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Zero Hour Reborn: Pacific Alliance Update 2
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PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2023 4:46 am    Post subject:  Zero Hour Reborn: Pacific Alliance Update 2
Subject description: The future Lion King of the APCs have arrived!
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Hi everyone! No Life Studios, the leader of Zero Hour Reborn, has been busy recently working on it and shared its progress report with us. For those unfamiliar with it, Zero Hour Reborn is a classic and popular modification for Generals: Zero Hour that adds new generals, units, upgrades, and much more. Here are the official words about it:

Pagasa Base

Northern Luzon, Philippines

“General Carville, your guest has arrived. “

“Alright, send him in.”

A man wearing a white lab coat walks in carrying a large metallic suitcase in one hand and a large take-out coffee cup in the other.

As the man leaves his suitcase on the floor, General Carville stands up, moves in front of his desk, and places his hands behind his back.

“Hey, doc! Welcome, or should I say, welcome back to the Philippines!”
“Hey Ben, long time no see.”
“I see you still got the habit of wearing your lab coat everywhere.”
“Hehe, yeah, well, you guys have your battle attire, and I have mine.”

General Carville gestures towards a woman wearing a suit and sunglasses, who walks over and stands beside him.

“Special Agent Tanya here will be your guide around the base and your bodyguard for the next few days, I understand that the two of you have already met?”
“Yes, I am well acquainted with Burton’s CIA buddies. Nice to see you again, Ms. Tanya.”
“Likewise, doc”

“Unfortunately, the president won’t be able to join us because he is currently on one of his overseas trips.
“Of course he is…”
“However, he sends his regards and wants me to assure you that he has the utmost confidence in your skills.”
“Right… Probably for the best. I wasn’t too keen on meeting him anyway.” the doctor takes a sip of his coffee.

General Carville chuckles.

“Well, now that introductions are done, it’s time to get down to business.”

The three of them take their seats around the coffee table in front of the general’s desk.

“As you well know, I’ve recently been assigned as the commander of Pagasa base and the entirety of the new Pacific Alliance defense forces.”
“Now, the men are skilled enough, but a lot of the equipment are either outdated or ill-suited for the needs of the region.”
“That’s where you come in, doc. You think you can hook us up?”

The doctor glances over to his suitcase, “Oh, I may have a few things…”

A few hours later, Pagasa base training grounds:

“Gentlemen! Ladies! Ben. Welcome to the weapons demonstration!

On behalf of my company, ZTech Industries, I’d like to thank all our allies and their representatives present today for choosing us for your defense solutions.

Unfortunately, I don’t have something as fancy as a transforming amphibious tank to show you, at least not today.”

The doctor places his suitcase on a table in front of him, opens it up, and takes out a large gun.

“This is not the XM29 OICW. This is only a tribute. For those who are not familiar, the Objective Infantry Combat Weapon is basically the opposite of your standard rifleman’s weapon. It is a grenade launcher with a rifle under it. I was told that one of the issues I needed to fix was the lack of good fire support options for the infantry. Well, with this baby, you are the fire support.

While this rifle bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor, nearly everything has been completely remade to get the rifle to a level that makes it actually viable in the field. Through the use of new materials, the gun’s weight has been greatly reduced so that it is about the same as your standard M4 and M203 combo. The controls have been greatly simplified for ease of use. You now only have three settings: semi-auto, full-auto, and grenade. The grenade is able to select the correct fuse type based on the target acquired through the weapon’s sight: proximity for infantry, the impact for vehicles, and delay for garrisons.

Some of you may be wondering why to go through all the trouble of acquiring and reviving such an old defunct project? The answer is simple. I like this gun, and it fulfills all of the request requirements, so why not?”

After putting the gun away, the doctor then takes another bigger case and reveals a missile launcher.

“Grenades are fine and all, but it’s not gonna do much against tanks and aircraft.

This launcher is similar to the ones used by American Missile Defenders today. A few things have been tweaked here and there to make it more suitable for combat in this region, but it has all the features you would expect, including…” the doctor flicks a switch on the launcher “laser sights.”

The doctor puts the launcher away and walks out towards an armored vehicle beside the tent he is in.

“Finally, I present a new modernized version of the Simba APC.

While the exterior has remained virtually unchanged, aside from a severe lack of wooden planks, pretty much everything on the inside has been overhauled to keep up with today’s standards, better protection, improved fire control, and that kind of stuff.

It’s also sporting the new simplified Pacific Alliance logo that will eventually be applied to all other Alliance vehicles.”

“Additionally, it has been given amphibious capabilities so that it may be used in conjunction with the aforementioned Tsunami tanks to give it more tactical applications.

Upgrade packages are already in development, and once they are ready, we’ll be able to begin with the modernization program for the existing Simba APCs as planned.

That’s about it for today. I’ll have more to show once my lab is finished and the rest of my stuff gets here.”

The doctor raises his coffee cup. “To peace.”

Another day, another Reborn update!

A few of you older C&C fans may have spotted a few familiar names and faces today. That's right folks, the C&C cinematic universe is real!

RA2 is my favorite C&C game of all time, and it feels great to finally be showing off some of the stuff I've been planning to add for years, including just a pinch of topical real-world references for flavor, Asians love their spice after all.

If you're one of the young'uns and have no idea what's going on, well I hope you still had fun looking at the shiny new things anyway.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more. Join our Discord, bye!

You can learn more about Zero Hour Reborn by visiting the ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. That's all, folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on Zero Hour Reborn!

Key Words: #News #Generals #ZeroHour #ZeroHourReborn 


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