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Kratos Build 7.1 is out!
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Supreme Banshee

Also Known As: banshee_revora (Steam)
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2022 10:15 pm    Post subject:  Kratos Build 7.1 is out!
Subject description: Attached Effects are now on steroids!
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Hi everyone! The staff from Kratos has been working hard these days, and they have just posted Kratos Build 7.1. For those who are not acquainted with it, Kratos is a Chinese solution that extends the modding features from Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge with Ares and YR Dynamic Patcher. Here are the changes and the fun stuff from Kratos Build 7.1:


If you are not a developer or do not plan to add and use DP scripts, then you should follow the steps below to improve the loading speed. (This should also be done when you release your mod)

1) Delete DynamicPatcher.dll.

2) Rename DynamicPatcher_RELEASE.dll to DynamicPatcher.dll.


1. ‘nores’ is for Non-Developer.

2. This package is prepared for non-developers, uses DynamicPatcher-2.0-debug, does not contain Source Code.

3. This version and later versions use the development version DP by default and also come with the release version DP. If you need to publish, you can rename and override yourself.

4. If you have already used the pre-packaging of this project, it is recommended to delete all of them and then overwrite them.

5. Build7 is different from the previous version. Due to the updated DP2.0, you must completely delete the folder  i]"DynamicPatcher"[/i], and then add this package.

6. DP2.0 no longer needs to add administrator privileges to syringe.exe and gamemd.exe. If you encounter online synchronization failures, you can try to remove administrator privileges.

You must completely delete the folder "DynamicPatcher", and then add this package.

7. Fixed the spelling error Form of Stand.PromoteFormMaster, the correct spelling is Stand.PromoteFromMaster is From. At the same time, the default values of some Stands have been changed.

Change Log

1. The framework is upgraded to DP 2.0 (debug version), which can use the new component system of DP 2.0, so it is necessary to completely delete the old packages and re-cover the new packages.

2. Added "Display Health number" and "Display Damage number" feature, the display of numbers has two styles, the "game font" or "SHP file", the package has two SHP files pips.shp and pipsnum.shp for easy use. It is enabled by default. You can add settings like DamageText.Hidden=yes in [AudioVisual] to turn it off or other to deeply customize the display.

3. Added Aircraft Area Guard, provided by "????", Demo Video.

4. Paintball can print color to Building and Stand.

5. Added Launch Super weapon when Animation is playing, like launch when weapons fire, expanded some settings.

6. Now those animations spawn by an animation, like Debris, Trailer, etc. can inherit its House. And you can use ExpireAnimOnWater to cover Anim when a Meteor or Debris hit the water.

7. Now can set SubjectToGround to homing projectile detonate when it throws the ground, default yes when ROT>1, default no when use straight like ROT=1.

8. Added new AE-Type Weapon.Disable to disable the unit's weapon can affect the Unit's own Stand.

9. Added new AE-Type OverrideWeapon. When the Unit is fired, the projectile will change to a custom weapon.

10. Added new AE-Type FireSuperWeapon. When the Unit is fired, the SuperWeapon will launch the same.

11. Added new AE-TypeGiftBox, when the Unit has this effect, the Unit will transform to a GiftBox.

12. Add new AE-TypeSelect.Disable to disable selected by mouse.

13. Some feature settings have expanded, like FireSuperWeapon and GiftBox etc. They can set Chance and Elite etc. AE-Type same.

14. Expanded settings for some AE-Types, now they can use AffectWho to specify who only affects, values ALL\MASTER\STAND.

15. Expanded the settings of some AE-Types, DeactiveWhenCivilian can make the attached effect stop working when the Unit's House is changed like pilot dead, but the AE will not be removed, and the timer will not be paused.

16. GiftBox can now use RandomWeight to control the random weight of each gift in the list when RandomType is activated, the higher the value, the easier it is to be selected. But even if it is selected, the Chance still decides this type can be released.

17. Set House for animations Explosion, DestroyAnim, DebrisAnim, etc. when a building is destroy.

18. Animations now use Warhead or Weapon to make damage, both can inherit House. Added the label Damage.InitDelay to set a delay of animations before doing damage. Damage.Delay can also have effects on animations using Warhead, the label Warhead.PlayAnim can make animations using Warhead, play Warhead's animation.

19. Added label DeployToTransform, make Infantry or Unit transform to anther Unit when they deployed. like GiftBox, the origin unit will remove.

20. Expanded the Stand setting, now set Stand.Immune=no to make Stand a target and receive damage, and you can use Stand.DamageFromMaster to let Stand share the damage received by JOJO, or use Stand.DamageToMaster to let JOJO share the damage received by Stand.

21. Changed the default configuration of Stand, Stand.VirtualUnit=yes.

22. Added the tag Missile.Homing, which allows the SpawnMissile to track and accurately hit the moving target. When the target is in air, this function is automatically enabled.

23. Unit now correctly uses FireOnce to stop firing after one shot when in DeployFire.

24. Expanded Stand settings. Now, Stand can use Stand.SameAmmo and Stand.UseMasterAmmo to sync or consume JOJO's ammo. When Stand.SameAmmo is enabled, Stand.UseMasterAmmo is enabled by default.

25. Add new AE-TypeDamageSelf to still get damage itself even cloaked.

26. The animation adds a new label Visibility, which can set the animation to only play to which house, NONE\OWNER\ALLIES\ENEMIES, NONE means all.

27. Expanded the settings of AE-Type Anim. Now AE animation can be played when the unit is cloaked and can control to only play to which House.

28. Added the ClearTarget setting to the WarheadType. A unit damaged by this warhead will lose its current target, but it will not affect the subsequent search for a new target.

29. Expanded the animation damage system, adding the tag Damage.KillByCreater allows the animation creator to get kills from animation damage, similar to the Psionic Storm in StarCraft's High Templar, as long as he is alive.

30. Extend Proximity, add the tag Proximity.Blade to make collision detection ignore height. Any Z height within the Arm range is considered a hit.

31. Added new AE-Type DamageReaction. When the Unit gets damaged, the damage number will be changed. Has EVASION\REDUCE\FORTITUDE\PREVENT, four-mode can be selected.

You can check more information about Kratos by visiting their Github Profile. Grab the latest version of Kratos by clicking Here. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy Kratos!

Key Words: #News #Release #RedAlert2 #YurisRevenge #Ares #Kratos #YRDynamicPatcher 


Mods, Mods Support, Public Researchs, Map Archives, Tutorials, A Friendly Community and much more. Check it out now!

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Supreme Banshee

Also Known As: banshee_revora (Steam)
Joined: 15 Aug 2002
Location: Brazil

PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2022 3:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

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