carry rocket mortar (or flamethrower) and strike-anywhere matches to light it.

      The flamethrower is protected by padded gloves, a face mask and a fire-retardant apron, making him highly resistant to fire.

      Spoiler (click here to read it):

      In "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", People's Republic of China had access to a "Dragoon" unit (unrelated to current Dragoon), which simultaneously filled anti-tank, anti-air and anti-infantry role and requiring the Barracks and Factory. Instead of firing a stream of flames, they use a plasma weapon, launching a fireball, compensating the low efficiency of flamethrowers against armored vehicles and cutting down on the difficulties arising from the need of using two separate weapon systems (flamethrower and rockets). Though the weapon can fire upon air targets, it's best used against slower targets.

    • EMP Infantry

      Began as an Eastasian infantry unit with an EMP weapon, which did negligible damage against vehicles, but inflicted a short-lasting EMP effect against them, while having no effect on, and unable to target, buildings and infantry. Could also deploy to generate a widespread EMP around itself for negligible damage against vehicles, however inflict the same short-lasting EMP effect as the concentrated ray in an area.

      Later, this was reversed and the EMP Infantry became the first iteration of the Firelancer, armed with a thermal ray cannon that instantly melts most other infantry with a single blast. The deploying EMP became a thermal pulse that would kill infantry around it. The armament remained the same in any other aspects.

      However, vehicles will also not emerge unscathed - while the thermal ray does negligible damage against armor, the radiation will disable the target's electronics for a brief moment, interrupting enemy movement and firing sequences, giving other units in the Firelancer's formation an advantage to exploit against that vehicle.

      and energy-based weapons specialist - [[Enforcer]] and [[Tesla Trooper]].

      Like the flamethrower, the Firelancer's weapon is likely to ignite all sorts of material - paper, cloth, wood, sand, stone, metal, and people. When firing upon a position, the weapon leaves a residual flame that deals some damage to whatever passes through it. It will also leave a larger flame after succesfully igniting an enemy infantryman.

      * '''Assaulter''' - The Firelancer can be ordered to enter buildings occupied by enemy infantry, and will use his ray cannon to 'evict' (fatally) the residents. This will happen instantly to all occupying forces when the Firelancer reaches the structure. Needless to say, this makes these soldiers extremely useful in urban combat. While the thermal cannon is ineffective against buildings, this method of using it inside a structure will cause residual flames and fires to break out in various places in the building, which will deal damage to it for period after the 'lancer finished his job.
      * '''Type Immune''' - Firelancers use ray-retardant armor, which renders the thermal shots of other Firelancers ineffective against them (they are also ineffective against other types of infantry that employs plate armor like a vehicle, but is not subject to EMP effects, such as [[Enforcer]]s and [[Tesla Trooper]]s, the other two sides' energy weapon soldiers. The EMP effect ''does'' take effect on Cyborgs and damage against them is quite appreciable, albeit not as convincing as against 'natural' infantry.)
      * '''Explodes''' - Firelancer's ray cannons consume great amounts of power and are supplied by a energy cell pack worn as a backpack. When killed, this energy pack will explode violently.
    • ShadowHand

      ShadowHand are the Eastasian ninja assassin force. Trained to the utmost in the secret techniques of ancient ninjutsu, equipped with nano-engineered thermoptic camouflage suits and proficient at dual-wielding one-handed cutting weapons in combat, such as their monoblade kunai, giving them two attacks in close combat, they are a force to rely on both on the field and in base infiltration. Offensively, the ShadowHand ninjas use monoblade shuriken to snipe enemy infantry. ShadowHand carry Smoke Bombs, which they can use to temporarily blind enemy units around themselves. Using their ninja scrolls, they can also produce holographic clones of themselves to confound the enemy. Double-click on a ShadowHand to trigger this ability.

      • ShadowHand are VERY evasive. Sniper shots will only do damage on them like regular gunfire, and any other ranged attack without AoE damage will be evaded entirely. Splash damage will still damage them.
      • Fleet Of Foot: Despite only wearing jika-tabi, ninja are very fast on land. And though they cannot swim like other commando infantry. But they can do better - they can use their ninjutsu to actually run on water.
      • They also do not trigger landmines and other traps.
      • Law of Conservation of Ninjutsu: There is an anti-proportional relationship between the size of a group of ninja, and the strength of each individual ninja in that group. The ninja's level is 15, divided by the number of ninjas (of his own faction) in the immediate area.
      • Elite upgrade is monoblade shuriken, which can deal effective damage against vehicles and buildings too.

      Spoiler (click here to read it):

      • In some version, the ShadowHand's had a high-tech "smart shuriken" that has a chance of continuing on its flight path after hitting an infantry unit, dealing damage to several more in the area.

    • Heavy Infantry

      Wears a Battle Gear suit of powered armor into battle, corresponding in tier to the lower-level tanks of the other factions. A compromise between the mobility of infantry and the protection of armored vehicles, they can keep range, if not pace, with the regular infantry. Especially in the less accessible terrain in the south, but also in urban combat, this is an invaluable benefit. Battle Suits can be equipped with a variety of weapon modules. A battle suit grants its wearer enough physical strength to lift a rotary autocannon, and that is what these soldiers bring into the field as standard weapon. Their 10mm rotary cannon fires  flechettes that are highly effective against both body armor and even light to medium vehicles. Elite Battlesuiters receive an additional missile launcher to compliment their armament in the anti-tank and anti-air role. All Heavy Infantry also carry a sword, capable of taking out almost any infantry unit in a single hit - if they manage to get into close range.

      * Elite upgrade: monoblade flechettes, missile launcher
    • Dragoon

      Flying infantry can be used for rapid re-deployments, jumping into the back of the enemy, but they are just as useful as light harassers against enemy units on the ground; armed with wrist guns and rocket wings. Rookie Dragoons will fire a spread of non-burst missiles with orange trails. Elite Dragoons will fire a spread of dual-burst missiles with red trails, which each split into two missiles with peach trails. And yes - this is exactly what it looks like, the JumpJet Infantry from TS. It's pretty much identical to the Allied Rocketeer too, but it can land... ON ROOFTOPS... and then hand occupying infantry a bloody eviction notice.
      Veteran upgrades are sensors and radar camouflage.
      Elite upgrade is stealth, plus a few generic stat increases.

      Or should I use this alternative graphic?

      Hm? Any opinions?
      I might also make them upgraded versions of one another.

      Spoiler (click here to read it):

      • 2015: Not really well defined yet... it just has a heavy machine gun for now, though it might get an additional missile launcher later.

    • Hacker

      The Hacker is a specialized Eastasian infantry unit for electronic warfare, employed instead of the other factions' Machinists and the Brotherhood's capturing ability. Hackers carry notebooks and portable batteries with nigh-unlimited power supply. They are entirely helpless at the frontline, but when deployed behind your units, will use their digital warfare capabilities to shut down enemy vehicles. A single hacker can shut down almost any vehicle contiunously while focusing on it. However, some vehicles require multiple hackers to be disabled continously. Against cyborgs and automatons, the hacker is even more effective, capable of taking over their control interface and using them at will from a distance, and is, unlike hijackers, not lost in the process. However, when killed or targeted at another building, the building he captured before is returned to the original owner.

      Diese Hacker können mit ihrem normalen Angriff über eine geringe Distanz hinweg praktisch jedes normale Produktions- oder Verteidigungsgebäude hacken und in Besitz nehmen. Das hat sowohl Vor- als auch Nachteile im Vergleich zu den Besetzungstechniken der anderen Armeen. Ein nennenswerter Vorteil ist, dass Hacker das Gebäude nicht unmittelbar betreten müssen, um es umzuprogrammieren, und sogar über Mauern hinweg ihre digitalen Angriffe auf Gebäude richten können. Ein weiterer Vorteil ist, dass Hacker, im Gegensatz zu Ingenieuren, mehrmals verwendet werden können, indem man ihnen einfach ein neues Ziel zuweist. Allerdings verliert man dann die Kontrolle über das zuvor gehackte Gebäude. Das selbe passiert, wenn der Hacker, der sich, obwohl er sich nach der Umprogrammierung beliebig weit vom gehackten Gebäude entfernen kann, im Gegensatz zum Ingenieur nach der Inbesitznahme eines Gebäudes ja nicht in dessen sicheren Inneren befindet, getötet wird: das von ihm kontrollierte Gebäude fällt an den Vorbesitzer zurück. Ein weiterer Nachteil ist die Tatsache, dass Hacker nicht alle Gebäude hacken können, die von Ingenieuren besetzt werden können. Ausserdem können Hacker keine Gebäude hacken, die von einem anderen Hacker kontrolliert werden (was man aber auch als Vorteil sehen kann). Schlussendlich fehlt Hackern die Fähigkeit der Ingenieure, Gebäude zu reparieren, weshalb den Chinesen nur die Reperaturfunktion des Interfaces bleibt, um ihre Gebäude wiederherzustellen (es sei denn natürlich, sie eignen sich eine Amerikanische, Europäische oder Russische Kaserne an) – aber wer benutzt schon Ingenieure um seine Gebäude zu reparieren. Ich jedenfalls habe das nur mit Tech-Gebäuden getan, aber vielleicht stehe ich da ja auch alleine.
      Defacto gleichen sich der enorme Vorteil der Reichweite, Mauerntransparenz und Wiederverwertbarkeit also mit den Nachteilen aus, weshalb der Hacker unter dem Strich auch genausoviel Kosten wie ein Ingenieur.
      Übrigens: Wenn ein Hacker der Gedankenkontrolle unterliegt, ändert das nichts an den bereits übertragenen Kommandocodes des gegenwärtig kontrollierten Gebäudes: dieses bleibt unter der Kontrolle des Spielers dem der Hacker gehörte, als es gehackt wurde. Nur Gebäude, die unter Gedankenkontrolle gehackt werden, gehören dem Spieler, unter dessen Kontrolle der Hacker steht.

      * Unlike the ECM Tank, guided missiles CAN be fired on the hacker. However, there will be an accuracy penalty (in addition to their naturally terribad accuracy against infantry), causing all of them to miss their intended target and randomly strike nearby.
      * Hackers gain veterancy for kills scored by units they control.

      Hacker's attack effect - disabling an Abrams Tank

      Abrams Tank under effect after Hacker fires - "cloud" of binaries

      Spoiler (click here to read it):

      In "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", Hacker was a Chinese unit. Presumably identical to the later Eastasian unit; his capturing ability also applied to buildings. However, cannot repair bridges.
      but apparently only capable of stunning vehicles with EMP.

      Spoiler (click here to read it):

    • Black Lotus
      In "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", Chinese super hacker. Can capture enemy buildings over extended ranges and captures them permanently, but cannot attack vehicles or infantry. X1 build limit. Black Lotus ist der Codename für die gefüchtetste Hackerin der Chinesen. Black Lotus kann feindliche Gebäude über wesentlich größere Entfernungen hacken – und das permanent. Ausserdem sind selbst die mit Sicherungsanlagen versehenen Superwaffen und Bauhöfe nicht vor ihr sicher. Black Lotus benutzt kybernetische Implantate, die mit ihrem zentralen Nervensystem verbunden sind, als Interface für digitale Systeme, was den angenehmen Nebeneffekt hat, dass sie völlig immun ist gegen Gedankenkontrolle.

      I also found that unless I find a decently talented SHP artist, the Miko/Shrinemaiden and Dragon Monk will probably have to remain unimplemented, because there are no graphics that even get close to what they're supposed to look like (unless I want to use a badly-converted Son Goku graphic for the Monk?... nah). The Firelancer will probably have to remain with a very unfitting graphic.
    • Shikari

      Shikari are advanced 'hunters', specialized in taking down large game, in this case, armored vehicles of any size. They are armed with powerful anti-tank guns, firing monobladed flechettes that cut through steel armor as through paper. The Shikari also carries folded-up portable turrets, which he can deploy in the field. Double-click on a Shikari to trigger this secondary.

      Unfortunately, there is no way to limit the amount of turrets a single Shikari can deploy, so to balance this ability, this unit is uncharacteristically expensive for its side, almost twice the cost of the Allied and Soviet elite infantry. Also, turrets are not very strong - they have decent firepower, but little HP and can simply be run over by vehicles.
      * All Shikari start on Elite level and can be promoted through Champion and Heroic.
      * A Heroic Shikari's turrets will gain auxiliary micro-missiles and a stealth generator. This only applies to turrets deployed *after* the promotion.
      * Even though I talked about the Shikari's weapon, that is not a final decision and I'm very much open to suggestions.

      Anti-materiel rifle
      The Anti-materiel rifle is said to be equal to a sniper rifle, but designed to penetrate light armor. The Anti-tank rifle, on the other hand, should not be as powerful as a sniper rifle against infantry - it should only do normal rifle damage, but with the same effectiveness against tanks as against infantry. Because the anti-materiel rifle should be too weak to defeat tank armor, and I cannot solely rely on the HP of any tank encountered to be high enough to make an attack with this rifle irrelevant. Therefore, the Anti-materiel rifle does damage equal to the Sniper, but the warhead used is ineffective against heavy vehicle armor, though equally effective against infantry and light or medium vehicles.
      Revision: only light vehicles are now susceptible to Anti-materiel in the same way as infantry.

    • Drones

      • Chaos Drone is deleted.
      • The Psychic Drone became the Brainstealer, an organic parasite available as a possible Secret Lab reward.
      • Harvester Drone
        Harvester drones are spawned for free by the Drone Refinery. Drones which are lost are – after a brief delay – replaced, free of charge.
        Harvesters have no interface and are remotely controlled by the Refinery. They cannot be hacked. When their Refinery is destroyed, the drones will instantly self-destruct.
      • Repair Drone
      • Leaper Drone
        Also known as "Scuttler"; Limpet Drone, Demo Drone, Terror Drone and the "Crawler Mine" were rolled into this.  

           • Dig In – Leapers which are dug-in become cloaked and become highly resistant to many forms of damage. Dug-in Leapers can be traversed by other units, but should an enemy unit cross over them, they will launch themselves into the vehicle. Dug-in Leapers become stationary sensor posts with a short-ranged scanning radius, able to sense both cloaked and subterranean units.
           • Grapple – Leapers can attach onto vehicles. Once attached to a vehicle, the Leaper will interfere with the vehicle's systems, draining engine power and reducing weapon effectiveness, while revealing the vehicle's sight radius. They can also attempt to grapple infantry, however this is treated as an ordinary attack, dealing – invariably fatal, if the attack is successful – damage to the victim.
           • Detonate – Leapers can be ordered to detonate an internal explosive charge. The explosion has a small radius but will deal hefty damage to, and sometimes even destroy, the vehicle it is attached to. Even vehicles not destroyed outright will be briefly disabled and suffer system damage.

           • Leapers have very little shielding and delicate electronics. An electromagnetic pulse will fry a Leaper's internal systems and destroy it instantly.
           • Dug-in leapers (like any dug-in unit) will become immune to direct fire (such as bullets or tank shells) and also to the explosions of other nearby Leapers.

      • Snakefly
        The Hellfire Drone became the Snakefly. Dragonfly drones fire a single explosive missile and also carries a machine gun. Previously called "Dragonfly".
      • Sentry Drone
        Robot Tank, Combat Drone, Sentry Drone and something called "Tank Drone" were rolled into the Sentry Drone.

    • Amphibious APC
      A light vehicle that is characterized by its ability to ford rivers. Unlike the Allied APC and IFV, and Soviet BMP, the Amphibious APC can also carry a vehicle of the kind that is unable to cross bodies of water on its own. Of course, the transport can also carry infantry. Unlike the APC and BMP, it is not designed to be used in combat and is unarmored and open-topped, making its cargo vulnerable when exposed to enemy forces. The transport is unarmed, but its cargo can fire out.

      The transport is slower than ground vehicles and even slower than infantry when on land and offers very little cover, making it an ill choice as a transport for any purpose but fording bodies of water.
    • Amphibious Tank

      A very light vehicle that has a special transformation system which gives it full amphibious mobility and able to be used as a gunboat on the water. It has a crew of two (driver, gunner) and is armed with a large-caliber automatic fletcher in a fully traversible remote-controlled turret. It's mostly harmless against hardened structures, but can cut through the hulls of boats. Good for reconnaissance and hunting infantry, but that's it.

      • Double-click the Fox to trigger its Nanomechanical Armor Remodulation feature, switching between vehicle armor and infantry-like armor <this feature is not fully implemented yet>
      • Used to be unified with the Lynx Tank. Numerous weapon systems have been tried for that unified tank, such as a 20mm "electric-burst cannon", which is was roughly equal to the current weapon, but could also send shocks through tank armor.

    • Walker
      Also known as Mech, "Mecha", "Jin Ren" ("Metal Man") is the heaviest Eastasian terrestrial "vehicle" and roughly the equivalent of a medium tank fielded by the other sides.
      It is a huge, bipedal, roughly andromorph, fully mechanized weapons platform, far surpassing the Empire's Exoskeletons and an allaround effective unit, capable of enaging infantry, vehicles and aircraft, falling short against only buildings. It will attack enemy armor with armor-piercing shells from its 120mm cannon. It will also use this weapon against buildings, but to rather little effect. It has several cupola-mounted machine guns to attack infantry around it. It will use guided missiles against aerial targets.

      Mechas are either automated or piloted by one or two pilots. Pilots are being choosen at a young age for their outstanding skills (usually measured by a series of tests involving medical and psionic factors), surpassing those of any AI, and subjected to a rigorous training. Thus, Mechas piloted by such gifted and skilled pilots are much more efficient than those piloted by an AI, and as such, AI-piloted mechas are usually cheap models compared to the custom-made and often hand-engineered mechs for elite human pilots.
      The armament of a Mecha consisted of a laser rifle and auxiliary missile bays and machine guns, and some sort of meelee weapon, such as a giant katana. Recently, the development of M-particle weaponry has made laser weaponry obsolete, and since the E-pac has been developed, most mechs carry beam rifles and beam sabers, though retaining their auxiliary weapons array.

      Walkers are operated by "Assault Machine Troops", which include the Narashino Airborne Assault Troop and Nerima Airborne Assault Troop. These are references to Full Metal Panic! A subordinate unit is the 5121th Platoon, a reference to Gunparade March.

      Being worked on the weapon systems for this unit. Should all the weapon systems (cannon, laser/railgun, missiles, chaingun) be merged into one unit? Or should this be the opportunity to introduce several mecha, one with each of these weapons (perhaps only accessible to the mecha general, except for a basic mecha with one weapon for all sides?) Also, we are considering possibility of introducing a shield for the Jin Ren.

      • Close-combat JinRen: Armed with a sword or ???. Both variants "swipe", dealing slashing damage in a frontal arc. Sword-armed variant can transform between walker and landspeeder form. ???-armed variant swipes infantry and can "flip" vehicles of sufficiently low weight.
      • Cannon JinRen: Carries an anti-tank gun. Elite Jin-Ren pilots have their suits upgraded with a laser cannon.
      • Missile Walker: Provision name "Brawler".
      • Chaingun Oni: Carries a chaingun, effective vs infantry only.
      • Advanced Oni: Artillery variant, armed with 155mmx4. Effective vs buildings and infantry.
      • Oni Mk. II: TEL artillery variant, armed with cruise missile. Same effectiveness profile as Advanced Oni.

      Armament: Two Machine Guns
      Elite Armament: Two Machine Guns, Rocket Launcher

      The Oni can be equipped with various weapon systems, such as (per default) a 110mm cannon, a rotary cannon, a quadruple mortar and a cruise missile.
    • F-Zero Yukikaze
      Elite "Snow Fairy" air-superiority fighter fires a spread of non-burst missiles with icy-blue trails, each carrying a cryo-warhead. Heroic Snow Fairy fires a spread of quadral-burst missiles identical to those fired by Elite Missile Tanks.
      (This unit is trained at Elite level and advances through Heroic and Champion levels.)
      Spoiler (click here to read it):

      Name of this unit is based on the nickname of FFR-31MR/D Super Sylph  and FFR-41MR Mave from anime Yukikaze and F-Zero.

    • Fenghuang
      Rookie Fenghuang carries a low number (perhaps just one) Silkworm Missile, which it will drop (weapon stage 1: DecalRocketStation). After a few moments, the rocket engine will ignite (weapon stage 2: DecalRocketLauncher), the rocket will fly overhead its target, where it will explode (weapon stage 3: DecalRocketAirburst) and burst into ten cluster missiles identical to the one fired by Dragonfly. Elite Fenghuang's missiles will instead burst into at least ten dual-burst missiles identical to those fired by Rookie Missile Tanks and ten quadral-burst missiles identical to those fired by Elite Missile Tanks, one of these via Airburst, the other via Shrapnel.

      (This is considered as one possible weapon option for the Fenghuang. Other options include simple incendiary bombs which leave a residual fire, possibly with a nuclear option for certain subfactions or veterancy stages, or dropping mines instead of bombs, upgrading to Terror Drones upon promotion. It is also a possibility that the Fenghuang will be a drone control center that does not attack itself, but simply flies over the target with a trail of drones that fire at any enemy in the area. But since the EA already has the Drone Carrier ground unit, this is option is unlikely to be chosen, as it would imply throwing out the ground-based carrier.)
    • Dojo
      Barracks structure; it's considered whether Eastasia should use a unit production system unlike the other factions, where all, or certain, units require their own production facilities, rather than all units of a TechnoType being produced from the same structure. This would split Dojo into "regular" Dojo, Ninja Dojo, possibly an "Archery Dojo" for Shrinemaidens, if they are implemented...
    • Factory
      The same applies; possibly, we split into a factory for vehicles and one for walkers.
    • Tech Center
    • Sentry Turret
      These are stationary, unmanned defensive devices. Sentry Turrets have a 360° mount that can be
    • Drone Nest
    • Wire Fence
    • Great Gate
    • Great Wall
      The Great Wall always has been more than a building - it is the realization of an idea. Various drafts give it as having 200% or even 300% HP of walls.

    Units considered for implementation, but probably shafted:

    • Shrinemaiden, in a silk dress and armed with a yumi and arrows, as sniper unit, including anti-air and with some banishing ability of uncertain effect (perhaps dispelling mind-control, or banishing Yuri's psyker "summons"/"constructs"?)
    • Monk, an unarmed, unarmored combatant with skin tough as Plate armor and fists that hit like guns.
    • Scholar, in a flowing robe. Considered as a more traditionalist approach to the Machinist role than the Hacker. Possibly will be implemented as the equivalent to the Scientist, and thereby be the top-level of the Eastasian Machinist line, rather than replace the normal Machinist (Hacker).
    • Doujin Superdreadnought
      Spoiler (click here to read it):

      Japanese special considered at one point for inclusion in the mod. Fragments of this unit may float around old versions. The most powerful naval unit ever fielded by any country. It is based on the Japanese Battleship "Yamato" which was first seen during the Pacific War. While even then, it could be destroyed by naval aircraft, it is the predominant naval craft even today. Armed with a Wave Motion Cannon, which can deal a surefire kill to almost any unit or structure on the sea and far inland, plus, unlike the Dread missile, the cannot be intercepted by flak or Patriots. The Superdreadnought has a secondary AA Mine Discharger to defend against aerial threats, but in general, aircraft and submarines are the most deadly opponents of this unit. The Superdreadnought was eventually discarded because of Feywild Dilemma and Eastasia being supposed to focus on light units. With much of the Eastasian fleet being composed of light naval units, the Superdreadnought would have stood out too much from the design of the faction, although it does match more extreme designs for air (airship) and land (giant mecha) units.


      • The name is a reference to the Doujin Class Super Dreadnought from NationStates. "D?jin", in Japanese, means "club", "group of likeminded people", and is written "??", using the kanji for "alike", "like-minded" and "human". The D?jin Superdreadnought in Continuum, however, is written differently, possibly "??", using the kanji for "copper" and "deity", meaning "Copper Deity" (although this combination is not a fixed term in Japanese), relying on an obscure On reading of the kanji "?", which is commonly pronounced "kami" or "shin".
      • In first drafts, it is armed with a dual 20 Inch turret, a weapon that matches the Dreadnought's rockets in range and surpasses the 8 Inch cannon used by Cruisers in range and damage.

    I've made another effort to harmonize all the S.W.A.R.M. weapons. So far, the units that will use S.W.A.R.M. will be the Dragoon, Dragonfly, Missile Tank, Missile Turret, B-111 Fenghuang "Flamingo" and F-0 Yukikaze "Snow Fairy". S.W.A.R.M. can also be deployed by a beefed-up version of the Multi-Missile SuperWeapon tentatively identified as "Rainbow Canopy" for now.

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    PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    I wonder how you'll give each unit a role there. Like, why the T-64 and the T-80 both needed etc.

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    One upgrades to the other. The T-64 is the base tank, but if the player owns tech structure X (I don't know yet what structure that will be - perhaps I will give Industrial Plant back to the Soviets), then the T-64 is removed and the T-80 becomes available.

    Those two tanks do not so much have different tactical roles, but different economic roles. One is cheaper and weaker, one is more expensive, but also more effective. It's about resource allocation.

    The only units which for now have considerable tactical overlap that I'm not sure how to resolve are the PropTruck <-> BMP, and BMP <-> Shilka, as well as the Eastasian aircraft (I will probably end up making Dragonfly, Colibri and Pelican all highly specialized as anti-inf, anti-vehicle, anti-building... or something).

    A few other units have some overlap in what they're meant to counter, but they are still so different that each will find a situational use (I hope).
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    What, no Kirov Airship?!  Sad
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    The Kirov is now the "Zeppelin" of the Third Power side Wink
    I found airships don't really fit any other faction than Imperial Germany.

    Third Power Units & Buildings

    • Trooper
      The Trooper is the regular Third Power infantryman. These professional soldiers are comparable in stats to the Allied GI. They are armed with Karabiner 98 bolt-action rifles, making them fire substantially slower than their Allied counterparts. They make up for it in range though, and all Troopers are also equipped with bayonets, lethal at close range. Unlike GIs and Conscripts, Axis troopers cannot occupy civilian structures.

      Stormtroopers can clear out civilian buildings.

      Stormtrooper obtains ability to cross areas by flight.
    • Storm Trooper
      Heavy armed, fast, strong and bullet-proof infantry. That’s the Storm Trooper. Use him to rapidly assault on bulks of enemy forces or to get into the heart of an enemy base, simply overrunning any resistance. Storm Troopers are equipped with shotguns, that do ‘bout 150 of damage (no armour) in a wide spread. Storm Troopers are equipped with assault rifles and have increased rate of fire and assaulter ability. Upgrade with Schiessbecher gives a secondary Grenade Launcher weapon.

      Assault rifle
      Much more powerful than the trooper's rifle and GI's submachine gun, the Assault rifle is deadly effective when it comes to dealing with infantry. Its rate of fire and high damage ensure that few infantry will be left standing to combat your forces once they attack with this weapon. While being the most powerful weapon used by any conventional infantry unit, it shares the fate of its less-gifted brethren in that it is not very strong against vehicles...

      The Storm Trooper can kill enemy infantry inside civ buildings when he enters such an occupied building.

    • Cannoneer
      Mortar, Panzerfaust, Cannoneer, Gauntlet
      This weapon can easily pierce the armor of enemy tanks. Because of its narrow area of effect, it is, though equally deadly against a single enemy soldier, wholly useless against infantry or building. To speak figuratively, a football-sized hole is deadly against a tank, instantly taking out lots of important parts of machinery. It is also deadly to soldier, but will not stop ten soldiers, because it pierces only one of them, leaving the others capable of marching on. It is also useless against buildings, leaving little more than a nuisance by opening a way for cold wind to harass the occupants in the wintertime.
    • Mortar Trooper
      Fragmentation shell
    • Chem Trooper
      Upgrades to Chem Cannoneer. Bio Warrior, Bio Wulf
      Confusion Gas
      Virus Gas
      Mutation Gas
    • Sonic Trooper
    • Jaeger
    • Fallschirmjaeger
    • Gebirgsjaeger
    • Skystormer
    • Werewolf
      Iron Jaws
      Transformation Bite
    • Pioneer
      Pioneers are your best weapon against enemy base defenses. These guys are only armed with light pistols for self defense, but plant C4 charges on structures, completely annihilating them in one shot. They wear light protectional armour to shelter them from flying debris and light enemy fire, but are not supposed to be used in open combat.
    • Engineer
    • Attack Dog
      Iron Jaws
    • Heavy Infantry
      Infantry in powered armor was part of this faction originally. It is now exclusively Asian Alliance infantry. Used to have a "cybernetization" upgrade, comparable to "Augment" of Asian Alliance. Plate armor and "Assault Cannon".
    • Erwin König
      Heroic sniper armed with a sniper rifle upgraded to outlandish capacity, partially modelled after the opera ''Der Freischütz'', while all other snipers in the mod use less augmentable sniper rifles. Erwin König can snipe aerial targets, has AP bullets (reduce armor penalty), fires very quickly and is neither revealed, nor decloaks (should he somehow be cloaked), to fire.

      Prone Fire
      Deploy Fire
      AP Bullets
      AA Bullets
      Rapid Fire
      Omni Fire
      No Reveal
      No Uncloak
      Cloak Stop
      Occupy Fire
      Open-Topped Fire
      IFV Transformation

      ===Red Alert 2: New World Order===
      The [[Brotherhood]] faction uses sniper rifles, with a wide array of unconventional ammo. Many of the chemical agents available to the sniper are also used by the [[Chemical warrior]].

      * '''Kill Driver''' - This ability allows the sniper to kill the driver of almost any vehicle, rendering the vehicle neutral and ready to be taken over by other infantry.

    • Loki
      Hero unit; uncertain design.
    • War Miner
      Spoiler (click here to read it):

      In "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", War Miner was used by USA, China, European Union and possibly Russia.

    • Halftrack
      Resource-gathering, flak-armed troop transport. Can carry five passengers. It's open-topped.
      Skills: FlakCannon
      Resource gatherer and troop transport. Has a single flak gun that can target both air and ground targets.
      Skills: QuadCannon
      Flak or Quad gun.
    • Panzer IV
      Base type of the Panther in early versions. Armed with a 75mm cannon and AP shells.
    • Panther Tank
      Medium tank armed with 75mm cannon, AP shells and "demo" shells.
    • Tiger V Tank
      Heavy tank armed with 90mm cannon, "combined" shells and, on Elite, railgun CIWS. Elite Upgrade is "Polaron Cannon". It has heavy armor. Elite Upgrade is "polarize armor". Engine upgrades to "fusion engine" on elite.
      King Tiger
         • Of the weapons already present in RA / TS / RA2, the one closest to the 88mm gun of the RL King Tiger tank would be the 90mm.
         • Cannisrules has a King Tiger tank in Beyond Revenge, armed with a weapon effective against buildings, and a miniature rail gun with OmniFire against infantry.
      King Tiger variant using the Allied Heavy Tank graphic legally available from the Cannisrules website, plus remakes of the weapon systems described.
      King Tiger variant using the Allied Heavy Tank Destroyer graphic legally available from the Cannisrules website, otherwise identical to the variant above...

      • King Tiger Tank
        Has all Elite Upgrades.

    • Mammoth Tank
      The familiar unit of Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert fame, now re-assigned to the Third Power on the basis of the only two-barreled supertank was of German origin. Super-heavy tanks generally being associated with Germany and the famous "Maus" even carrying the pre-production name "Mammoth", I thought this would fit this side best. The Mammoth carries its familiar double 120mm guns and AP shells (*real* AP, as most of the other tanks now fire proper APFSDS, but the Mammoth guns are re-purposed naval guns!), but it has lost its anti-aircraft capacity! Elite upgrade are pulse shells.  
      Shells ignore armor penalties; effective vs. anything.
    • Tempest
      SPAAG tank, armed with quad cannon.
      Medium Armor
      The Tempest's 20mm guns can target both air and ground targets.
      Quad Gun
      The Tempest's 20mm guns are ordered in a quadruple setup, which allows the unit to fire at 4X the speed of a single gun.
    • Jagdpanzer VII Tank Destroyer
      The Elefant, or Ferdinand, tank destroyer looted WW2 German design. Effective vs vehicles, ineffective vs anything else (infantry, structures, aircraft).
      Classification: Tank destroyer
      Armament: High-velocity cannon with APDS shells
      Armor: Heavy
      Produced from: Factory
      Requires: Factory, Radar

      Carries AP shells, upgraded to APFSDS.
      Sabot Shells
      Shells that pierce enemy armor.

      Heavy Armor
      Heavy vehicle armor that makes small arms fire and shrapnel almost useless. Heavy armor is also very resistant to high explosives.

      Advanced Tank Destroyer

      Turreted Tank Destroyer
    • Basilisk Chem Tank
      Armed with a chem sprayer. Strong vs infantry, weak vs anything else (structures, aircraft, tanks, artillery). However, the weapon upgrades in the same way as all chem weapons: to fire confusion, corrosion, virus and mutation gas. Corrosion gas would make it effective against structures and vehicles as well.
      In drafts of X³, it was the country special of Ireland.
    • Sonic Tank
      Armed with a sonic cannon. Strong vs structures and tanks, weak vs infantry and, due to short range, artillery.
      Spoiler (click here to read it):

      In drafts of X³, it was the country special of Turkey called "Howler". Also called "Disruptor".

    • Artillery
    • Vengeance Rocket Launcher
      Rocket artillery, effective against structures, but the rocket travels slowly and cannot adjust its flight path, making it ineffective against fast-moving targets, especially if they are hardened, such as tanks. It's normally effective against infantry, as it moves slowly and is not hardened against the explosive blast. It cannot target aerial units.
    • Battlemech
      Armed with a 120mm cannon and AP shells and possibly machine gun and missile launcher. Could be upgrade into "Transformer", which can deploy, then undeploy into a tank. When deployed and undeployed again, it will turn into a mech again. Effective vs tanks, infantry, aircraft. Ineffective vs artillery, structures.
      Spoiler (click here to read it):

      In drafts of X³, it was the country special of Spain, called "Conquistador".

      Maus Super-Heavy Tank
      Hero unit

      Heavy Armor
      Naval Gun


      155mm Howitzer
      HE Shells
      Chemical Shells

      Rocket Launcher
      Type: Rocket artillery

      Artillery Rocket
      Chemical Rocket
      Corrosive Gas
      Virus Gas
      Confusion Gas
      Mutation Gas
    • E-Boat
    • U-Boat
      Torpedo Tube
    • Rocket U-Boat
      Artillery Rocket
      Chemical Rocket
    • Bismarck
      * Class: Self.Class
      * Skills: Naval Gun
      * Strong VS: Ships, Structures
      * Weak VS: Submarines, Aircraft
    • Fighter
      * Class: Fighter
      * Skills: Machine gun
      * Strong VS: Aircraft
      * Weak VS:
      20mm autocannon
      MK108 30mm autocannon
    • Valkyrie Interceptor
      Aka "Stormbird"; The Valkyrie Interceptor is a specialized air-to-air design, capable of flying at extreme (100) speed and intercepting any aircraft of the other factions. To keep the Valkyrie light and fast, it is armed with a 30mm autocannon and one pass worth of ammunition (according to some sources, cannot engage structures). The Valkyrie itself is much too fast for enemy units to place anything but chance shots on it. Because of its immense speed, it quickly runs out of fuel and needs to return to its airfield, otherwise it will crash. The Valkyrie has an air attack bonus, gains a damage bonus against aerial units. Elite upgrade is a raygun as main armament, or "Orkan" rockets.
      MK108 30mm autocannon
      Orkan rockets
      Chem dispenser
      Flame dispenser
    • StuKa
      * Class: Bomber, Tactical, Dive
      * Skills: Dive Bomb (mobile ground targets; tactical strike, no strafing; Banshee) It drops explosive, incendiary and chemical bombs. All the different chemicals are used (toxic, corrosive, psychedelic, viral, mutagenic).
    • Bomber
      Generic bomber aircraft, appearing graphically as the Heinkel He-111. It is available after the player constructs an Airport and has limited ammo, serving for one strafing run of free-fall bombs. Unlike the other bomber aircraft employed by the Third Power, the Stuka, the Bomber does not attack with precision bombing, but instead drops its bombs in a strafing pattern, approaching its target in a straight line and starting to drop bombs a good distance prior to being over it. The RL He-111 is classified as a medium bomber, so the generic Bomber is also a Medium Bomber.
      * Skills: Bomb (any ground target; strafing run; ORCA)
      * Race: [[Machinæ]]
      * Class: [[Bomber]]

      * '''[[Bombing]]''' - Drops freefall bombs in a strafing run.

      ===See also===
      * [[wikipedia:Bomber]]
      * [[wikipedia:Medium bomber]]
      * [[wikipedia:Heinkel He-111]]
      * '''Aircraft Types'''
      ** [[Fighter]]
      * '''Bombers'''
      ** [[Stuka]]
      ** [[Badger Bomber]]
      ** [[B-52 Stratofortress]]
      ** [[Banshee Bomber]]
    • Antipodal Bomber
      The Antipodal Bomber is a flying wing design that works like the Aurora of Generals/ZH. It is extremely expensive, but the aircraft and its payload cannot be lost on an attack mission - the bomber flies at high altitude and much too fast to be intercepted by ground-based defenses.
      The Antipodal Bomber is armed with a large belly-mounted disintegrator ray, entirely useless against intercepting aerial forces, but devastating to anything on the ground. Emptying its entire reactor reserves into its raygun, it fires a powerful beam downwards while over its target area. The destructive effect of the beam is not instant - there is a delay between the impact and the destruction of objects in the blast zone, which will be longer for more resilient objects and those further away from the point of impact. Having so emptied its energetic reserves, the Antipode is unable to keep its immense speed and falls back to a slow, underpowered glide to its homebase. If it has not eliminated all opposition on its path during its beam discharge, it is now extremely vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire and fighter aircraft.
    • Airship
      * Class: Self.Class
      * Skills: Naval Gun (mobile ground targets, airships), Bombs (ground installations), Flak (aircraft)
      Hero aircraft

      Naval Guns - Used to attack ground infantry and vehicles.
      Flak Guns - Used to attack other aircraft.
      Zeppelin Bombs - Used to attack buildings.
    • Dropship
      A variant of the airship, used with the Dropship Loadout command (see below).
    • Drop Pod
      Small space-capable craft for planetary landing operations from orbit. Not very maneuverable, they only go one way - down. They are called in by the Drop Pods command (see below) and each carries two Stormtroopers on elite level. Drop pods are also armed with an autocannon that will fire indiscriminately at the landing zone during descent (clearly, the gunner is a Stormtrooper!). Once they impact, they release their passengers, ready for battle!
      * The pods are cheap - should they manage to destroy anything of value on their descent, they will upgrade their weapon in-flight to a death ray which sterilizes a small patch of land in the projected LZ.
      * Drop Pods cannot be selected or controlled in any way - their movement path is pre-determined by the target location set by the commander, and they will not fire upon any particular targets while falling.
    • Nazi UFO
      * Class: ?
      * Skills: Magnetic Beam
    • V Rocket
      * Class: Cruise Missile
      * Skills: Warhead

      FireStorm Tank

      Ion Tank

      Railgun Tank
      * Alt. Name: Impaler

      Flame Tank

      Chemical Tank

      Laser Tank

      Tesla Tank

    • Headquarters
    • Power Plant
    • Power Turbine
    • Refinery
    • Barracks
    • Academy
    • Amp Vault
      From Amphetamine Vault, Adrenaline Vault and Mutation Vault.
      Classification: Resource building / Upgrade / Superweapon structure
      Special: Amphetamine Shock, Adrenaline Shock
    • Factory
    • Airfield
    • Radar
         • Radar Jamming
         • GPS Scrambler
         • Stealth Generator
    • Flak Emplacement
      Now fires at paratroopers.
    • Rocket Launch Pad
      Sperweapon rocket launch structure; it's hardened with steel armor and grants the V Rocket superweapons. It's effective against buildings, but ineffective against aircraft.

    Command Abilities

    • Deep Strike
      In popular sci-fi, Nazis are often associated with supposed clandestine space programs, and alien contacts, in some cases (Iron Sky!) going so far as to associate them with having landed on, and colonized, our moon. This mod is no exception. There are space nazis on the moon, and they are ready to support their expeditionary forces on the planetary surface. By using the Drop Pods command, a commander can call in a formation of 5-8 drop pods from the space fleet in orbit. Each pod is armed with an autocannon to clear its LZ and will inflict further damage through the force of its impact. Once landed, each Pod will release 2 elite Stormtroopers ready for battle!
    • Dropship Insert
      Similar to the cut feature from Tiberian Sun, this cannot be fully implemented yet. Once a player constructs a Dropship Bay, heavier support than just infantry will be flown in - periodically, a Dropship will land at the bay, unloading a small group of armored vehicles. Ideally, the player should be able to decide on the vehicles that will be delivered, but this cannot be implemented yet (and maybe never will). It still works decently for now.
    • Thunderstorm
      The previously-allied superweapon, now associated with this more magically-oriented faction. It didn't seem to fit the modern, scientific Allies anymore, especially since it's made redundant/unbalanced by the Allied SOL.
    • Meteor
    • Adrenaline Storm
    • Mutagene Storm
    • Vengeance Rocket 1
    • Vengeance Rocket 2
    • Vengeance Cannon Blast
    • Global Rocket

    Mao Zedong wrote:

    Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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    Convert from CivFanatics, dude. They have everything.

    AS Discord server: https://discord.gg/7aM7Hm2

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    Thank you! I remember hearing about it before... I'm not very good at graphic conversions or art in general. I'm a decent coder and gameplay designer. Maybe when I have all the coding work done for my mod (which is enough for years), I will start learning about art conversions for the things that are still missing... until then I'm hoping maybe some more talented people will be interested enough to join my "team".

    Here are some Eastasian "Command Abilities" (superweapons), complete now with images:

    Eastasian Command Abilities
    aka "superweapons", but not all of them are weapons, nor especially super, so my mod uses a more generic term.

    • Honorable Discharge
      Similar to the RA3 Imperial protocol, except it does not add a trigger, but rather triggers its effect instantly. Select a group of infantry or vehicles. Each of them will instantly explode, dealing wide-area damage to enemy units only.
      * Source: Tech Center
      * Range: map-wide
      * AoE: 3x3 square
      * Target: own infantry or vehicle
      * Damage is "qi" damage, meaning it is non-elemental and will not be mitigated by enemy armor. Amount of damage depends on the strength of the exploding unit.
      * This ability might get moved to Brotherhood
    • Sonar Pulse
      Decloaks all stealthed units on the map for an entire minute.
      * Source: Audiolocator (radar equivalent)
      * Range: N/A
      * AoE: map-wide
    • Drone Recon
      Launches a single Serpentfly drone on a recon mission. The drone will circle the area to reveal it.
    • Drone Support
      Launches a swarm of drones which attach to randomly-selected vehicles, hovering above them. As long as a drone is active, units around it will gain increased firepower, and its primary target will even be repaired periodically!
      * Source: Drone Control
      * Range: owner's base
      * AoE: single
      * Target: 4 random units
    • Drone Strike
    • Lockdown
      Select an enemy structure; this structure will instantly be turned off until reactivated by its owner.
      * Source: Comm Center
      * Range: map-wide
      * AoE: single
      * Target: enemy building
    • Cash Transfer

      When activated, will slowly discharge, granting $50 every tick, for $2000 revenue in total.
      * Source: Comm Center

      * Ideally, potency is increased for each Hacker inside the Comm Center (+10 per tick/+$400 total revenue for each Hacker). However, this is uncodeable for now.
      * The cool GFX is played while the SW is active. The dollar signs (converted TS SellUnit cursor!) don't travel upwards as in Generals though, they 'rain down' on the building. Travelling upwards does not seem to be codeable. I'm not sure how to remove the shadows they cast, though.
      * The Chinese Internet Center is a placeholder graphic - the Eastasian Command Center might eventually get its own graphic.
      * This is the german version of RA2/YR. The text on the icon says "Ready".

      Spoiler (click here to read it):

      In "Build 2010", aka "New World Order", it was a Chinese ability, taking 6 minutes to recharge and instantly granting 3000$ to the user. Used to use the "Transaction" cameo from Mental Omega.

    • Hunter-Seeker Probe

      Deploys a drone which automatically seeks out the enemy base and reveals it, before dismissing itself in a little explosion.
      * Source: Drone Control
      * It's Hunter-Seeker PROBE... not 'droid'. PROBE! Whatever WW were thinking when they named that thing a "droid", short for "android"...
      * Yes, this is mostly identical to the HS in Tiberian Sun. It does less damage though and its primary purpose is to locate the enemy base and reveal it to you. This is mostly because otherwise there would be tactical overlap with the "Kamikaze Drone" SW, although I might revise the HS or merge those two concepts later.
      * The probe itself is stealthed, aiding in its recon mission!

      * I've removed the 'Augment' SW, for several reasons. Coding a separate armortype/animation/transformation for each non-cyborg infantry unit could potentially break many other things in the game, and I also could not come up with a visual implementation. But foremost, as cool as the concept of turning your infantry into cyborgs is, it simply does not fit the spammer doctrine of the Eastasians. A SW which upgrades your units into super versions of themselves fits Third Power, maybe, and they might get it in some other way.
    • Sat Hack
      Provides Spy Sat vision by targeting an Allied Comm Center with Spy Sat uplink.
    • Stolen Ion Cannon Codes
    • Rainbow Canopy
      "Rainbow Canopy" is the name tentatively given to the SuperWeapon firing a single "Silkworm Missile" over extended ranges. The Silkworm Launcher Emplacements is also capable of gaining veterancy; Silkworm Missiles fired by Rookie Silkworm Launcher Emplacements burst into ten missiles identical to the one fired by the Dragonfly, while Silkworm Missiles fired by Elite Silkworm Launcher Emplacements burst into at least ten dual-burst missiles identical to those fired by Rookie Missile Tanks and ten quadral-burst missiles identical to those fired by Elite Missile Tanks, one of these via Airburst, the other via Shrapnel.

    Allied unit update:


    The Officer directs the Allied forces in the field. He is not an especially powerful combatant on his own, being armed only with a pistol, but he also carries a laser designator, which he can use to direct the fire of nearby units. All units firing upon the same target as the Officer receive a damage bonus. This effect does not stack from multiple Officers.

    Using laser marker


    There is not alot to say about this unit. It is an up-armored Jeep, essentially, and fulfills scouting and transport functions. Infantry can fire out of the Humvee, but it is also natively armed with a M60. Elite Humvees are upgraded with a TOW launcher, making them a credible threat to vehicles. And of course, they can always be loaded with missile-armed infantry to turn it into a high-mobility bane of armored units.

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    For the officer edit I'd suggest making edited versions of his firing frames and using photoshop magic brighten up the muzzle of the pistol. Similar to Boris' one in his SHP. Then use that as his secondary sequence.

    Not sure how you're triggering the Cash Center Animation... but you could just make the animation play in reverse or make it move slowly upward in the SHP.
    ~ Excelsior ~

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    The animation is done as a meteor, and using positive values on MinZVel seems to cause an IE. I'm content with the current animation though - after all, money is coming in, not being lifted away from the structure.

    A few more units:


    A light, unarmored vehicle mounting a M60 GPMG. So many were produced by the Allies during WWII that they were practically given away. It is not ordinarily available to field commanders, but unsurprisingly it is part of some local defense forces and rear units and may appear in some missions. It's Brushclearer chain gun sweeps across enemies, destroying cover and concealment. The Jeep can carry some infantry, who can also fire out. Needless to say, passengers and driver are highly exposed to enemy fire.
    * Anything that can kill vehicle crews will kill the crew of the jeep - irradiated ground, clouds of poison gas, snipers... the hazards of the battlefield are many.


    What the Officer is to the Allies, the Commissar is to the Soviet forces. Equipped with a shining shashka saber, a portable speaker, a tesla pistol for... difficult cases and a powerpack to power the latter two, the Commissar spurns his charges to ever-greater feats in the fight for socialism! Units near the Commissar receive a substantial increase in firepower and speed, but also gain the Fearless trait, meaning they will no longer cover under fire. The tesla pistol does not inflict a great deal of damage, but briefly stuns the target, if it is infantry. If it is a vehicle, the attack will fail to have any effect.
    * All Commissars are Veterans.
    * The Commissar, like all propaganda-based units, is constantly surrounded by a blare of propaganda sound effects.
    * Some high-tier or 'leader' vehicles will also have a Commissar as part of their crew, who might make a lucky escape if the vehicle is destroyed.
    * The Commissar can also be put into bunkers, which will turn them into fortified propaganda posts - a veteran commissar will only buff the other occupants of his bunker, but an elite commissar will buff forces around the the bunker as well.
    * Commissars drop battery packs when they die, which can be picked up by vehicles to gain a brief speed bonus.
    * I never liked the Generals concept of propaganda healing/repairing units. It just makes no sense. So here, propaganda will instead give firepower and speed bonuses, which seems a more obvious result than wounds magically closing and punctured armor plates magically welding themselves back together when hearing of the superiority of the Soviet economic model and/or whatever.
    * I've not found any animations yet for both the actual propaganda 'firing' effect, and the AttachEffect on affected units, that I feel would fit. I might use the speech bubbles from FS for one of those roles. If you have any ideas, let me know!
    * I know the Officer currently has a higher lv. than the Commissar. This will probably be changed in the future so that they will both have the same initial veterancy.

    A soviet commissar talking some sense into a nervous engineer on the road to an abandoned village

    Off ya go now! For Romanov and socialism!

    In Build 2010/New World Order, campaigns existed for America, Brotherhood and China and in that order.

    American Campaign
    The American camapign evolves around
    The player then seemingly retires, only to be called back into action five years later. The United States want

    The Muslims have occupied the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and are planning to use it fire a world-altering bioweapon rocket into the atmosphere in order to infect humanity with the muslim virus.
    The player starts out with an American strike force in the southwest and a russian MCV and forces in the northeast.
    The American strike forces consist of McNeil, three Engineers, two Hummers and about a dozen GIs. The Americans cannot initially construct any new units. The Russians, however, can, although they only have access to two infantry types, two vehicle types and one aircraft type. If the player moves the American engineers to the Russian base, a technology transfer takes place and the Russians will gain access to the construction of all regular American units.

    Al-Quaeda Campaign
    The final mission consists of Prince Kassad forcing the Americans to retreat from Europe, causing the isolationist doctrine of the coming decade.

    Chinese Campaign
    The Chinese Camapaign consists of three parts: The first part consists of countering the moves of Al-Quaeda in the Central Asian and Pacific Region. It starts with removing terrorist cells threatening the Malaka Strait and continues with the nuclear bombardment of Hong Kong, which has become infested by rapidy-multiplying muslims, followed by the destruction of an arab army by destroying dams to release a deadly flood unto them and culminates in the destruction of the Pacific Rim Terror Cell which masterminded all anti-chinese operations. During the first part of the game, the Chinese work together with the Americans. Following the American advance into the Arab world, the European nations, incited by Russia, turn away from the US. Great Britain remains the sole European nation on America's side.
    The Chinese finally invade Russia and all of Europe, supplanting the United states as the only superpower, and form the Eurasian Union. The United States are reduced to an isolated second-rank power, albeit still a Great Power, and arguably of superior military powers and technology, though not of manpower and economy, than the freshly united Eurasian Union, which is still suffering from the war and the cost of unification, but is showing increasing synergy.
    The next part takes place five years later: The Americans have commenced a full scale invasion of Europe under the codename "Operation Overlord II". The player is assigned to defend Europe from the invading Americans. In this part of the Chinese Campaign, the player actually plays European forces, consisting mainly of special agent characters, rarely aided by light, specialized forces, like generic European infantrymen, called simply "Infantry", Officers, or "Iron Fist" troopers armed with anti-aircraft and anti-tank weaponry. Armored units include Fuchs tanks for reconnaissance and Leopard tanks, which are arguably far superior to Abrams tanks in one-on-one battles, but less effective against enemy infantry. For artillery support, the Europeans rely on the PzH2000 artillery unit, which has a longer range than the American Paladin. But mainly, the Europeans push their military power by employing "Agents" in exoskeletons / mechas with exceptional powers. These agents are not available in skirmish games, neither are the "Walking Predator" mechs sometimes encountered by them. The agents manage to sabotage several American moves, including an attempt to turn Chinese nuclear weapons, installed in France, against the Europeans themselves, but nevertheless, their progress against the invarders, reconquering the lost territory, is slow and sometimes not present at all.
    Finally, the Chinese present their new weapon: a tank built in response to Overlord: the Overlord Tank. After pushing the American invasion back to the other side of the Atlantic, destroying Great Britain in the process, the Chinese continue considering a counterstrike against the continental United States, which the player is eventually to head.
    After having captured the American superweapon, the Particle Cannon, Chinese engineers modify it and place it on an orbital weapons platform, as originally inteded by the US, but aborted due to financial constraints caused by the dwindling US economy and a general decline of the nation. With the Particle Cannon in place, the Chinese manage to defeat their last foe: the remainders of Al-Quaeda in the Arab world and Northern Africa, and the campaing concludes with China having conquered virtually the entire developed world, while maintaining control over large parts of the developing nations by having destroyed Al-Quaeda, their only hope to harm the developed world.

    Chinese Mission #9 -
    The player starts with an European MCV in the northwest and Chinese forces and the Centurion Siege Crawler in the southeast. The Particle Cannon is located in the middle, with an extensive military base and research facility around it. The Americans frequently use airstrikes and particle cannon strikes against both forces.
    Player forces: Red Guard, Centurion Siege Crawler, Hacker, Emperor Tank, Overlord Tank, Inferno Tank,
    Enemy forces: Commando McNeil, Engineer, Hacker, Predator, Abrams, Patriot Truck, Repair Drone, Paladin,Apache, Battleship, Spectre, Aurora

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    I'd also highly suggest on getting one of the RA2 Infantry packs in here that edits the SHPs to have translucent shadows. Those solid black shadows don't do the game good justice.
    ~ Excelsior ~

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    PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 3:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    I've thought about this before and I would like to. The problem is this: my infantry would be _very_ inconsistent if I did that. It's already bad now, with the difference between RA2 and TS infantry.
    If I download SHPs from anywhere, they will propably have vanilla RA2 shadows. Which means I'd have some units with translucent shadows, and some with solid shadows.

    Here is another unit update:


    The Allied General is not a regularly-available unit. These staff members show up in a few missions and even skirmish maps. Being near a general will greatly increase tactical coordination.
    * The most likely role this unit will appear in - other than as mission character - is that of an 'assassination target', if I implement a gamemode like the Murder mode of Age of Empire II.
    * Generals are actually of a higher rank than the player! Hence they cannot be controlled and will do their own thing in battle. But don't worry, they mostly like to hang around the base.
    * As long as a General is on the map, all units of the same player will have greatly increased stats.

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    PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    You can make the solid shadows into RA2 shadows, but it will take time...
    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
    "If you are loyal to everybody, can you truly be loyal to anybody?"
    Ares Documentation: http://ares-developers.github.io/Ares-docs/
    My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtxeQoEM_iVd-F-xUIwleyQ
    PillBox20's Red Alert 2 Mod: http://www.moddb.com/mods/pillbox20s-red-alert-2/downloads/pillbox20s-red-alert-2-version-02

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    PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Yes, as I am the only person working on my mod and have to do everything on my own, some things will probably come short. Most of that will be artwork/graphics I think. Both because of lack of time and lack of skill.

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    PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Too many excuses, instead of doing stuff... I am strongly doubting that you put effort in that mod, since instead of fixing consistencies you just blob in more download-and-add units.

    AS Discord server: https://discord.gg/7aM7Hm2

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    PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    I'm not good at artwork and I simply don't like spending hours replacing pixel by pixel. If you measure a mod by graphics, then yes, I'm not putting alot of effort into it.
    I think I'm putting most of the effort into interesting unit concepts and implementing my ideas in code, balancing the factions and their tactics, coming up with consistent unit stats and balanced costs, etc.
    All those gameplay elements, unfortunately, don't come across very well in a few screenshots.
    But yes, in terms of art, I'm not putting much effort into it beyond finding public assets.
    Mao Zedong wrote:

    Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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    PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    I'm not good at artwork but I still try. If you can't be arsed to put effort into it besides INI then I can't be arsed to call this anything but a new Whiteboy's Rules.

    Because converting RA2 shadows to TS shadows is a single click in SHP Builder with 85% of the already available infantry out there. And it takes an hour for a person to convert a Civ3 infantry if he's only figuring it out.

    I measure mods based upon their modders. You seem careless. End of story.

    AS Discord server: https://discord.gg/7aM7Hm2

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    PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 8:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    I'm afraid Whiteboy was before my time here. He discovered that bug with the 100+ units, didn't he?

    I did not know SHP Builder had that as an inbuilt function. Thank you for the information.

    I still believe you measure mods based on graphics mostly. How am I careless? Careless means getting yourself into danger by not paying attention or neglecting risks... how is my mod endangering anyone???
    Mao Zedong wrote:

    Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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    PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Uuh, let's not talk "who is what". This is mod page, after all.  Very Happy

    Still, it is good to try making your own stuff. If you don't, then the voxels/shps will have less from your imagination into them. I started by changing small stuff on public/ingame voxels and shps. Yes, it may seem hard, but it is rewarding. Smile
    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
    "If you are loyal to everybody, can you truly be loyal to anybody?"
    Ares Documentation: http://ares-developers.github.io/Ares-docs/
    My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtxeQoEM_iVd-F-xUIwleyQ
    PillBox20's Red Alert 2 Mod: http://www.moddb.com/mods/pillbox20s-red-alert-2/downloads/pillbox20s-red-alert-2-version-02

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    PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    I'm not saying I won't do it - just that for me it has a lower priority than working on concepts, coding, gameplay and balancing. Once I have the coding done, I will also improve graphics.

    I've given CivFanatics a try at least for the units which are completely missing their graphics right now... I don't know how to even open a ".flc" file. Is there a conversion guide somewhere on PPM or some other forum? I didn't find one.



    Ambulances are non-combat units who have a supportive role in the Allied forces. They project a healing radius which affects nearby infantry, and each Ambulance also comes with some surplus medical supplies. Double-clicking the Ambulance will make it drop a medipack, which can be picked up by friendly infantry, curing everyone in a small radius. This process can be repeated 5 times per Ambulance, although they can restock their supplies at Hospitals.
    * The initial idea was for Ambulances to do a sort of 'medevac' function on wounded infantry, however due to code limitations, this could not be implemented.

    Grouped with other units, the Ambulance can heal nearby infantry. This will eventually get its own visual effect I'm still fiddling with.

    Field Gun

    A simple towed field gun. Not usually part of the forces assigned to a front-line commander, these out-dated guns can be found in rear units and fortified positions. They will appear in some missions and even skirmish maps. The field cannot move on its own and has to be picked up by a truck or other utility vehicle. While its mobility falls short of modern self-propelled artillery, the firepower of the 100mm gun does not disappoint, being capable of defeating both tanks and infantry charges at long range.
    * Its crew dies easily, but the gun is surprisingly robust against blast damage, ready to be re-crewed.
    * Based upon the 100 mm field gun M1944.


    The lowly Half-track serves a variety of purposes in the Third Power army, from troop transport, to resource gatherer, to combat vehicle.

    As a troop transport, the Halftrack is constructed with cargo space for 5 infantrymen, who can also fire out. It is armed with a MG34 to support its crew.
    * Actively ordering the Half-track to attack a target will cause its passengers to actively dismount and attack that target on their own. If it just "picks up" a nearby target on its own, that will not happen.
    * In line with the "risky investment" theme, the Halftrack is open-topped and has a terrible crew survival rate. Its driver can also be sniped, unknown for other armored transports.

    As a supply vehicle, the Half-track will come with tools that can be used for gathering ore, but also repair other units. This "Supply Halftrack" is only supposed to act in a supportive role to the War Miner in gathering ore.

    As a combat unit, the Half-track will be produced with an 88mm FlaK, which doubles as an effective anti-tank gun. The Halftrack can switch between regular shrapnel shells (meant for anti-aircraft use) and armor-piercing shells (meant for anti-tank purposes). Despite their intended purpose, it can fire either shell upon either target, but its accuracy does not change --- an AP hit on an aircraft would surely be a one-shot kill - IF you hit - but is it worth sacrificing the splash damage from the shrapnel shells? You decide!
    * Since vehicles cannot deploy into vehicles (yet?), there is a transitional structure stage between the two weapon modes.
    * Elite upgrade is a rocket launcher.

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    PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Okay now the Ambulance just looks half-assed. You could have at least made  an edit of the humvee or other vehicles. (Like the Merkava MBT)
    ~ Excelsior ~

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    PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2015 12:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    But... the Ambulance is a vanilla RA2 voxel o_O...
    Certainly not my sloppy work if it's a bad voxel.

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    PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2015 12:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Whiteboy Bug: http://modenc.renegadeprojects.com/Whiteboy-Bug

    CivFanatics: http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?highlight=civfanatics&t=21108

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    PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2015 1:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Millennium wrote:
    I've given CivFanatics a try at least for the units which are completely missing their graphics right now... I don't know how to even open a ".flc" file. Is there a conversion guide somewhere on PPM or some other forum? I didn't find one.

    There was no need for a guide so far.
    1) Get FLICster. http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=10208
    2) Open flc.
    3) Export flc to individual frames - you'll get hundreds of PCXs this way.
    4) Rename individual frames into SHP Builder's filename 4-digit-counter style, organize frame order during this - look at RA2 infantry for references. Total Commander has a batch rename tool already, also there's a tool by YR_Modder recently posted here to the Editing Tools, but I never checked that one yet.
    5) Optional, but greatly improves quality: Create an import palette "mask". For example, if the current infantry has blue remap on a pink background, then open a unittem with OS Pal Editor, replace 240-255 and the blue shades with 255,0,255 pink (use gradient tool, that helps) and replace 0-15 with various shades of pink excluding 12 which should be a color which isn't on the frames, but significantly different from the other shades as well. Save this palette to SHP Builder's Palette folder somewhere.
    6) Convert the PCX into PNG cuz SHP Builder cannot import PCX. Irfanview, ACDSee etc has batch convert.
    7) Import. If you took step 5, then use the pal you made there as destination palette.
    Cool If you took step 5, then you probably ended up with some spots taking colors between 1 and 15 (shadow and anti-alias issues, Wyrmshadow's inf usually has such), if you didn't, these spots can take any colors which I can't even guess. Colorreplace these to 12.
    9a) Double frames size, add dummy frames after each frame (you can do it before importing as well, but imo it's easier to create a new file in SHP Builder with the imported SHP's proportion then tell Builder to copy all frames of the dummy SHP to the imported one) then use Convert shadows RA2 to TS script - the AA issues aren't noticeable if the edge is transparent.
    9b) If your SHP lost shadow somewhere (seen this before) then instead of adding dummy frames, imo copy all frames to a new SHP, use the Binarize custom scheme on this, resize height to 20-25%, resize canvas back to original size, replace 255 with 1 and use these frames as shadow. It might be sloppy but still looks better than lacking any shadow at all.
    10) You only have to adjust size. You're done.

    EDIT: E1 Elite, civ color setting in FLICster doesn't work without an installed Civ3.

    AS Discord server: https://discord.gg/7aM7Hm2

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    PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2015 1:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Trying it on the Firelancer right now.
    (Oddly enough, CivFanatics DID actually have a Firelancer graphic, exactly what I needed!)
    Mao Zedong wrote:

    Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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    Graion Dilach
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    PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2015 8:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    That already sounds more promising than "excuse and here have another public unit you seen enough times already without a change". CivFanatics has kilotons of stuff, it's a modsaver imo.

    Also careless means lack of care as well. #Tongue Also the Westwood civ cars are sloppy, you end up with a better ambulance if you resize TeamBlack's than reusing WWs. No kidding.

    AS Discord server: https://discord.gg/7aM7Hm2

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    PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Unfortunately now it's work-week again and I have classes to attend. More updates will have to wait till weekend.

    Just a few graphical and gameplay changes I came up with today:
    * Units' damage models now use the potential of the debris system to a greater extent: Debris Min/Max/Minimums/Maximums have been fixed and unit-specific debris will now be spawned if a unit is destroyed - i.e., a destroyed tank could rip apart into body and turret.
    * Only units which are explicitely howitzers will now fire arcing shells. Direct-fire guns (like tank guns, anti-tank guns, naval cannons, etc) will fire non-arcing, straight shells.
    (* Guns classified as mortars will still use high-arc (lobber) shells.)
    * All tank gun and artillery ranges have been doubled! It sounds like it will break the balance, and perhaps it does, but combat becomes far more realistic and interesting when units aren't piled up next to each other. It also allows for more interesting tank battles because front-row units' footprints no longer prevent back-row units from firing.
    * Small arms have also received a flat +2 range increase across the board. All other ranges are unchanged.

    As I said, this might break stuff, and once I notice an imbalance, I will adress it.

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    PostPosted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Unfortunately, lately I did not have the time to get much progress in my mod.

    New army list for the Latin Confederation. This is still somewhat sketchy in places and might see a few revisions.
    I'm not sure yet how different the LC will be from basic Soviets so I don't know if this is actually needed - but it's there!

    I also did some generalized clean-up and maintenance, removing unused graphics, assigning new IDs to files and sorting files into new mixes.

    Loadscreen for the Chinese Soviet Republic

    As you can see, this loadscreen is somewhat anachronistic, as the majority of the Chinese territory is assigned to the Asian Alliance in the current version of the mod.

    Loadscreen for the Brotherhood Lybia

    Not quite sure if this will be a single nation in the release or rather the entire Islamic part of Africa united into one playable subfaction (ie the "African Warlords" faction).

    Country selection flags

    Germany (Third Power) flag

    Allied update


    I think I need not lose words on this unit, it has been done many times before. Medics appear in RA and TS and are commonly modded into RA2/YR. They cure the same 50 HP at the same rate in both incarnations, however they have become more sturdy and also cheaper in TS. Unarmed, carries a MediKit, capable of healing organic units, and a Red Cross armband that, like Ambulances, tells everyone they are not legal targets and prevents enemy units from attacking him unless ordered to do so via force-fire by a callous commander disregarding the Geneva Convention. When killed, enemy units around the deed will lose morale, but the Medic will drop a medipack that will fully cure any infantry unit that picks it up, friend or foe. The Medic can also be put into bunkers (or other occupyable structures), and the structure will gain a healing aura which activates whenever the forces inside the structure engage an enemy. Multiple Medics inside the same structure increase the potency of the aura.

    • Ironically, because of code limitations, he cannot cure infantry INSIDE the structure with him.
    • As the Medic does not deal damage, he can only be promoted from crates and academies (though you might figure out other ways); Elite Medics cure twice the amount. Heroic Medics gain a healing aura.
    • In Balance, Nod had access to the "Cybernetic Medic".


    The Commando is the highest-tier regular infantry of the Allies (beyond these guys, there are only heroes). Commandos are already trained as Elite (Lv. 14), and can advanced to Champion and Heroic levels (being the elite, after all, is a hallmark of these units). They have 200 HP, carry automatic rifles against infantry and are trained to aim and fire at a target’s vital point in no-time, and underslung grenade launchers against vehicles. The grenades are inaccurate but briefly stun enemies and lower their defense. This includes infantry caught in the blast, but they will not actively use these weapons on infantry. Against buildings, they will place airstrike beacons that will direct an airstrike from off-screen into the target. When leveling up, they will gain flare grenades, allowing them to direct airstrikes from a distance, and upon reaching Heroic level, their main weapon is replaced with a laser rifle, rendering the division of rifle and grenade redundant, and their flare will be replaced with a laser designator, allowing them to remain out of danger while directing an airstrike. While quite expensive, a small team of these super-soldiers can bring down vital structures or assassinate units at ease.
    Commandos will self-heal and when their commander has access to the HELIOS, the airstrike will be replaced with a HELIOS strike. Commandos have bayonets, dealing bonus damage when engaged in meelee.

    Automatic rifle, M79, Combat Knife, Airstrike Beacons
    Equipment: Battlesuit, Personal Medikit, Cloaking Device

    Spoiler (click here to read it):

    Some version had "Ranger" with 180 HP, bayonet and sharpshot attacks and "camouflage" ability. Effective vs small numbers of light vehicles and infantry (which is not to say that he was not very effective against infantry - he was effective against low numbers of infantry even if the infantry was very strong. Some units are effective against large numbers of infantry, but lose effectiveness even against a single strong infantry.) Ineffective vs everything else.
    Commando originally designed equipped with M14s as primary and M79 that they would switch to as secondary. However, prevented by model art limitations.

    Soviet update

    Supply Truck

    These simple, rugged Supply Trucks are ubiquitous in the Soviet Union, both for civilian and military purposes. They serve as transport for ferrying workers, resources, troops and materiel around the vast country and, with some modification, as a mount for the Katyusha MRL.  Supply Trucks can be purchased cheaply from the Factory and are your primary transport, supply and resource-gathering units. They are unarmed, unarmored and also have no other noteworthy features, but they are cheap and reliable and your best friends in getting your economy going. Just keep them away from hostile forces.
    * Veteran trucks unload and move faster.
    * Elite trucks can crush infantry and self-repair.

    Scud Launcher

    This is a TEL for Scud missiles, the heavy artillery of the Soviets. This unit replaces the V3 Launcher, but it is mostly a visual change; the unit functions identically.
    * The "Scud Launcher" name was chosen simply because it is more iconic. The real-life Scud is a tactical ballistic missile with a range that would make it a SW in C&C. Lore-wise, the Scud Launcher is really a 9K52 Luna-M ('Moon') firing FROG-7, which aligns more closely with the range exhibited by this unit in-game relative to map size.


    An out-dated turboprop fighter, mostly used in the anti-infantry role. The Yak is armed with a set of chainguns. Despite being no match for modern fighter aircraft, it can still take out bombers. And of course, the chainguns are deadly effective against infantry on the ground...

    Eastasian update

    Wave Motion Cannon

    The only superweapon that is truely on par with those of the other factions, the Wave Motion Cannon, also known as the Yamato Cannon, is actually a mobile vehicle, rather than a structure. Fires a single powerful beam which deals heavy typeless damage along its entire line of fire as well as splash damage at the point of impact. When firing the WMC, it will completely consume all base power in a wide area for a brief period. The WMC gains incremental damage bonuses for each power plant owned by its commander within a certain radius around it, meaning that if you take it to a siege, it will do very little damage, but when faced in a defensive role inside a base, it is devastating.
    * Requirements: Assembly Plant, Tech Center
    * Produced by: Assembly Plant
    * Cost: 3000$
    * Range: 30
    * AoE: 7' circle

    Dominate Machines

    When used against automatic units and base defenses, this ability will turn them unto your control. It also has detrimental effects on other units that make use of electronics - cyborgs will go berzerk, while all powered buildings and vehicles in the area will be disabled. It has no effect on purely biological units, and simple devices.
    * Source: Comm Center
    * Range: map-wide
    * AoE: 6' circle

    * Originally intended only for drone/robot control, code limitations mean that this ability's control will extend to all mechanical units in its area of effect (except some shielded ones)
    * As you can see, the animations are not well timed yet - the falling numbers should be displayed at the same time as the green lighting.
    * The numbers also are not supposed to have shadows, but apparently this is hard-coded.
    * This ability still needs a proper name! I'm open to suggestions! Tentatively called "Titan Rain" for now, because it "rains" matrix code and a certain RL hacker attack by China on US installations was code-named "Titan Rain"...

    I'm currently considering moving Tesla technology entirely to the Third Power. Tesla was an Austrian scientist and it just fits so much better to the Third Power's 'gothic raygun' theme AND the whole 'storm' and 'thunder' imagery the Nazis liked so much (think of the 'SS' thunderbolt runes and words like "Shock trooper" and "Storm trooper"). Well... it's worth considering. Tesla technology might only have ended up with the Soviets in RA anyways not because it felt typically Soviet, but because they received alot of Germany-ish technology (such as the V2), as I've detailed earlier.

    In case I do reassign this technology to the Third Power, I already have a replacement for it in the pipes for the Soviets though - the Desolator. The technology behind this unit (weaponized focused radioactivity) has quite a marginal role in the original RA2/YR game, and in my mod has become even more marginalized - one unit, swamped in a sea of many many new energy weapons. Well - if I do go ahead with the reassignment of Tesla technology, you can expect to see the radiological tech of the Soviets to fan out into a few more units to fill the gaps.

    Radiation overall has been changed. Irradiated terrain no longer harms vehicles, but instead kills the crew of light and medium vehicles. I never thought it made much sense that radiation would cause tanks to explode!

    All vehicles have proper and detailed debris now, in anticipation of ARES fixing DebrisMaximums/Minimums. Vehicles will spawn gas tanks, tires and shards of metal, exploding tanks will occasionally break up into body and turret.

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    PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

    As someone who spent years making their own mod as a one-man-army, I will make some suggestions....

    Create yourself a tech tree that you can follow across all houses, exactly like having the TECH buildings, open up new units with new prerequisites, but not too many if you plan to employ the AI to be useful.

    The fill in the units, leave intentional gaps, or minor imbalances between houses, don't make them so serious that house A will always lose against house D when everything else is equal.

    Use stolen tech to good effect, the RA2 units you get from stealing tech are pathetic, there's a great opportunity to create house-specific stolen tech units. This makes stealing tech have dissimilar effects, one house could get a new kind of battleship, while another might get a new heavy tank instead. Be creative with unlocking, and it adds immense depth.

    Also don't be tempted to go unit crazy, a good mod shouldn't feel like you've imported units from other games just for the sake of having new units, there should be some cohesion. This means I'd avoid using walking "mechs" and other alien looking units, IF you also intend to keep mundane realistic military units, especially WW2 era ones. Pick a theme, stick to it.

    Lastly, I wouldn't waste much effort on the backstory, make the game fun, make sure it's well balanced, don't annoy the player with redundant or useless units or micromanaging.

    Once the game is fair, start delving into unique tactics that each house should deploy, get a sense of how to be sneaky with the units they have... it's ok to move your new units to other houses while you discover tactical imbalances, like too many mid-range attack vehicles in one house with none in another.

    Balance is all about guessing and testing. LOTS of testing. It's where most mods fall down in my opinion, even the C&C games in general were pretty poor, not enough unit variety to overcome deficiencies. Good tactics will be exposed by good players, or in the process of writing a good AI to take advantage of the house units.

    How the units look, the ingame load screens and all that can be left to the very end, even though they tempt you to do first to see progress.

    It sounds like you have an abundance of ideas, start focusing on implementation of 2-3 at a time, and see where the balance lies, add a few more, and so on. Don't try to do everything, or you won't perfect anything.

    Patience, persistence...

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    PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2015 12:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Yes, I already have tech trees for all the factions except Third Power and Brotherhood... I'm just not sure how to implement them graphically in a way that I can present here, otherwise I'd show them. I don't think people would want to see scanned scribbles on paper #Tongue

    And yes, vanilla RA2's balance isn't hard to match/exceed! If my mod would be balanced like TS/FS, I would be very proud already, even though that game also had its shortcomings with balance - but it did much better than RA2/YR imo.

    Right now, I'm trying to implement like 2-3 units/structures/younameit per week (IF I find the time, which is not always the case, so I sometimes tend to work in spurts and then fall silent for a week or two).

    Also AI is something I have not bothered with at all yet, it will wait until all units are in place.

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    PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Yes, a mod with MEDICS! ^.^ I like medics!

    Also, the Lybian loading screen needs better moon/star. It is kind of blured.

    I like how you went with the loading screens, so far!
    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
    "If you are loyal to everybody, can you truly be loyal to anybody?"
    Ares Documentation: http://ares-developers.github.io/Ares-docs/
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    PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2015 3:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    I suggest if you are going to use simple shapes like that or normally seen on flags you could try searching for vector images of what you want or making them yourself in illustrator.
    ~ Excelsior ~

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    PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 8:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Millennium wrote:
    What's "Quality Control", though?  I think you use the term very differently from how we used it.

    Well, let's see. The Lybian loadscreen is heavily pixelated. The Ambulance is sloppy and the edits doesn't even look good on that voxel. On the Wave-Motion Cannon's preview there's a walker which looks undetailed, without normals etc and was only acceptable a decade ago. Arg's RA2 Jeep recolor is sloppy, Jem released something much better looking than that.

    Quality control is IMO maintaining a quality norm: anything below such a quality is unacceptable. Now either you do not maintain such a norm - and I don't even dare to mention a word about how artistic styles could clash, something which affects a lot of mods building with public assets and exactly the reason why I restructured my VPL to hide them - either your norm is somewhere really subpar that anything could get in.

    The fact that seemingly you don't even waste your time to improve your assets - and no the Ambulance is certainly NOT an improvement, because it seemingly lost more details than it gained - doesn't help neither.

    AS Discord server: https://discord.gg/7aM7Hm2

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    PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 8:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Oh okay, I understand now. Thank you. It's the voxels... I didn't know they were so bad by today's standards. The walker has won a voxeling competition once!
    Mao Zedong wrote:

    Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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    Graion Dilach
    Defense Minister

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    PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 8:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Maybe... probably in a time when autonormals didn't even existed.

    OTOH using Brown2 is part of the problem, since it's a much smoother gradient than the ones WW used in RA2. I'd strongly advise you to go through the hassle of learning VPL and palette-editing and employ one of the unused gradients back into RA2 for your Eastasian faction.

    AS Discord server: https://discord.gg/7aM7Hm2

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    PostPosted: Fri Feb 20, 2015 7:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    You mean the ones TibSun used? Because I'm having some issues with XCC on Win7, I'm not currently able to use any edited palettes (otherwise I would've switched to TS's unit~.pal long ago), but custom palettes are definitely on my to-do list before release, yes.

    More unit updates!:


    A dive bomber specialized in attacking ground forces and light structures. As it has to dive down over its target, it has no stand-off range and it is consequently ill advised to use it against positions guarded by anti-aircraft weapons. The StuKa is also unable to attack or defend against aerial units. StuKas are tactical aircraft that do not require to return to an airfield to reload - they can keep circling an area indefinitely and will not run out of ammunition. They will never land, but instead keep watch for approaching enemy units.
    * Drops five bombs per attack around a very narrow area, making it great for attacking small targets, such as mobile units, which would escape most of the blasts of larger bombers. On the downside, its bombs do not do as much damage - enough to take out tanks, but not for hardened structures.
    * Elite upgrade: Stuka bombs gain an additional effect of briefly stunning their target and lowering its defense.
    * Granted, the picture does not illustrate much about the unit itself, however another feature can be seen here (just a little obscured by the explosions) - the "wreck" feature of vehicles, in this case the truck. Destroyed vehicles will turn into residual wrecks, similar to Generals/ZH.

    Ragnarok Cannon

    The Ragnarok Cannon is the in-game incarnation of extreme RL weapons such as the Big Bertha or Gustav. It is not the most powerful artillery in the game (that distinction belongs to Eastasia's Yamato Cannon, or Wave Motion Gun), but it is the strongest that is still mobile and requires no superweapon to fire. The Ragnarok is huge and drives very slowly. When not deployed, it cannot fire and will instead attempt to crush targets under its threads. In order to fire, the cannon has to be deployed, losing its mobility but hurling oversized, screen-shaking, bunker-busting high explosive shells over extended ranges. For all its firepower, the Ragnarok has only medium armor and is helpless against aircraft and maneuverable enemies.
    * Ragnarok's shells are inaccurate and move rather slow, meaning they're not very effective against tanks. The blast radius still makes them deadly against infantry though.
    * When promoted to Elite, the crew "finds" nuclear warheads left behind by Soviet forces, upgrading its firepower further.  

    ECM Tank

    A ton of expensive equipment every hacker dreams of, put into an armored chassis and mounted on a set of four independently maneuverable track-pods, the ECM tank is a valuable field support vehicle if used in the right place and time. Faced with technologically advanced adversaries, the ECM tank can disable sophisticated electronics, greatly diminishing the battlefield effectiveness of mechanical units and powered base defenses. If faced with automatized foes, it can turn them against their owner. It can even disable aircraft and will scramble the control of guided missiles fired at them in mid-air, deflecting them at nearby targets, providing a deadly cover against aerial attacks. While this is prudent in the light of the vehicle's relatively thin armor and exposed electronic equipment, it will put nearby forces at risk of damage from stray missiles, so take this feature into account when using the tank in a formation with other units.
    While the vehicle is mostly helpless against infantry (except for a creative driver's skillful use of the armored trackpods), it is not entirely without purpose against armies with a lower level of technology, as its sophisticated electronic equipment allow its commander to detect nearby enemies under various camouflages.

       • Disable – Disables a group of enemy units. Has to charge for several seconds before firing.

    masterpiece in hacking technology. It has Communication Scrambling Device (CSD) on it's board, operated by group of advanced Chinese hackers. CSD can easily break through enemy base system protection and take control over enemy structure. Though it's awesome in eliminating or capturing enemy base, some of buildings like superweapons, battle labs or special structures cannot be captured because they are armed with much better System Protection devices, which hasn't been hacked by Chinese yet. Emperor can also carry up to two soldiers which will lead fire outside.

    * The ECM Tank cannot be disabled with EMP.
    * Guided missiles directed at this tank will frequently miss their target (increasing the danger for nearby units) or explode in mid-air long before reaching their target. Perhaps one day, I will find out how to make the tank turn guided missiles BACK on their firer!

    Spoiler (click here to read it):

    This unit began as the Chinese "Emperor Tank" (a clone of the unit in MO) in Build 2010, requiring the Palace to be purchased. It was capable only of controlling buildings. In a later version, when threatened infantry, it was to be able to shift the emission pattern of its dish to radiate microwave pulses over the battlefield, which could fry them instantly, while leaving hardware intact.

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    PostPosted: Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Nice voxels! Very Happy Oh, i hope you are not forget of "something" on PM
    Humans were born for two things,
    to pray and be productive.

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    PostPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2015 3:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    I've been asked to post credits for the assets I've used, so...
    here they are. Once as a posted list and once more as a download below.
    This should cover all units and features I have presented so far, but if you find anything missing, feel free to point it out.  
    Also, if anyone knows the original creators of the Scud Launcher (I believe it might have been Mig Eater?) or the Spider Tank, please let me know. I'm not sure where I got the Scud Launcher from, but the Spider Tank was on a site which no longer exists (Rami's site possibly?) and the download did not include a readme.

    This list will be updated periodically (ie I will post additional entries) as my mod and presentation progresses.


    Engine - Westwood/Electronic Arts/the Ares team

    GI - Westwood/SuperJoe (edited by me)
    GI cameo - Westwood (edited by me)
    Missilier - Westwood/SuperJoe (edited by me)
    Missilier cameo - Westwood (edited by me)
    Allied Pilot - ArgCmdr
    Allied Engineer - Westwood/SuperJoe (edited by me)
    Allied Officer/General - Lord Kal
    Commando - Cboidy888 (edited by me)
    Legionary - ImP_Rulz (edited by me)
    Medic - Lord Kal (edited by me)
    Allied Jeep - ArgCmdr
    Humvee - Tony
    Abrams Tank - Holy Master

    Soviet Pilot - Lord Kal
    Spetsnaz - Turn-A-Gamer
    Volkov - Dark Elf
    Chitzkoi - Dethro
    Supply Truck - Rattuskid
    ZSU-23 Shilka - Mig Eater
    Scud Launcher/Scud missile - [UNKNOWN]
    Yak - Big Jah

    Third Power
    StuKa - Big Jah (edited by me)
    Ragnarok Cannon - MadHQ (edited by me)

    Askari - raminator
    ShadowHand - FactionMK
    Battle Suit - SuperJoe
    Sky Suit - Westwood/SuperJoe
    Sky Suit ver. 2 - Machine/Atomic Noodles/Nemo Star
    Shikari - justsomeguy
    Hacker - Cboidy888
    Fox Tankette, cameo - Atomic Noodles
    Spider Tank - [UNKNOWN]
    ECM Tank body - raminator
    ECM Tank turret - Shin.peter.pan
    Wave Motion Cannon - Orac
    Money Transfer cameo - Electronic Arts
    Hack animation - The DvD
    Money Hack animation - Westwood


     Filename:  Credits.txt
     Filesize:  1.28 KB
     Downloaded:  246 Time(s)

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    PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 5:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


    The Katyusha is one of the most iconic weapon systems of the Soviet Union. It is, essentially, nothing more than a multiple rocket launcher installed on the back of a truck - cheap, quickly assembled, mobile - which turned out to be overwhelmingly effective on the battlefield. While the Katyusha is unarmored, it makes up for that shortcoming by its ability to quickly relocate after firing (a tactic known as shoot-and-scoot) to avoid return fire. The Katyusha fires a volley of rockets that spread out in the target area, saturating it with blast damage. It can then be moved, if enemies remain, while reloading its rocket launcher on the go.
    * Elite upgrade is altered warhead (subfaction-dependent) and infinite clip size.

    Flame Tank

    Let us lend a hand with those hot dogs...!

    This is the flame tank as we know it from TD (although of course the stats have been adapted). Its stream of fire can incinerate infantry and light structures, but is somewhat useless against heavy armor and fortified buildings.
    * Flame tanks firing upon light occupied structures have a high chance of harming the occupants, even if the building is not destroyed.
    * Flame tanks will set certain objects on fire, leaving a residual 'burn' effect that reduces HP over time.
    * Deploy the flame tank to increase the width of its beam, allowing it to create a directional "firewall" as a static defense.
    * The flame tank explodes violently when destroyed.

    (moved Mig to China section)

    Ilyushin Il-76

    A regular cargo plane, comparable to the C-17 "Globemaster" of the West. This aircraft type is used to carry Soviet paratroopers to their dropzone.

    Antonov An-255

    The largest cargo plane in the world, the An-255 "Cossack" is a development of the Antonov design bureau, of the Ukrainian SSR. This aircraft is large enough to carry even tanks and allows the Soviets to perform armored air-drop operations. That is pretty much the only occasion you'll see it on the battlefield.

    Things to do:
    * The spacing between the each tank being dropped will be increased
    * Seperate soviet-themed (and allied-themed, for the Allies) parachute anims will be added (not just for things dropped by the Antonov, but for all paradrops)

    Hacker Tower

    The Hacker Tower is an Eastasian defense structure which fulfills much the same role as the ECM Tank does for mobile forces - it disables vehicles and other mechanized units, severely crippling assaults. It can also target aircraft and since a complete system shut-down in mid-air is commonly fatal, it also provides effective anti-air cover. On the downside, the tower has a considerable footprint and power requirements. While it can disable almost any vehicle at 100% effectiveness, it also has to keep that vehicle on lock-down or else it will quickly recover, which means that there is only a limited amount of enemy units that can be reasonably kept in check by these towers at any point of your defensive line, while the enemy may mass considerably larger numbers of vehicles to attack a location. Needless to say, they are also entirely helpless against infantry. These towers will always need back-up by other defenses or mobile forces to deal with sizeable assault forces, but when used in combination with mixed defenses, they are a great addition, immobilizing your opponents while your other forces pick them off one by one.

    Credit to the original building components goes to Project Exodus

    * Tower can be promoted, gaining longer-lasting disabling effect and greater range.
    * When destroyed, hackers will emerge from the tower.
    * Not all mechanical units are disabled - AI units such as drones are hijacked and sent back against their former owner.
    * The tower has a considerable sensor range.
    * I'm aware of the obviously misplaced firing offset of the tower and the lack of remap. Both will be adressed. I'm experimenting with a glowing remapable "glass panel" in the tower's roof.

    * Basic infantry can now fire on flying targets (although this is hampered by their low range, meaning they can only effectively combat helicopters.
    * I've started to "tidy up" the original RA2/YR mixes, removing unused/unusable assets.

    I've also started the first tests into implementing the "frost" type weapons, which are supposed to freeze infantry into brittle ice sculptures. These weapons will be found on a tank, a defense structure and an SW. Here are the results so far:

    As it is still very much in the testing phase, I've not bothered adding a separate unit for this weapon yet, but in the finished mod, the Frost Tank and Flame Tank will not use the same voxel!
    It never made much sense to me that EA (and by extension, many modders) would consider weaponized cold to be an aspect of the Allied forces, when freezing cold siberian winter is so very essentially Russian!

    Also, the army list for the "Illuminati" sub-faction, a sort of "behind the man" organization that will be found to be running the Allies (or the US at least) and will have to be dealt with in the Allied campaign in a sort of intra-faction "civil war" like scenario.

    Needless to say, they are based on Nod. Nod in TD kind of feels to me like WW was trying to make an Illuminati-like faction (ancient secret society with egyptian imagery who are behind events of world-historic importance AND have contacts with aliens!), but then kind of steered off into a gaudy GLA-like organization because the whole "egypt" theme got into a spin of middle-eastern/african terrorism, or maybe WW realized they would want to avoid offending the _real_ Illuminati... I don't know. But considering that this may have been the original design of Nod before it ventured off into Al Qaeda territory, the odd presence of American military hardware in Nod's arsenal becomes explicable. So I seperated the "arab terrorist" theme from Nod (and moved it to the Brotherhood, then added some Fallout Enclave to Nod to replace it, mind you) and ended up with the Illuminati.

    Of course, Nod in TS and beyond is entirely out of touch with any existing or hypothetical RL organization or faction in theme, technology and design.

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    PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 6:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    You have some nice units, and a reasonably good background to everything, but I get the distinct impression that military from 2000's and aliens landed in 1951...

    The Stuka was a late '30s dive bomber, that was scary to convoys, but were easy to shoot down, it's almost like adding sword-wielding horse cavalry.

    Nothing wrong with recycling the idea of a Stuka, but I'd say modernize all these hella old units, imagine they had continued to be developed like Mig and Sukhoi models...

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    PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 7:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    You are really not too far off with "aliens".
    Well, the idea is indeed an "Iron Sky"-ish scenario for the Third Power at least - a  Nazi-ish army who went into hiding on the moon/hollow earth/antarctica/whatever, and now returns to invade a kinda-modern-ish setting. They do have pretty advanced technology in parts that I just haven't gotten around to presenting yet, as I've started with the basic units and have done very little exposition for the Third Power so far. They are supposed to be the faction with the most widespread application of rayguns (even exotic things like StarTrek-ish atomic disintegrators) and they will also get anti-gravity "flying saucers", tractor beams and even "necromantic" technology and weather control, ie all the things that fictional Nazis often have in their arsenals. Almost all of the Third Power units have an energy weapon upgrade of some kind on promotion.

    You are right though that I might have to at least invent more modern names/graphics for the more old-fashioned units. Hmmm...  I should get to that, especially when it gets to the tanks. Some of those have names and designs straight from WW2 too.
    Mao Zedong wrote:

    Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.  

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