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Open RCT2 v0.4.3 - The Golden Age of Ballooning
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2022 6:15 pm    Post subject:  Open RCT2 v0.4.3 - The Golden Age of Ballooning
Subject description: Even the bug fixing speed is "balloning"!
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Greetings, commander! The staff from Open RCT2 has been working hard in these days and they have just posted Open RCT2. For those unfamiliar with it, Open RCT2 is an open-source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, a construction and management simulation video game that simulates amusement park management. To play it, you must have the original files of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. Here are the changes and the fun stuff from Open RCT2:

  • Feature: [#17782] The Flying Coaster now has access to boosters and can draw outside loops.
  • Feature: [#17997] The Log Flume can now draw steep pieces down (if the vehicle allows it).
  • Feature: [#18312, objects#220, OpenSFX#13] New sound effects for the Hybrid and Single Rail roller coasters.
  • Feature: [#18675] [Plugin] Plugins can refer to g2 image icons by name.
  • Feature: [objects#173] Add alpine coaster vehicle.
  • Feature: [objects#221] Add two extra jungle walls.
  • Feature: [objects#225] Add log cabin roofs.
  • Feature: [OpenMusic#14, OpenMusic#15, OpenMusic#18] Added Galaxy, Acid, and Dodgems ride music styles.
  • Improved: [#18013, #18016, #18018, #18019, #18514, objects#224] Added color presets to Spiral Slide, Dodgems, Boat Hire, Flying Saucers, and Car Ride.
  • Improved: [#18024] Clearer error messages when loading incompatible .park files.
  • Improved: [#18192] Tycoon Park has been added to the Extras tab.
  • Improved: [#18214] Competition scenarios have received their own section.
  • Improved: [#18250] Added modern style file and folder pickers on Windows.
  • Improved: [#18332] Allow Inverted Roller Coaster to draw boosters.
  • Improved: [#18350] Changed ride vehicle list to have less padding.
  • Improved: [#18422] Allow adding images to music objects.
  • Improved: [#18428] [Plugin] Add widget description interfaces to documentation.
  • Improved: [#18487] Mini Helicopters track can now draw spinning tunnels.
  • Improved: [#18591] Order RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 scenarios by difficulty.
  • Improved: [#18607] A new tab for all UCES Scenarios, if it’s installed.
  • Improved: [#18621] OpenGL performance.
  • Change: [#17677] Open campaign window from finished campaign news.
  • Change: [#17998] Show cursor when using inverted mouse dragging.
  • Change: [#18230] Make the large flat to steep pieces available on the corkscrew roller coaster without cheats.
  • Change: [#18381] Convert custom invisible paths to the built-in ones.
  • Change: [OpenSFX#11, OpenMusic#19] First implementation of official replacement asset packs for sound effects & music.
  • Fix: [#1491] Clearance of the Cash Machine is too low (original bug).
  • Fix: [#1519] “See-through rides” doesn't affect all rides (original bug).
  • Fix: [#6341] “Unlock vehicle limits” does not allow setting fewer vehicles than the vehicle type requires.
  • Fix: [#14312] Research ride type message incorrect.
  • Fix: [#14425] Ride ratings do not skip unallocated ride ids.
  • Fix: [#15969] Guests heading for ride use vanilla behaviour
  • Fix: [#17067] Random Staff Patrol Area clicks.
  • Fix: [#17316] Sides of River Rapids’ corners overlay other parts of the track.
  • Fix: [#17657] When switching from buying land rights to buying construction rights, grid disables and won't re-enable afterward.
  • Fix: [#17763] Missing validation on invalid characters in file name.
  • Fix: [#17853] Invention name tears while being dragged.
  • Fix: [#18064] Unable to dismiss notification messages.
  • Fix: [#18070] Underground entrance/exit shows through terrain walls (original bug).
  • Fix: [#18094] Underground shops & facilities don't show when adjacent to a non-underground path (original bug).
  • Fix: [#18122] Ghosts count towards “Great scenery!” guest thought.
  • Fix: [#18134] Underground on-ride photo section partially clips through adjacent terrain edge.
  • Fix: [#18244] Invention DragWindow's starting position is inconsistent.
  • Fix: [#18245] Guests stopping dead in their tracks at railway crossings.
  • Fix: [#18257] Guests ‘waiting’ on extended railway crossings.
  • Fix: [#18354] Overwrite alert does not show when the save name has a different casing on Windows.
  • Fix: [#18379] Tunnel entrances for underground Mini Golf Hole E are not rendered correctly.
  • Fix: [#18442] About window background is clickable.
  • Fix: [#18449] [Plugin] Change the type of listview widgets from 'scroll_view' to 'listview'.
  • Fix: [#18453] Slow-walking guests don't get across level crossings in time.
  • Fix: [#18469] Land rights window buttons are incorrectly disabled, and markers remain visible indefinitely.
  • Fix: [#18459] ‘Highlight path issues’ hides fences for paths with additions.
  • Fix: [#18552] Trains clipping through helixes.
  • Fix: [#18576] Cannot open parks with certain types of corrupt tile elements.
  • Fix: [#18606] JSON objects do not take priority over the DAT files. They supersede.
  • Fix: [#18620] [Plugin] Crash when reading widget properties from windows that have both static and tab widgets.
  • Fix: [#18653] Negative rating multipliers do not appear in the Vehicle tab.
  • Fix: [#18696] Construction rights cannot be viewed after all are purchased.
  • Fix: [#18720] Upwards helix is enabled for the Alpine Coaster, even when cheats are off.
  • Fix: [#18755] Ferris Wheel and Circus ghosts not coloured correctly.
  • Fix: [#18802] Game could crash when determining if a mechanic is heading to fix the ride blocking the path.

If you are curious about Open RCT2, visit the Official Website to obtain further information about it. Download Open RCT2. And this is all for today! Enjoy Open RCT2 and provide your feedback about it so it can get better.

Key Words: #News #Release #OpenRCT2 


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