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C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Version 1.5 Released!
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PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2022 1:09 pm    Post subject:  C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Version 1.5 Released!
Subject description: Our tiberium vision moves accross the oceans!
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Hello everyone! The leader of Tiberian Dawn Redux, sgtmyers88, has recently released Tiberian Dawn Redux 1.5. For those who are not aware, Tiberian Dawn Redux is a total conversion for Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour that brings the Tiberian Dawn universe into it. The changes from Tiberian Dawn Redux 1.5 were announced with the following words:


Back after 4 years, C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux version 1.5 is now available to download! This version adds many new features including naval warfare and much more polished gameplay along with updated graphics and scenery for an even more immersive experience!

A new GDI Orca Button Icon, a sampling of the user interface overhaul done in this update.

Nod Base with several new models and all new terrain.



Both GDI & Nod story campaign missions completed and debugged with their respective videos
A SPEC OPS campaign with a few bonus missions based on console ports of the original C&C
Completely new terrain textures, shaders, water, & shrubbery for the skirmish maps & campaign missions
Enhanced & updated particle effects
Button icon cameo images have been mostly redone
New sound effects
New repair/build cursors with keyboard shortcuts enabled to make building/repairs less tedious
New guard & follow ability. You can now order units to guard and follow a specific unit or structure
Added special build range indicators for ConYard constructed buildings
Nod Artillery vehicle speed slightly decreased, also deploys before firing with a 2 second delay
Updated Grenadier model and animations
Updated GDI & Nod Commando model and animations
Updated GDI & Nod Engineer model
Technician finally has a visible pistol & shooting animation with its new model
Splash damage radius reduced for most weapons
Engineers now have a special "repair" range indicator
APC's now have a special "heal" range indicator
Adv. Mammoth Tank now has a RailGun upgrade
Adv. Abrams Medium Tank now has an autoloader (faster firing rate)
APC machine gun firing burst rate decreased (does not apply to Assault APC)
APC HP/Armor increased (does not apply to Assault APC)
Artillery/MRLS HP & Armor increased
GDI GunBoat missile weapon damage & range slightly reduced
GDI GunBoat can deploy anti-ship mines
All base defenses rebalanced with similar weapon/vision ranges (except Obelisk and AGT)
Game economy reworked, both Tiberium $ value and Harvester holding value reduced
New Bradley (Light Tank) Model
New Humvee Model
New C-130 Transport Aircraft Model
New C-17 Transport Aircraft Model
New A-10 Warthog Model
New MRLS Model
New Guard Tower Model
New Hovercraft Transport Model
Reworked Tiberium Refinery & Tiberium Silo Models
Special logos added to Talon and Black Hand ConYard's for easier identification
Several other existing unit & structure models have been reworked & retextured with new details
New Nod Missile Submarine
New Tech Naval Yard that can build either a Hovercraft Transport, GDI GunBoat, or Nod Missile Submarine
Red Alert Era Attack Dog included as an Easter Egg
Battlefront Temperate Skirmish Map rebalanced along with being increased to 4 players
Coral Beach Skirmish Map rebalanced & restored to 4 players
Dynamite Dunes Skirmish Map rebalanced
AI & Framerate improvements to the Tiberium Gardens Skirmish Map
AI & Framerate improvements to GDI SPEC OPS #1
AI & Framerate improvements to GDI Mission #8
AI & Framerate improvements to GDI Mission #15
AI & Framerate improvements to Nod Mission #13
Rescripted Nod SPEC OPS #1 (AOD mission) to not last as long and reduced the number of attack waves

The GDI GunBoat is now buildable and can also deploy mines.

The Brotherhood of Nod's stealthy Missile Submarine which can also fire torpedoes at enemy naval forces.

Another little detail was also added to the ConYard's of the Black Hand and Talon Subfactions which helps with easier identification of who you are up against. Their respective logo will be displayed on top of the roof. (homage to the C&C pre-release imagery)

The Adv. Mammoth Tank with its Armor and RailGun Upgrades

New Skirmish/Multiplayer Community Maps:

Island Conflict (2p)
Krakatau Island (2p)
River Warfare (2p)
Small Villages (2p)
Eastern Front (2p)
Power Play (4p)

Skirmish/Multiplayer Maps that now include Naval Warfare:

Bombardment Beach (2p)
Coastal Carnage (2p)
Cold Shores (2p)
Island Conflict (2p)
Island Defense (2p)
Krakatau Island (2p)
Seaside Mutiny (2p)
Flash Effect (3p)
Atlantic Boardwalk (4p)
Coral Beach (4p)
Dark Mountain (4p)
Tournament A (4p)
Tournament B (4p)
Tournament Continent (4p)
Tournament Island (4p)
Armored Fury (6p)

ConYard Build Radius Demo Clip - Mod DB

C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux: New Guard, Heal & Repair Abilities Demo - Mod DB


Also feel free to follow the development of
C&C Red Alert Redux

Also for those interested, here is a brand new Discord Server launched exclusively for the Mod. There is a sub-category for RA Redux. Feel free to share the link as it is non-expiring.

It has been brought to my attention some popular third party software for the game or using custom video resolutions can cause issues with a "black bar" rendering in-game. A workaround is to use the modified GameData.ini with DrawEntireTerrain enabled. It goes in the games Data/INI folder. See the link below.


If you are curious about Tiberian Dawn Redux, visit the ModDB Profile to obtain further information about it. Download Tiberian Dawn Redux 1.5 Here. And that's all regarding Tiberian Dawn Redux for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Tiberian Dawn Redux!

Key Words: #News #Release #Generals #ZeroHour #TiberianDawnRedux 


Mods, Mods Support, Public Researchs, Map Archives, Tutorials, A Friendly Community and much more. Check it out now!

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