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Fractured Realms: Lore with Logue N°2: Diastim
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2023 7:52 pm    Post subject:  Fractured Realms: Lore with Logue N°2: Diastim
Subject description: He who controls Diastim, controls the universe! Tiberium is for the weak!
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Hello everyone! FanWars Studio and CnC Saga, the developers of Fractured Realms, have recently shared some bits of the lore of this project with the public explaining the mineral that is crucial for its economy: Diastim. For those who are not acquainted with it, Fractured Realms is a game that uses the OpenRA engine that is heavily inspired by Command & Conquer and Starcraft franchises. It features four factions: The Earth Federation, the Red Alliance, the Order of the Baneslayer, and the Horizon Conclave. Those who control the Diastim crystals control the world. Here is what was shared about it:


Lore with Logue N°2:

Welcome back to the archive, Commander,

I see you’ve been contemplating the archive’s Diastim crystal. Quite the piece, isn’t it? I had the privilege to be present when it was moved here. In the brief time it was transferred from its previous containment field to this one, it managed to generate quite the show!

Come to think of it! When we think of Diastim, the first thing that comes to mind is its bright crystalline shards. However, they are actually a recent development. Indeed, for the longest time, Diastim was just dust, micro flakes that settled on the hull of ships when they traveled through subspace.

In fact, Diastim was discovered during the early trials of FTL travel technology when humankind was still figuring out the physics of subspace.

Scientists of that time theorized that our universe’s expansion might not be homogeneous in all dimensions and that, in some places, the “walls” were stretched thinner.

Some experiments were performed in order to launch subatomic particles through said “walls”, and they found out that when doing so, unknown new particles were breaching back into our universe.

Nevertheless, the real breakthrough came with the launch and subsequent return of A:Rn, the first subspace probe, a robot designed and equipped to travel across subspace and return.

Upon returning home, it was covered with a thin layer of strange dust.

This was humanity’s first encounter with the reality-warping crystal as well as the beginning of a long struggle to study and control it.

As you see, Diastim is hazardous in nature. It comes from outside our universe, follows rules we still do not fully understand to this day, and has wild reactions to external stimuli.

In fact, under the right circumstances, any atom thrown at a Diastim cristal can bounce off its surface and transmute into its antiparticle counterpart, which can cause immense damage.

Experiments with clocks have shown that time can be heavily distorted around it too, Which gives weight to the ghost stories of people encountering themselves when working around massive deposits of Diastim.

It can emit in the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from gentle heat to violent gamma-ray outbursts, including visible light, as you can see from this beautiful nebula pattern inside the crystal.

Oh! and it bends gravity, which means we had to secure furniture and various pieces of the collection when we were installing this cristal here, for example.

All this is why a crystal such as this one can be a phenomenal hazard if not handled properly.

Therefore when the nodes “barfed” them into our galaxy during the Fracture, you can imagine the devastation they caused to nearby systems.

Now, for a bit of interesting trivia, we are still not entirely sure why the flooding stopped. The previous theory, which was that the flow progressively stopped due to the nodes finishing their stabilization process, has recently been disproven. Indeed, some guys managed to destabilize a node in a lab, and nothing came out of it. Their current theory is that there was some pressure difference between our universe’s vacuum and subspace, and it was only because enough Diastim had poured into our universe that the nodes could reconnect and stabilize.

Yet I'm not convinced I’m pretty sure the reason nothing came through is that these guys knew what they were doing. They poked into an already existing node with a far more advanced subspace needle and with safety mechanisms… After all, we approach subspace with far more care nowadays.

By contrast, the Merveille Project was the opposite. It was a moon-sized superstructure meant to tear a hole through the wall of reality… exactly where it was at its thickest.

I mean, it worked. They managed to create an artificial subspace node. They just wrecked up the entire universe in the process…

What could go wrong?

Special thanks to Mairwen, who proofread my awful writing.

For further information about Fractured Realms, visit the ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. And that's all regarding Fractured Realms for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Fractured Realms!

Key Words: #News #OpenRA #FracturedRealms 


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