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Mobius Map Editor is out!
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2022 12:50 pm    Post subject:  Mobius Map Editor is out!
Subject description: Harvesting will be easier if you view the ore with the proper dimensions, now!
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Nyerguds, the leader of Mobius Map Editor, has recently released Mobius Map Editor For those unfamiliar with it, Mobius Map Editor is the original map editor from the Command & Conquer Remastered Edition, made by Electronic Arts/Petroglyph Studios, with Nyerguds fixes and improvements. It can be used to create maps for the remastered games and the original 1990s Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 1 games. Here are the updates from Mobius Map Editor

New in this version:

  • Fixed dimensions of RA's ore mine, Snow theater ice floes and Interior theater boxes, and one of the Desert theater rocks in TD.

  • Added *.ini to the list of possible extensions for opening RA maps. Apparently before I only added it for saving.

  • The editor will now accept nonstandard extensions from drag & drop without any issues. For TD maps, it will need to find the accompanying bin or ini file with the correct extension.

  • Files opened from filenames with nonstandard extensions will not change these extensions when saving the file. This also means RA maps opened from a .ini file will no longer change the extension to .mpr when saving.

  • Terrain objects will now only pop up a poperties box for setting a trigger on TD maps.

  • Optimised loading so the editor will skip loading objects from different theaters.

  • User settings (game folder, invite warning, and the dialog locations) will now be properly ported over from previous versions.

  • Added support for loading mod xml info and graphics through the "ModsToLoad" setting in "CnCTDRAMapEditor.exe.config". The syntax is a semicolon-separated list, with each entry either a Steam workshop ID, or a folder under "Documents\CnCRemastered\Mods". As folder, the path must contain the "Tiberian_Dawn" or "Red_Alert" part at the start. That prefix folder will also be used as consistency check for the mod type as defined inside "ccmod.json". Mods given by folder name will also be looked up in the Steam workshop folders, with the prefix folder used only for the consistency check. Mods do NOT have to be enabled in the game to work in the editor.

  • Added support for the unique pattern of TD's "conc" pavement. You will need the "ConcretePavementTD" mod to actually see that, though. This mod is filled in by default in the editor's mod loading settings, meaning it will automatically be used if found.

  • Fixed loading and saving of the videos set in the map options dialog, so no more errors pop up there.

  • Reverted videos list for Red Alert; the game can only handle videos that are in its internal hardcoded list.

  • Made video names freely editable for TD missions. Any mod-added video in TD is playable from missions. Be warned that when a video is not found, this may cause the game to hang for several minutes.

  • The preview selection in the Steam publish dialog will now open in the correct folder.

  • The new setting "NoMetaFilesForSinglePlay" in "CnCTDRAMapEditor.exe.config" will suppress the generation of .json and .TGA file when saving single player missions to disc. Not writing them is now the default behaviour. This does not affect the Steam workshop upload behaviour.

  • The rendered previews will now show all map contents, to give a better representation of what is on the map. Note that for single play missions, this preview is generated in the folder but is optional.

  • Removed crater types CR2 to CR6; they don't work correctly in either game and will just show the smallest size of CR1. Any craters of other types encountered on map load will now be converted to CR1.

  • The teamtypes dialog no longer uses data grids for its teams and orders.

  • Teamtypes now show full names for unit types.

  • The input for arguments for orders in the teamtypes dialog now correctly adapts to the type of each order, giving dropdowns for special choices lists and for waypoints.

  • The waypoints that can be selected for an RA teamtype now correctly start from -1 as "(none)".

  • Fixed colour of "Special" in RA to have the same colour as Spain.

  • Fixed the fact trigger Events and Actions retained their argument data when changing their type, meaning the UI would pick the equivalent data on whatever list or control popped up for the new type.

  • RA triggers now show human-readable data for the Event and Action arguments.

  • The editor no longer locks up when the triggers dialog shows an empty list of teamtypes or (previously-saved) triggers because none were made yet.

  • Removed Aircraft section handling. Aircraft were never able to be pre-placed in the original game, and the re-enabled sections in the Remasters have issues; aircraft will still spawn in the air and fly somewhere close.

  • Like walls, overlay placement and removing can now be dragged to affect multiple cells.

  • All waypoint will now be shown with their coordinates.

  • Added "Jump to..." button on the waypoints tool. This will only have any effect when zoomed in.

  • Clicking overlapping waypoints multiple times will cycle to the next one in the list on each click. Right-clicking will cycle backwards.

  • When deleting overlapping waypoints, if the currently selected waypoint is one of them, that one will be deleted first.

  • Map indicators will now be painted in this order: map boundaries, celltriggers, waypoints, building labels, object triggers. The later ones will be on top and thus most visible.

  • Map indicators for the type you are currently editing are now always drawn last, and thus the most visible. (e.g. overlapping celltriggers and waypoints)

  • Unit/building/infantry tools now paint the object trigger labels last, so they no longer get painted over by the occupied cell indicators.

  • For assets / mods loading, TGA files that are not inside a .zip file can now also load their positioning metadata from accompanying .meta files.

  • Factory doors will no longer be seen as semitransparent on the placement preview.

  • Fixed incorrect cleanup of internal tool objects, which could cause odd bugs like two selected cells being visible on the tileset tool.

  • Terrain and structure editing mode will now draw the green overall bounds of all objects, and only then the red occupied cells. Before, both were drawn per object and could cause odd overlaps.

  • Optimised all calculations related to centering objects in their bounding box and drawing them on the map.

  • Infantry are now positioned more accurately.

  • The terrain tool now uses a list box like all the other tools, instead of the awkward dropdown list.

  • The smudge tool now allows setting the size in the preview window, and picking craters with a different size from the map.

  • The "MapScaleFactor" and "PreviewScaleFactor" settings in the "CnCTDRAMapEditor.exe.config" file can adjust the downscaling factor for respectively the map graphics and the preview graphics. Higher values will reduce quality, but will make the editor more responsive. By default, previews in tool windows will now use higher quality graphics than the map. Setting a negative value will enable smooth scaling. (Not advised, but it's available)

  • When removing a trigger, all celltriggers and objects linking to that trigger will now get their trigger cleared. Before, this only happened for structures.

  • The triggers available for linking to objects and cells are now filtered out to only those triggers with an Event (or Action, in RA) that can be linked to that object type. This will also affect the cleanup of triggers if a trigger's Event or Action was changed to something not compatible with the objects it was linked to.

  • An "Info" icon next to the trigger dropdowns in the placement tool windows will give an explanation of which trigger Events and Actions work for that type.

  • For celltriggers and waypoints, the item selected in the tool dropdown will now be highlighted on the map in yellow.

  • When you select a unit to place, a logical default Mission (order to execute) is now selected.

  • The Celltrigger tool will now always be enabled, even if there are no placeable triggers available. This way, people can still check the "Info" icon on the tool to see the requirements for placeable triggers.

  • The brush size on the resource tool will now adjust itself if an incorrect (even) value is manually entered on it.

  • Map loading validation will now also validate terrain templates, meaning corrupted maps have a much higher likelihood to give correct feedback. This will probably cause a lot of messages on the ghost tiles caused by the original map editor not correctly cutting out complex shapes on objects like bridges and map decorations, but those just mean your map got cleaned up to a valid state.

  • Map validation will now be done before the "Save File" dialog opens.

  • Ini reading will now trim the value, like the original game does, allowing entries of the type "key = value".

  • Fixed potential crashes in the generation of map validation messages (when encountering empty lines like "21=").

  • The Smudge window caused a crash when trying to show the bibs in Red Alert Interior theater. The bibs are now filtered out and no longer shown for Interior.

  • Structures can no longer be put in an illegal state where "Prebuilt" is disabled but the rebuild priority is set to -1.

  • Fixed refresh issues that occurred when moving the mouse out of the map area while still in placement mode.

  • Fixed incorrect tooltip placement when using bounds dragging mode on a different monitor.

  • Red Alert's Interior tileset now supports randomising the 1x1 tiles that contain alternate versions. This type will now show all alternates on a blue grid in the preview window. Specific tiles can still be picked the usual way if you do not want random ones.

  • If mods add extra tiles to existing 1x1 tilesets, these will be treated as 1x1 with alternates too.

  • Tanya's default colouring in the editor preview is now Allied, and the M.A.D. Tank's colour is now Soviet.

  • Changed Red Alert's trigger action "Destroy attached building" to a more accurate "Destroy attached object", seeing as it even works from celltrigger to kill units.

  • Bibs are now shown as part of the building boundaries.

  • Bibs boundary checking can be disabled with a global setting in the "CnCTDRAMapEditor.exe.config" file.

  • The overlap detection in the map loading now correctly scans the full footprint of buildings and terrain objects, and will now correctly report the blocking object.

  • Sounds lists in RA triggers now have descriptions.

  • If you try to save an opened file but the folder it was loaded from is deleted, it will no longer give an error, but revert to "Save As" behaviour.

  • The chosen preview image in the Steam upload dialog will now also be used as in-game preview for the map.

  • In TD maps, a building that is set to be rebuilt but is not built from the start will now show as House "None".

  • The Interior tiles "wall0002" to "wall0022" are now grouped per type into three dummy-entries "wallgroup1", "wallgroup2" and "wallgroup3", to simplify random placement of these tiles and to remove clutter from the tiles list.

You can find the mentioned Concrete mod on the Steam workshop and on ModDB.

You can learn more about Mobius Map Editor by visiting the Official Website. Grab the latest version of Mobius Map Editor by clicking Here. That's all folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on Mobius Map Editor!

Key Words: #News #Release #CommandAndConquerRemastered #RedAlertRemastered #CnCRemasteredCollection #TiberianDawn #RedAlert1 #CnCTDRAMapEditor.exe #MobiusMapEditor 


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