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0.83 Combined Arms - Pre Release #2 has been released!
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2022 4:12 am    Post subject:  0.83 Combined Arms - Pre Release #2 has been released!
Subject description: New construction options and new interface options, commander!
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Hello ladies and gentlemen! A new version of Combined Arms has been released a week ago by Inqubi. For those unaware, Combined Arms is a mod for OpenRA that emulates the old Command & Conquer games gameplay and brings five factions to the battlefield: Allies, Soviets, GDI, Nod, and Scrin. It features new units and support powers for these factions. It also features new graphics and sound effects. Here is the official announcement from Combined Arms's staff about 0.83 Combined Arms - Pre Release #2:

#### Features

  • Added MultiQueue lobby option.

  • New sidebar/command bar UI.

  • Added CA music tracks via content download. Added missing Aftermath/Counterstrike music.

  • Two new single-player missions.

#### Balance
---- General

  • Reduced T4 structure cost from 2.5k to 2k.

  • Increased damage of most siege units vs buildings by ~20% (Artillery, Howitzer, MLRS, V2, V3, SSM, Spectre, Ruiner, Prism Tank/Cannon).

---- Allies

  • Added Entrenchment upgrade for France. Engineers can deploy to provide a build radius for defenses.

  • Increased SEAL HP from 14k to 18k.

  • Increased Grand Cannon cost from 1650 to 1750. Increased damage vs heavy armor.

  • Prism Cannon is now turreted (speed and turn speed reduced).

  • Prism Tank HP reduced from 22k to 20k.

  • Prism Tower HP increased from 35k to 37k.

---- Soviets

  • Reduced Atomic Engines upgrade cost from 1000 to 750.

  • Increased Atomic Shells firepower increased from 25% to 50%.

  • Reduced Sukhoi range by 1.

  • Removed Helipad. The airfield is used for all Soviet aircraft.

---- GDI

  • Added Gyro Stabilization upgrade for Talon. Titan/Juggernaut/XO can be deployed to temporarily gain increased range at the cost of lowered rate of fire.

  • Increased MLRS/HMLRS HP to 18k and 16.5k, respectively, increasing the range by ~1.

  • Increased Advanced Guard Tower damage vs. heavy armor.

  • Removed Helipad. The airfield is used for all GDI aircraft.

  • Increased Warthog HP from 26k to 27k.

---- Nod

  • Added Black Napalm upgrade for Black Hand. Heavy Flame Tank and SSM Launcher gain anti-vehicle damage but lose some area of effect.

  • Added Quantum Capacitors upgrade for Marked. Increases damage and range of Obelisk, Laser Turret, and Venom.

  • Added Alpha Comanche upgrade for Shadow. Comanche gains air-to-air missiles have increased speed, re-cloaks faster, and doesn't drop cloak when damaged.

  • Increased Shadow Operative speed from 60 to 72. Shadow Beacon no longer expires when attached to a target.

  • Increase the radius of the upgraded Microwave Tank's EMP effect.

  • Existing Artillery can be upgraded to Howitzer on Service Depot after an upgrade.

  • Reduced Black Hand damage vs. infantry and light armor.

  • Hacker Cell can now be targeted (to choose which building they emerge from).

  • Flame Tank damage is applied more quickly.

---- Scrin

  • Stormrider/Enervator now has to rearm at a Gravity Stabilizer.

  • Added Shard Walker upgrade for Reaper-17. Replaces Gun Walker (heavy armor, more HP, more damage, but reduced speed).

  • Added Stellar Fusion Cannon upgrade for Harbinger-31. Increases Devastator damage and area of effect, but must charge before firing.

  • Added Coalescence upgrade for Collector-31. On death or being deployed, Leechers transform into an orb that heals nearby allies and, if not destroyed, will transform back into a new Leecher.

  • Increased Gun Walker projectile speed vs. aircraft (to equal BTR/Vulcan).

  • Increased Devastator damage vs. buildings.

  • Fixed sweeping beam weapons, so they always do a full sweep even if the target dies.

  • Fleet Shields upgrade now applies to Stormrider, Enervator, and Mothership.

#### Misc/Fixes

  • Units currently being produced will be complete if the unit is upgraded (previously, it was canceled).

  • Attack Dog is no longer shown for non-Soviet factions.

  • Fixed Mothership charging beam not flickering.

  • Added missing Eagle radar prerequisite (made Reinforcements power inaccessible).

  • Ctrl + Right-Click when setting rally point for production structure will also set primary building.

  • Improvements to beam z-offsets (fixing where they'd appear behind or in front of things incorrectly).

  • Upgrade tooltip clarifications.

  • Fixed queued Arty/Katyushas/Prism Tanks not being swapped to Howitzer/V2/Prism Cannon after upgrading.

  • Fixed crash when Advanced Radar is active, and Upgrade Center is destroyed.

You can check more information about Combined Arms by visiting the ModDB Profile. Download Combined Arms Here. And that's all regarding Combined Arms for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Combined Arms!

Key Words: #News #Release #OpenRA #CombinedArms 


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