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Community Tools roundup, end of 2019!
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 31, 2019 8:45 pm    Post subject:  Community Tools roundup, end of 2019!
Subject description: Our engineers have been working on the wildest tools to make your base boom faster than your rivals!
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Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have posted a news about tools created by our community members. I was just checking it today and my latest news about was posted in August and it is already in the second page of our news forum. So, yea, we need to get some heads up with it. Here we go:


MapTool is an open-source tool designed to apply changes to tile, overlay and object data of map files of Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 based on pre-defined conversion profiles. You can use it to convert maps from one theater to another or even convert maps from one game to another, as long as you have a conversion profile that describes how it is done.

The latest version of this program was released by E1 Elite:

Changes 2019-12-07:
- Object rules can have multiple comma separated replacement values, one of which will be chosen randomly for substitution.

AI Join:

AI Join is a python script from matt7785 that merges one or more aimd.ini files together. It probably works for Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 (and its expansions). It was released earlier in this month. Download and instructions on how to use it can be seen here.


BatchTMPConverter is a command-line tool for replacing tile image data on Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun / Red Alert 2 terrain template (tmp) files. It allows for fast and quick conversion of PNG image files into already existing terrain templates, or vice-versa, exporting PNG images from existing terrain template files.

It works by looking for tmp files from input/files directories filtered by file extensions, and looking for a PNG image file matching the filename of the template (sans extension, of course). Only 32-, 24- and 8-bit images are supported as of current, with 8-bit images retaining their own palette information. Image dimensions have to match the full size of the template for the tool to attempt conversion. Image output mode (-o) does the reverse and exports 24-bit PNG images from the terrain template files, overwriting files with same filename.

Version 2.0.0 was released earlier in this month with the following changelog:

Version 2.0.0
* Added image export from template mode which can be enabled by using command line parameter -o.
* Now requires .NET Framework 4.0 instead of 2.0.

In order to download it and understand how to use it, visit this topic at PPM forums.

CNC Maps Renderer:

CNC Maps Renderer is a tool that renders maps from Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2. You can render the entire map in a single picutre without needing to run the game.

This tool has received many updates since august. Here's a collection of changelogs:

Changes (2019-11-27):
- LAT system for FS BlueMold, Crystal and Swamp tiles.

Changes (2019-11-24):
- Start location marker: Removed deduction of 0.6 from size of shapes other than Tiled.
- Start location marker: Reduced comparative size of square and circle shapes.
- Start location marker: Added star shape option.

Changes (2019-11-08 ):
- Cloakable objects are semi-transparent and other fixes. (Credits: Starkku)
- Batch render and UI adjustments. (Credits: Metadorius)
- Updated Batch processing.
- FrameDecider override is disabled as it exposes code to mod config file.
- Improved IsoMapPack5 compression.

Changes (2019-09-22):
- Rules NoShadow flag is now considered.
- Units with Underwater flag set is now dimmed a bit.

Changes (2019-09-19):
- Building damage and fire animations now uses ConditionYellow and ConditionRed values.

Changes (2019-09-12):
- Overlay ID correction for RA2 Riparius ore.
- Emphasize ore/gems extended to RA2 unused ore of Vinifera and Aboreus.

Changes (2019-09-06 Release 2):
- Fire animation for damaged buildings shifted by half a cell to the right.

Changes (2019-09-06):
- Enabled AlphaImage for TerrainTypes

Changes (2019-09-05):
- Added building rubble feature for RA2/YR.

Changes (2019-08-13):
- Re-enabled the use of gui_settings.xml for UI settings.

Head to the latest post of this topic to download the latest version of this tool.

Engie File Converter:

Engie File converter, by Nyerguds, is a tool to convert sprites and image files from several games from Westwood Studios, like several Command and Conquer games, Dune games and even Lands of Lore.

Version 1.4.9 comes with the following changelog:

The last few new versions have added some new features and fixed some old bugs:

- Fixed the flicker when zooming on an image.
- Apparently, the N64 C&C1 map reading was broken, and always detected maps as the PC type. This is code from the Old Days of the CnC64 File Converter, before the autodetect was properly implemented, though, so I'm not surprised.
- Added a new feature to convert an image or a set of frames to a specified palette. That was already possibly by combining frames to a single image and then re-splitting it, but this way is obviously much handier.
- Adjusted the "Paste on frames" function to also work on a single image.
- The "Palette to image" and "4-bit palette from 8-bit palette" functions now work whenever a palette is shown on the UI. Before, it didn't work on the -1 frame of frame container types with a common palette, despite the UI showing the palette there.
- The "Palette to image" function's default filename is normally the name of the loaded file from which the palette is taken. However, if the loaded file is a paletteless format (like SHP) and the palette was instead selected from the dropdown, then the filename for the new image will now also be taken from that selected palette.

Head here for more information and download.

AI Editor for Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2:

This tool from AskeLadd assists you on editing the ai.ini and derived files.

Version that also counts with the assistance from E1 Elite comes with the following changes:

- Re-arranged and text aligned for the sort columns.
- Added TeamType House column again.
- Fixed width for column's attributes removed.
- Default width of left panel columns made compatible with both 100% and 125% DPI scaling.

Download it here

Image Shaper:

Image Shaper is a tool created by Lin Kuei Ominae that allows to combine images and convert the sequence of images into a SHP file.

Several new versions were released since august. Here's the combined changelog:

-(update) The resuling SHP filename has trailing numbers only removed when operating on image files. When loading an SHP file, the resulting filename is exactly the same.
-(bugfix) in rare cases "opt. canvas" caused an index of bounds error when creating a frame

-(update) the Preview isn't locking the access of the shown file anymore. Image files can now be replaced/changed while Image Shaper is open.
-(update) new option "Reverse order of selected cells" added to the DataGrid context menu.

-(update) Preview updates for the selected image automatically when changes to the palette are made (e.g. colors set to "ignore")
-(update) with the DataGrid focused, CTRL+V copies the Clipboard image into it

-(bugfix) Preview shows alpha channel correct
-(update) "Preview Background Image" setting added to [Options]

If a background image is set, the tool will set palette color #0 into ARGB 0,0,0,0 for the preview to show the background image behind the object.

-(update) support for RGBA JASC palettes
-(update) Euclidean color conversion with Alpha-channel support
-(update) [Options] menu added
-(update) "#Worker Threads" setting moved into [Options]
-(update) "Output Folder" setting added to [Options] to define output folder for SHPs
-(update) support to save/load a palette setup. Select "ImageShaper Palette Setup" as fileformat in the Load/Save Palette Dialog.
-(update) Console command line functionality added. Run ImageShaper.exe ? for help.

Head to this topic to download it and learn how to use it.

And that's all for now! Happy modding!

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