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Some small TD AI improvements
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Joined: 06 Sep 2020

PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2020 3:44 pm    Post subject:  Some small TD AI improvements Reply with quote

I thought I'd post these here, in case they're of use to anyone else in any other mods. I've made a couple of improvements to TD AI behaviour: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2220995241

Gunboat targeting
Gunboats will now pickup a new target each time they reverse direction down the shipping lane. Ideally they should probably pickup a new target in the same manner as normal Units, but this is a bit more complicated as they always use the Hunt AI in the campaigns, which is basically "go banzai on something", and multiple places in the code re-assign Gunboats to Hunt if they get into any other state. They're definitely more troublesome than they used to be.

Orca/Apache fly-in location
I built a rather Orca-heavy map, but whenever you built new Orca's, and they didn't have a Helipad to land on, they'd pick a random Y co-ordinate to fly in from. Which could mean they'd overfly SAM's halfway across the map. So this change is to make them fly in at the Y co-ordinate of the primary Helipad, similar to Cargo drops.

Using Orcas/Apaches in temporary Reinforcement Teams
I was trying to use Apaches in a Reinforcement Team, to have them fly in, attack some targets, then fly off map again. But instead they would empty all their ammo, then idle over the enemy base for a period, before flying back to their own base and landing in a big mess. So this sets Reinforcement Orca/Apache Teams to be "Loaner" craft if they are owned by a non-human. When they've finished using all their ammo, they'll fly-off map. It doesn't affect transports, new-build Orcas/Apaches or anything player-owned (that one Covert Ops mission where Reinforcement Apaches are used).

I suggest using "Rampage:3" or "Attack Buildings:3" on the Apaches if you want to try this. Otherwise they'll still idle over the enemy base for a bit when empty.

SAM popup logic
Lastly, I've put a short delay on SAM's before they Lock into the North position before lowering. During this time they will scan for new targets. This prevents the previous jack-in-a-box behaviour. It doesn't affect the current firing delays, either for the two-shot (~3 game ticks), or for the subsequent two-shot (~45 game ticks).

I've attached the changed code below, but I probably need to figure out how to use Git, and upload it there.

There are some other AI gremlins I'd like to look at sometime, the Ambush Mission, Engineers trying to capture turrets (which they can't) and the age-old one of AI bases getting clogged up with too many units.

Orca/Apache Reinforcement teams (enter_idle_mode)

 Filename:  AIRCRAFT.CPP
 Filesize:  155.53 KB
 Downloaded:  0 Time(s)

Orca/Apache Reinforcement teams (do_reinforcements)

 Filename:  REINF.CPP
 Filesize:  26.77 KB
 Downloaded:  2 Time(s)

SAM lowering delay (int definition)

 Filename:  BUILDING.H
 Filesize:  11.15 KB
 Downloaded:  0 Time(s)

Orca fly-in location (exit_object)
SAM lowering delay (mission_attack)

 Filename:  BUILDING.CPP
 Filesize:  225.77 KB
 Downloaded:  0 Time(s)

Gunboat fix (per_cell_process)

 Filename:  UNIT.CPP
 Filesize:  187.04 KB
 Downloaded:  0 Time(s)

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