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The Death Label Incident
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:38 pm    Post subject:  The Death Label Incident
Subject description: A bit of a backstory.
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Y'all can check it out here:

-Peace Conference-

The third World War is around the corner.

The Cutezomes calculated that this was will end the race. So after millenniums of discretion, they've finally revealed themselves. An Expeditionary Mother Command Ship hovered over Earth's Sub-space. They've intercepted every transmission, in all channels, to deliver a message of peace and that they will volunteer to mediate the opposing parties that demand war.

As everyone is gathered in parliament, the Cutezomes began with an introductory speech about their kind. The proceeded to ask what is the conflict about. A mysterious faction whom raised recently due to the conflict says that they promise to make utopia for all humans to enjoy- in exchange for Earth's biological health. Since they think that as of right now, Earth has been managing its resources too poorly and that THEY are the rightful hands to handle all of this. A representative from the United Nations, stood up and said that the man is lying, that he has killed hundreds for his research, labeling him as a terrorist for his and his men's actions.

The Cutezomes asked both sides to calm down. The Cutezomes asked for a portfolio of the the mysterious faction's research. As they read the portfolio, the Cutezomes mention that they're research is outdated and will yield disastrous results. The mysterious faction's leader was appalled, and mentions that their research is mankind's only hope. He accuse the Cutezomes that they don't know what mankind is capable of. The Cutezome replied that they have tried the very same experiment on their home planet- a safe controlled environment- and the experiment was never a success.

Infuriated, the leader reached for his radio and called in an Airstrike. Parliament was destroyed killing dozens of UN Officials, Journalists and Important Government Figures. How did an Airstrike get past the security? Apparently those weren't planes, they were high-speed cruise missiles travelling so fast that even Cutezome radar will have trouble getting signatures off.

The leader of the mysterious faction, grabbed a cameraman. And declared war in live television, and that Angel Wings will bring salvation to all humankind.

-The Great Subspace Massacre-

The Angel Wings set voyage to Planet Cutezome, a galaxy away. By this time, they've stolen almost all of the latest technology- including warp technology.

Shortening travel in between galaxies in two and a half months.

They plan to colonize the planet in the name of Earth. And from there, they try to make their utopia into fruition. The Cutezome's warp technology is however vastly superior, shortening travel in a week. The Cutezomes were weeks ahead in terms of preparations.

When they've finally arrived the Angel Wings were almost fully repelled. Two and a half months worth of travel and they just get destroyed before they even reach the planet surface. However, they manage to deploy Satellites with space lasers to harass the the ground forces- though they were essentially useless as they could not even get in range without getting shot from the Cutezome ground-based Sub-space range cannons. The Satellites provided enough distraction for one unit to slip by.

General Anzam for the Angel Wings, second-in-command of the entire faction. He landed on the planet surface 3 hours after the massacre up in space. He, by luck, landed near an important Cutezome Capital, Garrison City. The true center of business and infrastructure of the Cutezomes. He took the city in less than a few hours, however that may as well be kicking a bee hive. As that quickly warranted a Quick Response Team from the Cutezome's Special Naval Force.

Arnold-Class Super Carrier "Wild Card." Sent a squad of seven aircraft to take care of the entire regimen. They were outnumbered one to 200, but in one day, the city was reclaimed with no loss from the Wild Card's response team. General Anzam lost a lot of his best assets and technology to SEVEN aircraft- as an escape measure, he was informed that there was one last Satellite left from the massacre. It was Combat Satellite "Wooden Casket," it held off Cutezome space-faring drones for the past few hours due to its vast weapon system. Although with this information, Anzam is dismayed as how fast he lost so, he the had Satellite hover over specific coordinates to cover his escape. Leading the fate of the satellite to death along with its unknowing crew.

-Death Toll-

The Cutezome considered that atrocity as an act of war and the Red Skulls, the strongest attack force of the Cutezome Army, was given the permission to "Annihilate all scums."

Having overheard this, a General from the Expeditionary Force who just came back from the failed peace conference, grew worried.

"This may be the end of Earthlings as we speak." She mutters onto herself. She write a letter of concern to the head council of Cutezome governance, to provide a control measure to make sure that the Red Skulls do not make another race extinct.

Back on Earth, The UN has been shattered, the Red Skull's Zodiac Mothership blackened the skies. With it carried 4 smaller detachments of Mother Command Ships. Seeing this from a monitor a General from the UN who barely survived the Airstrike, crumpled his fists as he monologues to the remaining UN Officials.

"Oh no."

"I understand that they're ordered to kill, kill and kill. I cannot blame them. This our own doing."

"The heavens have gone, it just metal, guns, bombs up there now."

"This is. The End."

"However, we stick to our guns. We may have to kill those who offered a helping hand. To a point, we will reach in agreement. Otherwise, our existence as a species will be wiped from history. We will never be missed."

"Pick your battles, pick them carefully. They have superior technology. They know our strengths and weaknesses. Know that, whenever we think we've won, that was just a taste of what's to come next. We cannot win this by war, we can win this peace. Now, let's save Earth"

If everyone's OP, nobody is!

Death Label Mod for Generals Zero Hour:

Also Death Label is hosted here:

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