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The Second Tiberium War 2.4
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2020 5:32 pm    Post subject:  The Second Tiberium War 2.4
Subject description: Release
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The Second Tiberium War - Version 2.4

Version 2.4 is here and comes packed with new menu graphics, loading screens, overhauled super weapons, weapon effects, multiplayer maps, a special operation mission, sidebar icons, and MANY others.


New Superweapons


New Menu Graphics


Overhauled Technology Tree's


New Maps and Revamped Old Ones


Unit Effects and Visuals


And MUCH more!

For a list of all changes:

- New Ion Cannon super weapon
- New Nuclear Missile super weapon
- New Tiberium Eruption super weapon
- New Menu and client graphics
- New Loading screens
- New Briefing windows
- New Battle Statistics screen
- Technology tree’s reworked and flow much better
- Lamp lights are off while setting time of day to Afternoon
- Lighting fixed for time of day options
- “Aesthetic Structures” now “Extended Roster” check box
- Added new Units and Structures to “Extended Roster”
- New “Ultimate Weapons” check box
- New “Lesser Weapons” check box
- Nod AI APC team now works properly
- GDI AI will construct base defense properly
- Infantry death quieter
- Aircraft now have specific explosion audio
- Campaign 12 Regenesis now has time limit of 2 hours, Nod now fires Nuclear Missile at you
- Crates now have new visuals and sound effects
- Barrels now deal damage to area around them and can chain reaction.
- Classic Tiberian Sun maps now available

- Orca +10% damage overall
- Orca +25% damage vs structures
- Banshee +20% damage overall
- Banshee cost reduced to $1200 from $1300
- Phoenix +80% damage overall, now only one ammo charge
- Artillery -20% hit points while moving
- Artillery +20% hit points while deployed
- Mobile Sensor array -50% hit points, now only available in skirmish options
- Mobile EMP Platform removed, now available under extended roster option
- Badger Weapon change, properly upgrades to veteran
- C4 Icons added to Tactician
- C4 Icons added to Vega
- Tactician cost reduced to $875 from $1000
- APC -20% hit points
- 100% crew will escape from apc vehicles when destroyed
- Mutant Brute new icon, available under extended roster
- Enhanced cyborg new icon, available under extended roster
- Titan weapon effects improves
- Titan now have Armadillo unit voice
- Armadillo now have new unit voice
- Vega hit points reduced, has new weapon effects vs vehicles and infantry
- Stealth Tank +15% hit points, slightly less damage, slightly less speed
- New MCV icons
- Terror Flame Tank +5% hit points, new graphics and icon
- Dragoon +15% hit points
- Ankha renamed to Shukura, new icon
- Light Infantry now $100 reduced from $120
- All Veteran Rank 1 units increase speed, armor, and sight
- All Veteran Rank 2 units have hit point regeneration, weapon enhancement, and scatter (infantry only)
- Some units have special Veteran upgrades (you will have to find out yourself!)

- Cannons +40% damage vs infantry
- Missiles +50% damage vs light armor
- Bullet fire -50% damage vs light armor, -50% damage vs structures
- EM effect visual no longer stacks indefinitely
- EM effect improved
- Laser effect Improved
- Missiles now have grey smoke, Veteran missiles have red smoke
- Veteran snipers shots now have bullet trails
- Dragoon and Stealth Tank missile effects changes

- Construction Yard -10% hit points, now Concrete armor
- Temple of Nod now Concrete armor
- Ion Research Center now Concrete armor
- Technology Center removed for both factions, now available under extended roster option
- Signature Arrow +1 Radius, reduced energy cost
- Concrete wall +20% hit points
- Pyramid Obelisk -20% hit points, -20% damage, now fires at multiple targets
- Genesis Pyramid -10% hit points
- Rocket Tower now has antenna visual

New Maps
- Special Operation Mission - Night Hawk
- Lone Lagoon (2)
- Twilight (2)
- Avalanche (2)
- Oilfields (4)
- Stripline (4)
- Crater Conflict (6)

Reworked Maps
- Highway 42 (2)
- Scorched Oasis (2)
- Cold Valley (2)
- Atlantis (4)
- Beyond The Night (4)
- Past and Present (4)

DOWNLOAD: https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-second-tiberium-war/downloads/the-second-tiberium-war-24

If there are any bugs or issues concerning the game feel free to contact me on MODDB with the issue and I will post and updated version to address any and all problems. The Second Tiberium War is built off of the Tiberian Sun Client found here: Moddb.com

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