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OpenRA Release 20230225 with MP3, MEG, etc support!
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2023 8:30 pm    Post subject:  OpenRA Release 20230225 with MP3, MEG, etc support!
Subject description: The techology of peace..... powered by high resolution!
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Welcome back, commander! The staff from OpenRA has recently released OpenRA Release 20230225. Its engine officially supports the assets from C&C: Remastered, although a high-resolution Tiberian Dawn based on it has been released separetely. OpenRA is a real-time strategy game engine that recreates the gameplay experience of Command & Conquer games. OpenRA is packaged with three mods: Dune, Tiberian Dawn, and Red Alert 1, which expands and improves the experience of the original games based on the development team's ideals. OpenRA works for Windows, Linux, macOS, and FreeBSD. Here are the official words about OpenRA Release 20230225:

Today, we have a special occasion on our hands. We have been waiting for this moment for almost two years: A new stable OpenRA Release 20230225 is out now!


A lot of features have built up over the two years. This release is packed to the brim with goodies, small and large. Several major systems have been added and overhauled, a great deal of rougher edges smoothed out. For details, see the previous playtest news posts [one, two, three, four] and, as always, for a full overview - the full changelog.

But wait, there’s more! This release brings major behind-the-scenes changes towards supporting the C&C Remastered Collection assets. This support is still incomplete, but it works well enough that we are today also releasing a development preview of “Tiberian Dawn HD”. It is a separate release and can be downloaded here. This preview is multiplayer-compatible with the main 20230225 release, but performance, memory usage, and loading times have not been optimized and do not reflect the expected final requirements. The C&C Remastered Collection must be installed through Steam or Origin, and the project README provides installation instructions for macOS and Linux.

In case you were wondering whether we ran out of treats, worry not! Modders will also be feasting sweet this time. There were major updates to our documentation, and our tooling was joined by the OpenRA (Mini)YAML Language Extension and the OpenRA Lua API extension.

It has been a long road to this release, so we hope you’ll enjoy this newest installment of OpenRA! Good luck on the battlefield, commanders, and have fun!

And there is a huge changelog:

Release 20230225

General improvements

  • Added state prediction for server controlled checkboxes.
  • Added a random faction indicator in the in-game player list.
  • Added tooltips to some game settings.
  • Added a "structure sold" notification when selling buildings.
  • Added configurable tooltips to the Discord integration.
  • Added option to hide UI feedback messages from the in-game chat.
  • Added a panel displaying the lobby options to the ingame menu.
  • Added text notifications to the bottom left of the screen.
  • Added support for non-overlapping speech, voice and sound notifications.
  • Added a script triggers overlay.
  • Added l10n support to server messages.
  • Added settings for many previously hardcoded hotkeys.
  • Added an option to disable chat in replays.
  • Added an anti-flooding mechanism for when several messages are sent in a short time span.
  • Added per player mutes.
  • Added .png to UID generation when saving maps as format 12.
  • Added an option to limit FPS to logic tick rate.
  • Added observer vision stats.
  • Added mouse scrolling to the production sidebar.
  • Added an option to sort maps by date in map chooser.
  • Added the ability to reset rally points.
  • Added templates for up to five ingame menu tabs.
  • Removed unnecessary chrome yaml declarations.
  • Removed global fallback to software cursors on error in favor of per-cursor fallback.
  • Removed superfluous tooltips from dummy actors.
  • Removed hacks around checking sync while disposing the shellmap.
  • Removed deprecated parts of the Lua API.
  • Removed Huntable from support aircraft.
  • Removed RemoveFromControlGroupHotkeyLogic from spectators.
  • Fixed map-player bots not working on dedicated servers.
  • Fixed suicides counting as kill in the game score.
  • Fixed player color in the introduction panel not getting applied.
  • Fixed custom map previews failing to load on the multiplayer server list.
  • Fixed AI trying to order around all air unit types.
  • Fixed aircraft not dropping targets when all valid weapons are out of ammo.
  • Fixed weather particle physics.
  • Fixed crashes related to special unicode character and Lua scripting.
  • Fixed a rare crash if a unit is killed while collecting a level-up crate.
  • Fixed Move jumpy-ness and occasional facing mismatch.
  • Fixed possible endless loop in replay recorder while opening save file.
  • Fixed a crash when using legacy GL.
  • Fixed that server could freeze under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with text fields yielding keyboard focus when pressing esc.
  • Fixed LockHandicap having no effect.
  • Fixed music playing silent until next track.
  • Fixed icons on KDE environments.
  • Fixed multiplayer servers lingering on the public game list after they have shut down.
  • Fixed renderer initialization failing on OSX Catalina 10.15.7.
  • Fixed kill statistics, including walls and non-player actors.
  • Fixed the default production scaling with multiple production buildings not providing a linear production speed-up.
  • Fixed a crash when exits of dead buildings were determined.
  • Fixed Launch.Map not accepting map names.
  • Fixed launch scripts not running from other working directories.
  • Fixed RevealsMap not revoking for allied players.
  • Fixed AIs always using the same direction for sending in support powers.
  • Fixed projectile shadow rendering.
  • Fixed aircraft which don't take off after being produced blocking the exit.
  • Fixed trails overlapping when actors change direction.
  • Fixed new maps requiring a reload of the game to be shown.
  • Fixed a crash when loading empty video files.
  • Fixed games starting with only spectators.
  • Fixed actors with AttackFollow ignoring their current target when ordered to attack move.
  • Fixed radar crashing when dealing with large heights on isometric maps.
  • Fixed the game sometimes crashing when a player was kicked.
  • Fixed the game UI allowing empty input fields.
  • Fixed carryalls not removing influence on take off.
  • Fixed game kicking the player from the multiplayer lobby when starting via checkboxes with unavailable map.
  • Fixed repairing harvesters triggering Harvester under attack! notifications.
  • Fixed FAQ and Logs not opening on Windows.
  • Fixed the give-cash dev command not reporting an error when entering invalid values.
  • Fixed turret tracking units that go invisible after attacking.
  • Fixed a crash when flood filling tiles outside of the map.
  • Fixed gaps in the UI, allowing misclicks through it.
  • Fixed a crash when generating detailed exception reports.
  • Fixed install content error messages not mentioning the host from which the download failed.
  • Fixed a crash when missions have no briefing text.
  • Fixed display bounds when running on macbooks with a notch.
  • Changed harvesters to only search for refineries when needing to unload.
  • Changed force setting a rallypoint to changing the closest production building to Primary.
  • Changed the default game name to player's game.
  • Changed the power prerequisite name to Any Power Generation to reduce confusion.
  • Improved tooltip display for long map names in the server list, lobby and map chooser.
  • Improved the error message displayed when fetching the battlefield news fails.
  • Made range modifiers apply to AreaBeam projectile.
  • Made game timer in replays only blink on pause.
  • Moved the game speed lobby dropdown before the time limit dropdown.
  • Polished the spectator UI for mission replays and multiplayer missions.
  • Polished contrail colors and length.
  • Reduced the amount of player experience obtained from supply trucks, infiltrating, capturing and repairing.
  • Defenses can now target during their construction animation.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Overhauled MapPreview rule loading.
  • Overhauled player color logic.
  • Overhauled settings panel layout.
  • Unified debug slash command names.
  • Disabled chat for the first 5s (configurable) after joining a server.
  • Reworded lobby option tooltips to consider both disabled and enabled states.
  • Streamlined sizes of several UI panels.
  • Polished the coloring of input labels.
  • Refactored CheckboxWidget.
  • Refactored ScrollItemWidget.
  • Refactored widget image search functions.

Red Alert

  • Added missions Allies 05b, 05c and 10a.
  • Added missions Soviet 10, 11a and 11b.
  • Added Counterstrike mission Fall of Greece 2: Evacuation.
  • Added Counterstrike mission Siberian Conflict 3: Wasteland.
  • Added Ant campaign mission 03.
  • Added Aftermath mission In the Nick of Time.
  • Added naval unit rewards for crates collected in the water.
  • Added twinkle effects to the gems.
  • Added smooth aircraft rotation by interpolating facings.
  • Added voice lines to the Thief.
  • Removed bogus bridge tiles from the temperate tileset.
  • Fixed paratroopers showing two shadows.
  • Fixed ore mines overlapping the artwork of Service Depots.
  • Fixed haystacks being selectable.
  • Fixed sonar pulse being deployable on land.
  • Fixed Phase Transports not uncloaking while unloading.
  • Fixed a typo in the briefing of the first ant mission.
  • Fixed issues on the Europe map.
  • Fixed the terrain types of several straight bridge tiles.
  • Fixed anti-ground missiles damaging air units and anti-air hitting ground units.
  • Changed Technicians to have their own selection class.
  • Changed unit speeds to account for movement code fix.
  • Adjusted Ant campaign mission 01 'Hard' difficulty to be less nightmarish.
  • Polished barrel explosions.
  • Polished several miscellaneous aspects in some missions.
  • Polished mission difficulty dropdowns.
  • Lowered selection priority of Thief.
  • Balance changes

    • Longbow anti-ground reload delay 34 (up from 30), burst delay 10 (up from 7)
    • Radar Dome cost 1500 (down from 1800)
    • Ranger speed 160 (down from 170), vision 7c0 (down from 8c0)
    • Tanya cost 1500 (up from 1200)
    • Dog chew time 20 (down from 45)
    • Dog jump 3c0 (up from 2c0)
    • Iron Curtain duration is 400 ticks (down from 500)
    • SAM missile max range 11c0 (up from 9c0)
    • Husks are restored with 15% health (down from 25%)
    • Demo truck health 2800 (down from 5000), speed 75 (down from 85)
    • Mine health 5000 (down from 10000)
    • Parabombs come from a single badger (down from 3), with health 40000 (up from 30000) and 10 bombs (up from 5)
    • Each bomb has range 6c0 (up from 3c0), fall speed 50 (up from 40), spread 1000 (up from 768), damage vs. none 40 (up from 30) and vs. wood 60 (up from 30)
    • Pillbox attack speed decreased from 30 to 35
    • Flame Tower attack speed decreased from 65 to 70
    • Infantry prone duration reduced from 100 to 50 (from 4 to 2 seconds).

Tiberian Dawn

  • Added missions GDI 05c and 08b.
  • Removed the unused multi-directional landing craft.
  • Removed 'Civilian killed' EVA notification.
  • Fixed civilian field terrain overlapping the artwork of Repair Facilities.
  • Fixed and improved several smaller issues in various missions.
  • Fixed visceroids collecting crates.
  • Fixed dinosaurs not collecting crates.
  • Changed unit speeds to account for movement code fix.
  • Changed the in-game chat to be styled with faction colors.
  • Polished mission difficulty dropdowns.
  • Polished unit voice lines.
  • Polished mission lua code
  • Map Pool updated

    • Added: CrackPoint, Mountain Town Madness, Matchpoint, A New Winter, WarZoneX, Lockdown, Blue Mountains
    • Updated: Armageddon, Tiberium Forest, Tiberium Rift, Desert Mountains, Matchpoint, Tiberium Rift
    • Removed: Lost Souls, Reasonable Doubt, Tiberium War, Model 150

  • Balance changes

    • Orca: Health increased from 9000 to 10000; AA missile speed increased from 298 to 341.
    • Apache: AA damage vs. Light armour increased from 50% to 55%; Reload count increased from 1 to 2; Reload delay increased from 40 to 70.
    • Chinook: Health increased from 9000 to 12500.
    • Artillery: Damage vs. Wood armour decreased from 120% to 100%; Damage vs. None decreased from 150 to 140.
    • Stealth Tank: CloakDelay decreased from 90 to 85.
    • Advanced Guard Tower: Burst increased from 1 to 2; BurstDelays from 5 to 8; ReloadDelay decreased from 15 to 30; Damage increased from 2500 to 3000.
    • Hand of Nod: Backup exit added.
    • Concrete armour has been added to defences and concrete walls. Equivalent to heavy armour, but flames and grenades do more damage.
    • Concrete Wall: Health decreased from 25000 to 20000; BuildTime decreased from 330 to 230.
    • Turret: Damage vs. wood increased from 25% to 50%.
    • MRLS: Vision increased from 5c0 to 6c0.
    • Commando: Cost decreased from 1800 to 1500.
    • Mammoth Tank: Turn Speed (and Turret) increased from 12 to 14.
    • Hum-vee: Damage increased from 1000 to 1150, Light decreased from 80% to 70%.
    • Light Tank: Health decreased from 34000 to 32000.
    • Rocket Soldier: ReloadDelay decreased from 50 to 55.
    • Veterancy: Elite Damage/Armor bonuses doubled: FirepowerMultiplier increased from 125% to 150%; DamageMultiplier increased from 80% to 65%; Exp requirement decreased from 750 to 700.
    • MCV: Build requirements removed.

Dune 2000

  • Added original faction colors in single-player campaign.
  • Added Force-Move undeploy to Thumper Infantry.
  • Added directional targeting support to Ornithopter strikes.
  • Added a rallypoint to the Palace.
  • Added an in-game encyclopedia.
  • Added a minimum travel distance for the sonic tank beam.
  • Added the community maps Side Step 03, Sunstroke, Spice mesa, Source and Stone Plateaus.
  • Added Carryalls to spectator Economy statistics.
  • Fixed a script error in Harkonnen 08.
  • Fixed visual glitches on several buildings.
  • Fixed the impact sound of the Devastator's warhead.
  • Fixed the cloak crate animation not being played.
  • Fixed wrong animation frames on 'Hide Map' crate effect.
  • Fixed handicap modifiers changing terrain damage to buildings.
  • Fixed worms respawning instantly in campaign missions.
  • Fixed a crash if a Carryall is killed at the same instant it is unloading.
  • Fixed a crash when building placements were moved out of the map.
  • Fixed a crash in the legacy map import when walls were present.
  • Fixed Freman Sietch actor spawning with concrete.
  • Fixed Deviators being able to take over friendly vehicles.
  • Fixed engineer being unable to capture repair pads.
  • Changed TerrainType of tile 9 from Clear to Rough.
  • Changed "Battlefield Control" label for system messages to "Mentat".
  • Changed weapons to better match the original.
  • Changed harvesters to no longer need to be destroyed in the campaign to win.
  • Changed vehicles under 50% health to move at 75% speed.
  • Changed production overlay for multiple Light and Heavy Factories to only display on the primary building.
  • Made Ornithopters targetable by anti-air units.
  • Made carryalls visible below fog.
  • Increased camera reveal duration for super powers.

Map Editor

  • Added an unbuildable area overlay to the editor.
  • Added an error message when saving a map that exceeds the maximum player limit.
  • Added user dialog to map editor when saving on top of other maps.
  • Fixed invalid tiles being saved to disk.
  • Fixed owners not updating properly.
  • Fixed actors who don't occupy space being placable outside of the map.
  • Fixed actors without existing owners not showing up ingame and in the map editor.
  • Fixed map editor sliders keeping focus after the actor edit dialogue is closed.
  • Fixed the map editor not being able to resave .oramap files with subfolders.
  • Fixed duplicate Actor ID detection in the map editor.
  • Fixed the map editor defaulting to save system maps into user directories.
  • Copy/paste will no longer clear brush each paste.
  • Grouped overlay options in a dropdown.

Engine and Modding

  • Added a loader for MEG V3 files.
  • Added a loader for Microsoft ADPCM WAV files.
  • Added a loader for MP3 files.
  • Added a loader for OGG files.
  • Added a loader for WSA files.
  • Added sprite loaders for C&C Remastered Collection.
  • Added engine support for RGBA remap hue/saturation colour shifts.
  • Added terrain orientation support for Mobile.
  • Added support for super weapon detected notifications on support powers.
  • Added support for always showing detection circles.
  • Added multi-sheet/palette rendering to TerrainSpriteLayer.
  • Added alpha support to TerrainSpriteLayer.
  • Added support for displaying voxels in the asset browser.
  • Added a scale slider to the asset browser.
  • Added audio playback support to the asset browser.
  • Added filtering by asset type in the asset browser.
  • Added support for custom settings panels.
  • Added support to detect game installations by uninstaller location.
  • Added Cursor override for buttons and new ButtonCursor, DefaultCursor, WorldSelectCursor, WorldDefaultCursor chrome metric properties.
  • Added alpha support to sequences.
  • Added support to RgbaColorRenderer for BlendMode to be changed.
  • Added a Fluent based translation system.
  • Added EngineRootPath csproj property to simplify SDK inheritance.
  • Added support for mod defined flash images.
  • Added disabled HitShape rendering to the "Show Combat Geometry" debug rendering.
  • Added support for specifying the type and amount of resources destroyed by DestroyResourceWarhead.
  • Added support for TS-style tinted target flashes.
  • Added support for mod defined application titles.
  • Added a hidden Game.EnableDiscordService setting to disable the Discord client integration.
  • Added support for having the Discord Rich Presence button link to a website.
  • Added support for twinkle effects on resources.
  • Added logging for exceptions when the server list query fails.
  • Added support for gapless looping music.
  • Added an EngineCreditsFile overwrite option to mod.yaml.
  • Added support for a disabled click sound in scrollbar widget.
  • Added Lua scripting support for Carryalls.
  • Added support for overriding the CannotPlaceNotification per queue.
  • Added a NotBefore TraitInfo tag for expressing optional dependencies.
  • Added support for mods to replace UnitOrderGenerator with their own default.
  • Added automatic documentation generation for sequences.
  • Added enum types to documentation generation.
  • Added a sequence check to PaletteFromEmbeddedSpritePalette
  • Added support for specifying defenses in BaseBuilderBotModule.
  • Added additional performance graph colors.
  • Added Tiberian Sun Orca Carryall and Transport exhaust effects.
  • Added documentation to TeslaZap.
  • Removed unused code from .aud reader.
  • Removed the incomplete MiniYaml based translation system.
  • Removed requirement for a palette to be defined for 32bpp assets.
  • Removed requirement for a palette to be defined for terrain.
  • Removed own implementations of ReadOnlyList and Dictionary.
  • Removed highlight, disabled, and iron curtain palettes.
  • Removed hard-coded .vqa assumptions from the engine.
  • Removed obsolete GenericSelectTarget base order generator.
  • Removed the enforcement of StyleCop rules in thirdparty mods.
  • Fixed various spelling errors.
  • Fixed passing of target line color and a wrong comment in Land activity.
  • Fixed odd sprite size "frame hopping".
  • Fixed a crash related to excessively large order packets.
  • Fixed issues with playing videos in the radar widget.
  • Fixed Capture Lua command crashing when provided with an invalid target.
  • Fixed bogus SpriteFrameType channel handling.
  • Fixed several depth buffer issues.
  • Fixed Nullable type handling in Lua docs.
  • Fixed a crash when GrantExternalConditionWarhead was granted on an invalid target.
  • Fixed AI protection targets being hardcoded.
  • Fixed an edge case where the wrong sheet may be mapped to a depth sprite.
  • Fixed formatting issues in the trait/Lua/weapon documentation outputs.
  • Fixed a crash when a capturable actor replaces itself with a non-capturable actor while being captured.
  • Fixed several issues with audio format implementations.
  • Fixed MiniYaml source locations being lost when merging.
  • Fixed projectile shadows not being rendered properly with player palettes.
  • Fixed ZRamp only allowing integer values.
  • Fixed the Lua Flash function.
  • Fixed LineBuild's custom segment checks and the use of Replacable with LineBuild.
  • Fixed Army Spectator tab not using FactionImages.
  • Fixed tab completion to work for all available commands.
  • Fixed faction names not getting truncated inside menu's.
  • Fixed some bugs in the internal LongBitSet logic.
  • Fixed units visually jumping when moving from a custom layer to the ground layer.
  • Fixed SupportPowers ClockAnimation value being ignored.
  • Fixed ProductionPalette ClockAnimation and NotBuildableAnimation being ignored.
  • Fixed weapons with no damage warheads never firing.
  • Fixed carryalls not removing influence on take off.
  • Fixed the version string not being properly written to error logs.
  • Fixed double clicks not always being handled properly.
  • Fixed contrail end color not always being set properly.
  • Fixed Discord party invites not working.
  • Changed renderer to downscale framebuffer resolution for large world viewports.
  • Changed to use pattern matching.
  • Changed BuildingInfluence to track overlapping buildings in the same cell.
  • Changed SupportPower descriptors.
  • Changed the documentation repository structure.
  • Significantly overhauled map resources and rendering.
  • Replaced hardcoded tilesets with mod-defined tileset loaders.
  • Replaced custom placement preview palettes with explicit alpha values.
  • Replaced projectile, WithParachute and WithShadow shadow palettes with ShadowColor.
  • Replaced last uses of 'seconds' with ticks in world simulation.
  • Replaced F extension with string interpolation.
  • Refactored the pathfinder to improve code quality, performance for long travel distances and fix issues in edge cases.
  • Refactored internal game loop, OrderManager and netcode.
  • Refactored and fixed sprite offset/ZRamp/depth handling.
  • Randomized AI idle harvester scan intervals.
  • Completed transition of internal "player stance" terminology to "player relationship".
  • Improved support for zip files created by external tools.
  • Improved performance of BlankLoadScreen.
  • Improved performance of FieldLoader.
  • Improved error handling for aud files with unsupported compression modes.
  • Improved UPnP port-forwarding behaviour.
  • Improved handling of game speed options.
  • Improved minimap creation.
  • Improved the zenity mod selector.
  • Improved weapon documentation.
  • Updated code style rules.
  • Moved sprite scaling support from RenderSprites to Sequences.
  • Moved Text notification handling from Game to its own class.
  • Moved a using into the Mono specific code path.
  • Made ISpriteLoader aware of the source file name.
  • Updated code to C#7.3 conventions.
  • Specify interaction bounds relative to the mod tile size.
  • Corrected synchronization between StartBurstReport and FireDelay.
  • Trait Changes:

    • ActorSpawnManager: Added random range support to SpawnInterval.
    • Carryall: Added InitialActor property for default cargo.
    • Chronoshiftable: Restrict trait to Mobile and Husk actors.
    • GrantConditionWhileAiming: Fixed that condition wasn't revoked after attack stopped for non-turreted actors.
    • SmokeTrailWhenDamaged: Trait has been removed. Use LeavesTrails instead.
    • WithAimAnimation: Fixed that it would continue to aim after attack stopped.
    • Added condition support to Contrail.
    • Added condition support to ExplosionOnDamageTransition.
    • Added condition support to ActorLostNotification.
    • Added condition support to Harvester.
    • Added condition support to WithVoxelWalkerBody.
    • Added condition support to Demolition.
    • Added WithMakeOverlay trait.
    • Added facing support to WithAttackOverlay.
    • Added custom palette support to WithSpriteBody.
    • Added TransparentIndex to PaletteFromFile.
    • Added AmmoUsage property to Armament and Minelayer.
    • Added GrantConditionOnTileSet trait and applied it to igloos in RA and TD.
    • Added per actor name CarryableConditions to Carryall.
    • Added GrantExternalConditionPower footprint sequence to linting and docs.
    • Added palette PaletteFromGreyscale
    • Added support for multiple AttackBase traits to With(Turret)AimAnimation
    • Added WithAircraftLandingEffect
    • Added start/end color parameters to Contrail and bullet/missile trails.
    • Added TrailDelay to Contrail.
    • Added ValidRelationships checks to BlocksProjectiles and Gate.
    • Added cloak and uncloak sprite effects to Cloak and renamed CloakTypes to DetectionTypes.
    • Added the SpreadsCondition trait for supporting Tiberian-Sun-style forest fires.
    • Added a backward moving option for Mobile.
    • Added MissileImage to NukePower.
    • Added building variant support to BaseBuilderBotModule.
    • Renamed SpawnMPUnits to SpawnStartingUnits, MPStartUnits to StartingUnits, MPStartLocations to MapStartingLocations, and CreateMPPlayers to CreateMapPlayers.
    • Renamed VeteranProductionIconOverlay to ProductionIconOverlayManager and added support for multiple overlays
    • Fixed field RemapIndex requiring a value in paletteColorPickerPalette, FixedColorPalette, IndexedPlayerPalette, PlayerColorPalette
    • Fixed GrantConditionOnPowerState not being usable on player actors.
    • Fixed WithMuzzleOverlay not counting as decoration.
    • Fixed the HarvesterBotModule commanding harvesters that cannot be ordered.
    • Fixed Aircraft idle speed ignoring speed modifiers.
    • Fixed WithIdleOverlay PlayerPalette editor rendering.
    • Made WithDockingAnimation optional for sprite harvesters.
    • Made PortableChrono pausible by conditions.


  • Added a lint check for trait placement on hardcoded actor names.
  • Added a lint check for invalid tile definitions.
  • Added a lint check for invalid mouse cursor definitions.
  • Added a lint check for the Dune 2K building placement preview.
  • Added a lint check for maps without playable player.
  • Added a lint check for duplicated palettes.
  • Added option to run in VSCode.
  • Added EmmyLua export.
  • Added ability to run commands directly from utility.cmd on Windows.
  • Fixed memory leaks during map lint checks.
  • Fixed sequences on the world actor not being checked.
  • Fixed utility exiting with 0 on error.
  • Improved lint check error handling.
  • Improved palette linting support.


  • Added a workaround for a bug in appimaged via a fake url parameter.
  • Added install rules for Unix man pages.
  • Added a MacOS-specific Utility launcher.
  • Removed dependency on VCRUNTIME140.dll.
  • Fixed several issues with the macOS compatibility build.
  • Fixed the deduplication mechanism used when building MacOS packages.
  • Fixed uninstalling on Windows leaving leftover entries in registry.
  • Changed toolchain and release packages to use .NET 6 by default.
  • Modding documentation now requires Python 3.
  • Updated the Apple notarisation to XCode 13.
  • Improved Makefile robustness.
  • Improved error handling in shell scripts.
  • Disabled markup in the error dialogue error messages.
  • Updated several dependencies to newer versions.

If you are curious about OpenRA, visit the Official Website, Forums, ModDB Profile, Discord Channel, and YouTube Video Channel to obtain further information about it. OpenRA is available for download Here. And that's all regarding OpenRA for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about OpenRA!

Key Words: #News #Release #OpenRA 


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