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Zero Hour Reborn is..... Reborn?
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2023 3:23 am    Post subject:  Zero Hour Reborn is..... Reborn?
Subject description: From the graveyard, with No Life, back to the real world!
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Comrade General! We have news for you. No Life Studios has resurrected Zero Hour Reborn. For your information, Zero Hour Reborn is a classic and popular modification for Generals: Zero Hour that adds new generals, units, upgrades, and much more. Here is their official announcement on Zero Hour Reborn:

> Initializing military software…
> Complete.
> Establishing terminal uplink…
> WARNING: Unauthorized terminal detected!
> Security clearance required.
> Input security clearance code within 30 seconds to avoid immediate liquidation:
> ****************
> Code accepted.
> Terminal clearance level updated.
> Connection established.
> Welcome back, commander.
> Proceed to military intelligence emergency briefing…

Following the defeat of the Global Liberation Army and the United States' withdrawal into isolation, China and Europe formed the Eurasian Unity League as a new international trade and security organization tasked to root out terrorism and foster international cooperation.

After its success in Europe, China invited the nations of Southeast Asia also to join the EUL and offered military assistance against remnants of the GLA that still threatened the region with acts of terrorism and piracy. However, the Southeast Asian governments were suspicious, fearing that China, as the new dominant superpower, would use the anti-terrorist effort as a vehicle for its own territorial ambitions in the region.

Following the government's refusal, China pushed forward and constructed a series of new naval bases on islands throughout the Pacific, stating that it would be too late to regret their decision once a major terror attack occurred. Meanwhile, the new US government had sworn off the isolationist policy of the previous administration and moved quickly to restore America's old alliances to counter China's rise.

After successful negotiations with Japan, South Korea, and Australia, Washington approached the Southeast Asian governments. Wary of China's intentions and hard pressed by a resurgent GLA, the governments joined what would soon be known as the Pacific Alliance. Since then, military activities in the region have reached unprecedented levels, with US and Chinese naval vessels hounding each other in disputed waters. Conflict looms on the horizon, and we must be prepared for the worst.

The following are technical specs on current Pacific Alliance prototype weapon systems.

Observe carefully, Commander. You may have to lead these units in combat.

Link to video

After the success of the Microwave Tank in the War on Terror, the US defense industry developed a new, more holistic take on the concept of a directed energy weapon carrier. The chassis of the M2 Bradley fighting vehicle was chosen as the baseline with most of its internal space taken up by a secondary power pack and special infrared/radar absorbent panels installed in its hull. These served the purpose of rendering the tank passively invisible to optics and sensors in conjunction with a new revolutionary active camouflage system.

Dubbed the Mirage system, an array of holographic projectors was installed around the turret, producing three-dimensional images of inconspicuous objects in the tank's environment - typically trees - to render it invisible to the naked eye as well. This allows the tank to effectively blend into its surroundings and strike unseen, using a new type of microwave projector "cannon". Optimized for safety and power efficiency, this new precision weapon lacked the radial coverage and cover penetration of the original Microwave Tank but is nonetheless capable of incinerating personnel and disabling sensitive electronics in vehicles and buildings.

It came as a surprise to the manufacturer that the US Army, despite satisfactory test results, declined to adopt the Mirage Tank, opting for a gradual modernization of its existing Microwave Tanks instead. Congress did, however allow the sale of the new tank to US allies such as the Pacific Alliance, where one early adopter of the Mirage was an unexpected one: The mixed relationship between Vietnam and China had taken a turn for the worse after the latter's militarization of the Pacific, including islands and waters claimed by Vietnam. With Vietnam's traditional ally Russia deeply indebted to China, Beijing used its soft power leverage to discontinue Russian arms supplies to Vietnam, prompting Hanoi to reorient itself towards the US for military aid.

Link to video

Adopted in 1947, the new constitution of Japan forbade the restoration of armed forces, leading to the creation of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces as a quasi-military in all but name in 1954. Further legislation strictly limited the country's ability to export weapons, prompting the growth of a defense industry that catered exclusively to domestic needs. Both policies were subject to criticism and revisionist attempts by right-wing politicians and groups for decades. Thus, after the War on Terror, America's retreat into temporary isolation, and the rise of China as the new leading superpower, the full remilitarisation of Japan was narrowly approved in a constitutional referendum.

As the JSDF underwent a transformation into the new Japanese Armed Forces, the country's arms manufacturers not only secured numerous new contracts with their own government but were also allowed to sell abroad without restriction to any country considered a strategic partner of Japan. This included many clients throughout the Pacific, whose aging stocks of American and European equipment were deemed unfit to meet the rising power of China. Japan's answer to their requests for new tanks in particular was the Tsunami, a main battle tank specifically tailored to the needs of island-based nations, of which Indonesia became the biggest taker of over 500 units.

Lightweight for a vehicle of this class at only 38 tons, the Tsunami is well armed with a 120mm smoothbore cannon and protected by advanced nano-crystal steel/ceramic composite armor derived from Japan's domestic Type 10 tank. Unlike the American Crusader and Paladin, the Tsunami is fully amphibious, capable of not only navigating rivers but also ship-to-shore transition by way of a variable geometry track system that allows it to "hover" across the water. Soon after their introduction, the Tsunamis of the Indonesian Army saw their first success in combat against GLA-affiliated separatists in Aceh Province.

Credits to MARS2588 of the SWR team for the lore

OMG, Reborn update!? YES!

If you made it through the wall of text, congratulations! This particular update took a great deal of time to make, and I'm glad it's finally posted Smile

As you can see, there are big plans on the way for Reborn. Stay tuned for future updates!

You can find more information about Zero Hour Reborn by visiting the ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. And that's all regarding Zero Hour Reborn for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Zero Hour Reborn!

Key Words: #News #Generals #ZeroHour #ZeroHourReborn 


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