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Mobius Map Editor ( has been released!
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2023 11:21 am    Post subject:  Mobius Map Editor ( has been released!
Subject description: Engineers are acting on instinct to improve the vision and the purpose!
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Aloha! Reinforcements have arrived from Nyerguds, leader of Mobius Map Editor, as Mobius Map Editor ( has been recently by their team. For those who are not acquainted with it, Mobius Map Editor is the original map editor from the Command & Conquer Remastered Edition, made by Electronic Arts/Petroglyph Studios, with Nyerguds fixes and improvements. It can be used to create maps for the remastered games and the original 1990s Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 1 games. Here is the official announcement from Mobius Map Editor's staff about Mobius Map Editor (

This version fixes the incorrect resources calculation in the resource placement tool, overhauls the triggers UI to make the options more human-readable, has better support for custom ini rules, adds a whole range of new map indicators, and has some much-needed bug fixes in the Steam dialog. There's also a brand new feature to create a map based on an imported image, so the rough map layout can be done in advance in an application that has better tools for things such as symmetry and drawing circles.

Oh, and RA ships finally have their turrets.

All changes:

  • Added igloos (haystacks) to the Overlay in Sole Survivor's Winter theater.
  • Fixed refresh bug where a ghost image of the label indicating a heavy operation remained while repainting the map. The label is now only removed after the following map repaint.
  • Fixed issues with the editor not loading old missions with DOS special characters in them. Specific ini sections are now loaded and saved in specific text encodings; the maps are normally DOS-437, but their remaster-specific contents support UTF-8.
  • Fixed an issue with TD triggers not linking to teamtypes if the teamtype reference has case differences compared to the actual Teamtype name.
  • Added turrets to RA ships and rotors to helicopters.
  • When air units are enabled to be placed down, this no longer excludes winged airplanes. They'll just fly off the map, but that could be used for its cinematic effect in missions.
  • Added the ability to open .pgm archives, to easily check the contents of packed workshop maps. Export to this format is not supported, though.
  • Restored some of the "useless" orders possible to set on preplaced units; it turns out "Unload" on air units is the only order that makes them land on the intended spot.
  • The drawing order of overlapping objects is now based on the center of the graphics rather than the bottom, which means buildings or trees will no longer overlap objects placed on their lower but unoccupied cells.
  • Repair Facilities are now treated as flat buildings, meaning they won't overlap things placed on their top cells.
  • Increased the size of waypoint labels.
  • When holding the mouse over a bib, the status bar will now also show if it is attached to a building.
  • The "Rules" section in the map settings has been renamed to "INI Rules & Tweaks" and is now also available for TD.
  • Custom ini keys that are added to the [Basic] and [Map] sections and to any of the House sections are now preserved and editable in the "INI Rules & Tweaks" section. This will allow passive support for modded features.
  • Previews are now shown for Celltrigger placement.
  • Fixed errors in the detection of Aftermath expansion units on maps.
  • Fixed map load collision detection of multi-cell objects to detect crossing outside the map.
  • Fixed the NoOwnedObjectsInSole option to also correctly toggle the loading and saving of these objects.
  • Added option in image export to only export the map bounds. This is enabled by default for multiplayer maps.
  • The Map Objects Statistics tool now shows the classic game limits for TD maps. (RA has no changes in these.)
  • Disabled the ability to export to .meg type via the menu shortcut when the editor is not compiled in developer mode.
  • Removed confusion on the Loop / Existence / Persistence setting in triggers by renaming it to "Executes", with choices "On first triggering", "When all linked objects are triggered", and "On each triggering".
  • Red Alert's multi-event types for triggers are now written out in full rather than using programming symbols like '||' and '&&'.
  • Added trigger filter tool with search criteria for a house, execute type, multi-event type, event, action, teamtype, and global.
  • Deselecting the selected tile in the Map tool by clicking in the blank space will now properly show that that reverts the selection to Clear terrain.
  • The total map resources value on the resource placement tool will now be calculated correctly (including the game bug that makes the last harvested stage never give any money).
  • The resource placement tool will now specifically show a value for the total map resources accessible inside the map bounds.
  • Reinstated the restriction on placing an overlay on the first and last row on the map to correctly emulate the fact the games do not place overlay there.
  • Added the "New map from image" feature, so the rough layout of a map can be designed in an image editor. Each color in the image can be assigned to a tile.
  • A new "Safe tile dragging" feature ensures that drag-placing a line of tileset pieces will now tile them without overwriting most of the placed content on each newly moved cell.
  • Red Alert Interior Theater no longer allows placing down Smudge types.
  • Double-clicking on map objects with mouse buttons other than the left one will no longer open the object properties.
  • Fixed bug treating the Commando as an unarmed unit, defaulting its orders to "Stop" instead of "Guard". (Not that this has any effect in-game.)
  • Fixed map panels (such as the main map and the preview showing the template to place) affecting the mouse cursor on a global scale rather than only inside their own panel.
  • Fixed bug that made the cursor change when in map bounds editing mode, but the cursor is outside the valid map area.
  • On the Map tool, the selection of the specific sub-cell now responds correctly when holding down the mouse button and dragging to different cells.
  • All picking of objects on the map (usually right-click) now responds correctly when holding down the mouse button and dragging to different cells.
  • Being in placement mode, or dragging around objects, will now show a placement grid. In Resources mode, where holding down Shift is not required for placement, holding Shift will also show the grid.
  • Fixed bug in Smudge mode where clicking on a crater always selects the crater's maximum size in the placement template.
  • Fixed bug in Smudge mode where the automatic restoring of partially deleted bibs only worked inside the map bounds.
  • Added correct map objects overview and save validation for Sole Survivor, which does not use the expanded Remastered maximum values.
  • Added more options in the settings file and reordered the settings in the settings file and manual file.
  • Fixed bugs that occurred when disabling the theater-filtering of items.
  • Pressing Alt+F4 to close the editor will now also work when a tool window is selected.
  • The tool windows for infantry, units, and structures will now optimally use the available space.
  • Added option to randomize drag-placed map tileset blocks using equivalent tileset blocks.
  • Added logic to always draw crates on top of other objects.
  • Added automatic logic for Red Alert maps to fix corrupted tiles, such as the "indestructible" bridges, rather than just clearing them.
  • Skipping over disabled sections in the ini (like the Aircraft) now adds a remark to the errors list and marks the map as modified to alert the user that data will be lost on re-save.
  • Added detection for incorrect use of the "Allow Win" action in Tiberian Dawn.
  • Fixed reading of [Base] entries; it should loop over all 3-digit integers up to the "Count" value, not parse the keys as integers.
  • Fixed triggers list corrupting on the Terrain tool when editing the triggers after the Terrain tool had already been loaded.
  • Fixed trigger not showing on the preview for placing down a Terrain object.
  • The trigger on the placement preview of a Unit, Building, Infantry, or Terrain object is now shown as semitransparent.
  • Choosing to save on a save prompt will now no longer abort the action that prompted the save prompt; it will be remembered and executed after the save is done.
  • Fixed saving of Steam publish ID in the map publishing process.
  • The preview path text field in the Steam Publish dialog is now read-only.
  • The map preview in the Steam Publish dialog will now consistently show when hovering over the preview path text field.
  • Fixed saving of '@' characters in the Steam workshop item description.
  • The map save after the Steam publishes will no longer re-generate the thumbnail, making it much faster.
  • The Steam publish operation will now clean up all generated temporary files.
  • Fixed the issue where the object property popup does not properly show all options. This was caused by it using a different font.
  • When unchecking the Prebuilt status of a building and then re-checking it, the original values for the building's other properties (owner, strength, trigger...) will be restored. This does not work if the changes were confirmed by closing the popup. This property-restoring also works on the selection window template.
  • Added indicators for reveal radiuses around waypoints and shroud/jam radiuses around Gap Generators, Mobile Gap Generators, Radar Jammers, and Tesla Tanks. Unless specifically enabled in the "View ? "Extra Indications" menu, these will only be shown when manipulating the objects directly; while placing them, moving them, and editing their properties.
  • Added "Jump to next usage" button on celltriggers, which, when pressed multiple times, will cycle the viewed map location through all different placed-down clusters of the selected celltrigger.
  • Added Word Wrap button to the error message dialog.
  • When a new unit type is added to a Teamtype, its amount will now default to 1.
  • Optimised the repaint process when enabling or disabling layers.
  • Added "Outlines on overlapped crates" option under "View" ? "Indicators". An extra option "Tools" ? "Options" ? "Show crate outline indicators on all crates" will make it ignore the "overlapped" requirement and show on all crates.
  • Fixed issues with videos sometimes not being saved/loaded for Red Alert missions.
  • When loading a map, the editor will zoom in and reposition to exactly show the map bounds area with a 1-cell border around it. This behavior is controlled by the "ZoomToBoundsOnLoad" setting.
  • Items are now sorted by map cell number when saved and capitalized like they are in the original maps.
  • Waypoints in Tiberian Dawn maps are now saved as they were in classic maps, with all waypoints listed last to first and the unused ones filled in with '-1'.
  • Optimised the redrawing when enabling/disabling layers in "View" ? "Layers".
  • Celltriggers are now slightly more transparent when outside Celltrigger editing mode.
  • Added character count to the briefing screen. if WriteClassicBriefing is enabled, a warning will be given if the amount exceeds the maximum the classic game can handle. If the warning is ignored, the classic briefing will be truncated to the maximum it can handle to prevent game crashes.
  • Fixed saving of Red Alert's classic briefing to also obey the classic internal maximum and to correctly split online break @ characters.

For further information about Mobius Map Editor, visit its Official Website. Download Mobius Map Editor Here. And that's all regarding Mobius Map Editor for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Mobius Map Editor!

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