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Mobius Map Editor ( is now available for download!
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2023 11:57 pm    Post subject:  Mobius Map Editor ( is now available for download!
Subject description: Independence or death! Remastered Edition is no longer required!
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Aloha! Nyerguds has released a new version of Mobius Map Editor called Mobius Map Editor ( Mobius Map Editor is the original map editor from the Command & Conquer Remastered Edition, made by Electronic Arts/Petroglyph Studios, with Nyerguds fixes and improvements. It can be used to create maps for the remastered games and the original 1990s Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 1 games. The changes from Mobius Map Editor ( were announced with the following words:

This release makes the editor able to function without requiring the Remaster's high resolution assets. It includes the classic assets from the freeware games needed to run the editor independently.

As a side effect of the new ability to read classic archives, rules files are now correctly applied to Red Alert in all aspects of the editor behaviour.

Feature updates:

  • Added support for reading and using classic game files, making the editor independent from the C&C Remaster.
  • Added the ability for classic mode to use classic mods, reading files from the "ccdata" folder in any C&C Remastered mod. This includes the ability to read any sc*.mix files that happen to be in these folders.
  • Vastly optimised editor responsiveness by only drawing map indicators inside the shown area, rather than processing them for the whole map.
  • Optimised preview generation by not rendering the preview in full resolution first.
  • Added an option under "Extra Indicators" to show the map tile passability. This will also be shown on the map tile tool's preview pane.
  • Preview generation will now add waypoint flags to multiplayer maps.
  • Changed the "outlines on overlapped crates" option to "outlines on overlapped objects" and made it work for units and infantry too.
  • Pressing the PageUp and PageDown buttons while the main window is selected will now consistently move through the tool's item choices in all editing modes.
  • Removed [ and ] as shortcuts to affect resource paint size because they did not work consistently on foreign keyboards. The functionality was also changed to PageUp and PageDown.
  • The Resources tool no longer evaluates resources placed outside the map bounds. Resources outside the map are now always shown at their minimum size and tinted red, to indicate they don't have any impact on the map.
  • Added a reference to the GraphicsFixesRA mod in the ModsToLoadRA setting.
  • Added "EnforceObjectMaximums" setting that can be disabled to remove save checks on the game engine's object maximums.
  • In multi-monitor environments, the editor will now always open on the monitor where the mouse cursor is.
  • The "Visibility" value in the Steam section now saves as a simple number (0=public, 1=friends, 2=private). The old long text lines can still be interpreted, though.
  • Added a logic to reduce cell edge artifacts when exporting as smoothed images.
  • Added checks on the validation of special waypoints to make sure they are actually inside the map bounds.
  • Added a warning when RA ant units or structures are used in the map, but no rule definitions for them exist in the ini.
  • Added an option in the trigger filter dialog to filter on triggers. This will filter out the trigger itself and any triggers destroying or forcing the selected trigger.
  • When an RA trigger is set to type E1?A1, E2?A2, the controls for the events and actions will be reordered to accurately represent this.
  • Added zoom options to the View menu.
  • Added F-keys as shortcuts for the "Extra Indicator" options in the View menu.
  • The user can now place map tiles partially outside the map at the top and left side.
  • Teamtypes now show full unit names.
  • The argument dropdown for "Built It" triggers now shows the available theaters on theater-specific buildings in the list.
  • Tile randomizing now avoids identical adjacent tiles.
  • Units, buildings, and waypoints with a radius will now show that radius more clearly in placement preview mode.
  • Red Alert data concerning rules.ini data and map tileset data (dimensions, tile usage, land types) is now read from the original classic files.
  • Changing rules will now only clear undo/redo history if bibs were actually changed.
  • The tool windows will now remember what was last selected in them when they are reselected or reloaded.
  • The selected House will now be retained across the infantry, units, and structures tools.

Map logic updates:

  • All overlay placement is now correctly restricted not to be allowed on the top or bottom row of the map, showing red indicators when in placement mode.
  • Resource placement with a brush size larger than one shows red cells inside the brush area when hovering over the top or bottom cells of the map. At size 1, the brush is simply completely red.
  • Enabling/disabling expansion units in RA missions will now take into account any rule changes done by "aftrmath.ini".
  • Changing the "solo mission" option for RA missions will now take into account any rule changes done by "mplayer.ini".

Program bug fixes:

  • Fixed an error in the sorting of ini sections that messed up the linking of teamtypes to triggers when the teamtype names ended on numbers going up to 10 and the lower numbers were not padded with zeroes.
  • Applied DPI changes that might fix issues with objects drawing weirdly on some people's systems.
  • Fixed an issue where RA triggers with waypoint "None" set in them would have that value corrupted to 255 after a reload of the map, causing other systems in the editor to crash.
  • Fixed mixup between actions and events in the TD trigger reading checks.
  • Fixed a bug in the resource value calculation for gems.
  • Rule errors that occur after closing the Map settings dialog will now show in a window with a scrollable area, just like the errors shown when opening maps.
  • Added missing overlap checks to buildings on the rebuild list, so they can no longer disappear on map load without any warning.
  • Fixed a bug in the Team Types window where the amount of added classes and orders would not unlock when maxed out on the previously selected item.
  • Added missing names for items that were lacking them in the available game text resources.
  • Harvestable resource will now show the actual name of the graphics they're showing, rather than always showing "TI01" / "GOLD01" / "GEM01".
  • Changed TD Technology Center to its real name instead of "Prison".
  • Fixed swapped power usage and production of RA Gap Generator.
  • Set the correct preview House for the ant units and buildings. This only affects classic files mode, though.
  • Fixed bug where the Template tool and the "new from image" dialog used a tile size derived from the map scale factor instead of the preview scale factor to determine in which tile the user clicked.
  • Fixed bugs in text indicator scaling.
  • Added better fallbacks for missing graphics.
  • Fixed an issue where map tiles could get the "contains random tiles" status assigned, but when loading a new theater, this information wasn't cleared.
  • Fixed multiplayer start position flags getting stretched to the full tile size instead of centered.
  • The invite warning and game path asking dialogs now have the editor's icon rather than a default icon.
  • Fixed crate outlines being linked to the visibility of waypoints instead of overlay.
  • Fixed tab order in image export dialogs.
  • The long shadows of terrain decorations like trees now correctly overlap anything standing under them.
  • Fixed rounding issues in the image export dialog and added cell size info and a tool to set the scale by cell size.
  • The placement grid is now also shown when using the flood-fill function.
  • Fixed the cell selection indicator and the bottom info bar not immediately refreshing when using the arrow keys to scroll around the map.
  • The auto-zoom on map load is now slightly more accurate.
  • Fixed a bug in the dragging logic that made the mouse position and map desynchronize or not work at all when dragging very slowly.* Fixed bugs in the logic to zoom to the map bounds.
  • Fixed crashes that occurred when dragging bibs and buildings out of the right or bottom of the map bounds.
  • Added map load checks on failing to detect the House of units, structures, triggers, and teams. This includes logic for RA to substitute the prerelease House Italy with its final version, Ukraine.
  • Added relevant theaters to theater-specific buildings in the "Built it" trigger event lists.
  • Fixed bug where the radius painting of the placement preview for gap generators wouldn't work correctly because it could get mixed up with buildings set to be built later.
  • The automatic tiling of clear terrain used a logic that was incorrect for the larger maps in Red Alert and Sole Survivor. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed case difference issues in triggers linked to objects and celltriggers.
  • Fixed the fact disabling expansion units did not clear the undo/redo history if none were currently in use on the map or in teamtypes.
  • Adding and removing cell triggers now enables and disables the "jump to" button correctly and updates the jump locations.

For further information about Mobius Map Editor, visit the Official Website. Mobius Map Editor is available for download Here. That's all, folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on Mobius Map Editor!

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2023 8:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

I wish I knew about this sooner. I remember when the remaster first released, I found the map editor lacking compared to what I was used to with RAED in the past. One of the big things was it being difficult to script teams for, from what I recall, and it seems like that's a non-issue here. I'm also glad to see it's now independent from the remastered edition. I wonder if that means making it easier to tweak old missions and bring them over to the remaster.

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