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Zero Hour Enhanced Updates: Claws of the Eagle Part 5
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2023 1:27 am    Post subject:  Zero Hour Enhanced Updates: Claws of the Eagle Part 5
Subject description: Now with machines that makes pizza using microwaves and human flesh... so it says! Crazy, huh?
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VectorIV, the leader of Zero Hour Enhanced, has recently shared another update about his project with the public. Claws of the Eagle 5 covers vehicles from NATO, among a few other things. For those unfamiliar with it, Zero Hour Enhanced is a modification for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour that enhances the gameplay experience of the game according to VectorIV's visions. Here are the official words about it:

Hello, everyone. It looks like we've finally arrived at the end of the NATO vehicles and tanks update. Do you know what that means? We're only two series away from completing the essential art assets for a new release, so let's end this series with a bang.

First off, the Stryker is back and even better than before. Much like the PLA Crawler APC, there's hardly any difference except that the Stryker is initially equipped with M2 HMG remote weapon station, and it's not amphibious. Er, that's about it really. Oh yeah, and remember, these are TOTALLY DIFFERENT units. JUST DON'T LOOK AT THE CODES.

Up next, we have #EasternEuropeanCommunistsLoveNATO Zoopark-1 ADS-2 'Disruptor' Tank. After the anti-climactic demise of the USSR using just one signature, there's an abundance of leftover MT-LBu in many ex-Soviet and ex-Warsaw Pact states.

Some communists now openly declare that they believe true communism can be achieved only through NATO's benevolence and denounce any reactionaries from trying to encroach and subvert its just rule. When asked to prove their credentials and credibility, they stated that "Can't you see that I'm wearing the red star hat? That means I'm objectively a communist. Everyone knows that red star hats are the only credentials anyone needs to be a communist. Every famous communist does it. Haven't you tried googling once in your life?!"

With NATO having iron-clad control over these states, these MT-LBu are converted into advanced active denial systems, AKA high-powered microwave emitters or just microwaves that we use to toast some slices of bread. Except now they're powered up to toast people alive in seconds. Not only that, but they can also "disrupt" production in target structures, preventing them from functioning, and slow down infantry caught in its area of effect once deployed to hinder them from easily achieving their objectives. So think about that the next time you meme about the Microwave Tank.

Next in line is undeniable proof that the American education system has failed humanity and is in need of serious overhaul and funding.

The American version of MIM-104E has to be the stupidest piece of high-tech military hardware I've ever seen. Like, who the ztype in the right mind could come up with this sort of monstrosity and goes, "looks fine to me." Like what? I'm convinced that the person who came up with this design has to suffer with some sort of brainrot and you can't change my mind.

With the introduction of the NASAM battery in replacement of the OG Patriot battery, the ZHE Patriot battery is now an actual Patriot battery.

Finally, we have that Titan tank first introduced in 2013 but somehow never made it into the mod for some reason. Well, "Titan" is still the codename of the entire experimental super-heavy tank project, so now, each variation will have its own unique name.

First of its kind, the Themis. It started development during the GWOT, not to combat terrorists effectively, but as a contingency against China. With the revelation of the close-guarded secret Chinese Overlord project and its proven domination on the battlefield, Pentagon went, "gotta get me some of those war crime machines."

And just like that, project Titan was a go.

Not quite as advanced as the Overlord yet, the Themis is still a force to be reckoned with its experimental 140mm smoothbore gun and 4 TOW ATGM launchers.

You may be thinking, "wait a sec, where is the rest of the addon upgraded versions like them Overlord tanks?" Well, truth be told, I can't be bothered to do me right now so I conveniently came up with the lore-friendly reason of "it's still experimental right now, so the Pentagon is still evaluating its use cases to authorize further research and funding." so you can cope about it.

NATO M1126 'Stryker' Infantry Carrier Vehicle is NATO's most reliable armoured troop transport. Named after its fallen compatriots who served in World War 2 and Vietnam, the Stryker is a stark reminder of what its people must sacrifice to maintain liberty and peace in the world.

M1126 comes equipped with fully packed smoke grenade dischargers allowing it to mask friendly infantry or vehicle to ensure a successful assault on the enemy or retreat without casualty.

Armaments: M2 12.7mm heavy machine gun remote weapon station.

NATO ADS-2 'Disruptor' Tank is NATO's advanced support tank and advanced mobile microwave for troops to prepare their frozen pizzas.

Its hammer and sickle logo is undeniable proof that the crews are communists, but they just love NATO.

Being armed with an active denial system, the Disruptor tank utilizes heat rays to damage enemy infantry and disrupt enemy structures, halting production and preventing them from functioning.

Once deployed, the Disruptor tank can project its heat ray in a wide area of effect, slowing down enemy infantry within its radius.

It doesn't come equipped with pre-installed smoke grenade dischargers, but they can become available via a local upgrade. Despite that fact, ADS-2 can still use its engine as a smoke screen generator to create a small smoke screen surrounding it in case of emergency.

Armaments: High-powered microwave generator.

NATO MIM-104E 'Patriot' Mobile Surface-to-air/Anti-ballistic Missile System is the impregnable guardian of NATO's sky. Capable of destroying enemy aircraft and ballistic missiles with ease, the Patriot can ensure that NATO and its allies' territory will never be under attack from the sky.

The Patriot has to be deployed first before it can fire its missiles.

Armaments: 4x PAC-2 missile launchers.

NATO M1 'Themis' Superheavy Tank is NATO's ultimate peacekeeping arsenal and answer to its Chinese counterpart, the Overlord. Built and designed by pure-blooded Caucasian Americans, born from hundreds of generations exclusively in Christian nuclear families, this thing consumes oil 10x times that of the Abrams (not but to worry, it's subsidized by the money of good US patriots.)

While slightly less armored than the Chinese counterpart, the Themis, with its unlimited resource of oil, can move faster than the Overlord.

Being armed with an experimental 140mm smoothbore gun and potentially TOW missile launchers, the Themis can terminate any hint of communism with extreme effectiveness both in the homeland and almost every corner of the globe.

It doesn't come equipped with pre-installed smoke grenade dischargers, but they can become available via a local upgrade. However, the M1 can still use its engine as a smoke screen generator to create a small smoke screen surrounding it in case of emergency.

Due to its high cost and maintenance, only a relatively small number of M1 can be deployed on the battlefield.

Armaments: 140mm smoothbore gun, coaxial 7.62mm M240 machine gun, and (upgradable) 4x BGM-71 TOW ATGM launchers.

And that's it for today. Stay tuned for the next update!

For further information about Zero Hour Enhanced, visit its ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. And that's all regarding Zero Hour Enhanced for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Zero Hour Enhanced!

Key Words: #News #ZeroHourEnhanced #Generals #ZeroHour 


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