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Kratos Lite v0.37p10 has been released!
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2023 7:18 pm    Post subject:  Kratos Lite v0.37p10 has been released!
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The staff from Kratos has been working hard these days, and they have been updating Kratos daily. Since the last Build8, Kratos was redesigned and renamed to Kratos Lite. The latest version of Kratos Lite we tracked here is v0.37p10.

For those unaware, Kratos is a Chinese solution that extends the modding features from Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge with Ares and YR Dynamic Patcher.

Here is a small list of the changes from Kratos Lite in the recent versions. The author did not translate it into English, so we used Google Translator to translate some of it, which is why it might be possibly inaccurate:

If you have installed correctly but still cannot start, try the following: Right-click the downloaded compressed package file, select Unlock, and unzip and install again.

If you still cannot use it after unlocking, check the log file DynamicPatcher\patcher. log to see if there is an error message and report it to me.

Kratos Build8: Kratos-Lite

The original Kratos Build8 is now renamed as Kratos-Lite.

The new version will deeply combine the framework structure of DP2.1, completely refactor the code, and have a lighter, faster, and more convenient update mechanism than the previous version.

You must completely delete the folder "DynamicPatcher", and then add this package.


1. This package is prepared for non-developers. It contains the Released version of DynamicPatcher, and does not contain the Source Code. It does not support Compilation.

2. If you have already used the pre-packaging of this project, it is recommended to delete all of them and then overwrite them.

3. Kratos-Lite is different from the previous version. You must completely delete the version before and then add this package.:

  • Folder "DynamicPatcher"
  • DLL "DynamicPatcher.dll"
  • DLL "DynamicPatcher_RELEASE.dll"
  • DLL "PatcherLoader.dll"

4. You no longer need to add administrator privileges to syringe.exe and gamemd.exe. If you encounter online synchronization failures, you can try to remove administrator privileges.

Change Log

Version 0.37

  • Added the new tag Turret.DefaultAngle=0 to set the default angle of the turret. All logic related to turret rotation will take this position as the front view.
  • Added the new tag for the warhead IsToy=no. If you set it to yes, the warhead will be used normally, but it will not cause actual damage, nor will it cause follow-up reactions such as warning, dispersion, and hatred.
  • Added a new global tag AllowUnitAsBaseNormal=no, and disabled units as the function of building nodes by default.
  • Aircraft area alert can now correctly judge unit armor and AA when auto-homing and supports Ares' custom armor.
  • Now, only planes in the sky drop heat flares.
  • Added tag OnlyReactionWarheads for Damage Response and Vengeance. After setting, it will only respond to the specified warhead.
  • Added new tags for weapons such as AttachFire.CheckVersus=yes, AttachFire.CheckAA=no when turned on, check the armor of the target unit and whether AA is required, and support Ares' custom armor.
  • Expand the animation summoning animation. Now you can specify the position of the brushed animation and use Spawns.TriggerOnStart to summon a new animation during animation playback.
  • BounceAnim passes ownership correctly.
  • Fixed black hole death-causing crash.
  • Fixed the problem that the sub-machine support weapon could not be fired.
  • Fixed the problem that the first few faces were lost when firing animations with more than eight faces.
  • Fixed the problem that the AE animation of some units was lost.
  • Fixed a crash when firing an inaccurate Inviso with attached weapons.
  • Fixed UploadX not taking effect.
  • When the gift box transform inherits AE, it can now correctly attach the AE list on the new type.
  • The state type AE can correctly pass the new duration to the state machine when the time is reset or superimposed, which means that if the time of a dye bomb AE is extended, the dyeing time will also be extended.

Version 0.36

  • Added tag Turret.Angle=0,0 to set turret rotation limits for buildings and vehicles.
  • The new tags Turret.SideboardAngleL=0,180 and Turret.SideboardAngleR=0,180 can be used to set the unit to use the side to face the enemy when contacting the enemy and set the available angles of the left and right sides, respectively.

Version 0.35

  • When the unit type is changed, such as using Kratos's Transform.Type=NewType or Ares' Convert.*=NewType transformation, the AE manager and state manager will re-read the AE label and state label on the NewType and assign it to the unit again.
  • Added a new AEType tag DiscardOnTramsform=yes. When the unit type changes, this AE is removed, and the deformation AE is forced to NO.
  • Added a new tag GiftBox.InheritROF=no to the gift box, and the gift inherits the remaining time of the ROF timer of the gift box.
  • When gift box deformation is enabled, modify all inherited options to yes by default, such as target, experience, ammo, AE, etc.
  • Fixed the problem caused by v0.34. The animation weapon, animation split, etc., are not refreshed in time after the animation enters next, resulting in invalidation.

Version 0.34

  • Added to the Revenge module the new tag Revenge.ActiveOnce=no. When enabled, it will be triggered continuously in the current frame, and AE will end in the next frame.
  • Added to the Revenge module the new tag Revenge.TriggeredTimes=-1 to end AE when the number of triggers ends.
  • Optimized performance

Version 0.33

  • Fixed the crash caused by custom debris falling into the water animation.
  • Corrected some wrong descriptions in the manual.
  • When the aircraft is patrolling in the area, the automatic enemy detection function is enabled by default, which is more in line with the description in the manual.
  • Aircraft zone alert cruises will no longer attempt to attack Phantom Tanks and cloaked units disguised as trees.
  • Added the tag Stand.StickOnFloor=yes, when enabled with Stand.SameMoving, non-Jumpjet units will stick to the ground and walk.
  • Added to the Revenge module the tag Revenge.FireFLH=0,0,0to specify the FLH position where the Avenger fires the weapon.

Version 0.32

  • Ethereum module, remove status type restrictions.
  • Added to the Revenge module, the tag Revenge.Realtime=no, enable this setting and immediately launch a revenge counterattack against the attacker without waiting to be killed.
  • Added to the Revenge module, the tag Revenge.FromSource=no, enable this setting to make the source of AE do revenge instead of the recipient of AE.
  • Added to the Revenge module, the tag Revenge.ToSource=no, enable this setting to avenge the source of the AE, not the attacker.
  • Added to the Revenge module, the tag IgnoreRevenge=no does not trigger Revenge.
  • AEType is a new module. During the effective period of AE, the information of the designated monitored AE object is displayed on the unit, such as the duration of AE, cooling time, and the number of stacks of AE.

The full list of changes might be readable here if you do not understand Chinese, with the limitations of Google Translator. If you understand Chinese, you can read it here.

For further information about Kratos, visit its Official Website. Kratos is available for download Here. And this is all for today! Enjoy Kratos and provide your feedback about it so it can get better.

Key Words: #News #Release #RedAlert2 #YurisRevenge #Ares #Kratos #YRDynamicPatcher 

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