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My thoughts on Story Direction Pt 1
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 23, 2022 6:28 am    Post subject:  My thoughts on Story Direction Pt 1
Subject description: How to expand or direct the various campaigns
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How each faction's campaign ending should play out:

-GDI gets a pyrhicc victory. NOD gets tired of fighting GDI and propose peace. GDI controls Iceland and a few other regions plus a space colony. Globaltech is destroyed. GDI and NOD enter a Cold War as both groups colonize space. Falcon Division exterminated, Phoenix Regiment decimated yet survives to lead the newly independent nation. Genesis Legion decimated and Inquisitor killed. Forsaken destroyed, survivors forced to join NOD.

(GDI doesn't have enough manpower to survive fighting NOD forever let alone a few more years)

-GlobalTech achieves a pyrhicc victory too but the only have a space station. GDI is destroyed. The Insurrectionist (NOD Commander from Tiberium Dawn) is killed while Kane is in a coma. NOD is divided into various factions which compete in space colonization. Inquisitor is a major shareholder in GlobalTech.

(GlobalTech absorbs what is left of the Forsaken and tries to find a new planet for them to call home)

-NOD gets a Total Victory. Both GDI and GlobalTech destroyed. Forsaken forced to submit to NOD in exchange Mutants are no longer discriminated. Kane goes home while NOD becomes a Galactic Empire under CABAL, the Insurrectionist and the Inquisitor (NOD Commander of Twisted Insurrection)

(CABAL merges with the Insurrectionist to become the new leader of NOD. Inquisitor becomes an immortal Gene-Enhanced Cyborg and 2nd-in command)

Thoughts on various characters:

-Kane is still an alien but he lands in the Congo during the 1970s and sees things that traumatize him and turned him into the lovable Cult Leader we know. Forced to flee to Libya because of NATO stopping him from trying to help the locals out of poverty.

-Owen dies in all Three Campaigns. Solomon lives in the GlobalTech campaign and joins GT.

-GDI protagonist is called the Liberator. He dies in both the GlobalTech and NOD campaigns

Thoughts on The Insurrection: (Name for the conflict going in the TI story)

-Not a full-fledge war unlike Tiberium Dawn. GDI, Forsaken and Globaltech are too weak to truly beat NOD even with a divided Brotherhood. The Black Hand alone is too powerful and too numerous for them even if they fought together.

-GDI, Globaltech and Forsaken plan to cripple, divide and distract NOD until they have enough and settle for peace, until they give them land for them to rule independently

-NOD outnumbers the other Three factions combined at least 20:1, not including their UN puppet which makes it 50:1. It's why most of NOD doesn't take them seriously even after the Civil War starts

The various NOD subfactions in the Lore aside from the two playable ones:

-Black Hand, the smallest but most elite subfaction. They control Oceania and the Arctic. Main enemy of Globatech after the Sons of Kane and Genesis Legion go to war with each other. Neutral in the NOD Civil War, thinking the SoK and GL are children. They used Elite Cadres as basic soldiers. The Insurrectionist is their leader. Upgraded Airforce and Infantry Specialization.

-The Great Red Bastion, largest NOD subfaction and also neutral in the NOD Civil War. Controls Asia/Middle-east/Siberia as well as Antartica. Main enemy of the Forsaken. Uses lots of Tanks.

-Scorpion Cell, controls Latin America and is allied to the Sons of Kane. They dislike Cyborgs but do utilize Mutants and Drones. The laziest NOD subfaction.

-Europa Legion, controls Europe. Main enemy of GDI after the NOD Civil War starts. Uses old GDI and bought GlobalTech equipment alongside old NOD weapons.

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