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The End Of Days's latest release is 0.98 Patch 3!
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2023 7:55 pm    Post subject:  The End Of Days's latest release is 0.98 Patch 3!
Subject description: The end of days is far.... and this release was also from far away... in the past!
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Welcome back, visitors! There is a new version of The End of Days posted a couple of weeks ago under the name The End Of Days 0.98 Patch 3. For those unfamiliar with it, The End of Days is a mod for Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour. It adds Russia as a new playable faction and improves the original three with new units, structures, and special powers! It strives to bring an authentic real-war feeling, with a few fictional additions for more fun and diverse gameplay & tactics! It also replaces Heroes with elite infantry, and Superweapons are mostly presented as mobile ICBM Launchers like Russia's Topol-M or China's DF-41. It also innovates with purchasable subfactions at your tech center instead of the original choice of "Generals" before battle, which allows you to change your strategy mid-game to counter your opponents! Each of the 4 factions has 3 completely different subfactions to choose from. The changes from The End Of Days 0.98 Patch 3 were announced with the following words:


TEOD 0.98 Patch 3

  • Fixed the map icon for Volcano Revenge (6)
  • Increase missile damage of pure AA jets by 20%
  • Decrease US fast attack jets HP by 15%
  • Improve Russian helicopter's HP and damage, especially KA-52
  • Airplanes armor should take 10% more damage from Small_Arms damage.
  • TU-22 Kalibr missile HP increased by 30%
  • Tu-22 Bombs damage increased by 10%
  • Tu-22 Kalibr missile damage  increased by 10% and damage radius by 15%
  • Fixed select_all for Fire Base modules
  • Increase the cost of Nuke Waste Missile from 1 to 2 points.
  • Investigate why ZBL-02 rockets ignore infantry.
  • Add the 'Fire Rockets' button at the ZBL-02 command set.
  • Investigate all T1 AA for anti-missile capabilities and remove them if they have them.
  • Command Centers should be impossible to capture
  • Command Center's prerequisite should also be per faction science
  • Fixed China horde bonuses
  • Mirage GP to use HE FX and to benefit from StunShells upgrade
  • Mirage GP to use HE FX and to benefit from StunShells upgrade
  • Z-9 Harbin should not transport vehicles, but only infantries
  • Changing AH-64 Machinegun logic and similar using the same logic
  • Add Attack audio event for Gazelle
  • Add unique sounds for Capture Upgrade for China, GLA, and USA
  • Fix of Boomers and Scout Van night front lights
  • AWACS countermeasures time in the air increased by 2.5 sec. Updated Visual FX as well
  • Chinese EMP mines upgrade is unsuccessful
  • Speaker Crawler can be upgraded with Cannon
  • Making SOCOM Firebase use THEL Turret instead of C-RAM for the same AA-only coverage
  • Add a mention for heavy infantry that it doesn't shoot from garrisons. It's there from Patch-1
  • GLA heavy SAM SA-6 and S-75 are more resistant to Jet missiles
  • Bardak Missile damage type Changed to ARMOR_PIERCING, which will do more damage vs. Vehicles and less vs. Infantry
  • Fixed F-117 and B-21 LPD
  • Improved Dragon Tank Flamethrower FX
  • Abrams's Experience requirement to Rank up increased by 50%
  • Abrams's movement and turn rate speed slightly reduced
  • Uran-9 drone damage increased by 15%
  • Uran-9 drone missile clip reload time reduced by 10%
  • Fixed GLA armor-piercing missiles damage bonus to all rockets
  • Fixed T-90 ERA not shown when MAC has been chosen
  • Make all factions have minimap enabled initially.
  • Fix Mirage Bombing voice overlap.
  • Fix AWACS voice overlap.
  • Fix Fishbed Strike voice overlap.
  • Move Reaper Support to USMC instead of Repair
  • Add NLOS-LS Drop for SOCOM
  • GLA and China infantry speed increased by 20%
  • Fix of Hacker Post description that says it can be stealth
  • Fix of Scud HE missile damage upgrade and viral damage
  • Fix of Cyber attack GP that affects just a few but not all of the units
  • Improve the DF-21 GP strike by reducing the spread radius in the OCL file
  • Optimize Bomb explosion FX and trail arms
  • Fix Ion cannon invisible marker Description
  • Add AutoAcquire to Fallagh
  • To test the NOT_SIMILAR condition of the suicide drone weapon that will prevent from killing other allies' drones in the group
  • Fixed Missing Mig-21 falling model
  • Fixed hacker Van damaged model
  • MSTA-S is no longer upgraded to Coalition-SV. Coalitions SV can only be created from WF as a new separate unit. Code limitation solution
  • Fixing of C-5 model Shadow glitch
  • To fix Angry mob strange behavior
  • Reduce the fire rate of Kornet-D1 by 20% and Damage by 10%
  • Add ATTACK_NEEDS_LINE_OF_SIGHT kind of to T-34
  • Fix Phoenix Tank missing and create a voice line
  • Check and balance out the resource collecting rate for China.
  • Fix of Chinese tank smoke FX
  • Fix of conflicting Tank Destroyer smoke shells firing button
  • Add Excalibur upgrade to Abrams and Griffin tanks
  • Fix of GP disposition when placed over a structure
  • Fix of T-55 model size to match other tanks
  • Mig-35 Damage increased by 15
  • SU-35 missile damage increased by 5
  • J-10 Missile damage increased by 20
  • Tunguska, Panstir, PGZ-95, Norinco damage improved.
  • PGZ missile upgrade cost reduced to 200
  • All buildable jets receive 10% more damage from small_arms weapons
  • Added auto attack to Troop Crawler cannon
  • Fixed heavy SAM missile revealing a huge portion of the map when redirecting
  • PAKFA, Checkmate, Berkut has a 15-20% damage increase
  • Ystervak Movement speed, Damage, and HP reduced by 15%
  • All buildable Aircraft and Helicopters receive 15% more damage from Air to Air missiles
  • Change Partisan weapon damage type to Armor_Piercing
  • Reduce the pre_attack time for Partisan from 1500 to 1000ms and reload time from 1500 to 1250ms
  • Fixed the SA-6 Gainful missile armor type so another heavy SAM won't intercept it
  • Check the B-21, prerequisites for the nuke upgrade - Strategic Ordnance GP
  • Fixing of SURN sandbags stealth issue
  • Check the Warlord rage prerequisites
  • AGM-129 missile detonation is without FX when colliding with tall structures
  • Make Buzzard use smaller rockets for less visual disturbance
  • Nerf Supply Docks to contain 60000$.
  • Remove any discounts from Hacker Vans
  • Increase Hacker Van collection to the following level:

    • No Vet: 180$ / min -> 250$ / min
    • Vet 1: 216$ / min -> 300$ / min
    • Vet 2: 252$ / min -> 350$ / min
    • Vet 3:  288$ / min -> 400$ / min

  • Replace faction logos with TEOD ones on Control Bar.
  • Mi-28 Strafe Run GP helicopter speed increased by 15%, and HP reduced by 15%
  • Fix various VDV animations (parachuting, attack air)
  • Nerf Supply Docks to contain 60000$.
  • Seals burst count reduced from 7 to 5. This will make their DPS lower
  • Fix Helix geometry to make it not so vulnerable to splash damage weapons.
  • Check other helicopters besides Helix to have proper geometry settings.
  • Helix price reduced from 900 to 800 and build time from 14 to 12 seconds
  • Increase Horde Bonus activation range for infantry: From 30 range to 50
  • +25% Explosion damage to Inferno cannon, making it more effective against vehicles
  • Flying drones are no longer detecting stealth aircraft
  • Base defense structures have a 33% lower stealth detection range
  • Investigate possible Garrisoned Seal damage problem - Seems fine
  • Little Bird and Stealth Hawk helis +15% movement speed
  • Easy and Medium AI will always start with 10K money, no matter player chooses a different amount
  • Fixed Missing mine detonation FX
  • Chinese mines damage increased from 50 to 150
  • Fixed MSTA using coalitions weapon
  • Russian Spy plane GP cooldown increased from 1.30 min to 2.0 minutes
  • Russian Spy plane GP reveals only targeted area
  • Fixed Tomahawk Strike GP damage vs. units
  • Make F-16 basic bombs anti-structure.
  • Make F-16 cluster bombs anti-unit.
  • Fix damage output of cluster F-16 bombs against anti-air vehicles.
  • Fix of Mig-21 reload in midair after usage of machine gun
  • Add Laser Turret Fire Base addon for SOCOM

For further information about The End of Days, visit the ModDB Profile, Discord Channel, and YouTube Video Channel. Download The End Of Days 0.98 Patch 3 Here. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy The End of Days!

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