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Crimson Alert for YR
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Joined: 07 Nov 2012
Location: Buenos Aires

PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2020 3:01 am    Post subject:  Crimson Alert for YR
Subject description: A christmas gift
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Get it now in

This is basically a "Redder Red Alert" - the working title was "Yuri's Triumph" as it is set in a timeline where Psi Corps and the Soviet Union never split apart, resulting in both keeping some tech from the other side.

Several aspects of the mod are focused on economic realignement. Allied and Soviet refineries use workers in addition to harvesters. Combining both this way is a feature unique of this mod and with code developed by me.

- All sides given all specials of their subfactions
(Only three main sides, no subdivisions)
- All sides given Tank Bunkers
- All sides expanded economy
- More structures are capturable
- All superweapons can be built on any number, but this will not give you more countdowns

General balance and immersion:
- Infantry machinegun/assault rifle weapons deal greatly reduced damage against buildings
- Destroyed/sold buildings leave civilian infantry behind, not soldiers, except for Yuri (at least for now, but you doo see initates acting as technicians in the cinematics)

Gameplay fixes:
- Fixed Flak Trooper elite AA damage
- Patriot missile site can attack incoming paradroppers
- Flak cannon can attack incoming paradroppers

Graphic fixes:
- Fixed infantry shadows from pure black to semitransparent.
- Fixed inconsistent cloning vats and psychic radar appearance.
- Enabled unused power plant explosion.
- Enabled unused destruction animations for some buildings.

Aesthetic enhancements:

- Disk Laser is two instead of one. Seems stronger, as it actually is. Balance not changed much.

- New HGSCIPION Allied Patriot Site

- Replaced Conscript sprite

- Replaced Rhino Tank voxel

- Replaced Grizzly Tank voxel

Economic changes:
- Workers added to Soviet and Allied refinery.

- No limit on economic buildings such as Industrial Plant or Ore Refiner.
- Soviet and Allied miners made cheaper, but lose some HP.
- Soviet and Allied refineries now have helper infantry, and are thus closer to Yuri's ones.

- Most occupiable Civlian buildings give a small trickle of cash (about 5% as an Oil Derrick). The battle for the city is now economical as well!

X- Player-built refineries are cheaper and don't come with a harvester, but have workers.
X-- (Harvesters can be built in War Factory if you have a refinery)
- Reversed because it likely created problems with AI attack scripts. Now you have the other refn as an option after the first one.


New units:

- Added Yuri Toxin Trooper. Slow, pondering armored infantry that can clear buildings.

- Added Soviet Cosmonaut. Cost increased from 600 to 950.

- Added Allied Tomahawk Launcher. Like a V3 but allied-er (?). Fulfills anti-building artillery now that Prism is no more of that role.


Unit and building replacements and role changes:

- Soviet sub can now launch single cruise missiles. HP reduced.

- Apocalypse replaced by Object 279: Amphibious and radiation-resistant, but no AA

- Yuri Chaos Drone is now a hovering monstrosity. It is amphibious (faster on water) and fires a Chaos beam. It is built from the Naval Yard.

- Yuri Boomer sub is now cheaper, HP reduced, but missile reload increased.

- Allied Prism Tower is now better against infantry than armor. Can attack air. Cost reduced.

- Allied Prism Tank is now better against infantry, but bad against buildings.
-- Prisms tanks are more sturdy
-- They can attack air
-- More expensive
-- Prism attacks no longer go through walls. It's an horizontal light beam. It didn't make sense.

- Allied Radar Control is the ex-Robot Control graphic.
- Separated from the Airstrip, which is on Combat buildings.


Unit enchancements and balance changes:

- Yuri Brute now cheaper

- Soviet Tesla Trooper now cheaper

- Yuri Virus can now garrison, extra $50 cost

- Allied Robot Tank can no longer crush, costs 550 from 600
-- (Depends on Skynet Core)

- Allied Guardian GI shoots missiles while undeployed, but has lower range, damage and ROF.
-- Guardian GI uses this mode of shooting while in the Battle Fortress, as to not be OP.
-- Guardian GI can now garrison.
-- Cost increased from $400 to $500.


New structures:
- Added Soviet psychic sensor (works as Yuri one)
- Added Soviet psychic obfuscator (works as a Gap Generator)

- Added Yuri Tesla Accumulator

- Added Allied Microwave Turret. Fries infantry, detects stealth. In first beta also works as a substitue robot control, but this will probably be removed. Takes up lots of power but is cheap and deals lots of damage.
-- Pillbox removed for human player for overlapping roles.

Gameplay changes:
- Soviet Tesla Coil can now fire to air, but still needs charging. This means most air targets can avoid or escape, like rocketeers and planes.
- Flak turret improved in cost effectiveness.
- Patriot now also more efficient. Shoots four missiles.

Gamplay and graphic mic. changes:
- Soviet tank is now double barreled model. Changed firing effect.

- Chronosphere, Iron Curtain and Genetic Mutator now buildable further out.

Note: The beta has some known unfinished issues as would be expected.  This will be fixed in further releases. :
- Boomer subs and soviet subs fire double the cruise missiles than intended.
- Not all the intended occupiable civilian buildings provide a cash trickle yet.
- The Yuri tesla accumulator cameo is incorrect due to an oversight

However, the mod is fully playable, and stable as far as tested (no crashes). Maybe it is even campaign compatible.

2020-12-25 19_27_33-Crimson Alert.psd al 50% (Crimson Alert, RGB_8).png
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2020-12-25 19_27_33-Crimson Alert.psd al 50% (Crimson Alert, RGB_8).png


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Joined: 07 Nov 2012
Location: Buenos Aires

PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 12:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

A new, now considered full release (non-demo) Crimson Alert beta has been released.

You can check all the changes there, because the list isn't small.

Prominently this includes Copper and Silver resources, modified sidebar and ingame UI, a new Repulsor tank for Yuri, a Toxin flak trooper in yuri's barracks, the deepening of the economy overhaul (including cost for power generation), more voxel replacements, extra explosion effects, and I'm tired of just listing so much stuff so just try it.

Crimson Alert Second Beta Logo.jpg
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Crimson Alert Second Beta Logo.jpg


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Joined: 14 Jul 2015
Location: Egypt

PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 4:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

Always wanted to ask this, were those infantry units in these images above used to be pre-release conscripts before E3 2000? Or a completely new unit that was scrapped?

If you are a MetalHead (Heavy Metal Fan) and don't want to be a metalhead, Just remove your metal ball from your head. �:p .

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Joined: 07 Nov 2012
Location: Buenos Aires

PostPosted: Thu Feb 10, 2022 2:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

Those models were labeled "conscript",

I guess they got scrtapped because of a problem you can easily see: They all have the same face.

Thus, the face is obscured in the new model.


We have Crimson Alert v5 where you can already play the new "choose your subfaction" system with both Soviets and Yuri.

Adds Phobos, a host of improvements, new units and UI stuff.
Now all factions have the additional T3 tech.
Added the Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces faction, with a 1-time nuke special and missile AA defenses.
Sadly New Order (Allies) still doesn't have faction buildings, but it is playable anyways.

View down for more changelog.


+ Added Harvester ledger/count on top right
+ Low selection priority to miners

+ Added Power count on sidebar top left

+ Enabled advanced tooltips with construction time and power consumption in all units, structures and superweapons.

CRIMSON alert tech implementation:

World Soviet Tier 3:
* Requires Advanced Lab.
* Adds Force Shield superweapon. (War Bureau has "Invasion Confirmed" instead)
** Enables Cosmonaut Infantry
** Enables Tesla Tank (boosted) vehicle
** Enables Psy Disruptor tech building
** Enables Cloning Vats combat building

New Order Tier 3:
* Requires Allied High Command.
* [PENDING] Adds Chrono Task Force superweapon.
** Enables Walking Chrono Leggionarie infantry (with shield bubble)
** Enables Mirage Mammoth vehicle
** Enables Spysat tech building
** Enables Laser Wall combat building

Yodvavresh Tier 3:
* Requires Yuri Command Center.
* Adds Zeppelin Troops superweapon.
** Enables Yuri Prime infantry.
** Enables Floating Disk hover vehicle.
** Enables Mental Tank land vehicle.

CRIMSON alert faction implementation:

+ Added Soviet Rocket Strategic Forces faction
+ Launches a special missile Nuke after 20 minutes
* Special Nuke is free
- Only fires once
+ Enables Soviet Missile Defense turrets.
** These are AA turrets which don't target paradroppers but have long range.

+  Yodvavresh Reactor Tank for Furnace Faction.

CRIMSON alert warheads:
* Specified which warheads decloak the target and which don't.

CRIMSON alert fixes:
* Fixed the issue where the Test Nuke plane kept attacking instead of dropping the bomb and leaving.

+ Nuke Ivan and Nuke Kirov don't disable the regular versions.

CRIMSON alert graphics:
* Battle Fortress rescale.
+ Numerous new cameos.
* Soldier GI has transparent shadows like the rest of infantry.

CRIMSON alert errors:
* Crash when yuri tesla turret (in Yuri's faction) was targeting some Apocalypse tanks. Difficult to reproduce.
* Crash in a paradrop against some Soviet Missile AA Defenses. Possibly unrelated.
All crashes seem very late-game, possibly related to advanced tech soviet AI.



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