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Red Alert 3: Rejuvenation 1.40 has been released!
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2022 2:51 am    Post subject:  Red Alert 3: Rejuvenation 1.40 has been released!
Subject description: Empire of the Rising.... Yuri?
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Hello ladies and gentlemen! Parametheus, the leader of Red Alert 3: Rejuvenation, has been busy recently in order to release Red Alert 3: Rejuvenation version 1.40. And it could be the last version of the mod.

For those unaware, Red Alert 3: Rejuvenation is a modification for Red Alert 3 that adds three sub-factions such as GRF (Allies), Legion (Soviet) and Fujitai (Rising Sun) and also adds lots of new units, special effects, voices, as well as tweaks the upgrade system.

Here are the changes and the fun stuff from Red Alert 3: Rejuvenation version 1.40:


v 1.40 Change Log

-------Original concept and models, new sounds and voices, new special effects-------

New Units

  • Fujitai T4 Epic Unit: Mastermind Hive

- Cost: 5000
- Purpose: Regional Telekinetic Punishment / Domination
- Arsenal: Mastermind Device; Psionic ray to paralyze and damage a small area; Nano-buzzer cloud to precisely kill pilot and aircraft; Psionic Depressor to harm all enemy objects nearby
- Mastermindstorm to permanently dominate units within a remarkable range, available every 20s; ensures Fujitai to punish or dominate an entire city, assisted with reactive nanocloud hive to remove personnel or devour aircraft.

  • Empire T3 Phasing Unit: Munashi Transport

- Cost: 1500
- Purpose: Omni-Terrain Transportation Assault
- Arsenal: When piloted by Yuriko Omega, the vehicle attains a more powerful version of her mind weapon.
- The empire duped others that these huge nano-phasers were for experimental onmi-terrain transportation, while in truth an expandable, concealed psionic amplifier block is quite operational.
- "Crushing smaller ones while piercing bigger ones".

Munashi Nano-phasing System is a pathway to many abilities. Some are considered illogical.

- By Parametheus

  • Empire T3 Vehicle Unit: Shin King Oni (Remake)

  • Fujitai T4 Siege Unit: Toyoda Speeder

- Cost: 1800
- Purpose: Long Range Heavy bombardment
- Arsenal: 15 cm adjustable particle artillery
- Not achieving the full potential of nano-phasing technology, the second-rate experimental mortar speeders are degraded to Fujitai infantry division.
- Special power: Deploys, thanks to the even flawed nano-phasing tech, the energy stream mortar can work regardless of the surface or obstacles.

Sorry for not being able to finish the voicing of this unit since 15.AI is offline temporally. It has to use Takashio Tank's voice for now.

  • Fujitai T3 Ship: Mogami Battlecruiser

- Cost: 3000
- Purpose: Experimental Anti-Surface / Anti-Air / Anti-Projectile Ship
- Arsenal:20 cm Carronades ×9, Wave-Blasters ×2, Shock-Torpedoes / Shock-Beam in phasing mode ×2, Micro Waveforce Interception Beam (Anti-Ballistic Projectile)
- Tougher than Shokaku, these extremely adaptive, arsenal-packed battlecruisers are handled by the finest crews of Fujitai, signaling supremacy by dashing ashore.
- Special power: Omni-Terrain Intangibility. Tunes to Munashi Nano-phasing system, acquiring intangibility through solid matters or impassible areas, with some energy weapons operational.

Soviet T3 Vehicle: Apocalypse Tank (Mk.III) (Remake)
- cost: 2400
- Purpose: Advanced Anti-Armor / Anti-Air Tank
- Arsenal: 203mm Drakon II HEAT cannons, M-Harpoon, Advanced HEAT Rockets
- The ultimate tortoise-like land cruiser that is superior to every other counterpart

  • Legion T1 Infantry: Crimson Elite

- cost: 175
- Purpose: Anti-Infantry / Anti-Garrison
- Arsenal: Portable Flamethrower, concentrated Molotov
- Selected youths to carry lethal flamethrower and improved cocktails, believing a future of Soviet supremacy.

  • Legion T1 Vehicle: Welder

- Cost: 800
- Purpose: Anti-Infantry / Anti-Garrison
- Arsenal: Automated flamethrower
- Slower and tougher. Not satiated with the poor firepower of Sickles, the complex system that bears only machine guns, Legion now splices the new walker hull with a flamethrower.

  • GRF T1 Infantry: La-fleman

- Cost: 200
- Purpose: Anti-Infantry / Anti-Garrison
- Arsenal: La-fle
- Basic Infantry
- Special ability: unfolds portable sandbags for extra protection and toggles the La-fle to secondary mode, gaining a range boost and the ability to penetrate walls to kill garrison.

  • GRF T1 Infantry Unit: Missle Squadsman

- Cost 400
- Purpose: Anti-Armor
- Arsenal: High-Energy-Density missile launcher, Portable Laser Painter
- Basic Infantry
- Special ability: uses the laser painter upgraded from the predecessor in Guardian Tank, able to aim at air targets.

  • GRF T1 Air-Infantry:

- Cost: 900
- Purpose: Anti-Infantry / Anti-Aircraft Trooper
- Arsenal: Beam minigun, strong vs. infantries, and aircraft.
- T2 tech, trained in the airbase, thus no need for boot camp or land, and can be installed with advanced aeronautics.
- Very agile, faster than rocket angel while still taking her down in 1v1. Allied nations always have a win in aeronautics!

  • Cockroach (Remake)
  • Carryall (Remake)


- Fix

  • All combat units for Hammer tank absorption are available.
  • Yuriko Alpha: Reduce the possibility of flashing or black square when showing formation or disguised by a spy.
  • Mecha Tengu, with an upgrade, can fire normally under the emperor's retribution.
  • Giga-fotress's psionic depressor will not be able to harm structures in water.

- All advanced AIs are available. The original AIs stay as well!

Direct Impact
Talon's Grip
Lateral Disintegration
Heavy Battalion
Iron Sky
Concussion Inducer
Artillery Division
Mecha Storm
Maritime Swarm

- Visuals and sounds:

  • New visual fx: New Soviet mushroom effect; lower the brightness and flashing of some effects since our eyes are most precious.

-Buff & Nerf

  • -Amphitrite: Sonic Emitter is (vs. sub) down by 20% in firepower.
  • -Kirov Bastion: The firepower of Super Tesla Bomb is down 33%.
  • -Triblade: The projectile of its siege weapon is now interceptable.
  • --Queen Oni: Under non-heroic status, the beam weapon reduces from advanced anti-ground to advanced anti-infantry, while the heroic beam weapon still retains the original DPS. Fujitai has more powerful weapons now, so it needs to be balanced.

Download Link

Note: The file name remains the same (as V1.0) for you to replace them easily.

Thanks for reading till now.

But I am afraid I must say goodbye to modding to pursue other matters. You won't be seeing me for a really, really long time.
Modding has been a wondrous experience. Thank you all for supporting Rejuvenation!

You can check more information about Red Alert 3: Rejuvenation by visiting the ModDB Profile. You can download Red Alert 3: Rejuvenation version 1.40 Here. And this is all for today! Enjoy Red Alert 3: Rejuvenation and provide your feedback about it so it can get better or maybe someone can motivate Parametheus to get back to mod a bit more.

Key Words: #News #Release #RedAlert3 #RedAlert3Rejuvenation 


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