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Open RCT2 v0.4.4 has been released!
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 28, 2023 11:37 pm    Post subject:  Open RCT2 v0.4.4 has been released!
Subject description: API to get guests thought? Is it you, Yuri? Submit your guest thoughts to Yuri!
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Hello ladies and gentlemen! The team from Open RCT2 has recently released Open RCT2 v0.4.4. For those unfamiliar with it, Open RCT2 is an open-source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, a construction and management simulation video game that simulates amusement park management. To play it, you must have the original files of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. The changes from Open RCT2 v0.4.4 were announced with the following words:


  • Feature: [#11269] Add properties for speed and length of vehicle animations.
  • Feature: [#15849] Objectives can now be set for up to 50000 guests.
  • Feature: [#18537] Add shift/control modifiers to window close buttons, closing all but the given window or all windows of the same type, respectively.
  • Feature: [#18732] [Plugin] API to get the guests thoughts.
  • Feature: [#18744] Cheat to allow using a regular path as a queue path.
  • Feature: [#19023] Add Canadian French translation.
  • Feature: [#19341] Add “All Scenery” tab to scenery window.
  • Feature: [#19378] Add command to combine CSG1i.DAT and CSG1.DAT.
  • Feature: [objects#226] Port RCT1 Corkscrew Coaster train.
  • Feature: [objects#229] Port RCT1 go karts with helmets.
  • Feature: [OpenMusic#20, OpenMusic#21] Added Blizzard and Extraterresterial ride music styles.
  • Improved: [#11473] Hot reload for plug-ins now works on macOS.
  • Improved: [#12466] RCT1 parks now use RCT1’s interest calculation algorithm.
  • Improved: [#14635] Scenery window now shows up to 255 scenery groups.
  • Improved: [#17288] Reorganise the order of shortcut keys in the Shortcut Keys window.
  • Improved: [#18706] Ability to view the list of contributors in-game.
  • Improved: [#18749] Ability to have 4 active awards for more than one month in a row.
  • Improved: [#18826] [Plugin] Added all actions and their documentation to plugin API.
  • Improved: [#18945] Languages can now fall back to other languages than English.
  • Improved: [#18970] Trying to load a non-park save will now display a context error.
  • Improved: [#18975] Add lift sprites for steep hills on the wooden roller coaster.
  • Improved: [#19044] Added special thanks to RMC and Wiegand to the About page.
  • Improved: [#19131] Track missing objects when selecting scenery groups in console.
  • Improved: [#19253] Queue junctions drawn properly when using regular paths as queue. Note: Requires using tile inspector to indicate railings can be used at T or X junctions.
  • Improved: [#19067] New Ride window now allows filtering similarly to Object Selection.
  • Improved: [#19272] Scenery window now allows filtering similarly to Object Selection.
  • Improved: [#19447] The control key now enables word jumping in text input fields.
  • Improved: [#19463] Added ‘W’ and ‘Y’ with circumflex to sprite font (for Welsh).
  • Improved: [#19549] Enable large address awareness for 32 bit Windows builds allowing to use 4 GiB of virtual memory.
  • Improved: [#19668] Decreased the minimum map size from 13 to 3.
  • Improved: [#19683] The delays for ride ratings to appear has been reduced drastically.
  • Improved: [#19697] “Show guest purchases” will now work in multiplayer.
  • Change: [#19018] Renamed actions to fit the naming scheme.
  • Change: [#19091] [Plugin] Add game action information to callback arguments of custom actions.
  • Change: [#19233] Reduce lift speed minimum and maximum values for “Classic Wooden Coaster”.
  • Removed: [#19520] Support for Windows Vista systems.
  • Fix: [#474] Mini golf window shows more players than there actually are (original bug).
  • Fix: [#592] Window scrollbar not able to navigate to the end of large lists.
  • Fix: [#7210] Land tile smoothing occurs with edge tiles (original bug).
  • Fix: [#17996] Finances window not cleared when starting some .park scenarios.
  • Fix: [#18260] Crash opening parks that have multiple tiles referencing the same banner entry.
  • Fix: [#18467] “Selected only” Object Selection filter is active in Track Designs Manager, and cannot be toggled.
  • Fix: [#18904] OpenRCT2 audio object accidentally exported in saves.
  • Fix: [#18905] Ride Construction window theme is not applied correctly.
  • Fix: [#18911] Mini Golf station does not draw correctly from all angles.
  • Fix: [#18971] New Game does not prompt for save before quitting.
  • Fix: [#18986] [Plugin] Sending remote scripts larger than 63KiB crashing all clients.
  • Fix: [#18994] Title music doesn’t start after enabling master volume.
  • Fix: [#19025] Park loan behaves inconsistently with non-round and out-of-bounds values.
  • Fix: [#19026] Park loan is clamped to a 32-bit integer.
  • Fix: [#19068] Guests may not join queues correctly.
  • Fix: [#19091] [Plugin] Remote plugins in multiplayer servers do not unload properly.
  • Fix: [#19112] Clearing the last character in the Object Selection filter does not properly reset it.
  • Fix: [#19112] Text boxes not updated with empty strings in Track List, Server List, and Start Server windows.
  • Fix: [#19114] [Plugin] ‘GameActionResult’ does not comply to API specification.
  • Fix: [#19136] SV6 saves with experimental RCT1 paths not imported correctly.
  • Fix: [#19243] .park scenarios don’t complete properly.
  • Fix: [#19250] MusicObjects do not free their preview images.
  • Fix: [#19292] Overflow in ‘totalRideValue’.
  • Fix: [#19339] Incorrect import of crashed particles from SV4.
  • Fix: [#19379] “No platforms” station style shows platforms on the Junior Roller Coaster.
  • Fix: [#19380] Startup crash when no sequences are installed and random sequences are enabled.
  • Fix: [#19391] String corruption caused by an improper buffer handling in ‘GfxWrapString’.
  • Fix: [#19434, #19509] Object types added by OpenRCT2 do not get removed when executing ‘remove_unused_objects’.
  • Fix: [#19475] Cannot increase loan when more than £1000 in debt.
  • Fix: [#19493] SV4 saves not importing the correct vehicle colours.
  • Fix: [#19517] Crash when peeps try to exit or enter hacked rides that have no waypoints specified.
  • Fix: [#19524] Staff counter shows incorrect values if there are more than 32767 staff members.
  • Fix: [#19574] Handle exits in null locations.
  • Fix: [#19641, #19643] Missing water tile in Infernal Views’ and Six Flags Holland’s river.

You can find more information about Open RCT2 by visiting the Official Website. You can download Open RCT2 v0.4.4 Here. And that's all regarding Open RCT2 for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Open RCT2!

Key Words: #News #Release #OpenRCT2 


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