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EMP Cannon From Off-Map
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Joined: 19 Mar 2021

PostPosted: Fri Mar 19, 2021 5:57 pm    Post subject:  EMP Cannon From Off-Map
Subject description: Or: how to delay a disabling / EMP effect weapon to coincide with an art.ini meteor
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So I've been tinkering TS recently for no other reason than to give myself something low-stress to do and, in trying to turn the game into something actually fun to play, decided to remove the EMP Cannon and give it as a support power to GDI fired from off map based on the meteor storm concept, and immediately ran into an issue: debris style damage effect set up in art.ini ignore the EMEffect tag.

As a result the EMP effect would either only deal damage or always occur before the projectile "meteored" into the game. This was visually jarring and I didn't want to accept that. After some tinkering I found a solution via cluster weapon projectiles and wanted to share cause it's kinda neat and I'm honestly surprised this worked at all, though I'm fairly sure more experienced people in the community have long figured similar methods out.

How it works:

- EMP weapon fires cluster projectile like the meteor storm EMP superweapon
- EMP weapon calls in "meteor" EMP projectile upon detonation to get visual FX; this does not really do anything meaningful except look interesting
- Cluster projectile spawns an EMP weapon (which respects EMEffect=true)
- Due to delay between the cluster weapon splitting and hitting the ground, the weapons trike will coincide roughly with the meteor (EMP ball) impact

Net result: off-map fired EMP effect that both works and looks like it should.




; the original EM weapon, used to start the chain
Damage=0       ; Damage is NOT duration for EM Pulse; this is a dummy
Warhead=DummyEMPWH; pulse ball spawning animation warhead
Projectile=EMDeployer; cluster weapon

; new cluster weapon (2nd stage / delayed) EMP effect
; IMPORTANT: add this to a dummy unit or the game will crash with an IE
Damage=1500       ; Damage IS duration for EM Pulse
Projectile=Cannon ; could probably change this to a blank image
Range=1 ; this is the cluster range, setting this to 1 ensures it's close enough to the origin the EMP effect won't misalign completely

; dummy warhead that calls in the "meteor" EMP projectile; stats don't matter
AnimList=METEMP; meteor-style EMP cannon animation in art.ini

; another dummy warhead that does basically nothing and doesn't have an animation

; cluster projectile type to actually fire the EMP weapon
Cluster=1   ;cluster count


; EMP meteor to get the "fired from off-map" feel
Image=PULSBALL; EMP projectile
MaxXYVel=500.0; causes the meteor to fall much faster and thus hit roughly around the same time the cluster munition does
ExpireAnim=PULSEFX1; EMP detonation FX
Damage=1; not sure if 0 works
DamageRadius=1; not sure if 0 works

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Cyborg Firebomber

Joined: 29 Jan 2018

PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2021 1:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

special effect warheads tend not to work through voxel debris, or for that matter through manually calling via map trigger, particle systems, and  
other non-direct weapon delivery methods. i havent tested emp voxel debris specifically, but yeah it probably doesnt work for that reason.
.shp artist and critic of voxels

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