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Combined Arms 0.90 is ready to rock and roll!
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2023 4:51 am    Post subject:  Combined Arms 0.90 is ready to rock and roll!
Subject description: And let the campaign commence!
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Howdy! First of all, sorry for the recent silence in the news. Sometimes human beings need a break to renew their energy. And now I'm feeling better, so let's move on with one great news: Inqubi, the leader of Combined Arms, has been busy recently in order to release Combined Arms 0.90 with its first 15 missions. Combined Arms is a mod for OpenRA that emulates the old Command & Conquer games gameplay and brings five factions to the battlefield: Allies, Soviets, GDI, Nod, and Scrin. It features new units and support powers for these factions. It also features new graphics and sound effects. The changes from Combined Arms 0.90 were announced with the following words:

#### Features

  • First three chapters of single-player campaign (15 missions).
  • New sidebar/command bar UI.
  • Added MultiQueue lobby option (each production structure has its own queue).
  • Added CA music tracks via content download. Added missing Aftermath/Counterstrike music.
  • 65 new maps, including all maps from RAGL seasons 12 and 13, and a bunch of team game maps.
  • Engine update (improved performance and many bug fixes).

#### Balance
---- General

  • Increased vehicle AA dmg by 20% (IFV, BTR, Vulcan, (H)MLRS, Mammoth Tank, Apoc Tank, Bike, Stealth Tank, Gun Walker, Atomizer).
  • Increased damage of most siege units vs buildings by ~20% (Artillery, Howitzer, MLRS, V2, V3, SSM, Spectre, Ruiner, Prism Tank/Cannon).
  • Increased damage of anti-tank aircraft by 30% against main tanks, mammoths and equivalents.
  • Remove the reduced auto attack range of Rocket Soldiers/Disintegrators.
  • Reduced build times of all upgrades (from 150% of cost to 100%).
  • Removed the 5% lock failure chance and increased the range limit (by ~1) of most guided missiles.
  • Reduced T4 structure cost from 2.5k to 2k.
  • Low power modifier reduced from 300% to 250%.
  • Added Flak Armor and Hardened Carapace upgrades (for non-Scrin/Nod and Scrin respectively). Provides 40% damage reduction against explosives for infantry. Cyborg Armor also provides 15% damage reduction against explosives.
  • Helipad/Airfield/Gravity Stabilizer require either Supply Depot (or equivalent) OR radar (previously just required radar).
  • Increased tib tree/ore mine regrowth rate slightly (from 75 delays to 70).
  • Added Mobile Sensor detection to Radar Dome/Comms Center/Nerve Center (only detects vehicles, aircraft, and buildings). Reduced vision range to 6.
  • Reduced the prone speed penalty slightly.
  • Non-defense buildings have -30% repair speed and +50% repair cost.
  • Harvesters no longer self-repair.
  • Heal & repair sounds no longer audible through the fog.
  • Increased time taken for repair cooldown stacks to wear off.
  • Increased HP of tech buildings (radar, tech center, tier 4) from 100k to 110k.
  • Infantry moves twice as fast and takes half damage while dodging crushes.
  • Increased Rifle Infantry/Minigunner/Warrior damage vs. heavy armor.
  • Reduced tier 1 main tank damage vs. defenses (Light Tank, Interloper, Medium Tank, Mirage Tank, Battle Tank/Drone, Heavy Tank, Lasher Tank, Scout Tank).
  • Engineers no longer consumed after repairing bridges.
  • Adjusted mine HP and removed armor type so they can be cleared effectively by most units.

---- Allies

  • Added Entrenchment upgrade for France. Engineers can deploy to provide build radius for defenses.
  • Added Raider APC upgrade. It gives APC a turret and cannon that fires high explosive shells (strong vs. buildings and infantry).
  • Germany gains "Temporal Incursion" support power on Tech Center. Warps in a squad of units for a limited time.
  • Chronoshifted units (using Chronosphere) will return to their original location with 20% HP instead of being killed.
  • GPS Satellite launch time reduced from 3 minutes to 2 minutes (first scan after 5:30, down from 6:30).
  • Gap Generator and Mobile Gap Generator can fire a beam that reduces the target weapon range, then after ~4 seconds, a small zone of the shroud is created that reduces the weapon range of any enemies within it that lasts for 10 seconds.
  • SEAL HP increased from 11k to 18k. Increased damage against vehicles. Reduced C4 cooldown from 35 to 20 seconds.
  • Reduced Harrier HP from 26.5k to 25k. Increased damage vs. buildings.
  • Reduced Chrono Harvester upgrade cost from 1500 to 1000.
  • Reduced Advanced Ore Processing upgrade cost from 2000 to 1000.
  • Increased Tank Destroyer damage vs. light armor a little. Reduced damage vs. heavy armor but granted +30% bonus damage against tanks.
  • Reduced Prism Tank/Cannon damage vs. heavy armor. Range reduced by 1. HP reduced from 22k to 20k.
  • Prism Cannon is now turreted (speed and turn speed reduced).
  • Temporal Flux upgrade also increases Chrono Tank's teleport range and reduces its cooldown.
  • Increased Chrono Tank damage vs. heavy armor and reduced vs. buildings a little.
  • Increased Grand Cannon cost from 1650 to 1750. Increased damage vs. heavy armor.
  • Increased Prism Tower HP from 35k to 40k. Increased damage vs. defenses. Reduced damage vs. infantry.
  • Slight increase in anti-heavy damage of Artillery.
  • Added additional splash radius vs. heavy armor for Artillery/Rocket IFV.
  • Increased base/rocket IFV damage vs. light armor.
  • Reduced Sniper damage vs. light armor. Reduced rate of fire slightly.
  • Increased Spy vision range from 5 to 7.
  • Increased Longbow range vs. ground targets by 1. Increased turn rate from 16 to 18.
  • Ore Purifier base income bonus increased from 5% to 10%.
  • Reduced Sniper concussion duration from 4 to 3 seconds.

---- Soviets

  • Added Nuclear Reactor building on T3.
  • Atomic Engines upgrade now available to all Soviets (requires Nuclear Reactor). Now applies to Lasher Tank. No longer upgrades existing units (but they can be upgraded on Service Depot). Reduced cost from 1000 to 750.
  • Atomic Ammunition power available on Nuclear Reactor (can be applied to Soviet tanks for extra damage and radiation).
  • Iraq gains Eradicator upgrade (upgrade for Mammoth Tank).
  • Removed Helipad. Airfield used for all Soviet aircraft.
  • Dogs can now detect infantry beyond vision (Mobile Sensor style).
  • Reduced Rapid Industry upgrade cost from 2000 to 1000.
  • IC provides immunity to mind control and driver kills.
  • Moved Spy Plane, Paratroopers, and Stormtroopers to radar.
  • Reduced Muta Bomb cooldown from 7:00 to 4:30.
  • Increased Kirov rate of fire.
  • Increased Iraq Atom Bomb damage and area of effect.
  • Yuri is no longer prevented from mind-controlling while ability recharging.
  • Increased V2 range by 1 and reduced minimum range by 1. Increased anti-heavy damage. Added additional splash radius vs. heavy armor.
  • Increased damage of V3 vs heavy armor. Added additional splash radius vs. heavy armor.
  • Tesla Reactor provides triple the power of a regular power plant (up from double).
  • Reduced Sukhoi range by 1.
  • Reduced Flak Armor damage reductions on Brute.
  • Increased Seismic Sukhoi damage vs. buildings.
  • Increased splash radius of Grenadier. Increased damage vs. infantry.
  • Reduced Katyusha turn rate, HP, and damage vs. defenses.
  • Increased Tesla Tank damage vs. infantry/light armor. Reduced vs. heavy armor.
  • Increased Tesla Track damage vs. heavy armor. Reduced vs. light armor/infantry.
  • Reduced Heavy Tank HP from 63k to 62k.
  • Increased Yuri HP from 11k to 15k.
  • Industrial plant base production cost and speed reduction increased from 5% to 10%.
  • Very slight reduction to Shock Trooper rate of fire.

---- GDI

  • Added Gyro Stabilization upgrade for Talon. Titan/Juggernaut/XO can be deployed to temporarily gain increased range at the cost of lowered rate of fire.
  • Removed Helipad. Airfield used for all GDI aircraft.
  • Recon drone can be shot down.
  • SD can upgrade Mammoth Tanks to Hover/Ion/Drone variants and Titans to Railgun Titans (requires the relevant T4 upgrade).
  • Point Defense Laser upgrade changed to Point Defense Systems. Shield for Harvesters, Guardian Drones, and Hum-Vees. Shield/laser for Battle Tank/Drone.
  • ARC Guardian Shield upgrade removed.
  • ARC Drone Tanks upgrade split into Mammoth Drone and Battle Drone upgrades, the latter being on T3.
  • X-O Powersuit price increased from 900 to 1000. Reduced machine gun rate of fire. Increased damage vs. heavy armor. No longer benefits from strategy upgrades.
  • Sonic Amplifiers upgrade makes Sonic Tower shots apply concussion.
  • Mini Drone cost from 200 to 225, reduced rate of fire and HP a little. It takes 40% reduced damage from explosions. Increased repair rate of harvesters with Mini Drone attached.
  • Increased Titan and Railgun Titan damage.
  • Moved Recon Drone, Reinforcements, and X-O Drop to radar.
  • Reduced Mammoth Drone damage.
  • Increase Sonic Tower splash, so damage is spread more evenly as it travels.
  • Increased Guardian Drone cost from 400 to 450. Increased damage.
  • Increased MLRS/HMLRS HP to 18k and 16.5k respectively, increased range by ~1, reduced damage vs heavy armor. Increased range of Hailstorm missiles by a further 1.
  • Increased Advanced Guard Tower damage vs. heavy armor. Increased HP from 48k to 50k.
  • Increased HP of Sonic Tower from 42 to 45k.
  • Increased Warthog HP from 26k to 27k. Increased vision by 1. Adjusted so that damage vs. buildings is consistent regardless of building size or direction of attack. Increased splash concentration at the center of explosions for extra reliability when trying to snipe specific targets (e.g., commandos). Increased damage vs. light armor, buildings, and defenses.
  • Slight increase in anti-heavy damage of Bombardier and Hailstorm missiles.
  • Increased Jumpjet/Bombardier damage vs. light armor.
  • Increased Orca Bomber damage vs. heavy armor, increased HP from 26.5k to 30k, increased EMP duration a little.
  • Increased Aurora HP from 16k to 18k. Increased damage vs. buildings.
  • Increased splash radius of Grenadier. Increased damage vs. infantry.
  • Increased TOW Hum-Vee cost from 500 to 575. Reduced speed a little.
  • Increased TOW Guardian Drone cost from 550 to 575. Reduced speed a little
  • Advanced Guard Tower and Sonic Tower now only need Weapons Factory rather than radar.
  • Increased Orca range vs. ground targets by 1. Increased turn rate from 20 to 22.
  • Increased turn rate of Hover Mammoth turret.
  • Strategy upgrades/plugs cost reduced from 1500 to 1250.

---- Nod

  • Added Enlightened. Heavy AoE anti-vehicle cyborg with EMP blast ability.
  • Cybernetics upgrade replaced with Advanced Cyborgs upgrade which unlocks Cyborg Elite and Enlightened.
  • Added Cyborg Mechanics, which replaces regular Mechanic in the same way Cyborg replaces Mini-Gunner etc.
  • Normal cyborgs (Cyborg, Reaper, Chemical Warrior, Cyborg Mechanic) available from Temple Prime.
  • Acolyte upgrades to Templar (only visually different from upgraded Acolyte).
  • Added Black Napalm upgrade for Black Hand. Heavy Flame Tank and SSM Launcher gain anti-vehicle damage but lose some area of effect.
  • Added Quantum Capacitors upgrade for Marked. Increases damage and range of Obelisk, Laser Turret, and Venom.
  • Added Alpha Comanche upgrade for Shadow. Comanche gains air-to-air missiles, have increased speed, re-cloaks faster, and doesn't drop cloak on the damage.
  • Increased Comanche damage vs. heavy armor a little. Increased range vs. ground from 5 to 6. Reduced cost from 1900 to 1800.
  • Increased Venom damage vs. defenses. Increase damage vs. buildings and heavy armor. Increased turn rate from 20 to 22.
  • Increase Apache speed from 157 to 168 and turn speed from 16 to 22. Increased damage vs. heavy armor.
  • Reduced SSM minimum range by 1.
  • Increased Shadow Operative speed from 60 to 72. Shadow Beacon no longer expires when attached to a target.
  • Increase the radius of the upgraded Microwave Tank's EMP effect.
  • Existing Artillery can be upgraded to Howitzer on Service Depot after an upgrade.
  • Reduced Black Hand damage vs. infantry.
  • Hacker Cell can now be targeted (to choose which building they emerge from).
  • Slight speed increase for Flame Tank and Heavy Flame Tank. Damage is applied more quickly.
  • Slight increase in anti-heavy damage of Artillery/Howitzer/Comanche/Cyborg
  • Added additional splash radius vs. heavy armor for Artillery/Howitzer and for Tib Core missiles.
  • Increased splash damage of Banshee.
  • Increased HP of Cyborg Elite by 1k (from 38k to 40k).
  • Increased Infiltrator vision range from 6 to 7.
  • Increased Light Tank HP from 36k to 37k, increased speed a little.
  • Increased Microwave Tank EMP duration from 2 to 3 seconds (to 4 seconds vs. defenses).

---- Scrin

  • Added Shard Walker upgrade for Reaper-17. Replaces Gun Walker (heavy armor, more HP, more damage, but reduced speed).
  • Added Stellar Fusion Cannon upgrade for Harbinger-31. Increases Devastator damage and area of effect but must charge before firing.
  • Added Coalescence upgrade for Collector-31. On death or being deployed, Leechers transform into an orb that heals nearby allies and, if not destroyed, will transform back into a new Leecher.
  • Stormrider - Increased price from 1650 to 1750. Reduced HP from 26.5k to 26k. Reduced speed from 157 to 135. Reduced damage vs. light armor by 15%. Increased damage vs. buildings and heavy armor.
  • Stormrider/Enervator now has to rearm at a Gravity Stabilizer.
  • Fleet Shields upgrade now applies to Stormrider, Enervator, and Mothership. Increased shield strength. Reduced cost from 2000 to 1500.
  • Reduced Stormcrawler damage vs. infantry.
  • Leecher reworked. Removed arcing beams, increased direct damage.
  • Feeder Mutation reworked. The feeder can self-destruct immediately (after a short delay), then harvest for increased damage. Power only affects one cell of infantry. Cooldown was reduced to 4 minutes.
  • Increased PAC Invader air-to-air projectile speed to reduce misses and increased damage vs. aircraft slightly. Increased damage vs. ground targets.
  • Add a percentage damage component to Buzzer Swarm for more effectiveness against tankier infantry types (and remove the bonus damage vs. cyborgs).
  • Reduced Devourer damage vs. infantry. Changed to light armor.
  • Increased Intruder price to 500.
  • Increased Interloper price from 750 to 800. Increased vision by 1. Shifted damage slightly more towards anti-heavy (away from anti-light).
  • Reduced Ravager damage vs. buildings.
  • Increased Ruiner damage vs. light armor. Reduced speed.
  • Increased Enervator ammo from 4 to 5. Increased rate of fire. Reduced damage per shot (total damage and DPS increased). Increased price from 1900 to 2000. It will now slide.
  • Mastermind is no longer prevented from mind-controlling while ability recharging. Increased Mastermind HP from 11k to 15k.
  • Increased Atomizer range by 1, increased damage vs. defenses and heavy armor, reduced HP from 20k to 18k.
  • Increased Atomized debuff damage but reduced duration, and it reduces firepower instead of the rate of fire.
  • Increased Devastator damage vs. defenses & buildings.
  • Increased Corrupter/Leecher splash damage a little.
  • Fixed sweeping beam weapons, so they always do a full sweep even if the target dies.
  • Increased Gun Walker range vs. ground by 0c512. Increased projectile speed vs. aircraft (to equal BTR/Vulcan).
  • Ion Conduits now applies to Stormcrawlers.
  • Made Ion Conduit effect more consistent (each time the 3 clouds spawn, one is active, instead of a random 1/9 chance). Reduced damage accordingly.
  • Plasma Cannon damage increased vs. heavy armor. HP increased from 34k to 35k. The price increased from 600 to 725.
  • Increased Darkener percentage damage vs. heavy armor a little.

#### Misc/Fixes

  • Units currently being produced will be complete if the unit is upgraded (previously, it was canceled).
  • Fixed Chrono Miner not delivering if ordered to teleport to the refinery when not full.
  • Fixed Sniper IFV not firing at infantry.
  • Fixed small desert river bridges not being destructible/repairable.
  • Improved Guardian GI deployed behavior (requires force move to undeploy and won't randomly undeploy when ordered to attack enemies already within range).
  • Fixed Sniper not playing shoot animation.
  • Reduced AI's prioritization of air targets.
  • Added cost to selection tooltip.
  • Fixed fake building hit shapes (caused them to take very little damage).
  • Ensure Engineers/Assimilators and main tanks are always on F3 in the build menu.
  • Ctrl + Right-Click when setting the rally point for production structure will also set primary building.
  • Improvements to beam z-offsets (fixing where they'd appear behind or in front of things incorrectly).
  • Upgrade tooltip clarifications.
  • Fixed queued Arty/Katyushas/Prism Tanks not being swapped to Howitzer/V2/Prism Cannon after upgrading.
  • Fixed crash when Advanced Radar is active and Upgrade Center is destroyed.
  • Improved faction validation, so captured buildings should unlock the right stuff most of the time.
  • Fixed Mirage Tank icon/palette when damaged.
  • Removed minimum range from air-to-air weapons (not required since friendly fire was removed) to prevent aircraft from being "pushed" when coming into contact (moving back to get beyond the minimum range).
  • Fixed numerous hit shapes and selection decorations.
  • Fixed Upgrade Center plug placement previews.
  • Updated Cyborg Elite sprite.
  • Invisibility will be transferred to/from MCV/Conyard when deploying/undeploying.
  • Fixed Microwave Tank missing shots against moving targets.
  • Fixed Ion Cannon/Weather Storm failing when targeted on an actor that doesn't have Ground/Water/Air target types (e.g., trees).

If you are curious about Combined Arms, visit the ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel to obtain further information about it. Combined Arms is available for download Here. And this is all for today! Enjoy Combined Arms and provide your feedback about it so it can get better.

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