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Tiberian Sun Rising updates
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 24, 2019 9:29 pm    Post subject:  Tiberian Sun Rising updates
Subject description: Are you afraid of Reapers? Unlike Santa Claus, they don't need chimney to reach you!
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Hello everyone! Here at PPM, we wish you happy holidays and, in case you don't have holidays right now, don't worry: happy upcoming holidays. During this month, Assassin has posted a couple of updates showing the progress of his mod, Tiberian Sun: Rising, which brings the Tiberian Sun environment and units into Tiberium Wars.

There are many attractive assets posted in these news. Let's start with the Tiberium Ecosystem:

The rampant pace of Tiberium continues to be a concern amongst the scientific community. New Tiberium mutated plants and lifeforms are emerging it's difficult to keep up with what Tiberium is doing to the planet now. Renowned Tiberium expert famously said years ago "The possibilities of Tiberium are limitless" and it certainly does seem to be the case as we see here.

The next step is the GDI Havoc Commando Project, which makes a strong counterpart for the Cyborg Commando to defend the Global Defense Initiative.

General Nick Parker was the biggest supporter of the Havoc Armor project so much so he put his stamp of approval on it dubbing it "Havoc". For those unfamiliar with the General, Havoc his codename from his fieldwork back in the First Tiberium War as a frontline commando. It augments the wearer's strength and speed but most importantly offers protection from Tiberium to the wearer. This is the most cutting edge technology that GDI has used to develop this suit lightyears ahead of mechs like the Wolverine and Titan. It might take 20 years but eventually, we'll be able to mass-produce suits based on this technology for troops going into Tiberium danger zones. But for now, they are so expensive to produce and customised for the particular needs of the GDI Commando. Commando's take many years of rigorous training to produce viable troops for the kind of highly specialised missions Commando's go on. GDI can't afford to lose such troops to the effects of Tiberium or Tiberium creatures. General Parker did note his gratitude to the Forgotten providing the services of the man known only as "Ghost Stalker" to perform dangerous missions for the GDI particularly in Tiberium danger zones where shiners are immune. But Ghost is only one man, the Havoc Armor was created so I can send out my Commando's into the field anywhere in the world without it being a suicide mission.

Primary Form
The Commando and the Havoc Armor combine to form one unit in its primary form. It augments the Commando's speed and strength while also benefiting from the mobility of the occupant. The massive rifle the Powersuit carries is a state of the art Railgun that can punch high-velocity slugs that damage most targets. Not quite as mobile as Ghost Stalkers variant of railgun only the Havoc Armor can carry the Railgun. It has a jump-jet pack which allows the Havoc Armor to perform short hops it's too heavy to stay in constant flight like GDIJumpjet Troopers can. But its jump jets have enough juice to jump over rivers, most destroyed bridges or other obstacles that impede the Commando's mission. On its shoulders, it has small rocket pods which can do a small amount of damage to air or ground targets.
Note: The Commando cannot place C4 charges while inside the suit.

Sentry Form
The GDI Commando inside the suit can exit the suit putting it into sentry mode but only while it's immobile and without a pilot does it stay in this mode. It can aim and fire the Railgun but firing rate drops due to the longer time it takes EVA to connect with the suit's sensors to aim and fire without a pilot particularly as without the occupants' muscles it is more difficult to move the railgun. It can provide covering fire for the Commando while he is on foot outside the suit.

Mobility Form
While the GDI Commando is outside the suit, the suit connects directly to EVA so it does the aiming for the railgun when in Sentry form. But if the Commander orders the Suit to move without a pilot it leaves Sentry form and goes into "Mobility" Form. In this form, it engages its jump jets constantly to hover above the ground as it is lighter without the pilot but loses the ability to do short hops from its jump jets. But it does mean it can hover over water to get to a stranded Commando to pick him up. The suits only weapons while hovering around is the rocket pods the only weapon that EVA can accurately aim and fire while the suit is moving around. Giving it limited defence against ground and air targets.

Commando - While Outside the Havoc Armor
The Commando is equipped with C4 explosive charges he can plant on buildings and carries around a rifle with his precise aim the Commando can take down most infantry with one shot. Due to the lethality of his aim. Cyborgs it depends on the model of the target.. the standard cyborgs he can aim for vital organic weak points such as the head. However other Cyborgs like the Cyborg Commando and if rumours of the "Reaper" class of Cyborg have any truth to them have armoured bodies which cannot be one-shot killed by the Commando. The Commando is completely vulnerable to the effects of Tiberium while outside the suit and cant jump jet anywhere on his own without the suit.

Tag Team
The Havoc Armor enables Commanders to get the best out of the Commando and the Suit they are a team. The suit can either watch the Commando's back or even be used on its own for separate tasks. But the Havoc Armor is the Commando's lifeline and its there to have his back or if necessary sacrifice itself to keep the Commando alive. But you can jump jet into a new area drop the Commando off to place C4 charges, while the suit hovers across the river to engage targets and create a distraction fo the Commando to do his work and then hover back over to pick him up and return to its Primary form where it can then jump jet away to safety.

Havoc Drop Pod Armor Replacement
In the extreme circumstance where the Commando's suit has been destroyed but the Commando is still alive in the field on his own. For a $ cost Commanders can order in a replacement Havoc Suit via a Heavy Drop Pod which has an RPG turret to provide covering fire where it lands. We recommend dropping it nearby the Commando so he can return to full strength.

It'll take practice and training for Commanders to fully master this new type of Commando but it offers more strategic and tactical options than ever before to the GDI.

Then we have screenshots of a Nod base, showing its gates, silos and walls.

Satellite imagery of a smaller Nod base looks like an auxiliary base no Stealth Generator deployed but they have set up a security grid of Nod Laser walls, Concrete Walls and their own Automatic Gates which only respond to the owning Nod Commanders forces. Here we can see Nod base defending against an attack while their harvesters automatically go through the gates to enter/exit the base. Passing through the laser beams safely due to Nods IFF tagging system. If an enemy stealth unit or enemy unit tries to pierce those beams they'll take damage revealing their presence if they had any stealth engaged.

And that ends their first news post. And that's where the Brotherhood of Nod comes into the scene. First, it starts with the Cyborg Commando.

The newest model of the Cyborg Commando mechanised combat skin has proven extremely effective in field tests. The Plasma Cannon adapted from the advancements made from the Banshee Prototype and working from the Tacitus. It is savagely powerful ripping through the toughest steel armour and boiling the flesh of its victims. If that wasn't enough the wrist-mounted flame thrower on its offhand makes short work of infantry that gets up close and allows the Plasma Cannon to focus on armoured targets. The Cyborg Commando is truly a terrifying sight to behold burning through GDI Titan' Mech's like butter.

"I can smell their fear"

Then, we have the famous Cyborg Reaper.

Datalog: I took the initiative of creating a new class of Cyborg to utilise for my own purposes. Behold my Children! I call it the "Reaper" the Cyborg Reaper utilises a new Mechanised weapon platform of my own design. To increase a cyborgs speed and ability to traverse more difficult terrain with ease. But also so heavier weapons could be attached without slowing the Reaper down. Armaments I've equipped the Cyborg Reaper with twin Multi-Missile launchers and packed in a Web Launcher to immobilise enemy infantry.

With demand for Cyborg troops increasing for the Brotherhood of Nod supply has not been meeting demand. I sent out Cyborg Reaper teams to harvest mutant vermin and humans for their organic components. They will be turned into superior cybernetic creations. As I have orchestrated from the beginning. The Cyborg Reapers have proven far more effective than previous methods of gathering humans for Cyborg Processing and has reduced both mortality rates and escape drastically.

And there are more surprises at their second news. It's not simply an interview with a shiner who had nightmares with Cyborg Reapers, but also something even more dangerous from the Brotherhood of Nod that has destroyed some GDI units recently. The picture below shows everything we know about it:

And that's all for now. Fore more information, visit Tiberian Sun: Rising ModDB Profile and you can also discuss about it at their Discord Channel.

Key Words: #News #TiberiumWars #TiberianSunRising 

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