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Zero-K v1.10.11.1 - Down to Earth
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2022 2:59 am    Post subject:  Zero-K v1.10.11.1 - Down to Earth
Subject description: Deforming the terrain to go down to Earth! But can't deform it to go up to the moon!
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A couple of days ago, we started to cover Spring engine, here at Project Perfect Game. There is another interesting game being created with it that is called Zero-K.

Zero-K is a free and open-source real-time strategy game that uses the Spring game engine. There is only one faction with 100+ varied units with unique abilities. It has physically simulated units and projectiles, and it allows terrain manipulation in battle. It has a single-player campaign, a challenging, non-cheating AI, multiplayer 1v1 - 16v16, FFA, and coop, and a multiplayer online campaign.

The team from Zero-K has recently released Zero-K v1.10.11.1. The changes from Zero-K v1.10.11.1 were announced with the following words:

Dirtbags cannot go to space, commanders deal a little less damage, and economy coordination is smoother. New music tracks by the player Superintendent are now available in-game in the track list under Settings/Audio. Conjurer cloak has the largest nerfs since its inception, core cloak bots have small nerfs, and the assault vehicles are tankers. Paladin is a little harder to maneuver, and Krow has a lot more damage, but with Krow being a niche for so long, it is hard to say how the balance will shake out.


Dirtbag hits slightly less hard and can no longer create very steep terrain.

  • Health 580 -> 560
  • Damage reduced by 13%
  • Dropped dirt now has a slope limit (5x normal terraform slope).
  • In particular, maximum thin spike height -> 700 elmos.

Conjurer is easier to find when the area is cloaking.

  • Movement speed reduced to 66% while area cloaking.
  • Area cloak cost 8 -> 10
  • Jamming and area cloak radius 184 -> 175
  • Decloak radius while area cloaking 184 -> 220

Ronin has reduced survivability.

  • Health 420 -> 400
  • Turn rate reduced by 15%

Reaver is worse at dodging and shooting.

  • Turn rate reduced by 10%
  • Range 270 -> 265

Mason is slower to slow down Rover expansion.

  • Speed 72 -> 69

Ravager is a tanker and better at hitting mobiles.

  • Health 1920 -> 2000
  • Projectile velocity increased by 5.7%

Minotaur is also a tanker and better at hitting mobiles.

  • Health 6800 -> 7200
  • Projectile velocity increased by 2%

Krow bombs are easier to target, and their laser now demands respect.

  • Maneuverability while bombing 25% reduction -> 25% increase
  • Speed while bombing is still reduced by 25%
  • Reduced cluster bomb spray angle by 6.6%
  • Increased laser fire tolerance by 10%
  • Laser range 383 -> 395
  • Laser DPS increased by 19%

Paladin is less manoeuvrable.

  • Speed 46.5 -> 43.5
  • Turn rate reduced by 10%
  • Torso turn rate reduced by 10%
  • Head turn rate reduced by 20%


Strike chassis gains a unique attribute at level 1.

  • Added innate jamming with 175 radius (matches Conjurer)

Guardian loses the free battle drone as it is too powerful.

  • Removed free battle drone on level 5.

Morph is slower but cheaper at higher levels.

  • Morph costs 75/100/650/200/300/400/500... -> 50/100/650/200/250/300/350...
  • Morph rate 10/15/20/25/30/30/30... -> 5/5/7.5/7.5/10/10/10...
  • Basic weapon cost 5 -> 25

The most common weapons mostly have damage nerfs, while Flamethrower has a buff.

  • Beam Laser DPS reduced by 4%
  • Light Particle Beam DPS reduced by 8%
  • Disruptor Beam DPS reduced by 6%
  • Riot Cannon reload time 1.63s -> 1.8s
  • Riot Cannon range 300 -> 285
  • Rocket Launcher projectile velocity reduced by 6%
  • Rocket Launcher area of effect 96 -> 90
  • Flamethrower DPS increased by 13.6%

Team Economy

Constructing your economy as a team is easier as shared projects now generate shared payback.

  • Temporary payback for constructing mexes and energy is now proportional to the number of resources spent on each structure rather than only paying the owner.
  • Mex payback increased 50% -> 80%.
  • Energy payback increased 50% -> 60%.
  • Energy maximum payback rate increased by 6%.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the old mex payback to be closer to 35-40%.
  • Fixed payback sent to AFK players simply disappearing.

Unit AI

Some units gain the Ronin Lotus-fighting AI while others shoot less at hidden mexes.

  • Added Lotus and running away on firing to Moderator and Scalpel.
  • Ogre only shoots at nearby hidden mexes, not though at max range.
  • Crab doesn't shoot at hidden mexes.
  • Krow now skirmishes everything to avoid enemies walking under it.
  • Tweak move clumping to be slightly more lenient for large units.


  • Added a work-in-progress alternate music track by Superintendent.
  • It can be enabled in-game under "Settings/Audio/Track list".


Zhurou (DRP) is a bit easier on Easy.

  • Shifted Detriments later on Easy.
  • Added an allied antinuke on Easy.
  • Added a player Fusion on Easy and Normal (for some energy leeway).

Hibiliha (Funnelweb) is also a bit easier on Easy.

  • Added Ultimatum temporary unlock.
  • Hampered initial enemy income on Easy by removing backline mexes and the remaining Fusions.
  • Thinned out the initial enemy army on Easy.


  • Improved Pyro firing animation.
  • Ctrl+Click formation move now obeys current maximum move speed.
  • Merged unit spotter widget improvements from rollmops.
  • Adv Geo blast radius shows while placing Geos.
  • Tweak the antinuke range lines to be slightly thinner.
  • Placing a morphable structure with Ctrl held now queues the morph after completion.
  • Antinuke now gains one level per nuke interception.
  • The stealth tag is now supported for modding.
  • Right-clicking on a unit in a factory now guards the factory. This avoids accidentally repairing rather than assisting. Queuing a command after the guard cancels the guard, so the common use case is preserved.
  • Self destructing a large portion of your stuff now blocks the command and prints a warning rather than automatically resigning. Note that resignation is bindable for those that want it.


  • Saved 10% or so of allocated Lua memory.
  • Limited the commands created by large-area attacks for performance reasons.
  • Reduced the complexity of Dirtbag animation at high unit counts.
  • Fixed overwriting existing guard commands with Shift, sometimes not remove the command.
  • Fixed Caretaker guard order dropping logic.
  • Fixed rare build ETA crash for spectators.
  • Fixed a crash for mods that try to set fractional stun times.
  • Fixed some changes to the in-game menu for player-based hosting (Skirmish and Steam Coop).
  • Fixed a mixup in skirmish behavior between 2D and 3D ranges.
  • Fixed a value in the terraform raise/lower tooltip.

For further information about Zero-K, visit its Official Website. You can download Zero-K v1.10.11.1 Here. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy Zero-K!

Key Words: #News #Release #Spring #ZeroK 


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