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OpenSA Playtest-20230411 has been released!
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2023 11:38 am    Post subject:  OpenSA Playtest-20230411 has been released!
Subject description: Doing more than attacking random colonies of bugs!
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Aloha! A new version of OpenSA was released moments ago by their team. For those who are not acquainted with it, OpenSA is a game created with OpenRA Engine that strives to bring modern controls and quality life improvements to the Swarm Assault game released in 1999 while still being faithful as much as possible to the original source material. Here are the official words about OpenSA Playtest-20230411:


  • Fixed Parasite units attacking creep plant units. In fact, it's vanilla behavior, but it was really annoying hearing all those units shooting plants in larger maps.
  • Added custom Production Booster building. It increases unit production in all team colonies by 10%. Exclusive to only custom levels.
  • Added custom Firepower Booster building. It increases the firepower of all team units by 10%. Exclusive to only custom levels.
  • Added custom Tesla Coil turret. Exclusive to only custom levels.
  • Added custom Scorpion turret with only one spear gun. Exclusive to only custom levels.
  • Updated Dragonfly artwork. Original sprites have a lot of weird gaps, so it was all painted to fill those gaps.
  • Updated custom Bettle Turret artwork. Now it's smaller, and it fits nicely 1x1 tile instead of being 2x2.
  • Removed 'Pirate Grenadier Ant Pilot' from the map editor.
  • Adjusted selectable bounds for custom turrets.
  • Moved special debug units to the Support Power tab. They are available when debug mode is turned on.
  • Fixed creep plant Seed Ball not attacking structures.
  • Fixed creep plant Death Lolly not attacking structures.


  • Added Candy Siege mission by Hooet
  • Added Skull mission by Hooet
  • Added Puck-Man mission by Hooet
  • Added Swarm Assault mission by Hooet
  • Added Firepower Boosters mission by Dzierzan
  • Added Sunken Snake mission by Hooet.
  • AI will now build light and heavy units in the En Garde mission.
  • Removed Zoo (Test map). It was redundant.
  • Removed "Stick And Stones (alternative)" mission. It was uploaded to OpenRA Resource Center.


  • Updated ORA engine to "release-20230225".
  • Added facing interpolation for projectiles. Now projectiles will interpolate up to 64 facings. The original game had this feature.
  • Added random colony feature. You can place a 'Random Colony' marker on any map, and every time you load that specific map, a random colony building will be chosen.
  • There was an issue where closing the OpenSA game wouldn't close it entirely. It was still running in the background. That issue should be resolved now.
  • Changed preview facing for actors in the map editor (matches now vanilla map editor).
  • All decoration plants can now be placed on any tileset.
  • Added more detailed descriptions for decoration and creep plants for the map editor.
  • Added videos. They were converted to Westwood VQA format.
  • Slightly updated custom Ant Holes artwork.
  • Added descriptions for custom missions.
  • Added missing scorpions AI for the campaign. So that means scorpions can be used as 5th real faction in the campaign.
  • Adjusted mini flags for the Skirmish lobby dropdown menu.
  • Closing animation for custom Ant Holes was playing too fast (only one frame). It was fixed.
  • Fixed the wrong team color for Beetle Shrapnels in the legacy map importer.
  • Popcorn plant weapon is quieter now (it was multiplied by 8, making it unnecessarily louder).
  • Added two extra loading screens.
  • For campaign only, infinite production was set to start as soon as you select the unit's icon. It can be changed in ".../mods/sa/rules/campaign.yaml" if you don't like this change (I added a small comment on how it can be adjusted).
  • Updated selection box and health bar art. It is now more faithful to the original game.
  • The actor's icon will change to an active state when it's clicked.
  • Added missing Handicap traits. So now the Handicap feature works correctly for skirmish mode.
  • Updated artwork of sidebar and command bar.
  • Updated clock animation for production palette. Now it is based on vanilla one.
  • Easy and Hard difficulties were updated. Firepower is increased by 25% in Easy mode for players and by 25% in Hard mode for enemy AI.

You can find more information about OpenSA by visiting the Official Website, and ModDB Profile. You can grab the latest version of OpenSA by clicking Here. And this is all for today! Enjoy OpenSA and provide your feedback about it so it can get better.

Key Words: #News #PlayTest #OpenRA #OpenSA 


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